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Being A Slytherin Would Include...

Gryffindor | Ravenclaw | Hufflepuff

* * *

  • Getting excited every time the giant squid would swim past the glass in the common room
  • Having to stock up on warm clothes bc damn it gets cold in there
  • Everyone in the dorms having like ten blankets on their beds during winter
  • Having huge games of Chinese whispers at the Slytherin table which confuses the whole school as to why all the Slytherins are deadly silent
  • Having the sassiest and most sarcastic conversations ever with your house mates
  • Staying up late on Friday nights with loads of other slytherins and playing weird drinking games with firewhisky while the minors watch in awe
  • Always defending people from your house even if you’ve never talked to them before
  • Getting confused as to why Slytherin is supposed to be the “badass” house because what actually goes on in the common room is eating competitions and rap battles
  • Creating the strongest and most last-longing friendships 
  • Passing notes in class 
  • saying “fight me” under your breath to literally everything
  • So much swearing
  • Everyone swearing all the time that you forget that swearing is “bad”
  • Getting told off in class for swearing
  • “God fucking dammit i just spilled my fucking ink”
  • Excuse me?”
  • “Sorry professor…slip of the tongue…”
  • Getting extremely stubborn when people tell you what to do, making you do the opposite. 
  • Not being as huge a fan of Snape even though everyone thinks Slytherins worship him
  • Getting really annoyed when people are surprised at how lovely you are, despite being in Slytherin 
  • Slytherin PRIDE 

I swear to god Elfman started out normal looking and then he just like–

Oh! There he goes!

He’s leveling up!

Elfman doesn’t even look human anymore and it would be totally excusable if say Mashima had introduced a consequence for his magic, like the more he uses the beast take over the more he starts to become a beast himself (which would have been rad tbh). Instead he just kind of defies human anatomy.

Side note: look at his little legs!!! That’s adorable!

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College AU hc: Rin's the only thing keeping the others sane because he keeps cooking for them and listening to their rambling without complaining, even though he's not actually a student, he's just Yukio's brother with two part-time jobs. Also, everyone's at least a little smitten, because he's a darn cutie, but not even Izumo would ask him out because overprotective!Yukio, that's why.


But on another note, you know those ducks that people working with computer codes recite their code to when they can’t get something right? well thats what everyone uses Rin as. Whenever they’re having trouble with one of their subjects they find Rin and explain it in vivid detail to him. He ends up learning quite a lot from all of them and becomes a jack of all trades kind of guy

Imagine: Tinder

I burst out laughing with Y/bf,

“Do it” she says

“Are you serious?’ I ask

"Yes, why wouldn’t I be?! Just do it” she says

I roll my eyes but press ‘enter’. the account has been made,

“I can’t believe I just made a tinder..” I say

“I can’t either” she says

“What?! You told me to” I defend myself

“I know I know” she tells me getting off the bed

“But it’s just for fun” I add following her to the mirror

I finish applying my lipstick and grab my purse,

“Ready?” I ask

“Always” she smiles

We leave the apartment,

“I’m not used to this!” She says attempting to lock the door

“Well get used to it! We’ll be here for a month” I say

Walking out the building first, I smelt the fresh air. Leaves were still on the trees but changing color. What’s was better than California in the winter? We head to the Starbucks right around the corner and sit, taking in the fact we are finally here

*bzz bzz*

“Already been tingered?!” She asks

“I guess so” I say laughing and pulling out the phone

Kian lawley. I checked out his profile, and my god I swear I melted with my hot chocolate

“What’s wrong?” She asks

“Nothing, just.. Look at him!” I say showing her the picture

I started to wonder why he was on there. Was it possible he was just looking for someone to get with? Or was it for fun?

K: Hey
M: Hi

From there we clicked and talked for hours we talked back and forth until we finally exchanged numbers. Though it was awkward at first because all we really knew was our numbers and now figuring each other out.the days went by Malibu started to note how much I might like this guy. Could I like this guy? I denied it every time she brought it up. I couldn’t like a guy I didn’t know, how would I know if he was even real?

“Y/n, you’re crazy for him” she says getting into the hottub

I shrug, 'it’s just for fun" I say

I dip myself into the hottub with her and continue to text him,

“Kian lawley followed you on Instagram”

“Hey look he followed me” I say

With that being said I gained more followers followed by comments like, “Kian followed!” I furrowed my eyebrows the looked at Y/bf,

“What?” She asks coming over to sit next to me

“This” I say showing her what was happening

“What the..” She says then clicking on his profile

“Y/n.. Did you even check his profile?” She asks

It made me nervous the way Y/bf looked at me, I shook my head and she turned the phone my way. Oh my god, over one million followers

“What the hell?” I say scrolling through

Each photo had at least hundred thousands of likes and so many comments,

“Are you sure he’s not fake?” Y/bf asks

“I don’t know..” I say

'Did you get my follow?😊" he texts me

“Well I mean, he just texted me asking if I got his follow.. He’s real” I smile

“Follow back!” She demands

Oh yeah! I instantly follow back but then start to look around, a YouTube channel? I click the link and see another THREE million subscribers. I watched some videos and god was he even cuter than his photos

“This is insane” Y/bf adds

We spoke on the phone every night,

Me: Hey
Kian: Hey!
Me: I’m a little confused I have to admit..
Kian: I figured.. I should explain right?
Me: That would be very helpful
Kian: Well..

After his story it got very overwhelming. He was a youtuber, attending VidCon and all of those other events. He had millions of fans, he even told me about his old group YouTube and how fans tracked them down. Some even camped outside.. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or if all this was fake. I wasnt doubting him, just trying to not jump to conclusions

Kian: I hope this doesn’t change anything y/n.. I only did this because I knew if I seen myself in the future with you-
Me: Wait you see your future with me? (I say and blush)
Kian: Uhm.,uh… I mean like, i love talking to you and I just wanted to tell you first

I started to think back to when we first talked, that first night compared to now. We came out of our shell, I laughed at the jokes we would tell. Who knew in such a short amount of time I could feel so much for someone? The next morning I was woken up by Y/bf way get Sam’s video and squealing,

“Where are we going?” I ask pulling my shorts up

“No where, maybe later somewhere to eat but that’s later” she says glued to the screen

I laugh but nod and lay back down,

“He’s going to do a younow!” She shouts

“My ear!” I say covering it

“Sorry” she giggles

She instantly clicks on the younow, almost 10,000 views.. Yikes

“Now we will be giving away 10 tickets for our tour!” He says

“Since when was Sam on tour?’ I laugh

"He starts next week” she says

“Who’s we?’ I ask

"Hmm, no clue..” She says frowning

“Come on dude! They’re waiting for us!” Sam shouts


K:Good morning!
M:Good afternoon!
K:Plans today?
M: Y/bf is freaking out but other than that just going to hang out
K: I feel your pain, my friend is too

I smirk looking at my phone while y/bf looks are me covering the laptop with her head,

“What are you smiling about?’ She asks

"Nothing” I say

“Yeah I’m sure” she says

“What it’s really no- move! Kian..?” I say looking at the screen

I could hear his voice form afar along with Sam’s laugh, Kian..he appears on the scream and all of these girls start typing insanely.

“Kian knows Sam?! Why was I not informed?!” Y/bf shouts

“Wait..” I say

M: Click webcam younow for the user: y/username
K: how did you know I was webcamming?

I felt myself numb watching him text me live, his eyes followed his phone with texting. Once he finished texting back I instantly got the message,

“Oh my god.” Y/bf says accepting the call

“Hi! You’ve won-” Sam says but Kian cuts him off

“Y/n?” Kian says with a smile

“Hi Kian.. I guess this is a small world after all” I say smiling

“And who’s that?’ Sam says with an eyebrow raised aiming at y/bf

"That’s her friend, Y/bf” Kian adds

“Well hello Y/bf, you’ve just won two tickets to meet us.. I really hope you could come” Sam says smiling

“Of course we can!” She says

“Great! Wait.. Did you just say y/n?! The girl you’ve been talking my ear off about?!” He says

I smile and blush as he stutters and turns pink

“Yes Sam yes” he sighs

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 28

Janina counted backwards with the numbers as the elevator lowered she and Maisie to the ground floor.  She desperately wanted to say something.  To ask Maisie if she was alright or what the hell had just happened, but she decided that would be better for a time when Maisie’s entire body wasn’t shaking with rage.

The doorbell dinged, both girls stepping out into the lobby.  Janina focused on the clicking sound her heels made on the marble floor and then on the sidewalk as they made their way to Maisie’s car.  

Maisie seemed to have calmed herself down on the elevator ride.  Her breathing was at least less labored.  Janina’s only concern at this point was getting Maisie into a car and as far away from Niall as possible.  However, she knew that was impossible the moment she heard Niall’s voice calling out after Maisie.

Maisie froze.  Janina turned to see him running after them at top speed.  He too, seemed to be out of breath and just as angry as Maisie was.  Janina quickly scanned the parking lot to make sure no one was around.  This was gonna be a blowout.

Niall slowed to a very angry walk as he got closer to them,

“Maisie, what the hell was that up there?!”  He demanded as he thrust his hand towards the top floor of the building, “Have ya lost your damn mind?  Yellin’ at me like that?”

Maisie shook her head, refusing to turn to look at him as she started to walk to Janina’s car again.  Janina quickly hurried after her, unsure of what exactly was going to happen.

Niall ran after them,

“What?  You’re just gonna walk away without even explainin’?”  

Maisie opened the door of Janina’s car and shoved her things into the backseat, shaking her head,

“You think you’re the only one who was hurt around here?!”  She suddenly screamed as she whirled around.

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do you have anymore hc's for your hot topic au?


  • Allura’s co-workers in Forever 21 all have crushes on Shiro and Keith because they think they’re “cool” and “edgy”
    • highkey they jealous because Allura is friends with them
      • “So who do you like from them Allura?”
      • “Who?”
      • “Keith or Shiro?”
  • a lot of the times when it’s a slow day at gamestop Lance and Pidge like to go to the consoles on display and play against each other 
    • pidge is a fucking mastermind and always wins
  • lance’s daily arguments with Keith always end up with Hunk physically carrying Lance out of Hot Topic while Lance is yelling profanities
    • “See you tomorrow Keith”
    • “See ya Hunk
      • Shiro from behind Keith is just
      • “wow you are so whipped”
      • “shut the fuck up Shiro”
  • Keith has a tongue piercing WHEEZEs
    • “If the world was like Pokemon, and I had to find a partner to travel with me forever,” he dramatically turns to Keith “I’d choose you” ;)
      • Keith is just “what the actual fuck, Lance”
      • Keith wants to sink into an abyss and never come back he’s so embarrassed
  • When not at gamestop or at hot topic to visit Keith - Lance can be found in the manga section in the bookstore where Coran works at
  • Lance once gave Keith a death note hoodie because Lance thought that even though Keith doesn’t like anime, Death Note seemed to fit his emo-aesthetic and Keith wears that hood to sleep every night now :^)
  • “Lance I swear to god if you refer to me as your waifu we are breaking up”
My Prayers In Writing For Your Small Blessings

I had this thought about which customs would be so different for Xephos when he first crash landed. That was soon followed by the thought of what if the people of the planet worshiped their gods with prayers. Then I just got fully sucked into the idea and I’ve been in need of some fluff sooo… enjoy!~

AO3 Link

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  • imagine the marauders playing clue/cluedo for the first time though
  • peter would probably be the one w/ the rlly long notes of everything that happened and complicated strategy
  • but he’d also probably accidentally show everyone his cards
  • james would impulsively accuse people of being the murderer and be wrong
  • remus would figure things out before everyone else but make it seem like he knew nothing
  • sirius would probably try to bribe moony with making out to help him out a little
  • “i swear to god black if you come near me again i will shove this playing piece up ur left nostril”
  • sirius would probably get really into it though he’d walk around the dorms like a detective and look suspiciously at everyone in the common room and wear a trench coat
  • remus would secretly think it was hot, but would refuse to give in
  • remus lupin is a competitive little shit at board games
  • remus lupin is extremely good at board games
  • james potter is quite honestly done with losing to remus at everything they play
  • peter just wanted to play uno, tbh
  • sirius’ player was the murderer
Phanfic Award Nominations??!!

It has come to my attention that I have been nominated for three Phanfic Awards????

The last time I checked, I was only nominated for Best Drabble, and that was already enough for me. I was so happy someone out there thought that my writing was so good that they decided to nominate me for it.

Now, not only am I nominated for Best Drabble, I have also been nominated for the Undiscovered Gem Award, and the Comedy Award. 

I am so truly flattered that few of you really love my writing. I feel a sense of pride as well as gratefulness for those of you who thought to nominate me. I am so so so happy that you love reading my fics as much as I do writing them.

It’s such an incredible feeling to see my url on that list: I’m only a small fic blog compared to people like constipatedhowell and phangirlingforphan and insanityplaysfics and transdimensional-void. And to be put on the same pedestal as they are in these Awards makes me not only proud of myself, but proud of my followers as well.

There are less than 500 of you following this blog, but you all are so kind to me, leaving me nice messages that make my motivation skyrocket to new heights. It makes me feel validated: someone is reading my stuff, someone is anticipating the new chapter. Someone wants more. I am so so so thankful for your support and your love – anonymous or not – that renders me speechless and unable to express my gratefulness.

Words are not enough to tell you guys how happy I am when I get a message saying that they loved my fic. Words are my craft, but in those moments of answering messages, they seem light as feathers and do not carry the weight of the true emotion I feel reading them. Once again, to all those who followed and sent me wonderful messages like weh-tun​‘s amusing spazz over my fake relationship fic and the anonymous who I helped to the path of self-discovery after they read my trans!Phil fic “The Man”, thank you, thank you, thank you so so so damn much.

These fics I have written that have been nominated were truly the most ridiculous fics I have ever written – I don’t believe I’ve actually written them because my plots are the strangest things, or in the case of my Undiscovered Gem Award, way too damn ambitious for me to have written.

But I have. I have written them, and people loved them so much, and here I am other than thanking my followers to also promote these fics. I don’t mind if I don’t win, but better to try campaigning than just sitting there and wondering what could have been if I actually did campaign.

Best Drabble: Square Holes. (I remember writing this fic in bed, and I was hurrying to finish it because my dad was already threatening to turn off the lights. This was the cutest thing I have ever written, I’m very proud of it.)

Undiscovered Gem Award: Faking It/What A Fucking Mess. (I’m really proud of this fic. ‘An 18k one-shot? That’s too ambitious,’ old Charlie would say. But I wrote it, even if I used close reference to the Peterick fic that inspired this, and I feel like now I can conquer anything.)
(I am sorry to say that I would like to withdraw from this category. The rules of Phanfic Awards state that a fic over 50 notes cannot be nominated for this category. From memory, when I was informed that Square Holes was nominated, Faking It/What A Fucking Mess was already at around 100+ notes, and therefore ineligible for this category. Thank you for the consideration, though!
But I do have another fic I’d suggest to nominate in lieu of this, and it’s The Man. This fic is a biography of my best friend glossybutt and his road to realising his true self, and it has too little notes. I’d like to take this time to get people to read this fic, because I was so happy when I finished it, way happier than when I finished my other fics, because this came from something real.)

Comedy Award: Chill, Phil/Phil From Tesco. (I swear to God, I’m really proud of the humour in this fic. I was even laughing while I wrote this, and I got my brother and my best friend to read it and they were literally facepalming at this. This also has a second part that you don’t have to read called “See Me In Hindsight/Tangled Up With You All Night” which is just an angst fest because people were asking me to write a sequel. But I did love writing this fic, so I hope you found it funny too.)

Once again, thank you so so so so damn much for thinking I am good enough to go against some huge blogs and get my writing recognised. I have never ever seen so much support for me, and I so proud to be part of the phandom and writing for you guys. You all are sweet, loyal, and very kind, and I am so happy right now I can’t even express myself properly. Thank you so much.

BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 6b

AUTHOR: lopiercee (FF ACCOUNT)

PROMPT: Brittana are married for a few years, now they want a baby so Santana tries to get pregnant but finds out she can’t have kids. She’s devastated & thinks that brittany is going to leave her but brittany tries to be there for her.

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon

RATED: T (for some language)


Brittany and I have been married for three years now and it’s been more than amazing. When we got married, we decided to get our careers in line before expanding our family. Brittany’s career took off instantly which I knew it would, so we decided that I would carry our first child. I was more than happy to carry first so it was no sweat off my back.

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5 Reasons and a Bonus Reason Why Tommy Merlyn Had to DIE!

By LaDemonessa on AO3 or @cjjingram on Tumblr

I got into a discussion recently about the impact of the death of Laurel and the fact that she didn’t mention Tommy before she died. A lot of people thought it seemed wrong that she would tell Oliver he was the love of her life when Tommy loved her more than Oliver ever did. I got to thinking about that and how things would’ve changed this season—hell, in any and all of the subsequent seasons, if Tommy had lived.

The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that if Tommy had lived, he’d have wiped the floor with Oliver and made it the Tommy Show.

So, with that in mind, enjoy a glimpse into my twisted psyche.

For @devouringfoodandstuff and all my girls at oldbatsandyoungbitches, this one’s for you.

Story under the cut:

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