i swear to god best moment of the day

There was a older man with a woman at our bakery today and after I packed up some buns, pretzels etc for him he looked at the woman (his guest who also wanted some baked goods) and started speaking Spanish. I got the few things the woman wanted, turned around and just answered her in Spanish when she asked her friend how much it would cost; I swear to god I will never forget how happy she looked at me in this exact moment. My colleague and the woman both were like “wtf you speak Spanish” and I explained that I learned it in school. We chatted for a bit and the woman then said that now she doesn’t need her friend to come with her everytime she needs something. So if anyone ever asks me why languages are important - that’s why. You can help others, you can build bridges, but most importantly: you can make a person’s day by talking to them and trying your best.

It’s Hopeless - Sebastian Stan Imagine

warnings: angst, fluff, Chris!Best Friend,  

request: The reader is best friends with Chris, but in love with Sebastian. She goes to Chris for advice on how to let Seb know how she feels. - @ theimpossibleg1rl

words: 1700+


“What the fuck are you doin’ here!” You ran towards your best friend at full speed, knowing he can take your impact easily.

“Chris! I missed you!” Your voice was muffled by the neck of his Cap suit.

Chris kissed your hair, holding it flat with his large palm. His arm was wrapped around your waist, keeping you lifted off the ground, and stuck in his arms.  

“I missed you too, Honeypot.”  

You had flown down to surprise Chris while he shot Civil War in Atlanta. He’d been moaning for months about how he was so bored and homesick that you decided to shut him up. For a little bit, at least.

Setting you back on Earth, he bared a grin when whilst holding you away from his body. He was looking for any change to your appearance since he’d last saw you, which was five months ago. A lot can happen in five months, and Chris was always so diligent in knowing every detail of your face and appearance. He could spot your hair cut an inch shorter, or you wore a new outfit. It was nice to have a best friend who took notice in the effort you put into looking presentable.

“Well, what are you fuckin’ doin’ here? When’d you get in?” Chris slung one arm over your shoulder and guided you towards the crafts table, where a selection of decorous food was lying.

“Lisa ringed me the other week beggin’ me to take spring vacation to come visit you! I guess I was the only one fit to shut up your whining and begging.” Chris chuckled and nodded in acknowledgment. He knew he had been on the, rather, complaining side in his tone for the last few months. He just missed his family so much. He missed seeing Miles, Lucy, and Noah. He missed not being able to go to his parent’s house on Thursdays for spaghetti dinner.

“Like always, she was right. You are the only human being beside her that could make me feel like I’m home with just your presence.”

You felt so much love for your best friend, and now you felt even more. He was so sweet and benevolent in nature. He’d been that way since the day you met him, 26 years ago. He was just a scrawny 9 years old, terrified to go down the slide on the playground. You were an adventurous 8-year-old and told Chris he could hold your hand while going down the slide together. He agreed and ever since then you two have held each other’s hands through the worst of times and the best of times.

“It can’t be! No way!” Booming from across the lot, you saw Mackie waving his hands frantically at you while jogging over. There had been a companion with him, a brunette you had only heard about before. The brunette didn’t join Mackie when he ran over to you, though. He just set foot in a slow pace walk, almost looking uneager to meet the mysterious best friend of Chris’.

Anthony pulled you into a big hug when he finally reached you and Chris, both pigging out at the table of goodies. “Big Mack! How goes it?”

He shrugged nonchalantly, “Not too bad. Livin’ good down in A.T.L., aren’t we Evans?”

“You are, Mr. Life of The Party.” Anthony gawked at Chris and slapped his shoulder. “Don’t try and pretend that you ain’t out at the clubs, talkin’ to the ladies, now. We don’t wanna be tellin’ lies to our friends now do we?” You giggled at shook your head, turning back towards the donuts.

You held a chocolate glazed one to your mouth when you heard an unfamiliar voice from behind.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. Those have been baking in the sun for a good fifteen hours.”

Sebastian had his blue eyes cast towards you, with a warm smile upon his lips. Chuckling nervously, you agreed and laid the donut back on the tray.

“Thank you. Wouldn’t have wanted to catch food poisoning my first day here.” Sebastian just broadened his grin that, swear to god, was twinkling in the sunlight. He stuck out his hand and you met him halfway.


“Y/N. Chris’ best friend.”

Ever since that moment, you had been hooked to Sebastian Stan. Hopelessly, carelessly devoted to a man who didn’t even know you felt so much towards.

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The characterisation, the camp humour, the writing, the emotional moments, the nods to the original series, the effects, the acting, the action sequences…

It wasn’t the best thing in the world but there was actual representation for minorities and it wasn’t a super gritty reboot like literally everything is these days and it was a GOOD FUCKING MOVIE AND WE DESERVE TO SEE THE STORY TOLD IN FULL THROUGH A PROPER FRANCHISE!!


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Summary: Coming home from war is hard. Even for Alex Summers. 

Warnings: PTSD


He put on a tough guy exterior, but in reality, Alex Summers was one of the sweetest guys on the planet. Alex was fiercely devoted and protective of his loved ones. Over the years that you knew him, you figured out the (not so well hidden) truth.

Alex’s mutation had put him through a lot. When it developed, he found himself in solitary, happier to be away where he couldn’t hurt anyone. Then when he finally let himself grow close to people, they either died or turned against him.

Well, not all of them. Charles, Hank, and you never left him. After Cuba, he let himself get close again, and that time, it didn’t come back to haunt him. He fell in love with you. And eventually, with you holding his hand, he went back home.

Scott was barely four at that point, attaching right away to his older brother. Those were the days when you saw him the happiest. Reconciled with his parents and spending time with a little brother who was becoming more devoted every single day.

Though you could never fully convince Hank that it was true, Alex was a huge romantic. He would sneak up behind you while you were reading or watching TV or something and kiss you. He would cook you dinner when you had a rough day.

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You left me-Part One

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Summary: Love always seems to an enemy in our little world and in some ways, it can be because love can make you feel a different kind of pain that you don’t ever want to feel. Brett Talbot was the kind of guy that made you feel like a different person but in a good way, he was the kind of guy that made you fall head over heels for him and that’s exactly what he did.

Brett Talbot x Reader

Requested: Nope

(Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name


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I saw 5sos today after more than 4 years supporting them, which wasn’t planned a week ago and I swear to god it was the best day of my life so far. It was so so amazing, the guys are INCREDIBLE live. I enjoyed every second of it so much, and please appreciate this picture I took of Muke waving at us, I almost fainted in that moment lmao they were literally so close to me and everything was just so unexpected. It was an amazing day, i’m so so happy

Splinters In The Fire - Chapter One: Chrysalis

Summary: Life is strange in Riverdale. 8 Months ago Jughead Jones’ best friend Toni Topaz dissapeared. When he’s about to get shot, Betty can safe him by rewinding the time. Together they start to investigate the vanishing of Toni Topaz.

Hey guys!

So this is my first multi-chapter fic. And it’s obviously AU. It is based on a request by @birdlovesafish ! (x)

I’ve got it all planned, I just have to write it, haha. I’m not always inspired and I’m really not the fastest writer, but I’ll try to update this fic once a week though <3

Also a big THANK YOU for @allskynostars for beta this little something! <3 You’re the best and I love you <3

Also WARNING: A gun will be used in this chapter! Don’t say I didn’t  warn you.

Read it on Ao3 - Words:  1927

Life was strange in Riverdale. At least, that’s what Betty thought. No one seemed to notice the little things that made Riverdale this strange. However, this would change in the coming weeks…

The wind pulled at her hair, so severely, that her usual ponytail had dissolved itself long ago. Where was she? She had no idea how she ended up here. She lifted her gaze towards the dark heaven. There were no stars. Nothing. It rained fiercely, her clothes were completely soaked. It was freezing cold, Betty shivered. It was so dim that she could hardly see her own hand. The blonde looked for a sign. Anything that could tell her where she should go. Eventually she saw Pop’s’ neon-sign, flashing between the trees that surrounded her. She headed towards that sign, she ran, as if the devil himself was chasing her. She clung to the hope that at Pops she could find out what this was about. She just had to reach those damn neon signs. Everything would be fine, once she was there, right?

However, as she reached Pops, pure horror seized her. Her legs trembled, and she could hardly breath. A tornado of monstrous size was headed towards Riverdale. This storm would destroy everything, there would be nothing left in Riverdale. Betty opened her mouth, because she wanted to scream. But she couldn’t, no sound came from her lips. She felt as if she would choke. Her lungs were empty and she couldn’t breathe anymore. Pure fear ran through her whole body and hastened her heartbeat.

Betty blinked against the bright light. She looked around, completely confused. Was that just a dream? Everything had felt so real. Not like a nightmare, more like a vision. Her heart still pounded way too fast. A vision? ‘That is ridiculous!’, Betty reminded herself. What was wrong with her? A few days ago she had started dreaming about this storm. And now, she even had this dream during the day? Musing about it, she played with the necklace she was wearing today and looked out of the window. Her thoughts slowly returned to the present. She was at Southside High, helping some of the children with their homework. Her mother was convinced that this honorary work would look good on her college-applications.

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Braids (Jason Todd x Reader)

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PROMPT?:  Can you pretty please write a Jason Todd/Damian Wayne one where Jason’s gf starts her period and she’s very emotional so Damian stays with her and comforts her (their close) and they fall asleep on the couch then Jason comes home late and sees them and can’t help but feel really happy and just can’t wait to see her as a mom

A/N: I wrote this during English so I hope you like it! I know it’s a Jason x Reader but it’s mainly based off your relationship w/ Dam so I’m sorry if that’s confusing. But I really like this story, Jason and Dam are always too I can write a lot about so I love getting their requests. I hope you like it!

WARNINGS: period (fem reader), confrontation, pain killers, crying (good crying), Damian Wayne

“Damian, no.” you heard from the couch, the door seeming so far, despite being only feet away. “Why? You’re leaving her anyways.” the small boys voice scoffed and your head pounded, praying the pain killers would kick in soon. “I’m going on a mission. I’m not leaving her.” Jason growled and you heard the door squeal shut before stopping abruptly. You listened, contemplating whether to interrupt or not, ultimately deciding in your emotional state, to yes, interrupt.  “Yes you are.” a small whine escaped and broke the brooding silence between the two boys. There was a tension that snapped before the door was forced open and there was shuffling of fighting clothing. “Not to worry, Ummi. I’m here.” your hand was gripped and you opened your weak eyes into the bright green ones you loved so much. “Hi Dam.” you cooed lightly, hearing Jason’s huff above you. “(y/n)?” Jason questioned and you could practically see his crossed arms standing behind you as you lay on the couch, Dirty Dancing lightly playing in the background. “Yes babe?” you smiled, already knowing the lecture. “If he makes you mad, annoys you, makes you cry,” he gruffly started, Damian rolling his eyes as he continued. “To let you know and you’ll come beat my ass in a second. We get it, Todd.” Damian’s sarcastic words only further enraged your boyfriend and you felt his over protectiveness incite as your head was turned upwards to stare into two blue eyes.  “Promise me. I’ll only be gone for a few hours.” he nodded, each of his cold hands placed on either side of your cheeks. “I promise Jase. I love you.” you puckered your lips and felt a quick peck before landing another hard, passionate and loving one. You could’ve sworn you felt Damian’s hand on your own squirm. “Be good or I swear to god-”  Jason threatened, pointing a finger before grabbing his helmet and closing the door, leaving you and boy who Jason didn’t know you loved so much.

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My contribution to @juminvweek a made a few headcanons for their first challenge
This might suck because I’m really sick right now but wanted to do something for it

~Jumin was sitting alone during lunch because he had no friends and V being the purest man on earth walked up to him
~“Why are you sitting here? You have other friends.” Jumin reasons as V sits down.
~V smiles “Because you looked lonely and it didn’t seem fair if I went with them if you were sitting here all alone!”
~“But nobody wants to be my friend they’re all scared of me”
~“I’m not”
~And so the friendship begins!
~It started off with Jumin being cautious of V “What if he really doesn’t like me and this is one big prank?” He thought.
~Slowly he warmed up to V and they became best friends and if Jumin was there you could bet V was right beside him.
~V, showing an interest in photography at a young age had photographed almost all of there special moments together.
~Sometimes when Jumin is feeling down he just looks at the pictures that he took with his best friend when he was young and happy…….

Oh god this sucks but I hope its something I know its not fanart but they never specified that it had to be. Tomorrows will be better i swear^^

The thing is… 7 years ago I met the love of my life, we had the kind of love Justin and Selena have. We were best friends for awhile and then one day he kissed me just for instinct. I swear to God I knew what real love was the exact moment he kissed me for the first time. My first time was with him. I was (Still) so in love with him. I always felt like Selena and Justin were like us, we even started dating on 2010. That’s why I love Jelena so much, cause I see them and I see us. Anyways, things got messy and we went separately ways. Last time I saw him was 2015. Cause I move to the US and he lives on my birth country. But I’m not over him, I still love him with all my heart, and sometimes he texts me to tell me he still loves me too. Right now he’s in a relationship, he’s older than me, and recently I found out he’s living with her. We used to dream about living together, and that broke my heart. So now I see Justin and Selena together again, the happiest they’ve ever been and I feel so fucking sad cause I wish we could be like that again. He’s the one I truly love, next Friday it would be our anniversary number 7. I’m so broken right now and everytime i see something about jelena it makes super happy but super sad at the same time.

I swear to fucking god ableist rude secretaries can fuck right off. I rang about a property that specifically states it accepts housing benefits (because obviously I can’t work at the moment) and asked if I could view it. She said okay and when is best. I mentioned an evening and she said ‘well if you don’t work you can get here in the day can’t you’, to which I replied with 'I can’t drive and am relying on lifts from others’ to which she snottily shot back with 'um.. train?’ And I had to very carefully, without losing my temper, explain that I’m not working due to MEDICAL REASONS and I’m not very mobile. To which there was a sheepishly long pause and she replied with 'oh’. No apology. Nothing.

So fuck her and her property, I don’t want anyone like that being my point of contact.

Jealous Alternative

Request: “Hey I just read your jealous Barry fic and it was so great! But it also got me wondering about if the reader reacted negatively. Like she was embarrassed by his reactions and stormed away and later he comes to apologize and says that the only reason he gets jealous is because she is the most amazing person and that he is scared she’ll leave him and all that adorableness? Could this be a possible new fic?”

Ship: Barry Allen x Fem!Reader

Warnings: angst, swearing, A LOT OF FLUFF, sass, sarcasm, etc. 

Your P.O.V

It was just an average day in Central City. I was on my way to meet up with Barry at Jitters. We’ve been dating for a few months now, and it’s been the best moments of my life. But it wasn’t perfect.. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Barry to the core of my heart, but he has..jealously issues. For a while, I didn’t see it, but now they’re clearly making a big statement. I just hoped to god that this time things would go well. When I entered Jitters, I scanned the room. Eventually, my eyes fell upon Barry; who was tapping away at his computer. His brows furrowed in concentration. I couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he was. 

I sneak over to him and wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss smother his cheek with kisses. He squirms giggles. “Eek! Oh Hey! You startled me!” I grin, taking a seat across from him. “What cha working on?” He shrugged. “Some CCPD reports that I didn’t get to finish last night.” I roll my eyes. “Look if you need someone to vouch for you or help get some of these reports done you can just ask me? I know your busy with other heroic things.” He laughed, taking my hand. “Thank you.” I shrug, smiling. “Yeah well, I am the one who also saves your ass when it comes to the chief. He nods. “That is true.” My brows shoot up. “Is there anything that you need help with?” He shakes his head, peering up at me. He just smiles, and shakes his head. “What?” I question. He just continues to watch my movements. 

Barry’s P.O.V

I was the luckiest man in the world. She’s helped me with everything and anything. I don’t know what I would do without her. After she asked if I needed help with anything, my heart stopped. I’ve never taken a minute just to witness her beauty. She was absolutely stunning. And she was all mine. There was this vibrant glow about her, that just captivated me beyond compare. 

Her eyes were bright and full of energy. The light from the window above flickered and hit her gentle face perfectly. When she smiled, her dimples and cheeks scrunched into perfection. She questioned. “What?” I shrug, still watching her movements. We sat and ordered our drinks. While she took a look at my paper work, I simple gazed at her. A few minutes go by, when all of a sudden, she huffs; blushing. “Stop staring at me!” I giggle, and continue. “What? I can’t enjoy the view?” Her cheeks flush a deep crimson. I laugh. “(Y/n), I’m your boyfriend. Is it wrong for me to gaze at someone so beautiful?” 

She giggles, throwing her head back. “Okay, I’ve got to get going to work. Wanna hang out and go to the movies later?” I nod, giving her a passionate kiss before she leaves. I drink the rest of my coffee, grinning to myself. Iris comes up to me, brows up. “What’s got you so happy?” I shrug. “I am the luckiest man alive. I have an amazing, kind and drop dead gorgeous girlfriend. I help people and I have fantastic friends. What’s not to love?” She pats me on the back as I get up. “I’ll see you later Barry. Stay out of trouble.” I grin, shouting back at her. “No promises!” 

Your P.O.V

Later that evening..

I walk side by side with Barry. One of my hands is lace with his and the other is wrapped around his upper arm, almost touching his shoulder. I inquire. “So what was your favorite part of the movie?” Immediately, his childish side took its form. “I think I liked the part when the team broke into building to save their friend. The special effects were incredible!” I laugh at his dorkyness. “You are so cute.” He blushes, rubbing his neck with his free hand. “What was your favorite part?” Before I could answer, a rough voice spoke up. “Leaving this poor excuse of a man.” I look up to see a decent looking dude leaning up against the concrete wall. I fake laughed. “I would never leave someone so perfect for someone so.. pathetic.” He smirked, wickedly. “Are you really happy with this guy?” 

External image

“Of course I am. But you’re not.” His brows furrow. “What?” I smirk. “You try to leach off of others because you’re alone. You’re disgusting.” He laughs. “I bet that’s not what you would say if we were in bed together.” Immediately, I felt Barry’s arm tense around mine. “That implies an if.. Meaning that there’s a chance it won’t ever happen.” He grins. “Ahh.. But there is a chance that it will happen-” Before he could finish, Barry picked him up by collar and slammed him against the concrete wall. He barked. “You touch her and I’ll make your life a living hell, you hear me?! She would never get in bed with a piece of trash like you! She’s right, you leach off of other cause you’re alone.-” I cower behind him People started to form around us, whispering and watching the situation unfold. Before I could comprehend my own actions, I bolted down the street. 

I needed to get out of here. I was so embarrassed. Why was Barry acting this way? When I got home, I slammed my door shut and flopped on my bed. Immediately, tears streamed down my face. Was it wrong of me to leave? Should I have stayed? Should I have kept walking and said nothing? Question cross my mind continuously. All of a sudden, I feel hear a soft knock on my door. A voice peeps over it. “(Y/n)..? Can I come in?” Immediately, I knew it was Barry. I continue to cry, sneaking my head under a pillow, so he wouldn’t see. He entered, creeping inside. He pulled out the pillow from my head and glanced at me. I could tell he was crying too. When he spoke, his voice croaked. “I am so sorry..” 

He wraps his strong, warm arms around me. When I speak, my voice cracks. “Why do you act like that? You act so jealous, it embarrasses me..” He nuzzles his head in my neck. I could feel his tears drench my shoulders. “I’m so sorry. I get jealous because.. you’re just so perfect.. I’m terrified that you’ll leave me.. I don’t think I’m enough for you.. I’m scared you’ll find someone more attractive, more intelligent than me and leave me for him.. I love you more than anything in the world and I’ve never been this happy in my entire life. Everything I’ve ever loved has been taken away from me.. and I don’t- can’t lose you..” 

When he finishes, I lunge forward, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Barry Allen, you listen to me right now. I am hopelessly, and utterly in love with you. I love your personality and looks more than anyone. In fact, I love you so much, I think one day I would like to marry you. I promise you that I will never look at someone the way that I look at you.” He smiles, bringing me closer to him. “I love you so much.”

(I hope you liked it!!)

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Generation of miracles being teased by their s/o's best friend and their s/o just watching trying to hold back their laughter

I was almost done writing this and Chrome decided to restart itself and I lost everything I screamed but anyways awesome request, sorry but I just had to make s/o take part in the teasing in some of them because my kokoro required it

Midorima: “So, how often do you dye your hair, Midorima-kun?” “I have already told you, (best friend). I don’t dye my hair” Midorima pushed up his glasses with an uncomfortable expression on his face. “Oh, c’mon! No one has that hair color naturally. You can tell me, Midorima! Have you ever tried any other color? I think you would look fabulous in blonde: with those long lashes of yours, you’d look like a princess!”

Midorima’s eyes widened, in an alarmed expression. “Aw, come on, Shintarou, tell her about that one time that…”, you started, between baffled laughs, standing a couple feet away.

He interrupted you: “I don’t know what you are talking about. You must have dreamt that.” Accomodating his glasses once again, he gave you a death glare. “Now, if you ladies excuse me, I have to leave or I’ll be late for practice. I’ll text you later, ____. See you, (best friend)-chan.”

When he turned and started walking away, (best friend) and you leaned on eachother’s shoulder and laughed histerically for a good ten minutes before you could calm down enough to walk home together.

Murasakibara: “If you keep eating like that, you’ll be a diabetic by the time you are twenty, and obese by thirty, Murasakibara-kun.” (Besft friend) started, playfully.

“Hmf. I am tall. I play basketball. It’s ok.” - he replied, between muching noises. At this point, you were walking up to join them.

“Precisely! Imagine how much better you could be if you actually ate well! Almost undefeatable!” (Best friend) continued. Murasakibara frowned at this.

“Nee, ___chin ~ Tell her to stop - I don’t like those things that she’s saying.”

“You know what, Mukkun? I actually think she might be right: I’m going to put you on a diet”, you announced, calmly.

“EEEEEH?” - Murasakibara exclaimed, in distress. “You aren’t serious, are you? I-I mean…” but at this point, he noticed the amused expression on your faces. “Nee, ___chin, (best friend)-chan, that was mean. You scared me.” His pout deepened, but he looked relieved. You shook your head to yourself between chuckles.

Kuroko: “Yo, Kuroko-kun, with those superpowers of yours, why do you even bother paying at stores? No one would notice if you just took off with the stuff anyways.”

“Please (best friend)-chan, stealing is wrong. And don’t call it ‘superpowers’, that’s weird.”

“But like seriously, I don’t think you are using your full potential. You have a gift - don’t waste it on basketball! Imagine all the ladies locker rooms out there you could be spying on!”

Kuroko blushed faintly and quickly looked over at you. “Hm, (best friend)-chan, you know I am not interested in spying other ladies. My eyes are set on ___-kun.”

“Do you at least use it to spy her in the locker room, then?!”

Judging by the look on Kuroko’s face, he could be having a heart attack any second. This was too much for you, you couldn’t contain yourself anymore - you let out a loud laugh and put your arm around his neck. “Hey, Kuroko, don’t die, (best friend) was just kidding!”

“Y-yeah, of course.” - he absent-mindedly stroked your head, with an extremely confused look in his blushed face.

Aomine: “You know what, Aomine-kun? ____ told me the other day that she would like the three of us to have a threesome, but she doesn’t know how to bring it up.”

Aomine almost choked on his juice. Between loud coughs and gagging noises, he yelled. “___-kun said WHAT?!?”

“You heard it. I thought since she didn’t have the courage, I might as well mention it myself.”

Aomine’s face had “what the fuck” written all over it. He took a step back, putting more space between him and your friend, who seem extremely cool about the whole subject, and almost tripped.

You were hiding behind a tree nearby, as you and (best friend) had planned. But in that moment, you let out a burst of laughter. “____!! I swear to god one of these days I will kill you two, always with your stupid jokes!”

Akashi: “Akashi-kun: there is something I need to tell you”, your best friend started, in a high-pitched, innocent voice.

“Then tell me, (best friend). It’s not a problem.”

“You see, I have always thought you looked really sexy in that basketball uniform of yours”, she continued, touching the collar of his jacket.

“I see. Well, I am flattered, but I don’t quite grasp what the whole purpose in this conversation is.”

“Oh, reeally? You don’t see the purpose of this conversation at all?”, she continued, making it sound as obscene as possible. Akashi was starting to appear distinctly uncomfortable and nervous.

”(best friend)-chan, I beg you to stop. I don’t think ___-kun would approve of this attitude. You wouldn’t want to make her upset over something like this, would you?“

You came out of your hideout. ”Yeah, (best friend)-chan,” - you started, immitating Akashi’s voice - “You wouldn’t want me to bitch slap you for slutting around my boyfriend, would you?” Then, the two of you high-fived each other, as Akashi stared at you, shaking his head.

Kise: "Kise-kun! Kise-kun!” (Best friend) ran up to Kise, pretending to be extremely concerned and out of breath. “Someting horrible has happened to ___. She needs your help!”

Kise immediatly got up, looking worried. “What is it? Is she hurt?”

“No, she has forgotten her blowdrier at home and was wondering if she could borrow yours.” Just outside of the classroom’s door, you started laughing so hard that Kise could hear you loud and clear.

Kise made a poker face, going back to his relaxed attitude. He sat down again. “I am so done with you the two of you constantly making fun of me.”