i swear to god i want to marry all of you

Leaked lines from the next episode of TWD
  • Rick: So...what will it take to secure an alliance with you people?
  • Natania: Oceanside will fight for you...but only if you promise your son will marry one of my many daughters.
  • Rick: Wait...what the fuck?
  • Ezekiel: Rick, in case you haven't figured it out, we're all going back to medieval times. Just...look at my place for fuck's sake.
  • Rick: ...
  • Aaron: I swear to god, you people are taking this Game of Thrones roleplay too far.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Carl: I don't want to marry the Oceanside girl.
  • Enid: ...I don't want you to marry her. (pause) But you need their alliance. I hope it's a very beautiful alliance-
  • *Carl and Enid kiss*
  • *meanwhile on the other side of the camp*
  • Aaron: (looks up from his book) Eric.
  • Eric: Yeah bae?
  • Aaron: I can't explain it but I think Carl is making a big mistake. My Robb Stark senses just started tingling out of nowhere.
thank you sotus (part 2 of my feelings for ep 15)

what. a. great. actor.

fuck my life. i’ve never seen someone so GENUINELY happy on tv. like, he’s a combination of happiness, getting twitterpated, shy, proud, in love all at the same time. im literally crying just looking at him. AMAZING

what an amazing boyfriend. i love u i want someone like u in my life



the world is burning but i swear to god i am okay






an actual photo of me after watching. crazy crying. i’m dead inside, i’ve ascended to the heavens and will only come back to life when the bloopers are shown.

i just want to take this opportunity to thank the author, the staff and crew, krist and singto, the cast, Delightful the subber, and everyone in the fandom. what an amazing series. thank you for representation. thank you for showing how normal it is to love. thank you for such a light-hearted story. thank you for SOTUS.

For your consideration:

Allura dancing and teaching the others how to because “grace and agility are important in combat also you need to learn how to work together” and also “Lance… stop grinding on Hunk…”

Shiro dancing and generally being gorgeous and having fun spinning Pidge and being spun by Hunk tbh. He and Allura dance and the others call them “The Old Married Couple” so he gets flustered and Allura giggles a lot. Let my child have fun. He needs to  r e s t.

Hunk is the Best Student and so Pure. He lifts Pidge and Allura and oopsie daisy you too, Shiro. He’s such a Gentleman and cute and he gets flustered when he dances with each of them and “uh, Allura… uh… I don’t want to step on your toes-”

Keith dancing and being a little uncertain but feeling good and Let Him Dip Lance having fun. Not to mention “Lance, I swear to god, if you grind on me one more time-”

Lance dancing and being a huge fucking flirt and trying to make it into a fucking contest with Keith but it’s honestly just because he wants Keith’s attention the Dork. Keith asks him to dance and kisses his hand just to get him to shut the fuck up honEsTLy

Pidge dancing and being small and cute and also tripping Lance when he tries to do anything dumb and having fun being picked up by everyone before fucking sweeping Allura off her feet, bridal style, and shocking everyone.


stylessemantics  asked:

Im also a firm believer in special times require special pet names. Poppet when he wants to be cute and is all cuddly and clingy like a baby "but poppet i missed yeh". Peaches when its something kind of intimate, but not sexual. "I'll marry you someday peaches, i swear i will" and things like kitten and baby girl, would be the sexy ones (wow baby girl i just got all hot and bothered) but the norm would be Love.

Oh my GOD all of these are killing me…..

I swear to god I will try to finish every prompt even if its late or it kills me

(DigiOTPWeek’s day 5 prompt, fluffy as you can possibly bear)

I actually wanted to try not to do taishiro for this one but life has been busy, so all I could manage was a cleaned up sketch of Taichi being horrendously affectionate and embarrassing bf, I will try Harder in the future

Request: Can I get a Luke Hemmings imagine where you broke up and some paparazzi pics come up showing you having cuts on your arms and legs and he freaks out about it?

Warnings: Mention of self-harm, depression, sad thoughts, a fight, a sad ending, and swearing. Read with caution, lovelies. I don’t want any of you sad. :-) If any of you struggle with depression/self-harm, come to me. Message me! I will gladly talk. I love you all so so much. 

Word count: 1.3K+

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So I started to think what it would have been like if witty, sassy season 1 Stiles had been audible during all the Nogitsune scenes, and I got excited and wrote a few down:


VOID:    You want to handcuff me?

STILES:  Listen here you little shit, I swear to god if you touch my dad I’m gonna get a baseball bat, cover it in nails, dip it in acid and whack our face repeatedly with it.


VOID:    What happened to the woman who called out for chaos, strife and pain to decend upon veryone and everything? What happened?…I do

STILES:  My god you are such a drama queen, you little shit.


VOID:    Oh, I hope he gets there in time. I like the twins. Short tempers. Homicidal compulsions.

STILES:  Let me guess, they also have great hair and rippling muscles, why don’t you just marry them!?


VOID:    I’ve heard of an alpha pack, Derek, but not a pack of former Alphas. It’s a little sad, isn’t it?

STILES:  Hey I’m the only one who’s allowed to be mean to sourwolf. I came up with the name sourwolf! C’mon at least let me have this!


VOID:    You really have to learn not to trust a fox, cause they are tricksters, We’ll fool everyone.

STILES:  Are you actually kidding me? You stabbed Scott? With a sword? Oh my god that’s disgusting don’t twist it. Hey is that Deaton? Hell yes take that you foxy piece of crap.


VOID:    But your not here to kill me, you’re here to protect me.

STILES:  I- You- You know what I’m not even mad that was really clever. I still hate you. But kudos.


VOID:    We aren’t exactly scared of your little fireflies.

STILES:  I’m scared! I am VERY scared of the little fireflies. Her little fireflies are terrifying. Tell her I’m scared, dude, don’t just leave! Oh my god she is totally going to kill us.


VOID:    Dad, he’s gonna shoot me

STILES:  Oh don’t play that card- you- your playing that card, the pouty lip really? YOUR NOT EVEN DOING IT RIGHT.


VOID:    Are you threatening us?

STILES:  Don’t antagonise her she is quite clearly threatening us. For God’s sake why are you so evil, eugh.


VOID:    I swear to god it’s me

STILES:  Bitch why you always lying?


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I'll Break The Windows - Michael Clifford

From @unkindnessofone’s prompts

I’ll Break All The Windows - Michael Clifford

“Open this damn door, Y/N. I swear to god.” Michael shouted from your front lawn, his hands flailing as he looked up at your window. “I’ll break all the windows if I have to. You’re being ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous?!” You shrieked, appearing at the window. “You snogged Louisa, Michael! You’re lucky I’m even fucking talking to you!”

“You’re not talking, you’re shouting.” He tried to reason, pacing up and down your lawn. “Please, let me in so we can actually talk.”

“Why would I want to even bother? There’s nothing left to talk about. You snogged the one person you know I can’t fucking bear, and you’re supposed to want to marry me.” You shouted, looking down at the ring on your finger. You remembered the day he got down on one knee to propose and how it was the best day of your life. And now it was just tainted knowing what he was doing behind your back.

You knew you couldn’t trust him with Louisa, the one girl you both envied and despised. She always got her way and this time you felt really defeated. You had bitten your tongue, held your breath and just let it happen, not wanting to seem paranoid. You hated being proven wrong but right now you wished your faith in him had been correct.

“Babe, please, of course I want to marry you. It was a mistake, why can’t I make mistakes? You’re supposed to love me for all of them.” He pleaded with you, coming to a standstill and looking up at you, his stomach twisting as he saw your tear struck face.

You closed your eyes, before tugging the ring off your finger. It wasn’t big, just perfect, but now you couldn’t help but look at it and wonder if it was worth it.

“Y/N? What are you doing?” Michael’s face told you it had finally hit him what he had done. “Come on, put it back on.”

You threw it down onto the grass below you and slammed the window shut.

I feel like rucas is so forced like the chemistry between them was barely built and then all of a sudden they’re together like I see it as riley having a crush on a boy because he’s pretty (and I mean he’s nice, but she liked him before she knew that) and lucas just going along with whatever and what is that?? I do not like that dynamic it’s unreal and it lacks compassion and it lacks sparks and I really fucking hope they are not endgame because you can’t just throw two attractive people together and expect them to live up to the cory/topanga dynamic I swear to god