i swear you are perfect

My favorite lyrics from Divide
  • just my two cents
  • Eraser: I wish that love was a currency and the whole world was wealthy
  • Castle on the Hill: I had my first kiss on a Friday Night, I don't reckon I did it right // these people raised me and I can't wait to go home
  • Dive: Don't call me baby unless you mean it // I've been known to give my all and jumping in harder than ten thousand rocks on the lake
  • Shape of You: Your love was handmade for somebody like me
  • Perfect: Now I know I have met an angel in person and she looks perfect
  • Galway Girl: I swear I'm gonna put you in a song that I write about a galway girl and a perfect night // She took me inside to finish some doritos and another bottle of wine
  • Happier: But I guess you look happier, you do, my friends told me one day I'd feel it too
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
  • New man: Still lookin' at your instagram and I'll be creepin' a lil, I'll be tryin' not to double tap from way back cause I know that's where the trouble's at
  • What Do I Know: Just remember that life is more than fitting in your jeans, it's love, understanding, and positivity
  • How Would You Feel: In the summer, as the lilacs blew, blood flows deeper than a river every moment I spend with you
  • Supermarket Flowers: A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved // A life with love is a life that's been lived
  • Barcelona: We're going somewhere where the sun is shining bright
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: I tell myself in every way I won't be doing this again and tomorrow's a brand new day
  • Nancy Mulligan: Never had I seen such beauty before the second I saw her, Nancy was my yellow rose
  • Save Myself: Before I save someone else, I've got to save myself

Cat Grant Appreciation Week 1/7 
Obviously one of the big reasons I love Cat Grant is that she’s one half of my OTP and like 9 of the reasons that SuperCat is my OTP is Cat Grant but there is so much more to Cat than that. This Cat Grant Appreciation Week I will refrain entirely from using any supercat moments, in order to highlight how much I appreciate Cat Grant even without all the great shipping.

Favorite Scene: Cat x Kara scenes aside, Mrs. Grant, Queen of All Media, CEO of CatCo and spectacular journalist, is so amazing, in part for her ability to inspire others. Besides inspiring an unbelievable amount of fan art, she also inspires people. Thats why this is one of my favourite scenes because it’s one of the first times we see that side of her without the stone-cold boss persona she so easily hides behind. We see her brilliance in action, and the side of her that wants to do good and make the world a better place and inspire people to do better, which is one of the things that made me fall in love with her as a character in the first place.

this beautiful face she makes whatever she’s doing

Your future is NOT dead

“my future with Jemma is dead. Killed that, too.”

Killed that too***

Leopold James Fitz is currently dealing with murder, blood on his hands that he never was in real control of, but knows it was still him,

And he sees what he did as equal to KILLING his relationship with Jemma.

He didn’t ruin it. He didn’t destroy it. He KILLED IT.

Just like he killed Agnes.

He thinks he killed their relationship like he killed a human being - meaning that relationship was what gave him LIFE.

And he thinks he killed that life.

And what’s more, he is so so SO wrong.

“How can she even stand the sight of me?”

*He says as she watches him through a camera crying because he thinks she hates him*

Also Fitz, idk if you noticed but later she straight up LOOKS at you and then HOLDS YOU.


I’m just gonna say it. Your future is not dead.


Because this is NOT how your story ends.

And Jemma Simmons knows it.

And she’s not going to let what she saw in a false reality keep her from loving and marrying the love of her life.

She won’t let it.


                     you miss it, don’t you? the warmth of a star you don’t remember.
                          [quote by: @worthygamora at @starcrossedpoetry | (insp.)]

haha yea those two WOULD be cute together wouldn’t they? I don’t think I’ll end up making that canon though hahaha
—  Famous last words of a writer before a pairing consumes their life
‘how perfect?’ (derek hale drabble)

it’s almost a week later and here tf i am with these damn vday drabbles. enjoy this hunk!

(gifs aren’t mine!!)

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t.” ft Derek Hale

You and Derek dated secretly for a little over five months. You thought things were going well when Derek walked up to you two days ago. You thought he was finally okay with telling the pack. You were, of course, wrong. He grabbed you by the arm during the middle of a pack meeting and pulled you into his study, slamming the door behind him. He kept pacing back and forth, eyes never meeting yours as he slowly explained to you that he no longer wanted to date you. He wanted nothing to do with you, personally or professionally. His outburst surprised you, but you walked out with your head held high. The rest of the pack didn’t know what was going on or why you wouldn’t show up to the meetings, but you managed to give them viable excuse after viable excuse.

Today is probably the most annoying day of all after your fall out with Derek. Today is Valentine’s day, a national holiday to remind you of both your loneliness and your rotten luck. The rest of the pack had gone out on a couple’s dinner sort of thing, and Lydia made a point to invite you every day, but you couldn’t go. Not because of Derek’s sorry ass but because you didn’t wanna be the seventh or ninth wheel.

So instead, you’re at home. You’re dressed in a comfy crop top and baggy sweats, a bowl of ice cream in one hand and a bag of hot chips in the other. You set your snacks down on the table and before your ass can hit the sofa, you hear rapid knocking on your door.

“I’m coming! Jesus,” you grumble, walking to the door as the knocking becomes more incessant.

Your mind immediately jumps to the worst conclusion as you twist open the locks of your door. What if your friends were hurt? What if “couples dinner” was code for attack??? You quickly unlock the door only to find Derek on the other end. He looked like a complete wreck, and the terrible feeling rushed through you again.

“Derek, what is it?” You whisper, keeping yourself together as you let Derek in, closing the door behind him. He stands in the small hallway, not moving. “Derek please tell me what’s wrong? Is someone hurt? Did something happen? What–?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t,” Derek repeats the words, almost as though apologizing to you.

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“W-what?” You hesitantly place a hand on his shoulder and he looks up at you, his tired sea green eyes meeting your gentle ones.

“I’m so sorry. But I can’t stop thinking about you. I go to sleep every night, picturing you next to me. I wake up every damn morning wishing I could kiss your forehead one last time. I can’t sleep, I can’t focus, you’re clouding my every thought, Y/N,” Derek’s voice breaks as he falls to his knees in front of you.

“Derek,” you whisper, gently running your fingers through his hair as he buries his face in your stomach.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt,” he wraps his arms around your legs and let’s it all out.

You lower yourself so you’re face to face with him as he tells you about a new threat, a vampire coven. The pack had never dealt with a coven before, but they’d heard rumours about how ruthless they could be. They’d take the pack’s weakest link and tear them to bits. Derek didn’t trust himself around you, he didn’t want to risk your life so he broke things off and pushed you away.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Derek whispers, gently cupping your face. You lean into his touch and close your eyes.

“It’s okay, Der. I feel better now… at least it’s not my fault,” you look up and meet his loving eyes.

“Is that what you thought?” His eyes search yours before leaning forward and placing light kisses all over your face. “It’s not at all your fault. You’re perfect.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but I am pretty damn great, huh?” You smirk as Derek chuckles, shaking his head.

“You’re perfect, I swear.”

“How perfect?” You whisper, biting your lip as Derek stills in front of you, eyes landing on your lips.

“Let me show you.”

She say I’m a crybaby
I can’t but up late
Girl you drive me crazy
A and G Mercedes
Speeding down the high way
Looking at the street lights
Geeking on a Friday
I can never sleep right
I know when I hurt you
I don’t deserve you
I should’ve curve you
I know I’m the worse boo

But I can be cool too
And you got the dance moves
And I got this vibe
I swear its perfect to ride too
I wanna die too
We all want to die too
I got this vibe
I swear she loves to get high too
I love getting high too
I wanna hide you
How did I find you
I’ll be inside, I’m making music to cry too

[Chorus x2]
Oh its a lonely world
But I know
Gone get a lonely girl that’s fo sho
Oh I’m a lonely boy she made a lonely boy
Yeah I know


She say I’m a crybaby

I can’t be up lately

Girl you drive me crazy

A and G Mercedes

Speeding down the high way

Looking at the street lights

Geeking on a Friday

I can never sleep right

Know when I hurt you

I don’t deserve you

I should’ve curve you
I know I’m the worse boo

But I could be cool too

And you got them dance moves

And I got this vibe

I swear it’s perfect to ride too

I wanna die too

We all wanna die too

I got this vibe

I swear she love getting high too

I love getting high too

I wanna hide you

How did I find you

I’ll be inside, I’m making music to cry too

[Chorus x2]

Oh its a lonely world, I know

Gone get lonely girl, That’s fo sho

Oh I’m a lonely boy

She made a lonely boy yeah I know

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“I didn’t reject you because I don’t like you, which I do. The thing with me is just that… it’s hard to realize that people love me when I can’t even love myself. It’s hard to listen to you saying those words because I just can’t believe that you would love someone like me. Someone with scars, and flaws, and a history most people would tend to avoid me for. It was surreal, it was too perfect, and I don’t deserve perfect.”

“You do,” he disagreed, his thumb wiping the tear that had fallen from her eye. She wasn’t full on crying, or sobbing, but the tears were just silently running down her cheeks, and she made no effort to hide them. She had enough of hiding, she was done.

“I’m not going to leave you. I’m not going to hear you say this and then just walk away because you deserve this. I don’t care about the scars, I love them, they’re just a reminder that the girl I am absolutely crazy about is a fighter, and a survivor. I don’t care about the flaws, because they show me that you aren’t perfect or fake but you are human. I love you because you make me happy, and you are an amazing person, and you are beautiful, and caring, and nice, and nobody’s perfect but I swear— to me you are more than that.

“Don’t let this go, because I won’t give up on you, and I won’t stop loving you. I’m here, right next to you, catching you when you fall and carrying you when you’re tired. And here’s where I’ll always be. Loving you.”

Her mind was racing and clouded with a million voices telling her that he was lying, that he didn’t care, that he hated her, that he would grow tired of her.. but there was one voice that was louder than every single one of the others, and before she knew it she had spoken the words out loud.

“I love you too.”


b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #73

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she’s pretty and perfect and worth it. she has small hands and a small waistline and long hair that she always straightens or curls or puts bows in. she wings her eyeliner and always wears the latest shade of lipstick, spends her money on her wardrobe and always looks perfect. she gets good grades and wants a career where she can help people get better. she reads books and writes poetry and when she smiles, it reaches her eyes. she always gets more likes than me on her instagram photos. she tells dumb jokes that always make you laugh and drinks vodka straight out of the bottle until she’s pressed against you and she kisses you hard, kisses you lovingly, kisses you like she means it.

but she doesn’t love you the way i love you.

and i swear i hate her, even through her perfections. i hate the way your fingers look intertwined and the way she laughs with her tongue on the roof of her mouth and i hate how she kisses your cheek in public and tells you she loves you and the way you relish in it. and it’s all for show, the things she says to you with doors wide open. and she doesn’t fucking love you the way i do. she wouldn’t save you if it was between you or her. she wouldn’t let you break her the way i did and then love you through the broken pieces. she wouldn’t be sitting here still loving you after all you did. she loves that you’re there for her. she loves that you love her. and that’s it.

and i hate that i’ve made this into a competition because in every scenario, she wins. and i hate that i hate her, because she’s never been anything but nice to me and pining girls against each other is anti-feminist. but i can’t stop, i can’t get her claw marks out of my throat, i can’t make myself not jealous of her every move. because she has you and i don’t. she has you and i don’t. she has you and i don’t. why does she get to have you and i fucking don’t.

an enthusiastic rec

the kindle version of ninefox gambit is on sale at amazon for $3.46

that nets you:

  • the novel that just won the hugo award
  • really really innovative SF inspired by east asia
  • like the most innovative book i’ve read since ancillary mercy
  • this book blasted my socks off
  • LGBTQ-friendly! there’s bi characters, the protagonist is either bi or lesbian (it’s a lil ambiguous), and there’s mentions of trans people
  • the author is a queer trans man 

the first part of the book is a little hard to get into because the worldbuilding is INTENSE but i swear it soon makes perfect sense and you can just enjoy the hell outta yourself

there is math but i swear. don’t run away from the math. THERE ARE NO CALCULATIONS ON THE PAPER THE MATH IS OFFSCREEN


Seriously! Right down the middle! To their cleanup?! He’s going head-to-head!

Dear Friend,

April 3, 2017

I had a very busy day today.
I woke up at 7:30am.
I didn’t need to be awake until 9:30am, but I couldn’t go back to sleep after I got up to use the restroom.
For some odd reason my mind just started racing.
I kept thinking and I didn’t know how to make it stop.
That was going on for a whole hour.

When I finally got up, I opened my door and was blinded by the bright sunlight burning through the windows in the dining room.
My mom had the blinds open for the natural lighting instead of using our fluorescents.
She was sitting by the bar, typing away on her laptop, and working on some paperwork.

“Good morning Mom,” I said.

“Good morning Papi,” she replied.
She calls me that when she’s in a good mood. 

I walked passed her and headed towards the kitchen.
I had prepared an overnight oatmeal recipe the night before, so the first thing I did was open the fridge to get my breakfast.
I normally don’t eat breakfast, but I’m trying to fix that.

This was my second attempt at making this overnight oatmeal.
I made it with almond milk, plain yogurt, honey, cocoa powder, and chia seeds.
It was supposed to have strawberries as well, but we didn’t have any, unfortunately.
And to be honest, it wasn’t as great as the first time I made it.

When I finished eating my chocolate strawberry-less oatmeal, it was time for me to get ready for school.
I took a shower, brushed my teeth, changed into some nice clothes, put on my black Steve Madden boots, and fixed my hair.
Then, I left to school.

I walked toward my class which was located in the business building.
I was there thirty minutes early for class and I was actually pretty happy about that because I was about to take an exam.
I sat down in the first empty seat I saw and started to study for the time being.

I remember this one classmate of mine was walking in circles around the hallways of the building.
He was wearing sweatpants and I could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear.
It was really a nice sight to see - I wish you were there to stare at his junk with me. 

My thirty minutes of studying came to an end…
I unconfidently walked into class to fail my exam.
To my surprise, it was a lot easier than I thought, but to be honest I don’t expect to get higher than a “D”.
I will find out by tomorrow how I truly did.

After my exam, I walked to another building - The College of Liberal Arts.
I went there in hopes of running into an old English professor.
I printed out a copy of one of the letters I have sent you…
I’m thinking about publishing it…
I hope that’s okay…

Thankfully, she was there!
I told her about what I was doing and what I was expecting from her.
She’s such a kind woman.
I’m not even her student anymore and she agreed to help me with this.
She even said she’d give it to her colleague because he’s a creative writing professor.
She said she doesn’t have that kind of experience.
She mostly only reads and writes for academic purposes.

Soon after I told my professor goodbye (and many thank you’s), I headed toward the writing center to get a second opinion on the same letter.

The girl that helped me was very kind.
I was so nervous to let her read it and judge it in front of me.
Honestly, I was scared she was going to think it was nonfiction (obviously, it is, but I didn’t want her to get that impression).
I was shaking for a few moments and my palms started to sweat.

She didn’t have to edit it much.
She just told me I had a lot of punctuation mistakes.
I should really work on that.

It was actually really nice to be next to her while she read my excerpt.
She let out a few sighs as if she could relate.
She let out subtle aw’s under her breath.
She also let out a giggle at one point.
It was very comforting to see someone’s real life reactions while reading something I wrote.
It makes me wonder if you do them too.

Afterward, I ended up going to my previous workplace to interview my ex-manager for a project I have for my management class.
When I got there, everyone who I used to work with was still there.
I only saw one unfamiliar face there.
The guy was obviously new.

Everyone said hello and asked how I was doing.
I made small talk with them for as long as I could.
Then, I sat in the way corner of the restaurant and waited for my ex-manager to sit with me.

When she got to the table she said, “I hope you don’t mind me eating right now. I’m starving.”

“No, of course! Don’t worry about it.” I said encouragingly with a big smile.

“Alright then, good! So… let’s make this happen. Hit me with your best questions,” she said. “Show me what you got.”

I laughed, looked down at my notes and started interviewing her.
It lasted about thirty minutes.
I had worked with her for over three years and I can honestly say I learned so much more about her today in this one session alone than those three years with her.

Later, I got something to eat before going into work.
I had Chinese; it was sadly very unsatisfying.

I was only at work for a few hours.
Nothing worth mentioning happened there.

When I got home, I was greeted by my mom the same way she greeted me in the morning.
She was at the bar doing work on her laptop again - I was living in déjà vu. 
My dad was in the living room watching TV.
“How was your day Papi?” She asked while I walked into the kitchen.

“It was okay. I’ve just been really busy all day and I’m about to go eat with Josh,” I said.

“Really? At this hour? Where are you guys going?”

I didn’t realize it was already 10:30pm. “Yeah. I’m pretty hungry and I want to see him. We’re supposed to go to Applebee’s. To be honest, I’m not too sure if I’m going after all because you know how he is with his kids and all. Sometimes he’ll say let’s go, then ten minutes later he’ll say never mind because one of his twins woke up or something.”

“Yeah. You’re right,” she agreed.

I continued talking to my mom for a moment; all while preparing my breakfast for the week.
I’m trying to eat healthier, so I’ve been making the overnight oatmeal I mentioned earlier almost every night.
To save time, I decided to prep for the next four mornings.

I got papers, blunts, bongs.
All the ingredients to make a high nigga pie.
Just kidding.
That’s one of my favorite line’s in Scary Movie; I just had to say it, sorry.
Let me start over.

I got oats, almond milk, cocoa powder, yogurt, chia seeds, yogurt and strawberries.
All the ingredients to make my chocolate strawberry oatmeal (yes, we had strawberries this time).
It didn’t take me long.
Just before I finished up, Josh called me.

“Hey! Do you still want to go to Applebee’s? I got my dad’s truck, so I can just meet you there.” He sounded really happy to go and meet with me. 

“Yeah. Of course. I just need to finish something. If you get there before me you know what to order me right?” I asked.

“Cedar Grilled Chicken?” He questioned. 


“Okay. See you later.”

I hung up the phone and continued to make my oatmeal.
My stomach was feeling really empty so I tried to hurry.
When I was done, I got my keys and rushed out the front door.

I sped my way through the streets and through the highway. 
In times like these - when I’m anxious to see my best friend and hungry - I’m glad the speed limit on the highway is seventy-five miles per hour. 
So, it surely didn’t take me long to get there. 

When I showed up at the restaurant, I walked in and noticed he was sitting at one of the high tables that surrounded the bar.
I walked up to him, he saw me and we both smiled at each other. 
He looked so cute with his freshly new haircut and clean shaved face. 

He knows I don’t like facial hair. 
Sometimes I wonder if he shaves it just for me. 
I doubt he did it for me this time because he just started a new job at a restaurant; they prefer if you don’t have any facial hair. 

“Hey Josh,” I said with a big smile. 

“Hey Alex,” he responded. He mirrored my smile. 

“Did you already order for me?” I asked. 

“Yeah, I ordered for you. It should be coming out in a little bit. I got wings - buffalo and bbq flavored. And of course I ordered your chicken for you.”

“Thanks, because I’m starving!”

The rest of the night consisted of us talking about movies, games, a girl that he’s talking to and our lives. 
He talked about his twins. 
I talked about my love life - or lack thereof. 
This was going on for over an hour. 

When it started getting late, I paid for the tab and we walked out together. 
I started walking him to his truck and when we turned the corner of the restaurant I gave him a big hug. 
We kept our arms wrapped over each other’s shoulder and kept walking toward his truck together. 

It was really cute, because I felt like we were a couple - I’m sure it looked like that to other people who could see us through the windows of the restaurant - but we aren’t. 
He’s just a really great friend who deserves all my love and appreciation.
He’s been there for me every single time, and that’s not me being overdramatic. 
We talk every day.
I see him two to three times a week - four on a good one.
I just love him to death.  
I really do.
And I know he really loves me too. 
I can honestly say bravely that I’d do anything for him. 

“Hey,” he said as he looked at me. 
I turned over to him and looked straight into his brown eyes.
His face was close to mine because we were still holding on to each other. 
“Thank you for the food baby, and the drink of course,” he continued. 
I like it when he calls me names.

I laughed. “You’re welcome Josh. You don’t have to thank me though,” I lied.
Of course he has to thank me. 
I just said that so I could fish for more appreciative comments. 

“Yes I do. You always buy me food. And you’re always there for me when I need you. Or when I need money - you give it to me. The least I could do is tell you thank you. I love you Alex.”
I swear, I feel like he and I make the perfect homo-hetero couple.

My heart fluttered when I heard him say that. 
That’s all I ever want in a relationship - whether it be a friend or a boyfriend - all I ever want is to feel wanted, appreciated, important, and, of course, loved. 
“I love you too, Josh,” I said with a smirk. 

We finally got to his truck and I gave him another hug before I said goodbye. 
“I’ll text you when I get home,” I said.
“You better,” he demanded. 
And I did. 

I didn’t do much after I got home. 
To be honest, there was nothing for me to do. 
I didn’t have homework and there was nothing productive to do around the house. 

So, I decided to have a bit of downtime by myself. 
I made popcorn, heated up some nacho cheese, poured some hot cheetos in my bowl of freshly popped popcorn and pigged out in my room while watching a new episode of Riverdale. 
I only saw about twenty minutes of it though, because I couldn’t stay up too late. 

I also really wanted to tell you about my day. 
I don’t know why. 
I guess I just wanted to say that I wish I had more days like this - days where I’m busy as hell and distracted that I don’t even have the time to think about the bad things. 

So here I am writing to you. 
It’s already passed midnight; I should really go to sleep soon.
I have to wake up early in the morning because my friends and I are going to the school clinic to get our blood checked. 
I’m getting tested for STD’s and general blood work like my sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. 
I’m not sure if my friends are getting checked for STD’s. 

By the way, I know I’m always ranting to you; so, I just wanted to take this time to tell you thank you - I know I don’t do it enough.
So… Thank you!

I have learned to appreciate what you have while you still got it, because one day it will be taken away from you in the most tragic, unprepared way. 

Until Next Time… 
Love always,

Big Bang reaction - Their Crush Tripping and Falling On Top of Them

Here you go anon, I hope you like it!

~ Admin Brooklyn

Ji Yong:

He’d get shy. Really shy. Honestly, he had been low key trying to avoid any direct contact with you for a little while. It’s not that he doesn’t like you, god no. It’s because he’d get really nervous around you. That being said he’d be a blushing mess as you trip and fell, bringing him down with you. He blushed as he looked up at you on top of him. Honestly, I can see him losing his cool demeanor he carries at times. Instead of the cool relaxed one, he would have a nervous almost stuttering one:

“Um, (Y/N)-ah. Are you, um, are you okay?”

You’d get off of him and get up. He would get up to blush all over his face. He’d try to brush off the awkward and anxious feeling that was suffocating him. He’d calm down when you started a conversation with him, trying to ignore the fact that you tripped onto him and fell with him. 

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Choi Seunghyun:

If it wasn’t on top of him I think he would find it funny. Since you dragged him down with you, him falling on top of you. It would be silent between you two. He would stare at you, his face heating up, but you can’t see the blush on his face. Your eyes were wide, and honestly, he was crushing you. He might take a moment for himself and stare into your eyes, oh my lord that sounds so cheesy. He’d get off of you with ease, helping you onto your feet. He’d make sure you’re okay before lightly joking at how clumsy you can be:

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Good, I never know if you’re gonna break something tripping over air.”

“Do I even need to bring up your dancing?”

“You love it, don’t lie.”

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Youngbae would be completely embarrassed and nervous and would totally show it without meaning too. He was kinda on top of you, but not completely on top of you. Somehow, thanks to gravity and physics probably, he landed on top of you with his feet to the left of you and his face inches from your boobs or pecks (I see you guy readers! I love you too! if you’re actually reading this). He’d stutter like crazy, trying to get off of you:

“Oh m-my God, I’m sorry (Y/N)-ah! Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. There’s no need for you to be sorry.”

“Ar-are you sure? I me-mean I fell on top of you.”

“It’s fine I swear. Are you okay?”

“Yup! Practically perfect.”

He’d help you up and man, he’d blush like crazy. You’d only smile at him, telling him that you’re okay and everything is fine. 

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This fluff ball would also get stuttering a little. You landed on top of him, pushing him down to the ground and landing with your head on his chest. He’d be blushing like crazy, but he’d also love seeing you blush as well. He’d try to make you laugh, defusing the tension he felt:

“(Y/N)-ah why must you drag me down with you?”

“YAH! I didn’t mean too!”

You’d get off of him blushing, sitting on the ground for a moment. Daesung would sit up and sit on the floor with you. Making jokes to get you to smile.

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Lee Seunghyun:

Seungri would be nervous at first, your face nearly inches from his. He would blush madly, only to bring back his cool playboy image. He’d say something smooth like:

“(Y/N)-ah you don’t have to literally fall to fall in love with me,”

Of course, he’d get you to blush, I would at least. You’d get off of him, making him laugh. You’d say something witty that gets him to shut up and fake being hurt by your words. It’d turn into playful banter, and he’d love every second of it. 

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Hearts Ache (Jacksepticeye x Reader)

Word Count: 2,631

(A/n): I worked so hard on this… uhhhhgggggggg it sucks.

“Hey, babe.” I say to my boyfriend. It’s our senior year in high school and we’ve been dating for almost six months. Tomorrow would be the 5 ¾ mark, 5 months and 3 weeks.

“Hey.” He replies, keeping his attention on the work he’s doing for our language arts class. He seems tense while he tries to finish the work, so I get up from my spot on his couch and rub his shoulders. He sighs loudly in annoyance so I stop.

“Sorry, I’ll stop.” I go and sit down again. ‘I just wanted to help. Why can’t I do anything right for once?’ I think to myself and hug my knees. After a few hours of him and I sitting in silence that is only ever interrupted by the small laughs that escape my boyfriend’s mouth when he reads something his friend texted him, I stand up and say, “hey, I think I’m gonna head home a bit early…”

“Okay.” He mumbles, barely hearing what I said. I roll my eyes and walk out the door.  As I’m walking home at 9:30 at night, it starts raining.

“Great, just… Great.” I bite my lip and start thinking about everything that’s happened in the past three weeks. ‘He used to hug me before we went to our separate classes… He used to give me a smile that showed his dimples… He used to care when I was crying… He used to talk to me…’ I trip and fall into a puddle.

I stand up, attempt to brush the wet mud off, smearing it everywhere, and continue walking. “Maybe… I’m not good enough… He talks to everyone else just fine… Why not me?” My head swarms with thoughts about how I’m just not good enough for him, for anyone. Tears fill my eyes as I think about all the reasons, coming to the conclusion that he needs, no deserves someone better than me. I pull out my phone and open Messenger. I click on the chat I have for my boyfriend and start typing…


                                                                                                         Babe… :(Y/n)

                                                                                                          I think :(Y/n)

                                                                                   We should break up :(Y/n)

Babe<3: (Y/n), I agree. You and I weren’t meant for each other

Babe<3: I really thought i liked you, but recently you hve gotten quite annoying. Always crying and what not

Babe<3: And you are really clingy

Babe<3: I dont want to hurt your feelings

Babe<3: But seriously

Babe<3: I was planning on breaking up with you. Thank you for making this easier.

                                                                                                              Oh… :(Y/n)

                                                                                                         Ok then :(Y/n)

                                                                                    Well…bye… i guess :(Y/n)

Tears stream, warming my now red and cold cheeks. My heart pounds loudly as I put my phone away and start running back to my house, tripping over everything along the way. I get weird glances from the few people who see me, a young lady, running through the rain, crying and tripping.

I’m halfway to my house when I get a call. I freeze and my heart leaps in my chest, ‘what if it’s him? Could he be apologizing? Does he want me back?’ I fumble around to get my phone, not looking at the caller ID before answering, “Hello?” My voice cracks and anyone could tell I had been crying.

“Hey! Are you okay? I saw you run past my house, what happened? Are you in danger?” Asked my worried best friend, Jack.

“Oh,” I say, my voice filled with disappointment, “uh, yeah I’m fine. How’d you know it was me?”

“Puh-lease, bitch I know your clumsy ass anywhere,” he laughs, “now tell me what happened. Actually, just come over. I’ll make some hot cocoa and you can tell me what happened. Just let yourself in, okay?”

“Oh, well, uh-”

“Bitch, don’t argue, get inside.”

“Okay okay. See you in a minute.” I smile at how much he cares, ‘he’s such a sweetheart…’

“Ok good, oooh, I’ll get my gossip slippers on! Hurry!”

“O-” He hung up on me. ‘Seriously?’ I roll my eyes and laugh a little bit and turn around and walk to his house.

As I near his house, I go to open the door, but my hand stops as I grab the handle. I look down at the ground and think about everything that just happened. I grit my teeth and stare at the ground, my (h/c) hair falls in my face, I can feel the tears starting to return and I screw my eyes shut tightly.

“Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this…?” I whisper to myself and let go of the door handle, wrapping my arms tightly around myself.

(Jack’s P.o.V)

I hang up and walk into the kitchen, grabbing two large mugs and a container of hot cocoa mix. I start boiling the water and getting some snacks ready when I realise, ‘it’s been almost ten minutes since I called, she should be here by now.’ I put the mugs down and walk to the front door and open it up, about to go out and find my best friend when I see her standing right in front of me. Her head is down and she is hugging herself tightly.

“Oh my god, (Y/n)! Are you okay? C’mere.” I pull her into my chest and hold her tightly. She slowly wraps her arms around me and starts crying into my chest, saying things that are too muffled for me to understand. I shush her gently and pet her hair as we stand in the rain, hugging.

“Do you wanna go inside?” I ask her quietly and she nods. “Ok.” I go to pull away but she doesn’t. I smile softly and pick her up, carrying her inside to my room. I set her down on a chair in the corner of the room, she stays silent as I walk to my dresser and pull out a shirt and sweatpants.

She looks up at me and her eyes look dull, not the beautiful, vibrant (e/c) they normally are.  When I look at her, I can’t look away, she is so beautiful.

“Why are you staring at me?” She whispers, breaking me from my prolonged stare. She looks down and rubs her right arm with her left hand, biting her lower lip, scrunching her nose slightly.

‘Because you’re beautiful…’

“What?” She looks at me again, puzzled. ‘Shit! Did I say that aloud?’

“Here, I have clothes you can change into.” I try changing the subject and give her the sweatpants and shirt. I watch her look of puzzlement change into disappointment before she gets up and walks into the bathroom. The second the door closes, I facepalm. “Why do I do this to myself?” I mumble.

I go and sit on my bed, pulling my phone out and scrolling through Tumblr, smiling at all the fanart the community has made. “What would I do without them?” I whisper.

“Probably perish.” I look up and see (Y/n) laughing a little, sitting down on my bed next to me. “Your community is really talented…” She trails off as she steals my phone and scrolls through it all.

I laugh a little, “yeah, they’re amazing.” After a few minutes of comfortable silence, I look over at her, she has my phone resting on her stomach, screen down and her eyes are closed, tears pricking the corners of them. “Hey, what ‘smatter?” I sit up and pull her into my lap, hugging her to my chest.

She grabs the front of my shirt and balls it up in her fists as she starts crying. I look down at her and pet her head gently. I say nothing and just let her get it out of her system. After a little while, she starts calming down. “What happened? Do you wanna talk about it?”

( (Y/n)’s P.o.V. )

“What happened? Do you wanna talk about it?” Jack whispers quietly, his chin resting on my head. I nod a little and explain everything that has been happening all the way up to the break up. He is completely silent, letting me vent. Once I finish, he is still silent. “Why do I screw everything up?” I whisper and stare at my hands, his shirt balled up in them.

He leans back and holds my shoulders, pushing me out so I have to look at him. “Don’t you ever say that. Ever. You are amazing, sweet, caring, gorgeous and you make everyone’s day a kagillion times better by just smiling… Stop giggling kagillion is totally a word… Because I said so.”

“Jack,” I become serious again, “I am none of those things. That’s why he was fine with breaking up with me. That’s why he didn’t ask why. No one wants me and no one will ever want me” I stare at something behind him instead of looking at him. I would break if I had to look him in the eyes.

“(Y/n),” he says softly, “look me in the eyes.” ‘Damn it, Sean…’ I look in his eyes. “You are every. Single. One of those things. You are so damn beautiful, smart, courageous and too good for everyone. You are out of every man’s league and if any man says you need to be less of something or more of something then he is delirious because you are absolutely perfect. Do you understand that?”

I stare directly into his bright blue eyes for a few moments before I put my head down, not answering him. He sighs and then grabs my chin gently, tilting my head up. “(Y/n), I swear to god, you are the most perfect person that ever existed and -”

“You’re lying,” I interrupt, tears falling again, “you’re lying.”

“Why would I lie to and about the person I love!” He says loudly, tears welling in his eyes. “(Y/n), I love you so much and everytime you say this stuff about yourself it breaks my heart a little more each time. It breaks my heart because I cannot understand how a person as amazing as you could even begin to think negatively about themselves.”

Tears are falling down his face by now, he lets go of my chin and puts his face into his hands and starts sobbing. “I hate seeing you this way, (Y/n). Why do you view yourself this way?” He asks as he looks up at me, a confused and broken smile on his face.

I feel my heart shatter in my chest as I look at his face. ‘Should I tell him?’ I take a deep breath and look straight at my lap before saying, “my dad.”

“What about him? All I know is that you moved here, to live with your mom four years ago after your dad lost custody.”

“My dad, he was abusive… I lived with him for many years and he just… He ruined my self-esteem… Now that I live here things have been better but I’ve been getting bullied… So much bullying…” I say the last part more to myself than to him.

I feel my head being lifted again and as I’m about to protest, I feel warm lips against mine. I freeze up for a second before I close my eyes and kiss back. Jack wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer, then he pulls his head away from mine, a little too soon for my liking. I slowly open my eyes and see him breathing slightly heavier.

“Fooking hell, lassie.” He says, his irish accent really prominent. I start giggling at it and he pouts jokingly. “Shut up, I was dazed.”

“From what?” I laugh harder.

“From how much of an amazing kisser you are.” He smirks and watches me as I blush darkly.

“Shut up.”






“No!” I smile big, thinking I won the argument. He starts laughing making me confused but I figure it out after a second.

“You know, I’ve been waiting to do that for almost three years.”

“Why? I’m nothing special…”

“(Y/n), why would I have waited, why would have I stayed by your side through every boyfriend you have had while living here? (Y/n), I love you, so much.”

“Jack, I -”

“Please, be my girlfriend?” He whispers this and stares at me with his large, blue eyes. I think about it for a while.

“I don’t know… I just broke up with him… I don’t want to have my heart broken again once you decide you don’t like me anymore.”

“You really believe I would break your heart?” He frowns, pulling me a little closer.

“No… I’m just… Scared…”

“Of what? Getting your heart broken? (Y/n), trust me when I say I won’t hurt you. Please, trust me. Trust me like Jasmine trusts Aladdin.”

I smile a little. “Okay, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“Seriously, (Y/n), I promise I won’t hurt you just give me a cha- Wait, did you say okay?” I nod at him and his face lights up like a christmas tree. “Yes! You won’t regret it, I swear. I’ll do anything for you, I’ll-”

“Jack?” I interrupt him, a huge smile on my face.

“Yes, Love?”

I swoon a little and I’m pretty sure I have heart eyes. I tilt my head a little, “just kiss me again, would ya?” He nods eagerly and leans in, kissing me passionately. We sit like this for a long time, until my phone rings. I sigh and pull away, looking down at the caller ID, seeing his name pop up.

Jack sees this and looks at me, worry suddenly crossing his face. I look up at him, then back down to my phone. I sit there for a moment, then smile, slide the red phone button to the left and toss my phone behind me on the bed. Jack’s head is down now, thinking I had answered him. I smirk a little and push him over on his back, kissing him deeply.

It takes him a second to realize what’s happening but he soon wraps his arms around me and kisses back. After a few more moments, I pull away and smile. “I love you, Jack.” I say, my hair falling in my face.

“I love you too, (Y/n)” He brushes the fallen hair behind my ear, cupping my cheek with his hand. I smile brightly and lean down just as he leans up and we meet for another sweet kiss.

‘I think this is where I’m meant to be… I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else.’

The End

(Bonus Note!!)

I’m lying next to Jack, just sitting in a comfortable silence, when my phone rings again, this time it’s my mom. I groan and grab my phone, answering it quickly before she has a cow. “Yes mom?”

“Where are you? Your boyfriend just called, he said you left his house three hours ago, I thought you were staying over there for the night?”

“My boyfriend called did he?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well, did he tell you that we broke up?”

“Oh sweetheart I’m sorry, where are you, I’ll come pick you up.”

“Don’t worry about it mom, I’m at Jack’s house, I’m staying the night with my boyfriend.” I put emphasis on boyfriend.

“Ohhh I see. Okay well, sleep tight. Love you!”

“Okay, goodnight mom.”

“Goodnight, (Y/n).” I hang up.

(Mom’s P.o.V)

After she hangs up, I smile. “Finally, I was wondering when he was gonna man up and ask her,” I laugh to myself, “I, what’s it (Y/n) says when she want’s two people to be together… Boat it? No… Ship it! Yes, I ship it!”

The End

@delicrieux thanks for the help on this!