i swearrrrrrrr

The Reception


The next evening, Lani and i made our way to the wedding which was nothing less than tasteful and extravagant. The dress code was formal so needless to say, Lani and I stepped out dressed to impress looking like full course meals. The wedding ceremony was by invitation only so there weren’t too many people there, just close friends of the bride/groom and family. The reception however, was open to more people as it was held on a skyscraper rooftop. The set up was elegant with a full buffet of sushi and endless drinks. The music was soft, the lighting was low and the ambiance was romantic. 

Lani and I strutted onto the rooftop, making our way to a front table by the bar and buffet. We got our food and our drinks and sat there as we people watched. More people started to show, and most of them were friends of the groom. Lani and I were in heaven as we watched these fine ass men with their tight ass shirts glued to their muscles and their European-cut slacks. Immediately, Lani had her newly- single eyes laid on one brotha, who was fine as hell and just her type. Me, however, i liked what I saw, but i just couldn’t seem to get Cameron off my mind long enough to enjoy the scenery. 

After enough eye flirting, Lani decided to get up and make her move over to her potential new boothang. I got up and made my way over to the bar to get a refill on my wine, but before I went back to our table, I wanted to admire the New York skyline.  

I stood there, looking into the sky, wishing Cam was here to enjoy the view with me. I couldn’t help but to think how stupid i was for not speaking up and telling him how i felt, but then again, i was shook at how quick he was to dismiss me like nothing ever happened. Like what we had, wasn’t even important to him anymore.  

I wanted to be with him, but something inside of me keeps me from giving him my all. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him, because he’s never given me a reason not to, but it was the sheer fact of becoming vulnerable to someone again that i couldn’t get over. I never wanted someone I “loved” to have that type of power over me again. And although he’s a good man, I have to make sure that my heart is protected at the end of the day. 

I stood there contemplating my life, lost in my own thoughts and feelings. I could feel eyes on me but I figured it was some random ass nigga who just liked what he saw so i never turned around. I didn’t want to give someone the impression that I was interested because I honestly wasn’t in the mood to hold a conversation.

It wasn’t until i felt a presence uncomfortably close to me, and a voice all-too familiar that i turned around.

“You lookin so fuckin sexy in that dress.” 

I swiveled my head around quickly as my heart damn near dropped to my stomach. I took a step back, shocked at the sight of him  

“Stefon??” What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Damn, that’s all a nigga get? No i miss you or nothin?”

“No nigga, because i didn’t miss yo ass. And i’m gonna ask one more time, what the fuck are you doing here? i know for a fact that you don’t know Kim and Roland so how did you even get in?”

“Baby….” He said stepping closer to me. “You know i got connections. I don’t know why you actin brand new. One of my homies seen yo fine ass around town and he let a real nigga know bout it, so i had to see what you was up to since you been dodging my calls and all.”

I took another step back. “First of all, i’m not your baby. Second, why did you follow me here? I been dodging you because I don’t want shit to do with you anymore. Tell your goons to stop following me and just let me live my fuckin life Stefon. I been doin better since we broke up and i wanna keep it that way. You were toxic for me.”

“Toxic??” He laughed then his face got real serious. “Was i toxic when i was buying you all yo designer shit? Or how about when i was making sure your tuition for hair school was paid for? What about that phat ass ride i put you in? Or all the times i made you cum? Huh? You wasn’t sayin shit when i was benefiting yo ass. Now all the sudden i’m toxic. Yeaaaa okay Kala. I think that new nigga you fuckin with making you forget who you talkin to.” He said stepping close enough so i could feel his dick though his pants. 

“Look Kakes, I missed you and i really ain’t come here to fight wit you. I know you done got yoself a new lil nigga now, but i don’t see him here. And I know as much as you don’t wanna admit it, you missed me too. So lets quit playin, and let daddy show you how much he missed you.” He said as he put one hand on my arm holding me in place and the other on the side of my waist. He slid his hand that was on my waist up to my breast and cupped it then quickly let it go as he slowly buried his face in my neck giving it a kiss. He backed away with a smirk on his face. 

I stood there looking at him. Part of me utterly disgusted, the other part of me completely turned on. Since Cam and I been on the outs, I haven’t had any dick and Stefon knew just what to do and say to get me hot.  

He bit his lip as he continued to back up. “You know where I stay.”



If Kala don’t get her ass together….I Swearrrrrrrr

Yalllllll i’m so fuckin sorry this took so long for me to update, but thanks to everyone who is a fan of this story! Thanks for being patient <3