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Just like with Jessie Mueller’s last show as Jenna on Waitress a couple of months back, I went to see Sara’s last show today (June 11, 2017) and sat in the very same seat as when I saw Jessie’s last show.

There really are no words at how talented and amazing and perfect Sara is. No matter how many times I’ve seen and heard her live, her voice never ever fails to leave me in awe. Today was no different. I got chills twice during the show. The first time was during What Baking Can Do when she hit that super-high note and then held it for a few seconds and then hit another high note after that. I mean, my jaw was on the fucking floor.

And of course, she absolutely killed She Used To Be Mine and killed everything else after this performance. I swear to God, there wasn’t a dry eye inside the theater after this song and this includes Sara. She started crying during Take It From An Old Man and then her tears didn’t stop until after Everything Changes.

I was bummed that she couldn’t sign after the show since she had to skedaddle and make her way to the Tonys to present, but I’m still happy that I got to be a part of this experience with her. I’m just so incredibly proud of her and to be a fan and to see her grow as an artist. There really is nothing this woman can’t do. Grammy-nominated album, check. NY Times bestselling author, check. Tony-nominated musical, check. Us mere mortals don’t stand a chance.

All I know is that I’m eagerly awaiting her next CD because it’s about time she got back to making new music and to go out on tour. It’s been too long. Just hope she gets some well-deserved rest first and then she’ll hit the studio soon after.

Thank you, Ms. Bareilles. You are a true gem.

Stamina: Chapter 4

Alec had woken up many times with Magnus, and while they weren’t usually so painful, he still smiled at the sight of his beautiful warlock on his chest.

He lifted a heavy hand to brush the loops of curls from the man’s eyes, frowning at how hard it was to move. He was exhausted and he’d only just woken up, where was the logic in that?

Magnus stirred at Alec’s touch and gasped, sitting awake and taking Alec’s face in his hands.

“Alexander, you’re awake! Oh, I’ve never been so happy to see those beautiful eyes of yours. We almost lost you.”

Alec pressed his cheek to the warlock’s palm and gave him an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry. What happened?”

Magnus opened his mouth to explain when a yell came from the other room.

“What happened?! I’ll tell you what happened!”

Magnus gave Alec his own apologetic look and whispered as he crawled off the bed.

“Jace is very mad at you. I tried to calm him down but his anger has been building up for the three days you’ve been asleep and I don’t think I can stop him.”

Alec looked suddenly afraid as Magnus stood beside his bed and held his hand. Jace stormed in, face flushed with anger as he stared at his Parabatai.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake because I have a few things to say to you. Firstly, what happened was YOU’RE AN IDIOT!”

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“What if” Pt.1

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: I’m already in too deep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the endless plot twists😈 EnJOY

Warning: Mentions of blood and cursing


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1. Hello, I heard you wanted a deancas au on your desk by four o’clock? Based on Misha's anecdote? Well this is interesting because I have what you need!

2. Castiel Novak isn’t by any way popular. But neither is he the laughing stock of the other students - not since he left middle school at least. He’s just an average student who doesn’t get himself talked about, attend his classes and studies for exams. And although he’s not valedictorian, he’s still one of the top students. But that’s all. Nothing to add. This is why he is genuinely surprised when, on his way from the library to the auditoriums gallery, he is called out by Dean Winchester.

3. Dean is somewhat popular. He has top grades everywhere, even (or rather especially) in his sports class. He’s also very involved in the campus night life. And when Castiel thinks about it, it’s very likely that Dean just wants to remind him about the next huge student party, as he always tries to gather up the most students as possible. With that in mind, he watches Dean slowing down and coming to a stop right before him.

4. He certainly didn’t expect it when Dean looked him in the eye and asked him if they could talk. In private. But what alerts him a bit is the nervousness in Dean’s tone. And the slight redness on his freckled cheeks. Which makes him even more gorgeous than usual. His next class doesn’t begin before another half hour and he always enjoys talking with Dean, so he agrees and follows him in the closest lecture hall, which they now is empty at his time of day.

5. They know they won’t be disturbed. Castiel likes to come in this hall to be at peace during his free time between his classes and Dean sometimes did the same, and they now know the exact times where no one will come. Now is one of them. They enter the lecture theater and Castiel hauls himself on one of the tables, looking at Dean apprehensively. The latter is staring at him, his lower lip trapped between his teeth.

6. They stare at each other for several seconds (minutes?), and Castiel can feel the tension rising, he wants to ask Dean what he wanted to talk about, but he feels his throat going dry, what with the intensity of Dean’s gaze. He no longer seems that nervous. Eventually, his classmate moves and takes a few steps forward, stepping in his personal space. Not that it bothers him anyway. Dean looks him right in the eye.

7. “Okay Cas, I have an offer to make.” He finally says, an octave lower than a few minutes ago. “I’m all ears.” Castiel replies. Dean swallows hard and quickly licks his lips. “20$” He says. Castiel narrows his eyes. “I give you 20$ for a blowjob.” And Castiel widens his eyes because what the fuck?! He jerks backward, clasping his thighs together. “What?? No!” He says categorically, offended that Dean thinks he can just buy him like some kind of whore.

8. Dean slightly furrows his brows, then his eyes widen as in realization and he hastens to say: “No, I’d give YOU the blowjob.” And Castiel can only watch him, stunned, before bursting into a laugh, because his brain can’t handle the situation otherwise for now. And he laughs till he cries, doubled up. He eventually calms down and slowly looks up to Dean who is still staring intensely at him. Castiel immediately sobers up and he swallows hard.

9. “Seriously?” He asks, incredulous. “Yes.” He answers. Castiel licks his lips and he sees Dean tracking the movement with his eyes before doing the same. And fuck, Dean is serious. And for a second he has the image of Dean between his legs, his green eyes fixed into his own, and he shifts slightly on the table. “Why giving me money then?” He asks, furrowing his brows. Dean bits his lower lip. “So you’d accept.” And Castiel can again see the nervousness in his eyes.

10. “You want to blow me this bad?” He asks again, half-disbelieving, half-aroused. And he sees Dean blush and sway on his feet. Adorable. He bits his lower lip again. “Well you’re very attractive and… your eyes… God, your eyes are incredible. You have a perfect body and… your mouth… I swear your mouth is wonderful. And your voice… it’s made to give chills to those who hear it.” He states, eyes flickering between Cas’ and his lips.

11. Castiel studies his face, thinking. Dean is certainly the most handsome man he has ever seen. And he seems really interested. It’s been a long time since Cas has done anything with anyone, and he is more than interested if the reaction of his body is any indication. He leans forwards ever so slightly, catching Dean’s eye in the process. “And what if you could have it for free?” He says, voice dropping low.

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I K R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jackson As A Boyfriend (Gender Neutral)

I wrote this in Social Ap

•a bit annoying when you first become friends but eventually you get over the fact he does NIT STOP TALKINH and you fall in love with him
•what’s silence?
•brags about himself to you to make it seem like he is cool
•but you just pinch his cheeks and call him cute
•so romantic when it comes to dates
•buys you new flowers like every week
•skinshiP TO THE MAX
•forehead kisses with his hands on the side of you face, holding you.
•constant hugs and cuddles
•would do anything to make you happy
•when your sad he buys you food and distracts you with games and cuddles
•Needy boy
•"Jagiii~~ Love meeee~~“
•"Literally the first time I’m busy in a week, go find mark”
•"but I want kissesssss"
•when he can’t sleep he will wake you up and talk
•talking till 4am
•you being nervous about him meeting your parents but he is so chill
•"if you say something stupid Jackson I swear to god"
•"You love me, they’ll love me too. How can they not? I’m perfect"
•Aegyo when he wants something
•competitive at video games af
•boys don’t even wanna play with you two anymore so you just play with each other
•long ass Skype calls when he is away
•sometimes you have long talks about life and someone usually ends up crying. (Him)

•half of the time he ruins the mood with random comments like “Here comes your sexy Man” and you just chuckle and get up, leaving him in the room
•but when things do go through, you can see Jacksons eyes turn dark, his cute expression turning into a sultry gaze
•"mmm.. Jagi, how much do you want me?“
•dirty talking is a must
•"Daddy, please hurry, I can’t wait any longer”
•once you said that he would start going faster, ripping your clothes off of you and him
•rough kisses on your lips, collarbone, and down your chest and stomach
•would not fuck around, would want to be as close to you as possible and does not doddle.
•his moans would be grunts through gritted teeth, trying to quiet himself down so he can hear you moan
•would smile every time you moaned and It would bring him closer than anything else could.
•completely cherishes your body with everything he has and knows everything about it and how to make you cum in seconds
•safe to say you would born cum at the same time, you grabbing onto his arm, squeezing tightly as he rides it out
•he would catch his breath before falling beside you, telling you how much he loves you
•Would do everything for you after, wash you, put your clothes on, place you in bed, tuck you in, anything he could because you’re his baby

•this boy deserves the world, please give it to him

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paper cuts (l.h)


this was going to be a long length fanfic on wattpad, that’s why it’s written in first person pov, i think i’ll do it short on here instead.

-my 5sos fanfic wattpad is: @/fxck5sauce, but i don’t think i’ll write on that acc, however the one i’m starting, which will be teen fics is @/-sincerelytiffany and it’ll be amazing if u can check it out :)

summary: For Y/N, her life begun with a 15 days Europe trip and a blue-eyed tour guide leaving paper cut kisses on her fingertips.

 October 22nd, 2018

San Francisco, 5:00 p.m.

“One pumpkin spice latte, please”

I took my order and sat down at the corner of the cafe.

It’s currently 5 p.m. and the crowd is starting to fade, probably heading home to have dinner with their family. Staring at the sidewalk painting with gold and the little acoustic music in the background suddenly gives me so many mixed up feels. Maybe it’s because of the song that’s softly playing, I know I heard it before. In the same spot, maybe even at the same time. Not because it’s a classic, but because of something else. I just know it. Like it’s carved on my heart.

And if you have a minute, talk about it somewhere only we know.

This could be the end of everything, so why don’t we go somewhere only we know

Maybe I’m thinking too much. This was over the radio anyway. I take my phone out, typing a text to my brother to acknowledge him I have got back.

“Hey Tris, just got back. Text me back asap when you see this” I set my phone down and turn my attention back at the view outside. Few seconds later, my phone lights up.

“Hey sis, do you remember the oak tree we used to hang out when we were little? Meet me there this time okay? 5:30, don’t be late x”

My twin brother and I have went separate ways when we started collage three years ago. We’ll meet each other one to three times a month, but usually at his dorm or our house. The fact he chose somewhere we don’t head usually made me wonder if there’s something important he needs to spill. I know him like the back of my hand, when he goes for a different direction there’s always something big behind. I just hope it’s not something bad.

I grab my latte, tighten the grip and carefully make my way to the door, trying not to spill it. As I was going to push the door open, I smell a sweet scent, and no it’s not the coffee.

I look up to see a blue-eyed tall blonde that looks around my age, opening the door for me. Something about his eyes, those crystal blue eyes caught me off guard. Not because of the shimmering color he has, but because of how intense and passion beyond the sea is. As if I have gone there before, his eyes sparkles with, is that hope I see? Little did I know eyes can have so many action when connecting with another. It feels familiar, too familiar.

“Thank you” I finally managed to get the words out.

I can tell he is feeling the tense as well. How did I know? It took him two times to get it right. From ‘You too’ to 'Nice to meet you’, finally with my little help, “No problem” was out in the air. I nod satisfied and walk past him, the last sentence though, was not 'you’re welcome’ or 'bye’, instead 'I miss you’ was thrown out of nowhere. I turn my head back to look at him, his eyes was no longer glittering with wishful thoughts, instead they’re clouded with pain.

Somehow, deep inside me want to reply 'I miss you too’, yet I don’t even know his name.

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54 ~ Are We Friends or Are We More?

Michael: Adam and Eve, Bonnie and Clyde. No one ever called you two by your first names anymore because you two were bonded by the hip. When you first met Michael it wasn’t even love at first sight, it was more so ‘hey looks it’s a guy with cool hair I can talk to about bands with.’ Both of you clicked and since then there’s been sparks between you two. Of course you two were completely oblivious to the fact that all your friends thought you dating. Sitting in Ashton’s backyard, huddled around the fire talking about random things was probably the most perfect setting. It was chill and serene and just so calming. Cuddled into Michael’s side, you were half asleep with your head on his chest. His fingers subconsciously running through your hair, soothing you deeper into sleep as Luke talked to him. “Michael we all know you have feelings for Y/N but you just won’t admit because you’re scared.” “Luke I swear I will shove your dick into a blender if you don’t shut your mouth, she still could be awake and you’re blabbing your god damn mouth.” Michael grumbled looking down at you. Luke just saw in his eyes how he looked at you and it was so hard to deny that Michael had love for you in his eyes. “Why won’t you say you love her?” Luke asked softly looking at your “sleeping figure.” “Luke she just wants fun, I’m a guy she can talk to about anything about, if she doesn’t feel the same way it’s gonna be a painful fucking stab wound in my heart.” Michael murmured looking at his best friend taking in what he was saying. “Well…. You don’t know until you try Mikey..” Luke stood up rubbing his shoulder and walked back inside. Michael didn’t want to ruin what you had. What you two had was special and just something that doesn’t happen all the time. Little did he know that you were listening the whole time and felt the exact same way…

Luke: Since Luke’s stunts with Arzaylea, things have been a bit rocky but you finally decided to just go back to old times and invite him over for some Netflix (but no chilling… Okay maybe I’m lying).It was a routine between you two since you first met. You would pick the movies and he would bring the snacks. It usually just ended in a tiny food challenge of who could throw the most food in the other’s mouth. Right as you were scrolling through Netflix on your tv, there was a knock on your door and you jumped up opening and seeing a cuddly Luke Hemmings in onesie, and a beanie with a bag full of goodies. You smiled giving him a hug before ushering him inside walking to the couch. “Look at you all ahead of schedule huh?” He teased seeing your tv screen with all the movies you were gonna watch. You giggles sitting on the opposite side of the couch slipping under your blanket grabbing the remote. “I’m always ahead of the game Lukey.” He chuckles leaning back against the couch as you started the movie. As the movie continued, so did both of your increased yawning. It was just so contagious, both of you kept laughing every time the other yawned. Luke was shoving some chips in his mouth, grabbing your ankle softly to pull over his lap, letting his thumb rub the skin. His eyes never left the screen, your eyes we’re just locked on his face. His hoodie was pulled over his beanie, letting his squeaks of laughter escape his mouth every so often. You couldn’t help but stare at his 3 day old stubble, the way his Adam’s apple bobbed when we would laugh, the way one of his legs would be hugged to his knees. You couldn’t help but fall with every single thing that he did and you knew it was wrong, but was it really? As Luke grabbed a cookie and put it into his mouth, there were some crumbled left at the corner of his mouth. Without thinking you sad up and used your thumb to gently wipe at his mouth. Luke’s baby blue eyes turned to look at you with his mouth slightly agape. You looked up into his eyes feeling your heart slow as well as your movement, to where your thumb just rested on the corner of his mouth. Before your knew it, both of your were leaning in, so code you could feel his cold lip ring brush against your lip. Both of your hot breaths intermingling, reading to touch lips before Luke’s ringtone broke through the silence making both of you bonk noses at the surprise sound. Wow nice move Y/N.

Calum: “Calum you saying that every outfit looks sexy on me isn’t helping!” You whined out standing in front of him with crossed up in your pajamas. “Because boo you look good in anything and everything! You don’t need to doll yourself up because you’re absolutely perfect.” Calum grabbed your hands holding your hands holding up at you from his seat on the bed. You looked down at him blushing softly smiling leaning down to press a kiss to the top of his fluffy head. “Thank you Cal..” He smiled cheesily up at you nuzzling his nose into your stomach making you hunch over in giggling. “No Calum no!” You cried out laughing trying to wiggle out of his grip. Calum just laughed harder pinning your hips to the bed his his fingers attacked your sides. You groaned out laughing gripping his shoulders. “Calum I’m going to kick you in your dick if you don’t stop it!” You threatened in between breaths as he immediately got up holding up his hands in surrender giggling. “Okay okay I apologize.” You smiles giggling and standing up pushing him playfully as you went to the bathroom. A few hours pass and you finally decide on a outfit to wear to go clubbing tonight. “Babes cmon the guys are waiting outside!” Calum called from outside grabbing his phone. You walked out grabbing your shoes. “Jesus Christ who are you dressing all up for?” Calum asked with his eyebrows raised. You looked up at him grabbing your phone seeing a text from him. Your date. “I dressed all up for Aaron.” “I’m sorry what?” Calum jumped looking over at you. “Aaron…..? He’s my date tonight we’re meeting him at the club.” You replied in slight question furrowing your eyebrows. “Y/N you do realize he’s just gonna play with your heart right? He isn’t your type.” “Calum you don’t even know my type and maybe the tumors about him aren’t true!” You defended crossing your arms. “Y/N he isn’t good for you….” Calum said slowly making side each word got to you. “Well he likes me and I’m going out with him.” You turned on your heel walking towards the door before feeling a hand grip your elbow and push you gently into the wall. Before you could even protest, plump lips set on yours and you felt your knees turn to jelly.

Ashton: Seeing him and Y/BFF’S/N together just completely shattered your heart. And it wasn’t just once, every. Single. Time. You felt your heart just give up. Of course all Ashton thought of you two was just friends, he thought of you like his sister, he was always there when those douchebags would break your heart, when you got a paper clip and he would put one of his spongebob bandages he carried around in his bag all the time. As time grew on you could feel yourself falling for him, and the worst part is that you introduced your best friend to him and they’ve been hitting it off. After finishing up the ROWYSO tour, everyone decided to head back to the hotel and just have a chill hang out together. Sitting on the floor in front of the couch with Calum next to you and Ashton and Y/BFF’S/N on the couch, you could constantly hear their giggling and sweet nothings. Honestly, all you wanted was just a big hole to suck you into being non existent. Calum looked at you with sympathetic eyes pulling you into his side kissing the top of your head. You smiled small leaning into him and shutting your eyes. After everyone was asleep you got up to get some water from the kitchen. Ashton heard some noise and got up looking around and sleepily moving the girl of his arm and walking over to the kitchen. “Hey you.” You jumped nearly dropping hot glass of water. You kept your eyes down avoiding his eyes. Ashton frowned knowing there was something wrong walking closer. “Y/N, babe? What’s on your mind.” You just shook your head, knowing if you looked into those eyes you would break. Ashton tilted your chin up to meet his gaze. “What’re you upset about?” He murmured softly holding the side of your neck. You shake your head feeling your hands tremble. “Ashton I-…. I don’t wanna talk about it just… Go back to your girlfriend..” You whispered out not trusting your voice. Ashton finally got the message. He grabbed the glass softly from your hand and set in on the counter. You felt your anxiety rush on even more. He grabbed your hips softly walking you backwards to the counter. “I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before….” He whispered looking down at you pressing his fingertips into your lower back softly. You looked up at him feeling your eyes well up slightly but Ashton shook his head wiping your cheeks and cupping the side of your face. The moment he pressed his lips to yours, you felt yourself come to be and just gripping his shirt to you. You were kissing your best friend’s boyfriend… But it felt so good.
in love with my best friend - Ashton Irwin imagine

*Requested by anon*

A/N: Hey guys =) Im sorry that it took me so long to write something but I had a lot of trouble lately so I hope you like this one =) keep on requesting. Love you guys xxx

Ashton’s POV – Six months. Six months since my life changed. We were having a concert, which was one of the greatest nights of my life, and it happened after the show where we met our best friend. Y/F/N Y/L/N, the most dorky, crazy, lovely and beautiful girl, I’ve ever seen in my life. Well, she almost killed us back then. We were about to go off stage and she managed to spill her drink all over the stairs next to the stage, during the show. All four of us almost fell down on our faces but thank god nothing bad happened. I guess, she had a very bad conscience, cause she waited like two hours outside the stadium for us. As we walked out she was standing there with a very guilty look and shy smile.


“Hey guys. Im so so sooo sorry, that I almost killed you. I swear it wasn’t on purpose. I just kinda rocked so hard to your music, that I’ve lost control over my cup. I hope you’re all okay!?“ She didn’t look at us and I just smiled at the boys. They chuckled and she looked up.

“Don’t worry sweety. Nothing happened to us. It was pretty funny actually. You should’ve seen Calum’s face.“ Luke spoke up and made her smile and chill a little bit. God her smile was so perfect.

“Could we, at least, know the name of our ’almost killer‘?“ Michael joked.

“Sure. My name is Y/N. Nice to meet you guys. Im a huuuuge fan and to be honest, Im dieing  right now. Im so nervous.“ She blushed and looked to the ground. Somehow she made me nervous as well. I couldn’t say a single word.

“Well Y/N. Since you know us, and your a big fan, would you like to go for a drink with us?“ Calum asked her and she smiled from one ear to the other.

“I’d love to guys.“ She looked into my eyes and I swear, I felt a lightning strike through my body.

~End of flashback~

Since that night, we’re best friends. I didn’t know how it happened actually but we exchanged numbers and kept in touch. It was hard, at first, cause we were on tour and stuff but when we got days off, we spent them always together.

Me and the boys were chilling at the pool after some song writing and I knew Y/N was coming around to hang out. I was so nervous but I tried to hide it infront of the guys. They didn’t had to know about my feelings for her. About the way she made me feel, everytime she looked or smiled at me. About all the nights, she visited me in my dreams. She was the first and last thought of my days. There was nothing I wanted more than to be with her 24/7.

“Where are my four favorite punks?“ I heared her voice shouting through the house. I couldn’t help but smile. There were butterflies, going crazy in my stomach.

“We’re outside Y/N. Did you bring your bikini?“ Michael shouted back and a few seconds later, she stood infront of us.

“Of course I did. Im your best friend just because of the pool Michael. What did you think?“ She acted all sassy, wich turned me on so bad.

“Oh god, I forgot how mean you can get. Can I at least have a little kiss?“ Calum said and got a kiss on the cheek. She took off her clothes so damn slowly, that it was painful to watch her. I tried my best to distract myself and not to jump up and take her to my bedroom. Y/N was my weakness, no doubt.

“Ash? Could you please put some suncream on my back? That would be so sweet.“ She smiled at me and I just noded. I sat behind her and started to rub her back and shoulders.

“Hey that’s so mean!! I wanted to do that!!“ Luke yelled out of the water. We both laughed at his pounting face.

“Sorry Luke but she likes me more than you. Get over it.“ I shouted back and she giggled again. After I finished, she turned around to look at me. She slowly moved closer to my ear and whispered.

“It’s not even a lie. I really like you more than the others Irwin.“ After that, she stood up and took a dive into the pool. What did she just say? She liked me? I swear my heart stoped for a few seconds. I was in love with my best friend and she liked me back? I had to know. I steped to the edge of the pool.

“Y/N can we talk for a second?“ She looked up at me, noded and made me help her out of the water. I walked around the corner with her and took all the courage I had inside.

“What you said before, was that true? You like me?“ It was hard for me to concentrade, with her wet body infront of me and her hair, falling perfectly over her shoulders.

“Maybe Ash. Why?“ She blushed and bit her lip. I took a last deep breath.

“Because I really like you. Like a lot Y/N. Since we met six months ago, I can’t help but fall more for you every day. You drive me crazy and I don’t want to hide it anymore.“ She looked at me with a smile that could end wars. I waited for an answer but she just stood there in silence.

“Oh please Y/N just say something about it. Im freaking out right now.“ My hands shaked and my heart went crazier than my drums. She chuckled and took my hand.

“Well Mr. Irwin, what can I say? Im in love with my best friend and you don’t know how happy you made me right now.“ She threw her arms around me and crashed her lips on mine. Her wet body, tight against mine and my hands around her waist. This was just more than perfect. I couldn’t have been happier. All out of a sudden, I heared the other three jerks cheer for us.

“Yeeeah finally Ashton admited his fucking feelings for Y/N.“ Calum yelled.

“It was so damn obvious Ash. Glad that you’ve found your balls and told her.“ Michael laughed.

“Just keep it clean around us guys. We hate this couple-ish things, so please, take a room or something.“ Luke joked and claped my shoulder. Y/N just giggled and kissed me again. I was the happiest man on earth. I had my three best friends and the love of my life right beside me. I wouldn’t change a thing about that, because I was in love with that moment and that girl.