i swears it

A talk
  • Izuku: i don't know, kiri-
  • Kirishima: -Come on! Trust me dude! I do it all the time! Watch.
  • Kirishima: *walks up to katsuki* Bro, i care about and support you.
  • Katsuki: *rolls eyes* whatever
  • Kirishima: *walk back to Izuku* SEE! Now YOU try!
  • Izuku: I think this is a really bad-
  • Kirishima: *pushes Izuku* GOOO!
  • Izuku: *to katsuki* .... kacchan, I care about and support-

I’m running out of heartache
Just sitting out the constant doubt in my day
But I don’t know what it is
I’m sweating out the toxins
Is my terracotta heart breaking?

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS! :) You are super nice, and I love seeing you around! Thank you x1000! I really really should be working so this one is super messy and sad and I’m sorry but I wanted to say thank you anyways :c

—> Also: Happy Birthday baby boy, I promise I’ll stop drawing you this sad…

Anonymous asked: okay so big ask, you don’t have to do them all, but Lance in A2, Hunk in C2, and Allura in F2?????

Ahh I’m sorry I couldn’t get to allura but here are the Boys

tygermama  asked:

okay but if all Obi Wan needs to be victorious in all situations is higher ground, why doesn't he just carry a step stool everywhere?

LOL OK but you KNOW Anakin’s Force Ghost brings this up a LOT. Like, I feel like Anakin is a TRUE BELIEVER in this concept now and tried to incorporate it into any words of wisdom he and Obi-Wan ever gave to Luke. Maybe Luke’s been hanging out waaaaaay up on that high cliff on Planet Ireland all this time because he thinks having the High Ground is SUPER IMPORTANT now. 

Obi-Wan: [demonstrating saber technique] Now, in order to prevail in this scenario, you’d – 
Anakin: High ground. 
Obi-Wan: [annoyed sigh] There’s more to it than that Anakin – 
Anakin: Oh really? Because if I recall, you seemed pretty sure that the high ground seals the deal. [to Luke] And I learned the hard way, you feel me, son? Not. Pleasant. So: high ground. Obtain it. And win. 
Obi-Wan: Frankly Anakin I don’t really think you can say that anyone “won” that one, and at any rate –
Luke: [writing] High…ground. So just, like, finding an elevated spot to stand on? 
Anakin: Well, I kind of think you should just start carrying around one of these. [hands him a step stool, clearly thinking he’s a genius] I mean, why have to LOOK for the high ground when you can just…have it on hand at all times? Eh? Your old man’s pretty smart sometimes, amirite? 
Obi-Wan: [head in hands] Again: there is more to it than just that, OK? It’s about not being overconfident, and having clarity of mind, I mean technically MAUL had the high ground the first time I fought him but – 
Luke: [no longer listening to Obi-Wan, standing on the step stool] Wow. Instant high ground. You’re the best, dad. 
Obi-Wan: [disappears]

anonymous asked:

Can I just say that Jaide has fr glo'd up like her body looking right, her highlight poppin and her eyebrows are on fleek like 🤧🤧🤧 when is Wes bitch ass gonna wife her


lmao Jaide really has been on the sideline glowing up all by herself and saying fuck everyone. i’ve always mentioned that she’s been the late bloomer compared to her siblings and like now that she’s filling out and becoming more curvier it’s like:

“who the fuckkkk???”

but lmaoo plsss.. summer break is coming soon which means the kids will have some time to relax a little so maybe i can show them hanging out again like before. Juju is secretly texting Jaide on the side with all the details and letting her know Crys is cancelled.


Matsu Birthday collabration video

Complilation of all the ep moments (everything is not missed in this video)

The background music is originally from nico nico medly (new edition i guess)

(Do you recognize all the songs that used in this video?)

shinydoduo replied to your photoset: Roomie Life

Kanaya’s shirt either says “kuso” or “Kuro” I’m not 100% up to snuff on my hiragana. If it’s Kuro, that means black. But what’s kuso mean???

as an upstanding student in Japanese class i am up-to-snuff with my hiragana and can tell y’all already that Kanaya’s shirt says “kuso” and it means “shit” :p