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Another attempt in my self-given goal of making a drabble of less that 500 words. I have failed once again. This is 729. I shall try again tomorrow :) 

This is inspired by this prompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP noticing for the first time that Person B has to stand on their tippy-toes to kiss them. A can’t stop laughing. B’s reaction is up to you. Either way, more kissing and cuddling ensues. from otpprompts (thank you so much! :) )

As well as this post from beforeifall21 ! :)

They’re only a couple of months into their relationship but Maya has long since accepted that she will literally never be able to have a serious makeout session with Lucas Friar for a boyfriend.

But she as much as Maya hates to admit it, she wouldn’t have it any other way.



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Breakeven | Rucas AU

Prompt: Lucas Friar returns to the city for the holidays after spending the last 9 years in Texas. While he’s there he gets to catch up with some old friends, including the girl who broke his heart all those years ago. 
A/N: (Loosely inspired by the song “Breakeven” by The Script) Wrote this In my iPhone notes at 4 in the morning so I hope it’s not too all over the place.
Word Count: 2,022

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Lucas sits in a booth in the back of a pub waiting for his oldest friend to arrive. He and Zay had been friends since pre-school and even though their friendship was sometimes tumultuous, they still remained good friends after all these years.

Lucas moved back to Texas after graduating and it’s where he’s been for the past 9 years. Leaving New York behind was probably one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do. But he was serious about becoming a veterinarian and the big city wasn’t exactly in desperate need of one, so he moved back home to Austin.

Zay stayed on the east coast with most of their friends at the time. Zay got into UMASS on a baseball scholarship and ended up majoring in sports medicine. Maya went to a community college in downtown NY where she took Art classes and eventually opened up her own studio where she taught others how to draw and paint. Farkle and Isadora both tackled the Ivy Leagues in New England. Isadora went to Yale and Farkle got into Harvard. Lucas hasn’t spoken to them all that much since graduation but last time he checked they were still an item.

And then there was Riley. Riley was Lucas’ first love, first everything actually. His high school sweetheart who jetted off to Oxford after graduation and never looked back.

Everyone, himself included, thought they’d end up together. There was no doubt in their friend’s minds that they wouldn’t last. But like with most things in life, change happens. People grow up and sometimes that means they grow apart. It was hard but eventually he got through it.

She was the only girl who ever broke his heart which resulted in a complete 180 of his personality. He went from charming Texan to womanizing heart-throb. It was no surprise when Riley’s closest friends didn’t stick around for him, especially when they barely recognized who he’d become.

Lucas stares at his watch impatiently waiting for Zay to show up. They agreed to meet at 7 but in true Isaiah Babineaux fashion he was running late. 30 minutes late to be exact.

This was Lucas’ first time back in New York in years, and even though this place used to be his home, he still felt on edge being here.

A hand on his shoulder breaks his train of thought as he looks up to see his smiling friend beaming down on him.

“Luc my boy!” Zay says with a laugh, pulling the broad shouldered blond in for a hug.

“Zay, how’s it going man? Good to see you.”

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anonymous asked:

can you do a one shot where Riley comes and supports Lucas at a baseball game

Sorry this took a while to get to! PS it’s quite short but you know the drill I’m trying to get around to everyone’s requests blah blah blah ! ENJOY :)

Riley skips along the ground in front of the bleachers, she spots Lucas warming up at the side of the diamond with Zay. She waves frantically trying to get his attention. Lucas notices the goofy girl and smiles as he jogs over to the fence that separates them. 

“What are you doing here?” Lucas asks as he clings to the metal fencing between them, “I told you not to come, I stink!” 

“I may not be a cheerleader,” Riley starts throwing her hands about like a routine she’d learnt for her last failed tryout, “But I’ll be your cheerleader, always.” 

Lucas’ grin grows, “I’m probably going to be a bench warmer,” his smile deflates a little. 

“Then you make sure that bench is extra toasty,” Riley laughs softly as she reaches out and pokes his nose through one of the spaces in the fence.

“Lucas, you’re in the outfield first up with Zay and Jack!” The coach calls over to him. 

“I’m in?” Lucas asks his coach surprised and Zay gives him a thumbs up. “I’m in!” Lucas turns to Riley and she’s bouncing on her toes excitedly. 

“You’re in!” Riley claps. She removes her jacket and reveals her homemade jersey with Lucas’ number written on the back beneath the ‘FRIAR’ she’d scribbled between her shoulder blades. 

“Riley!” Lucas cups his hand to his chest, “You did that even though I told you I was going to ride the bench this season?” 

“Us losers have to stick together,” Riley giggles. 

“Friar!” The coach calls. 

“Uh, I have to go,” Lucas pokes his thumb back. 

“Go out there and be the hero I know you are,” Riley quotes herself. 

“Thanks,” Lucas goes to leave but quickly turns back around, “Riley wait!” 

She stops and steps towards him again, “Yeah?” 

“Can I have a kiss for good luck?” He asks leaning into the fence. 

Riley blushes, “There’s lots of people around…” 

“Please?” Lucas pouts. 

Riley quickly leans in and gives him a peck through one of the gaps in the fence. They part and Lucas is smiling. 

“I swear to God Friar if you don’t get over here in three seconds!” His coach is now yelling. 

“Go!” Riley giggles and Lucas jogs off turning back to look at his girlfriend again and she waves before finding a seat. 

you are my sunshine. (a lucaya&riarkle fanfic.)

Lucas Friar, Maya Hart, Riley Matthews, and Farkle Minkus never knew how much they would love being parents, until they were.

All I do is write baby fics, who are we kidding.

PART 1- Mainly lucaya with background riarkle.

“Every time her bright blue eyes open, he’s sure he can see galaxies forming in them.”

“Lucas Friar, I swear to God, if you don’t say something right now, I’m walking right back out that door!”

There are tears streaming down her cheeks and a tremor in her voice that he knows she’s trying her hardest to control.

He knows she doesn’t mean that.

She’s just scared.

And if he’s going to be honest, he’s pretty fucking scared, too.

“Maya, I-,” he stands up and reaches forward, enveloping her in his arms, “Honey, we’re gonna be okay. We’re going to fine.”

The small dorm room goes silent, except for the soft sniffles coming from the small blonde, and the murmuring and clicking of the broken heater on the other side of the room that he hasn’t gotten the time to call the repair man for.

“But how?”

She whispers, and he thinks it’s because she’s still scared, that if she talks too loud and disturbs something, the entire foundation of her life or their relationship will crumble before her eyes.

“What do you mean, Maya?”

“How? How is everything going to be okay? We-We’re only 20, Lucas, and we don’t have an apartment and we’re in college and neither of us has a job that pays well at all.”

He sees her lip tremble again as she looks up at him, her eyes pleading for answers that he doesn’t have.

“How are we supposed to have a baby?”

They are three hours in and he still doesn’t know the answer to that question.

But what he does know, is that his baby girl is the most perfect thing he’s ever laid eyes on.

Well, besides her mother, of course.

Eleanor Katherine Friar.

Five pounds, three ounces, and eighteen inches of absolute and indescribable flawlessness and beauty, swaddled tightly with a little mint green hat upon her head with stars scattered over it.

Which is ironic, he thinks, because every time her bright blue eyes open, he’s sure he can see galaxies forming in them.

“Lucas?” A tired voice murmurs from the right side of him, and he tears his eyes away from his daughter resting in his strong arms to lock eyes with his girlfriend.

“Yes, babe?”

“Can I hold her? Everyone is going to be coming in soon, and I want to snuggle her before an army of our friends and families come in here and takes her away for God knows how long,” she says, a yawn escaping her and a small smirk forming on her face.

When Lucas had gone out into the waiting room to inform the group of anxious people of Eleanor’s arrival, he had asked them to give them a while alone with the little girl, as the labor and birth had very much not been easy on Maya, and Lucas is sure he hasn’t slept for 72 hours because he’s been anxiously anticipating this day, this moment, this picture in front of him in this bright hospital room.

“Of course, honey. Here,” he stands from the cushioned chair that he had been sat in for what seemed like hours, and leans down to gently place the baby in her mother’s awaiting arms.

“Hi, baby. Did you have a good time with Daddy?” Maya murmurs, and Lucas has never heard her sound so gentle, so loving, and he guesses that this little girl has changed her more than he ever could have.

“Me and little Ellie had a great time talking about how amazing her Mommy is,” Lucas smiles, stroking the little girl’s soft cheek.

“Ellie? You’ve already given her a nickname? You’ve only been with her for an hour,” Maya says, not being able to move her eyes from Eleanor in her arms to look at Lucas.

“Eleanor seems a little bit long to say every time we talk to her or about her. Plus, nicknames seem to run in our blood, Short Stack,” he smirks.

“Well, you’re correct on that one, Huckleberry.”

He chuckles, leaning down to press a kiss to Maya’s lips, “I love you so much, you know that, right?”

Maya looks to him, “Well, I was hoping.”

“No, Maya, really. I didn’t think I could love you even more than I did before, but with what you’ve gone through over these past months, and even in the past two days, I- I do. More than you could even imagine,” he says genuinely, sitting on the bed beside her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, pulling her to him.

“It just so happens that I love you that much, too. You’ve been so great and supportive and it means a lot to me, that you were willing to do so much,” she almost whispers, nestling her head into his chest.

“Of course I did all I could do. I would go to the end of the Earth for you and Ellie, that’s never gonna stop.”

Maya nods, her eyes drooping as her body melted into her boyfriend’s warm side, before a soft knock sounds on the plain wooden door of the room, jolting her awake.

“Hey, Mommy and Daddy!” Riley exclaims softly, pushing the door open with the hand that wasn’t busy holding a lavender gift back, one which, the sight of makes Maya roll her eyes.

“Riles, you practically bought the whole nursery, you didn’t need to buy anything else.”

The brunette shrugs, stepping further into the room to make room for everyone else that was anxious to see the new family- Farkle, Zay, Smackle, Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Katy- almost everyone that meant so much to them. Lucas’s parents had been in Texas when Lucas called to inform them that Maya was in labor, and they hadn’t been able to book a flight back until the next week. Lucas told them that it was no big deal, the baby would be there when they got back.

Lucas stands up to greet everyone, and Maya sits up further, adjusting the baby in her arms so that her precious little face is visible to everyone in the room, “Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Eleanor Katherine Friar.”

Katy places a hand on her chest, her eyes welling up with tears, “Oh, baby girl, you guys didn’t have to-”

Maya cuts her off, “We wanted to, Mom. You’re a fantastic mother, and she deserved to be named after someone so amazing. I hope I can be half the mother to her that you were to me.”

“Thank you, Maya. She’s- She’s gorgeous. She looks so much like you,” Katy smiled warmly, moving closer to the side of the hospital bed to get a better look at her granddaughter.

“Do you wanna hold her, Mommy?” Maya murmurs, becoming the little girl she used to be with her mother, because, somehow, that just makes her feel safe.

“Of course I do. Give her to me,” Katy chuckles, leaning down and taking Eleanor into her arms and cradling her gently, “Oh, how precious is she!?”

Lucas and Maya grin, and he presses a kiss to his girlfriend’s forehead.

Riley approaches the bed as well, and takes Maya’s hand in hers, “How are you feeling, Peaches?”

“Sore and tired, but really, really happy. Happier than I’ve ever been.”

Riley grins, and squeezes her hand, urging her on, “Aaannd?”

Maya rolls her eyes jokingly, “And filled with hope. Hope about the future, hope about everything.”

“Yay!” Riley exclaims, softer than she usually would, due to the sleeping baby that was now resting in Shawn’s arms, directly to her left.

The blonde grins, and Shawn turns to Riley.

He asks, “Do you want to hold her?”

Riley nods eagerly, and Maya places a hand on her arm, “Please be careful. You know you can be clumsy.”

“I know, I’ll be careful,” the brunette says, exasperatedly. Shawn then places the baby in her arms, and Lucas can literally see her heart melt.

“Aw! Baby Peaches! She’s adorable,” the woman starts to get choked up, her voice cracking.

“Maya, you have a baby, and I have a niece. How did that happen?”

“Um, I think you know how it happened, Riles.”

Riley rolls her eyes at her best friend, “You know what I mean.”

“She’s not only your niece, by the way,” Lucas speaks up.

Riley’s head cocks to the side, and she rocks the baby back and forth, “What?”

“Do you want to be her godmother?”

Riley gasps, and the tears that had been lining her eyes start to make their ways down her cheeks, “Really? Are you serious?”

“Of course, Riley. You’ll give her the world, we’re sure.”

“Thank you,” Riley whispers, tears still falling, looking at the baby who is squirming around slightly in her arms.

“What about godfather?” Zay pipes up.

“We’re gonna let you and Farkle fight it out on that one. Whoever doesn’t get it this time, gets to be it for our next baby, who definitely won’t be for a while,” Lucas says, his eyes going from one of his best friends to the other.

“Well, if that’s the case, Farkle can have this one. Him and Riley are gonna be married in about thirty seconds anyway,” Zay says, making everyone else laugh.

“I mean, you aren’t wrong,” Farkle says, walking up to Riley and wrapping his arm around her torso, gazing down at Eleanor as well.

As everyone passes the baby around, Maya leans closer to Lucas, and he holds her as tight as he can, trying to give her all of the love that she deserves in between their touch. Soon, he looks down at her and sees that she’s fallen asleep, her mouth hanging open slightly, her face looking more peaceful than he could’ve ever imagined it could be.

He’s never been so happy.

Or at peace.

Or known that everything is going to be okay.

How are they going to have a baby?

Well, they’ve already got the first step down.

They’ve just got to keep going.

And, hopefully, that’ll be enough.

beating hearts

hey guys! so I thought I’d give you a taste to what my writing is like. This is part one to a four part sequence, so even though the first part has almost nothing to do with lucaya, the other parts will :)



When my father packed his suitcases up when I was five years old, I never expected him to actually leave. He had threatened it millions of times before, but each time he began throwing his things in bags, my mom would be there, and before I knew it, they were kissing. I watched through the crack of the open door as they became enveloped in their own moments of passion. I would leave feeling giddy, knowing that no matter what profanities they shouted at each other, they were still very much in love.

The day that he left was different from others. Their fight was never ending, it started three days earlier, and the two days before my dad didn’t come home at night. I waited at the window in the front of the house, watching every car go by, hoping that one pair of headlights would pull into the driveway and my father would step out of the car, his tall figure making it’s way inside to apologize to my mom and kiss her senseless once more. On the third night, when he finally did come home, mother was waiting with me. She sat across from me, in the huge cloth chair where my father usually sat. When he stormed inside, I followed him back to his room, begging for his attention as he angrily threw his things around, destroying furniture as he did it. He eventually noticed my efforts, and picked me up, sitting me on the bed.

“Maya, daddy’s going away now,” He told me. I told him that he wasn’t going anywhere, that he loved mommy too much to even survive without her. He told me that he loved her more than anything, besides me of course.

I was confused then, “Why are you going away if you love her so much?” I asked. He took a deep sigh in, closing his eyes. When he opened them, his ocean blue eyes that matched mine almost perfectly met mine.

“Maya, this might be hard for you to understand. It’s hard for me, too. But you have to understand; some people were meant to fall in love, they just weren’t meant to be together. Now, you might not understand that now, but you will eventually. Don’t forget that, baby girl. I love you.” He then leaned down and kissed my forehead.

I watched as he picked up his duffel and rolled his suitcase out of the bedroom. I sat there, staring at the wall until I heard the purr of an engine from outside. I ran into the living room, finding my mother still sitting in that same stupid cloth chair. When I turned towards the window, the car outside was gone.


As a sixteen year-old girl, I guess I should have more common sense than to walk down an alley in the bad part of town in only my pajama shorts and a white tank-top. But when your best friend since kindergarden calls you at two in the morning crying about something you can’t decipher due to her blubbering, you can tell me if you were in the right state of mind.

Knowing Riley, she’s probably upset over Lucas liking some girl’s post on social media. But if it was something serious, and I brushed it off like it was still about the guy she’s had a crush on since seventh grade, then I would probably be deemed the worst best friend in the world - even if it is me deeming myself. So here I am, taking a back street to her fire escape.

It had been raining for five days straight, but I guess that’s New York weather for you. There were puddles left on the cement, and my fake UGG boots were soaked to the core due to my incapability of side stepping them.

My stomach tightened as I saw a group of grown men becoming clearer in my vision, but I didn’t let it show. Instead, I turned my nose up and held my head high, my shoulder’s becoming square in perfect posture. As I approached them, I crossed my arms across my chest in an attempt to hide the fact that I was wearing very little clothing, although now that I think back on it, it probably just attracted attention to my bare arms.

As I walked straight past them, I tried not to listen to the vulgar stream of words and catcalls that were being hurdled my way. I was still a relatively small girl, I don’t even think I’ve grown an inch since the eight grade. Riley had quickly surpassed me in height, towering over me at a whole five inches. Even Farkle had managed to grow, he was even taller than Riley now, which is saying something.

Riley’s house was just around the corner, and if I could make it past these horrid-smelling men, then I could be there in thirty seconds flat. Of course, with my luck, one by one, they began to follow me. I knew now that I couldn’t use the fire-escape, I would have to go through the main entrance to the building. Riley lived in a fancy apartment complex, and by fancy I mean there was actually a lobby where you could buzz in. I knew that the men following me would not continue to trail me into a place with video cameras and witnesses.

I made a sharp right suddenly, before opening the door to Riley’s building. The lady at the front desk raised her eyebrow at me, and I took a moment to be grateful that they were open all hours of the night. I looked behind me, and just as expected, the tawdry men continued walking, passing in front of the windows as if they had not just been following a sixteen year-old girl with intentions that couldn’t have been anywhere near good.

“Can you buzz the Matthew’s please?” I asked. The lady had blonde hair that she had obviously curled, and she had a bored expression on her face that looked like it rarely ever came off.

She pursed her lips before looking down at a binder, before flipping a few pages over. She looked up at me, her fatigued brown eyes meeting my own, “What’s your name?” She asked. I was taken aback, it must have been a new policy, because they’d never asked me before.

“Maya Hart.” I said. She made a face before looking back up at me.

“You can go on up. You’re on their contact list, with a picture attached.” She said, clearly uninterested in further conversation as she scanned her nails.

I raised my eyebrows before going to the elevator, pressing the up button. It took no time for the elevator to arrive, and I quickly pressed 13, the number lighting up with an odd yellow glow. Crappy elevator music filled the ride up, and soon enough I was on the thirteenth floor.
I took out the extra key Riley gave me - in case I ever find myself locked out of her window - she said. I kept it in between my phone and it’s case, so I couldn’t loose it if I tried. I unlocked the door to their apartment, closing it behind me. I locked it up again before taking off my soaked boots, running bare-foot to Riley’s room.

I opened up the door to find my best friend sitting on the edge of her bed, tears streaming down her face with her knees folded against her chest. It took me less than a second to be sitting by her, her head resting on my shoulder, and mine on top of hers. “What’s wrong?” I asked quietly.

Her sniffles slowed down, just enough to answer my question. “We have a problem.” She said, her voice cracking.

“What is it? If it’s Lucas, Riley I swear to God just say the world and I’ll kick his ass to next week.” I said. She shook her head while letting out a small laugh.

“No, it’s not Lucas. Well, I guess it is kinda him, but not anymore.” She said, her eyes completely focused on the wall.

I let out a small snort, “Well, if it’s not Lucas, who is it?” I asked.

She brought her head off my shoulder, looking me straight in the eye. “Maya, I think I’m in love with Farkle.”


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dance with me (1)

“prom’s coming up, what’s the plan?”


“Riles..” Maya called.

“Peaches?” I responded.

“We’re having prom soon.”

“Yup. Are you taking Uncle Josh?”

“Yes,” she grinned. “When is Huckleberry asking you?”

“What makes you think he’ll ask me?”

“Who else will he ask?”

“I don’t know, Maya. I’m not expecting him to ask me.”

“Well, I am.”

“Riles, Other One.” Lucas says to me and nods at Maya.

“I still don’t like you.” Maya says.

“I still don’t care.” Lucas jokes.

“Anyway, Ranger Rick, prom’s coming up…”

“Maya..” I warned.

“Riles, the guy needs to get a clue.”

“I’m right here.” Lucas says.

“Lucas, when are you gonna ask Riley to prom?”

“Maya!” I yelled and pulled her away.

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This little cute prick is 

fucking perfection

And if u don’t agree
















Preference #31: Best Friends.

A/N: School sucks. But enjoy this preference heyo. (calums killed me excuse me while i cry)

Lucas: “(Y/N)?” Luke shouts, his deep voice echoing through your hallways. “What?” you yell out with a slight hint of annoyance, rolling your eyes. You were currently trying to finish your infinite amount of incomprehensible homework and Luke constantly distracting you was making concentrating more difficult. “Do you have food?” he questions. You place your fingers on the bridge of your nose, closing your eyes. “No Luke. I don’t have food actually, I eat cardboard all day.” You hear a loud laugh the noise increasing as it approached your room. The door swings open, revealing a familiar looking blonde. He falls onto your bed, “Since when do you make witty comments?” he raises his eyebrow, sitting up. “Lucas Robert Hemmings, I swear to God if you do-” He chuckles, lifting his hands up in surrender “Alright, Jesus (Y/N). I’ll help you with homework if you come watch a movie with me after.” You nod, pouting. “You’re adorable.” Grabbing your hand he lifts you off the chair, sitting down in your previous position, grinning. He pats his lap suggesting that you sit on his lap which you willingly agree to. “Algebra.” you sigh. After working on many puzzling questions with Luke, you finally finished your homework. “Oh, thank god.” you exhale, shifting on Luke’s lap. He groans your name, placing his forehead on your back. You burst out laughing at Luke’s distress, turning to face him. You straddle his waist, your arms hung loosely over his shoulder. “Is Lucas uncomfortable?” you whisper, lips brushing across his cheek. “Why do you have to do this to me?”  he groans. “Because it’s fun.” you simply reply, looking into his blue eyes. You always thought his eyes were beautiful. You couldn’t say that you never had feelings for Luke before, but he only saw you two as friends. You sigh, as your smile faded. He was looking back at you with concern, brow furrowed. Standing up, you grab his hand “Come on, let’s go watch a movie.” guiding him out the room. “And cuddle?” he states, you could feel his smile radiating from his face. “Yes, cuddle.” you giggle. If only he knew how you felt.

Michael: You were both spread out on the floor with controllers in your hands. Snacks and drinks were scattered beside you chaotically, along with an abundance of blankets and pillows. “What the fuck?” you bellow while Michael scores another goal in Fifa. “I swear to God, Clifford. You’re definitely cheating.” you accuse, pointing your finger at him. “What? You mean I, the Michael Clifford is cheating? Well, that is false.” he replies. You grunt, “Well, I think you sit on a throne of lies.”  He laughs and grabs another handful of popcorn from the bowl placed between you two. His hand inches closer to his mouth, but instead you knock the food out of his hand. “NO. WHY.” he screams as it lands on the floor. You giggle mischievously and grab the bowl in your arms, eating from it quickly. “(Y/N), give me.” “No.” Rolling his eyes, he reaches over trying to grab the bowl. You shift away from his reach, “Say it nicely.” “Can I please have the bowl?” he sighs, yet a smile slightly tugs at the ends of his lips. “Um,” you pretend to ponder, although you already know your answer “No.” Laughing, you stand up and run around the house with the bowl of popcorn. You open the hallway closet door, slipping into the darkness. This often occurred whilst you hung out with Michael, both of you acting like children. You admired how he never seemed to be bothered when you did this, he actually enjoyed it. Even though you have mostly thought of you two being best friends, the concept of being more than just friends has crossed your mind several times. You possibly even liked Michael, but you weren’t sure of his personal feelings. You couldn’t risk messing up the perfectly built friendship you both have now. Hearing Michael call your name, brings you back to reality - back to the dark closet. You try and stifle erupting giggles by covering your mouth. This causes you to snort loudly and his loud footsteps approach your now, revealed location. “Boo.” Michael whispers, pushing his head against the small opening between the door and the frame. You laugh, messing up his newly dyed hair. He flings open the door and crouches, as you’re soon lifted from the ground. You yelp, dropping the bowl. Popcorn scatters along the polished floor, as Michael’s feet crushes them. “Well that was a waste.” you sigh, resting your body weight completely on his. “I wouldn’t say that…” he whispers, barely audible. 

Calum: “It’s too cliche, I won’t say I’m in love…” you hum softly as you lie on a couch, hanging your head off the edge. This causes everything to be upside down, making you dizzy. You rest your eyes, continuing the song. The Disney movie was quietly playing in the background as you tried your best to drift off into slumber. Nothing seemed to work, something was missing. Reaching over to grab your cellphone, you kept your eyes shut. You slowly slid back onto the couch, opening your tired eyes to look through your contacts. As the phone rung loudly through your ear, you softly sigh and run your tongue over your lips. “Hello?” his raspy voice answers. “I’m sorry, it must be late.” you reply, your voice hushed to a meek whisper. The shuffling of bed sheets are clearly audible through the phone, he laughs slightly. “It’s fine, love. What’s wrong?” “I can’t fall asleep.” you admit, combing your fingers through your hair. He clears his throat, and you can hint at his smile. “I’ll be there in 10, okay?” You smile gratefully. “10 hours, minutes, days?” He laughs and you can hear his front door closing, picturing him stepping out into the dark night. “Minutes, I swear.” “Okay, be careful.” You both exchange goodbyes, and the phone soon leaves your side. You drop it on the floor, not bothering to pick it up. Soon enough, Calum enters through your door. You smile at the thought of him keeping your house keys with his. He drops a pile of blankets and movies by your side, shuffling his feet to sit beside you. “Hi cutie,” he whispers “Now, move over.” You reply with a groan, lifting your head. He sits behind you so that you can rest your head in his lap. It’s because he wants to play with my hair you think, smiling to yourself. “Thank you, Clumcake.” He laughs and leans down to kiss your forehead. Butterflies erupt in your stomach, yet you don’t know why. “No problem.” he whispers, staring down at you. “Oh no, Calum please don’t,” you say, shielding your face with your hands “I’m a mess right now.” He removes your hands and grips them tightly in his. “You’re beautiful.” he smiles reassuringly. You laugh even though there is no reason why. As time passes, your eyelids seem to become heavier. Calum hums softly, “Can you sing to me, Cal?” you whisper, as your eyes closing. He doesn’t give you an answer yet he begins to sing. You admired his soothing voice as it echoed through your mind. You loved Calum. That was the reason for the butterflies, all those times. Every time you were together, your heart felt like it would burst into pieces any second. You were in love with your best friend. 

Ashton: You cheered along with the crowd for your best friend. He sat behind the drums as they sang ‘Wherever You Are’ with heart and joy displayed in their expressions. Tears dawned at the brim of your eyes as everyone sang along with them. You were immensely proud of him, seeing him perform and do what he loves every day. You always admired his determination and looked up to him. He was always there for you when you needed him, and he deserved this. He deserved to finally live his dream with his three best friends. Your couldn’t help but ponder if you liked him more than just friends. Every time he would say your name, your stomach would tighten from nerves. You were always comfortable around him, and you made each other happy. Yet you didn’t want to lose him. Fear took you over as you thought about him leaving you forever. You couldn’t let your feelings ruin this friendship. As the song came to an end, the cheers erupted again. You erased the thoughts quickly, displaying a smile across your face. They say goodnight to the crowd and run backstage to you. Ashton runs up to you and envelopes you in a tight hug, lifting you off the ground. He spins you in circles. “Ashton, put me down! You’re all sweaty and gross.” you laugh, trying to push his grip away. He finally places you back down and you feel solid ground beneath your feet. “Did you hear them, (Y/N)? Those cheers were for us! Can you believe it?” His eyes beam with excitement and his contagious laugh filled the room. You nod, hugging him tightly. “I’m so proud of you.” you whimper. Tears threatened to fall once again and you desperately wanted to stay strong in front of the boys and especially Ashton. “Love, please don’t cry. You look so sad when you cry, even when you’re happy.” You laugh, “Ash, that didn’t make any sense.” He wipes away your tears with his thumb, brushing your hair away from your face. “I’m so glad you’re here, with me.” he says, softly. He looked at you as if he was searching for something. Ignoring it, you nod. The thoughts of ruining the friendship with your silly feelings haunted you. You had no choice but to hide it.