i swear to god this is the last one omg

Yesterday night was amazing. One ok rock sounds so good live. Thank goodness it didn’t rain and there was a cool breeze throughout the entire concert. I managed to get all my merch but the shirt’s a little tight (guess time to lose weight). Someone actually threw a bikini set onto stage at the last part of the concert and Taka was dancing around with the thong placed at his crotch. Ryota kissed the thong and Toru was holding the bra for a very very long time. Omg these boys are so adorable. The crowd was meh mainly because I was surrounded by fangirls. I swear I heard people yelling TAKA SAMA AISHITERU/ TAKA SENPAI NOTICE ME/ DAISUKI SENPAI. Yeah it was a wild night. Thank god I queued up earlier because it was a sold out ticket and merch concert so the queue was snaking long. Thank you for a wonderful night one ok rock. I’m glad that Singapore was the last stop on your 35XXXV tour.

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I am dying over Peggy and Sousa~ dammit. I am all caught up in the series, and I am screaming internally... okay, not completely internally, but no one was here to hear it, so it doesn't count, right?

omg same. i was so gutted when it didn’t happen last season and now they’re giving us so many adorable moments and we still can’t have it. the last ep was particularly beautiful, when he went all bucky barnes on her ass i swear to god i almost passed out. i’m too emotionally invested in this show, if it gets cancelled i will mourn it forever.

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Hi it's me again. My weekends were wild because I went for a concert and I'm half sick lol. But I'm better ... I think? Es21 is pretty good!! Read the manga if you're interested since the anime adaptation was a poor one. If you like ridiculous scenarios and humour, you should try it! The art was drawn by Yusuke Murata sensei and it's on point. Omg you love Hisoka too? Man I swear to god it was love at first sight when I saw him. I actually started watching hxh because of him //nervous laughter

hi! what was that concert? just curious, and I hope you do feel better now! take a good care of yourself~
oh, it sounds interesting! I have my last exam tomorrow, so I`ll probably start reading it (:
SAME! I started watching hxh because of hisoka ;; his appearance and that … particular scene ;;;; got me lmao but I started to like him so much as a character. He seems ridiculous and superficial, but his character is much deeper. hisoka is so interesting and complicated, I love it! and I love his bond with illumi bye