i swear to you i have dreams about this

rebellion starters.
  • “soon you’ll realise how childish your vendetta is.”
  • “i’m really tired of your piss-poor attitude.”
  • “show me some respect, jeez.”
  • “it’s like you don’t care about anyone but yourself.”
  • “i swear, you do it to piss me off!”
  • “let’s drive them crazy!”
  • “i’m scared to chase what i’ve been dreaming.”
  • “what am i supposed to find?”
  • “can we stop and rewind?”
  • “when’d i become my own enemy?”
  • “am i worth believing?”
  • “nobody wants to die too fast.”
  • “i want to be brave like you.”
  • “i won’t let this be how it ends.”
  • “we have to do something.”
  • “you’re either with us? or against us.”
  • “we’re all just out here trying to survive.”
  • “it;s never too late to change your luck.”
  • “you need to pick a side.”
  • “the worst is over.”
  • “we need to do this.”
  • “finish what we’ve started.”
  • “the war is over.”

Last night I kissed you I swear to God I’m not obsessed but I keep having these dreams where I see you and the ache of wanting you swells up in me like I’m on a raft that’s sinking and when my fingers undid your hair your sigh undid me it’s not that I’m in love it’s just that i can’t even escape thinking about you when I sleep

vow of silence

azriel: guys, since we have eternity… i’m going on a 100 year vow of silence


mor: … 


rhys: mor is a bitch

azriel: you fucking dick you say one more thing about her and I swear to the cauldron i will fuck you up i’m a shadowsinger and you best believe my shadows will sing you might be my high lord but not even 7 syphons could stop me you dick 

Making out with… Johnny


Anon: So excited for the making out with Johnny post it might kill but who cares

Anon: I really need making out with Johnny and yuta and hansol lmao I can’t wait for those


Anon: Can you do a making out with johnny please :)

Anon: Hello! 😊 Could you do “making out with Johnny” too? Pleasee and thank you!! (I love your blog and your last making out with Taeyong bruhh i loved it sooo much ;-;; this boy will be the death of me i swear)

Hello! I hope you like this (not as good as the one i did for tae but like that is hard to beat anyway lol) 


Originally posted by taesyong

  • Mhmmm Johnny
  • What a guy - I’ve seriously been having so many dream about him
  • It was great
  • Okay anyway lmao
  • Johnny wouldn’t be afraid to make out with you anywhere
  • A N Y W H E R E 
  • Of course he’d keep it PG
  • So a lot of skinship and cuddles and shit
  • But if another member happened to be there, whilst you were making out, he really wouldn’t care 
  • He’d usually be the one initiating it but if you did it,
  • He literally loved it
  • As soon as you dominated the kiss, he’d moan into the kiss, not trying to be sexual but because he found it hot as fuck
  • Johnny liked to put both hands on your face
  • Not necessarily both cupping your cheeks
  • But like one holding your chin 
  • And the other playing with your hair
  • There’s not much reason behind it apart from the fact that he just did it as a habit
  • I think Johnny has the nicest lips out of the whole word NCT
  • I thought I’d just put that in there
  • But seriously, they look nice and soft and I think he’d be very experienced in this field
  • He’d know how to get a reaction out of you and what kind of things you liked
  • Puts his sole focus on you!!! 
  • He does this a lot anyway in the relationship
  • But he definitely makes sure he keeps it up when you’re making out
  • Uses his tongue A LOT
  • But he makes sure it’s not messy or disgusting or sloppy like a lot of people make the mistake of doing
  • He’ll slowly enter his tongue, but not shove it down lol
  • If you show a sign of discomfort or something, he’ll take it out again but most of the time you’re okay
  • His kisses are deep and slow, not rushed
  • He thinks it’s better that way
  • Rushed kisses don’t mean much to him but they might happen occasionally
  • Like if he’s jealous or you want a quick one because of time 
  • His kisses are super deep though and he’ll tilt his head a little in order to go a little deeper
  • The type to gasp for air
  • A lot
  • He sometimes forgets to breathe
  • So he pants a lot and will pull away looking at you breathing heavily, before going back in
  • He’ll smirk if you make a sound
  • Whether that’s a groan or moan or gasp 
  • Any sound is a good sign to him and he’ll do all he can to get one out of you
  • Prefers to have you sitting on something like a kitchen counter or chest of drawers as he stands between your legs
  • If you get really into it, you’ll wrap your legs around his waist and pull him closer to you
  • Sometimes he’ll get a bit excited lol and involuntarily grind against you
  • You know how I said with Taeyong, only 20% of the time does making out lead to sex
  • Well with Johnny it’s the opposite
  • 20% it doesn’t end with sex
  • Just expect sex when you start okay lol
  • Might “accidentally” slip his fingers into your panties or pants lmao
  • He’s horny all the time okay I just think he has a high sex drive but anyway
  • Let’s save that for another day yes ?
  • Will sometimes let his hands rest on your hips
  • And he’ll calmly and softly rub circles on your skins
  • He’ll do it if you’ve had a stressful day and need relaxing
  • And it definitely helps you calm down
  • I don’t know what else to say now lol
  • Oh yeah!
  • Making out would be very regular like twice a day 
  • It’s typical for him to wake you up even more by kissing you a lot
  • And it’s also typical of him to kiss you before bed
  • It’s like your daily routine
  • Further into the relationship, and neither of you will be able to get up or sleep until you’ve had your daily make out session lol
  • I’ve basically based these off dreams #dontjudge
  • Johnny would just be a lovely boyfriend and kisser
  • He!!!is!!!such!!!good!!!boyfriend!!!material!!!
  • But I think y'all already knew that!

Making out with… series

Prompt List

If you don’t want to request your idea, just send me a request with the prompt/s you want from the list below with the character you want and relationship/style of imagine you want with them (friendship, fluff, crush, hurt, couple etc.).

Happy requesting!! xx

  1. “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”
  2. “Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.”
  3. “Oh, love, I don’t think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.”
  4. “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”
  5. “I think i’m going insane.”
  6. You’re the only one for me.”
  7. “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”
  8. “I’ve come to the conclusion, that this house just might be haunted.”
  9. “What makes you say that?”
  10. “There was this perfect moment. This perfect moment where everything that I wanted was clearly in front of me… and i understood.”
  11. “You broke my favourite vase!”
  12. “I think we should get a puppy, and with this puppy we should become the stereotypical cute couple. As well as because I want a dog.”
  13. “You’re crazy.”
  14. “I promise that i’ll protect you.”
  15. “I don’t need saving. Not now! Not ever.”
  16. “You act as if you’re the hard done by. You’re not.”
  17. “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you?”
  18. “I think you’re worth much more than that.”
  19. “I’d rather die than do that.”
  20. “Did you ever wonder what brought us together?”
  21. “Is… that really you? I thought i’d never see you again!”
  22. “You had one job!”
  23. “How is it that you’re a complete flop at everything you do?”
  24. “You need to stop.”
  25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.”
  26. “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.
  27. “Isn’t he just the cutest?”
  28. “I want a child.”
  29. “You still awake?”
  30. “You’re probably the hottest stranger i’ve ever seen.”
  31. “Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”
  32. “My clothes look good on you.”
  33. “Is that my shirt?”
  34. “Isn’t that a bit too big for you?”
  35. “Isn’t that a bit too small for you?”
  36. “I think you look absolutely adorable.”
  37. “When I said you’re mine, I meant it.”
  38. “He better only be just a friend.”
  39. “Those short’s look really good on you.”
  40. “Hey, they can’t hurt you anymore.”
  41. “I… I lost the baby.”
  42. “It’s all my fault, i’m so sorry.”
  43. “My arms just fit perfectly.”
  44. “You’re drunk.”
  45. “I am not wearing that.”
  46. “How did I get stuck here with you?”
  47. “I swear, the world is against me.”
  48. “Don’t touch me!”
  49. “Get away from me!”
  50. “Tell me you need me.”
  51. “You’re not the boss of me.”
  52. “We’re out of gas, what’s your plan?”
  53. “You’re an ass”
  54. “I’m on vacation, you take care of it.”
  55. “Disney movies all day? I’m in.”
  56. “Hurry up! Would you?!”
  57. “Take the long way around”
  58. “Can you shut up for five minutes, please???”
  59. “He’s been gone for quite a while”
  60. “I can’t see anything.”
  61. “I heard a noise.”
  62. “Where’s my food?”
  63. “I bet you feel like an artist”
  64. “Can I be of assistance?”
  65. “Get out of the way before I murder you.”
  66. “You’re breaking my heart, babe.”
  67. “Cry me a river.”
  68. “Build a bridge.”
  69. “Get over it.”
  70. “Another credit card?!”
  71. “It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!”
  72. “Have you ever lied to me?”
  73. “I’m stuck! Help me!”
  74. “I swear, I’m not scared.”
  75. “What do you think a cupholder is for?”
  76. “You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?”
  77. “Turn that sh*t off!!!!”
  78. “When’s that last time we went on a date?”
  79. “I thought you didn’t like cats?”
  80. “The door’s locked.”
  81. “I’ll just tell your mom on you.”
  82. “I thought you were nice.”
  83. “I had a dream about you.”
  84. “What colour do you like better?”
  85. “Take notes, sweetheart.”
  86. “This is where you impress me, right?”
  87. “Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk.”
  88. “I can’t believe you didn’t remember”
  89. “If that makes me a child, so be it.”
  90. “I could beat you up, you know that right?”
  91. “Would it kill you to help people?”
  92. “I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.”
  93. “But, I said I love you.”
  94. “Is it just me or is cold as hell in here?”
  95. “I’m not weird, you’re just basic.”
  96. “Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying”
  97. “Take off your shirt.”
  98. “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.”
  99. “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?
  100. “Sit still, for the love of all that is Holy.”

Prompt credit: @prompt-bank and @justauthoring

Arranged Marriage Starters
  • "I can't believe I am marrying THEM."
  • "I want marry whoever I want!"
  • "You're not as bad as I imagined."
  • "No. NO! NO! NO! I am NOT getting married to YOU!"
  • "If you touch me I swear you will not live to regret it."
  • "This isn't quite what I expected."
  • "So... now what do we do?"
  • "I don't think I could have dreamed of anyone better."
  • "Let go of me!"
  • "You want me to marry THEM?"
  • "You can't make me go through this."
  • "I want to marry for love, not because I have to."
  • "I don't want to marry them. I want to marry you."
  • "Take me away from this. I can't do this."
  • "Will I like them?"
  • "What do they look like?"
  • "You can't keep me prisoner like this!"
  • "I don't care about your precious alliance."
  • "This is strictly business."
  • "I will never love you."
  • "Wow. I can't believe I'm marrying them..."
  • "I think I fell in love with you anyway."
  • "I would rather die."
  • "You can't make me love you."
  • "I love someone else!"
  • "Perhaps we can make this work."
  • "You're not my type."
  • "I'm nervous."
  • "I don't care if they like me or not."
  • "This is stupid. I don't want to do this."
  • "So you just sold me off to the highest bidder..."
  • "I can't believe how lucky I am."
  • "I paid a good price for you."
  • "You will have no children with me."
  • "So, we're doing this?"
  • "They are more magnificent than I could have possibly imagined."
Two Nights Stand Part 4

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1617

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name. In the future, the series will be having smut so be warned. This chapther has talking about cheating.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Credits to the gifs owners

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“Do you want to play 20 questions?” He laughs while stealing your m&m’s. “How old are we? Sixteen?” He says playful, taking a sip of his beer “Come on, Bucky. We are stuck in here and we have nothing else to do. Is there any better way to get to know each other?”

“Fine, but I go first, princess. What do you do for a living?” You look at him, you didn’t know that he would ask serious questions. You were imagining he would ask fun ones, definitely related to sex ones.

 “I work for a law firm, it’s a really boring job but it pays the bills.” You answer smiling at him before you can make your own question he asks you again.  “And what would you like to do for living? You look like someone who would like to be a writer or a doctor.”

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Are You Mine?

Summary: Teaching was never Dan’s dream job. It’s just something he kind of stumbled into, but after working at Greenbrook Secondary for two years, he finds himself loving everything about it. Except for maybe the feelings he’s having for one of his students.

Genre: Smut with feels

Word count: 8,067

Kinks: Student/Teacher, hickeys, a lil bit of dirty talk, fucking to Arctic Monkeys (it’s a kink, I swear)

Notes: This is a request from my friend @jinx279. I hope it suffices after the long ass time I made you wait.

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home is wherever i’m with you

requested by @aussie-mantle

summaryYou and Tom met a few months back while he was on vacation in your hometown, and he proposes the idea that he takes you back to see London to meet his family–a place you had always dreamed of visiting.

pairings: tom holland x reader

word count: 1.5k 

warnings: a lil swearing

a/n: a little blurb for you about meeting his family, getting a taste of his backstory, kinda seeing another side of him. i’m so sorry this took so long, i’ve been crazy busy!! i hope you like it, darling! xx 

“I have something for you, darling,” came Tom’s voice in front of you.

You looked up at him from the morning newspaper you were reading, sipping a cup of coffee. “What is it?”

“It’s an early Christmas present,” he admitted, placing a thin envelope on the table before you.

Picking it up with furrowed brows, you tore it open and slid the two pieces of paper from it. As your eyes read the words, excitement flooded your veins and you raised your eyes to look at him again, positively speechless.

“Do you like it?”

“Tom,” you managed to squeak out, doing everything you possibly could to keep yourself from jumping out of the chair and screaming, “are you serious?”

“Very,” he replied, taking the seat next to you and grinning. “I’ve already made the arrangements; all you have to do is pack.”

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To Be Continued || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: Can you do a Jughead where he has a wet dream about the reader? And they’re best friends so when he confronts her it gets ( quite literally ) steamy?

Warnings: Swearing and a little bit of smut at the beginning along with a foreshadow of smut

Word Count: 795

Originally posted by beaniesxponytails

1.) I need holy water for I have sinned 2.) Jughead never moved schools in this scenario

Jughead’s POV…


“Juggie~” her voice was breathy and kind of raspy from moaning so much but it was such a turn on for me to hear. Her usually soft and smooth voice this much different because of me.

“Fuck, babygirl,“ I moved from hovering above her with my hands beside her head and her legs wrapped around my waist to holding one of her legs over my shoulder as I continued to pound into her.

“Oh my god,“ I watched her usually well-put-together self fall apart as her back arched off the bed and her soft (Y/L/C) lips fall open from the change in angle. I could feel her tighten around me as her moans got louder and higher in pitch.

“Shit,“ I chased my high while she fell into hers and practically screamed my name. I moved faster and let her ride out her high until my body stiffened when I reached mine.


I jerked awake from the dream with damp boxers. I sighed and fell back onto the bed. The memories and pictures of the dream were so vivid. But they were also kind of pleasant. Seeing (Y/N) under me like that- her hair splayed across the pillow, her hands fisting the sheets, her back arched, her lips parted, and her soft skin covered in a thin layer of sweat- was one I would love to see for real.

Beep… Beep… Beep…

I groaned at the sound of my alarm. The last ting I wanted to do right now was face (Y/N) with that dream still very fresh in my mind. But the good thing was, she and I only saw each other at lunch, sixth period, and at Pop’s. I could hopefully make it till then.

“Don’t make a fool out of yourself, Jughead,“ I mumbled as I changed my boxers and got dressed.


“Jug, you okay?“ I jumped at (Y/N)’s touch but I quickly nodded,

“Y-Yeah, I just didn’t sleep too well last night,“ she bought the lie but she kept glancing at me throughout class. It didn’t help that I wanted to just take her out of the school to somewhere we could be alone and make my dream a reality.

“Jug, class is over,“ I looked up to see (Y/N) slightly bent down in front of me with concern very present in her eyes, “Are you sure you’re okay, Jug?“ I didn’t answer. It was taking everything within me to not kiss her right now, “Jug-“ I nodded and got up to leave the class knowing she’d follow me. I went to my locker and waited for her to show up as the number of students in the hall dwindled down.

“Sorry about earlier,“ I noticed her walking towards me through my peripheral as I spoke.

“It’s okay. Wanna tell me what that was about though?“

“I had a dream last night that woke me up really early and I couldn’t go back to sleep,“ I was gonna suck it up and tell her. It killed me to not act on what it was I was feeling anymore.

“What was your dream about?“ I looked around the now empty halls to make sure no one was listening in. Last thing I needed was for rumors about me being a pervert to go around.

“You. My dream was about you,” (Y/N)’s eyes widened as her cheeks flushed red.

“M-Me? What-“

“My dream was about you and me. To say the least, I finally got to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while with someone I’ve like for a while,“ she ducked her head and didn’t speak for a little bit. I’m sure she was piecing it together, “I get if you don’t feel the same and if you find my dream creepy. I just wanted to tell you,” I started to walk away but (Y/N) grabbed my arm as I passed her, making me face her. Before I could ask her or say anything to her, her soft lips were on mine. I let out a content sigh before cupping her cheeks and beginning to deepen the kiss.

“Jug,“ her voice was breathy by the time I moved my lips from hers and started to kiss down her neck. I felt her arms tighten around my shoulders when I kissed her neck. I moved one hand to her waist while the other began moving to her butt, “Jug, we can’t do this here,“ I pulled away and kissed her lips one more time before holding her waist carefully.

“To be continued then,“ she laughed softly before grabbing my hand and walking to the door. To her house to continue or to Pop’s to meet with our friends, that is the question.

I hope you like it


the best parts of the dream thieves (featuring me crying pt. 2)

part one

- “Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for war” 

- Ronan’s second secret #gay

- Gansey: “i would have thought you had more muscles. Don’t feminist have big muscles?” i just want to punch him can someone please punch him

- gansey calling ronan an incredible creature #gay 

- “The elderly made ronan anxious” bitch me too!!!

- Ronan wanting to race kavinsky in the pig and adam is like dude no there is like 5 people in here we weigh too much and ronan goes: “noah doesn’t count” “Hey!” “You’re dead!” i love these nerds

- Gansey: “am I in your dreams?” Ronan: “Oh yes, baby” i hate him jsjksksk

- “Ronan sometimes dreamt of Adam, too” #gay

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Venus & Neptune

This is in relation/extension of this post (not mine)

I really like the idea of planets being the higher octaves of each other, and I think Venus and Neptune are such a perfect example of this relationship.

Venus is about love, but not just of the romantic sense. It’s your love for your hobbies, what you like to wear, what you’re like when you’re happy, in what ways you express a love for an interest. It’s involved in every way you can think to love something, and someone.

Then we have Neptune and it’s illusions. Neptune is a foggy mirror, or low settling mist. It’s the dreams we could swear were real, or the worries and doubts we played in our mind so many times about that one situation. It’s delusional, and passionately idealistic of what it wants to see.

When you think of love, and all it can entail, it seems hard to find a way Neptune couldn’t link. Speaking of love and falling in love, rather than mild like or interest, Neptune is all about the dreams and illusions of it all. Venus is our love, and Neptune is the screen that stops us ever seeing it objectively. Venus is the kiss you lay on your lover’s cheek, and Neptune is the headphones which muffle anyone’s criticism of them.

Neptune is falling in love. When you fall for someone, you see nothing else, and you feel as though they’re the only thing that matters. Do Neptune’s dreamy illusions not sound at home here? When we think of places in our life where we have not seen things in a neutral manner, where we have been deluded, is it not usually about love? 

Emotion and deception go hand in hand. Whilst it’s arguable, I think most people fall in love in a delusional way once or twice or so in their life. Perhaps this is Neptune first experiencing such feelings, and we must learn to refine and tame it. We must learn to have dreams of love, rather than illusions of it. As the higher octave, it is more out of our control and conscious. It seems a good conclusion that the first time we experience love, Neptune masks it all, and our Venus goes into overdrive. Then, as we become more mature, they start to work in harmony to each other and the rest of our charts.


Just a quick little thing I wrote this morning.


Word count- 533


You lay back on your couch rubbing your temples. Your head had been pounding all day. Ever since Jerome was murdered you’ve been having massive headaches. You don’t know why, you would go to a doctor but you have a criminal background. As the pounding continued you’re thoughts drifted off to your lover. He was killed right in front of you, you tried to help him but Jim Gordon forced you into handcuffs. You stayed at the GCPD that day for massive amounts of questioning. When realizing that they would get nothing of value from you they threw you into Arkham.

You had been there for two months before you were deemed ‘sane’ and let go. After that you found yourself a small but nice apartment in the outskirts of the city. A lot of landlords were skeptical to let a known criminal live on their property but one had given you the chance. Now here you are 4 months later still mourning the death of Jerome Valeska. You had met in Arkham and clicked right away. After you were broken out you went on your first date. You were a perfect duo and knew it. You lived happy lives until that night at the gala. Now you live a life of sadness and misery. You would have dreams- no nightmares about his death. For awhile you were in denial, you refused to believe he was dead. You had ended up in a club that worshiped him. Once they realized you were there they treated you like royalty.

The pounding got worse until you realized it wasn’t in your head, but at the door. You closed your eyes thinking they would give up soon and leave.

“GCPD open up!” They shouted. You jump up and run to the door, you fling the door open.

“I didn’t kill anyone I swear!” You say defensively. The police officer has his head down with his hat covering his face.

“Well isn’t that unfortunate.” He laughs, that laugh, the laugh you fell in love with.

“J-Jerome?” You whisper.

“Yes Dollface?” He looks up with a wide smile, wider than previously. Actually he has stitches running across his forehead and scars around his eyes, and that smile, that stretched out smile. He was beautiful, your eyes started welling up with salty tears.

“You gonna hug me or not gorgeous?” Jerome opens his arms and you run into them. He squeezes you tightly and kisses the top of your head. You pull away and look up at him.

“Y-you? How? Y-” You can’t make the words come out of your mouth.

“Nothing you need to worry about beautiful. Now let me see what I’ve been missing.” He growls, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder you give a loud giggle and smack his butt. He squeezes your thighs and starts walking down the hall. But soon comes to a stop.

“Uh Doll? Where’s your room?” He asks.

“Last door on the left Frankenstein’s monster.” You laugh, he gets to the door in no time.

“Oh you are going to regret that baby doll.” He says with a low chuckle before opening your door and carrying you in.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good BTS stories? Not necessarily with parings, but with a good storyline nonetheless.

I only read pairing fics so I hope you don’t mind that! The ones I list below are mostly long-chaptered fics that I love to death and just, they’re amazing. 

Golden Boy AO3, Completed, Namkook, this was a roller coaster ride by it’s amazing from the plot to the character development (even through smut), volleyball au (slight age gap if I remember correctly).

I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby AO3, Completed, Sugakookie, one of my absolute favorites and everything about this fic is incredible, this is definitely a must-read, soulmate au. 

The night really were made for saying things you can’t say tomorrow day AO3, Oneshot, Sugakookie, this is one of those in-depth fics with beautiful writing that I fell in love with. 

Into Oblivion AO3, Completed, Jungkook/Everyone but it’s actually Taekook (it’s complicated), this was an emotional and thrilling ride the whole time, it’s not just smut it’s a story. 

How to Omega AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, a beloved fic that first got me into the ship, it’s not your usual abo and it’s refreshing. 

Ride out the storm with you AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, spy au, kind of slowburn but it’s so good. 

Forget Yesterday AO3, Complete, Sugakookie, you need an account to read this but if you’re able to, this is a very impactful fic, beware of trigger warnings though.

I Bloomed For You AO3, Incomplete, Taekook, hanahaki au, this is a rollercoaster ride of painful emotions but so worth it. 

On My Life (I Swear) AO3, Complete, Junghope, I loved the development of their relationship plus their character growth, a great read. 

Fall and Recover AO3, Complete, Junghope, this is part of a series and is pretty long so happy reading, dancer au, what I like about this is that they have a really healthy relationship (you’ll see what I mean). 

Dream Maker AO3, Complete, Jikook, following Jikook overcoming obstacles and pursuing their dreams, really heartwarming. 

Forever Young: Boy’s Side [Seokjin Walkthrough + Review] AO3, Complete, Jinkook, I will actually never stop gushing over how amazing this fic is, you’ll see what I mean when you read it but wow, it’s was enjoyable the whole time. 

Listen to my heart (can you hear it sing) AO3, Complete, Namjin/Sugakookie/ot7 dynamics too, abo au, you kind of hate Joonie at some points but please forgive him, he’s just confused, the angst was A+ here, plus you have some really nice sugakookie side action. 

I think this should be sufficient for now. These are all incredible reads and I hope you find something suitable!

After The Maze - Thomas (Part Two of ‘Before The Maze’) [Smut]

Authors: @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien

Character(s): Thomas/Reader, Minho, Newt, Teresa

Word Count: 4619

Notes: Y’all this sin was inspired by the Thomas fest yesterday, it was fabulous. We have fairly public sex & nudity, oral (both receiving), fingering and dirty talk.

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otp fic prompts
  • i had the weirdest dream about you and now i can’t stop imagining what you’d look like naked
  • you’re at the cinema alone and so am i we might as well sit together and i swear i didn’t think there was anyone else in this universe who appreciates this movie like i do 
  • “you’re in my seat this is my seat see i can prove it like it even has my name on it who do you think you are sitting your ass down on MY seat.”
  • i tell my friends i come to the cafe you work at because they have the world’s greatest milkshakes but i love the little notes you leave me scrawled on napkins every time you take my order and you smile at me like the sun from across counter tops
  • we’ve both been arrested and we’re stuck in the same jail cell we won’t be bailed out until morning so you might as well tell me your story
  • we’re stuck on the top of a Ferris Wheel together and i only got on next to you because i really didn’t want to wait for the next go-around ??
  • i’m always running late and you’re always leaving the elevator open for me and i’ve gotta properly thank you for that you’ve saved my ass countless times
  • i hooked up with you at my sister’s wedding 5 years ago and now i’ve gotta track you down because i can’t stop thinking about you
  • you’re always at the university library at 3 am because it’s the only time you can focus hello hi same here
  • some asshole switched our flat numbers so your mail keeps getting delivered to me, sometimes i read it i’m so sorry you get very interesting mail 
  • we watched the fireworks together on new year’s eve even though you’re a complete stranger like i didn’t even get your name ??
Sophomore Year In Queens Would Include...

Spoilers for Spiderman: Homecoming™ ahead. You have been warned. 

- Summer is over and you’re on your second year of school in Queens.

- Recap: Michelle is still your best friend and still very sarcastic, Ned is still way too into Star Wars, Peter still has a HUGE crush on Liz Allan, you still lo-like Peter aS A FRIEND YUP ONLY AS A FRIEND. 

- Ned in the background: “But yesterday you stared at him for at least-

- *Ned has been tackled to the ground.*

- But onto serious business: the story line 

- Remember Evelyn from when she stuck gum in your hair in freshman year? (if not the first part is in my masterlist) Anyway she came back after summer break and now you’re legit scared to be in the same room as her. She’s all girly and disgustingly nice unless you make her angry, in which case you should switch schools. Now.

- She is now the most popular girl at school. You pissed of the most popular girl in school. What the fuck. Is wrong. With you.

- On a happier note you’re friends with Liz Allan because you met her at meetings for academic decathlon and she is a ray of fucking sunshine which doesn’t happen a lot in high school. 

- Except Liz is friends with Evelyn. How did you find out?

- “Oh, hey (Name)! Meet my other friends. This is Betty, Amanda, Jane, Evelyn-”

- *High Pitched Internal Screaming For Ten Hours (Unlike Pluto Remix ft. You)*

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Color Me in Red [Sirius Black – Marauders Era]

[Requested by ashnf01] Hey, I am in love with your writing!! I’d like to request a Sirius x reader soulmate au. Where the world is black and white but they start to see color when they first kiss their soulmate.
♥ A/N ♥
This prompt has me giggling with delight. I’m ready. So ready. Thank you for requesting, darling, and thank you for your sweet words! I’m so glad that you enjoy my writing. I hope I did your prompt justice, and if you want a sequel imagine, all you have to do is ask! Have a lovely day, dear :)
Swearing, Fluff

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Ever since you were a little girl, you dreamed about meeting your soul-mate. Your entire life was written in black-and-white—but upon getting your Hogwarts letter, you were struck with a sense of exultation. You were so full of hope, thinking about the day when you’d meet your soul-mate—when you’d kiss him, and your whole body would feel like it was on fire. You’d find Heaven in his kiss, pure bliss in his touch—and you could be complete for the first time in your life, after missing a piece in the puzzle for years of being on Earth, of being a witch.

In your first year of Hogwarts, you spent every day wanting to know who your soul-mate was. Though you were young, every fiber of your being itched to kiss any bloke that passed by just so you could know. But there was a part of you afraid to think about kissing someone that wasn’t your soul-mate, to feel anything for someone that wasn’t your soul-mate—so you tried depleting your hope to make the intensity of your want and desire less extensive.

Second year passed, then your third year, then your fourth year—and it was in your fifth year that finally, someone by the name of James Potter made to do something about this whole “soul-mate” thing. And this certain something just-so-happened to include the entire Hogwarts population and an enlarged Room of Requirements.

You weren’t necessarily adamant on joining the cause due to your discomfort at the thought of being kissed by strangers, but you were good family friends with the Potters and knew James a great deal better than most. Because of this, you decided to take him up on his offer (well, his demand) for a soul-mate intervention. You were suspicious that he merely wanted to use it as an excuse to corner Lily Evans and snog her. Whatever it was, you were both anxious and uncomfortable at the thought.

“Gather ‘round, gather ‘round!” James yelled cheerfully on that fateful evening, in a room full of people. Quite a bit of students decided against attending the ordeal, but the room was still filled to the brim. James seemed to notice this, too. “I should have asked for a bigger room.”

“Was the lack of leg-room not obvious enough?” his friend Sirius asked irritably, looking like he wanted to strange the daylights out of the jittery Hufflepuff next to him. He glared at him viciously. “Get the bloody hell away from me!”

The Hufflepuff didn’t need to be told twice.

James gave his friend a dirty look for interrupting him, then turned his attention back to the room of familiar faces. “The roles are to not snog! Too many people for that to be appropriate,” he said, and you fought the urge to scoff. You know that the moment this whole fiasco began, he’d instantly pursue Lily and snog the daylights out of her. Who was he trying to fool? Himself?

“Can we just begin already?” Sirius asked, looking more anxious than you’d ever seen him. For a split second the two of you had direct eye-contact and you made sure to flash a small smile in his direction. He returned it, surprisingly enough, a strange twinkle to his upturned mouth.

James nodded, his eyes searching the crowd for Lily. He grinned wickedly at her when he caught sight of her freckled face. “Yeah, sure.”

Everyone began kissing somebody. You were just awkwardly standing there, looking around in bewilderment—like a lost pet trying to find a way back home. You saw James kissing Lily, and just as suspected, there was a bit of tonsil play occurring here and there. Even Dorcas Meadows, an innocent girl from Ravenclaw, was kissing someone.

Were you the only one with morals?

You quickly made your way through the kissing individuals, dodging swaggering boys that seemed intent on making you their next target, and you kept trucking on until you made your way to the back wall. There, you felt you could finally breathe. The room was small, but here, it felt like the largest space of air and solitude. You spent minute after minute breathing in the cool air, brow drenched in sweat, when a tall, lean body slid up next to you.

“Hey, Y/N,” he said, and you instantly recognized him as Sirius. Slowly, your turned your eyes to meet his. It was hard to see in the dark, but there was a flicker of something there, something you couldn’t quite place.

You smiled at him, though it was weak. “Hi, Sirius.”

“Suppose you aren’t too keen on this, are you?” he asked, his eyes following James as he ran after a fleeing Lily. “I have to admit that I’m not quite happy with this, either.”

“Why’s that?” You couldn’t help but be surprised. Sirius was known to be extroverted and a overwhelmingly hard-coming pursuer. You remembered him as being one of the select few in your year that was completely adamant on the idea of finding his soul-mate. He was always kissing random strangers and then giving a disgusted expression, which honestly made half of the Hogwarts population detest him. You were a bit confused on how he hadn’t yet made his way to you yet. You assumed that was his intention in coming over here.

Sirius shrugged. “I don’t really know. I guess… it’s just stupid. Isn’t finding your soul-mate meant to be private and intimate?”

He had an honest point, one that you kept reminding yourself every time you wanted to attack a stranger in kisses just to see if you’d find your first flicker of color. You pursed your lips at him. “It is,” you said. “I just think it’s stupid how you have to kiss your soul-mate to find out who it is.”

He smirked at you. “I dunno. I find it quite… endearing.” He leaned closer, his mint-laced breath hitting the side of your face like a merciless wind. “Doesn’t it get you back into a phase of intimacy?”

You had to laugh. “What a way to put it, Sirius—” His lips were touching yours before you could finish teasing him.

The first thing you noticed was that he tasted like cinnamon. There was a touch of cherry there—and spearmint. Vanilla, too—if your tongue stayed in a certain position.

The second thing you noticed was the fireworks. His touch was electric, and it propelled your body forward, leaving you defenseless as his arms enveloped your waist and he dug his hand into your skin.

The third you noticed was the way he felt. His body was like a wonderland, and the way it felt against yours—the way you curled into his like a piece to a puzzle—just made you know. He wasn’t just Sirius Black anymore, nor was he this arsehole that only ever cared about his mates.

No, this was Sirius. Your soul-mate.

You pulled back for breath. Eagerly, you blinked open your eyes, and you noticed the fluorescent green lights flashing on and off—and the dark brown that shrouded his black irises. He was pale and black-of-hair, his robes embellished in the standard style of a Gryffindor.

He was staring at you in wonder and shock. “So.. you’re the infamous Sirius Black’s soul-mate,” he muttered, body frozen.

You giggled, sharing his same look of astonishment. “I guess I am,” you said.

He just had to reach over and grab a strand of your hair. He twirled it around, looking at it in utter fascination. He looked back up at you with a goofy smile plastered on his face. “You’re bloody gorgeous,” he whispered. He tucked the strand of fallen hair back behind your ear, tugging you against his muscular frame. He laid his head softly against yours, and for a moment, all you could hear was the steady beating of his heart.

And it was bloody perfect.

For catharsis reasons and because I had feelings that compelled me to let them out.

Rated T | 1.67k

All my love to @winterbythesea for looking this over for me. You are aces. <3

It happens like this.

She is running, her heart pounding, her breath a stab in her throat as she sees the Nautilus breach by the dock. When it steadies, she sees people start to come out of the little door on the top, stepping onto the landing bay and starting to make their way up the stairs. Little dots of people from this distance and yet she is already searching for him.

She gets close enough to make out that Jasmine stands beside the door when she sees him. His hair first, black and messy and matted down to his scalp as he begins to appear from the door of the Nautilus. His eyes next, brow furrowed and eyes looking down as he tries to watch his step on the ladder. Mouth next, twisted into a grimace and already her heart is shouting for her to smooth his brow, to kiss his scowl away.

But he is too far away yet and she is running as fast as she can.

His shoulders only pop out for a moment before he disappears altogether, his shout of pain audible to her even as she is still too far to hold him. But then Jasmine reaches down and takes his hand, starting the whole process again.

Hair, eyes, lips, shoulders.

She takes the stairs down two at a time, pushing through other crew members making their way up.

He comes up once more and this time, she is there when his feet touch the ground. His weight on one foot while the other is bent at the knee, hanging in the air as he leans on Jasmine to stay standing, his eyes still down as he tries not to lose his balance again.

Her steps slow now, her frantic running slowing to a stumbling walk before stopping altogether. He hasn’t seen her yet and she takes a moment to breathe, to steady herself before she collapses on the wood beneath her. But her heart knows no reason, thumping through her veins as her breath shudders through her.


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