i swear to god if you steal this


you guys have all most likely seen the video of Stefan dancing with Yo Gabba Gabba in True Jackson– so I took it upon myself to watch the whole episode and I almost CRIED
He steals a ring so he can blackmail them into making a dress for his bratty daughter, and keeps them captive in his GIANT CASTLE where he works being an “INTERNATIONAL FANCYPANTS”
he also has yo gabba gabba captive so that they can teach his daughter to EAT HER VEGETABLES
I swear to god though, he first appears when a hidden bookcase door slides open and he was just tHERE and I SWEAR TO GOD I FELT MY SOUL LEAVE MY BODY.

Living in a share house with the boys from 5sos would include –

- Late night chats in the living room

- “I’m cuddling on the couch with Y/N!”

“But she’s my girlfriend.”


- Dancing in your underwear with Michael

- “Y/N, can you guys not make out in every room in the house?”

- Movie nights

- Washing their socks and underwear


- Losing your bras

- Finding them hung up in the living room


- Play wrestling with Ashton

- “Loser of Guitar Hero has to clean the bathroom!”

- “Fucking hell Y/N how do you always win?”

- Stealing Calum’s shirts to workout in

- “Has anyone seen my…nevermind.”

- Making up songs with stupid lyrics

- Humming their songs under your breath

- Them thinking it’s the cutest thing ever

- Protecting the penguin from destruction

- Jump scaring Luke

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reasons why night in the woods is the best game ever & u shld play it

  • like half the game is just having fun crime adventures with all your gay friends
  • at one point you can hijack a mall intercom to scream “I AM GOD, FUCK COPS” over the announcement system just to make your friend laugh
  • long, protracted, half-serious arguments between your depressed gay friends about god and fascism that i swear to god were ripped word-for-word from my own life
  • there’s an optional sideplot where you find a nest of rats, decide that you are their mother now, and start stealing pretzels to feed your babies
  • there’s an entire scene where you and your friend shoplift some junk from hot topic for kicks, then return it later & give an incoherent speech about capitalism to the lady at the desk
  • your character keeps a journal that’s updated periodically with scribbly doodles and notes like “thoughts: become a FIRE GHOST and YELL AT PEOPLE”
  • you get to help your best friend build a giant frog robot for his boyfriend and it fuckin rules
  • why is everyone animals? who tf knows

I like to imagine what would happen if some of the overwatch moved into a like tower together.

D.va not stealing Lucio green shirt and wearing it on one of hers gaming streams. Only too have Lucio knock on her door asking if she seen his shirt. An she sinks into her seat trying to hide.

As she answers “no, I have no idea where your green shirt is.”

And on her stream chat its like OOOOh! Why you got his shirt d.va! Sell his shirt I’ll pay you! Busted!

An she eyes, her chat as she quickly types"None of you better snitch i swear to god-“

It is like 2 minutes flat before Lucio come back and he leans up against her door; phone in hand, shirtless. An hana all sweaty because theirs a shirtless Lucio in her room. She can it basically see him in her computer screen. An Lucio just scrolling through his phone as he talks.

“Ya know that funny cause, i’m getting a lot of tweets about people knowing where my shirt is. An how a famous streamer is wearing it. Would you know anything about that?”

An d.va pulls her keyboard into her lap, “nope! Not a clue haha.” Clearly not playing it cool at all. An she types out to her chat. Snitches all of you!

And Lucio raises and eyebrow, like really tho? An he walks up beside her chair and the chat is going crazy. D.va has missed like 20 donations at this point. An everyone can see Lucio clearly now arms folded. D.va is nearly dead in her chair. And he just smiles and says hello to the chat. Then turns to d.va-

“You know you could have just asked, it looks better on you anyway.” There a wink and Lucio leaves the room.

A D.va just disappears from her chair onto the floor her face redder than the sun. The game forgotten the chat and donations have gotten out of hand.

This is why it usually planed for when Lucio comes onto her streams.

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*invisible Anon-chan appears when it is close to usual Murami dinner time and leaves magical invisible whoopee cushion on Kou's seat*

Kou: Ah~ Ruki you’re the best! Fried lobster is amazing~ but one day you should make vongole bianco….*takes one of Azusa’s fried lobsters*

Azusa: Kou…you’re being loud…again…

Yuma: Yeah and I saw you steal one of Azusa’s lobsters you little shit!!!

Kou: Ruki~!!!! They’re being mean again! *sits down and huge fart echoes throughout room* 

Azusa: …*scoots away from him*

Yuma: …

Kou: …I…

Ruki:  *sticks head into room*  Kou Mukami….

Kou:  I-it was an accident!!! I swear it!!!

Ruki: Oh really? I doubt an invisible person just came in and put a magical invisible whoopee cushion on your seat.

Azusa: *scoots even further away from him*

Yuma: God you’re so gross! I wonder how your little fangirls would react if I recorded that!

Kou: Shut up!!!  If it was Azusa you wouldn’t have been so hard on him!!!

Azusa: *cringes* Don’t involve me…

Kou: Whatever. A fart from my butt is better than any single thing that has come out of your mouths!  *does a hair flip and stuffs fried lobsters into his pockets before leaving*

Ruki: This is why we can’t have nice things…

Je Ne Parle Pas Anglais ((Part Two))

@blue-child-obsession-expert​ asked: Je ne parlez pas part 2 please! I just found it and it was awesome and I would love to continue reading it. Thank you!

A/N: I highly suggest reading the first part of this to fully understand what’s happening. I’m thinking like maybe one or two parts more??? I’m sorry for my bs work, I just really want to write some holiday fics so I can get them out in time and queue them up. Part One right here!


TW: badly translated french ((if anything is blatantly wrong let me know im just a beginning french student)), swearing, nakedness, yelling, stealing.

AU: Hamiltime

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Here you were:

An immigrant who couldn’t speak english falling in love with best friend of the man you had just stole from, being hugged to his chest like you were oxygen in a room full of water.


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bob characters as texts i have recieved
  • nixon: ( ͡ʖ ͡°)
  • welsh: steal my homework and i will stab you with a fork i stole
  • speirs: *shoves hands in jar of honey* ive got sticky fingers
  • webster: i have a papercut i cant come over u will have to do the whole project on ur own
  • perconte: im not little fucKING FIGHT ME WAit no dont pls im smol dont kill me
  • liebgott: LETS FUCKIN DO THIS *cracks knuckles* *pops neck* *stretches* COMIC BOOK TIME
  • toye: i swear to god girl i will fight you i will fight your mom and your dad and anyone who gets in the way of my fists because i have no control please send help
  • guarnere: *singing* text me one more time i will fuck you up-up-up-up, gonna murder, gonna murder, gonna murder, dddddDEATH
  • lipton: i gotta go ignore you now bye
  • heffron: just imagine how cute a penguin couple would be, like would they hold flippers? imagine the snowball fights omg its so cute, i want a penguin girlfriend
  • blithe: what do you think dragons dream about?
  • luz: i just spent my life savings on 97 bags of jolly ranchers
  • roe: shoutout to me for only losing my chill once. thirteen people died. never again.
  • sobel: stop
  • dike: ¿¿¿¿???؟؟؟؟؟؟﹖﹖﹖¿¿¿¿
Dialogue Prompts
  • “You know if we were married I would’ve divorced you a long time ago.”
  • “I can’t help it. It’s just a part of who I am.”
  • “I think you’d be a sexy vampire.”
  • “____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”
  • “Boobs are fucking amazing.”
  • “Either someone’s in the house or that ghost’s playing a prank on me again.”
  • “What do you mean aliens aren’t real?!”
  • “You’re letting them get away with this - You cannot be serious!”
  • “There’s a surprise for you in the basement…”
  • “Stop flirting with that mannequin.”
  • “I swear, he was like this when I found him!”
  • “There’s something I need to get off my chest.”
  • “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t get drunk and steal my ex’s car.”
  • “Oh my God. You’re in love with them.”
  • “You were always so damn predictable.”
  • “We could get arrested for this.” “That’s what makes it fun.”
  • “Promise me you’ll never do that again.”
  • “Is that supposed to be a threat?”
  • “You changed my life.”
  • “I’ve moved on. Get over it.”
  • “Take one step closer and I swear to God I’ll kill you.”
  • “You’re so cute when you’re angry.”
  • “Perhaps we’re better off without each other.”
  • “Next time, we do it in your car.”

Being Allison’s Younger Sister Would Include:
(gifs are not mine creds to the owner)

• being best friends with the pack.

• the pack being over protective of you.

• allison teaching you how to hunt for future purposes.

• “do you even care about your grades?” “i cared for about eight seconds then all the fucks i gave ran away.”

• always being there for each other when one of you are upset.

• piggy back rides, always.

• “(y/n) where is the shirt i let you borrow last week?” “it depends on which shirt youre talking about.” “stop stealing my clothes and go buy your own.” “i can say the same to you.”

• always going shopping with allison and lydia.

• taking ugly/cute photos of each other for memories.

• “i swear to god scott if you ever think about breaking allisons heart i will break your pinky in half slowley just to watch you suffer.”

• allison trying so many different hairstyles on you.

• “allison youre pulling my hair!”

• having complete opposite personalities but sharing the same interests.

• having pointless arguements every now and then that leads to not talking to each other for less than a day because you two need each other at all times.

• allison always looking out for you and you always looking out for allison because you guys are sisters and love each other no matter what and cant imagine a world without each other.


“Where the hell is my Car?!” Dean yelled.
The Hunt was over for today, after the witch had managed to escape your sight, and it looked like she had let the Impala disappear too.
The oldest Winchester looked like he was about to break something. 
“Hey Boys. (y/n).” a female voice interrupted the three of you. 
You turned around and looked at a girl in tight jeans and a black leather jacket.
But what really catched your eye was her Shirt. 
“Is that my license plate on your shirt?! Wait? Did you stole my car?! I swear to god…!”
The girl rolled her eyes and looked back at the older Winchester, “Calm down Dean. I didn’t steal your Car.”
Sam observed the whole scene with an irritated look on his face and was just as confused as you were but the both of you kept quiet.
“And your name is?” Dean suddenly asked her.
She gave you and Sam a smug grin before returning her eyes back at Dean.
“You can call me Baby”

A bit of jealousy. (If you’re going to steal the blankets I’ll put my cold feet on you, JUNHOE)

Originally posted by teambgasm

A bit of jealousy. (Cutest things- If you’re going to steal the blankets I’ll put my cold feet on you)

/Hello annonie! I hope you enjoy this and I apologize if there are any mistakes or if this doesn’t make sense…I am sick and when I get sick I just…suddenly don’t know how to use words. HOPEFULLY THIS WILL BE OKAY THO T_T/

“June, I swear to God, if you’re going to steal the blankets I’ll put my cold feet on you.” You warned him, yes you did.

You warned him numerous times before it got to it, and he replied back with a nod of his head and an annoyed ‘I got it, okay?’. And you knew it was stupid to think he would actually go through it and keep you warm during the night.

There were several problems why sleeping with Junhoe in a one-person bed is a bad idea.

Junhoe is big. He takes up a lot of space, and he isn’t the calmest of sleepers, which leaves you with minimal space (unless you didn’t want to cuddle up to him, something he always brought up and you dismissed it with a scoff).

Also, he always sleeps pressed up against the wall, leaving you with the danger of rolling off the bed during the night, which has happened before. Why you always end up sleeping with Junhoe, you had no idea.

Just like now.

Why, you thought with a groan, tugging at the duvet that was wound tightly around Junhoe’s sleeping body. You had no idea what time it was, but judging the way you went to bed around two in the morning, it was still deep in the night. Which meant you couldn’t just hold on and try to endure until the morning.

And so you did just like you threatened. With a huff, you slid your feet between the duvet and Junhoe’s body, making sure you wouldn’t touch him just yet. And with a deep breath, you pressed your feet against his broad back, his flesh so beautifully warm, which meant yours must’ve been ice cold.

Junhoe’s reaction was instant.

He was jerking awake with a yelp, his butt reflexively pushing against you. His reaction was so drastic, he had you launching off the bed and on the floor, legs still dangled in Junhoe’s shirt.

The fall had the breath pushing from your lungs, and you gasped loudly, which had the others wake up as well.

“Junhoe, I swear to God…” you mumbled sadly, rubbing at the back of your head which you bumped on the ground.

“Why did you do that?” his voice was deeper than usual, groggy from sleep.

“I told you if you stole the blanket I’d be putting my feet on you…”

“You should’ve woken me up!”

“I tried! You didn’t budge! You’re horrible to sleep with!”

“Then find someone else!”

“___, come here. I have space.” Another deep voice rumbled from the other side of the room, and you turned over to look at Bobby. He was lying on his stomach, arm already reaching out for you.

Jiwon was nice to sleep with. He didn’t have any problem with letting you keep most of the blankets (even though he did require cuddles for it, but you didn’t mind because he was a nice cuddle partner).

There was silence on Junhoe’s side of the room. You huffed, already trying to de-tangle your legs from his shirt and get to Jiwon and at least a couple of comfortable hours of sleep.

That’s what you thought would happen. What you didn’t anticipate was Junhoe grabbing your ankles before you could get away, pulling you back to him, making you yelp. When you were close enough, he reached down, one arm wrapping around your waist and the other holding the back of your neck as he heaved you up, dropping you on the inner side of the bed this time, sandwiching you safely between him and the wall.

With a grumble, the tall man was throwing the blanket over both you and him, which meant he scooted in extremely close, so close it was much more comfortable to just throw an arm over your waist than to let it dangle uselessly.

“June?” you whispered softly, watching his frowning face as he settled in, finding a comfortable spot.

“Is this okay?” he murmured back, his arm squeezing at your waist for clarification, and you couldn’t help the quickened heartbeat and the sudden burst of redness on your cheeks. You nodded mutely, your own fingers finding haven in Junhoe’s shirt, and as your own eyes closed, you missed Junhoe’s small grin of success.

A chuckle resonated from the other bed as Bobby rolled on his other side.

“What a bit of jealousy can’t solve?”

“Shut up, hyung.”

Hidden - One Shot/Request

Request: Hello, do you do suggestions If you do can you do one where Sam and the reader have a love/hate relationship and you have angry sex ( details ) then you become pregnant and you have to tell sam before Cas and Pease include Charlie as the reader bff mrs-sam-winchester12


Words: 3965


“Seriously, Sam?” you bellowed as you stormed through the bunker.

  You stomped into the library, steam seaming to pour out of your ears and you could feel just how warm and red your face was.  You clutched the keys to your car in your hand, the edges of them digging into your palm but you didn’t seem to notice.

  “Sam, where the hell are you,”  you yelled as anger radiated from you.

  “Right here.  What’s with the yelling?” His act was unconvincing.

  “As if you don’t already know.  Tell me you did not actually steal the battery from my car.  I swear to God,” you glared at him, your teeth clenched and your eyes on fire.  

  His hazel eyes stared back at, his lids lowering and beginning to glower at me.  “I told you I didn’t want you to go on the hunt alone.”  His explanation, while more forthcoming than you had expected, didn’t make you feel any better about the situation.

  “You’ve got to be kidding me!” you yelled as you threw your hands in the air and attempted to restrain yourself from launching yourself violently at him.

  “Shit, Sam.  I’m not some helpless little rookie.  Hell, I’ve been hunting longer than you!  Stop trying to control everything I do! Stop trying to fucking protect me and just let me do my damn job!”  The words tumbled from your mouth angrily.

  “Let you do your job?  You’re joking, right?” he laughed at you.  “If I let you just do your job, you’d be roadkill right now. If I didn’t protect you, you sure as hell wouldn’t protect yourself and you’d be dead.  We’d be burning you in the backyard.  So yeah, I took the battery.  We go together or not at all.”

  Sam’s words pushed every button you had.  You wanted to throttle him.  Strangle him.  Beat the hell out of him.  You were seething and all you could think about was how angry you are.

  “You know,” you said, your voice deceptively calm and disturbingly even.  “Your protective controlling ways may work on your brother.  But they won’t work on me.  You may be some codependent sniveling little worm, but I’m not.  There are other cars in that garage,” you declared.

  “And I’ll disconnect every battery, and sabotage every engine I have to!” His voice rose as he stepped closer to you, his hand gesturing toward the garage.  

  “That’ll be a feat,” you teased, “especially since I plan on leaving now!”  You whipped around and made a break for the garage door.  Grabbing a set of keys that hung on the wall just inside the garage, you set your sites on one of the beat up old cars in the back.  You ran full speed towards it, knowing that Sam never had been able to keep up with you.  Yanking the door open, you jumped into the driver’s seat, turned over the engine, and tore out of the garage as you glanced back at Sam in the rearview mirror, watching him kick the bumper of one of the old station wagons parked next to him.


  Hours had passed since you had left.  Sam knew that your hunt was only about a hundred miles away and he knew you could take care of it.  But your brash actions and your blatant disregard for your own safety was what hit him.  Filled him with a rage and anger that he could never quite get a hold of.  

  Since you had shown up a few months ago, you had stayed with the Winchester’s in their bunker.  More often than not, you went on their hunts with them but every once in a while, you’d get it into your head that taking on a hunt, no matter how dangerous, was safe to do on your own.  And each time, Sam violently disagreed.

  Each time usually ended the same way.  You took off anyway, completely infuriating him, took care of the job, and came back quicker than he thought you would.  But that didn’t stop Sam from his constant worry.  

  “Y/N ditch you again,” Dean asked, a smirk on his face, as he walked out of the kitchen.

  “Guess so,” Sam replied back, his lips tight and his jaw tense.

  Dean laughed at him, shaking his head and making his way over to the table.

  “What’s so funny?” Sam asked him, irritably.

  “You.  The both of you.  I swear…One of these days.”   Dean trailed off, distracting himself with a book he had left on the table.  “Yeah.  One of these days she’s going to get herself killed.”

  “Yeah,” Dean said sarcastically, “That’s definitely what you’re so upset about.”  

  Sam looked at his brother, his eyebrows creased as he scrunched them together, confused.

  A few hours later, you pulled into the garage, your hair matted with dirt and blood,  but a smile plastered onto your face.  Parking the car, you swung your legs out of the door, grabbing your duffel and heading into the bunker, whistling as you walked.

  “Heya, Dean,” you said as you walked passed the boys who were pouring over their books at the table.  “Sam,” you said, tension and anger evident in that one word.

  You walked through the hallway and down to your room, throwing your duffel bag of weapons onto your bed as you walked towards the bathroom, desperately looking forward to a shower.  But Sam stopped you in the hallway.

  “Shit, Sam!” you said as you barreled into him, not seeing him as you turned out into the hall. “You know, for a tall guy, you’re surprisingly stealthy.”  

  He crossed his arms and glared at you, his eyes never dropping their focal point from yours.  “What,” you sighed, rolling your eyes and crossing your arms as you mimicked him. “Is this the part where you lecture me about how careless I was and we have some big after-school-special moment and hug it out while I tell you my deepest darkest secrets and cry into your shoulder?”   His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared as you could visibly see you had hit your mark.  “So not happening, Sammy.  I’m a big girl.  I went on my big scary hunt alone, and guess what?  The bad guy died and I didn’t!”  Your words dripped with sarcasm, each syllable taunting him.

   “Damnit, Y/N,” Sam said through clenched teeth, his pupils seeming to dilate as he stared at you, dropping his arms down and grabbing you by the shoulders as he pressed you up against the wall. “I worry about you, okay?  Is that so hard for you to get?  Some times, I swear, you just drive me crazy.”  His words seemed to ignite a fire within you.  Nobody ever worried about you before. You’d never been part of a team before.  But the anger and resentment you held towards being treated like a fragile porcelain doll was indisputable.  

  “Sam, I’m not your responsibility!  It’s not your job to protect me!”  You tried to push him back, to force him to release you, to no avail.  “What’s your problem?” you asked him, your voice stern and threatening.

  “You’re my problem!” he said, his face inching closer to yours, his breath hot against your cheek.  “Then do something about it,” you said, threateningly.  Sam’s eyes grew wide, his jaw clenched and his arms even more rigid as he pressed you deeper against the wall, taking your mouth over with his own.  His hands pinned you to the wall, your shoulders pressed up against the wall as he devoured your lips with his own.  You pushed back against him, catching him off guard and taking the opportunity to shove him back against the door to the bathroom, as it swung open behind him.  

  His feet tripped over yours, sending him falling down to the floor with you crashing down on top of him.  Your lips still connected, you pushed him down to the floor, your hands angrily grasping at his shirt. “Do you always have to be in charge?” he asked between breaths.  

  “No.  But I do need to shower.”  You suddenly released your hold on him, standing up and leaving him laying on the ground, his hands still in the air where they had just been grasping your hips and his jeans pleasantly distressed near his groin.  You stepped past him and towards the shower, feeling his eyes on your back as you slid your jeans down past your hips and left them in a pile along with your panties on the floor.  Slowly, you took off your shirt, lifting it above your head and discarding it in the heap.  You looked over your shoulder and down at Sam who laid mystified on the floor, starring up at you.

  “Are you joining me, or not?”  

  Sam jumped up, pushing himself up by his hands and disrobing faster than you’d imagined he’d be able to.  You giggled to yourself, surprised at his eagerness. The water was already warm as it sprang out of the shower head.  You stepped in, moaning at the intense relaxation you felt as the droplets caressed your back.  Sam’s arms firmly gripped your shoulders, turning you around to face him as he pushed your back up against the wall under the spigot.  His lips found yours once more, powerfully pinning you as his hands trailed down your stomach, past your belly button and below your bikini line. Your breath hitched as he reached down, his long, agile fingers beginning to assault your core.

  “I am in charge now, Y/N,” Sam gritted his teeth and growled at you.

  “Yes,” you moaned.

  “Say it, Y/N.  Say you’ll listen,” his teeth nipped at the sensitive area in the crook of your neck.  “Say I’m in control.”

  His fingers danced between your legs, forcing you to lose all control over your knees.  “Shit, Sam!” you yelled.  “Say the fucking words, Y/N,” he bit back, his fingers ceasing their motions.  

  “Yes, yes!  God! You’re in control, Sam!  You win!”  You begged him as a smile formed on his lips.  He brought one of his hands up to your hair, massaging your scalp as the warm water ran down your back.  “Sam,” you whined as his fingers below returned to their movements, and brought you right to the cusp, seconds away from your release.

  He stopped his onslaught, making you grown, almost painfully coming back down.  “You frustrate the fuck out of me, Y/N,” he said through gritted teeth.  You sighed, overcome by desire and impatient for your release.  Your hand glided down your side and between your legs, touching your clit and beginning to massage it, picking up where he had left off.  You opened your eyes and looked at Sam’s face.  His eyes were wide and you were pretty sure you’d never seen him look so surprised before.  

  “See?” you breathed out.  “I can take care of myself,” you finished, panting as you reached your climax.  Sam’s jaw tensed and you watched him swallow hard.  The growing pressure on your leg from his groin gave him away and told you that the irritation on his face was nothing more than a rouse. You leaned your head back, laughing softly.  Suddenly, Sam’s hands were on your upper arms, holding you against the wall below the shower head again as he abruptly and quickly slammed himself into and against you, making you gasp as you felt how absolutely he filled you.  

  “I can do it better,” he said, thrusting into you as he pressed him lips to yours.  His hand lowered down to your thigh, picking it up and wrapping your calf around him.  You didn’t think it possible, but he was even deeper inside you, rubbing you in all the right places as you felt yourself climbing again.  Your face heated and you could feel your breathing getting shallower.  Doing your best to stifle your screams, you buried your face in his shoulder, biting at his skin to keep from shouting out as you again reached your release.  Harder and more intensely than you ever had before.  

  Sam thrust himself into you until he too reached his climax, groaning as he did so.  You uncoiled your leg from his hip, standing again as he slowly backed away from you and began to wash himself off.  As you regained your breath, your nerves still tingling from the experience, you began to wash your hair, finishing the job that you had originally intended to do.  

  A few silent minutes later, Sam stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and drying himself off.  He looked back at you, a wicked smile on his face.  “See you later,” he teased, wrapping the towel around his waist and heading out the door.  

*   *   *

  “I’m telling you, it came out of nowhere!”  You sat on your bed, your cell phone pressed to your ear.  

  “No way.  You’re full of it!”  Charlie’s high pitched tone shrieked from the other end.

  “Charlie, you’ve seen us together.  There’s no witty banter.  No flirting.  Hell, most of the time there isn’t even civility, just arguing or silence.  But I’m telling you, it happened!”

  “Pics or shens,” she responded, an air of disbelief still in her voice.

  “Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera into the shower with us. What was I thinking?” you mocked her, sarcastically.

  “You guys really did it?  You slept with Sam?  In the bathroom? I really hope you clean that thing before I come over.”  

  You rolled your eyes.  “Charlie,” your tone was chastising.

  “I’m kidding.  But hey, maybe there’s something there.  You never know.  Maybe the big lug has  thing for you.”

  “I’m pretty sure he already showed me his thing,” you retorted under your breath.

  “You’re so dirty,” she paused. “I love it.  Look, I gotta go.  I’ll be there in a few weeks.  But you had better tell me everything that happens between you two!”

  “Well then, I guess I’ll talk to you in a few weeks, since nothing is going to happen,” you practically shouted at her.

  Charlie laughed.  “See ya, Y/N.”  The phone disconnected and you laid back down on your bed, closing your eyes and slowly drifting to sleep.  

  You awoke what felt like only seconds later to a fist pounding on the door.

  “Up and at ‘em!” Dean yelled.

  You groaned in response.  “Come on, just give me a break!  I just got home!”  The door creaked open and Dean stepped inside. “Y/N, you got home like hours ago.  I know you-” he paused, smirking at himself, “took a pounding…but you’ve been asleep for nine hours.  We’ve got a case.”

 Dean flicked on the light, illuminating the room and burning your eyes before he walked back out into the hall leaving the door ajar. Right, you thought.  Got a case.

*   *   *

  It’s been three weeks and you haven’t even talked about it? Not even a little? Charlie’s text came through just like the rest of the ones she’d sent.  Her curiosity knew no bounds and she seemed deeply offended that you didn’t have juicier news for her.

  There’s nothing to talk about, C.  It happened.  It was awesome.  We moved on.  You replied back to her.

  I’m not buying it.  Dude’s totally in love with you.

 You looked at your phone, completely caught off guard. I’m sorry,  you replied. Where did you get that between the glares and the blatant disdain?  

  Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe from the constant concern for your well being.  Oh and you know, the completely screwing you into oblivion in the shower.

  You rolled your eyes, ready for an end to the same discussion and argument you and Charlie had been having for the last few weeks.  Her insisting that there was more to your relationship, if you could call it that, with Sam than there actually was.  And you, refuting her every attempt to convince you that you were wrong.

  Sure, Sam was an intensely attractive guy.  But he was also a hunter who just happened to be completely controlling, strong willed, and easily irritated by your mere presence.

  See you in the morning, C.  You sent your last message to Charlie, effectively ending the conversation.  You’d discuss the rest in the morning after she came back.  

  You got up from the desk in your bedroom, pushing your cell phone deep into your pocket and heading out into the map room to see if the boys were ready to head out.  They had caught wind of a Djinn in Mississippi and Dean was especially intent on getting the job done quickly.  “Dean?  Sam? You ready to go?”  You tossed your bag onto the table picking up the news clippings that were still sitting out and glancing through them.  

  Sam peaked around the corner at you from the bookshelf.  “He already left,” Sam told you.

  “Dean?  He went after it solo?”  

  “Yeah.  Headed out about an hour ago.  Said he wanted to take care of it on his own,” Sam explained.

 “And you let him?”  Your voice was skeptical as you looked at him, your eyebrows raised.

  “I’m not my brother’s keeper, you know.  I’m not that big a control freak,” he said, enunciating each word very specifically.

  You laughed, looking down at your feet and crossing your arms. “Could have fooled me,” you whispered off to the side.

  “What was that,” he asked you, already giving away that he had heard exactly what you’d said.

  “I said you could have fooled me.”  

  Sam smiled, walking up towards you again.  “If you want me to take control of you again, all you have to do,” his face was mere inches from you now as he brought his lips to your ear, whispering. “Is ask.”  

  “Aww, Sam,” you teased, moving your lips just as close to his ear.  “You’ll have to beg.”  Backing up, you could see Sam’s pupils begin to dilate as he swallowed, his eyebrow furrowing with an unknown expression.  You turned on your heal, grabbing your bag off the table and headed back towards your bedroom.  

  Sam caught up with you quickly, his hands grasping your hips firmly but pleasurably, and draping his tongue slowly up your neck at to your ear.  “I can do that, too,” he taunted you, as he guided you through your door and laid you back on your bed.

*   *   *

  This has got to be a joke, you thought, shaking the stick in your hand.  

  “Let me see it again,” Charlie said from where she stood, leaning up against the sink.   She grabbed the plastic from your hands, holding it gently by the tips of her index finger and thumb. “Y/N, it’s definitely there.”  

  “That doesn’t make any sense.  It has to be faulty.”  

  “And the three over there with the same thing, they’re faulty too, I guess” her tone was bordering on serious.

  “A bad batch maybe?  We should get some from a different store. Just in case.” 

  You saw Charlie roll her eyes, her frustration evident in her every mannerism.  You felt like you were having a panic attack.  Your chest felt too tight, your entire body was freezing but you were beginning to break out into a cold sweat.  “This isn’t happening,” you kept repeating to yourself as if it were your mantra.

  “Y/N?” Charlie said, concerned as he knelt down in front of you.  You looked up and into her eyes, seeing your terror reflected in them.  “Oh my God,” she said, leaning back.  “Cas, I’m praying to you here buddy.  If you wouldn’t mind, please, coming to the bunker, please and meeting us super quietly in the bathroom? Please?”  Charlie prayed as you attempted, and failed, to regain control of your breathing.  

  With a slight flutter of wind, Castiel stood in front of you, his face etched in an expression of concern, pity, and a hint of annoyance.  “Y/N.  Charlie,” he said, looking back and forth between the two of you before his eyes focused solely on you.  “Y/N. You need to calm down,” he said matter-of-factly as he pressed his two fingers against your forehead.  You instantly felt more calm, your breathing returned to normal and your heart no longer felt like it was going to burst out of your chest from pounding so hard.

  “So it’s true, then.” Your words flowed together, much less nervous and scared now.  “I really am.”

  “Pregnant?  Yes.  Of course,” Castiel confessed. “Have you told him yet?” he asked.

  “Of course not!”

  “You should.  He needs to know.”  Castiel’s deep voice resonated in your head as you began to envision what possible future you might have and what you stood to gain by telling him. Any way you cut it, you couldn’t see one that was happy and full.

  “No,” you declared.  “He doesn’t.”  You broke your eye contact with Castiel and looked back over at Charlie.  “I can leave.  I can run.  Hide.  Do whatever I want but he doesn’t ever have to know.”

  Castiel looked back at you, his face judgmental and angry.  “That isn’t the right decision.”  

  “Maybe not,” you stood up.  “But it’s my decision to make.” Charlie stood, looking back and forth between the two of you, uncharacteristically silent.  

  “Then, you leave me no choice.”  Castiel disappeared instantly and the terror that had been relieved suddenly came back ten fold.  

  “He’s going to tell him,” you realized.

  Charlie looked into your eyes.  “It’s really his, isn’t it? Sam’s?”

  You nodded your ascent as you began walking towards the door, grabbing the handle and opening it in what seemed like slow motion.  

  “Sam!” you screamed, hoping you could get his attention before Castiel did.  

  You ran towards Sam’s bedroom, seeing the door already open and catching the tail end of a khaki colored trench coat.

  “Sam,” you bellowed, nearly falling into the door and shoving Castiel to the side. Sam’s eyes snapped up to you from where he was laying on his bed, a book still in his hands as he lounged, his legs crossed at the ankle.  

  He looked at you expectantly as you could feel Castiel’s eyes boring into your skull at your side.  “I believe Y/N has something she would like to tell you.  Or do I?”  Cas looked at you, his eyebrows raised and eyelids narrowed.  Your eyes locked with Sam’s as he waited for the words you had for him.

  “I’m pregnant.”  You blurted it out as if it were nothing; as if you were ordering your normal meal from a diner.  “It’s your by the way.”  You finished the news, turning to face Castiel.  “Happy now?” you asked him before turning and walking out of Sam’s room and headed back to your won.

  You were halfway through throwing the contents of your top dresser drawer into your bag when Sam’s hand gently grabbed your wrist.  “Are you serious?” he asked, his voice sounding innocent and shy.  

  You dropped your belongings back into the dresser, sighing and turning your head towards him.  As you did your best to hold back tears, you could feel your eyes glaze over.  “Yeah,” you admitted, your voice shaking as you did.  Sam’s face broke into a smile, as he leaned down, cradling your head in his hands as he gently kissed you.  

  Breaking away from the kiss, you looked at him confused.  “But I thought-”

  “Thought what?”  He asked.  

  “That you hated me,” you said without hesitation.

  Sam’s thumb rubbed small circles on your cheeks.  “I’ve been sleeping with you because I hate you?  I am constantly worrying about you because I hate you?  How would that make any sense?”

  You shrugged, letting a smile begin to pull at your lips.

  “Quite the opposite,” he said leaning his forehead against yours.

If there’s one thing that Derek Malik Nurse will not deny himself, is the chance to nuzzle into William Poindexter’s neck. No matter the time or the place, he will always try to do so:

Before and after practice and games (“Ew, Nursey! We’re gross!” “Chill, you should know by now I don’t mind us sweaty” “NURSEY!”)

When they manage to steal a moment away between classes and exams (“Didn’t you have class like… 10 minutes ago?” “There are more important things, babe”)

While chilling out at the Haus eating pies (“Nursey, I swear to God if you’re smearing that pie filling on my neck…” “Relax, if it happens, I’ll just lick you clean” “Oh my God, please stop”)

Before going to sleep and after waking up (“Must you?” “Babe! You know it’s part of my ritual! It’s how I keep the nightmares away!”)

As much as he wishes, he can’t always spend his time like this, sometimes is barely a brush of skin but is still enough to get him going through the day.

The reasons he gives as to why he does it so often, ranges from “Is funny how with the barest hint of stubble against his skin, it gets so red” to “You were getting cold, thought you needed some of my body heat” to “I don’t know, it feels nice doing it”. Sometimes he’s playful, others he sounds shy but, there’s always love and adoration underlining the words, no matter if he tries to sound casual, so nobody tries to pry too much into it.

The truth of the matter is that whenever he nuzzles Dex, he feels safe and anchored, feels like everything will be fine and that their possibilities are endless. He can see himself doing this every day of his life, for as many years as they can possibly spend together. Dex is his home and his heart and he will always try to keep him by his side.