i swear to god i almost shit myself

I swear to god I’m not an accident prone person, but ever since I broke my leg, it seems like I can’t not hurt myself like every fucking day.

I feel like all I’ve talked about since I hurt myself is this damn leg. Sorry. But I keep knocking my foot/leg against shit, slipping somehow, twisting weird…

last night I slipped and almost fell because my damn dog gets so hyped about eating & she drools sometimes. I slipped in that. Hurt like a bitch. This morning I was making breakfast for my nephew & I forgot that my other dog likes to stand/sit/lay directly behind me when I cook. I turned, tripped over him & fucking fell right in the middle of the kitchen. Couldn’t even take my painkillers because I had to drive.

I can’t fucking do this. I’m so scared that I’m going to rebreak my leg, or displace the bone somehow. I cried in front of my nephew, and I hate doing that.

Ugh. This is shit.