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Newsies from Nationals 2012
We had a very special treat this season at Nationals!!! The Broadway Cast from Newsies performed Seize the Day for us!!! It was an amazing experience! They a...

do my eyes deceive me or does this performance have mike fucking faist as jack kelly?

(this might be the closest thing we have to a mike faist boot alright i need some assurance here) 

lucayabbby  asked:

can you do an au where lucas and maya are forced to work at topanga's for some reason or another

  • lucas and maya have to work at topanga’s for a whole month because they both failed their math finals
  • lucas being like ‘but i don’t pour coffee’
  • and mr matthews looking at him sternly and saying ‘you do now buster’
  • so the first day at work they walk in together
  • but not together as maya says because she doesn’t want to be associated with a cowboy
  • topanga hands them aprons and lucas immediately throws it back and it lands behind the counter and he says with his face bright red ‘i am not wearing a dress’ 
  • and maya laughs so hard she gets the hiccups as topanga tries to explain what an apron really is and fails and has to look up the actual direction online 
  • topanga hands them each notebooks to write down orders and maya whines ‘but i dont wanna do more workkk’ 
  • lucas looking at topanga and saying ‘i swear to god if she’s acting in here like the same way she acts in biology im out’ 
  • and after maya finally promises she won’t be a nuisance after topanga threatens to take away all her cowboy joke privileges they start working
  • the very first customer that comes in maya says too “hey hi wanna buy some coffee you better or i won’t get into college have some huh huh huh” and shakes a bag of coffee beans that she stole vigorously in his face
  • the guy leaves and lucas starts yelling at maya for being too loud and insane and that she’s going to chase everyone away
  • and maya screaming back that she just wants some food and she doesnt wanna work here with a lassohead anyway 
  • so lucas puts her in charge of the register and she accidentally gives someone a twenty dollar bill when they just wanted change 
  • lucas facepalms himself for thinking she could do math because they just failed their math finals 
  • so he says “i have a great idea ill just do it myself’ 
  • maya gives him this look and he has to think for a minute before he finally gets it and says “oh” in this sorta sheepish way 
  • they both just stare at the cash register and then lucas goes in the back and says “we just wont do the cents it can just be dollars and we wont have them pay tax” and holds a metal jar for them to put the money in
  • maya makes a homemade sign with crayola markers that says ‘closed bitches’ and tapes it on the cash register
  • lucas sternly tells her no profanity and changes the bitches to witches and says ‘for halloween’ 
  • and maya just looks at him and says ‘it’s fucking april’ 
  • ‘halloween can be all the time’ he says and makes tongue noises anytime she tries to bring it up after that and she eventually gives up
  • so they’ve been working there for a couple of days and it’s gotten to the point where topanga just tells all the rest of the staff to take the month that lucas and maya have to work there off because they’re doing just fine on their own
  • and one day lucas says ‘arent there supposed to be more people here’ and they both look at each other and then shrug because who cares
  • one weekend it’s really slow and so they have a flour fight which lucas starts by getting some in maya’s hair
  • and so she yells and throws some on his shirt and he yells back and it turns into a full out war
  • and they have to close the cafe for the rest of the day because there’s flour everywhere
  • and maya tries to reach the top shelf to put the flour back up and slips and falls in all of it on the floor and lucas says cheekily ‘thats what you get for being a short stack of pancakes’ 
  • maya being so mad that she grabs the bottle of syrup from the shelf and chasing him around and around until she finally tackles him and pins him down to ground and proceeds to pour the whole bottle on his head
  • and he’s sputtering because it’s sticky and all over him and she’s laughing so hard she’s gasping
  • and then they stop laughing and they’re just looking at each other and maya swallowing and hurriedly getting off him and going back to work while lucas just lays there in stunned silence
  • so it’s the end of the month on their last day working at topanga’s and it’s rainy outside and maya is in a really bad mood and she has no idea why because shouldn’t she be happy the month is almost over
  • and lucas asking what’s wrong and her snapping “shut up lucas” 
  • and him being so shocked that she said his actual name and the fact that he has this weird feeling too about the month being almost over and says all sharply “make me” 
  • so maya starts full on shouting at him to shut up shut up shut up and throws the cups on the counter at him
  • and he ducks and they shatter against the wall and he says “see look what you did now! you always break everything hart god!!’ 
  • maya is just standing there and she feels tears start to prick her eyes but no no no she can’t cry but his words hurt her more than he knows and she  has no idea what this feeling is she’s feeling while he’s glaring at her so instead of saying what she wants to say (what is that exactly?) she just loses it and screams at the top of her lungs 
  • ‘GO TO HELL!” 
  • and he says in this voice full of suppressed anger ‘fine. i’m so glad this month is over’ and just turns on his heel and leaves the shop slamming the door hard behind him 
  • maya slowly grabs her coat and feels tears start to trickle down her face and she opens the door and flips the closed sign over and leaves too
  • after that her and lucas just don’t talk
  • not at school, not anywhere
  • and people come to the coffee shop and look around all confusedly because there’s no sign on the cash register and the coffee actually smells good and where’s the metal jar
  • and so they ask this random lady (topanga maybe?) at the counter ‘where’s the cute couple that used to run this place?? where did they go’
  • topanga just stands there speechless because 
  • couple??? lucas and maya??? run this place??
  • when she finally gets her voice back she answers ‘they don’t work here anymore’
  • and the people shake their heads and just leave
  • so the days go on and no one really comes to topanga’s anymore besides a couple of new people and riley and farkle on occasion 
  • lucas and maya haven’t stepped foot into the place after that month because its just too painful 
  • so when they get the frantic phone call from topanga begging them to come back and work or else it’s going to completely close down for good they don’t want too but reluctantly go down there to try to calm her down 
  • and they’re completely taken by surprise when she shoves their aprons 
  • their old, still smelling like flour and syrup aprons
  • into their hands and just bolts out the door 
  • and they stand there for a minute just staring at the aprons in their hands and then they look at each other
  • and it’s completely silent before lucas says ‘do you…do you want some coffee?’ 
  • maya just keeps staring at him and something like realization trickles into her brain
  • lucas is still standing there and getting slightly scared at how she’s just staring at him starts babbling about coffee and other things and maybe the words im sorry 
  • but maya just throws her arms around him and kisses him hard on the mouth 
  • and he wraps his own arms around her waist and presses her whole body against him because holy hell this is what i’ve been missing
  • both their aprons are still clutched in their hands
Alternative Solutions

Another attempt in my self-given goal of making a drabble of less that 500 words. I have failed once again. This is 729. I shall try again tomorrow :) 

This is inspired by this prompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP noticing for the first time that Person B has to stand on their tippy-toes to kiss them. A can’t stop laughing. B’s reaction is up to you. Either way, more kissing and cuddling ensues. from otpprompts (thank you so much! :) )

As well as this post from beforeifall21 ! :)

They’re only a couple of months into their relationship but Maya has long since accepted that she will literally never be able to have a serious makeout session with Lucas Friar for a boyfriend.

But she as much as Maya hates to admit it, she wouldn’t have it any other way.



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Ella: I swear to god if he hurts her

Eli: Hey! Lucas is a good guy.

Alex: Are you only saying that because you’re the one that introduced him to her?

Eli: Well maybe just a littl-

Ella: Oh shit, she’s giving us the death glare. Act like you weren’t watching.

Eli: Fuck that, what on earth could she do?

Alex: Hey man it’s your life on the line, I wouldn’t risk it.

anonymous asked:

M!A: Everyone's a girl for 5 asks ;)


Travis: …why do I look like a middle age woman with 3 kids?

Ness: -is having a internal existential crisis-

Claus: I swear to god anons…

Lucas: -Awkwardly hides behind Claus-

Ninten: I may be smiling, but I’m suffering inside. These boobs are heavier than they look. :)

((M!A Gender Swap: 0/5))

Breakeven | Rucas AU

Prompt: Lucas Friar returns to the city for the holidays after spending the last 9 years in Texas. While he’s there he gets to catch up with some old friends, including the girl who broke his heart all those years ago. 
A/N: (Loosely inspired by the song “Breakeven” by The Script) Wrote this In my iPhone notes at 4 in the morning so I hope it’s not too all over the place.
Word Count: 2,022

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Lucas sits in a booth in the back of a pub waiting for his oldest friend to arrive. He and Zay had been friends since pre-school and even though their friendship was sometimes tumultuous, they still remained good friends after all these years.

Lucas moved back to Texas after graduating and it’s where he’s been for the past 9 years. Leaving New York behind was probably one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do. But he was serious about becoming a veterinarian and the big city wasn’t exactly in desperate need of one, so he moved back home to Austin.

Zay stayed on the east coast with most of their friends at the time. Zay got into UMASS on a baseball scholarship and ended up majoring in sports medicine. Maya went to a community college in downtown NY where she took Art classes and eventually opened up her own studio where she taught others how to draw and paint. Farkle and Isadora both tackled the Ivy Leagues in New England. Isadora went to Yale and Farkle got into Harvard. Lucas hasn’t spoken to them all that much since graduation but last time he checked they were still an item.

And then there was Riley. Riley was Lucas’ first love, first everything actually. His high school sweetheart who jetted off to Oxford after graduation and never looked back.

Everyone, himself included, thought they’d end up together. There was no doubt in their friend’s minds that they wouldn’t last. But like with most things in life, change happens. People grow up and sometimes that means they grow apart. It was hard but eventually he got through it.

She was the only girl who ever broke his heart which resulted in a complete 180 of his personality. He went from charming Texan to womanizing heart-throb. It was no surprise when Riley’s closest friends didn’t stick around for him, especially when they barely recognized who he’d become.

Lucas stares at his watch impatiently waiting for Zay to show up. They agreed to meet at 7 but in true Isaiah Babineaux fashion he was running late. 30 minutes late to be exact.

This was Lucas’ first time back in New York in years, and even though this place used to be his home, he still felt on edge being here.

A hand on his shoulder breaks his train of thought as he looks up to see his smiling friend beaming down on him.

“Luc my boy!” Zay says with a laugh, pulling the broad shouldered blond in for a hug.

“Zay, how’s it going man? Good to see you.”

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Win A Date With Riley Matthews

Day Five

Prompt: Movie star Riley Matthews has a competition to win a Christmas date with her and fanboy Lucas Friar is the lucky winner. 

Word Count: 6,876 (LONG ONE!)

Backstory!!!!!! Riley Matthews was a normal girl living in New York City but one day she was looking for a bathroom to use when she stubbled upon a casting call for a new sitcom. They offered the quirky girl a job on the spot and things took off from there. Four years down the track Riley Matthews is one of the most sought after teens in the industry. 

Note: Maya / Smackle not mentioned in this story at all. It’s easier to picture they don’t exist, Maya especially (Sorry my loves, no hate)

❅ ❄ ❆


It’s a few days after thanksgiving and Riley has one more day off left before she is set to finish filming the last instalment of the movie trilogy she’s been the star of for the past few years. The sixteen year old lays upside down on the sofa. Her hair hitting the floor, legs thrown over the back rest, phone pressed to her ear as she chats away with her closest friend.

“Americas Sweetheart just got sweeter,” the entertainment report says on the television Riley wasn’t paying attention to. 

“Are you watching a segment on yourself?” The person on the other end chuckles, “The fame has finally got to your head!”

“Shut up,” Riley rolls her eyes with a laugh, she swings herself upright on the sofa, “Quick turn on channel 3.”

The line falls silent as both ends of the call listen to the announcement about Riley.

“Teen sensation Riley Matthews is giving back this Holiday Season with a competition that raises money for families in need. The prize is an evening dining with the sixteen year old. So gentlemen if you’d like to Win A Christmas Date with Riley Matthews here’s what you have to do…”

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beating hearts

hey guys! so I thought I’d give you a taste to what my writing is like. This is part one to a four part sequence, so even though the first part has almost nothing to do with lucaya, the other parts will :)



When my father packed his suitcases up when I was five years old, I never expected him to actually leave. He had threatened it millions of times before, but each time he began throwing his things in bags, my mom would be there, and before I knew it, they were kissing. I watched through the crack of the open door as they became enveloped in their own moments of passion. I would leave feeling giddy, knowing that no matter what profanities they shouted at each other, they were still very much in love.

The day that he left was different from others. Their fight was never ending, it started three days earlier, and the two days before my dad didn’t come home at night. I waited at the window in the front of the house, watching every car go by, hoping that one pair of headlights would pull into the driveway and my father would step out of the car, his tall figure making it’s way inside to apologize to my mom and kiss her senseless once more. On the third night, when he finally did come home, mother was waiting with me. She sat across from me, in the huge cloth chair where my father usually sat. When he stormed inside, I followed him back to his room, begging for his attention as he angrily threw his things around, destroying furniture as he did it. He eventually noticed my efforts, and picked me up, sitting me on the bed.

“Maya, daddy’s going away now,” He told me. I told him that he wasn’t going anywhere, that he loved mommy too much to even survive without her. He told me that he loved her more than anything, besides me of course.

I was confused then, “Why are you going away if you love her so much?” I asked. He took a deep sigh in, closing his eyes. When he opened them, his ocean blue eyes that matched mine almost perfectly met mine.

“Maya, this might be hard for you to understand. It’s hard for me, too. But you have to understand; some people were meant to fall in love, they just weren’t meant to be together. Now, you might not understand that now, but you will eventually. Don’t forget that, baby girl. I love you.” He then leaned down and kissed my forehead.

I watched as he picked up his duffel and rolled his suitcase out of the bedroom. I sat there, staring at the wall until I heard the purr of an engine from outside. I ran into the living room, finding my mother still sitting in that same stupid cloth chair. When I turned towards the window, the car outside was gone.


As a sixteen year-old girl, I guess I should have more common sense than to walk down an alley in the bad part of town in only my pajama shorts and a white tank-top. But when your best friend since kindergarden calls you at two in the morning crying about something you can’t decipher due to her blubbering, you can tell me if you were in the right state of mind.

Knowing Riley, she’s probably upset over Lucas liking some girl’s post on social media. But if it was something serious, and I brushed it off like it was still about the guy she’s had a crush on since seventh grade, then I would probably be deemed the worst best friend in the world - even if it is me deeming myself. So here I am, taking a back street to her fire escape.

It had been raining for five days straight, but I guess that’s New York weather for you. There were puddles left on the cement, and my fake UGG boots were soaked to the core due to my incapability of side stepping them.

My stomach tightened as I saw a group of grown men becoming clearer in my vision, but I didn’t let it show. Instead, I turned my nose up and held my head high, my shoulder’s becoming square in perfect posture. As I approached them, I crossed my arms across my chest in an attempt to hide the fact that I was wearing very little clothing, although now that I think back on it, it probably just attracted attention to my bare arms.

As I walked straight past them, I tried not to listen to the vulgar stream of words and catcalls that were being hurdled my way. I was still a relatively small girl, I don’t even think I’ve grown an inch since the eight grade. Riley had quickly surpassed me in height, towering over me at a whole five inches. Even Farkle had managed to grow, he was even taller than Riley now, which is saying something.

Riley’s house was just around the corner, and if I could make it past these horrid-smelling men, then I could be there in thirty seconds flat. Of course, with my luck, one by one, they began to follow me. I knew now that I couldn’t use the fire-escape, I would have to go through the main entrance to the building. Riley lived in a fancy apartment complex, and by fancy I mean there was actually a lobby where you could buzz in. I knew that the men following me would not continue to trail me into a place with video cameras and witnesses.

I made a sharp right suddenly, before opening the door to Riley’s building. The lady at the front desk raised her eyebrow at me, and I took a moment to be grateful that they were open all hours of the night. I looked behind me, and just as expected, the tawdry men continued walking, passing in front of the windows as if they had not just been following a sixteen year-old girl with intentions that couldn’t have been anywhere near good.

“Can you buzz the Matthew’s please?” I asked. The lady had blonde hair that she had obviously curled, and she had a bored expression on her face that looked like it rarely ever came off.

She pursed her lips before looking down at a binder, before flipping a few pages over. She looked up at me, her fatigued brown eyes meeting my own, “What’s your name?” She asked. I was taken aback, it must have been a new policy, because they’d never asked me before.

“Maya Hart.” I said. She made a face before looking back up at me.

“You can go on up. You’re on their contact list, with a picture attached.” She said, clearly uninterested in further conversation as she scanned her nails.

I raised my eyebrows before going to the elevator, pressing the up button. It took no time for the elevator to arrive, and I quickly pressed 13, the number lighting up with an odd yellow glow. Crappy elevator music filled the ride up, and soon enough I was on the thirteenth floor.
I took out the extra key Riley gave me - in case I ever find myself locked out of her window - she said. I kept it in between my phone and it’s case, so I couldn’t loose it if I tried. I unlocked the door to their apartment, closing it behind me. I locked it up again before taking off my soaked boots, running bare-foot to Riley’s room.

I opened up the door to find my best friend sitting on the edge of her bed, tears streaming down her face with her knees folded against her chest. It took me less than a second to be sitting by her, her head resting on my shoulder, and mine on top of hers. “What’s wrong?” I asked quietly.

Her sniffles slowed down, just enough to answer my question. “We have a problem.” She said, her voice cracking.

“What is it? If it’s Lucas, Riley I swear to God just say the world and I’ll kick his ass to next week.” I said. She shook her head while letting out a small laugh.

“No, it’s not Lucas. Well, I guess it is kinda him, but not anymore.” She said, her eyes completely focused on the wall.

I let out a small snort, “Well, if it’s not Lucas, who is it?” I asked.

She brought her head off my shoulder, looking me straight in the eye. “Maya, I think I’m in love with Farkle.”


hope you liked it! don’t forget to leave prompts in my ask box :)

The Reason Luke Has A Quiff - Lashton

icyhxmmo : someone do a one shot where fetus luke (16/17 y/o) get blowed by ashton who is 19 ok, I need this ok please do it someone, please. like ashton is wearing a bandanna and luke wont shut up so he stuffs it in his mouth and omg please



Luke was so nervous. No. Nervous was an understatement. Luke was scared shitless.

Tonight was one of his bands’ first gigs, and he still had not gotten over his nerves.

“I’m just saying Ashton! What if I forget the lyrics! Tonight is going to be a total disaster! I’m going to be the end of this band. I swear to God this is going to be a nightmare.”

“Luke. Shut up or I will shut you up.” Ashton growled, annoyed with The fifteen year olds worrying and debby-downer attitude.

“Oh what are you going to do? Kiss me?” He joked. Both boys had kissed each other before to shut one another up. And both were totally head over heels for the other. They just refused to admit it, or Ashton did.

“No. Something far more… expressive, Luke.” This made Luke blush, because he knew how aggressively, yet sexually the rock God could punish him for not being quiet.

“You wouldn’t do anything, not with the other boys in the next room.” Luke smiled, knowing Ashton would never come out to the boys, thinking that would be totally disgusted with his secret pleasures, like being attracted to boys and not girls.

“Wanna bet Lucas?”

“Bring it on, Irwie.”

Ashton got up, pushing the younger boy down, and causing him to land on a beanbag. He took off his bandanna, stuffing it in Luke’s mouth and holding both his hands back with one of his big ones. He whispered in Luke’s ear, blowing hot breath.

“Well now you have to be quiet, don’t you Lukey?”

Luke moaned into the bandanna as Ashton palmed him through his pants, which already held a rather big bulge. 
“You’ve been a terribly naughty boy, Lucas. And you know I punish boys who don’t listen.”

Ashton quickly undid Luke’s jeans, pulling them down along with his briefs.

“Try not to scream. Not that anyone would hear you.” He took in Luke’s erection, sucking hard. Luke moaned loudly, the bandanna now gone from his mouth. “Ashton.” He gripped the boys curly hair and before he knew it Ashton was done, and zipping Luke’s pants.

Luke’s hair was in a mess, and Ashton was panting. “Best. Ever.” He said in between his panting.

Michael and Calum walked into the room moments later, looking at the two with a cluelessness. “Luke what the fuck is up with your hair?” Michael asked.

“He is trying out quiffs!” Ashton said quickly, trying to cover up the sex hair with his bandanna. “But he sucks at it so I’m going to help him bye.” He pushed the two boys out and closed the door.

“You know they’ve been sleeping together for weeks right?” Luke asked and started laughing.

Suddenly it hit Ashton. He was not in control during their moment just now! He had been played! Luke challenged him on purpose when he knew for a fact he was scared of what his friends might think.

“Lucas I swear to God I’m going to…”