i swear to god this is the last one omg

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i swear to god i'm not forcing the Style Parallels .but Calvin has the hair,the leather jacket and the chin and the Abs,i'm sorry but he is James Dean Doppelganger i'm sorry i dont make the rules.

THE STYLE PARALLELS WERE TOO REAL I SAID THAT LAST NIGHT OMG like tay looked so sweet and the skirt and the red lips and then calvin in his leather jacket and bedroom eyes nO ONE TOUCH ME


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Okay I’m like gonna delete this soon bc it’s…

wait omg which one

it’s actually cosmetic warior b u t still…. I honestly have so many regrets… I think last time I used brazened honey and like it was actually awesome but now here I am with nasty ass skin… and like now that I think about it it’s supposed to be like blueberries and stuff but that mask does not smell like blueberries iF I AM USING A MASK THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR DRY SKIN AND IT WAS MISLABELED I’M GONNA BE PISSED