i swear this time i mean it

Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include...

  • stiles constantly asking for assurance that you actually love him
  • him always putting you first
  • long, sweet kisses
  • he’d always want to be touching you somehow, even if it was just holding your hand
  • trying to keep you safe from everything
  • jeep sex
  • stiles pissing you off and then telling you how much he loves you
  • “i love you too, you fucker.”
  • everyone cringing at your relationship but also secretly admiring it
  • cuddles from behind
  • stiles being the big spoon when you have nightmares
  • rubbing it in theo’s face that stiles got you instead of him
  • awkward dates 
  • watching his lacrosse games
  • keeping a spare bat in your room just in case
  • noah loving you and considering you as his daughter
  • the pack always watching over you because they know how much you mean to stiles
  • rough sex 
  • sex
  • jeep sex
  • arguing over watching star wars
  • “star trek is better.”
  • “i swear to god, i’ll suffocate you.”
  • makeup sex
  • supporting one another through hard times
  • helping him study
  • practically living with him and his dad
  • you’re his anchor, and he’s yours
I think it's pretty canon now
  • ***During Jaehee's route***
  • MC: I feel bad for Jaehee.
  • Zen: That's because Jumin is a jerk.
  • MC: He really shouldn't---
  • Zen: He's always making her overwork, like last year when he did that meerkat thing even though they were so busy?
  • MC: I didn't know---
  • Zen: Jumin has lots of projects that are non-profit and are all for de-stressing and giving something back to the community, and he takes them as seriously as he does the rest of his business.
  • MC: Ah, that's---
  • Zen: I seriously can't understand how Jumin manages to create more work, and it's not that he doesn't do anything, because he works just as much as everyone else, or possibly more, he's a workaholic and never gets enough rest!
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: Jumin, that jerk -_-
  • MC: I see you're close to Jaehee.
  • Zen: Hm? No, we don't speak much. She might talk to you since you're a girl.
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: Omg, look at the time! I gotta go. Byyye!
  • ***Zen leaves the conversation***
  • MC: ...;;;
A lesson in romantics according to "Anywhere But Here"
  • Kids in Love: It's possible to still love and miss being in a relationship even if it was the best and worst thing to happen to you. You miss the memories, even if you don't miss the person.
  • Anywhere but Here: Everyone can use an escape after a breakup, it could be a new person too, but you can't put all your trust in them to be there.
  • The Silence: The end of a relationship can make you feel lonely, especially since someone who you really cared about isn't talking to you all the time. This detachment is a step to getting over them. The silence will set you free.
  • Still Breathing: Don't end a relationship over something that can be fixed. Take the time to calm down and work on it. Look for reasons to stay. You aren't hopeless. This is your life and if you want to keep something, do whatever you can.
  • Bruised and Scarred: You will be saved from your broken heart. Bruises fade and scars are reminders of battles you've survived.
  • If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?: If you care about someone, especially if you're together, you have to show them. If you don't, you will lose them and someone else will show them. Realize what you have when you have it.
  • Save Your Heart: Not everyone you're attracted to is worth dying for, which is probably the strongest love. Being in love might appeal to you, but don't rush it. Make sure that when you tell yourself you love someone, you mean it.
  • Get Up: Watch how you get attached to people. If it seems you fall in love with everyone you know, it doesn't sound much like love. Sometimes it isn't where you're going, it's who you're with.
  • Center of Attention: It's okay to want attention sometimes. Keep your heart open wide, save it for somebody who cares. If you're close enough to someone, it's okay to let them in.
  • I Swear This Time I Mean It: All relationships have their struggles, but when you or your significant other swear that you mean it this time, do you? If you just want them to be happy, do all you can and make it happen.
  • So Far Away: So many people hate the town they grew up in. One day you'll have the chance to get away if you still choose to. However, there is no hurry to grow up.
  • The Memory: Memories have the power to tear you apart, but can weaken over time. In a few years, you will look back and the memories will no longer succeed in convincing themselves to do that.
  • The End: Even though we no longer talk, if you come to me in crisis I will help you. Even though it fell apart and we hurt each other beyond repair, I'll be by your side until the end.
anticipation; jongyu; nc-17

i’m not sure if i’m back from hiatus or not? but if i am, this is part of a series called {Needs More}. the point being that it’s just a bunch of stuff i think fics need more of.

this needs more is nsfw so it will be under the cut :)

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