i swear this show is something else

I swear I’m going to be upset if the show runners make it out to be that the only reason Ian runs off with Mickey is because this whole situation is triggering his mania. Don’t make it out that Mickey is only a symptom of Ian’s mania, and don’t make it out that Ian can’t truly love Mickey, or anyone else, so much to do something crazy like run away to Mexico without being manic. Both deserve more than that.

Anonymous said:

Can you make an imagine where you catch Peter cheating on you so you go to your secret hideout to calm down but pan finds you and tries to take you back but you don’t take him back. Sorry if this is long and hard to understand


Warning/s: cheating, swearing, sadness lol


summary: he cheats on you (another version)

You were currently preparing dinner for the lost boys when you felt an arm wrap around your waist. You turned around to see Peter, your boyfriend. You smiled at him.

“Is something wrong?” You asked. He was never this clingy so you figured that something must be up.

“No, love. All is fine” he grinned. You raised an eyebrow at him, “Really? Because you’re being really clingy right now and that is so not you.”

“Is it wrong to show my affections to someone I love?” he scoffed.

“Or are you seeing someone else? Maybe that’s why you don’t want me touching you anymore. You found someone new? Is that it?” he yelled.

“What the hell, Peter? How could you say all that?” you looked at him in disbelief.

“Because you’re different now. You’ve changed. Why would you even ask if something is up? You’re clearly accusing me of something!” he glared at you.

“The only one who changed here is you! I was just asking why you were acting different and you overreacted. And to accuse me of cheating? That’s insane. Maybe you’re the one who’s doing something extravagant here.” You squinted your eyes at him. He didn’t say anything. He just glared at you and poofed away. You shook your head and sighed.

When the two of you fight, he would always come to you after a while and will apologize because he couldn’t stand you being mad at him. This time, it’s different. You thought about what happened and decided that you’re the one who needed to apologize. Maybe you were wrong to ask him why he was being clingy. He just simply wanted to show his affections and you went all Sherlock on him.

You decided to search for him and apologize. It was already dark and the lost boys were all sleeping so it was going to be hard. Peter wasn’t in his tree house so that means he hasn’t come back from your fight with him earlier. You continued to walk around the woods in search for Peter but you weren’t doing a pretty good job. You decided to go back and just talk to him in the morning. You were about to walk away when you heard leaves being shifted. You quickly pulled out your dagger and followed the noise.

You hid behind bushes and peeked through them. You saw Peter pinning someone to a tree but you can’t see who. You shifted to see the person Peter was pinning and was shocked to see that it was a girl. You shook your head as the voices in your head says that this is an act of infidelity. You looked back at Peter’s face to see him smirking at the girl and you sighed in relief. Maybe she was one of his prisoners and he’s planning on using her for something. You knew you were wrong when he leaned in and started kissing the girl passionately. You moved away from the bushes quickly, making a noise. Peter stopped kissing the girl and looked towards the bushes. He was too busy with the girl to even sense your presence.

Before Peter can even walk over to you and see you, you stood up and ran as fast as you can, dropping your dagger along the way. You ran towards the one place no one knew of. The one place that Baelfire told you about when he was still on Neverland. You never told Peter about this place because you promised Baelfire that you won’t and even now that he’s gone, you still won’t because it serves as your secret hideout. It is where you go to whenever you have to be alone or whenever you have breakdowns. And right now, you’re having one.

You went in and closed the door. As soon as you did, you went to the corner and fell on the ground, hugging your knees. Now you know why he overreacted earlier. He was being defensive. He blamed you for something that he’s doing. Now you just feel stupid for wanting to apologize. The first time you let someone in after putting down your walls and this happens.

Someone opened the door making you jump and reach for your dagger but it wasn’t there. You looked around for a weapon when the intruder stopped you.

“Calm down, Y/N. It’s just me.” Peter said with his hands in the air.

“Which is worse” you scoffed. “Give me that.” You snatched your dagger from his hand and placed it in your pocket.

“I found it in the middle of the woods. What were you doing out there?” he said with a worried tone.

“Oh cut the crap!” you scoffed.

“What are you saying?” he frowned.

“I already know” you growled. His eyes widened but continued to play innocent. “Know what?” he asked.

“I went to find you, Peter. I wanted to apologize but guess what.” You gave a sarcastic smile.

“You saw..” he whispered.

“Yes. And you blamed me for cheating.” you said through gritted teeth.

“Listen, Y/N. I-” he tried to reason out but you cut him off.

“Now why would I listen to you? In fact, I don’t want anything from you anymore. I don’t want anything to do with you. All I want is to be far away from you.” you said.

“You don’t mean that” he said, almost crying.

“You accused me of cheating because you couldn’t trust me! You thought that if you’re cheating on me, I would be doing the same thing! You’re insane! Don’t even compare me to yourself. Whatever we have or had, it’s over.” you looked at him with so much hatred.

“What are you saying?” he said slowly.

“I’m saying that you need to take me back.” you breathed out.

“Of course. Let’s get you back to camp.” he went to take your hand but you pulled it away.

“No, Peter. Take me back home.” you spat. His eyes widened in shock as he stepped back. “You don’t mean that” he stuttered. “You’re just upset.”

“What do you expect? Should I jump around in happiness knowing what you just did? Why are you even bothering with me if you can just go back to that girl!” you screamed. He grabbed you and hugged you tightly. “Y/N please calm down. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to happen. I’m sorry.” he cried out. You pushed him off of you.

“So you’re not taking me back home?” you asked.

“No, I won’t” he cried.

“You see, I knew you won’t so I trapped your shadow in this” you held up a coconut. Inside it was a shadow. It can take you home. “I just wanted to know if you really loved me. And now I know that you didn’t.” you whispered.

“What are you saying? I loved you. I love you!” he yelled.

“No! Because if you did, you would let me go! You would know that it’s the best for me!” you screamed. 

“I always wanted to do this.” you took the pixie dust that the fairies gave you and blew it to Peter, making him drop and fall asleep.

“Goodbye, Peter.” and with that, you took off to your home. Leaving Peter behind with a broken heart.

note:i had a writer’s block so I’m not posting much. for the meanwhile, enjoy this :)

okay kiddos listen up

its holiday time and thats not always the best thing for everybody

i cleverly booked some secret spy stuff for myself to do so ill only have a little bit of internet access for about a week or so but i thought it might be nice to have stuff showing up on this blog while im away just in case someone needs something to read

therefore the next week will feature the greatest hits of clints holidays past and a couple more items from my ways to cheer yourself up list

remember that when all else fails its totally legit to point out the window scream oh my god look thors naked again and then run for it

i swear its gotten me out of so many awkward conversations

What comes next?

Let’s assume there’s no fourth episode coming Sunday. Seems reasonable. I’m curious how my fellow Endgame-ers (I’m searching for something that’s essentially “TJLC without the bad fannish behavior and connotation that term sometimes carries” here) think we should react to the show. Seriously, if you honestly believed this show was destined for canon Johnlock, what’s the emotionally, morally, psychologically, whatever else healthy response here?

Is it anger and dismissal? I’ve seen a lot of that – people truly pissed at Mofftiss swearing off the show, organizing protests and the like? Simple, if you’re ready to move on from this show’s story, or even the story we’ve used to parse the show. I’m not sure I am.

Do we hope for “one more miracle”? New canon that will make sense of this mess, new interpretations, etc.? Nice thought but improbable IMO, and if we’re talking about new material, that’s so far in the future I’m not sure how much it really helps. And while I like reinterpretation, I think it risks downplaying the very real damage done by burying the lead. I also suspect it gives Mofftis too much credit and keeps the game going by their rules. I’m not sure I’m okay with that.

Do we tinhat – “theories” we don’t think will ever come true, that we play around with just for the fun of it? (TFP as John’s EMP is a personal favorite – love it as a kind of collective fiction, it explains so much and is so fun, but I don’t take it seriously and am not sure I’d want to encourage that for others….)

Do we fix it, tell the story we thought was unfolding in a way that actually works for us? Or tell a better story, a different story that doesn’t really try to fix TFP, like how Johnlockers conveniently killed or divorced Mary and set their stories so far in the future she was barely a memory, when they didn’t know what to do after HLV? That’s my inclination, but it’s a very different way to approach the show than meta and interpretation, even meta-as-performance-art (which I think TJLC often was). Also it takes time.

I’m seeing a lot of non-Endgamers question how Endgamers –adult Endgamers particularly– “enabled” younger fans in an implausible, ultimately harmful, way o read the show. And I’m not such a huge fan I imagine I have a lot of sway here. But I am curious how Endgamers think they should move on from here.

*** Worth adding: I have problems with TFP that aren’t about shipping. That’s not the crisis-point I see playing out in Tumblr fandom, so I’m not talking about it just now.


“Here,” Tauriel said, “lay down, there’s something I want to show you.”

Kili complied easily, heart pounding in her throat as Tauriel pulled her down to lay side by side on the mattress. Tauriel smiled at her, and switched the lights off.

There were stars, a vivid glowing nebula hanging above their heads. Kili gasped, nearly sure for an instant that she was on mushrooms again, it was so beautiful.

“That’s…” Kili breathed, reaching up to brush her fingers across the painted points of light.

“Glow-in-the dark paint,” Tauriel whispered beside Kili. “I copied it from an astronomy picture of the day, so I could see the stars even when I’m camping in the truck.

"That’s brilliant,” Kili whispered back. “I love it.”

From Walking on the Grass.

I threw up all the pics of Steve Rogers in his Cap costume across all the movies we have of him so far. 

a.  That Avengers costume is the absolute worst of all of them.  If Coulson had any input on that design, bless you sir but you should never be allowed to design anything for Steve to wear ever again.  I could swear there was more coherent meta on this somewhere else, but just from my own perspective, it renders Steve as the most “cartoon-ish” of all the Avengers and it just looks jarring when everything and everyone else looks solidly real - even Loki with his ridiculous horned helmet. 

b.  Seriously, it says something about that terrible, cheesetastic costume that Steve actually looks more convincing in his soldier’s leather jacket and the silly sweater from the USO stage show. 

c.  The Age of Ultron costume and the CATFA ones are both practical and kickass and if I remember correctly, Steve actually collaborated with Howard in this costume’s design.  I can totally imagine that in-universe, Steve combined the elements of his old and the CATWS uniform and collaborated with Tony to produce this final look. 

d.  Yeah I’m biased but my favorite is still the CATWS stealth suit.  :D

I swear this conversation literally just took place
  • girl from college: I heard that Star Wars isn't nice.. Like I heard it's childish.
  • Me: No it's not it's awesome
  • Me: *pulls out phone* look at my BB-8 case
  • Me: *reveals my lock-screen* look at my Kylo Ren wallpaper
  • girl: oh that's nice.. Bu-
  • Me: hold on I wanna show you something else..
  • girl: okay.. ?
  • Me: *pulls out a 'Rebel Alliance' Pouch from inside my backpack* I carry my small items in this, it's from Star Wars
  • girl: what is-
  • Me: hold on that's not what I wanted to show you
  • girl: ...
  • Me: *pulls out BB-8 sphero toy from the pouch* look at this
  • girl: wtf
  • Me: :D
  • girl: ..
  • Me: :D
  • girl: ??
  • Me: *unzips hoodie to reveal Star Wars shirt* look at my children :D
  • girl *backing away slowly*: ohmygod
A real-life dialogue, lol
  • Aries (m): So, honey when can we fuck
  • Sag (f): SORRY
  • Aries (m): No, nothing, but u look pretty hot
  • Aries (m): oh, by using ur tongue? :))
  • Aries (m): I hope you'll be smeared in the same butter that u used for your sandwich, babe
  • Aries (f): /suddenly shows/ that's not funny, may I tell him something?
  • Sag (f) : Nahnahnah, I'll make it, okay
  • Aries (m): Wellokaysorry /whispers/ Later, honey
  • Sag (f): Ohmygod I love ya so much, little protective cinnamon roll.
Hannibal Re-Catch: Savoureux

Welcome to my recatch of Savoureux, aka the episode title that I didn’t know how to spell until I wrote this intro. I swear I learn something new each recap!

What else did I learn this episode?

Well, Will’s life pretty much sucks because someone *pointed look at Hannibal* went and framed him for murder (But, guys, his heart was in the right place. Intentions are more important than actions, right? RIGHT??). Alana dodges bullets, but still feels wounded. Jack is really hung up on the idea of Will being an intelligent psychopath despite his abysmal clock-drawing efforts. And the Wendigo is actually a pretty cool guy once you get to know him. 

Join me as I revisit the Season 1 finale of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire… Well, hopefully you know the drill by now. I’ve written twelve of these things already. (LOL what is my life?) 

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The signs as things my family say
  • Aries: Are you going out with the lesbians? -Dad
  • Taurus: I'm going out to eat dicks -Brother
  • Gemini: That guy is cute, you should send him a nude -Mom
  • Cancer: Stop taking selfies, you're not Kim Kardashian -Brother
  • Leo: Aww, look, you still as virgin as in this picture -Mom, showing me a picture of me in kindergarten
  • Virgo: Stop sucking dicks while you are drunk, please -Brother
  • Libra: Look that whore -Mom, to someone else, about me.
  • Capricorn: I watched some movie called Fulp Piction or something like that -Mom
  • Pisces: Under the sea, under the sea, I love the lion king -Mom

I can’t quite get over Audrey facing off against the killers.

  • Season 1 - A verbal face-off: “What are you waiting for?”
  • Season 2 - *staring Kieran down when he has a freaking GUN to her temple*

I mean, geez.

I swear I find something else to love about her every single day. How is that even possible with only 22 episodes? I may have watched them multiple times; but to notice something new every day even if I don’t watch them that day?

This show, Man. This. Show.

Regarding Bleach 686 *SPOILER*
Okay, looks like the spoilers for Bleach 686 are legit. So I feel like saying this to ya Kubo: FUCK THIS SHIT. Thank you for throwing a story (and a couple!) with this much potential down the drain. You chose the easy way out with an ending full of plot holes and a cliched couple. And about Renji and Rukia… Seriously? WTF? They never showed any romantic feelings towards each other and now they’re married and have a child? Oh, come on. I swear I’ll never buy something written by you EVER AGAIN.

Before any IH shipper comes and says something, here’s the thing: I hate Orihime as a character. She’s obviously cute, but I can’t stand her. I didn’t want her to end up with Ichigo nor with anyone else, be it Ulquiorra or Ishida.

Someone once said “Bleach began with IR and will end with IH.” They were absolutely right. Luv to all the fellow IR shippers out there, we weren’t delusional.

Summary: Imagine person A blowing raspberries on person B (drabble) 
Warnings: Bucky being a cutie, swearing and fluff
Admin Note: You and Bucky are sat watching television and he gets bored, discovering a funny noise he can make onto your skin passes a good amount of time.

“This show is boring” Bucky mumbled from beside you, you tried not to roll your eyes or glare at him, he will never understand your love for BBC’s Sherlock. You had your legs across his lap slightly on his chest, since he was slouched on the sofa, his face turned into a pout as you continued to watch the show. 
“Go do something with Steve, I need to catch up with everyone else” you had missed season three when it aired, due to your Avenger duties, so you have dedicated your only day off to catching up with the rest of the fandom but your idiot boyfriend decided to join you. Bucky hates modern TV, he dislikes all the crappy reality shows, the comedy shows of today and especially hates all the chat shows. 

“I wanna spend time with you” he whined, you grinned and nodded, telling him after the last episode you’ll spend time with him but he knows Sherlock; he knows the episodes are lengths of movies and he doesn’t know if he’ll survive another hour and half of watching two men running around London. He drummed his fingers onto your legs, looking around the living room to distract himself, he let out a long sigh and continued to tap patters onto your skin as you watched the show. 
He pulled your hand towards him, you looked as he started to play with your fingers, you smiled and went back to the TV as he put his hand against yours. Chuckling at the difference, you’ve always been smaller against… everyone. He pulled the back of your hand to his lips, pressing a kiss but he let out a sigh but his lips vibrated and created a very odd sound.

You didn’t think anything of the noise since you’ve heard it before, others doing it to babies, people blowing raspberries to make others laugh and Tony makes them because he says they sound like fart noises sometimes. Bucky frowned, he on purposely made another, a little chuckle arisen from him and he did one on your arm and full on laughed. You looked at him with raised eyebrows as he laughed hard at the noises; you forget he was ripped from his life, he probably never heard this noise in his life and for some reason it really tickled him. 

Five minutes later and he hasn’t stopped, he would stop for a few minutes but then continue, still chuckling at the noises and you would laugh with him. 
“Why does this make you laugh so?” you asked, Bucky shrugged your arm pushed against his mouth, ready to blow another one against your skin.
“Its funny” he smiled, his voice a slight octave higher than usual but that might be due to the fact all he has done for almost ten minutes is blow raspberries.
“If we have sex and you blow a raspberry on me, I will leave you” you tell him, by his face you could tell he had thought about it, he nodded with a sheepish smile and you knew that this was just the beginning of his raspberry blowing days.  

(Just something I’ve had floating on my laptop for some time, hopefully you like this.Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

I swear you anons are just trying to look for something to argue about at this point. From age, to the number of shows someone is going to, to how someone looks, how someone blogs, how they spell, speak, sing, dance, how many times they met Taylor, I can go on and on about this. It is so ridiculous at this point I just don’t understand why you would waste your own time and energy putting someone else down, especially when you don’t even know the person. You see a couple of their posts so that makes you feel entitled to make all these assumptions about them based on one selfie, or one post they make? Stop trying to tear other people down just because you have your own insecurities. Be productive and support one another because that goes so much further than spreading the hate and negativity.


Is it safe to assume Nathanaël Bronn has something to do with cinnamon roll Nathanaël, besides being one of the show’s staff?? 

Also, I swear I’ve seen that last illustration somewhere else 


Before the show even aired. Could be my imagination though

edit:   Anonymous said:The last image from the last scene is one of the original drawings creator Thomas Astruc drew. He did a few fake comic covers for Ladybug.

thanks anon!