i swear we only have does in my town

One of my new roommates is an Indian dude from Mumbai. He’s 6′3″, big boned, and does not have an inside voice. Incredibly nice. I’m 5′5″, quiet, and take up about 1/8th of the space he does. We’re both in the kitchen making something to drink to finish up the day and relax before bed. My choice is decaf earl grey with too much cream and sugar. His is Jack and Coke with some Peach Schnapps thrown in. We finish at the same time, cheers, and clink our glasses-my favorite mug and his whiskey tumbler. He heads to continue his Archer episode on Netflix, and I head to my room to continue reading my book. Moral of the story? Two incredibly different people with different lifestyles can coexist perfectly fine-the trick is simply not to be an asshole.