i swear to god thats how it went

  • school: hey kids there's a police chase for some escaped convict so while we're technically not in any danger, it would be a good idea to go into lockdown
  • band director: cool; hey kids i'm bored so go ahead and practice whatever you want really, really quietly and i'll go do some paperwork in my office
  • saxophone player: *starts playing snk op*
  • me: i get that the snk opening goes with everything but now is /not/ the time

okay so yesterday i saw troye sivan live for the first time ever and it was honestly one of the best concerts i’ve ever been to. i was already super exited for the concert since it was my birthday that day! me and my friends arrived at the venue around 10:30 and there were already about 20-30 people there waiting. so we got in line and a few hours later a girl we hung out with whilst waiting told us that troye would come outside in a few minutes to meet fans if there wasn’t that many - so we all got up and tried not to hurry and went to the tourbus and literally like one minute later troye appeared in a car and he got out and straight went to us and took the jacket me and my friends bought him and was like “you guys wanna take selfies????” and everyone was like DAMN YES and we made a line and there where literally only about 30 people there and i was so fucking nervous, my hands started shaking. then when it was my turn, troye hugged me and i hugged him haha, and i was like ‘its my brithday today!” (it was honestly so hard to speak because he looked so good was so nice and so real oh my god) and he was like ‘omg, happy birthday! how old are you?” and i was like ‘20′ and he said something like ‘thats so cool” and then i gave him the drawing i made him and he was so happy and thanked me and then my friend took three photos of us and i look like a freaking troll innit but he looks like a model i swear to god and then i thanked him and went to my friends and i was stil shaking so much andf so happy. then, about 7 p.m, we finally got inside the venue and it was honestly so pretty inside ahhh. about 15 minutes later the support act started and they were so frickin good, i absolutley loved them and the crowd was amazing because everyone cheered and screamed so much haha. then, finally around 8:15, troye and his band came on stage and everyone went absolutly nuts, he first played ‘bite’ and after that ‘for him’, which is probably my favourite song. when he finished the first 3 songs, he looked so happy and amazed by the crowd and said ‘i know artists and bands say this often but i really mean it; i’ve never had this much fun playing these three songs” (or something like that) and he just looked so happy all the time and talked about how he was vintage shopping that day and bought a turtle neck (which he was wearing) and he was sweating so much and then some fans threw a t-shirt on stage and he took off his jacket and turtle neck and put on the shirt!! another amazing moment was when he played ‘heaven’ (another favourite song of mine), everyone put up paper signs with rainbow hearts drawn on them (fans gave them other fans before the show) and the second he started playing the songs, literally everyone put up these hearts and he looked so godamn happy and my face hurt s much from smiling and i was so close to crying oh god. another thing that wa super cute was when troye asked if anyone in the crowd was on a date tonight or a couple and two guys in the crowd freaked out and screamed and troye noticed them and said something like ‘that’s so cute!!” and the crowd went nuts and then he started playing an acoustic version of ‘happy little pill’ and it was the most beautiful thing ever. he also played a cover of a amy winehouse and i swear to god his voice is so fucking beautiful, i can’t get over this. he also said we were his favourite show from this tour and that was so sweet. i also almost lost it when he played ‘lost boy’ because its such a good song and i felt like crying again. last but not least he played ‘youth’ and it was the best thing ever. i’m so happy that i got the chance to meet him & talk to him even though for only like five seconds - it was honestly the best birthday i’ve ever had. i can’t wait until i see him again, his music means so much to me and he’s such an talented artist and so fucking sweet and a wonderful human being. (i’m rambling hahaha). one of the best fucking days in my life

the signs as random things i made up while typing this at 5 am

aries: holy fuck im going to turn into a fucking ram and eat my own ass

taurus: *bull noises*

gemini: GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!!!!!

cancer: crabby fresh

leo: rawr x3

virgo: clean pristine memes

libra: well lets weigh in the freshly farmed memes. on this scale. this accurate, justice scale. 

scorpio: i am so fucking hot this is unbelievable

sagittarius: that scene in the hunger games where katniss

capricorn: ???? idk like a mergoat or something

aquarius: *spongebob voice* thats how i like my air

pisces: honestly whats the point in even thinking of something for this one? it was gonna be fish themed. you KNOW it was gonna be fish themed, why even bother checking this


“i actually went outside to see dan and phil at playlist live!” okay so! i got there and they were like “hi, would you like a hug?” well duh! and asked me how i was and i said good how are you ya know the usual. and then i gave them the pass to sign and said “i showed my brother the minecraft video and i swear he almost punched me in the face” and they laughed and phil goes “oh my god thats so funny” and then we went to take the picture and i was on the left and dan was like “do you want to get in the middle?” and i was like whoops yeah and got in the phanwich and dan had to take 2 pics because phil was moving into the shot in the first one and then we said bye and went our seperate ways! theyre SO nice omg my heart hurts inquiringmindsdanandphil

I went to the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, New York this morning. OH MY GOD…it was freakin’ fantastic. I swear I nearly died from excitement. I was admiring everything I saw and just. My heart nearly exploded from the beauty that was Lucille Ball. And I also cleaned their gift shop out, I bought two of everything. Maybe three. I couldn’t help myself. I just loved it. I had the greatest time. The dresses were so…gah.