i swear to god this is the last one omg

I swear to God, I’m shaking, freaking shaking. I’m too overwhelmed by the 13th episode of Riverdale, also the season’s finale. (Don’t read this if you didn’t watch the last episode) HOW DID EVERYTHING HAPPEN, OMG?! Firstly it was about Jughead and the Southside, then Archie and Veronica, AND Bughead make out like, damn hard, I could practically feel that tension … Why did the Serpents ruin it, why, God, that scene killed me guys, please tell me I’m not the only one. Besides, Betty having an older brother? Fred Andrews getting shot? WHAT THE HELL, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTIL SEASON 2?! HOW, AFTER ALL OF THOSE THINGS?! I really think Riverdale is amazing as a TV show after Archie Comics. I fell in love with how the cast portrayed the characters within minutes. 

Riverdale will be a big success, I honestly think this, ‘cause it has all those special “condiments”: drama, teenagers, love triangles, that deep thing which turns into something really big after a worth waiting … I can’t believe the first season is over already. I think you just figured it out that my favorite moments were the ones between Betty and Jughead. Their story became so true, their bond and feelings. GOALS, TRULY. Veronica and Archie, same, so beautiful, cheeky, mysteryous. I also liked the scene where Archie sang along with Josie and The Pussycats. I didn’t expect things to get that lit in this episode, I mean I know that season finales are rough and full of triggers but THOSE SCENES, OH MY GOD. And how I thought (and really liked) to believe that Bughead love story would be cute, innocent, true and all of those little pretty words out there, they really fit them, especially after both’s personality. And them -BOOOOM- seriously, and that kissing scene broke all of my dreams and expectations. It was the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I ship Bughead sincerly, this episode was so … Full. 

Howsoever, that “That’s why I love you, Betty” line made me cry. “Jughead Jones … I love you”. I felt like I was under a freaking spell with the look on their faces, Betty’s eyes, Jughead’s messy hair, his slightly parted lips when he said that to Betty … It was so true, they’re both very good actors, I’m seriously excited about what season 2 of this show will bring. Because obviously, season 1 ended with a big excla-question mark. Yup, you heard me. I am shook, I’m a person who gets easly touched by this kind of things, movies, TV series, all of that. I get really emotional, sorry for bursting like that. ‘Hope I didn’t scare anyone here, hah :))) I felt the need to exteriorize my emotions, otherwise I would have exploded. 

 A huge congrats to the cast and crew of Riverdale for their beautiful work and for the passion they put into every episode of it. I only wish good luck to all of them. 

 *I’ll leave that GIF down there because everyone secretly need it.* 🙂

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Not Close Enough: Too Close Sequel (Angst/Fluff) || Park Jaehyung

Request(s):  OMG, it’s perfect! I really like it! This’s what I expected ❤ If you have a time can you make a part two? But with fluffy end? I’ll be grateful ❤ @jaepark-soul​ ||  PART TWO PLEASE @briannatrbl​ || Too Close jae scenario part 2??? Angst, but a happy ending pleeeaaase. Your killing me😢😢😢 (Anon) || Hiii! I was too affected by your ‘too close’ scenario of jae, so im here to request if its okay with you to have a second part of that? Like where they make up? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (Anon) ||  oh my god, i love 'too close’ so much! will you do a part 2 (pls pls pls)? my heart is racing for the couple, omg, love your blog! (Anon) ||

Genre: Angst-ish? I guess kinda in the beginning but there’s fluff this time and also drama because I am T R A S H

Warning: Swearing (can you believe it because I can’t)

Word Count: 1960ish

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who liked the first part of this scenario! I am so grateful for all of you and I hope you enjoy this one just as much, if not more than the last!! Also I altered the prompt a bit to make it a little messier and more dramatic oOPS! ENJOY!


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           It had been 3 weeks since your fight with Jae. Therefore, it had also been 3 weeks since you two broke up and you stormed out of your shared apartment. Not seeing him was killing you, although sometimes there was a familiarity to it. It reminded you of a time before you had to stress over someone finding out about your relationship and spreading it to the public, successfully ruining his image and his career. But nonetheless, you felt a dull ache whenever you entertained the thought of his smiling face or his stupid, stupid jokes that never failed to make you laugh.

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Choiceless - Tommy Mancuso x Reader


Request: ‘‘Can you do a Tommy Mancuso x Reader where the reader is involved in a dare somehow??? Sorry I can’t summarise stuff well (or spell well)‘’

Pairing : Tommy Mancuso x Reader

Fandom : Nerve

Warnings : swearing, grammar mistakes (sorry omg)

A/N: I got carried away with this one and when I was about to write the last line, I realised that the story wasn’t exactly what was requested…I’m sorry, hope you’ll like it anyway :( (even if it’s actually crap yikes) ♥ (I might write another story based on this request)

  • Y/F/N = Your friend’s name | Y/U = Your username

“Hey, Y/N, are you playing Nerve yet?” your friend said, as she ran towards you.

“Oh my god, Y/F/N, I already told you i’m not interested in this game.”

“Blah-Blah-Blah…jeez girl, you’re really not funny. Everyone’s having fun !”

“Good for you, but it won’t change my mind.” you said as you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever…Still up for tonight’s sleepover ?‘’ she said with a wide smile.


“Awesome ! See you tonight then !” she said as she walked away, joining another group of friends.

You started to walk towards your house, putting on your earphones and scrolling through your playlists to find the perfect music for your 20 minutes walk. You loved to go for longs walks because it was one of the only moments where you could be alone, in your own world.

Once you were home, you took your phone and dialed Tommy’s number. Tommy and you were best friends since third grade and you couldn’t do anything without each other.

You sighed when he didn’t answered, and tried to call him once more.

“Hey Y/N !”

“Pleaaase tell me you weren’t playing Nerve !”

“Uh, nope, just taking a shower…” he laughed.

“Ow, sorry. Y/F/N is getting on my nerves because of this game and I just can’t take it out of my head, y'know.”

“She’s getting on your 'Nerve’ uh?”

“Ha ha, you’re very funny Mancuso!”

“Of course I am !” he said, and you both laughed.

“Seriously, I feel like we’re the only two humans on earth who still have a life, and also the only ones who really know the darker side of this stupid game.”

“That’s the new world, Y/N!”

You spent the rest of the day talking with Tommy and listening to music, and you almost forgot your sleepover with your friend.

“Shit”. You got off your bed then grabbed your phone to check the time. It was already quite late, so you ran downstairs to get ready.

Y/F/N and you were sitting on her bed, scrolling through your phones.

“Give me your phone, and your thumb.” she said, out of nowhere.

“What ? Why ? What do you want to do ?’

’'No matter ! Just give it here.” you furrowed your eyebrows as you extended your arm for her to take your phone, and your thumb by the way. You knew she had something in mind, but you had no idea what it could be. A few seconds later, she put your thumb on your phone, and your eyes widened.

“Welcome to Nerve, Y/N.” she smirked.

“Wh-What the fuck, Y/F/N ?!”

“Oh my god Y/N chill, it’s only a game !” her eyes widened and she let out a laugh.

“THIS IS NOT 'ONLY A GAME’ Y/F/N!” you shout, and you could feel your eyes filling up with tears. '’Thanks for the sleepover.“ you harshly said while you got off the bed and slammed her door shut, immediatly texting Tommy after that.

To : Tommy

From : Y/N

Are you awake ?

To: Y/N

From : Tommy

Always. Is everything okay ?

To : Tommy

From : Y/N

No. Please, call me.

Your phone rang a few seconds after you send the message. A definite tone of concern sounded in his voice as he answered.

’'Hey Y/N, what’s wrong ?”

“Tommy, i’m screwed.” you choked, between sobs.

“Oh my god Y/N, what happened? Where are you?! Please don’t cry, just tell me where you are, I’ll be there.”

“Y/F/N’s house…” you wiped your tears and felt your phone vibrating, it was a notification from the game. You already had your first dare. “Please, Tommy, be quick.”

“I’m already on my way, stay where you are, i’ll be there in 5. Please stop crying, I’m coming.”

You nodded, even though you knew he couldn’t see you. “Fine…” Then, he hung up, after telling you again to wait for him.

You wainted anxiously until you finally saw his car. When he got out, you immediatly ran into his arms and cried on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m here, tell me what’s wrong.” he said, stroking you hair gently.

“Tommy…She entered my ID in Nerve.”

“What ?!” he said, and you nod.

“I…I already have my first dare.” you pulled away and he wiped your tears.


“And I’m fucking scared to know what it is. I can’t do it.”

“Give me your phone.” he said, and you handed him your phone with shaky hands.

His eyes widened as he read the words across the screen, which made your heart beat even faster.


“Tom, what is it…?”

He didn’t respond but clenched his jaw.

“Let me talk to Y/F/N.”

“Wait, please, tell me !”

He walked fast past you then knocked loudly on the door with your phone in his hand, ready to threw it to the first person who would open the door, otherly said, Y/F/N.

When she opened the door, you could see she was holding back tears, but at the moment, you couldn’t care less.

“What the hell is this?!” Tommy shouted and you felt more and more nervous every second. You’d never seen him like that before. “What the fuck is wrong with you Y/F/N ?! What were you thinking ?!”

Y/F/N put her hand over her mouth after looking at the screen, clearly not aware of the long term consequences and the risks associated with this game.

“Oh my god…Y/N, I’m-I’m so sorry.”

“Can someone tell me what the fuck is this dare?!”

Tommy turned around, and hesitantly, he handed you your phone. You gripped it and noticed how sweaty your hands were.

Your knees felt weak when you laid your eyes across the screen.


“I can’t…I can’t do this…” you could hadly breathe and you felt like you were about to pass out.

“Y/N, you won’t! There’s no fucking way I’m letting you do this!”

“But she doesn’t have a choice, Tommy!” Y/F/N immediatly said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I hate you!” you shook your head and slapped her in the face.

She moved her hand to her burning cheek and took two steps back.

“Y/N, I don’t care what the game says, you won’t do it. Just….Just turn off your phone, and we’ll go to the police. They have to do something about it, I don’t care if everyone wants to keep this game as private as possible.” Tommy said, and you nod.

But then, your phone vibrated again, and the three of you knew exactly what that meant.


You closed your eyes and breathed very deeply, trying to calm down.

“Tom…Please. Drive me there. As Y/F/N said, I don’t have a choice, and you know it. We both know what happens when you don’t complete your dare.”

You were scared, and you could feel your heart beat on your chest, but you knew you had no choice. Tommy argued, saying that he would never let you get hurt because of a game, and that he would do it instead of you, but eventually, he gave up. You had 15 minutes left and you couln’t waste your time by arguing, so Tommy drove you to the nearest train station.

“I can’t let you do that, Y/N !” Tommy shouted, and you could see he was tearing up. You stayed silent for a moment, then grabbed his hands.

“I’ll be fine. Please…don’t look at me. Just…Just turn away, okay ?.” you kissed his cheek then ran to the rail track, as you heard the next train coming. You took a deep breath, layed down and made yourself as flat and as close as possible to the ground, hoping this wouldn’t be your last day.

That’s when you felt your heart explode, and you closed your eyes shut.

You were now right under the moving train, and you could still barely hear Y/F/N’s screams.

The next few seconds felt like hours, until you could finally open your eyes. The first thing you saw was Y/F/N, who was kneeling on the ground, sobbing hysterically. You couldn’t move, your body refused to get back up. You closed your eyes, but you felt someone pick you up and carry you out of the rails. It was Tommy.

“Y/N…Y/N, it’s over…You’re fine. You did it.” he said, trying to control the panic in his voice. He held your body in his arms and lightly caressed your cheek.

You were still in shock, but you found enough strenght to get up slowly and hug him with all your heart. You were crying silently and tried to process what just happened to you.

“I will never let something like that ever happen again, Y/N, I promise.’' 

Sir - Derek Luh Smut

“Truth or Dare?” Amanda asked Lucy. “Truth,” she said confidently. “Last person you gave a blowjob to?” I asked. “Ben,” she answered. “Omg I knew it!” Amanda exclaimed. “Always knew something was going on between these two!” She continued. “We are just friends,” Lucy said. “Yes, with benefits!” I added. “Damn right we are!” She confirmed causing us all to laugh.

“So, Y/N, Truth or Dare?” Lucy asked me. “Dare my lovelies,” I answered and took another shot of tequila. “I’ve got one, I’ve got one!” Amanda exclaimed. “What is it?” I questioned. “Get it on with…” she stated.

I swear to God if she makes me go out with Nathan again…

"Mr Luh,” she said and smirked. “Our music teacher?” I laughed. “Yes!” Lucy agreed. “He’s totally hot and not old. Plus, you’ve already said you’d fuck him if you had the chance to! We’re basically giving you a carte blanche so go on!” Amanda said.

He is definitely sexy. And he’s only like 20 something, 25 tops and I’m 18 so I’m legal. I’m in a boarding school so there is no way my parents would find out about it.

“Okay!” I said and the girls squealed. "You better not tell anyone though!” I warned them and stood up. “We promise!” Amanda and Lucy said in unision.

I unzipped the tent and walked out in the cold. I walked past my empty tent and made my way to the teachers’ tents.

Each tent had the teacher’s initials on the front. “AH, KB, DS,” I was murmuring to myself.

I kept going until I reached the last tent. The thought that I had to go back and look more carefully annoyed me as I’m already cold. The last tent was the only one that was lit up from the inside indicating that the person inside was still awake.

As I got closer, the imprint of the initials DL got more clear.

Bingo! I thought to myself.

I walked near the tent and kneeled to the level of the zip.

“Sir?” I whisper-shouted. There was no response. “Mr Luh?” I repeated a little louder.

Quiet shuffling could be heard from inside. Soon, the zipper was lifted to open up the tent.

“Are you okay Y/N?” The teacher asked.

His hair was messy unlike the usual gelled back hairstyle he does. His glasses remained on as usual unlike his shirt which was now off. His abs were clearly defined and different tattoo designs were imprinted all over his body.

“Y/N?” The teacher repeated as he noticed I’ve dozed off. “I’m really scared and cold,” I said and pouted. Mr Luh raised his eyebrow.

“What are you scared off?” Mr Luh asked after a couple of seconds. “I heard there is bears in this area. Also, it’s dark and I’ve got no one to share my tent with as there is an odd amount of girls,” I made up an excuse. “Y/N there aren’t any bears and even if there were, the whole camping site is surrounded by a wire fence,” the teacher explained. “Yes, but they can climb over,” I whined. “Y/N just go back to your tent. You’ll be fine,” sir said slightly annoyed. “But I’m cold,” I said. “Put something else on,” he said referring to my vest top that was quite thin. “You spilled your coffee over my sweatshirt earlier sir. It’s still wet,” he grimaced at the memory. “Right,” he said looking around.

“I cannot find my sweatshirt to give to you for the night,” Mr Luh said after a minute. “Can you not borrow any of your friends’ ones?” He asked. “They are all asleep,” I lied on the spot. The teacher sighed.

Mr Luh came towards the entrance of the tent and looked around carefully. “Okay, you can sleep here for the night but I advice you not to tell any of your classmates,” the teacher said monotonously. “Of course,” I replied and smirked while looking down.

I walked in quietly and sat down on the ground. I looked around. The tent itself was quite small so that is good in a way.

Mr Luh’s iPod and speaker were sitting in the corner, currently off. ‘The Great Gatsby’ was open and left on top of sir’s sleeping bag as he was probably reading it before I came.

“I love this book,” I said as I pointed towards it. “Really? What’s your favorite part?” Sir asked. “Probably when Gatsby confessed that after all these years, he still loves Daisy,” I said. “It’s just, it’s been years since they’ve last met, she married and had a child, yet he didn’t give up on loving her. Every Saturday he’d throw a party just to impress her and every night he goes to the deck to look at the green light across the bay. After everything that has happened, he’s still truly in love,” I smiled at the thought. Mr Luh was looking at me amused and curious at the same time.

“What about you?” I asked. The teacher thought for a minute. “Well, I don’t really have a favourite part but I like the idea of the whole book,” he said and I raised an eyebrows confused. “Gatsby’s dream to have Daisy was corrupted but power, money and dishonesty just like The American dream of happiness and individualism. Just like is happening in the real world,” sir explained and I processed the information.

“Yes, but they did have happiness at some point. After all, Gatsby and Daisy did engage into an affair,” I said. “But were they truly happy? Risking Tom finding out about their affair and not being able to truly show their love for each other. Also, Tom’s dishonesty caused by anger by Daisy’s dishonesty, ended up causing Gatsby’s life and Daisy’s happiness,” Mr Luh argued back.

“I guess you are right,” I said and looked at my music teacher who was already looking at me.

“Anyway, we all have to wake up early tomorrow so lights off,” sir commanded. I obeyed and turned the gas lamp off.

I laid down with my back facing sir’s chest. The tent was quite small so I was pressed against him.

Mr Luh put the blanket over me as well and accidentally touched my arm. “Jesus Christ, you are freezing,” he exclaimed. “Yeah,” I murmured and subtly pressed my ass against the teacher’s dick.

Is he wearing anything besides boxers?

I slowly started wiggling around and moving my butt which was still pressing against Mr Luh’s dick.

Sir cleared his throat trying to hint for me to stop. I stopped moving for a minute but then started moving my butt in a circular motion. I could feel a bulge starting to form.

“Y/N please stop moving,” Mr Luh requested calmly. “I’m sorry sir, I’m just trying to get a little more comfortable,” I said and popped my but out so it was pressing even harder against sir’s bulge.

I kept on moving about for another five minutes and with each one, sir’s bulge was growing harder and harder.

Surprisingly, Mr Luh put his hand firmly on my hips and held them tight so I can’t move. “Stop. Moving,” sir commanded, now through gritted teeth and I smirked.

I turned around and moved closer to him. “Why? Are you getting a little uncomfortable?” I smirked. “No, but you are getting too comfortable,” sir hissed.

I put my hand at the hem of my teacher’s boxers and dragged my hand up his six pack and his chest, drawing random patterns. “A little fun never hurt nobody,” I whispered in Mr Luh’s ear. “But I’m your teacher,” sir whined but pulled me closer anyway. “So what? I’m 18 and I can make decisions for myself,” I whispered in his ear again.

Before sir could answer, I moved my hand down to his boxers and felt his bulge though them. I could hear Mr Luh choke out a moan. “Fuck,” he murmured under his breath.

I put my hand in his boxers and started pumping him. “That’s wrong,” my teacher said while moaning. “It’s going to be fine,” I said and sat up so I’m more comfortable. Slowly I leaned towards Mr Luh and looked him in the eyes. He moaned again as I kept on pumping him. My teacher pulled me closer and attached his lips to mine in a heated kiss, each of us fighting for dominance.

Mr Luh grabbed my leg to put it on the other side of him so I was straddling him. He moved his hands down to my ass and squeezed it. “Shit you are so hot,” sir said.

I stopped pumping him which resulted into an angry groan by the teacher. I looked him in the eyes and started lifting my vest top without breaking the eye contact. A gulp could be heard from the teacher. My top was completely off when I could hear sir say “You are some badass girl,” amused. One of his hands remained on my ass and the other one travelled to my boobs to play with them.

Sir stood up and started playing with my left nipple. He was stroking it so gently and I couldn’t help myself but moan. Mr Luh smirked at that and moved closer so he could start sucking on my other nipple. His tongue was making gentle circles around it and then started sucking on it softly. I started moaning louder and louder.

Suddenly I was flipped over and sir moved. He dragged his fingers slowly from my chin, down to my boobs and massaged them causing more moans from me. Mr Luh kept on moving his fingers down across my body until he reached the hem of my shorts. He brought them down and threw them somewhere in the tent.

After a few second I could feel my teacher’s fingers press against my entrance through my thong. A loud moan escaped my mouth. “Be quiet, we don’t wanna get caught,” sir commanded me and I nod my head. “You are so fucking wet,” he said and rubbed me against my undies harder. “Just take them off,” I demanded. “I don’t like your attitude young lady,” he said with a smirk. “Please take them off,” I tried again. “Please take them off, who?” He smirked. “Please take them off sir,” I repeated. “Hmm, not yet,” he smirked and I groaned in frustration.

Sir rubbed circles through my underwear and it was so teasing and hot. He moved his thumb in the shape of the number 8 which helped stimulate my clit. “I thought you couldn’t have gotten any more wet but damn,” sir said and slowly took my thong off.

The cold air hit against my entrance and caused a quiet groan from me. My teacher leaned closer and attached his lips to my clit. He started sucking harshly on it while flicking it with his tongue. Loud moans were escaping my mouth. “Shit, shit, shit,” I moaned as he started sucking even harder.

I was so wet I could feel I’m dripping a little. Mr Luh saw that and licked my wetness that was dripping down my thigh until he reached my entrance. “You taste so fucking good,” sir said and leaned in again. He put his tongue in me which caused me to choke out a moan. Sir just kept on making circles with his tongue to taste more of my wetness.

After a minute I could feel the ball of pleasure forming in the pit of my stomach. “You have to stop or I’ll cum,” I managed to say with a lot of effort.

“Turn around,” sir commanded and I obeyed. He brought my ass up and made me stand on my knees.

Sir took his boxers off and I turned around. I finally took a good look at his dick and dayum. It’s gorgeous.

I want him in me so badly now.

Mr Luh grabbed his dick and started stroking my entrance up and down painfully slow. I tried pushing myself back so he could finally enter me but he stopped me. “Be patient,” sir commanded and leaned closer to grab my hair.

After a minute of teasing, he finally slid his dick in me. Both of us moaned at the feeling. His size was just perfect to fill me.

Sir kept on moving in and out of me while pulling my hair. Moans kept on escaping both of our mouths continuously.

My teacher let go off my hair and moved his hand down to slap my ass which turned me on even more. “Well look at my hand print on your pretty ass,” sir exclaimed proudly.

“I wanna go on top,” I moaned out after a couple of minutes. “Hmmm,” sir moaned out and pulled out to lay on the ground.

I straddled my teacher and lowered myself into him. Sir moaned loudly at the feeling and put his hands on my hips for more support. I started bouncing up and down and sir kept on staring at my boobs as they bounced too.

Slowly, I started grinding on my teacher slowly which caused him to moan out loudly. “You have to be quiet sir,” I said as I leaned closer and kissed him. He kept on moaning through the kiss but it wasn’t as loud.

Soon, my teacher started moving his hips up and down in order to make it more pleasurable for both of us. Mr Luh started moaning even more more than before.

“Y/N.. I’m going to… Im going to cum soon,” Mr Luh managed to say out loud although it caused him a lot of effort. I stood up and my teacher groaned.

I moved down and grabbed my teacher’s dick and started pumping it. I started sucking on his balls and then I dragged my tongue up to the tip and licked it. Slowly, I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it slightly.

Sir’s dick was twitching in my mouth. I brought my head up and down a couple of times before I completely put my teacher’s dick in my mouth.

“Jesus Christ you are so good,” Sir said referring to my deepthroating skills. I took it out and smirked. I pumped my teacher a couple of times before I put him back in my mouth and moved as fast as possible and sucked as hard as possible.

“Y/N I’m so close,” Mr Luh moaned out. I started sucking even harder and soon sir twitched again. I took him out of my mouth and aimed his dick at my tongue.

I could feel Sir shooting his cum in my mouth as I kept in pumping him slowly. After, he was done I moved up about to the level of his face and looked him in the eyes as I swallowed. “Jesus Christ, you are so hot,” sir said again.

Suddenly, I was flipped over and my teacher moved his hands to my entrance. He stuck two fingers in me and curled them up. Mr Luh started pumping me relentlessly and I couldn’t help myself but moan.

The ball of pleasure formed in the pit of my stomach once again. “I’m going to cum,” I choked out and sir started pumping faster and faster.

After a minute I couldn’t hold it any longer and let it go. A warm feeling spread across my whole body as I came. Surprisingly, I started squirting which I never knew I could do before.

“Fuck, why didn’t you tell me you can squirt? That’s so sexy,” sir groaned. “Because I didn’t know I could,” I said still breathing heavily. “What do you mean? You must have done some stuff before?” Sir questioned. “Well, no one has ever made me cum that hard before,” I said still shaky.

Sir dropped on the ground next to me, both of us exhausted. “I never expected you’d do anything like that. You look so innocent,” sir said. “It’s always the innocent ones that have the most tricks up their sleeves,” I whispered as I rested my hand on Mr Luh’s chest.

Dare complete.


Shoutout to @nvdroer for helping me write this. YALL BETTER GO FOLLOW HER COS SHES FUCKING AWESOME.

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Imagine clark buying a dog without readers knowledge XD

“(Y/n) what’s a good name for a pet?”


“I’m just curious. Just tell me a name you like.”

“I guess ‘Billy’ is a cute na-Clark you better not have adopted that dog we walked past last week or i swear to God-”

“Meet Billy.”

omg and just imagine Clark holding up Billy next to his face with a big smile naw

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I feel as if Lang would catch a larger more troublesome prey and as he's squeezing them with his tail and ready to eat them, he would ask, "any last words?" With which the prey would reply with "Yes..squeeze me harder." I feel as Lang would get freaked out by that and be done.

He will be so done but still gonna eet you 

I swear to god the first time I read this one I was laughing so much imagining the kinky prey omg sdfhfd

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Do you know other Latvian Models beside Janis Ancens?

…hi dear anonymous…:D….yeah ..:D……Valters  Medenis!!!..i mean when i saw Valters for the first time i just forget abt Janis Ances..XD..anyway  .idk where is him honestly …but he has a good work….:)…another is  Roberts Semjonovs!!!!!!..*screams*…he’s one of my favorites tbh i love his look!!!!!!…amazing attitude i saw him in good shows!!! …stunning indeed!!!…….and finally OMG!!!!...Karlis Leiboms!!!!!!!!!!…*hysteria*.. .i swear i’m 100% sure he’s latvian…and personally he’s a real and total GOD!!!!!!…*silent tears*……..i saw him last season at Berluti…..so finally this season after waiting for 6 months i got his name!!!…*tears of joy*……also he rocked this season!!!….honestly  he’s just perfection!!!!!!…i love him!!…*dies*…:’)…, i think there are more latvian GODS….but i’m not too sure …could be also Serges Sergev but i think he’s from Estonia…:)…so hope i’ve helped…;D…HUGE THANKS 4 asking and have a wonderful day and life!!!..;D!!

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Hey! Didn't Jack got rid of you already? Like? Twice? I swear to god, I'm getting the bug spray...! -curioosity

Oh, this was just perfect… another one of Jack’s friends or something? Oogie narrow his eye-sockets at the human, his arms crossed. While he was not amused, he was sort of curious with the female.

“Careful. Last time someone got the bug spray, I shot them. I can do worse. And dontcha know that I’m the boogeyman? Fear neva’ dies! I’ll always come back. Who do ya think ya are comin’ into my home like nobody’s business?”


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I thought this in your last audio tag as well but I swear to god you have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my life! It's just so soft and sweet and peaceful and calming and honestly I could listen to it forever. It also just leaves me in awe because you're so beautiful and kind and talented and you happen to have a gorgeous voice too??? Leave something for us mere mortals please! Anyway this was really random but I just wanted you to know that I love you lots and lots ♡

Anonymous said: Wow omg you’re adorable?? Idk why i feel the need to say that but I do. You’re just so talented and amazing AND you have a pleasant voice.

Anonymous said: just listened to your audio tag and you’re so cute!!! AAAAA

Anonymous said: oh my god your voice is so beautiful I love your accent so muchh

The four of you are just so unbelievably sweet, thank you!! Not going to lie, reading these messages has surprised me since I have been told on numerous occasions that I have a deep voice and sound like a man at times haha. I feel comforted to know that this is not the case for everyone who hears me speak!! ♡

   Body can be taken but not the its actual soul 
[ I swear to god this game defy my expectation of 60 years old man have a rip off body OMG “”””OTL ] 
   **Also I haven’t made to this part yet, still stucking at Peace Walker “””””””””OTL**
   Repost one of my old “stupid” works, I remember drew this last year 

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OMG SO GLAD I COULD MAKE IT FOR THIS ONE. MISSED THE LAST BY A FEW MINUTES... UGH. Anyways, can you guys recommend some Roman/Greek/Egyptian god fics. (I'm like obsessed). Traditional historical is also fine I guess :). Better if its vkook!!! ^^

- the historical au tag!
as for greek/roman god fics:
- celestial bodies by kkumkkatcher; taekook
olympus by xiajin; sugakookie
- like honey and grenadine by bazooka; taekook
- veneralia by keemcandy; yoonjin
forever is a tangent by astringxnt; taekook
this is fact, not fiction by knth; vmin

- admin nissi

omg i was with my friends and we were watching a movie where one of the characters has cancer and falls in love with a man in her very last days and i kind of muttered “i wonder what it’s like to fall in love with a person who’s dying” and the boy i really like looked me straight in the eyes and said “we are all in love with people that are dying” and i swear to god we had a moment

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Preference 30: Love Bites

Harry: “What’s on your neck, Harry?” asks a curious fan. “Oh,um, nothing, I don’t know,” he stammers, obviously embarrassed. “(Y/N), just joined us on tour and she got a bit excited.,” Niall tells the fan. “Niall, shut up” Harry comments. “But, don’t worry. (Y/N) has some to,” Niall adds. “Niall, seriously, shut up.” The fan giggles and Niall continues through Harry’s pleas. “And boy are they loud! I mean, guys, it’s a large bus, but all the bunks are clumped together.” “Okay, fan time is over, Niall, let’s go.” “I’m not done with the story!” Niall whines. “Yes you are,” Harry says, grabbing Niall’s arm and dragging him off. “I’ll tell you the rest at the concert tonight!” “No, you won’t, Niall.”

Liam: “(Y/N)!” Liam calls out. “Yeah?” “Can you come to bathroom really quick?” You appear at the door and see Liam’s worried face. “Baby, what’s wrong?” you ask. “This is what’s wrong!” he says, pointing to his neck. “Oh my god!” “(Y/N), what am I going to do? I have so many interviews today!” “They’ll cover them up right?” “I don’t know!” “Hey, hey, Liam, calm down, okay? Think on the bright side.” “What bright side?!” “Liam, think.” “Um, on the bright side, girls know to stay away from me?” “Okay, see? Better now?” “Yeah, yeah, I’m good honey.”

Niall: You woke up to the beautiful sound of your husband singing in the shower. You smile and climb out of the bed to meet him in the bathroom. He was combing his hair at the mirror, with a towel around his waist, when you approached. “Good morning beautiful,” Niall says, kissing the top of your head. “Niall, what is on your neck?” Niall glances towards the mirror and starts laughing, “Damn baby, you marked me up good!” “I did that?” you asked, shocked. “Oh yeah baby, this is all you,” Niall says, kissing you.

Louis: “Louis! How rough were you last night?” you question, inspecting your neck in the mirror. “Hey! I was mad, okay? No boy talks to you like that.” “God Louis, I have a job interview today!” “Well, you could cover them up with make-up, or you could fake sick and we could have round two.” “Louis!” you shriek, slapping his arm. “I was kidding, kinda.” “Louis, you know how important this interview is to me!” “Okay, here’s some make-up,” Louis says, passing you a tube of lipstick. “Louis, this is lipstick, this won’t cover the marks!” “I know, you lips just looked a little dry.” “Louis! Dry lips are the least of my problems!” “Okay, god, I’ll leave you alone then.” “Thank you!” you say, closing the bathroom door.

Zayn: “Where’d you get those bites, Zayn?” “I, um, I don’t know?” he stammers. “You cheated on me, didn’t you?” “No! No, of-of course not.” “Zayn! Why are you lying to me?” “I’ so so so sorry, please don’t be mad. You look at your teary eyed boyfriend and began to cry. “Don’t be mad! YOU CHEATED! You inconsiderate asshole. I love you!” “(Y/N), I can explain! I was drunk and she looked like you! I swear, I would never purposely hurt you! God, I’m so stupid!” “That’s a cute excuse Zayn. But, I forgive you.” “You do?” “Of course, I don’t know what I would do without you, But, this is your only chance, okay?” “Of course, I promise you, never again.”

A/N: I saw The Fault in Our Stars last night, and I sobbed SO HARD. But, OMG it was really good.

hummingbird heartbeat - pt 6

( part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 - AO3 )

As promised, Sweetie did send his number to Bitty. He saved it in his phone as sweetiepie with one sparkly, one music note, and two cake emojis. They sent text messages back and forth, and Bitty wondered how Sweetie had saved his name. Were there emojis? Was he in Sweetie’s phone as ‘Eric’ or as ‘omgcheckplease’? Was his number even saved or did Sweetie just look at the digits and know it was him?

It was weird, hearing someone call him Eric. No one called him that – all the guys at school called him Bitty, and his parents called him Dicky or Junior. Sweetie was the only person who called Bitty by his actual, given name, and Bitty liked the way it sounded when he said it. His name blurred together on Sweetie’s tongue, almost one syllable sometimes.

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