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Intact (Dean Winchester)

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Pairing: Dean/Fem!Mermaid!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Drowning, slight nudity, self doubt
A/N: I hope you enjoy. sorrry the ending seems a bit rushed, I finished this at like 1 am on monday when I have s c h o o l. rip me but i love writing at unreasonable times.
Request: can you write one where you are a mermaid living with the boys (cas knows but keeps it a secret) and has to save Dean on a case by transforming? the reader is scared dean will hate her but confesses to loving her?

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Unwanted House Guest Part 4 - Unfair Weather

Several Hours Later…

The door to Arnick’s apartment clicked and opened. A smiling Tetrox giddily skipped inside carrying a couple bags with some fresh name brand logos on them. Right behind her, a loud thud could be heard, followed by another and another. Arnick appeared to be carrying practically an entire bed on his back along with many more bags stuffed in his hands and under his arms. His legs were shaking, his teeth were grit tight, and beads of sweat rolled down his face, each with a slight hint of purple on every drop. “A little help… would be nice about now!” he pleaded

Tetrox called back out from her room, “Be right there, sugar! Let me just put my things away!” Arnick sighed and continued in at a super sea snail’s pace. This was the 3rd most expensive shopping trip he had ever had in his life. He thanked his lucky stars that the Octoling Cultural Exchange Program gave them a decent budget in order to cover costs and living expenses. He did not thank them for how heavy said expenses actually were. He was just about ready to splat flat under the weight of it all when Tetrox stepped out of her new room. She took a few more bags from him and hopped back into her room with a smile.

Arnick grunted, “Could you help me with this futon please before I’m turned into a purple puddle?!”

“Okay! Okay! Just hold your sea horses, darlin’.” Tetrox stepped back out and with her assistance, the large futon that Arnick had on his back was laid down on the floor with a heavy thud.

“Oh Great Zapfish!” Arnick panted, “That thing must weigh a ton! How can something so soft be so heavy?”

“Beats me. You know you didn’t-”

“OOP! Down I go!”


Arnick face planted right onto the futon which was still inside the plastic packaging. It broke his fall for the most part, but at that point, Arnick’s muscles were in enough pain that he didn’t even notice it. He laid there motionless.

Tetrox blinked, “Uhh… you okay there, honey?”

Muffled through futon fabric, Arnick said, “Oh yes! I’m fine! Don’t mind me! I fall face first from an upright standing position all the time! Just leave me be and I’ll be able to move again in about another 48 hours!” sarcastically.

Tetrox frowned, “It ain’t my fault you insisted on carrying everything in one trip. We could have carried that futon together.”

Still face first in the futon, Arnick replied, “No. We couldn't”

“What?! You think I ain’t strong enough to help carry a futon up some stairs!? I’m stronger than I look, y'know?!” Tetrox scoffed.

“It’s not because either of us weren’t physically capable of doing it that way. It’s because we had to get everything out of the car and inside as fast as possible.” Arnick muffled.

“And why’s tha-” Tetrox stopped short as a sound she was not familiar with could suddenly be heard. She looked towards the living room window and made her way over to it. From there she saw something that she had never seen before in Octo Valley.


“THAT’S why!” Arnick called out. He was finally making an effort to remove his face from the still packaged futon and lift himself up. Slowly, he finally was able to stand up. Wheezing a bit, he walked over towards Tetrox who was still transfixed at the water falling outside. The clouds were gray and were becoming darker. The sun was about to set, but the gray clouds blocked it out completely.

For several minutes, neither of them spoke. Tetrox was still hypnotized by the steadily falling rain drops and Arnick could see the look of wonder on her face. Arnick would have said something sooner, except for the fact that he needed to catch his breath first. Finally, Tetrox broke the silence, “Nicky… what is that?”

Arnick looked at her with a mix of disbelief and confusion. But with the time he had catching his breath, he was able to think and figure out why Tetrox was so amazed. “That… Tetrox… is rain. You’ve never seen it before… have you?”

Tetrox slowly shook her head.

“Let me guess…” Arnick said between breaths, “those… Octo Domes underground in Octo Valley… it never rained there… because you… couldn’t get a… oof… a system in place for… simulating… phew… weather conditions. Does that… sound about right?”

Tetrox slowly nodded. The sound of the rain falling created a soothing noise that seemed to put her at ease. She turned and looked at Arnick whose face was still covered in small, slightly purple beads of sweat. Tetrox was about to think to herself how good he looked like that before she shook her head and continued looking back out the window. It seemed funny to her how she had read about rain, seen pictures of rain, and even had a good understanding of how weather outside of the Octo Domes functions from her science class studies. She even had a friend named Rain¹ back in OctoSchool too.

But for Tetrox, she felt as though looking out this window was the first time she ever truly understood rain.

Arnick shakily walked over to the couch and sat down with a plop. He was starting to regain his breath at last. “If we didn’t get everything up in one trip, we wouldn’t have been able to go back to the car because of that. It wouldn’t have been too bad if it was just a light sprinkle, but… well, see for yourself.” He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on the opposite wall on. He quickly changed it to one of the local channels.

A chirpy voice came from the TV, “HOLD ONTO YOUR TENTACLES! IT’S TIME FOR THE INKOPOLIS WEATHER REPORT!” Arnick really wished that the Inkopolis news took things like weather more seriously. Having pop idols hosting the news just seemed ridiculous to him. Tetrox walked over and sat next to Arnick on the couch. Callie appeared on screen looking chipper as usual, “TO GIVE US THE LATEST ON TYPHOON CHEEP CHEEP, LET’S GO LIVE TO MARIE OUT IN THE FIELD!”

The screen then showed Marie who was standing outside with a very large umbrella over her head. She was wearing a large, but stylish, green raincoat that matched her usual outfit’s colors complete with matching rain boots. In her non-umbrella holding hand, she was holding a microphone. But despite the torrential downpour seen behind her and the bright green raincoat with additional poncho over it, the most noticeable thing on the TV was Marie’s face.

She was salty as Hell!


The screen then split so one half had Callie from the studio, and the other with a very pissed looking Marie. “SORRY MARIE. YOU LOST THE COIN TOSS FAIR AND SQUARE!”



Tetrox turned to Arnick, “Who the heck are they?”

Arnick gestured to them, “Those are the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie. Inkopolis’ Top Pop Idols. Some of their music was playing at Arowana Mall earlier when we there.”



Tetrox’s eyes widened, “SINGERS?! Really?!”

Arnick nodded, “Yyyup.”



“Dayum Nicky!” Tetrox exclaimed, “That girl’s got more fire behind her eyes than Ol’ Octavio on a day without wasabi! She looks like she could tear a place apart with her bare hands!”

Arnick snickered, “And given who she has to work with each day, I’m surprised she hasn’t.”




All the lights in the apartment suddenly went out after a bright flash of light came from outside. Arnick looked up and sighed, “Oh wonderful… a power outage… just what we needed.” Shaking his head he stood up and headed towards the closet where the flashlight and candles were kept. The rain had begun pouring even harder now and was falling in sheets. “Alright, just hold tight Tetrox, I’ll go check the circuit breaker and see if I can get the power back on. I sure hope so, because I really don’t-”

Arnick stopped mid-sentence as he realized from the dim light with occasional flashes from the window… that Tetrox was no longer there.

He called out, “Tetrox?” and received no answer. Arnick was starting to get worried. It’s one thing for someone to just disappear into thin air. It’s another thing when that someone is an Octoling. Arnick stayed on his toes as he inched the rest of the way over to the closet. Without even looking inside, he reached in and grabbed the flashlight. With a flick of the switch, he began shining the beam of light around. He couldn’t see any sign of her; not her bobble hat, not her purple tentacles, nothing. Arnick slowly walked and peeked inside her room, then his bedroom, and even the bathroom, but still no sign of her.

“Tetrox? I sincerely hope this isn’t a game or anything. Where are you?” The sound of thunder echoed from outside, but as the noise subsided, Arnick finally heard it. Someone… was whimpering. “Tetrox, are you okay?” Arnick followed the sound back to the couch where he last saw her. He could clearly hear the whimpering now and it sounded like someone was… crying. Arnick had a sinking feeling he knew what happened. He knelt down and shined his flashlight under the couch.

There Tetrox was, in her Octopus form, shivering and shaking with tears rolling down her eyes. Breathlessly, Arnick said, “Tetrox…” and almost dropped his flashlight. He was amazed that an Octoling could look so… vulnerable. And scared. He shook his head and spoke confidently, “Stay right there. I’ll be right back.” Arnick dashed back to the closet and reached inside. He grabbed a standard slosher bucket and headed back to the couch. He knelt down and pointed the open end of the Slosher towards Tetrox. “You’ll be safe in here. It’s okay. The slosher’s empty. No ink. It won’t hurt you.”

Slowly, moving one tentacle after another, Tetrox inched her way forward before crawling inside the Slosher bucket. Arnick then carefully stood up with the Slosher in hand; the crying Octopus still trembling inside. He spoke with as calm a voice as he could muster, “It’s alright now. I’ve got you. You’re safe.” He held the Slosher close to him as he gingerly stepped towards the bathroom. The rain and thunder continued to pound outside, but when he stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, it was no longer as loud. With the flashlight in his other hand, Arnick carefully placed the Slosher down in the empty bathtub. “You’re safe here. I’m going to go check the circuit breaker and then I’ll be right back, okay?” The trembling octopus seemed to nod and Arnick stepped outside and carefully closed the door to the bathroom.

Immediately, he headed back to his room and opened the doors to his closet. On the back wall inside the closet was the circuit breaker. As he thought, all the switches were tripped. One by one, Arnick flipped the switches back to their ON position and light gradually returned to the apartment. Arnick breathed a sigh of relief before taking a deep breath, “Now… for the hard part.” He walked over to the bathroom door and gently knocked. “Tetrox? Tetrox, it’s me, Arnick. I’m coming inside, okay?” There was no answer either way, but Arnick could still hear sobbing from behind the door. Slowly, he opened the door, reached in, and turned the bathroom lights on.

Tetrox was back in her humanoid form; the slosher bucket sitting next to her in the bathtub. She had her knees curled up to her chin and her arms holding her legs tightly together. Her face was hidden by her arms and legs, but the sound of her crying was clearly audible. She was wearing the same clothes she was wearing just a few minutes ago when the power went off.

Arnick looked at her in total awe. He had read countless books about the Octarians, mostly regarding their military. He had grown up believing that Octarians, and Octolings in particular, were ruthless soldiers that were afraid of nothing. Yet here, right in front of him, was an Octoling crying her eyes out, and trembling in absolute terror. Arnick realized he still had a lot to learn.

Arnick knelt down and tried to look Tetrox in the eyes, but she was keeping her face well hidden. Gently he spoke, “Tetrox? Are you okay?”

Between sobs, Tetrox forced herself to choke out some words, “Arnick… w-w-w-what was that?!” She used his actual name. Arnick knew that this was serious.

“Thunder and lightning. It sometimes happens when it rains, but not always. It won’t harm you as long as you’re indoors,” he said as calmly as he could. “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about it earlier. I knew the typhoon was coming before we left the mall when I got a notification on my iSquid. If I had told you about it on the way back here, it probably wouldn’t have scared you as much. That’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

Tetrox slowly turned to look at Arnick. Arnick could see the tears around her eyes and tried to give her the most reassuring smile he could. Tetrox sniffed and sobbed, “…you…you ain’t gonna laugh at me?”

Slowly, Arnick shook his head, “No. Of course not. It’s the first time you’ve ever heard and seen thunder and lightning. It’s perfectly natural to be scared. I remember being so scared when I was little that I asked if I could crawl into bed with my Mom and Dad. I was either 3 or 4 at the time. And I was still scared of thunder and lightning for years after that too. I’m sure you’ll get used to it a lot faster than I did.”

Tetrox wiped the tears from her eyes. “I feel like a complete idjit right now. Deep down I… I knew it was thunder and lightning, but…”

Arnick finished the sentence for her, “…but this is the first time you ever witnessed it firsthand.”

Tetrox nodded slowly.

Arnick grabbed some tissues from a tissue box near the sink and with his other hand, extended it out to Tetrox. “Come on. Let’s get you out of that tub, shall we?”

Tetrox slowly placed her hand in Arnick’s as he helped her up. The two then slowly headed back to the living room. Arnick continued to hold her hand as they walked. “Tetrox… do… do you want to talk about this?”

Tetrox shook her head, “Not… not really.”

Arnick nodded, “That’s okay. Let’s watch a little TV and then get your futon set up in your room, okay?”

Tetrox nodded.

To Be Continued…

¹ Rain Belongs to Wasabi-Beats

Tammy’s comments: Oh god this is adorable! *grin as wide as my face*

I swear you can write “tactical military style” onto anything and CoD kids would buy it.

Bob: “Check out this Tactical Military Style Stroller I just bought!”

Joe: “Dude you don’t even have a girlfriend let alone kids…”

Bob: “Yeah, but it its multicam and has fake paracord wrap on it.”

Joe: “… Sick!”