i swear to god this is the last one omg

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pls pls pls suggest books like "i'll give you the sun" i cannot function. i need more. thank you ever so much!!!


  • to all the boys i’ve loved before jenny han (ok i just finished this one and it broke me i swear i know the title sounds a bit corny but please bear with it! lara jean is a great narrator and god i spent the last 40 pages or so trying not to cry why is there still one whole month until book 2)
  • the sky is everywhere jandy nelson (not as good as igyts but its still a really good read)
  • simon vs the homo sapiens agenda becky albertalli (so cute goodbye)
  • the statistical probability of love at first sight jennifer e smith (omg its just too cute i am so done)
  • fangirl rainbow rowell (i enjoyed this one well enough like i really didnt like e&p and attachments sounds kind of creepy so im not going to read that one probably but still this ones nice)
  • this song will save your life leila sales (i v much liked this one ok)

i think thats all i got (i dont generally read much of this genre i probably should read a bit more tho) i hope this is what you were looking for!

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Hey! Thanks for the fic recs, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard while reading fanfiction. The one about SAXX almost killed me, I swear to God, I teared up I was laughing so hard. They totally did the trick :) So thanks again and have an awesome day!

Hi there! Omg you are so so welcome, I’m glad they helped. isNT THAT ONE HILARIOUS???? Like I can’t deal, I almost peed my pants. I hope you have an awesome day too and feel better soon, ily <3

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Hi!! What do you know about hiskia gabriel Hengeveld he is sooo handsome xx

..*hysteria*!!!!!!!!!!!…*screams*…he’s dutch….OMG he’s perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..i swear i saw him…..and i was like WHOOOOOOOO is him…..i swear….his look and his attitude was one of the good things abt last fw…..i totally love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….*silent tears*….i mean he was at Gucci…. super cool guy….and i don’t exagerate when i said that i saw some gucci models who were less appeling than him and  they were  like “i’m a god”…not jokking….but Hiskia was literally surreal!!!!!!!!!…..when i found his name i was at the verge to heart attack!!!!!!!……*dead*…i rly wish saw him the next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……in more shows!!!!!!!!!….:’D….HUGE THANKS 4 asking and have a wonderful day and life!!!!!!!…;)!!!!

sweetconformity replied to your post “THERE WAS bA HUGE FUCKING CENTIPEDE THING ON THE DECK I ALMOST HAD A…”

In Hawaii the adult ones get around 7-11 inches. The biggest one I saw, was in my bed unfortunately. Those things are devil incarnates I swear, you can’t even stomp them out b/c the shell is so hard. You gotta use raid or chop them into pieces!!!!!!

omg I would probably die. This thing is like a house centipede or something so they clearly look like one, but they look kinda furry and weird and thank god they’re not that large lol they’re freaking fast though and the last place I lived in was full of them so I want nothing to do with the weird critters lol

moved schools and all my friends are like “omg yeh for sure lets catch up lolz luv u miss u heaps”
but not one of them messages me like ever again, i swear to god they all hated me and now i’ve got to start all over, make new friends and it’s my last year in high school like wtf i cannot do this