i swear to god this is going to have a happy ending

The fruit of our labors

(A/N): Steve finally gets a family yaaasss!

Request:Hi! I saw you were taking requests and I was wondering if you could please write one where Steve and a heavily pregnant reader are both avengers and one day Steve gets seriously hurt on a mission and the stress causes the reader to go into labor so the team is there for her? Lot of fluff/angst and maybe a happy ending? Thanks soooo much! 😊

Warnings: some swearing, Steve gets hurt

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   You sat on your couch as you mindlessly flicking through the channels, one hand unconsciously clutched to your very pregnant stomach. You were supposed to have had this baby in a month and some change and god you were ready for it. Your entire body ached with pain 24/7, you looked like a whale, you’d been eating like shit, and not to mention your hormones were everywhere. One minute you could be raging angry at Steve for leaving some paper towels out and the next you’d be crying because of how mean you were being, thankfully for you Steve was a patient and loving man and he could put up with your mood swings like a champ. Unfortunately for you he’d been on a mission for a few weeks and in his place Clint had come to help. Not that Clint wasn’t a nice guy and great man it’s just that he wasn’t- he wasn’t Steve. 

   You craved Steve and the intimacy the two of you shared, you missed kissing him and running your fingers through his hair, you missed having him kiss your stomach, you missed seeing his smile and listening to his sleepy voice, you missed his sweet personality, you missed-

   “Oh my god,” Clint sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he did when he was stressed. “Oh fuck,” You perk up a bit, confusion evident upon your face. 

   “What? What happened?” You stagger to your feet, clutching the back of the couch for support. “What happened Clint?” Clint turns to look at you, an almost scared yet defeated look upon his face. 

   “You can’t freak out, okay?” You gulp, nodding your head as you once again rest a hand on your stomach, more or not for safety reasons. “Bucky just called and uh-” Clint looks to the floor, sighing shakily. “Guess Steve took quite a few hits and he’s in critical condition,” You stare at him, your heart having stopped beating at his words. 

    “What?” Is all you can manage, the word small and meek at best. 

   “They’re flying him to a nearby hospital, thankfully for us it’s only half an hour away- Oh my god, no, please don’t cry (Y/N),” You hadn’t even realized the salty tears were gliding down your cheeks until Clint had pointed it out and now that you had they seemed to come in at an even more powerful pace. You sob, your entire body nearly heaving with the intensity of it. “(Y/N) calm down baby bird,” Clint rushes to your side, already pulling you into a hug. “You’re gonna hurt yourself,” But his words have no affect as the tears keep coming, slipping down your cheeks effortlessly. “(Y/N) you’re gonna hurt the baby,” His words register in your mind and you too realize that they’re true but you just can’t bring yourself to stop. Your whole body shakes with the effort of crying and you’re sure you’re staining Clint’s shirt with your tears that or tearing the fabric with how tightly your fists were balled into it and that’s when it hits you, that first sharp pain in your stomach that has you hiccuping in surprise. 

    “Oh,” You gasp softly, your tears stilling only for a moment. “Oh god,” You whisper as a certain feeling overcomes your body and you can only connect that to your water breaking. 

    “What?” Clint asks, his face etched with concern. “What’s happened?”

   “Oh my god Clint,” You cling to him, your other hand resting on your stomach. “I think I’ve gone into labor,” 

    “You’re okay (Y/N), you’re okay,” Nat attempts to soothe as she runs alongside the bed you’ve been placed in, her hand clutching yours tightly. “You’re going to be just fine,” You groan in pain, throwing your head back against your already sweat soaked pillows. Something was very, very wrong right now, other than the fact you were going into labor a month early. 

    “I’m dying Nat!” You nearly scream at her, more pain hitting your body like a damn explosion. “Oh my god I’m dying!” You sob, your sudden tears only increasing your pain. 

    “Steve’s being life-flighted to a hospital,” Tony runs along the other side of the bed, his phone against his ear as he talks to Sam on the other line. “They’re saying he’s going to have to have a few surgeries but-” 

    “Tony!” Wanda scolds as she jogs beside him. “We don’t need anymore stress here,” 

    “No!” You yell, nodding your head. “Just keep talking to me!” The three share a look before Tony continues on talking to you, telling you about Steve’s condition and how badly he had been injured. 

    “I’m sorry you three,” A doctor suddenly stops the small group of Avengers in their tracks while you get whisked away from their line of sight, your bed being pushed into a different set of hallways. 

    “You’re going to be just fine Mrs. Rogers,” A doctor clad in gloves and a mask stares down at you, giving you what you thought to be a smile. “You’re in good hands now,” You can only hope that’s true given how much pain you were in. A scream rips itself from your lips as another very painful contraction hits your body fast and quick, leaving you to slump against the bed in sheer and utter pain.  

    “Ow,” You whimper, your hand falling limp at your sides as exhaustion seeps into your bones. 

    “Let’s get her into a room and get prepped,” And that was the last thing you remember hearing when you black out, you’re entire world fading to black. 

    “Mrs. Rogers, we need you to start pushing now,” 

    “God, please no,” You cry, shaking your head against the pillow. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,’ 

    “(Y/N), you need to push otherwise your baby is going to die, do you understand?” You look to your doctor meekly, your lip trembling with the effort of not sobbing. 

    “I understand,” You nod your head, biting your lip when another contraction hit. The doctor nods, rolling his shoulders back as he once again falls back into his position between your legs. 

    “You can start pushing now,” 

    Despite your valiant efforts you could not physically give birth to your child, something was terribly wrong and everything hurt. You were weak, dehydrated, sweating, and on the verge of tears and you physically could not do it. 

    “Push dammit push!” The doctor yells at you, giving you the motivation to try to push again. You scream in pain and effort and yet nothing happened. You slump against the bed, tears spilling from your eyes once again. “We’ll give you a break, we’ll be back in ten to try again, sound good?” You nod your head, breathing in shakily. The doctor nods his head before exiting the room, slipping off his gloves and mask in the process. 

    “How are you?” Comes a sudden voice, one that you were most definitely not expecting to hear at such a time. The all too familiar face of Sam pokes into the room, followed closely by Nat, Wanda, Clint, Tony, and Bucky. 

    “You guys can come in,” You whisper, closing your eyes as sleep almost takes over, but another contraction hits, leaving you gasping and grunting in pain. 

    “I’m taking that as bad?” Nat smiles gently as she takes a seat by your bed, reaching out for your sweaty, tired hand. You nod your head, sighing shakily. 

    “Sam?” You ask quietly, your voice hoarse from the amount of screaming you just did. “What are you doing here-” 

    “Steve’s in a few halls down, me and Bucky figured that we needed to come see how you were doing,” 

    “So…how’s he- how’s he doing?” 

    “Just fine,” Bucky chimes in, “He’s going to be hospitalized for a few weeks at most but he’s doing just fine,” You nod your head, a smile rising to your lips at the thought of Steve being perfectly okay. “He really wanted to be here,” He adds softly, “We told him about the early labor and he damn near jumped out of bed to come see you,” You chuckle weakly, your smile growing a bit in size. 

    “Well, If I could get this damn baby out of me perhaps I could go see him,” 

   “I doubt it,” Tony scoffs gently. “Sorry sweetcheeks but you’re damned to a hospital bed for a few weeks too,” You sigh softly, your free hand rising to rest against your stomach, albeit with some effort. 

    “You ready to try again Mrs. Rogers?” A nurse pokes her head in, smiling at the ragtag team. You stare down at your stomach, mentally preparing yourself for the pain about to come. 

    “Yeah, Yeah I am,” 

    “Well Mrs. Rogers,” The doctor smiles as he takes off his gloves and mask “You have a healthy baby girl,” You stare up at him with wide eyes, a small smile rising to your lips. 


  “Really, we will be monitoring her since she was born so early but as far as we can tell she’s perfectly fine,” 

   “Why did? Why did it hurt so bad?” Your mouth feels dry and your tongue feels like a slab of sandpaper as you speak. 

   “We theorize that due to Steve’s super soldier serum his cells mixed with your regular ones, creating a rather unpleasant birthing process for you.” You nod your head, allowing your eyes to close peacefully. 

   “I’m going to kill Steve when I get out of here,” You mutter, causing your doctor to laugh. 

    “Well, I think that’s all for now, we will be bringing your daughter around sometime this evening to feed, is that okay?” You nod your head, smiling breathlessly. 

   “That sounds great,” 

    You gently brushed your fingers along your baby’s nose as she fed, soft suckling sounds filling the air as she did. Your heart swelled with love and adoration when she cooed softly, her little voice raspy as she called out. 

   “I love you,” You whisper, trying not to cry once more as you tenderly touch her face. “I love you so much,” 

   “Think you’ve got room for one more in here?” Your head immediately snapped up to the doorway only to be met with the sight of your husband in his own hospital bed, bruised and beaten but still smiling. You gasp softly, nodding your head as tears pool within your eyes. The nurse moving the bed gives you a small smile as she wheels Steve into the room, placing his bed as close to yours as she could. You mouth the words thank you to her as she leaves, leaving the three of you all alone. 

    “Did you know,” You begin, your gaze lingering on Steve’s swollen and battered face. “That you have a healthy baby girl?” Steve hums softly, cracking his one good eye open to look at you. 

    “Do I- Do we really?” You nod your head, your gaze falling to your sweet angel in your arms. 

    “She was a bitch to deliver no thanks to you,” You chuckle but the sound is watery due to your copious amounts of tears. “And she came early no thanks to you but she’s here now,” 

    “Can I-” Steve’s voice cracks and he’s no doubt on the verge of tears. “Can I hold her?” You nod your head as you pull your baby away from your body, not that she minded in the slightest, she already seemed to have Steve’s sweet and patient temperament. You gingerly place your baby in Steve’s arm, being mindful of his many wounds. Steve holds her tenderly, smiling down at her despite the fact he was so tired and beaten down. “Hey there sweet angel,” He whispers, making you smile. “Sorry daddy couldn’t be there for the delivery,” He turns his head to look at you for a split second, a sad smile on his face. “But I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere, okay?” On cue your baby coos, her tiny hands rubbing her face sleepily. You sigh shakily, gingerly resting your head on Steve’s shoulder, being careful not aggravate his wounds further. 

   “Be glad you missed the delivery,” You smile a bit. “It was horrible,” 

   “Do they know why you went into labor so early?” Steve asks, his voice soft and warm, washing over you like a wave of comfort. 

   “Cuz your reckless ass thought it was a good idea to almost die, it put too much stress on me and now we have a baby girl, a month earlier than planned,” 

   “I’m sorry,” Steve manages, turning his head just enough to press a kiss to your matted hair. “I promise I’ll be more careful from now on-” 

   “I was thinking about that,” You begin, biting your lip hesitantly. “Steve, I don’t want you going on anymore missions, I can’t handle the stress of you being captain america while I’m at home wondering if you’re okay,” 

   “You want me to give up being Captain America?” 

   “I know it’s a lot to ask for but-” Steve cuts you off as he presses a kiss to your forehead, shushing you gently. 

   “I’d do anything for my best girls,” Steve smiles, nuzzling into your hair with his nose. You too smile, your heart fluttering at his words. His best girls

I was going to fucking drop Yuri on Ice if turned out to be just some more queerbaiting nonsense, I swear to god. Y’all have no idea how much us gay people get burned by being lied to and led on again and again by the media. I was explaining this to my friend when the show first came out too; that if it ended up being just a tease, then I would kick it to the curb and spend the rest of eternity trying to forget it. 

But it didn’t queerbait. It didn’t just led us on. Yuri on Ice fucking delivered us some genuine canon gay characters, and gave them a healthy and happy relationship. It went above and beyond my expectations. Could the show stand for a bit of improvement in certain areas? You bet your ass it could. But that’s not a bad thing; flawed doesn’t equal being terrible. In fact, this is one of the best sports animes I’ve seen ever; plot-wise and representation wise.

So, thank you, Yuri on Ice, for not being a queerbait. For not being a tease. For not making me drop this fucking show and having me angrily delete every post I made about it on my blog at 2 AM while tears stream down my face. Thank you, Yuri on Ice, for putting people like me in the media and portraying us positively. 

Yuri on Ice, thank you. You were really born to make history.

“ Flint had drowned, the story went. In a manner, at least. Drowned his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle, or two dozen, or three score. Silver saw in his mind’s eye his captain, tired and grey-bearded, take a deep gasping breath before he submerged himself and waited for the peace oblivion might bring. He had seen him try something similar once before; had dragged him from beneath a foundering ship in clear blue waters, straining with the weight of lost hope and heavy sins, and kicked with two good feet towards the beckoning beach. Flint had called him a talisman that kept him afloat, along with many another name, but talismans didn’t usually have free will to make the choice to let go and save themselves. He didn’t regret it, fleeing the crushing waves and washing the salt from his skin, but not a day went by that he didn’t wonder if there could have been a way to save them both. When he heard the story of Savannah, he wondered what had become of Flint’s bones. They belonged to the sea, he thought. Flint was made of saltwater and fierce currents and king tides, and should he be buried in a pauper’s grave the sea might course its way inland to claim him from the earth. Besides, Savannah wasn’t so far from Charles Town. Perhaps their bones might meet again amongst the coral.

I Must Go Down to the Seas Again, Craftnarok

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kairiofknives  asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if you had an opinion on the theories people are coming up with concerning Viktor leaving Yuuri like in the eros story in episode 3? Also I have always loved your art and am so psyched you're into this show too.

first of all thank you so much <3

about the theories… it’s obvious there’s going to be angsty bits, too, but i’m not sure how deep they’ll go with this? well i HOPE it won’t end in victor abandoning yuri but instead in yuri seducing victor and make him fall for him for real

victor seems to be really fickle in his promises and his whole personality screams I DO WHAT I WANT whenever i want. as seen as he did with yurio? but for now i want to believe in good things, and i also believe in yuri

yuri has skills, yuri has charm, yuri is incredible… he just lacks confidence. so i hope victor can make yuri believe in himself, too… so that yuri manages to keep victor by his side. that victor realizes that he really doesn’t want to leave, because he grows so fond of yuri. because yuri is amazing. that his feelings grow from “let’s play a game” … to something very serious

yoi gave me already more than i ever hoped it would so i want to hold onto that feeling as long as i can. i was talking to my gf about this, and we both were okay, but really, this is too good to be true, so where’s the catch?

maybe this is it, but my faith in this show is very strong this time

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Die A Happy Man

A/N: GOD I WANT THIS SO BAD. I WANT TO BE ON A ROADTRIP WITH HAPPY DEAN AND LISTENING TO MUSIC WITH HIM AND UGH… also I modified the lyrics at the end of this (just fyi). Unedited. Also none of those pictures are mine - I got them off of google so credit to those people who did make them! 

Part 3 of ‘And Just When I Thought Things Were Going To Be Easy With Us’ Dean x Reader

Songs: Night Moves by Bob Seger
Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett
Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood

Warnings: Swearing, cute fluffy shit that makes my heart clench

Word Count: 2306

Part One Part Two

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~Little Goldfish Mermarco.6-3~


Anyway, heeeyyyy guuuyyyssss… remember me? yeah, this is me. And I bring with me the next part of the Goldfish!AU comic thing I kept promising I was working on. And I wasn’t lying. I just never got time to actually sit down and do it. Between being sick constantly and working nonstop, I’ve barely had any breaks to do anything but brief doodles… BUT NOW. NOW I HAVE SUMMER VACATION. WOOHHOOO!! (  ´ o `) / <3

So here are more… s-sads… I-.. I’ll tell you all now that I never planned for it to turn out like this?? The way it was going with this part, I had to add the human versions reacting (FINALLY) in the end so that I can make ONE LAST FINAL PART to bring back the happy ending I was PLANNING to have. YES. YOU HEAD ME RIGHT, THERE WILL BE ONE LAST SHORT BIT TO SPLASH Y'ALL IN HAPPIES AGAIN.

But it’s mostly because I’m so sick of having to draw all these tears and panicked innocent fishbutts… I’m a.. horrible person and I accept my fate of any hate or anger or upset hearts you may have towards me.. *sobs*… I didn’t meeaannn toooo… Angst just happened for whatever reason I cannot explain. I’M HURTING TOO, Y'KNOW?? I HAD  TO DRAW THIS PLUIE. GAH!

Oh! And if anyone is confused about what happened here and want and explanation, read below the cut. Also for the other parts!

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Summary: 2012!Phan are having a heated argument when Phil says something that really hurts Dan.

Genre: Angst & a lil bit of fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing, fighting

Word Count: 1597

read on ao3!

The flat shared between Dan Howell and Phil Lester was quiet, as it usually was these days. There was no Buffy episode playing on their shared TV, no sounds of laughter echoing from the kitchen. Thankfully, there was also no shouting at the moment. The sounds of heated arguments were the only ones that were ever heard in their flat these days.

Dan and Phil were in their separate, adjacent rooms, both silently, mindlessly browsing the internet and trying not to think about each other. It was late 2012 and their year had not been going to plan. Sure, their work lives had been fantastic; they were both coming dangerously close to reaching a million subscribers on YouTube, they’d just moved to London to start hosting a weekly radio show for the BBC and they’d spent the year interviewing celebrities and generally just gaining all-round success.

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I swear to God I’m like 80% ready to flip my shit on this one dude in particular and just knock his block off. I am so sick of him and he needs to go back to the other side of the planet as soon as possible so he can be very very very far away from me.  At first when we were in Highschool and he showed up with another group for the exchange program, I thought he was pretty okay. Another little fish in a big tank, nothing to care about much. Then I had like half of my classes with this total cunt and GOOD FUCKING LORD is he horrible and by the end of the year I was so glad I’d never have to see him again, because he was supposed to go back home to Russia! No more listening to this smug dickwipe! Never have to hear another word out of his pervy mouth again! But… HE DIDN’T GO BACK. Asshole is at the same uni as me! In the same program and everything! What kind of shit luck do I have that made me so unlucky?! I’m so sick of running into him, it’s awkward as hell and I can’t stand him and he needs to go away where I never have to see him or be on the same continent as him ever again.

Hey Neighbor

Written for @framby‘s birthday

Based on : The walls in this apartment building are really thin and I can hear you having mental breakdowns all the time are you okay? AU

“You’re gonna melt, you piece of shit, and you’re going to be happy about it, I swear to God …”

Lydia is not one to spy on her neighbors, as cute and adorable and dimpled as they may be, but this time around, it looks like her neighbor is having a mental breakdown over … something.

In her kitchen, if Lydia is not mistaken–and she’s never mistaken, thank you very much.

Maybe she should … check? On the brunette resident of the adjoining apartment?

Lydia looks down at her dinner–gratin Dauphinois and oven baked cod–before looking back at the wall.

“Why is it so complicated for you to understand that I can’t use you agglutinated like that–melt, motherfucker!!”

It would be hilarious, really, if Lydia’s neighbor’s voice didn’t just end in what sounds like a sob.

That decides it then.

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I’m not used to wanting to love someone so intensely. It feels foreign and unsettling, like walking into a house you know is haunted. It’s a tug of war between self-preservation and animalistic curiosity. I don’t want to get hurt, but it’s like every time I turn around the universe signals me to pursue.
“Follow your instincts; follow your heart.”
But that’s the problem, my head and my heart want two different things. And I know, that no matter what, I’m going to die.
What I really have to decide is this:
Do I want to die from not knowing what could’ve been?
Do I want to die from trying to let someone else in?


(oh god, not again) // k.m.

Okay everyone, repeat after me

PREGNANCIES ARE NOT A GAME. IF REPORTS COME OUT OF HER HAVING A MISCARRIAGE I SWEAR TO WHATEVER GOD YOU BELIEVE IN I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU LOVE IF I SEE ONE POST HAPPY SHE LOST THE BABY  OR MAKING JOKES ABOUT HER LOSING THE BABY EVEN IF IT ISN’T TRUE. FUCKING TEST ME I DARE YOU. THIS IS NOT FUNNY. PREGNANCIES ARE SERIOUS. I understand the jokes going around now because they are assuming this is just a possible publicity stunt/distraction. But if this ends in a miscarriage, REAL OR NOT, we need to shut the FUCK up and let them have time. We do not know their personal lives. This could be true. This could be more serious than we are thinking now. We just have to wait.

But think.

Silver was kind of a dick. He was literally KEEPING THE JONES BROTHERS ENSLAVED. Telling Liam to cut Killian loose and save himself, to make something on his own, refusing to grant them their freedom, BEING THEIR ACTUAL OWNER. I can imagine there wasn’t much love lost between Liam and Killian and the crew either.

Liam could EASILY have said “yeah, fuck those guys, I don’t care about them going forward, they’re a necessary sacrifice to make, and I don’t care.”

And of course, he chose Killian’s life and happiness over them when given the opportunity/temptation to do so by frigging Hades, Lord of the Underworld (I was SO waiting for a “How ya doin’?”)

And that could have been it. He could have never looked back.

But instead, he spent his entire time in the Navy treating his new crew right (as seen by them following Killian into piracy to avenge him) and trying to make up for it. Trying to do it the right way. He never stopped feeling guilty for choosing HIS TRUE LOVE over a bunch of guys who probably weren’t that great. He never stopped trying to fix it, even if he couldn’t bring himself to tell Killian that he’d finally freed them at that price. That their servitude had been ended by letting their tormentors die.

Because he wanted Killian to be happy.

Because he wanted them to be free.

And because none of that would have meant anything to him alone if he didn’t have Killian with him. If he didn’t put Killian first. Even at the cost of his own soul, if need be. Because that is exactly what Jones boys do with their true loves.

And that just hurts me.