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The Joker x Reader - “Mrs. Frost”

Frost’s cousin got engaged and he needs to go to the engagement party in Nebraska. Since he doesn’t have a girlfriend, Jonny wants you to pose as his significant other, this way he doesn’t look stupid. Of course The Joker doesn’t like the idea, but dammit, your best friend needs help.

Best friends saga: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/153980061476/the-joker-x-reader-best-friends




“Absolutely not!! NO! No way!” J grumbles when you ask to go with Frost. “You’re my girl, not his!” he hisses, feeling the blood running through his veins faster.

“Come on, baby, pleeaseee, you know he just broke up with his girlfriend and he can’t go alone,” you pout, slowly rocking your body in front of him, trying to appear as adorable as possible.

“I’ll let you know when I care,” he growls, unhappy at the situation.

“You gotta be nice to him sometimes, J. He’s the best man we have, you know that,” you go and sit in his lap, strategically placing a kiss on his neck, one of the weak spots you so well know about.

“I am nice,” he replies, taking a deep breath, suddenly warmer.    It’s working.

“Like when, baby?!” you try to find an example and can’t find any in your recent memory.

“He’s still alive, I didn’t kill him yet! Isn’t that nice of me?” J scoffs, proud of his achievement. “Like, what other proof do you need??!!”

“Please, boss, I promise I will take good care of her; it’s just for 2 days,” Jonny finally speaks, trying his luck. Man, he really doesn’t want to show up there without anybody by his side.

“Maybe you should have held onto your girl the way I hold on to mine, hmm? I still have her because I know how to treat a lady,” he scoffs, making sure his hair is slick the way it’s supposed be, overconfident in his boyfriend material skills.

Ha!” escapes your lips before you can stop it.

“What is that supposed to mean, Pumpkin?” The Joker puckers his lips, waiting for an answer.

You don’t reply, just kiss the sensitive spot again, breathing on his skin for a few seconds and that sends shivers down his spine.

“Please baby, I really want to go…yes?” you move your hand under his unbuttoned shirt, caressing the soft skin while giving him the look. Ahhh, the look: that’s the secret weapon you use when you really want it your way. This is one of those times that require special strategy: all gloves are off because your best friend needs help.

“Ummm…no…” he whispers but his determination went down a notch. His eyelashes flutter while you keep on staring at him with that naughty, devilish smile on your face.

“I’ll go crazy on you if you say yes, you bad boy,” you bite your lip, winking at him and signal Frost to get out with the free hand behind your back.

He gulps, slapping your thigh, pretending not to care:

“You always go crazy on me, Princess.”
“Yeah, well, think of that times four…hmmm?” you smirk, pulling on his bottom lip and he grins, intrigued:


Even five!” you are fast to add, your hand sliding down his waist as you kiss his neck, biting the soft skin from time to time. He purrs, enjoying the sensation and you already have some insane things in mind for him.

Jonny closes the door behind him, trying not to make a sound. “Poor Y/N, the things she has to do for me. I don’t deserve her; she really is the best friend someone can have,” he thinks with pride and if this was a movie, there would truly be some heroic music playing in the background.


“Oh, wow, you have such cool tattoos!” Frost’s family remarks after you were introduced as his girlfriend about 15 minutes go. There are probably about 30 people at the house. Smalltalk started on the way to the living room and it cracks you up they have no clue about what he does for a living. He’s not really close with anybody so he barely sees them from time to time, that’s why they are oblivious to his lifestyle. And he wants it that way. But for certain events like this one you just have to man up and go with the flow- in this case go with your boss’s girl.

Property of J, I Love J, J+ Y/N, J & Y/N Forever… Wow, Jonny, she has so many tattoos with your name, I think it’s super cool,” his cousin gets excited while reading them. If they only knew it’s not about him… but since Joker and Jonny share the same initial, works like a charm. At least no one but your real boyfriend can see the Property of Joker tattoos scattered in different…places on your body, otherwise they would be intrigued on why Frost’s name is not there.

“He is one lucky bastard,” you blur out, holding onto his arm and when his grandma gives you a disapproving glance you correct yourself immediately. “Aren’t you honey?” you sweetly smile, pecking his shoulder. Grandma seems to like that and she nods in agreement.

“I really am lucky, she’s amazing you guys,” Frost kisses your temple, addressing everyone and they all go “awwwwww”. One of the aunts touches your hair, mesmerized:

“I really love your hair, sweetheart, it’s so bright. Does it take a long time to do?” she admires you bright red locks with neon green tips.

“No, not at all. J helps me, I mean Jonny,” you fix your tiny mistake even if you didn’t have to, sipping from your drink.

“When are you guys getting married?” his oldest uncle suddenly asks and you kind of roll your eyes. Frost is fed up with this dumb question they ask every time he brings someone over at the rare gatherings he attends so he spits out:

“We’re getting married soon, I asked yesterday and she said yes.”

“Oh my God!” the relatives scream and rush over to hug you both. “Congratulations, this is great!” You are speechless and pinch his arm so hard his eyes get teary.

“So, Mrs. Frost, when will the happy event take place? Soon after our wedding, I hope?” the groom-to-be excitedly inquires.

“Aaa, we don’t really know yet,” you grin, trying to keep your composure because you didn’t expect this shit.

“Look at the sparkler Jonny got her,” grandma takes your hand, studying the huge diamond ring that The Joker got you for your 3 year anniversary. You just wear it like a wedding ring.

“Good job, my man,” the guys shake Frost’s hand and pat his back. For the first time ever you just want to kill him.
“Jesus, would you just kiss your blushing bride?” his niece giggles and pushes the two of you together.

“Blushing??!! Who?” you repeat, confused while Jonny barely brushes your lips against yours so it won’t look awkward. The crazy niece reaches her hands and presses your heads together, resulting in a better kiss. You want to laugh on how stupid everything is when your eyes wander to the back yard for a few moments and your heart stops: The Joker just sits there, staring at you with his mouth open, shocked, not even blinking and probably not breathing at this point.

“Fuck!” you whisper in low voice in Jonny’s ear, not that you need to keep it down with everyone whistling and clapping. “Don’t make any sudden moves, J is watching us. He’s outside.”

“Oh, crap!” Frost gets startled, believing he’s already dead and this is just an afterlife dream.

“Don’t move I said, he can smell fear,” you whisper again, and when you look one more time, J is gone.  “He’s not there anymore,” you sigh, worried, leaving Frost’s arms.

People start talking and asking you two questions in the same time, that’s why you don’t hear the doorbell ringing.

“Hey, Jonny, your best friend is here. He said you invited him to our party,” grandma’s voice resonates in the living room while introducing the green haired man to everyone.

“The youth today”, she thinks, displeased at his appearance but still smiling.

What scares Frost the most is The Joker’s wide smirk that doesn’t go well with the murderous sparkle in his blue eyes.
“Y-yes, I invited him.” Jonny nervously stutters. “Everyone… this is Jay.”

All the relatives introduce themselves, analyzing the new comer because he sure looks interesting to say the least. The younger girls snicker and elbow each other, really liking his clothes and the toned abs showing from under his almost completely unbuttoned purple shirt.

“He’s so hot,” you hear them whisper behind you and it makes you whimper, feeling sorry for them.  “If you only knew the devil that he is, little girls”, you have time to think before you see him heading over towards you and Frost.

“Well, well, well, bestie,” The Joker takes a deep breath and hugs Jonny. “Finally made it to the party, I didn’t want to miss on the fun.”

Frost panics but there is nothing he can do. People start mingling and talking, probably the main subject being the dude with the pale skin.

“Sir, I can explain,” he tries to start the conversation, not raising his voice on purpose because he doesn’t want the others to hear.

“What was that?” J turns his ear, sarcastically pretending not to hear.

“Baby, please, it was for the show, you know that,” you signal both of them to follow you to the other side of the room for a little bit more privacy. You sure hope he won’t explode soon.

“For the show??! What show?!” he pants, irritated, facing both of you when you reach the back wall.“You fucking kissed my girl Frost???? You dare touch what’s mine???!!!! Thank God I decided to follow you here and keep an eye on things. And look at what I have to deal with… Would you also like her in your bed???!” he snaps, cracking his neck and you know this is not good.

“N-no, boss, of course not, I swear!” Jonny starts to sweat from all the emotions he’s going through and none of them are pleasant.

“Baby, please, “you go and take his arm, trying to calm J down because the relatives are sure glancing towards your little group even if they pretend not to care.

Suddenly, someone’s kid, a boy around 6 years old comes and tugs on J’s pants, trying to get his attention.

“Mister Toxic, do you like my drawing?” he lifts up his hand with the paper, smitten with that wild hair color.

“Huh?” The Joker glares down at the child, confused and enraged about the other problem also.

“I think he refers to your toxic green hair, baby,” you pet his arm, hoping he won’t go insane.

“Get lost, kid!” J grumbles at the kid and the boy gasps, noticing his silver teeth.

“Waaahhhh, Mister Toxic, are those bullets ?!”

“Go away I said!” he wants to push the kid away and Jonny intervenes, yanking his arm and taking him to his parents because he knows it won’t end pretty if this continues.

“So,” the future groom playfully punches J’s shoulder, interrupting. “Are you going to be Jonny’s best man?” he chuckles. “Him and this pretty lady getting married, I bet you are excited as hell, am I right?”

If the Joker’s would have a detachable jaw, it would definitely be on the floor right now.

“Say what?!” he narrows his eyes, watching Frost coming back to you. “Jonny boy, I heard you’re getting married?” he snorts with murder in his mind and you are ready to do something if needed.

“J, it’s not like that and you know it,” you reply and the groom looks confused. Something seems very out of place.

“This is MY woman!!!!” he suddenly loses it, shouting so loud that everyone’s eyes turn towards your small group. He points at you, furious as hell:” SHE IS MINE and she has what she needs right here, do you hear me Frosty boy?” The Joker takes your right hand and places it on his crotch, holding it tight on the spot. You are at a loss of words and so is everyone else.

“Oh, dear Lord!”, “What the…?…”, “ Did he just…?” you hear people muttering and it pisses you off he dares to ruin everything with his childish, entitled and possessive behavior. AGAIN.

“Christ Almighty!” you see grandma making the cross symbol, horrified at the scene unfolding in front of her eyes.

You pull your hand away and in the heat of the moment you go and grab Frost’s crotch, taking him by surprise:
“He also has what I need right here, so there’s no difference!!!!” you yell, irritated to the maximum.

Grandma faints and falls to the ground with a loud thud, a few relatives rushing to her side.

“You…You son of a bitch!!!!!” The Joker unexpectedly charges at Jonny, punching his lights out before he can defend himself. “Let’s go!!!” he forcefully drags you after him, while the family steps aside, not wanting to mess with the crazy guest that looks like is going to kill them all.


“He also has what you need, huh?” J shoves you in his car, fastly blinking because he sees dark spots, that’s how enraged he is. “Nobody has what you need but me, is that clear Doll?!”

Needless to say he definitely proved his point once you got back to the penthouse. Think about the wild stuff he usually does to you times six. Maybe seven. You couldn’t wear high heels for a week because you couldn’t really feel your legs.

God, the things you have to go through for your best friend, but if you won’t, then who else will?

And, yes, if this was a movie, that heroic music would start playing again right about…NOW.

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Title: 3 What-If’s I’ll Never Tell You

Prompt: 3 things a will never tell b 

Pairing: One-sided Ryuji/Akira

By: Admin

Ryuji wasn’t the thinking type. Others have said this of him, and he can’t help but agree. He’d always seen things as they were presented on the surface, unless a gut feeling had told him otherwise. 

He did or said what he felt was right, in the moment, even if it came back to bite his ass later – though he rarely thought that far ahead.

He lacked tact even when he tried his best to have it.

He didn’t put consideration into his actions or spend ample time making plans. He didn’t play with theories or attempt to wrap his head around complex anything procedures. Yet, for someone who wasn’t the thinking type, for some reason, he often pondered “what-if’s”.

Perhaps a tad too much. It stupefied even himself.

It was because of thoughts like these he realized there was more to himself than just the brainless banter he showed to his teammates; mostly Morgana, in point. That cat just had a way of nagging his mouth into action. 

There were many what-if’s swimming about Ryuji’s head, in total.

Yet the first three, all held one thing in common…

Ryuji glanced at Akira a moment.

1.     What if I’d never met him?

Kamoshida had been a devil staring him down in a crossroads for a long time. Ever since he’d shown up, Ryuji had made blunder after blunder, mistake after mistake, and in the wake of each he’d drowned deeper and deeper in regret. It was like he was sinking to the bottom of a marsh and Kamoshida was presenting him a pole he could only do two things with:

Submit to me, grab on.

Defy me, pummel further down.

If he had done the former, Kamoshido would no doubt have beat him raw with the prop he’d saved him with to make sure Ryuji knew his place – below Kamoshida, one way or another; whether it was gasping for breath on the floor or suffocating in an abyss further below made no difference.

Those had been his only two options for a long time, and eventually, he’d lost sight of the surface. No longer could he grab for the purchase, even if he wanted to, but Kamoshida still taunted him with it.

There had been so many – too many – instances where he’d wanted to snatch the pole and pummel Kamoshida silly with it, damn the consequences. Let him beg, let him bleed, let him feel the pain of his bones shattering under each blow.

And yet…

“What kind of mother are you, letting your son turn out this way?”

“Where’s your pride as a parent?”

“If it’s too hard raising him by yourself, then get married already – Lord knows a decent father figure would fix all the problems you obviously failed to.” 

“God. It’s like you’re not even trying to raise him properly.”

… the memory of his mother being barraged by the school faculty’s insults froze him in place everytime. The stillness in her shoulders when it happened, and the sound of pure disapointment in herself she made when they got home He could not, would not, do that to her ever again. And so, he continued to trickle deeper and deeper into his own hell; succumbing, and utterly alone. 

At least, that used to be the case. 

“…Pervert?” the teen gave him a straight look with a matching flat tone.

The case before Akira Kurusu appeared. It was as if the all-black muck of the abyss had been set aflame the moment he met him—

–and a path was slowly burning its way from the surface.

It took a while for Ryuji to realize the sudden shift, however. Nearly being killed by black masses in armor, meeting a talking cat, screaming from the pain of accepting his true self and deciding to rebel 

–it had all distracted him from realizing the gradual release of tension in his chest.

Until, once it was all seemingly over, he found himself breathing in clear air and feeling the sweet, sweet burn and, Akira holding his life-line with his secret smirk Ryuji had only just started to get glimpses of.

If he had never met Akira – he…

If another group had become the Phantom Thieves, he would have been okay. There was no doubt he would have continued to live on.

But he couldn’t see himself spending the rest of his life genuinely happy or excitement buzzing him out of bed every day like a rechargeable battery if that had been the case, like he was in the present.

Akira jumped small-ly when Ryuji settled an arm on his nearest shoulder and grinned placidly.  “Something wrong?”

Ryuji leaned to the opposite direction, but kept his arm on Akira’s shoulder. “Morgana ate my cod, but I’m not thaaaaat pissed.”

“That’s new,” Akira said blandly but with that undertone of mirth. “Who are you, and what have you done with—“

“Nope, nope, that’s definitely Ryuji. No one else can pull off that I’m too cool for school, cool with a k, hairstyle,” snickered Futaba maliciously from across the table.

“You little crab, I swear I’m gonna—“

“Don’t burn him too much,” Akira mumbled well enough to be heard. “I’d prefer not to carry my best friend’s ashes in an urn.”

Ann shook her head. “Why would you even keep his ashes…?”

“I’ve heard you can sell ashes for a lot of money on Ebay,” offered Makoto.

“Joker!” Morgana hissed suddenly. “Sell Ryuji’s ashes and get me another fatty tuna roll!”

Ryuji gasped and began calling everyone at the table traitors at the top of his lungs, when the second most prevalent what-if came to mind.

2.     What-if he hadn’t been my first best friend?

People develop a multitude of relationships in life. Some temporary, some distant, some frivolous, some deep. Ryuji had no friends in elementary, because that was when his dad was still around and the bruises were difficult to hide; the mental ones even more-so.

In middle school, it was slightly less barren. He had met Ann, and talked to her somewhat, but there were also other boys who likes manga as much as he did.

Some of them were later even members of the track team in high school – until Kamoshida appeared like a demon summoned from a sacrificial ritual. It was the abuse his teammates and he had suffered from Kamoshida that had brought them closer together. But unlike the day his father left his mother and him, when he screwed up and sucker-punched the coach and in-turn forfeited the future of the team, they ostracized him.

The only thing he had left after rehab for his leg was his sense of justice… and that only isolated him further.

In all the time before that, Ryuji hadn’t had someone he’d ever call his best friend. Before Akira, his mother alone held that title, and Ryuji never did nor never would feel embarrassed for it.

Yet it felt like a completely different experience, his friendship with Akira. Akira was quiet, more mature, and he didn’t have that feminine charm or adult mannerisms his mother did. They had shared interests and their conversation were intriguing – no one else shared his love the villains in manga, sadly. They got along exceedingly well and Ryuji felt as comfortable around Akira as he did in his own skin. It was odd, calming, and completely alien to Ryuji.

And because of this, he couldn’t help the swell of fear in his abdomen at the thought of their relationship never having took form.

Yet at the forefront of his thoughts…  

This last one was technically not a what-if – but it was. It really, really was. Not in its statement, but in its circumstance. If Ryuji had accepted his feelings sooner. If Ryuji had gotten over his ignorance. If Ryuji hadn’t stopped to think for once and had instead followed his gut like always. If Ryuji had pursued that tingling sensation he felt in his very blood whenever Akira touched him…

She might not be the one sitting there.

3. I love you.

Ryuji’s gaze fell to their Leader’s lap when Akira put an arm around Makoto. He nonchalantly let his arm fall back to his side.

Ryuji would never tell Akira any of these three what-if’s, but he would do what he could to treasure them.

“Everyone,” Haru interrupted out of the blue. “What song are they playing? I like it.”

“Ann, you’re the one who speaks English. Time to shine.”

“Um, sorry, but country isn’t really my thang.”

“Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad by Meatloaf,” said Akira quietly.

It was odd, since he couldn’t understand a lick of what came from the diner’s speakers, but for some reason… 

Ryuji couldn’t agree more. 

Brawling Love Part 12

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs swearing (what’s new lmao)

A/N: I’m writing this, doing school work and watching Political Animals all at the same time lord help meh.

With the new found information, you stand dumbfounded as you stared at your door in which Bucky had just left through. You let out a frustrated sigh and sat on your bed with your head in your hands. Bucky liked you back and you screw it up.

“Just once, can something go right in my life?” you groan loudly.

“Why not left?” A voice says from your open bedroom. You look up seeing Tony leaning against the door frame.

“What do you want?” you grumble.

“To talk about what everyone just heard.” he replied, walking in with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“Everyone heard?” you say.

“Yup.” he nods, sitting down beside you. “You both weren’t exactly quiet.”

You let out another groan. “Great.”

Tony inhales. “Listen kid, Bucky is an idiot. He’s insufferable, annoying, rude and downright obnoxious but he does like you. He genuinely likes you, believe me. He literally threatened to kill us if we teased him about his crush on you. Yes, the way he went about it was stupid. He called you names, said mean things about you but that was because he didn’t know that he liked you. He wasn’t accepting it but when he did, that’s when all of this comes into play.

“After he realized he liked you, he tried everything he could to get you to stay away from Ben because he wanted a chance with you. That and I told him to keep you from Ben because I just don’t like the guy. He thinks he’s better than me and he gives me a bad vibe.” you chuckle at the last part, shaking your head.

“What do I do? I didn’t say anything when he told me he liked me and that’s when he ran off.” you sigh. “I fucked up big time, didn’t I? Oh god he probably thinks I don’t like him back but I do. I’ve liked him for as long as I can remember I just-”

“I’m gonna stop you right there, sugar plum.” Tony says. “You shouldn’t be telling this stuff to me, you should be telling this stuff to Bucky.”

“What if he doesn’t want to talk to me right now?” you question as you fiddle with your fingers.

Tony pauses. “Wait a day.” you nod and Tony pats your shoulder. “Alrighty, good talk kid, we’ll be in touch.”

You chuckle at his words as he exits your room, leaving you to think of the many ways you could fix things with Bucky.

She didn’t say a word after Bucky confessed his liking towards her. Not a fucking word. It took everything in him, every ounce of courage to actually admit he liked her and she said nothing.

Bucky locked himself in his room right after the embarrassment he caused himself with Y/N. How could he be so stupid? Of course you’d choose Ben over him. Ben didn’t constantly argue with her, Ben didn’t make fun of her, he didn’t say mean things about her. Bucky did though.

“Oh my fucking god.” he groaned, stuffing his face in a pillow.

“Language.” a voice says and Bucky looks up, seeing Steve at the door.

“How’d you get in?” he questioned as he sat up.

“I had Friday unlock your door. Don’t worry, I won’t do it again, I just had to come talk to you.” Steve reassured.

“Talk to me about what?” Bucky played clueless.

“I think you know.” Steve gave him a tight smile.

“Everyone heard, didn’t they?” Bucky sighed as he closed his eyes.

“You two weren’t exactly the quietest.” Steve responded as he sat next to his best friend. Bucky held his head in his hands. “Listen Buck, things happen for a reason.”

“She didn’t say anything. She just stared at me.” Bucky says. “What are you trying to say? That I won’t get a chance with her because she likes Ben?”

“I never said that Bucky-”

“Yeah but you implied it.” he cuts him off. Steve lets out a sigh. “If you’re here to tell me to move on, you’re wasting your time. I’ll stop trying with her, she obviously chose Ben over me.”

“Bucky that’s not what I was saying. This is just a small bump in the road.” Steve says but he had already pissed Bucky off.

“Leave me alone.”

Steve looked at his best friend and frowned before walking over to the door. He grabbed the handle and pulled the door open before saying, “If you truly like her like you say you do, you wouldn’t stop trying.” and with that, he left.

A/N: Sorry it’s so short :( this was like a lil filler, I hope you liked it though.



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Joker Imagine: Obsessed *Part 2*

Part 1 is here 

Anonymous said:Hi! Can you do a part 2 to Obsessed? It was soooooooooooooo good.

/Thank you love. I hope you like it :)


Originally posted by the-beautiful-insomnia

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Joker’s P.O.V.

Oh what a lovely surprise she’d get! I kept a smile on my face as I stood behind her door in the third floor of a block of flats. Gotham was huge, but I found my way here quickly. I was so excited to finally do something with her. Little did she know what I’d do.

Oh Y/N you’ll like it.

The door opened and I saw her standing there in a red nightgown. First she seemed calm, but as she saw me, she stepped back and stared at me wide eyed. ‘’W-What..are you doing here?’’ She stuttered quietly and seemed scared. Oh, she wasn’t this scared at the club. But I couldn’t blame her either. ‘’Wanted to see you’’ I let her know and stepped inside without asking. She just sighed and then shut the door, surprisingly allowing me inside without a fight.

She had a clean apartment. It wasn’t huge, but big for one person.  Pretty good for West Gotham.’’ How did you know where I live?’’ She questioned me and I turned to look at her again. That’s when I saw her hair in a bun.’’That’s a secret’’ I chuckled, finding this amusing. She just let me in like nothing, but little did she know I wasn’t just paying her a nice little friendly visit.

Her hand kept touching her hair or the hem of her nightgown, allowing me to know she was nervous. It’s not everyday and criminal knocks on your door. I walked closer to her until I was standing right in front of her smaller body.’’Now Y/N I have a surprise for you, but I need you to be a good girl and come down and in my car without making things dramatic’’ I explained slowly and clearly so she could hear every word. I saw how her irises turned smaller from my words.


‘’I can’t’’ She whispered and tried to walk back. Quickly I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back close to me. ‘’Yes you can. Trust me’’ I growled lowly and looked deep inside those E/C eyes. I would not let her go. Y/N bit her bottom lip hard and I knew she’d rip the skin. ‘’Fine’’ She gave in and caused me to smile again. ‘’Now that’s what I want to hear!’’ 


It was night so there wasn’t much traffic outside of the city. I was driving like crazy towards the chemical baths used in some sort of science or factory shit. Y/N sat on the front seat and stared out of the window quietly. I felt so excited to finally do this.

She was so nervous and scared, yet she didn’t try to run away. I just knew that a part of her liked this, because it was kinda obvious. Only fear was making her back off. 

But not for a long time because I had a plan.

Soon we arrived at my destination and I was smiling from the joy and excitement that was flowing through my body. ‘’C’mere’’ I told her and then we both climbed out of the car. First she followed me nicely ,until I grabbed my gun to shoot the door open. I shot it twice and caused her to doubt me. ‘’Why are we here?’’ She asked me and looked around, but no one saw us. We weren’t in the city anymore.’’I told you’’ I sighed and kept the door open.

Instead of following me inside, she started running. Anger flashed through my body and I started chasing her in the dark. ‘’Y/N I swear to god if you don’t stop I’ll shoot you!’’ I growled loudly and got closer step by step. It was cold for her to run in a nightgown. I heard a sob, but she slowed down by the car and I wrapped my arms around her body tightly.

‘’Don’t you run away again or it’s bad news for you’’ I whispered darkly and then felt her body shaking in my arms. ‘’Don’t..kill me’’ She whimpered in fear and tears ran down her face. Oh beautiful girls like her shouldn’t cry. ‘’Shh..I won’t kill you’’ I offered her a smile, but I was still angry at her.So I picked her up by her legs and threw her on my shoulder so I could get us both inside.

The pungent smell of acid filled our noses and the chemicals could easily mess with someone’s head, giving them a head ache. I put Y/N down and then pressed the tip of my gun against her waist. ‘’Now pretty doll, follow me’’ I told her softly and she was kinda forced to do it. I led her up some stairs in this big and dark factory. We walked up three floors until we were on a rack above a big pool of acid. Her eyes were teary and she stared down at the toxics.

‘’Now you’re going to get two choices..’’ I started and loaded my gun to make her nervous. Her hands were trembling and she was holding onto my shirt tightly. It was kinda cute. ‘’First one is that you’’ get shot to death which I don’t prefer’’ I started with a calm look on my my face. Y/N’s eyes were directed at the gun now and she had to think.

‘’..or you’ll have a nice little bath down there’’ I smiled and nodded down, allowing her to know I was talking about the acid. Her body froze and she was quiet for a while. Oh, she was a hard thinker. But I really hoped that she’d pick the other one, because I didn’t want to lose her. She had something special inside of her that I couldn’t put a name on.

‘’They’ll both get me killed’’ Y/N broke the awful silence and faced me. She had stopped crying because frustration took over her. I leaned closer to her face. ‘’Ah..I think you’re wrong’’ I whispered and cupped her cheek with my hand. Her eyes glanced at the acid and then back at me. ‘’What the fuck do you mean?’’ She whispered and then bit her bottom lip. ‘’Let’s just make it easy..Do you want to die?’’ I questioned her and then stood a little steadier on the rack.

‘’No-’’ She started, but that was all I had to know. I grabbed her waist and turned us around so her back was facing the edge. ‘’Then it’s 2′’ I giggled and pushed her down. A scream echoed through the big building and I watched as her body sunk into the acid bath. Bubbles appeared on the surface and I stared down, thinking whether I should get her or not. I sure had an obsession over that girl, for some strange reason, but this way I could get rid of her.

But I could also save her and we could be crazy together. This would mess her up so bad, but the final touched were taking place in my special room.

Now I was frustrated. ‘’Fuck’’ I groaned, but quickly made up my mind before it was too late. I took a few steps back and then took a little speed so I could fall faster. My feet let go of the safe surface and I was free falling into the chemicals that would burn my skin.I held my breath and got to the bottom where I felt a body. Quickly I wrapped my arms around her and kicked us up above the surface so she was laying in my hands.

She didn’t move.

Her nightgown was full of holes and her skin was turning lighter than what it was. So did her hair, but her eyes were closed and she didn’t move a muscle. Suddenly my heart that I thought didn’t exist started to beat harder in my chest. I was a little scared. Did I mess up? Did I jump in too late

Before I could think that she was dead, her eyes opened a little and she gasped for air. Our eyes met and I smiled in joy now that she was awake. ‘’Oh I knew you’d make it doll face’’ I purred happily and watched as she looked puzzled. The acid didn’t burn my skin so much, but I felt the texture very well. It was worse for her since she had never been here. Technically she should be dead, but I was around.

‘’It didn’t kill you’’ I said softly and suddenly she held onto me tighter. ‘’You got yourself a point’’ She groaned in pain ,but smiled. Oh this girl was wonderful. But did this do what I wanted it to do? There was only one way to find out..

I leaned down closer to her face. I felt her arm wrapping around my neck and then I closed the gap between us. Her lips felt amazing against mine, but I didn’t add pressure. She was the one to deepen the kiss and it made me so happy in a sick and twisted way. Her hand cupped my face and she was really into this kiss. 

‘’Now..this is..what I saw..in you..in the first place’’ I let her know between kisses. Then we parted and she was smiling like crazy. It’s like she had been by the Cupid’s Arrow and that she wanted the first person she saw, which happened to be me. Yeah she had been scared but I bet she liked me. Y/N wasn’t like other girls.

‘’Now let’s go, I have a treat for you since you were such a good girl for daddy’’

But I’d hate to disappoint her. At least I could give her a proper surprise after a little shock therapy..

She was mine. 

Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 11: Screwed

Summary: Joker always finds and takes what’s his. JokerXPregnant!Reader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 1,133

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(Y/N)’s POV

Everyone eventually passed out in the living room. Except for me since I couldn’t drink. I watched television for a bit. It was quiet but relaxing. I was happy. My baby would have his family close by and despite who his father truly was he would have such a great life. Especially with this family. I caressed my bump smiling down at it. Being a mother is such a scary but much more exciting experience. I placed blankets over everyone before heading into the kitchen. I drank some water and calmly looked out the window. I suddenly felt a nudge in my bump. I looked down while caressing it to see if Alex would do it again. “Oh my god.” I mumbled. My eyes teared up a bit when I felt Alex kicking me again. “Of course this would happen when I was heading to bed.” I sighed. So much for relaxing though I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else in the world.

“Everything okay?” Annie asked. She was still drunk.

“Yeah, it is. I felt him kick.” She smiled.

“That’s exciting. He’s just chilling.” She joked.

“It feels good to not have to worry anymore.” She came towards me stumbling a few times. She held the counter for a bit. “You good?”

“Yeah. I just wanna feel the little brat. I swear I’ll remember this tomorrow.” I just giggled while placing her hand where I felt Alex kick before.

“Be still.” She stopped breathing. “You can breath, Annie.” Alex kicked again and I smiled.

“I felt him.” She gushed. I nodded while smiling.

“Thank you for sharing this moment with me.”

“Yeah. What else are best friends and best aunts here for?” She pushed her hair back. “I’m going to bed but first I’m going to take some Advil before I regret this tomorrow.” She hugged me. “Thank you for this.”

I just nodded. “No problem. Think you can wake the others and send them to bed too?”

“Sure thing, mom.”

“Haha, very funny.” I went to lock the doors around the house. I took one last look outside before heading back into the kitchen. Everyone passed by and mumbled something on their way up to bed. “I just adopted four more kids, didn’t I?”

“You love us!” Annie shouted.

“Yeah, I do.” I whispered. “Goodnight!”

“Night mom!” They all shouted.

“Annie!” I yelled knowing that was her idea. I could hear her laugh. I just shook my head.

I went to turn off the television and cleaned the mess from earlier before heading to my office and checking the cameras. I did this every night, just to be cautious. Plus, it helped me sleep knowing nothing was wrong.

“Fucking hell.” I looked at the gate camera and immediately regretted it. “Fuck! That’s Jonny and Joker.” I ran down to the speaker for the entrance. I could see them talking to each other on the monitor besides the door. “What the fuck are you guys doing here?”

Joker immediately perked up and looked directly towards the camera. “Dollface! Why don’t you let us in or I can break down the gate? Though I wouldn’t advise the second option. You don’t want to make daddy angry, now do ya?” He couldn’t come in. Not when they were sleeping upstairs.

“How the fuck did you find me?” I tried to distract him which I knew wouldn’t work for long.

“You know my things don’t get far, doll.” He growled. “Come on now. Open the gate before I have him cut down the gate.” One of his goons turned on a chainsaw and I panicked.

“Stop. Just stay put. I’ll be there in two minutes.” He smiled at the camera.

“Now, that’s my good girl.” I rolled my eyes. Poor Jonny. He didn’t need to hear these things about his little sister.

I ran upstairs and put on warmer clothing since chilly at night. I grabbed my jacket and my keys. I sped off to the gate in the range rover. Jay was standing right in the middle of it looking directly at me as I stopped. It sent shivers down my spine. How could he see in the middle of the night right thru my dark windshield?

“Evening, baby.” I heard him say as I got out and walked towards the gate.

“Why?” He suddenly got serious and stared at me angrily.

“You know you weren’t escaping me that easily. The cab driver wasn’t as strong as you’d hoped.” I gasped and stepped back a bit.

“You killed him?” I should have known.

“Not me, but my men here get information any way they need to.” I just shook my head.

“That’s exactly why I left.” He shook the gate as much as he could.

“Open the gates.” He spat. I smirked a bit knowing he was angry.

“Why should I?” I glared at him. “That’d be like accepting you back into my life. Why would I do that?”

“Daddy isn’t happy with you right now. Open the gates and get in the car.”

“Can you stop your fucking games? I don’t want to-”

I was interrupted by Jonny. “Please, (Y/N). Open the gates and let’s just go home.” We stared at each other for a minute before I saw him nod slightly.

“I’ll go get some clothes. Just stay here. I’ll be back.”

I could hear Jay ‘tsk’ repeatedly. “That’s not an option. Let me in, I’ll go with you.”

I sighed. “I can go by myself.” He pulled out his gun.

“I’ll shoot one of them. It can be any of them. Including your brother.” I got angrier but I couldn’t risk Jonny.

“You sure know how to charm a girl.” I manually unlocked the gate reluctantly. “I hate you.” I whispered as he came. I locked the gate back up.

“Careful now, doll. All that chit chat -”

“‘Is gonna get you hurt.’” I huffed. “Yeah, I know the famous saying.” I looked at Jonny. “I’ll be back.” He nodded. I got in the car as Jay did too.

“When we get there do you think you can be quiet?”

“I don’t take orders.” I reversed the car and headed back to the house.

“Jay, for once please listen to me.” I sighed. “I made a life over here. I have friends. I would appreciate it if they wouldn’t wake up to you. Got it?”

He placed his hand on my thigh. “I think I like it when you boss me around actually.” I scoffed and removed his hand. I parked the car.

“Please, Jay.” I looked at him.

He rolled his eyes. “Just this once.” He pointed his finger in my face. “Only this once.”

“Thank you.” I got out and he followed me inside.

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The Joker x Reader *Your day*

The Joker came up with the idea a while ago: from time to time you will have ”your day”, which means that for 12 hours you can do whatever you want. Sometimes it happens twice a month, sometimes weeks and weeks go by and…nothing. He secretly likes to make you happy but he wouldn’t admit it even if his life depends on it. A real sweetheart.   T__T

(warning: a bit of smut)

“Princess, today’s your day.” His raspy voice comes from behind you, his breath on your shoulder, waiting for your reaction.

You’re sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, bored to death. You quickly lift your head up, turning to see him, full of hope.

“Oh my God, J, like…for reals?”

“For reals,” he confirms, grinning his silver teeth at you.

You scream, tossing the magazine to the side, pulling him for a fast kiss, then you push him back and you get off the couch.

“That’s all I get?” he complains with a puzzled look on his face. Oh, he’s such a little jerk, he knows what follows.

“Hold on, let me get dressed, I’ll be back in a sec, Puddin. “

You are soooooo excited; you didn’t have your day in almost three months. You run to your closet and get your skimpy favorite outfit out that you like to wear for such…occasions: a tight red and green t-shirt (your and his favorite colors) barely going down halfway your abs , short enough to reveal your “Property of Joker” huge tattoo spread across your pelvis, plus the matching really short shorts with your name printed in the front and his printed on the back. Add the high hills and…you’re done.

You go back in the living room, and he sits on his chair, waiting, playing with his gold chains.

“Under 5 minutes, Princess, I’m impressed. I should let you have your day more often, this way you get ready in time,” he mocks you.

“Whatever Mister J,” you roll your eyes while sprinting towards him and landing on his lap. “First thing on my list, always,” you whisper, pulling down on his bottom lip with your finger, teasing him a bit before you start kissing him passionately.

-  First thing on your list is always making out with J for about half an hour. The reason why? He usually would do it for about 10, 15 minutes and then… well, you can imagine with him being such an impatient man. When it’s your day he can’t stop until you stop. Ha! Sucker! For sure taking advantage of this. You know it’s about time to put an end to it when your lips go numb. His hands are all over you and you know what he wants but it’s not going to happen right now. You have more stuff to do and can’t waste time, otherwise you’ll be trapped in the bedroom all day.

He growls, unhappy, trying to pull you back when you part from his mouth and you know better than to let him snitch you. You dodge his hand and walk backwards, licking on your lips so you can get some feeling back into them; they feel so red and swollen, just like his. You let out a devilish snicker (and you know you’ll pay for all of it later), encouraging him to get up so you can finally leave the penthouse.

“Come on, babeee, I wanna have fun out there, come on, pleasseeeee?”

“Damn it, it’s your day, I guess,” he gives up, frustrated, because he has to. He came up with the stupid thing anyway and now he can’t take it back. You smile to yourself watching him walk a bit funny towards the elevator. You almost feel sorry for him. Almost…

To compensate, you let him give you a few hickeys on the way down, this way he feels like he’s getting some revenge on you.

-   Next thing on your list is shopping and actually paying for the stuff you like. The Joker pouts and has a tantrum because his Pumpkin shouldn’t do such a common, boring thing as paying for stuff. But what are you supposed to do with all the money you have anyway?!

-  Since you are out during the day, you are using a black, unmarked car and you ask him to take you in Gotham woods at your favorite spot so he can speed and race. OMG, you love speed. He drives like a demon through the paved road, mostly deserted since Mister J bought the property last year and closed it down to the public. He does cookies and spins too and you love it until it starts to make you nauseated.

“OK, Puddin, I think I’m good now!” you let him know with a grimace. “I’m starting to get sick.”

“Lightweight!” J snickers, still doing a few more doughnuts while you dig your nails in his arm, yelling at him to stop. He can be such a stubborn ass sometimes. Thank God his rampage doesn’t last for longer.

-  You go to the movies and he rents a whole screening room just for the two of you. You wanted to watch a scary movie and he wanted to watch you get naked but you win because it’s your day and you have plans. He frowns for the length of the whole movie, arms crossed on his chest, not even looking your way until the end. Jeez, sometimes you feel you live with a 5 year old. You sigh and you have to be the bigger person (again) and give him your neck for more hickeys. That seems to please him, but you’re sure you will regret it in a little bit. In fact, you already are, your skin looks like a bruised up minefield.

-  Late lunch with Frost and his new girlfriend. You really like her since she’s your sister. They both seem to stare at your love bites that you don’t even try to hide. You like to wear them with pride, like battle wounds. People need to know how you suffer. Small talk going on, she lifts her eyebrows, pointing her lips towards your hickeys and you sigh, rolling your eyes and soundlessly mutter “temper.” She understood what you said and she giggles, quickly coughing when Mister J looks your way. You play with your food, trying to look as innocent as possible. The boys don’t talk too much; they are kind of socially awkward anyway. You don’t think they know what to say to each other except work stuff.

- Back to the penthouse, day almost over with.

“Come on, Princess, hurry up!” the Joker rushes you, coming out of the bedroom with only his gym shorts on, your name printed all over. You guys really like personalized clothing.

“I’m ready, almost done!  I swear!” you grab the popcorn from the microwave, plus your Pepsi and you follow him to the gym area. This is one on the best things to ask for when it’s your day: the Joker working out and you watching, eating popcorn and sipping on your drink. It’s better than any movie, ever. You whistle and roar every couple of minutes, visibly pleased with the view.

“Yeah, Puddin, work it! Oh, look at those muscles,” your eyes widen, totally getting excited. He’s starting to sweat a bit and that makes him look even more delicious to you and he knows it. He gets off the weight bench and with just two fingers he slowly and seductively pulls down on his shorts, watching your mouth open in anticipation. You choke on the popcorn but quickly recover because the show is getting better and better. Right before he uncovers what you’re dying to see, he pulls up his shorts, full of himself.

“That’s for doing the same thing to me all day, baby doll.”

Wow, what a jerk! He’ll pay; your day is not over yet.

“Wanna come help me?” he winks and you agree, still upset though.

He starts doing pushups with you sitting on his back and you count.

“50,51,52  …Wow, J, how many can you do?! Last time you did 50.”

“A hundred,” he grunts from under your weight, pushing himself to the limit.

“I’m impressed, you know,” you reply, spanking him and continuing to count, back to slurping on your Pepsi.


-   And for your grand finale, you lured The Joker in the bedroom,( which was effortless after you took your top off) and tight him to the bed with handcuffs. You still have 20 minutes from your day left so you decided he’s going to pay for the hickeys, for the gym scene and for other things he always does to you.

You tease him to the max, kissing him all over, brushing your skin on his but not letting him touch you himself. You bite his flesh softly and he just goes crazy.

“Untie me, doll, I can’t take it anymore, I want you right now. “

“I still have three minutes,” you give him an evil smile, licking his neck.

“Fuck, stop it or I swear I’m gonna punish you the worst way possible.”

“Hehehe, do it…Daddy!” you smirk.

That’s it, he’s done. When you call him Daddy he’s a goner and you soooo know it.

“I’m going to be nice, Puddin and untie you a minute earlier”, you smile, feeling sorry for him and to be honest at this point for you too. “But you owe me since you’re cutting into my time.”

He just purrs, biting his lips, his eyes devouring you.

“Ummm, Puddin, I can’t find the keys,” you say, looking around the bed, trying to hold your laugh.


“I can’t find the keys” you repeat, amused.

“Well, where did you put them?”

“I don’t know,” you chuckle, “I don’t actually remember seeing them.”

“You’re fucking with me, right?”

“Ehehehe, not yet,” you giggle, still looking around.

Mister J lets his head fall down on the pillow, annoyed.

“I’ll find them, I swear I will, but now…”

You crawl on top of him, forcing him to look at you again.

“You know what… Daddy? We can have fun anyway, it’s not like we didn’t do this before. Since you find yourself in this…position, I will just have to take advantage of you.” You kiss him roughly and he lets out a deep moan.

“I don’t deserve you, doll.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bite his lip and pull yourself up, starting to take your bra off.

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The arise of the Queen of Gotham (part 1)

Disclaimer : this imagine contains violence, sexual parts.


It happened last night in between eleven thirty and midnight. The parents of the victim told us that he was coming back from a get-together at a friend’s house when he was savagely attacked and killed. The commissar Gordon was clear when our investigator ask the question: it’s another attack of the Joker. The police man suggest that anybody should stay inside their house during the night to lower the chance of a third crime this week. Anybo-”

I brutally shut off the TV, smiling wickedly. If only they knew. If only they could see the fact that there isn’t just the Joker who can cause trouble in this city. Women are totally able, too.

But no. All of their fucking attention have to go to the sexy green haired man. When was the last we really heard of him ? Without him being confused by me ? Three weeks ? Maybe four ?

What, is he already out of jokes ?

When he first started, all of the medias was talking about him every day, of every week. There was always something to laugh about.

Poor him. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. If only he was there yesterday.

A maniac laugh come out off my mouth when I think about the guy I killed last night. He was pretty. Brown slicked back hair, sharp jaw with a little bit of beard, baby blue eyes. But boy, he wasn’t funny ! Maybe if he would have been, we could have had a quick fuck in between that container and that pile of cartoon box before I give him my gift : a bullet in between his eyes. But he was a coward.. A fucking pussy with a dick that didn’t even measure more then 5 inches.

What was his name ? James ? Mark ? Ethan ?

I can’t remember.

But I remember the smell of piss that filled my nostrils when I pulled out my gun to shoot him in both of his knee cap.

The girly scream that he let out when I pushed the trigger of my gun.

The splashing sound that echoed in the alley when his brain came out of his head to paint the brick wall that was behind him.

I almost came there and then. My panties was so wet it felt like I was keeping one of the great lakes in my pants. When I got home, I directly went into my bedroom and masturbate for a good chunk of the night. The pills in my dildo were empty by the morning. And my pussy was still asking for more. Pulsating, aching for my big blue toy to keep fucking me.

I’m no crazy. I’m an artist who live for her art. People don’t understand that. They’re too short of mind. Too much boring.

I frown at that tough.

Why can’t they get the joke fore once ? ” I ask Edgar, my old English Bulldog who’s looking at my with half of his mouth stuck behind his teeth.

I laugh at the sight. I take a short look at my wrist watch. It’s midnight. Time to go to work.

Idiot” I say while caressing the top of his head. “Mommy have to go do her art, OK ? Don’t worry, baby, I’ll be home before the sun’s up.”

I give him a quick kiss before taking my black bag that contains all of my material. I put my shoes on, take the key of my car and go outside after saying another goodbye to Edgar. I lock the door of my apartment before going down the four story stairs as quiet as possible to make sure that nobody is aware of me leaving.

I open my car’s door, start my engine, and leave my parking spot, already swimming in daylight on what was about to come.


I drove for a good thirty minutes before I get into the city of Gotham. I live in a rural spot, away from the Bat and company. Away from the boring people.

I park my car near a bar. I can hear the loud music going and see it pushing against the giant window, asking to get out so it could share its beat to every one in Gotham. I watch the big closed doors, who’s guard by a big guy in a black and white suit. My eyes fall on him. Could it the lucky one of the night ?

I check him out.

6’ foot tall, maybe more and all muscle. His jaw is well defined and a pair of glasses lay comfortably on his pointy nose. His arms are tensed under his suit. Probably his way to show out his muscles that he took 5 years of intense training to achieve.

Or maybe he’s just trying to attract girls.

A girl in a little black dress pass in front of him. She’s the only one I see coming out of the club since have been here (which is already been 10 minutes). I can see the subtle move that his blond head do to have a better look at her round butt.

Definitely a show off for the girls.

I see his mouth forming some words to the girl. She rolls her eyes and walk away. I laugh hysterically alone in my car while shaking my head on both sides. That’s way to easy. That guy is a gift of the gods, a sign that they like my work. I take my backpack from the passenger sit and pull out the most slutty dress that I have in my dresser.

It’s red and short and show a lot of cleavage. I take off my blue shirt rapidly and pass the dress over my head. I lift my waist of the sit and pull down my mini short. I look into my bag for my high heels and swear when I see that they are missing. Well I’ll have to do without them.

I apply a little the of mascara and the bright red lipstick that I always keep inside of my glove compartment and replaced my hair quickly before taking my little purse with me. I go out of my car in the most seductive way I can when I know that his eyes are on me.

I walk towards him while flashing my perfect white teeth. In less then ten seconds I’m by his side and shooting my most innocent look.

Well, hello there beautiful” he say, in a tone tone that’s meant to be sexy.

Hi, handsome,” I response, playing the game. “I’m looking to have the most fun tonight, so… Is it inside or with you that I can get that ?”

I grin is form on his lips.

Well it depends on what kind of fun you want ?”

The kind that you need to be naked with another person to have.”

He laugh gently and I join him while playing with a strand of hair.

I finish my shift at 2 o’clock, think you can wait until then ?” He asks with a hint of hope in his voice.

Oh no buddy. You’ll be dead by then.

Well, I don’t think I can. My pussy really need a good fuck right now. We could have our fun now, don’t we ?”

He bite his lower lip, uncertain.

I’m afraid not, sweetie. I could loose my job.” He explains, his voice torn.

You won’t even need it tomorrow you stupid jerk.

Oh c’mon baby, I really need your big cock inside my little pussy. Plus, there wasn’t anybody who went inside or outside in what, like 15 minutes since we started to talk. You’ll be back before someone can see you were gone, I promise.” Or not.

A short laugh come out of his mouth.

Guess that you’re right. C’mon lets go there,” he says, pointing to a dark alley in between the bar and a industrial building.

A clap my hands together while jumping in excitement. I walk quickly to the alley, mister following close behind me. I can’t even make more then five steps before I feel his hands on waist turning me around. He push me against the brick wall as his mouth attacks mine. Our tongues start to battle together and I can feel his hands coming on my breasts, massaging them roughly.

I can feel his hard member pressing against my core. I separate our lips and grin at him, raising my left leg to rest it against his waist, my foot fluttering his butt, pushing him closer to me.

Are you excited , baby ?” I ask him, while he kiss my the valley of my breast. I take his head in between hands and raise it eye level to me. “Do you want to see them ?”

He nods his head. I slowly take off the straps of dress. I can feel my nipples harden as the cold hit them. I was, indeed to say, braless. I look back into the guy’s eyes to see them directed to my perfectly round breast. They were burning with desired. Like the last time, I take his blond hair in between my palms. I direct his head to my pinkish nipple. He doesn’t waste anytime and start sucking on it.

I let out a moan of pleasure at his actions. He takes it in between is front teeth, biting on it before pulling on it like an elastic. When he reach the point he cannot go farther, he start flicking the tip on his tongue over my aching nipple, while playing with the other with his fingers.

My chin his resting on the top of his head, my left leg still wrapped around his waist and my hands are running along his many blond locks. I moan in his hair while rubbing myself against the front of his black jeans. I can feel my the wetness of panties dripping against his pants.

I’m close to coming. So close I can already fill it. I can fill, the soon to be come, droplets of his blood hitting my face.

But he pulled away. He fucking pulled away.

He’s all smiling, a mischievous look establishes itself on his face.

You can’t cum until I told you so,” he says, feeling proud of himself.

I look at him in disbelief. I don’t move, don’t think for a good five seconds, before I start laughing my ass off. My god ! This guy is the , most pathetic man I’ve ever seen ! And believe, I saw a lot of men in my short life.

It’s his turn now to look at me curiously. Perplexity is written all over his face while he watch me calm down.

Oh god, haha, you’re, hahaha, you’re so pathetic ! HAHAHAHA ! Did you really though for one second that you were calling the shot here ?” I ask, my tone turning suddenly to angry.

Who the hell do you think you are to call me pathetic, you slut ?”

I take my purse off the ground and open it.

You know, you really should watch your mouth.” I tell him while searching in hand bag.

And why should I ? What ya gonna do ? You gonna kill me ?”

I laugh at that.

Damn, ten points for you,” I say taking my gun out off my purse.

His eyes went wide, sweat forming on his forehead, exactly where I’m pointing my gun. A sadist smile is forming in my lips. I slowly lower my gun so it’s now have is no longer erect meat as target. I pout.

Why it isn’t up anymore, baby ? Don’t you want me ? You wanted me two minutes ago !”

He is swallowing is saliva with great difficulty. I take a step closer to him, to the tip of my weapon now against pressing the front of his jeans. I put the hammer down and a subtle “click” can be heard on top of his laboured breathing. I suddenly feeling a little bit of humidity on his pants. That’s when the smell hit me. He fucking pissed his pants.

I laugh, again.

You’re sick ! You completely lost your motherfucking marbles !” He yells.

My laugh stops abruptly. The bang of that came out of the barrel of my gun is followed by a screams of agony.

I look at him without emotions on my face. I roll my eyes of boredom as he keeps screaming for his mom. I kneeled beside him, doing a little reprimanding sound while moving my finger in front of his face.

Shut the fuck up, you gonna disturbed the party,” I say, pointing to the bar. “Now, now, now. You know, I was planning on letting you live longer then that. I was going to wait until you make me come. And I would have made your death really fast, but god, you HAD to screw up everything, didn’t you ?”

I look at him, them behind him. I can see his cock laying against the wall, in a bloodbath.

It’s so… Small.

Wow. Mom nature wasn’t really generous with you when you were born.” I tell him, pointing to his ripped of member.

Y-yo-you f-f-f..”

You-you-you ? What, the cat got you’re tongue ? You forgot how speak ? Do you want me to buy you a dictionary ?”

YOU FUCKING BITCH !” He yells at me.

Two bullet take their spot inside of him. One in his right knee cap, the other one pass between both off his cheeks, making his mouth visible from the outside. It broke some of his teeth while making his way.

Another wave of screams can be heard under the gulping sound of the blood in his mouth.

Honey, you should really watch your mouth, it could get you into trouble,” I scold him like a mother.

Why are you doing that to me ?” He asks.

Well, fist of all, you didn’t let me cum. Second I was bore- oh did you see what time it is ! Edgar is gonna wonder where I went !”

I raise my gun toward the middle his head.

No, no please !

I push the trigger. The bullet is stuck in less then a second inside of his head.

I swift my head quickly to the side, where the end of the alley s, thinking I saw a sadow or something moving there. There’s nobody. I rapidly put my breast back inside my dress and I exchange my gun against my keys inside my purse.

I walk fast to the edge of the alley and check in every way to see if there someone who’s leaving, or running away. Again, there’s nobody.

I quickly move away from the alley and walk towards my car. I unlock the doors in distance. When I’m finally close enough, I can see something on my wind-shire. It looks like a ticket.

I swear loudly while approaching it. I take it angrily in my hands, ready to tore it into pieces, when I remark it isn’t a parking tickets. It card. More precisely, it’s the joker’s card. I turn it around and see big letter written in red sharpie :

I’ll come get you soon, my Queen.

Certain Mistake (Joker X Reader) Part 3

I’m not a doctor nor have I had a child so I’m basing my info off of movies lmao, I don’t know how I feel about this so you guys have to tell me if you like it or not


Only a few days stood between you and having this wonderful child. Exhaustion was clawing at your body all the time, so you were ready to finally hold the baby gently in your arms rather then in your belly. The cravings had stopped altogether and hunger was never really a problem anymore.

“You haven’t eaten all day,” J asked concerned, picking up the full plate of food he had placed in front of you almost thirty minutes ago.

“I just don’t want to eat, that’s all, I’m fine I swear,” you persuaded him, but he just forced a light smile and cleaned the dish. He then helped you up and basically carried you to the bed where he tucked you in, placing a delicate kiss on your belly then your lips.

“Goodnight Doll, I can’t wait for this family to start,” He smiled and walked back out to finish some overdue work and some late night cleaning.
The sun pierced through a slit in the curtains, causing your peaceful sleep to end early. You rolled to the other side to avoid the bright beams, but to your surprise your hand hit empty sheets. Confused, you opened your eyes to a small note that had been placed on the night stand.
It read:

Had some emergency work, be home as soon as I can. Ready for this, any day now, hang in there. Frost is outside if you need him.
~Love J
(p.s I left you some breakfast, please eat dear.)

You wished he was here but the cute note made a smile appear. You found the slightest bit of strength to pull yourself out of bed, just barely. You stumbled around, using the walls to support what you couldn’t, slowly making your way to the kitchen. An assortment of food was placed all organized across the table, but you had no intention of eating, hunger just wasn’t something you obtained. Turning away towards the couch you felt something weird. A colorless liquid drained onto the floor. Panic submerged your mind.

“Frost! Help!” You screamed shakily. Quickly, the favorite henchman appeared.

“Oh shit uh, get in my car, i’ll drive you to the hospital. I’ll call the boss, don’t worry I got you,” He tried to state calmly but fear cracked his voice, he obviously wasn’t too sure on what to do.

Arriving at the hospital, Frost cautiously carried you under his arm into the lobby of the Emergency Room. Nurses rushed to your side as you screamed in agonizing pain, placing you on a stretcher and wheeling you off. One lady interrogated you with questions about your name and how bad the contractions were while another asked you to breathe a certain way. You were placed in a small, cold room as doctors poured in trying to help. They hooked your limp body up to complex machines as you just lied there, begging for the aching to end. Moments later, the infamous criminal you loved so dearly burst through the door. Nurses yelled, terrified, wondering why the dangerous man was here.

“I’m the dad, calm down.” He snarled at the petrified administration. They glanced at you with a weird look, as if they were confused why you were with the Joker, let alone having a child with him. It didn’t bother you, they didn’t understand or realize there was a kind side to the insane man.

Hours had passed, you gripped J’s hand as he sat beside your bed, watching you become more and more exhausted.

“We have to do a C section, get her into the next room, and call for extra anesthesia,” the main doctor commanded, causing his helpers to scatter. J tried to follow but was stopped.

“I’m sorry sir you can’t be in the operating room, you can wait out here and I’ll call you in when we’re done,” the stern doctor said to J, who didn’t take it well.

“I’m going in there. I want to be with my god damn lady while she has our child.” He growled, unhappy with being told orders.

“Hun, please just stay out here, I don’t want problems, I’ll be out in a bit, I promise,” You smiled trying to fix the situation before it became a heated argument. J just sighed and nodded, taking defeat against you. Anesthesia had kicked in as they sliced open your fragile skin, exposing your internal organs. Your tired mind couldn’t fight the medicine anymore and you passed out.

You traveled in and out of consciousness, hearing the concerned words of the professionals.

“She’s losing too much blood, this isn’t right, we have to figure out a way to stop it,” one said with urgency. “Someone go inform the father before all hell breaks loose,” another one suggested. J was in the room within seconds, taking a seat by your side, hugging you gently. Doctors rushed around, almost in a panic, successfully retrieving the young child as quickly as they could but also needing to stitch you up as blood poured from your deep wound.

“It’s a girl,” a nurse said, removing the baby and taking it into the other room to wash off the red liquid.

“Hang in there doll, our little girl is finally here,” J whispered into your ear, but you were still knocked out cold, giving him no response. Suddenly one of the machines started blaring noises, indicating no pulse was being found. A man rushed to you with a defibrillator, placing it on your chest, sending shockwaves throughout your body. After several attempts, you were brought back to life.

“Shit (y/n), you scared me, you’ll be okay darlin,” You heard J continue to talk to you, saying sweet things next to the hospital bed.

An hour or so had passed and the gash in your lower torso had been stitched up. You just laid on the mattress, asleep, while a doctor pulled J outside the room.

“She’s very weak. She obviously hasn’t been getting enough nutrients and isn’t very stable. We will keep her for at least another day and you’re welcome to stay, but I can’t promise anything with her.” He stated professionally to the dangerous man.

“Ok, thanks.” J replied, wanting to lash out and threaten that the man swear you’ll make it, but he knew he couldn’t. He sat in by you, just talking. Your eyes stayed closed, but you knew he was there. He refused to leave you, for fear of losing the one he dare not say he loved, but truly cared deeply for. The baby was in the nursery being taken care of until you awakened and were healthy enough to leave. Suddenly a familiar sound rang through the room, causing J’s heart to plummet. You didn’t have a pulse.

“No no no, nurse! Help!” He called out, and soon they arrived, grabbing the defibrillator once again, placing the cold metal plates against your thin gown. Everyone watched your limp body shutter with every attempt. Tears swelled in J’s eyes, he held the bed frame until his knuckles turned white, waiting for a positive response.

“Don’t do this, you promised!” He yelled at your lifeless body before breaking down, but after many tries, this time it didn’t work. In your mind everything was dark, images of your past would occasionally appear but fade away quickly. J continued to cry, promising to take care of the baby and do everything he can to keep her forever safe. Memories flourished as your organs gave out and your last breath left your body, peacefully.

An Author’s Odyssey

I just finished the fifth book in the Land of Stories series and once again I am in awe. Chris Colfer is a fantastic writer! Each of the characters is so well developed. Like it would have been really easy to make Red a bitchy brat, but you can see under her shallow exterior she does have a good heart. The books are marketed towards kids but, going into college as an English major, I am in awe. These books start off so simple and grow on each other. The characters grow. The themes develop at a rate that makes sense. Nothing is ever forced. The fighting is always in the right place, Conner’s off handed references and often dumb comments are almost always perfectly placed, the romance is always good without being overwhelming.

Something I need to gush about is the fabulousness that is Jack and Goldilocks. It is fucking canon that they have had sex, not something you’d see in a children’s series. But more than that they love each other. Not the idea of each other or the idea of the future they can have. No. Jack is completely and utterly smitten with his now wife. He proposed while they were in the middle of battle because he knew she’d think it would be romantic. They talk to each other. Not just flirt like other characters, they actually communicate what they’re thinking. Jack knows she has walls and knows she has secrets. That doesn’t piss him off, it infatuates him. Goldilocks is literally the epitome of femenism. She can kick ass, she can save the day, she can be the girlfriend for Red, she can be a wife to Jack (SPOILER) and mother to her son, she can lead by example and follow those who she thinks are worth following. Plus how often does a couple like this:

A. Get together

B. Stay together/ get married

C. Have a kid

Especially in a genre that’s becoming more and more about unattainable love this is a rare and much needed win. (I need more fan art of them stat)

More than that both the main characters, Alex and Conner, are evolving. They were passable in The Wishing Spell but in the books since they’ve both grown away from their tropes as the studious one and the slacking joker (seriously does every set of twins have to be like that). Alex has gone through very relatable issues. She’s grown up different, very studious and therefore mocked by her classmates. Once she’s in the fairy tale world, you’d think that suddenly everything is good and grand. But it’s not. She is walking a very thin line between good and evil since book three. When she loses her temper, she loses her motherfucking temper. She’s gone from a nobody to the fairy godmother. She’s also an emotional teenage girl. As much as I hate saying this, hormones make you do stupid shit. (I’m a teenage female going off my own experience). But she’s also facing the most frustrating thing ever- adults that won’t listen to her. Yes there are more frustrating things, but the entire first part of the fourth book is no one believing her about the Masked Man. She wants to help people but to help them she has to make questionable decisions. Decisions that other people- Ezmia, the evil queen- have made and suffered for. 

Then you have Conner. Conner Jonathan Bailey is my son I swear to god. He is awkward and clumsy and wants the world to make sense. He cracks jokes at inappropriate times, often getting his foot in his mouth, but his writing. The fifth book is exploring his writing. It was all so interesting. As a writer myself, I love how he viewed his worlds. With pride and awe. There are times that writing a story doesn’t seem that exciting, especially when you’re writing fiction. Because a writer’s job is to create worlds and people and events that paint your mind with black words on white paper. That’s mind boggling and it’s my job. Conner goes from a little boy to a far more mature young man. He has a passion for writing. He was inspired by people in his home world and in the Land of Stories. He took personalities and altered them for the setting. He has a lot of doubts about himself which is what any artist has. But my god, his imagination is spectacular (also there was a great part where Alex asks Conner what he would do if a guy showed up and said he was the author of their story. A+ self insertion joke, Mr. Colfer). Conner still uses humor as a coping mechanism, but he is also more courageous. He’s willing to run into a fight even if he’s terrifed.

Plus the themes that Colfer explores are done so beautifully. Everything is just so beautiful. The characters that are in love are genuinely in love. The characters that are just best friends act like best friends. The women are beautifully written and the men just as well. But more than that, this is the kind of book series you could read as a kid and as an adult.

Overall, this series is (as much as I don’t want to say it) just as good as Harry Potter. If not better. Harry Potter is obviously amazing and got me into reading and writing, but this series explores stories not just magic. People are beginning to understand how important stories are. Anyone can be a hero or a villain, depending on whose telling the story. The Land of Stories explores both sides. Perfect princesses are violent and short tempered. Dashing princes and knights can be afraid, cower, and sew. People that achieved something in their childhood don’t always grow up to get what they want. And best of all, ANYONE CAN BE A HERO! I work with kids a lot, so when they tell me they aren’t good enough or that they can’t do something because someone can do it better, I want to cry. I once had a 6 year old boy tell me there was no such thing as magic. This series shows that you can do so much to help peopl even if you don’t have powers. You can do things that scare you and that counts as being brave. IT TEACHES YOUNG GIRLS TO LOOK UP TO THEMSELVES AND FIND THEIR CALLING AND TO BASICALLY TELL ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY CAN’T DO SOMETHING TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES! YOUNG BOYS ARE ALLOWED TO CRY AND BE SCARED AND BE HUMAN AND STILL BE BRAVE!!!

If you haven’t read the story, please do. You will not regret it.

FIC: A Little Rehearsal

Rating: G
Pairing: Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian
Tags: Fluff, Humor, Friends to Lovers
Word Count: 3200
Summary: @xoshepards requested Shakarian fluff for her giveaway prompt. Hope this fits the bill!

Things get a little weird after that whole reach-and-flexibility conversation. Garrus…doesn’t mind. Also on AO3.

Shepard backs toward the door. She’s still looking at him, but it’s obviously a hard-fought battle. Garrus, however, could not look away if he wanted to, and he just hopes—dimly, because there is a lot of blood surging in his brain and thought processes are working a little slower than usual—that the complete shock is not outright visible on his face.

“Right,” Shepard says, looking very much like she would like nothing more than to bolt down the hall. He doesn’t need his visor to see her pulse, beating like a trapped butterfly in her temple, or the way she’s working to draw breath naturally; seeing her nerves like this seems invasive, intrusive, when she is usually nerveless.

“Good talk,” she adds.

“Yeah,” he agrees, too stupefied to say anything else.

She does bolt after that, though she does her best to pass it off as a brisk march. She wheels around so quickly, however, that she comes very close to overbalancing and, of the three strides he sees before the door closes behind her, each one more closely approximates a sprint.

What?” he asks, too late, still staring at the door.

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iwillneverforgiveyou  asked:

Q x Reader. Him getting jealous when he sees Sal hitting on the reader.

Q x Reader: Jealousy

It was Joe’s birthday and his wife had thrown him an extravagant surprise party to celebrate, she invited all his friends which is how you ended up at Joe’s house chatting to people whom you didn’t know super well. You had been a production assistant for Impractical Joker since the beginning and had quickly become great friends with all the guys. Despite your age you got along really well with all of them, but especially Q.

He was the nicest and funniest man you had ever met, not to mention he was insanely attractive, just your type. You had tried your damnedest to push your feelings down, but you still caught yourself staring at him, and felt your heart jump into your throat every time he spoke to you. You looked over to see him laughing with Joe and Murr.

“Hey (Y/N) what’s up?”

“Oh, hey Sal, not much, what about you?” I asked smiling at the Joker, you really liked Sal too, not in the same way but he made you laugh.

“Just enjoying this insane party” he said, you laughed.

“It is pretty crazy, I just saw Larry in the other room” you joked, he smiled.

“So where’s the boyfriend?”

“Sal, you know I don’t have one” you sighed

“I know, just wanted to make sure” he flirted, you blushed lightly.

Murr and Q were off to the side chatting about the gift they had gotten for Joe.

“You think he’ll like it?” asked Murr

“Oh yeah, for sure” but Q wasn’t paying attention he was staring at you and Sal, Murr turned his head in the same direction as Q and raised his eyebrows.

“Whatcha looking at Quinn?” he asked.

“Nothing…nothing…just what do you think (Y/N) and Sal are talking about” Q said trying to seem cool, Murr snorted.

“It’s Sal, and look at (Y/N), what do you think?” Murr said knowingly.

Q clenched his fists, Murr frowned and looked as his friends hands, after pondering for a moment he gasped in realization.

“Oh my god” Murr covered his mouth. “Oh my god no!”

“What?” asked Q

“You like (Y/N)!” he exclaimed, Q stared at Murr agape for a moment.

“You’re crazy” he spluttered.

“You’re in lov-”

“Murr I swear” Q warned.

“Oh it’s so obvious how did I not see it!” Murr was practically jumping up and down.

“Murray don't”

“Q, my friend, if you feel this way I’m going to tell you that waiting around while Sal gets in on that isn’t going to help” Murr advised putting his hand on Q’s shoulder, Q shrugged it off.

“Murr, stop”

“Fine, fine” Murr put up his hands in surrender “I guess (Y/N) and Sal could work. Them together…holding hands” Murr looked up at Q whom was pursing his lips “Kissing…havng sex-”

Q shoved his drink into Murr’s hand and pushed past him striding towards Sal and you.

“(Y/N)” you looked up to see Q with an odd half annoyed half angry look on his face “I need to talk to you”

“Oh, well I’m in the middle of something right now” you said pointing to Sal.

“Now” he said gritting his teeth.

“Um, okay? I’ll be right back Sal” you said, Sal nodded a bit nervously.

Q grabbed your hand and dragged you through the crowd and outside the house, your heart beated rapidly and the feeling of Q’s hand around yours, but it didn’t outweigh the annoyance you felt at being dragged away from your conversation.

“Q, what’s your problem?” you asked annoyed, pulling your hand away.

“What were you and Sal talking about?” he asked


“Was he hitting on you?” you stared at him taken aback. What the hell kind of question is that?

“Why do you care? It’s none of your business anyway!” you said assertively crossing your arms.

“Yes it is!”


“Because…because…” he stuttered.

Your eyes widened, no. No, it couldn’t be.

“Brian” he looked up nervously. “Are you…jealous?”

He opened and closed his mouth, shifting his eyes and licking his lips, unable to say anything.


He cut you off, grabbing the sides of your face and pressing his lips to yours in a hard, desperate kiss. You opened your eyes in shock as your breath was completely stolen by the passionate kiss, after a few moments of surprise you returned the kiss with equal enthusiasm. Eventually you both pulled away breathless and smiling.

“Yes” he looked at you adoringly “I was jealous”

Dark Paradise Part 2.

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A/N: sooo, this is part two. in this, we see a softer side of Joker’s. I feel like this is a little out of character for him since I’ve never really seen his soft side. I’m pretty sure he does have one but not like this lol I decided not to write a summary for this since its in the first one and I can’t write one without spoiling the story, ah! there will be a part three. I know how you guys hate to wait but it bothers me how long it’s going to be for some reason haha! but don’t hate meeee, anyway, hope you enjoy. this part is dark too.

Warnings: swearing, sexual abuse, surgery


y/n wakes up. she had a bad dream. she couldn’t really remember what it was but she was sweating and panting. it was about 3 am. J woke up to her panting.

“are you all right?” he said as he tried to grab her shoulder. she flinched. her eyes are filled with tears.

“I—im fine, I just had a bad dream.” she said, with her eyes closed, inhaling and exhaling. “my head kinda hurts.” she whined.

J gets up and goes downstairs to go get her some aspirin and water. he comes back and she’s sobbing. he sighs and walks over to her side of the bed and sits on the edge as he sets down the stuff her got her on the night stand.

“what’s wrong, doll?” he says, stroking her hair. she instantly feels disgusted. not with Mr. J but with herself.

“no, please, don’t touch me..” she sobs, backing away.

“are you still mad? y/n, just let me explain—”

“no!” she sniffled. “I’m still very upset with you but that’s not why— look, I can’t explain but just please leave me alone.” she says, still crying and looking away.

J’s non existent eyebrows furrow. he gets up to get a pillow and blanket and walks out slamming the door. he didn’t think he made her that upset. he walks downstairs to the living room to go to sleep on the couch.


its been over two months now. there has been tension between them every day since that night. he’s hardly ever home because he’s out looking for the guy who fucked her up. he’s destroyed every place in Gotham trying to look for him. whenever he tried to stay home so he can be with her, she refused to be around him. she remembered everything and decided to forgive him after he explained himself. she was tired of being mad anyway. she hasn’t told him about the rape so she’s been dealing with it herself. she doesn’t want Mr. J looking for the guy either because she just wants to forget about it. she knows if she tells him, it’ll be a whole lot worse. she’s not very comfortable around any guy anymore. not even J. the house is always filled with men, so she usually stays in the room now. it always bothered J how she acted around him or his henchmen but he never said anything. until now.

J decided that he wanted to celebrate a huge heist that went perfect. he thought he and y/n needed to loosen up a bit. he wanted to get her happy again so he thought a night out would cheer her up a bit. he decided to make dinner reservations at a 5 star restaurant. of course, he still has most of his guys looking for the scumbag but he wanted to take a break.

“y/n, darling?” he knocked on the bedroom door.

“come in.” her voice was barely audible.

“I have a surprise for you, baby.” he grins, approaching the bed to sit on the edge.

she was buried under the bed sheets reading a book.

her eyes lit up.

“what is it?” she said, closing the book as she sits up.

“just get dressed and meet me downstairs, doll.” he replied.

he reached out to stroke her face but she flinched and back away. she frowns and looks down.

Instantly, J becomes pissed off.

“what has gotten into you?” he growled as he got up. he smoothed his hair down roughly. “I haven’t been able to touch you for weeks! you know, I have needs, y/n. your kidnapping happened weeks ago, why are you still acting like this?!” he shouts.

y/n wanted to cry but she held the tears back and replaced her sadness with anger. she gets up and starts shouting too.

“are you fucking kidding me? do you really think I’d be over this in a fucking month or two? it was TRAUMATIZING, J!” her eyes filled up with tears. “this shit could take YEARS! you don’t want to deal with it? you don’t fucking have to! go get yourself someone that can actually fulfill your needs, someone that didn’t go through what I did, make shit easier on yourself!” she spat. she was panting from how angry she was.

“you know what?!—”

before he can say anything else, she starts to feel nauseous. J notices and pauses. she feels her stomach acting up and runs to the bathroom. she starts throwing up whatever she ate earlier and the day before. J followed her and stayed in the door way. it was pretty bad. the smell and sight of vomit just made her want to throw up more.

“What the fuck is going on, y/n?” he asked, in the midst of her throwing up.

she finished and flushed the toilet.

“I-I..” she said, trying not to break her voice.

“just say it, god damn it!” he growled.

she gets up infuriated.

“I WAS RAPED, OKAY? RAPED! THERE! YOU HAPPY?!” she shouted, bursting out in tears. she puts down the toilet seat aggressively and sits on it.

J calms down in an instant. he felt bad. he didn’t know what to do. so many questions came to mind but only one stood out. there was a long awkward pause between them until J finally decided to ask her.

“…are you pregnant?” he growled low.

y/n is still sobbing her eyes out. she’s sitting her the elbow on her lap and palm on her forehead. she took a test a few weeks before and went to the doctor’s to make sure. she was pregnant. she was trying to hide it from J until she can figure something out but it’s far too late now. she ignores his question and continues crying.

J walked up to her, to grab her face so he forces her to look at him. she flinched but he didn’t care this time. he stared into her bloodshot eyes filled with tears.

“answer me.” he snarled.

she nods. she doesn’t think he caught that but he did. his face flushed. he was shaking with rage. he releases y/n aggressively.

“I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch.” he growled.

“can you please stop?! I just want to forget about the whole thing. just drop it. stop fucking looking for him. stop fucking doing this.” she said, as she got up to get in his face.

he laughs.

“I wasn’t talking about the scumbag that did this to you.” he said, glaring at her stomach. “now he’s going to have it way worse.”

her heart instantly drops to her stomach.

“you wouldn’t.. you wouldn’t hurt me.” she said with her voice breaking, clutching her stomach.

“who said I was going to hurt you?” he whispered.

“you’re not hurting my baby, J. I swear, you try anything and I’ll leave! try me.” she snarled.

“are you serious, y/n? you’re planning on keeping that thing?” he said, raising his voice after every word. “you don’t want me looking for the asshole because you want to forget about it but yet you’re keeping the damn spawn? that little shit is going to be a constant reminder, y/n, you’ll be a mess. come on, you’re smarter than that.” he replied.

“it’s not the baby’s fault!—”

“that’s not the point! you’re so naive. it’s a baby conceived by rape. how are you gonna explain that to the kid, huh?! come on, tell me!” he shouted.

she stood quiet. she didn’t know what to say or do but cry.

“I’m not going to explain or say anything to it.” she whispered.

“then what are you gonna do? I’m not gonna act like the father, that’s for damn sure—”

“IM NOT ASKING YOU TO, OKAY?!” she yelled.

he stood quiet. he’s never seen her this mad or stressed. he was still very upset.

“I don’t want to get rid of it, J.” she said softly. “it’s not the baby’s fault.” she sniffled.

J finally feels sympathetic for her and hugs her, letting her sob into his chest.

“all I wanted was your support! y-you don’t know what it was like!” she sobbed. “it’s been so hard and I’ve been dealing with this alone!” she cried harder.

whilst holding her, he takes her to the bed so they can sit.

“baby, I’m sorry. i didn’t mean to yell at ya. I’m just stressed and you have no idea how hard I’ve been trying to make you happy.” he said, putting a piece of her hair behind her ear. “you don’t have to deal with this alone anymore. I’m here now.” he said, kissing her forehead.

she feels calmer now.

she sniffled. “thank you, J. it means a lot.” she goes in for a soft kiss.

“as for the baby, darling..” he sighed.

she rolls her eyes. she feels herself tense up again.

“I don’t do this very often but I’m begging you..” she looks her straight in the eye. “don’t keep it.”

“but, J!” she begins crying again.

he shuts his eyes and sighs deeply through his nose. she can tell he’s trying to control his anger.

“look, I know you’ve always wanted a baby. me? I just want to see you happy.” he puts his hand on her shoulder and starts rubbing her arm. “ this baby,” he paused to a second, trying to find the write words to explain himself. “isn’t going to make you happy. it’s going to make you miserable. trust me. it’s just a constant reminder.” he continued. “I don’t want to see you like this every day. I care about you, doll. but if you think it’ll make you happy, then keep it. the only reason it’ll be here, it’s because it’s yours too. i hope you don’t expect me to act fatherly towards it because I won’t. it’s not mine and it will never be. do I make myself clear?” he said, low and slow.

his mouth said keep it, but his eyes were saying something else.

he tilted her head up by lifting it with his index finger. she pulls away and nods with tears still in her eyes.

“good.” he whispers, kissing her softly.

he gets up and leaves the room so they can both calm down. maybe it worked for J but it didn’t work for y/n. he decided to cancel the dinner since he wasn’t really up for it.

after he left, she cried really hard. she didn’t know what to do. she wanted J to be happy too and she knew keeping her baby wouldn’t keep him happy. she decided to call a free clinic to make an appointment for an abortion.

anything for him.’ she thought to herself.

the appointment was the next morning. she got up to get ready for bed. she brushed out her hair, brushed her teeth, and washed her face. when she was done, she set an alarm and crawled back into bed causing her to fall fast asleep.


the next morning she woke up to her alarm. she didn’t see any sign of J anywhere. she got up and got in the shower. she took her time in the shower since she needed time to relax. the warm water running down her body helped her. when she got out, she dried her self up. she wrapped her towel around her body and walked out of the bathroom to look for some clothes to wear. she decided to wear casual clothing. black jeans and a black t shirt with combat boots. she got herself dressed then blow dried her hair. once it was dry, she braided it to the side and loosened it a bit. she moved onto her makeup and that’s when she started feeling nervous. she stared at herself in her vanity mirror.

you gotta do this. if not for you, do it for J.

she repeated this statement in her head countless times before continuing. she held back her tears and put on a bit of foundation. she added a light contour with some green highlight that you’d only be able to tell its green in a bright light. she winged her eyeliner and added mascara with a nude lip. she was ready.

she went downstairs to see if the coast was clear from Mr. J. everyone was gone except the housekeepers.

“hey, um, do you know where J went? or when he’ll be back?” she asked a maid.

“I don’t, I’m sorry, miss.” she replied, trying not to make eye contact.

y/n sighed. “thanks, anyway. um, I’ll be back in a few hours, okay? if he asks, just tell him I’m at the clinic.” she says with a half smile.

the maid hesitantly nods and gets back to work.

y/n exhaled and made her way out the door. she thought about taking her car but she wouldn’t be able to drive back after the procedure so she decided to call a taxi.

when she arrived at the clinic she started to tense up again. in the waiting room, she kept repeating the statement in her head again. she was interrupted when a nurse called her name.

“y/n l/n?”

she got up and followed the nurse.

they weighed her, took her blood pressure, and checked her temperature. the nurse then put her in a room where she can wait for a doctor to finish up his current patient. the nurse asked y/n some medical questions. after every answer, she would write it out on the computer.

“are you allergic to anything?”

“no.” click—type—click.

“have you had any type of surgery before?”

“don’t think so.” click—type—click.

“are you taking any medication?”

“no, not anymore. I use to take fluxotine for depression.” click—type—click.

“what’s the reason for having an abortion?”

“I was, uh, raped. my boyfriend doesn’t want it and neither do I.” she replied, holding back her tears.

the nurse looks at her.


she rolls her chair towards y/n.

“I know this was a very hard decision to make. but you’ll get through it. having an abortion does not make you a bad person at all. I’m sorry this happened to you.” the nurse hands her a card. “this is a 24 hour hot-line for young adults are dealing with this type of stuff. call it whenever you want, if you need to talk to anyone about anything, okay? if you need to get back on your anti depressants then you should schedule an appointment with your doctor.” she said putting her hand on her shoulder. “the doctor will be here for you shortly.” she said with a half smile.

y/n nods and the nurse gets up and leaves.

the nurse left a gown for her to get into for when the doctor arrived. y/n got out of her clothes and into the gown. she waited for the doctor for about half an hour. she was starting to get anxious again but then the doctor came in and interrupted her thoughts.

“hello, I’m Dr. Parker. you must be..” he paused. “y/n.” she smiled.

she seemed friendly.

“um, yeah.”

“alright, do you have any questions before we start?” she asked.

“..is it gonna hurt?…” y/n hesitantly asked.

“well you have a choice to be fully awake and aware during the procedure or we can put you on heavy anesthetic. due to how far along you are, we have to give you a surgical removal. afterwards, it’ll just feel like you’re on your period. alright?”

she nods. “I just want to be on general anesthetic the whole time if that’s okay.”

“sure thing. I’m gonna have to give you a shot before we start then. lie on your back.” she smiled.

once she injected y/n, she started getting sleepy.

“alright, you won’t feel a thing, okay? just relax and go to sleep.”

y/n fell asleep as Dr. Parker moved onto the procedure.

thanks to the tablet she place between y/n’s legs earlier, it made everything go easy. the doctor placed an instrument through the neck of the womb and suctioned everything out clean. it took about more than half an hour to finish.

when she was done, she noticed y/n starting to open her eyes.

“is—is it done?” y/n slurred.

“yes, now I’ll just have a nurse escort you to the recovery room, okay? she’ll have your clothes and everything. it was a pleasure meeting you, y/n.”

the same nurse from earlier helps her get up and walk to the recovery room. she laid her down. y/n was still seeing things pretty blurry. the anesthetic took 20 mins to wear off a little bit. the nurse offered her something to drink or a snack but she declined. she felt terrible. but she knew she did the right thing. the nurse gave her pain killers for the “cramps” as they called it. once the anesthesia completely wore off, the nurse helped her get dressed and called a taxi for her. she escorted her out and helped her into the car. she gave y/n a bottle of pain killers before doing so.

the taxi took her to her house which was a long drive. it was still early in the day so she assumed J wasn’t home yet. she was wrong.


I Really Missed Home.. Part 1

Requested by @jokerxharlez : Can you do a reader x joker where Batman’s sister is a good girl and stuff until she meets Joker and they sleep together (smut) and she becomes Jokers lover but Batman catches both of them ??

Authors Note: So there was no specification on how this would end.. you know happily or not so… happily…SOO I hope you like my ending??

AUTHORS NOTE PART 2: Okay so I had a lot of fun with this one SOOO THIS WILL BE A MULTI PART IMAGINE

Warnings: Smut, some mild daddy kink (bc Joker, duh), some swearing, mentions of death and mild drug/alcohol usage.

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Stay With Me (part 2)

Request: Could you write a imagine where the reader is a part of the suicide squad and togheter with Rick  Flag. The squad fight the joker and the reader falls in love with the joker & almost join him but Rick stops the reader. Reader vbecomes conflicted between the two. You decide the end :)) I love your stories btw :) By @maripaws​  

Word Count: 1,757 (Longest fic ever JEEZ XD)

Warnings: Some characters can be ooc (Haven’t watched the movie), kissing, guns, swearing.

part 1Masterlist

A/N: This is the second part! Hope you like it :). Btw, Katana, June Moon/Enchantress and Harley Quinn don’t exist in this version. So I didn’t totally liked the end myself, so sorry for the shitty end! 

‘’Thank you.’’ He smirks, he was going to enjoy this. You see Rick looking at you, seriously? He is jealous because of some asshole, could he be more stupid. You give him a nasty look.

“What the heck was that!?” Deadshot looks st the destruction around him. “That Joker guy is crazy!” He sighs, you laugh at his reaction.

“Deadshot, Slipknot and Boomerang. Follow me, Rick wants to get going.” They feel the tension between the two of you, they quickly follow you down an alley. They’re walking behind you. “Okay, we’ll get in through a back door…” You get caught off by a strange sound, you turn around and see Slipknot trying to escape to one of the buildings. “Fuck! Rick blow, Slipknot!” You scream into your earpiece, one second later you hear a loud bang. There’s blood everywhere on the wall, that doesn’t look to pleasant.

“Anyone else wanna escape?” You look at the to men behind you, they are shocked at what had happened.

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Queer Eye for the Star Spangled Guy
(The Inevitable Friend Interludes)

Part One here.

Clint is more than happy to give his opinion when it’s time to film the inevitable segments of friends and family giving their feedback on Steve.  When his segment is aired, the caption reads “Clint - Miraculously Sane Person.”

Tony wanted his subtitle to be Hawkbuns but conceded that “Miraculously Sane Person” would have to do, considering what happened with the Trio of Evil. 

Clint looks steadily at the camera with his default “Bitch, please” face on.  It’s fitting, considering what he’s going to say. 

Okay, so you guys all hear about the whole Captain America monkey circus act, right?  Thing is, while he’s not actually perfect, he’s still really that nice of a guy and at the same time, his secret identity is Captain Sassmerica.  Swear to God. 

He gets a bum deal, you know, ‘cause everyone keeps thinking him as “Cap” first and Steve Rogers second. 

So maybe SOME PEOPLE should stop being so flippin’ oblivious and get their heads out of their…. okay, okay, I don’t want to be bleeped out.  Basically.  People.  Are Being Oblivious.  And I am disappointed.  So very disappointed. 

So I’m hoping the Fab 5 helps Steve out and again to some people I know and I am so disappointed in - STOP. BEING. SO. OBLIVIOUS.  

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