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Various Sentence Starters


“No I won’t stop stapling tortillas to the wall this is ART”

“Your underwear is really ugly, you should take them off”

“Last time you wanted to watch a horror movie you cried all night and didn’t sleep for three days”

“Knock knock! …Knock knock…? Okay I swear I won’t say banana again”

“I swear to drunk I’m not God”

“My doctor said you shouldn’t drink after taking meds, so I take them WITH alcohol”

“I know I haven’t showered in a week but I saw a spider in the tub and LOST IT”


“Yeah can I get 20 mcdoubles. Yeah, 20. Two zero.”

“Okay you could go to work but get this, how about instead- you don’t and stay in bed with me”

“It’s not a fetish until you have a Deviantart collection for it”

“Mini horses make me so uncomfortable, I want them to be normal sized”

“I’m gonna make dinner so go ahead and have the fire department and pizza hut on speed dial”

“Oh yeah I’ve totally done- uh- weed. I love gardening”

“It’s not an obsession it’s a keen interest- I don’t care if I have three body pillows it’s a KEEN INTEREST”

“Maybe if I just ignore them they’ll stop trynna kill me”

“I’ll just put this fire over here with the rest of the fire”

“Can you believe that people actually ENJOY coleslaw?? What savages”

“First time I kissed a boy was the time I realized I was probably homosexual”

“It’s not gay if it’s for art”

“I like you but in the ‘please shut up for five seconds’ way”

“Let’s get fake ID’s and buy fish from Petco”

“I brought home a kitten, her name is Mary Lious Ann Kate the Third”

“I just hate the word moist, it makes me so uncomfortable”

“Starbucks is so overpriced let’s go get a frap”

RP starters: Injured/death
  • “Hey, you’re bleeding!”
  • “Can you move?”
  • “You will be fine, I promise..”
  • “Don’t you dare to leave me. Not now.”
  • “We can get you fixed in no time.”
  • “Please get up.”
  • “I refuse to believe it will all end like this!”
  • “You won’t die, not on my watch!”
  • “Ouch.. that must hurt “
  • “Shit, wait.. I’ll patch you up.”
  • “What were you thinking?! You could’ve killed yourself!”
  • “I came too late..”
  • “You should’ve told me earlier.. I could’ve helped you!”
  • “I swear to god if you die on our way back I’ll kill you.”
  • “It’s nothing, just a scratch.”
  • “Look, no need to fuss over me. I’m fine!”
  • “Well, you see.. It’s a really long story. Will you help me or not?”
  • “I can’t make it.”
  • “I am dying. There is nothing you can do about it.”
  • “It’s not your fault, okay?”
  • “It just hurts… hurts so goddamn much.”
  • “Are you going to let me suffer more?”
  • “There is no happy ending to this.”
  • “I have been through worse…”
  • “I’m not going to lie, this is not how I planned this would go down.”
  • “They came out of nowhere.. I couldn’t react in time.”
  • “How bad does it look?”
  • “I knew this day would come.. sooner or later.”

so in trk when ronan tries to drop opal off with aurora and he tells her to stay she curses at him and he says “watch your mouth around my mother” 

but like imagine opal cursing??? she looks like a tiny human child and she is adorable but ofc she’s also a product of ronan’s mind so 

  • opal coming running up to adam and ronan like “GUESS WHAT I FUCKING FOUND!” all cheerfully 
    • adam chokes, ronan glares
    • opal is indifferent 
    • “watch your fucking mouth”
    • you watch your fucking mouth” she tells him
    • adam laughs for 59902 years
  • the three of them having breakfast at the barns and opal saying “pass the fucking salt please this branch is too damn bland”
    • “watch your mouth around your fathers, sphincter” says ronan irritably
    • “should you be eating that?” asks adam
  • “kerah the fucking deer won’t eat out of my goddamn hand”
    • “well i mean she did learn it from you, ronan”
    • “nobody fucking asked you, parrish”
  • ronan walks in on opal chewing on the toaster and just asks in a very faint voice “what the fuck are you doing?”
    • “this shit tastes fucking amazing” she answers
    • ronan wants to cry
    • “should you be eating that?” asks adam even as he laughs
  • “fuck” realizes ronan one day “i’ve become gansey”
    • “i like gansey” declares opal “even if he drives a piece of shit”
    • “you’re grounded” ronan tells her
    • “fuck you” she answers
    • “should you really be eating that?” asks adam as opal chews on ronan’s car keys
    • “fuck” groans ronan and officially Gives Up On Life

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

I swear to god if people will continue comparing no.6 to yuri on ice and start shitting on one of them to make the other look better I will burn down this whole website.

Both anime are amazing. Both deserve respect. YOI happens to be more popular since it’s new and fresh. No.6 is a classic that you totally should watch. You cannot even compare one to the other because?? Two totally?? Different?? genres??

I don’t need your hate ,thank you.

There May Be Something There That Wasn’t There Before (Daveed x Reader)


Part One X Pippa X Lin X Oak

Daveed’s POV

I watch as (Y/N) does her best to fuck Lin through their clothes and roll my eyes. She grabs his hands and drags them across her body; any trace of her character in Spring Awakening is completely gone. Lin seems to be enjoying himself much more than he should. I can’t watch any more of this, so I head back to my room. I remember bringing some food, but it seems that it’s gone. I groan and run out to look for Groff; since Thayne isn’t here, I know it has to be him.

“Groff, I swear to God if you- (Y/N), hi, where’s Groff?” I yell as I burst into his room. Instead of finding him, I find (Y/N) sitting alone, pulling at the edge of her shirt sleeves.

She giggles. “Why would I know? It’s not like I’m his overprotective girlfriend.”

I roll my eyes and mutter than it would have been pretty easy to fool people into thinking that she was, prompting her to ask what I mean. I sigh, thinking about how he gets to be there for her in ways that I can’t. “You two are so touchy-feely and inseparable.”

She laughs, and damn is that the best sound… “Well, he did grab my boob just about every day.”

“That lucky bastard. He’s gay. Why does he get to grab you?” I mutter under my breath.

Thank God she wasn’t able to hear me. I leave before I can make the situation any worse. Once I’m certain she’s left, I go to talk to Groff, no longer concerned with the food. He’s sliding on his jacket when I approach him. “Why are you and (Y/N) so close?” I don’t provide any context for the question. He gives me the same excuse she did. I just sigh and leave the theater, not satisfied with the answers I’ve been getting. As I pass Lin, I hear Javier tell him that he should just ask her out. Not if I have anything to do with it.

Second Person POV

Once you get home, you take a shower, which turns into a Phantom of the Opera sing-along until the hot water runs out. You throw your hair into a messy bun and put on an oversized sweater and leggings. Just as you get ready to watch (y/fav/show), someone knocks on the door. You groan and get up to answer the door, figuring it’s a school kid selling something. You’re surprised to see Daveed standing on the other side. “Can I come in?” he asks.

“I-well, I’m not really dressed, but sure,” you respond. “Why are you here?”

“To do this.” he suddenly grabs you by the waist and pulls you as close as possible as he kisses you. You’re a bit taken off guard but kiss him back as soon as you realize what’s going on. When you pull away, he whispers, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

You giggle. “You could have done it sooner.”

“Well, your lips seemed preoccupied with Lin’s.”

You lift his chin up. “I was thinking of you the whole time.”

“Even today?”

“Especially today. Do you really expect me to act like everything’s fine when you walk around with no shirt and loose pants?”

He chuckles. “Not at all.”

You stare at each other for a bit, taking in everything that just happened. “Do you want me to order pizza and we can watch whatever you were watching earlier?”

“That would be perfect.”

When I was young, I didn’t understand it when people told me I hurt them. They couldn’t physically feel it, right? Why should it concern me? I didn’t give them a bruise or a scar or even a scratch. But now, I feel emotional pain so vividly I swear to god it’s like a growing cancer. It’s a heart attack, it’s the type of pain where you don’t even think about moving. I feel it in my bones. I feel it in my chest. I feel it in my throat and I feel it in my face. I feel it everywhere. I yelled, “you hurt me,” today. If my younger self was watching, she’d ask where the bruise or the scar or the scratch is, and I would’ve said, “everywhere.”
—  I didn’t dodge your bullets I just denied that they hit me

when you know she’s the one


:| ….I should have auditioned for the role of that block of wood.

A note on gender norms

So a really common thread of thought amongst straight people is that they presume masculine and feminine fit together. They seek each other, balance each other, natural compliments/contrasts/etc. So much so I actually got into a debate about it with my mom.

She assumed that masculine gay men naturally sought out feminine gay men. She was confused when I told her that’s a bit of an issue in the gay community, with masc4masc and the difficulty that comes with being a femme. Most guys don’t consider that in a long term partner.

But she was still thrown. “I’m a woman and I like masculine men,” using her desires as a template for another culture, “but don’t some lesbians seek butch women?”

I explained, “So you’re saying gay men, straight women and gay women should seek masculinity. Who taught you that masculinity was more desirable than anything else?”

And I swear to god, it was like watching a light go off in her baby boomer head.

Long story short, fuck the patriarchy. You can teach anybody the truth.

Did you ever been so obsessed with any tv show that you really really loves and you wanted everyone to watch it? But not it that calmly way like “you should see it, it’s very good show, you gonna like it” I mean you said something like “oMG YOU MUST TO WATCH IT! IT IS A BLOODY MASTERPIECE OF ANY TV SERIES AND I BLOODY SWEAR TO GOD YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT BECAUSE ITS BLOODY AWESOME!!!!!”
Because I did.

Watch on bonnieisanass.tumblr.com

I swear to the god, I could watch this duded vines for HOURS lol

Jack Gilinsky - Ignorance

Request:  Can you do an imagine where you’re one of Jack j’s best friends but you and jack g aren’t that close. Then Johnson finds out that G has a crush on you, but is too scared to act upon his feelings, then Jack J is like “well shit”. I know it’s confusing but like ¿? Thanks


I heard the familiar song ring through the room, meaning my best friend was calling me. I stretched my arms out and grabbed it from my night stand. Johnson’s smiley face was flashing on the screen and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey there,” I greeted him answering the call.

“Hey girl, you want to come over?” I could hear him chew on something. The guy was always eating but looked like a stick, I swear to God, this is unfair.

“To do what?” I inquired.

“Watch movie, chill, just the usual.”

I quickly considered what I should have done: stay at home, do absolutely nothing or go to my best friend’s house, and do absolute nothing with him. The second choice won.

“I’ll be there in half an hour.”

I stood up from my bed for the first time that day and quickly got ready, then drove to Jack’s house. He had been home for a few weeks now, and I love to spend time with him randomly. I hated when he was away and I could only talk to him between two events, or before his show because he didn’t have more time. Long distance friendships suck just as much as relationships, I’m telling you.

I drove to Jack’s place and he opened the door with a familiar, wide smile.

“There is my girl!” he chuckled hugging me with one of his arms and shut the door behind me.

“Hey, I brought some muffins, my mom is really into cooking lately,” I giggled holding the big box up full with muffins.

“Amazing, thanks.”

He took the box and walked into the kitchen while I made my way to the living room. I was about to throw myself to the couch but the only problem was that there was another person. Gilinsky was sitting on the couch and he looked at me just as surprised as I was.

“Um, Jack?” I called for my friend.

“Yeah?” he walked in and looked at us like nothing was wrong while in fact, a lot was wrong.

“You forgot to tell me that he was going to be here,” I said feeling a bit awkward.

“And you forgot to tell me that she is the friend you asked to come over,” Gilinsky added.

The truth is that Gilinsky and I weren’t that close. But I swear to God, that it wasn’t my fault. He always acted weird around me, like I irritated him or I was too annoying for him, he avoided me and seeing upon his behavior I started to act the same way towards him. We were like… neutral. But it was better to not be in the same room. I couldn’t stand his ignorance and I guess he found me too annoying. But Johnson didn’t seem to understand it and from time to time he set us up, just like this time.

“Come on guys, let’s just chill and have fun together!” – Johnson tried and pulled me to the couch. He sat down and dragged me down with him, so he was sitting between Gilinsky and me.

It was definitely awkward, neither of us wanted to talk in the presence of the other, and I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I excused myself and went out to the bathroom. I loved Jack, my Jack, but I didn’t know why he wanted to make us friends so badly. If Gilinsky didn’t want anything to do with me, it was fine by me.

I heard a light knock on the door and then Johnson came in.

“You okay?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“Jack, why are you doing this?” I asked letting a small sigh out. For a short moment he pretended like he didn’t know what I was talking about, but then gave up.

“Because I… Okay, if I tell you something, will you promise to hold yourself back?”

“What?” I asked confused. Hold myself back from what?

“We both know how impetuous you can be sometimes, I just need you to keep calm and think before you do or say anything.” He looked at me seriously and he was starting to get me freaked out.

“Okay, I guess?!” I shrugged still not understanding the situation.

“So, the thing is that we both know how Gilinsky has been acting around you.” I nodded as a reply and he continued. “I talked to him a few days ago and he told me why he does this.”

“What? Why?” I asked getting nervous. Was I really that annoying? He told Jack about how I irritated him all the time? It was time to find it out.

“The truth is that he kinda has a crush on you, but didn’t know how to deal with it. You know how he has been with girls, his exes were disastrous and didn’t want to fuck it up with you.”

“Are you kidding me?” I snapped immediately. This couldn’t be true. “This is the biggest bullshit ever!”

“Will you please calm down?” he hushed glancing behind his back, but I didn’t care if Gilinsky could hear me. In fact, I wanted him to hear my opinion on it. I rushed out of the bathroom and went straight to the living room.

“Is this a joke? You acted like this because you actually liked me?” I asked him raising my voice a little bit. I was mad at him, who does this? It wasn’t middle school, we were practically adults, he can’t do this.

“What is going on?” he asked looking at Johnson who followed me out of the bathroom. He was starting to understand that Jack exposed him.

“He told me that you ignored me because you liked me!” I answered his question.

“Dude!” he exclaimed jumping up from the couch.

“Sorry! I just…”

“It doesn’t matter!” I cut him off getting back to the topic. “Why did you think that ignoring me would be a good idea? That it wouldn’t screw things up?”

“I know it wasn’t, I just… I don’t know!” he growled running his fingers through his hair.

“What don’t you know? How to act when you like someone? What are you, a five year-old?” I snapped harshly.

“No! But it’s not the easiest thing either, especially when my previous experiences are the worst of all the time!” he shouted back defending himself.

“I don’t care! I’m expecting everyone to respect me just as much as I respect them, and you didn’t do it!”

“Because I couldn’t!”

“That’s bullshit! You should’ve just ask me out, I’m not a monsters, I would have said yes!” Before I could realize what I just said he replied immediately with a just as surprising answer like mine was. He closed the space between us and pressed his lips to mine. I could hear Johnson whistle in the background, but I was too occupied to kiss this asshole back. It was the most heated and passionate kiss I had ever participated in. Jack really did know how to make my toes curl with only a few kisses. We pulled away at the same time and stood there in shock.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting this,” Johnson commented breaking the silence.

“Um, I… uh.” Gilinsky clearly didn’t know what to say and it was the same with me. Then I grabbed my bag and turned to him.

“I have to go now.”

“Okay, I’ll call you later.”

“You don’t have my number yet,” I giggled.

“I’ll give it to him,” Johnson said. We both nodded and another awkward silence came between us. This time I was the one who spoke up.

“Okay, then, I’ll just go.” I was about to turn around and leave when I felt a hand on my wrist. Gilinsky pulled me back and kissed me one more time. It was just a quick peck on the lips, but it made me blush. We smiled at each other, I waved at Johnson and then left. I didn’t even know why I said I had to go, but it was whatever. My smiled was spreading from ear to ear and on my way home I slowly processed what just happened. I forgave him for everything.

Cliche horror movie-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "I think we should start running. Now!"
  • "I'm telling you, there's something in there!"
  • "There’s someone out there."
  • "It's right behind me, isn't it...?"
  • "Should we go see what that was?"
  • "What the hell was that sound?"
  • "You’re just imagining things."
  • "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
  • "Why are you doing this?!"
  • "Are you sure we're alone here?"
  • "Don't move. There's something behind you."
  • "There's no such thing as ghosts/monsters/etc."
  • "I feel like someone's watching us."
  • "Oh my god, he's here, he's coming for me!"
  • "If you let me go, I won’t tell anyone, I swear!"
  • "I don't feel safe here. We should leave."
  • "You look like you’ve seen a ghost."
  • "There's nothing out there! I'll prove it!"
  • "There's a freaking ghost after us!"
  • "You look so cute when you're asleep."
  • "You saw a _______? Really? Maybe you were imagining it."
  • "I don't think we're alone here."
  • "Calm down. Nothing can get in here."
  • "Don't try to run. You won't get far."
Tied Up In Knots

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Request:  Hi can I please request a Steve x reader one-shot where people underestimate Steve’s abilities to tie a cherry stem with his tongue but he’s actually the best at it??

A/n: OH HELLO YOU NAUGHTY LITTLE YOU. XD My god, this should be a thing. An actual thing. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Put it in the moviesssssss.

Genre: Humor, Friendship

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, crude humor, fluff

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

It wasn’t really that often that Steve got challenged or underestimated. However, when Steve did, he came back hard with a kick. It was funny to watch him prove people wrong, the look on people’s faces worthy enough to be memes on the internet. So when Tony and the other avengers bet that Steve couldn’t tie a cherry stem with his tongue, Steve was ready. You didn’t even know if he could do it or not since it wasn’t a subject that was brought up between you and him. You were all sitting in the lounge area of the Avengers Tower, having a small little party with the others when Tony brought out the cherries, cherry juice, vodka, and sprites to have you make your amazing Shirley Temples. Tony was begging to have a contest on who can tie a cherry stem the fastest and everyone opted out. Then, Tony had sassed the Captain, saying. ‘I bet that old geezer can’t even tie one.’ You remember the look on Steve’s face. He had smirked a bit and his blue eyes lightened a bit and it was like his whole being filled with an ‘Oh really? Watch this’ aura. Bucky had rolled his eyes but nonetheless smiled and you chuckled a bit, making the drinks for everyone.  Steve came beside you, standing at the counter and he asked politely, the look in his eyes telling you that if he did this, there was gonna be a lot of fun later.

“May I take a cherry?”

You smiled and winked.

“Only if I can get the actual cherry.”

Steve smiled and took a cherry, letting you take the actual cherry and he plucked the stem from it. He then looked to Tony and challenged.

“If I can tie this cherry stem, you have to do as I say for three days.”

“And if you don’t?”

Tony had asked, giving a slight smirk, crossing his arms.

“I’ll do what you say for three days.”

Steve replied, sincerity but also smugness in his eyes. However, Tony bargained for one more day, nodding once.



‘Steve, what are you doing?’

You thought to yourself, watching. Steve put the stem in his mouth and about thirty seconds later, he plucked the stem from his mouth and jaws in the room dropped. The stem was tied in a knot, right at the middle and Tony cursed. Tony then challenged.

“Alright, that’s good. Took you way longer though. I’m the best and fastest at tying cherry stems with my mouth. I have practice on girls a lot so.”

You rolled your eyes and replied.

“Tony, the only thing that you’re best at is getting your dick tied up in a knot.”

Every person in the room burst with laughter and Tony just shook his head, rolling his eyes.

“That’s good, but you’re the only one who can tie me up in knots.”

He winked and you deadpanned.

“Sorry, I prefer the more patriotic side of things.”

Bucky muttered under his breath, a smile on his lips while Steve’s face flushed a bit.

“Holy shit, he’s finally getting some. Took you long enough, punk.”

“Shut up, jerk.”

He huffed and then Steve took another cherry and let you bite off the fruit part. Handing out the drinks to everyone, Clint and Natasha smiled at you and you smiled back friendly.

“Tony, are you sure about this? Steve seems awfully confident about this.”

Natasha asked as you gave Sam, Thor, Bruce, Rhodey, Bucky, Wanda, and Pietro their drinks.  Wanda replied, her accent thick.

“Yes, I vonder if you actually think you can vin this bet. It does seem the captain is very confident vith this bet.”

Tony replied, straightening his posture.

“Fastest person to tie the cherry in a perfect knot wins. (y/n), would you kindly count us off after I give the next set of prizes for the winner?”

“Whatever, Iron Baby.”

Tony smirked a bit at Steve.

“If I win this, I get to have (y/n) with me for three whole days-“

“-If I win, you have to wear a hello kitty version of your suit and then roller skate naked down the highway, in public, while screaming ‘I love Captain America’.”

Everyone snorted and you watched carefully.

“On your mark, get set…go!”

Stems went flying into their mouths. Steve kept a straight face while he tied his and Tony was determined, brow furrowed in concentration. Then, as if God was hearing someone’s prayer, out came the stem in Steve’s mouth. Tony’s jaw dropped, the half completed stem whipping into its original form as it fell. Everyone around the room was freaking out, Clint laughing hard while Bucky smirked, saying.

“That’s my punk.”

“Not only do you have to do your punishment, looks like I get the girl in the end.”

Steve hugged you to his side and you smiled a bit, saying.

“At least you tried Tony.”

Tony was fuming.

“How the hell!”

Steve explained, rubbing your side gently as you two hugged each other with one arm.

“In my free time, I would eat cherries a lot and I taught myself how to tie a cherry stem-“

He took another cherry, feeding you the fruit and then put the stem in his mouth, tying it in ten seconds flat.

“-and after a while, it’s become a habit.”

Tony stomped out of the room, fuming while muttering.

“Fine. I’ll go make my suit.”

“Put cat ears on the helmet! I want to keep it when you’re done!”

You yelled to tony. He only flipped you off. Steve whispered in your ear.

“I think you’re gonna enjoy my cherry tying skill later.”

You flushed and knew you were in for one hell of a night.


I’ll never forget the first time we sang Hasa Diga Eebowai…in front of an audience. And it was an audience of all these people who were showing up to see this musical, and I swear to God, they didn’t know if they should clap or not, you know? Or laugh. You just watch people check in with each other, like, ‘Is this okay? Is it okay? Should we clap?’
And so it ends with like, 'Eff you God,’ middle fingers and all this. And silence! For what felt like hours, even though it was probably like two seconds. And then eruption. And that’s when we knew we had them.
Sam Wilkinson - Flirting at the cinema

Request:  love ur blog !!! can plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u do an image that u and sammy and the rest of the omaha squad have been best friends forever and that ur gilinskys cousin…. and yall were at the movies and there was this guy who kept flirting with u and u flirtede back and sammy got really jealous so he walked up to u picked u up over his shoulder and he asked u why you were flirting and u were about to answer but then he just kissed u


“I swear to God, if this film sucks, I will kill you,” Nash groaned as we made our way to our seats.

“It is good, don’t worry!” I told him. It was my turn to decide which movie we should watch. We always held these movie nights where we checked out the newest movies in the theaters. We made it our habit when I became friends with all of the guys. Being Gilinsky’s cousin provided me a lot of time with the boys. I knew Johnson, Sam and Nate since forever and I also became friends with the others almost immediately when I joined Jack on the Magcon Tour.

They were all whining that I wanted to watch a romantic comedy, so I decided that we should watch The Martian, but they still questioned my decision.

We took our seats and I just could not unsee the hot guy a few seats away from me. And in addition, he was looking right at me.

“Someone has an admirer,” Johnson sang sitting down.

“Shut up!” I told him but I was smiling.

A few minutes later the guy stood up and sat closer, so now only one seat was between us. I smiled at him tugging my hair behind my ears and hoped he would say something to me.

Usually it was scary for other guys to talk to me because of the boys around me. They were all protective, especially Jack and they wouldn’t let me have a decent conversation with unknown hot guys anywhere. But now they were too busy with their food and the commercials that were playing, so they didn’t even hear when the guy said the following to me: “Do you like Matt Damon?” he asked glancing over at me.

“Uh, I guess,” I said. I knew this was a Matt Damon movie, but I wasn’t quite of a fan. “I’m more interested in the story,” I added and he nodded.

“They say it’s good tho.”

“Yeah, I heard it too, I’m really looking forward to it!” I smiled at him again trying to look as good as possible.

“I have never thought I would see a beautiful girl on a film like that,” he admitted and his words immediately made me blush. “I have to say that I’m impressed.”

“Well thank you. You can’t always just watch romantic movies!” I told him despite the fact that was what I wanted to do. To watch a cliché romantic movie.

“I’m Jake, by the way,” he said leaning closer.

“Y/N, nice to meet you.”

I heard Sam groan next to me and I turned towards him to see what his problem was.

“You okay, Sam?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows at him.

“Yeah, sure, everything is perfectly fine,” he said but he surely felt the opposite way.

I liked Sam really much, but he always acted so weird around me. I couldn’t understand him and he was so complicated for me. I wished I knew what he wanted, because I thought that he was a really good guy.

The movie started and Jake sat next to me. I couldn’t stop smiling. As the film went on we laughed on some things together, but we were definitely quiet. No one was even staring at us, only Sam seemed to be mad at us.

“What is your problem?” I asked quietly.

“Nothing, okay? Just watch the stupid movie!” He groaned pointing towards the screen.

The movie was good, I liked it and I liked the fact that Jake and I talked over the whole thing. We made our way out of the theater, I said goodbye to Jake and I gave him my number. When he was gone I wanted to catch up with the guys who already left, but then someone picked me and put me over his shoulder.

“What the Hell, Sam?!” I shouted hitting his back and trying to get down to the ground. He carried me for a bit and then put me down.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I asked when I was finally standing on my own feet. I fixed my clothes quickly giving him a death glare.

“Why were you flirting with that damn guy since the first minute we got there?”

His question surprised me at first, and I didn’t know what to say. I blinked a few times and thought of something I could say, but then before I could speak up my lips got occupied by Sam’s mouth.

He just kissed me out of the blue, and I was really taken aback from his bold move. But then I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I put my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer to him. Things got heated very fast, our tongues met and I even forgot that we were out on the street.

Then as suddenly as he kissed me he pulled away.

“I don’t want you to flirt with other guys, Y/N,” he said sounding a bit desperate. I looked into his beautiful eyes and finally understood his weird behavior around me. He was just trying to hide his feelings from me. “I want to be the only one who you flirt with,” he added.

I took a deep breath and instead of saying anything I pulled him into another kiss.

the earth signs at a book store

capricorn- *sitting at one of the tables doing homework*

virgo- hey capricorn look at this book, it’s about microeconomics

capricorn- virgo im doing homework

virgo- we didn’t have homework tonight look at this book

capricorn- yes but i didn’t do it last night

virgo- what

capricorn- i was lazy shut up and read about microeconomics

virgo- …..

virgo- hey where’s taurus

capricorn- probably at starbucks, why

virgo- *looks at capricorns homework* no you’re doing it wrong

capricorn- virgo i swear to god if you-

taurus- *approaches holding coffee* hey capricorn look i got you coffee

capricorn- …

virgo- capricorn procrastinated and is doing homework. dont talk, it’s working diligently

taurus- but… capricorn i got you coffee

capricorn- taurus i love you so please stop talking

virgo- …

virgo- hey taurus look at this book i found on-

taurus- wait it’s almost halloween we should watch scary movies and get takeout tonight pleASE

virgo- taurus look at my-

capricorn- yeah that’s better than precal and my grade’s high enough so i’ll just turn in what i have now

virgo- what capricorn this is literally what you did last night and that’s how you got so stress-

taurus- shut up virgo it’s MOVIE NIGHT

capricorn- okay let’s go

virgo- okay fine capricorn you can dig yourself into a hole of stress and anguish but let me buy this book first

taurus- virgo you don’t even like economics what are you doing

virgo- well i could, i’ve just never learned about it before so-

capricorn- shut up virgo let’s go and get scary bitches