i swear to god if i watch that scene again

Okay. I know Gillian Anderson as Media was great, she was phenomenal. But I SWEAR if the Tumblr Hivemind™ overlooks Orlando Jones’ BRILLIANT monologue, I will be very, very annoyed. That opening scene was inspired. Transcendent. I loved it. I watched it again at one in the morning because it was so electric and organic that it breathed Life into me. My GODS I love Anansi.

The Three List | Barry & Iris | Script Fic
  • Barry: Hey, Iris?
  • Iris: Yeah, hun?
  • Barry: Do you remember when you were with Eddie & you told me about your 3's list?
  • Iris: My 3's list?
  • Barry: Yeah, you know, three guys you could cheat on Eddie with.
  • Iris: *snorts* oh, right. My 3 list.
  • Barry: You don't still HAVE that, do you?
  • Iris: *blinks* What?
  • Barry: Your 3 list. Do you still have it?
  • Iris: Uh...probably somewhere. Why?
  • Barry: *clears throat* I was just wondering if Oliver was still on it.
  • Iris: *smirks & crawls over to him* Babe, you know that's not a serious thing, right?
  • Barry: what do you mean?
  • Iris: *laughs* even if Oliver had given my fangirl self the time of day when I was with Eddie, I wouldn't have slept with him.
  • Barry: *blinks* you wouldn't have?
  • Iris: *laughs* Who do you think I am, Bear? You think 'he's on my three list!' would've sufficed if Eddie had caught us in bed together?
  • Barry: *blushes fiercely* No, I guess not.
  • Iris: *cups face* Babe, you've got nothing to worry about. *kisses him* You're the only one I want.
  • Barry: *after many kisses & sweet nothings whispered* But is Oliver still--
  • Iris: *rolls eyes & gets off him* oh, for crying out loud.
  • Barry: Wait, Iris, I didn't mean-
  • Iris: You most certainly did. *starts to walk away*
  • Barry: *panics* Iris-
  • Iris: Calm down. I'll be right back. *dashes up the stairs & comes back 10 minutes later* Found it!
  • Barry: *shifts towards her, eyes wide* What did you... *spots piece of paper she's holding* Oh.
  • Iris: *hands paper over* Take a look for yourself.
  • Barry: *scans list of names & frowns* He's still on it.
  • Iris: Mhmm.
  • Barry: This doesn't make me feel any better, Iris.
  • Iris: *crosses arms* that's the original list. I only updated it once, a couple months after I'd moved in with Eddie.
  • Barry: *still frowning* where's that one?
  • Iris: *makes circling motion with her finger*
  • Barry: *checks the other side* This one looks pretty much the same. I don't see-- *jaw drops*
  • Iris: *starts to grin* See something you like, hun?
  • Barry: Am...Am I...? *squeaks*
  • Iris: *nods* Mhmm.
  • Barry: I'm in the number 2 spot!
  • Iris: That's one above Oliver, I believe.
  • Barry: *still gawking* I don't understand.
  • Iris: *comes & sits next to him on the couch* After you told me how you felt when I was with Eddie, I had a lot of feelings that I didn't know how to deal with. Then when Eddie got all secretive on me I started thinking about you even more, and how my best friend would NEVER keep secrets from me the way my boyfriend was doing.
  • Barry: *winces* sarcasm is warranted.
  • Iris: in the past. *waves it off*
  • Barry: *swallows hard & nods*
  • Iris: That night when I came back to my dad's & you were there reassuring me, I felt like that was a safe place to put them. My feelings for you.
  • Barry: On your 3 list?
  • Iris: *nods* On my 3 list.
  • Barry: Did Eddie ever see it?
  • Iris: *laughs* Are you kidding? If Eddie had seen the updated version, he would've figured out what was up right away, even before I did.
  • Barry: And what was up?
  • Iris: *smiles & gently kisses him* I was in love with my best friend.
  • Barry: *has warm fuzzies* Iris...
  • Iris: So, you can keep that if you like. Oliver's name is still on it - BENEATH yours though. I don't have a need for it anymore. I haven't looked at it until today in over two years.
  • Barry: Yeah?
  • Iris: *nuzzles & kisses* yeah. You're all I want, Bear. If I can't have you, there's no one else I want. Not even a one night stand with a celebrity.
  • Barry: *smiles*
  • Iris: Do YOU have a 3 list? *raises eyebrows*
  • Barry: WHAT? *squeaks*
  • Iris: You heard me.
  • Barry: Iris.
  • Iris: BARRY.
  • Barry: *sighs & then laughs* I have a 1 list.
  • Iris: *eyebrow furrow* What's a 1 list?
  • Barry: *pulls out wallet & digs out tiny scrap of paper inside & hands it to her* Same thing as a 3 list. Except mine only has 1 name on it.
  • Iris: *jaw drops when she reads it* I'M the only name on your 3 list??
  • Barry: *grins & pulls her close* Yep.
  • Iris: But of all he gorgeous celebrities, even SCIENCE NERDS, you only chose--
  • Barry: You're the only one I've wanted since the day that I met you.
  • Iris: *teary-eyed* Barry...
  • Barry: Getting a chance with you? 10 times better than any hook up with ANY celebrity.
  • Iris: *sighs contently & kisses him* I love you, Barry Allen.
  • Barry: I love you, Iris West.
  • Iris: *nuzzles & pulls away after a while* So what are you going to do with my 3 list?
  • Barry: Give it back to you. *hands it over* You decide what to do with it.
  • Iris: *grins* Mmk. *pecks him in the cheek, stands up & heads to the roaring fireplace*
  • Barry: Wait, Iris, what are you doing?! *speeds over*
  • Iris: Getting rid of it. I don't need it anymore.
  • Barry: Well, maybe you should keep it. You know, as a keepsake.
  • Iris: *eyes him suspiciously* Why do you want it?
  • Barry: *I* don't want it. It's yours. I gave it back to you. So you--
  • Iris: BARRY.
  • Barry: *swallows* I mean, you ranked me ABOVE Oliver, so...
  • Iris: OHMYGOD. *rolls eyes & shoves it into his hand* You keep it. It'll be YOUR keepsake. *walks back to the couch & sits down*
  • Barry: It's not really MINE, so--
  • Iris: *gives him THE LOOK* one more word, Barry, and I WILL throw it to the flames. Not even your superspeed will stop me.
  • Barry: *nods & swallows* Right. *tucks paper into pocket & comes to sit next to her* So...
  • Iris: *raises eyebrow*
  • Barry: Now what?
  • Iris: *irritation fades away & she pulls him close, kissing him* Now I get some one-on-one time with #2 on my 3 list.
  • Barry: *pulls back after a few kisses* I thought you just said--
  • Iris: I swear to God, Barry, if you don't just kiss me--
  • Barry: *speeds them up their bedroom, drops her on the bed & takes off t-shirt, then hovers over her & kisses her, lingering*
  • Iris: *moans* Don't tell my boyfriend about this. He'll be extremely jealous.
  • Barry: *restrains groan* On my life. *mutters & kisses her again*
  • ...
  • A/N: Just did (as of 4/2/17) a bit of an edit, b/c I watched the 1.08 scene & realized it's actually called a 'three' list, not a 'threes' list. So I changed all those & added a short line to something Iris said early on.
Sunday 21st of May 2017

So i’d like to apologise in advance for the state of this recap as i was crying through out entire act 3 and 4 and the fact that most of my attention went to Jamie. However, im gonna try anyway and some facts are derived from things i heard others say.

The emotions started already with the opening music and the potters arriving on stage. I nearly lost it at the sight of them but managed to contain myself. During scene two, were Noma was apparently crying already and had to turn around to compose herself (i missed this bc the too busy staring at jamie part) And i got the feeling that jamie and poppy were holding each other more firmly here.

Then enter scorpius. I had never seen James as Scorpius before so that took a bit to getting used to, but she had me in tears during the scene where astoria died, which had never ever happened before. I just broke there, which resulted into my first tears of the day.

Upon act six i started to realise that Jamie pulled of his glasses to wipe at his eyes a lot. I thought it mightve been me but it kept on going and others seemed to have picked up on it too. I guess he was really emotional, but then again, the entire theatre was. During this scene sam actually also fell of the stairs when Delphi came in, which i had never seen to this extent before, but it definitely made for a good scene.

During the next scenes the emotions even came more apparent, when it came to the nightmares and the way jamie reacted after the famous line about albus being his son. He seemed more hurt and seemed to plead even more emotionally than he did before and that carried through to the next scenes and jamie seemed sad and with his mind there a bit even still at the extraordinary wizarding meeting.

The polyjuice scene was brilliant and got massive, massive cheers. Jamie absolutely killed it and i loved the look on his face when Ron/albus started going on about a baby. It was really obvious he both did not want to be there and was also surprised about the turn of events and i dont think ive ever seen him bolt away from that so fast. And then during the riddle part themselves… they all were glorious. Jamie fucking killed it. The happy and high notes he made when speaking aa scorpius… it was again a sight to behold.

Act two had jamie being more emotional during nightmare scènes again than i ever saw him before and it was really painful to watch because you could actually feel his pain. It was terrible and all i wanted to do was hug the man.
I also happened to notice jamie kept holding his wand in his right hand, but did it with his left at the end of part 2. I wonder what that all is about…
Anyway jamie got me all to the point of tears again when hé was with albus in the hospital wing, which actually didnt help much at all because james was full on crying at points during the staircase ballet which had be bloody crying all over again. SHe really hit me there and it was just painful to watch.

The audience had to laugh when alex was smiling about harry doing most of the cooking, but it was really funny to watch because jamie was looking over at him like ‘what?’.
But then james played it up again in the libary and the entire rant about his mother had multiple people sniffing if the sounds in the audience where anything to go by. You could really feel the pain she was projecting. It was amazing.

Noma and Paul on the staircases were just really sweet and yet again i thought that there was going to be a kiss but unfortunately that didnt happen :(

Enter annabel. Annabel has been fucking nailing it as both Delphi and myrtle so im very glad shes staying on. Today she was myrtle again and she really pulled it out of the park, especially when she said the line about being impartial about a certain Malfoy and the reaction she had to both draco and harry. She completely stole the scene to the point that i was not watching jamie as much (which probably says a lot) And when the scene ended and the lake scene went up a massive cheer came from the audience for her performance. And with massive i mean massive.

Before act three i hardly saw people who werent hugging and crying and bring all sort of emotional. For me it felt like huge weight was pressed on my chest and that was the moment i knew i was not gonna be fine. Sure enough, within the first seconds of act three i was a blubbering mess and that did not stop until it was over.

James killed it in the alternate reality and the tears really started to flow when it came to astoria again. It looked like Paul bentall was honest to god crying when it came to the lily ,mention as his shoulders seemed to be shaking and then the following was just as emotional (even though the audience got yet again to laugh at nomas giggle and pauls the universe rests on neville line).

The romione kiss was the best one i had seen up until then and it was a shame when the dementors came bc i really thought it mightve gotten heated. James seemed to be crying or near tears again after having witnessed it all and snape got one massive cheer after he got rid of umbridge. Like truly massive. I think he changed his line a bit there too but im not entirely certain there.

James was amazing when everything got back to normal and there were massive laughs when hé adressed them all.
But then the scene with mcg. Poppy seemed to be comforting noma and then i cried even harder between cherelle and noma because it was so emotional and i think noma was crying and cherelle maybe too and gooood. Ive never seen it played so well.
Meanwhile jamie got me in tears the following two scènes and i think he was starting to lose it there because he pulled off his glasses so much.

CUE ACT THREE SCENE SEVENTEEN. I think every romione shipper loves it because of the entire renewal part and they took it up big time yesterday. First we got to laugh about the Ron being drunk line and then Paul went fucking down on one knee when hé threw out the line, which got massive whoops from the entire audience. The kiss was also a sight to behold. What a kiss.

The crucio scene was really painful to watch too. It was horrid to see them all in pain and then they threw it up a notch when craig died, with james actually pressing her face to the floor.

Cut to extraordinary meeting second go around.
This was truly hard. Noma was choking up on her last lines here with Paul comforting her. She could hardly get her lines out as she was so emotional and that made it really painful to watch. It caused many people to tear up again if the sniffing was anything to go by.
Aand then jamie and dumbledore. Ill never not get emotional at that and even when draco entered later i was still in full cry mode while jamie took forever to put his glasses back on his face.

The help shouting part was brilliant as always and then back to Jamie and poppy bc yknow, my attention. When jamie said the line about the shrine poppy honest to god seemed close to tears. She managed to compose herself enough but the emotions on her face were absolutely real. The kiss was absolutely intense too. Fuck i love their chemistry so much.

Godrics Hollow Time! Alex once again got the audience in stitches with his farmers market comment and then when they all got into the right time and poppy was running up to albus i swear she was crying. It was so hard to watch and james and alex also seemed to be hugging so hard.
Poppy remained an emotional mess during the Church scene and there was a really tight hug between her and jamie where poppy was crying after she told him that she was happy to discuss just how lucky he was.

And then the last scenes… they were all messes when it came to jily. James was standing there shocked with his mouth open and jamie was yet again held upright until lily died and he collapsed to the floor. And the scene after that he literally did not stop crying still. Kept wiping his nose and eyes and then sam was starting to get emotional too.
I was literally crying so hard because of that i was unable to scream at all until cherelle came up, visibly crying, and when i thought the audience could not possibly get louder than they already were they proved me wrong when the Final five came up. The cheers were massive. Wands went up in the air. The cast was crying. They came back three or four times for applause and then it was a mad dash to stagedoor.

I wont say much about that, aside from the fact that when secufity told people at the front jamie was coming a cheer went up so loud we at the back wonderen what was going on until word travelled and we got news jamie was on his way - proven one minute later when hé and noma jogged around to our end to start with us so we wouldnt have to wait as long. The cheers for him went wild and werent even as loud for jack and John who showed up for stagedoor as well.

All in all it was one massive show and i was so glad i flew out for it again. I wouldnt have missed it for the world and im gonna miss this cast so much.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for portraying the characters so Dear to our hearts so well and went above and beyond with them. Thank you for this experience. Thank you.

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(spoilers) just watched that scene again where Bill finds Georgie in the finale and fucking shoots him and I swear when I watched the movie the first time I sat in the cinema choking on tears 'cause I saw my baby sister (she's 3) in Georgie and I just can't I'm crying again

I also thought of my little sister during this scene like, trying to feel how Bill was feeling and……. god 

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I decided to rewatch Sunshine again, and I swear to god, the first two episodes can basically be summed up as "Chika's thirst for Riko is endless and eternal." She's just so incredibly gay for that Sakurauchi booty

Chika “Nearly Kills Herself Twice Consecutively for Sakurauchi Booty” Takami might need some adult super vision.

But seriously I absolutely love watching their relationship blossom 😩💦! Among my favorite parts is the scene where they’re in the water and Riko hugs her because she’s finally letting all her frustration out.

They’re such beautiful little gays I love them


i know a lot of people are upset with civil war ii (fuck, i’m upset too). but idk, if i see this differently…i honestly can’t completely complain with this event, because i know what will come out of this: lots and lots of fanfictions. fuck yeah.

i’m sorry, but just, imagine all the fics, you guys; the fix-it fics, the not fix-it fics, the missing scene fics, the canon compliant fics, the soulmate au fics, the aftermath fics, the tie-ins fics etc. like, give me the fics where peter quill being very protective of tony (ugh, i’m a total sucker for starkquill!) he kicks ass, and saying something like “if you can’t treat him right, then i will i swear to god i will i can take him away to space you know you just watch me captain fucking america” to steve. or a stuckony-soulmate au where tony’s just heartbroken and resigned, because even after everything, he has to fight his soulmate again, but this time it’s not just steve but bucky too (idc if it’s done multiple times before, and i’m sure we’re going to have many stuckony fics after ca:cw, there’s just never enough of this trope). give me buckynat fics where nat goes “we have to protect the future, james” while bucky goes “no, natalia, we have to change it” and then they’re fighting to the death with what their future will be if they just don’t try to protect/change it looming in their minds. fucking give me spideypool fics where wade finally finds out peter parker is actually spider-man (assuming he still hasn’t known by the time civil war ii arrives), and now they’re on opposite sides in this civil war mess, what would wade do; keep trying to kill peter or doing his best not to cross paths with peter so he can protect him? give me tony-carol-rhodey fics, like, what if this time it’s tony who dies? what then? what will happen? how the two closest friends of tony’s will cope with his death?

just, the fics, you guys. all the civil war ii fics. gimmegimmegimme.

I’m already so hooked on Star Trek: Discovery, it’s so good to have another Star Trek series to watch again. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m already shipping Ash/Michael, whether they do end up together or not, I’ll still ship them. And I swear to god, if it turns out that Ash is the spy I will not be happy. I already really like him a lot. 

Also, I really like Michael, and I loved her in this latest episode and the scenes with Ash. But I also liked the two women dancing, this is one of the reasons why I love the Star Trek universe. 

I also really like Tilly as well. 

And for some reason I’ve been thinking that Tyler’s first name was Nash, but turns out it’s not. 

Person Of Interest “The Day The World Went Away” Review

First and foremost, I want to thank Amy Acker for bringing the character of Root to life so brilliantly for the past 4 years. I am so glad I was able to be a part of Root’s incredible journey. She elevated the show to a whole new level when she was introduced, has been one of the absolute highlights, and I already miss her so damn much. 

Well, this was certainly a game-changer of an ep. I was left rather shell shocked after it aired last night. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it for the longest time. I’ve thought about it a lot today and I think I both hate it and love it. It was an intensely uncomfortable episode, hard to watch and almost impossible to rewatch. Emotionally, I just can’t allow myself to love an episode in which Root dies, but logically, I think it was amazing.    

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Day 20: Black Cat

Today was not a good day. It was supposed to be; they were supposed to clean up some of the random shit in the bunker and then have a movie marathon. That was all forgotten when Cas touched something and turned into a cat. Yep, a cat.

“Um- I guess I better get some cat supplies,” Sam offered with a shrug, looking way too freaking calm about this for Dean’s liking.

“Wait-” Dean backtracked, ignoring the fact that a certain blue eyed cat was kneading his chest, “Why am I the one that has to stay behind with freaking Cas the Cat?!”

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I think it’ll take me a whole three months to stop laughing at the complete fuckery that this season finale was.

Don’t get me wrong seeing the pirate die was one of the most satisfactory things I’ve ever seen in my life but we all knew from the start it was going to be temporary. Still, I enjoyed it very much.

Here’s some notes I’ve taken:

  • Rumbelle… ARE. YOU. SERIOUS!? No. Fuck you. Seriously. She left him, she took him back just like that…. HOW MUCH ARE YOU WILLING TO BET SHE’S GOING TO LEAVE HIM AGAIN BY THE END OF 5X12!?
  • Robin trying to protect Regina from the dark ones with a curved piece of wood and a pointy stick is probably the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. 
  • Lana, Bex, thank you for the tower scene, at least it was fun to watch you guys banter.
  • A change of heart!? Really!? HE HAD A CHANGE OF HEART!? I swear to god since the Snow Queen last year this show has taken the habit of creating problems and solving them by making the evil guy just “change his/her mind” because those two fuckers can’t write a convincing story to save their lives… I almost fell for it you know, I almost thought Hook could become a character worth investing emotions in… but nope, he had to go and be lame. Okay then, enjoy hell.
  • Thanks for copying the stabbing from Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 2 finale but nah… none of you will ever be as cool as David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar, not even you Morrison, not with that hair anyway.
  • Also, the reason why he changed his mind was because Regina reminded him about killing his father!? Regina. A character he NEVER interacts with, suddenly has the power to make him actually think about his actions because they (suddenly) share a super duper big ass secret? Oh well, good for you Hooked Queeners! 
  • Side note here… aren’t Hook and Rumple TWO hundred years old!? Why did daddy-Killian say ONE hundred!?
  • So you’re bringing Henry with you!? To the underworld!? Weren’t you the guys that while Gold was talking about it you stopped him and went: “Gold you’re scaring Henry!” AND NOW YOU BRING HIM WITH YOU!? I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS!? 
  • Can’t wait to see the ASTONISHING cgi they’re gonna use for the underworld… I seriously can’t wait. Oh I am going to laugh so much.
  • This is so fucking dumb. Anyone that still takes this show seriously should be really starting asking him/herself some questions… 
As someone who’s read the books and has been anticipating this episode more than any other, let me just say this about Jamie Fraser and Sam freakin Heughan


I don’t know how obvious or not it came across to people who haven’t read the books that Jamie was taking Claire to the stones all along. I tried to watch it as though I didn’t already know but I just couldn’t. The fireside scene where Jamie watches Claire, outlines her face, her lips, takes her all in, reveling in her pleasure, is about where I lost my shit for good. I swear to god I watched the last 20 minutes of the episode 5 times in a row last night and every single time my heart broke again and again and the tears just kept on coming, because BY GOD if Jamie Fraser isn’t the most SELFLESS person in the whole world just then. He’s utterly in love with this woman, has just found out she travelled through time from the future, where her first husband’s still alive, a husband she’s been desperately trying to get back to all this time, something he has inadvertently kept her from doing. The amount of HONOUR this guy has, it surprises me still to this day, even throughout the later books… it’s insane. He’s utterly in love with this woman, HIS WIFE, and by all means he could keep her there with him in his time, and I guess it does appear that he will, when he’s talking about Lallybroch as home, before revealing that he’s actually bringing her to a different home, to the stones. He can’t be selfish, he can’t keep her in his time, because she’s already married to another man in her own time. And that for him is enough to fight his own feelings and bring her back to the stones, for her to go back to Frank, no matter how much pain it will cause him to lose her like that, FOREVER. And let me just say that knowing this beforehand, I literally saw it all on Jamie’s face. The sheer range of EMOTIONS that SAM FREAKIN HEUGHAN portrayed in those last scenes, very subtly but with a depth that had me crying my eyes out through it all, simply baffles me. Jesus fucking Christ this story, this writing, these actors do slay me!!!!! They hit this episode nail on, and I just cannot wait for what’s to come in the rest of the season – and in later seasons (PLEASE GOD, PLEASE).

If you’re not watching Outlander, you’re missing out so fucking much. This is how you do good storytelling. This is how you otp.

As a side note: what is it about Oscar and his male companions in the roles that he plays?? Even the dead ones. I swear to the gods, after re-watching Llewyn Davis again for the first time in a year…I am convinced Llewyn’s tale was as much about him coming to terms with the suicide of his former singing partner, Mike, as it was about folk music. Llewyn’s heartbreak and longing for the kindred soul dearest to him and lost was palpable in a few scenes…which is one of the biggest reasons I started bawling at the final “Fare Thee Well” of the film…

Oscar, this film was a masterpiece. How you ever got so overlooked for this performance, I will never know.