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Rachel has a hoodie. ADC Chara has a hoodie. cLEARLY THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON Yeah, no. That anon's crazy. Stop trying to inject Undertale and ADC into an original thing, people! This kind of thing is why I'm nervous about uploading my own original comic on another site; most of my followers know me for Undertale so I'm afraid of people doing this exact thing. I've already had someone tell me one character looks like what they think the Green SOUL to look, which is kinda ":/"

And the green Soul doesn’t even have a canon design, i swear these people…

But yeah, remember that “tumblr you’re killing art” I reblogged a few days ago? It’s exactly what I’m talking about, people need to support new ideas, and not bash them as soon as someone wants to come up with something else.

 It’s really nerve wrecking trying to stand out as an artist just with  fanart alone. :/  

One thing is to know that you can’t please everyone and accept criticism, but it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and not get the chance to show your ideas entirely, or having people shove their ideas down your throat. Like the only reason I’m not going to stop it’s because at least a large amount of people do seem to care, but a good amount are just being like this and it’s quite discouraring. 

All I say is, don’t be afraid to show the world what you want! And please, people be more considerate. 

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what were your favourite quotes/those with the most impact that you read this year?

 i’m expanding this to talk about poems and collections too because i am That Guy. 




Nezumi and Shion really get me. I love them. Separately and together. What a team. Nezumi finally loses his shit to someone worth losing it for after years of trusting no one, loving no one…Shion’s his challenge and he could never overcome him. Shion, the boy is loaded with love that needs no “I love you”, he shows it to Nezumi… or tells him something else, that he’s drawn to him. They really care about each other and I’m reading the novel right now to learn about that deeper level of love and characterization behind the surface of the anime.

Only Us (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you?(kind of? I don’t know. Fuck it.)

Word Count: 2388

Warning(s): Mean parents, swearing, and slightly sexual remarks.

Additional Notes: Frank Gallagher is a character int the TV show Shameless(it’s amazing please watch it) and he is pretty much always drinking. (Also if you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk)

Part 1

My phone rang loudly as light crept in from the window. Fuck. I thought as my eyes focused on the time on the far wall of my small bedroom. 6:15. I hated school. I groaned getting up turning of my alarm, yawning and stretching. I tugged my short shorts down that I slept in overnight and opened the door walking to the bathroom avoiding the beer bottles that littered the dark carpet. My hand reached for the door before it was yanked open. A middle aged man stood in front of me wearing only his boxers. I shuttered stepping back.

“Who do we have here?” He grinned down at me. I shivered taking another step back.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked glaring at him fear still gripping me.

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Old friends (5/?)

Summary: y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Pairings: Sam Wilson x reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x reader

Warnings: a little kissing  swearing, drama, angst.

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 You wake up to beeping, and something squeezing your hand.

  “Y/n, wake up. Please. I don’t know if you can hear me….” You recognize the voice within 2 seconds. Sam’s such a sap. You mentally roll your eyes. He keeps talking, while you wait for the perfect moment to to say something. “You’re the sister I-” Your eyes are open now but Sam has his head laying on the hospital bed. Seriously? What else could he possibly say? You slowly move your other hand up, removing the oxygen mask on your face. Finally, Sam pauses, giving you the perfect opportunity. You yell or at least try to.

  “Sam!” It comes out raspy and you feel like you sound like an angry old man. He nearly falls out of his seat.

   “Dammit, Y/n! What the hell!” You attempt to laugh, but immediately regret it. Your entire body feels like it got hit by a bus. Trying to yell sends a wave of pain through you that you’ve never experienced before. At that moment, it all comes back to you; the fire, the hydra agent, Josh, everything. You’re eyes go wide and you feel like you can’t get enough air in your lungs. You can hear Sam repeating your name, and then yelling for the Doctor.

Ross is hydra. That’s the only explanation, right?

  “Hello y/n, I’m Dr. Cho, but you can call me Helen. It’s great to finally meet you.” You try to come back to your senses and reply to her. “Same here, Helen. How bad is the damage?” Here we go.

   “Nothing life threatening or permanent. Two severely bruised ribs, a mild concussion, and a black eye. You inhaled a dangerous amount of smoke, so I’ve had you on oxygen since they brought you over from the other hospital. Your lungs should be mostly clear within a day or two, but as you heard already your voice may not be back to full strength right away.”

  “How long have I been out?” you only get a whisper out.

  “About 10 hours. You spent two hours at another hospital until we got you transferred here.” Am I at the tower? Where is ‘here’?

“Am I at the tower?” You ask in a quiet voice. She nods and tells you that you’re on the medical level. Huh, I never even knew this was here. Cool.

  “The team has been in and out, but I prefer only one person in here with you at a time, that’s why Sam stayed.” You look over at Sam but he’s staring at his hands. Helen leaves you alone with Sam, and you’re just waiting for him to pitch a fit. But when the moment doesn’t come, you turn to him.

  “On a scale of 1-10, how mad are you?” There’s no humor in your voice. You barely register that it’s your own. You just want an honest answer and for him to get the lecture over with.

  “Five. I would have done the same damn thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay, Y/n.“ He sounds worn out, and you feel bad. The pocket knife, oh my God I need to tell Sam everything NOW. You go to sit up but your ribs stop you.

  "Fuck! This hurts like hell.”

  “If bruised ribs are anything like broken ribs, you’re going to have a hell of time moving around.”

  “Thanks, that’s exactly what I want to fucking hear.” You roll your eyes and continue, “Listen Sammy, I have to tell you what happened.” He looks at you confused, but he pours you a cup of water and waits for you to be able to continue. You drink the water slowly, and it feels ridiculously soothing going down your throat. After your finish it, you take a deep breath and prepare yourself. “I went into the building to get Joshua, ya know, one of the Duncan’s kids. When I entered the apartment, there was a man. That’s where all the injuries mostly came from. He threw me around like a fucking ragdoll. I knocked him over, something flew out of his pocket. Go in my pants pocket, I picked it up when I was trying to get away.” Sam moves to the dresser next to the hospital bed and pulls out your pants. He sticks his hands in all the pockets until he finds the knife. He takes it out and sees the symbol on it.

 "You’ve got to be kidding.“

 "Just wait, it gets better. He was an inhuman, or experiment, I’m not too sure. He had fire coming out of his hands, and the fire around him wasn’t phasing him. When he thought I was down for good, he said 'you should be careful whose toes you step on, you never know who their friends are’. He made a call and said I was taken care of.”

You can see the anger in Sam’s eyes as he pieces together everything. You look around the room now that you have a chance. It’s plain, but nicer than most hospital rooms. I just want to be home. As soon as that thought crosses your mind, you realize your home just burned to the ground. Everything you owned was gone. You feel tears spilling over onto your cheeks.

  “Sammy, whatever you had left there is gone. All my stuff is gone. What’s going to happen?”

 Sam moves to your side and kisses the top of your head. “It’s going to be okay. You can stay here with us. It will all work out, Y/n.” You nod trying to calm yourself down. Sam leaves to make a phone call, and when he comes back Helen is with him.

  “Well first, you are going to need help for a while. Bruised ribs take a little while to completely heal, so you may need help doing basic things, like sitting, showering, or changing.” You look over to Sam and wink and he just shakes his head. She chuckles and continues, "Second, your eye will heal quicker, but it will still hurt and your vision may be blurry for a while, so there’s no driving until it’s completely healed.”

 "Yes Ma'am. Does that mean I can leave this damn bed now?“ I just want to be in a normal bed.

 "Yes, but I need to check your lungs in a couple days. If you feel any discomfort, whether it’s when you try to sleep or during the day, let me know and I can give you pain medication.” You nod and as you try to get up on your own, Helen holds a finger up to signal you to hold on and rushes out of the room. She comes back with a smile and a wheelchair.

  “Oh hell no, I am not getting in that thing! I’m not 90. I can walk on my own.” Sam and Helen share a knowing look, but keep quiet. You get yourself on your feet but when you go to take a step, your leg gives out and your body heads straight for the floor. Sam thankfully catches you. He places you in the chair and smirks at you. You roll your eyes and mumble a thank you to Helen.

 "Can’t you push this thing any faster, Wilson? My Grandma has more speed than this.“ You know you sound like a brat but you can’t help it.

 "Alright crabby, calm down.” He rolls you into the elevator and presses the communal floor button. Fucking finally. Crap. I’m not ready for the lectures, especially Steve. I love the man, he really has a sick habit of mothering though. “You know, Barnes has been driving everyone insane since he found out.” You don’t say anything and just stare at your hands in your lap. “The fire was all over the news. It was a big deal, y/n. So was the mysterious woman that saved a child. ” OH. Well…

 "Great. How is everyone else?“ I hope everyone isn’t mad about this.

  "You’re the one that’s wrapped in bandages and you’re worried about everyone else? No one’s mad at you, Y/n, you just gave us a heart attack. Everyone is fine though. I haven’t really seen Tony. Banner said he hasn’t left the lab since the meeting.” This is what I didn’t want to happen. He feels guilty about Ross.

  You sigh. “Sam, he’s beating himself up over the Ross thing. I know it. Hasn’t anyone tried to talk to him?“

 "Steve tried but got nowhere. Bruce said he’ll only discuss projects with him.”

Mental note : Take care of Tony after you deal with everyone when you get home.

 You ditch the wheelchair in the elevator, ignoring Sam’s pleas to just suck it up and use it. Taking three steps off the elevator, you already have Natasha and Wanda right in front of you.

 "Y/n, we’re so happy you’re okay!“ Wanda goes to hug you but stops. She must have remembered your ribs. Spreading your arms as open as you can, you wiggle your fingers while looking at the girls.

 "You two better fucking hug me. I’m not a piece of glass; I won’t break.” They smile, gently hugging you. When they let you go, you see Steve behind them. And it begins…

 "Alright Steve, lay it on me. I’m ready for the ‘don’t be a hero speech’.“ You try to cross your arms but realize it’s an awful idea. Everyone sees you struggle and gives you sympathetic looks. "Don’t look at me like that! I’m fine! Give me the damn speech, Rogers.” Your attitude was on full display now.

  “ Does everyone think I’m going to lecture them about everything?” Steve throws his arms in the air. You let out a quiet laugh and step towards him. You snake your arms around his tiny waist, giving him a light hug, as he kisses the top of your head.

 "What you did was brave, but don’t ever do that again, Y/n.“

  You look up at him and beam a smile at him, "Yes Captain!” He rolls his eyes while everyone else laughs. You hear Bucky’s laugh somewhere in the room but you don’t see him.

  “Barnes, are you hiding from me?” You ask playfully. You hear his laugh again and he appears from behind Steve.

  “No, kitten. I just don’t know if I can be gentle with you.” He winks and you instantly blush.

  “Oh sweetheart, who says I want it gentle?” You hear Sam start coughing. You snort as a response, trying not to laugh so you don’t stress your throat.

 "Alright, can we not do this right now? Keep your dirty talk between you two. Damn.“ Buck rolls his eyes while you stifle a giggle. You can hear Nat and Wanda laugh and see Steve smirk.

  "On a different note, I think we need a family meeting.” You say. All you get in returned are questioning looks. “Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound like a suggestion? Because it really wasn’t. Living room in 15 minutes.” No one expects that much sass to come out of you, but you’re tired and in pain.

  “I doubt we’ll get Stark out of the lab, Y/n,” Nat says as she walks towards the kitchen. You follow, grabbing a cup of coffee with a plate of donuts from the counter.

 "Don’t worry about Tony, I’ll get him. Just make sure everyone else is there.“ Time to help Tony.

                  When you get to the lab you see Tony tinkering with his iron man mask.

  "You can’t change perfection, Tony.” He looks up and grins at you. You set the coffee and donuts down in front of him.

“Glad to see you’re still in one piece, darling. But you kinda sound like you belong in an elderly center.” He walks over and kisses your cheek. You push the coffee towards him.

  “How long have you been hiding in your lab? ” He doesn’t answer, just drinks the coffee and sets it back down. You decide to try a different tactic. “What Ross did wasn’t you fault. You didn’t know, so stop blaming yourself. I was bluffing when I said about the kid’s family and how the kid died. It was just a feeling I had. I didn’t even know his name, but I had a feeling Ross went all 9 yards when he lied to you and a made fake social media for the kid and everything. And I was right. Instead of staying in your lab and drowning in guilt all alone, why don’t you do something about it? You see these injuries? They were a  thank you gift from Ross and his friends at Hydra for what I revealed in the meeting.” That Got Tony’s attention real quick.

  “What are you-” You cut him off.

  “Come with me, please.” You turn and make you way out of the lab with Tony following you back to the communal floor. You walk in together and everyone is already there. All eyes are on you now, but you let Sam tell the story you told him in the hospital. Talking only makes everything worse right now. Fuck this.  You slowly sit on the couch with Wanda and Natasha, listening to Sam tell them about the hydra agent and what he said. Everyone was silent, which kind of scares you.

 You stand up and try to clear your throat. “We have no real proof that he is Hydra. All we have is an assumption based on what the agent said, and that he lied to Tony to push him for the accords. You guys can’t do anything until we have more. You know he’ll probably try something again if he finds out I’m alive, but until then we have to let this go.”

 Everyone looks at you like you have eight heads. Bucky is the first one to speak.

  “Look at what he did to you! You expect us to just sit and be quiet about it? Have you lost your mind?” You wince at the tone and volume of his voice. You can feel the prick of tears in your eyes but try to push them back. Sam moves to your side, but you step away.

 "Yeah Barnes, that’s exactly what I expect. Because you are not going to put yourself in danger until it is absolutely fucking necessary. Do you understand me?“ You move so you’re standing directly in front of him. No one else dares to say anything.

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Barnes stands up straighter and glares at you. "You do not get to give me orders. You aren’t a part of this team, you don’t have a fucking say.” Ouch. Everyone is silent and in shock.

  You turn and starting to walk towards the elevator. I don’t have to stay and listen to this. You step into the elevator and are about to close the doors when Tony steps in.  He takes your hand in his and hits the button for the roof.

  “Why are we going to the roof?” You ask quietly, tears starting to run down your face.

  “It’s quiet up there. I think we both need it right now.” You stay silent for the rest of the elevator ride. You follow behind Tony as he leads you to a sitting area on the roof. As you sit down next to him, you realize you haven’t been up here yet.

. “You know, Barnes is right. You aren’t an Avenger. But you are very important to everyone on the team. Did you know that Sergeant Freezer Burn was going crazy when we saw you on the news? He tried to go to the hospital before we got you transferred here. You are just as much a part of this team as any of us. Minus all the cool stuff we get to do.”

  You roll your eyes. You know Tony’s right, you care about everyone on the team and they all seem to care for you.

 “I’ll make you a deal, T. I’ll keep myself out of danger, if you promise not to keep punishing yourself for things that you have no control over.“

  Tony takes a minute to answer, but eventually nods his head in agreement.You sit together a little while longer before Tony kisses your forehead and heads back inside. You lay back on the lounger and stare up at the night sky. You hear footsteps approaching and you turn your head to see your visitor.

  "How come no one told me how nice it is up here, Steve?” You turn your gaze back to the sky. You hear him laugh and feel the chair dip next to you.

  “I thought you knew. Listen, Y/n, about what Bucky said… He’s not wrong.” You turn your head to Steve, but before you can even say anything, he covers your mouth with his hand. You raise one of your eyebrows at him, waiting for him to continue.

  “He also wasn’t right. He was a little harsh. I don’t blame him for it though. None of us want to see you get stuck in the crossfire here. We haven’t known you very long, but somehow you managed to snake your way into all of our lives in one way or another. Especially Buck’s. When he first came back from Wakanda, he didn’t speak to anyone besides me. It took him months to adjust to the team, even then he was still cautious of how he acted or what he said in front of them. Then all the sudden you came walking through these doors. The day we met you was the first time I saw a glimpse of the old Bucky I knew. The ladies man, you know he use to be very smooth with the dames back in our day.” By now, Steve removed his hand and you were both smiling.

  “You are the only girl I’ve seen him be that way with. Hell, he’s getting closer to you than he is with most of the team, Y/n. So just don’t be mad at him for protecting you. He just spoke what all of us were thinking. And frankly, you’re getting real bossy, Y/n.” He smiles and laughs as you elbow him in the side.

  “Yeah well, someone’s got to keep you idiots in line. I’m sorry for overstepping like that, Steve, but you know I’m right about having to wait it out.”

  “Yeah, I guess you were. Just let Buck off easy, alright? He means well.” You nod and Steve disappears back inside. You turn back to look at the stars and find yourself drifting off.

You wake up to someone rubbing your shoulder. You open your eyes to see Bucky standing above you with a smirk on his face.

  “I could get use to you being underneath me.” Are you serious right now? Wait am I still on the roof?

  You ignore him and sit slowly sit up to look around. Yup, still on the roof. You start to stand up and Bucky goes to help you up, but you shake him off. You begin trudging towards the elevators when Bucky speaks up.

 "You know, they took everything from me before; Steve, my arm, my memories, my freedom. Now, they almost took you too.“ You stop dead in your tracks and whirl around.

 "I know, Barnes. I can’t even begin to understand what you went through.” You take one of his hands in yours. “But I can’t let you throw yourself in danger to get back at them for a couple of bruised ribs and a black eye.” He stands up in front of you and gently traces around the black circle over your eye. You’re looking anywhere but into his eyes. “I can’t lose you, Buck. Any of you.”

  He nods. “Let’s get you to bed; it’s late.” He stands up, still holding onto your hand.

  “I’m going to stay in the infirmary tonight,” you say regretfully. “I think I need Helen to give me something for my ribs and see if there’s anything she can do about my throat.” He has a somber look on his face . You wrap your arms around his waist and nuzzle your face against his chest.

  “We’ll get him eventually, Buck.” He walks you to the elevator and you get off at the hospital floor. The nurse on duty hooks you up to an IV with morphine to help with the pain and you eventually doze off into a peaceful sleep.

 For the first couple days, Helen has you attached to the IV meds to help with the pain.Your throat is still tender, but your voice is getting closer to normal. After the second day, you’re getting sick of staying in the medical bay. You try to get out of the bed, but the drugs are making you feel a little light headed and loopy. You giggle to yourself when you finally make it out of bed, wheeling the IV stand with you to the elevator. In the elevator, you press the button for the communal level and you look to the doors where you see your reflection. Your hair’s a mess, and the black eye is still apparent. You pull up Sam’s giant shirt and tie it below your chest. You traced your hands over the bruises on your ribs, and then over your eye. They weren’t as dark anymore, but they were still pretty bad. I look like a hobo. These sweats are so baggy, I’m surprised they haven’t fallen off yet.

 When the doors open, you make your way to the couch. Your vision was slightly blurry either from the black eye, drugs, or both. But you safely made your way onto the couch without falling off or over, so that was an accomplishment. You hear the elevator doors open and let out an annoyed sigh.

 Before you can tell who it is you speak up, slightly slurred, "I am not going back to the medical wing, so don’t waste your breathe!” It comes out sassier than you intended, and you sound slightly drunk.

 You hear a deep laugh and turn your head and see Tony. He actually kept to the deal? Good man stark, good man. He plops down next to you and grabs the remote for the TV.

“I’m not going to make you go back, I can only imagine how boring it was there.” How does anyone not like Tony?

  “I see you’re out of your lab of self pity. Does that mean you’re coming up with a plan, Iron Ass?”

  He laughs and continues flipping through the channels. “I’m working on it, kiddo.” You sit silently, watching whatever movie he turns on. You can’t really focus on it too much; whatever painkillers Helen gave you are hitting you hard. You hear the elevator doors open again but don’t bother to look and see who it is.

 "Why aren’t you in the infirmary, y/n?“ BUCKY! YAY!

 You look at Bucky and start giggling. "Tony says I don’t have to go back!” You stick your tongue out at Bucky and turn back to the TV.

 "For the record, I never said that.I said that I don’t blame her for ditching the med level. It’s awful there.“ Bucky glares at him and Tony puts his hands up in surrender. He places the remote next to you, and pats your leg.

 "Good luck dealing with Robocop, dear.” Tony leaves for the elevator and Bucky stands directly in front of you, glaring at you .Good God, how can he be attractive all the damn time. Get ugly Barnes.

 "Uh Buck, I’m trying to watch tv but your beautiful body is blocking it.“ You smile up at him. You can see his glare start to fade.

 "What the hell is Helen giving you, Doll?” You giggle and shrug your shoulders, pointing to the IV connected to you arm.

 "I have no clue, but I like it.“ You giggle again and hear him chuckle.

 "Don’t ya think you should be in bed with all those drugs running through you? How did you even make it up here, Kitten?” Damn, I fucking love when he calls me that.

 "Well, take me to bed, Sergeant,“ you practically purr at him. You can see a shift in his eyes, but he doesn’t say anything. He kneels next you the couch and looks are you. You just stare into his eyes.

"Come on, let’s go, Y/n.” Your eyes widen. No way, he’s not taking me to bed. This is great!

 A big grin make its way to your face and you go to stand up.You get halfway up, but suddenly feel dizzy. You fall back onto the couch, groaning. You close your eyes and feel Bucky cup your cheek with his metal hand. You lean into it.

 "What’s wrong, y/n? Does something hurt? Should I call Helen?“ You feel like he’s bombarding you with a million questions, but in reality it was only three.

 "No no, I’m okay.” Your speech is getting slurred again. “Just a little light headed, sweetheart.” Bucky’s eyebrows raise at the petname you let slip. You giggle again and gaze at him.

 "Don’t look so surprised, Barnes. I know that you know that I know how I feel about you.” Your sentence sounds jumbled,and not very clear, but Bucky is too entertained to stop you.

 "What is it that you think I know, Doll?”

 "That I like you, duh. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why you haven’t done anything about it, Sergeant Cockblock.“ You snort at yourself. Bucky is trying not to laugh. He’s also trying to figure out if you’re telling the truth or if it’s the drugs. He always just assumed your relationship would go as far as flirting. Neither of you ever brought up the almost kisses or the sexual tension. You just went with the flow.

 When he looks back at you, you are already looking at him "Well? Are you ever going to kiss me, or just keep playing with me Barnes?” You may be a little doped out, well maybe more than a little, but this has been going through your head since the night on the balcony. Is he ever going to tell me? I better fucking remember this. I wonder if giraffes ever cuddle.

  Before he can answer, you blurt out your last thought. "James, do you think giraffes cuddle?” He lets out a loud laugh. God I love that sound.

 "Alright pretty girl, I think it’s time for a nap.“ He grabs a pillow and blanket from the other couch and when he turns back, you’re already asleep. He lays you down on the couch and covers you up. Leaning over, he kisses your forehead. As he pulls away. you turn and look at him.

"When I’m not doped out, I’m coming for you, Sergeant.” You wink, then slowly close your eyes. He smiles, praying you stick to your word.

You wake up on the couch with Helen in front of you.

“Well I see you escaped the med level, Y/n.” You smiled shyly, moving to stretch. You let out a loud screech when you feel a sharp pain. Fuck I how did I forget? You put your hands on your ribs, feeling tears rolling down your puffy cheeks. Helen sends you a sad smile while disconnecting you from the IV.

 "I suggest we take you off the IV during the day, stick to tylenol for now. We’ll use it at night so you can sleep without discomfort.“ You nod, the tears still flowing. "It will heal soon, Y/n. I know it’s stressful to feel vulnerable. From what I can see, everyone here is ready to help you at any minute of they day. Don’t underestimate how much your friends care for you.” You let Helen’s words sink in as she leaves you on the couch.

  “FRIDAY, where is everyone and how long was I asleep?”

  “Good evening miss Y/n, it’s 6:38 p.m. You’ve been asleep for about 15 hours. The team was called to an important conference about 13 hours ago. They are due back before tomorrow.”

 "Holy fuck.“ I slept 15 fucking hours. Why didn’t anyone wake me when they left? Rude. "Did they leave any notes for me?” Doubt it.

 "Agent Romanoff wanted me to remind you that you cannot change, or shower, without help, and not to even try because there will be consequences. If you need help, I can call Dr. Cho. Do not put any stress on your ribs or abdomen for the time being.“

 You sit and stare at the ceiling for awhile. You have Friday call Helen to help you out of your clothes and she suggests putting a robe on, that way you and slide it on and off. You go into Sam’s room and find long red robe. As you sit in Sam’s room, being happy you don’t sound like 90 year old smoker anymore, you start to remember bits and pieces of the conversation between you and Bucky. "When I’m not doped out, I’m coming for you Sergeant” Real smooth, y/n. Maybe you should actually do something about it this time.

 "FRIDAY, tell me when the team is 10 minutes out, please.“ She agrees. You spend the rest of the night sleeping and waiting.

A couple hours later, FRIDAY alerts you that the team is 10 minutes out. You throw some pants on under Sam’s robe and make your way to the hangar. When the jet lands, the door opens and everyone strolls out. Some of the team look aggravated, some just look exhausted. You give everyone hello hugs, until you got to Bucky. Nut up or shut up, Y/n.

  You walk up to him with a sly smirk across your face. "Welcome home, Barnes.” He smiles and goes to put his arms around your waist. You stop him with a hand to his chest. You fist your hands in the low part of his jacket and yank it down so he’s almost your height. His eyes grow wide and your smirk gets bigger. You take the last step, closing any distance between your bodies, and place your lips against his. How are his lips so soft? You feel his hands on your waist as his lips melt with yours. He laces one of his hands in your hair, pulling you deeper into the kiss. You part your lips to let out a gasp and he uses that moment to bite your bottom lip between his.

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  You can hear the team yelling a mix of  "finally", whistling, and then there’s Sam who is fake gagging very loudly. You pull away to catch your breath and see the blissful smile on Bucky’s face. Your cheeks are tinted pink and so are his.

 "Well hello to you too, Kitten.” You roll your eyes and push away from him.

 "Don’t get use to this, Buck!“ you yell over your shoulder as you make your way over to the team. Everyone has smirks on the faces and Sam is the first one to speak.

  "How come you don’t welcome me home like that Y/n? I thought we were cool!” If you roll your eyes any harder they’ll permanently be in the back of your head. You wiggle your finger at Sam signaling him to bend to your height, and place a kiss on his cheek.

 "You happy now you big baby?“ Everyone laughs and continues on there way to the communal level.

"So what was this big meeting about guys. You were gone for awhile.” You ask as you sit next to Bucky on the couch. He throws his arm over your shoulders and keeps smirking at you.

  You lean up and whisper in his ear, “Behave yourself soldier.” You nip his ear and turn back to the team, waiting for an answer.  You see everyone sharing concerned looks.

  You raise your eyebrows. “Don’t all talk at once.”

Steve was the one to speak up. “We had a meeting with Fury, concerning Ross. He had new information on Hydra.”

  “Okay…And are you going to share it with me or keep taking dramatic pauses, Rogers?” You’re getting irritated, but you thought this Ross thing was going to be on the back burner for the time being.

  “That’s classified, Y/n, but we are going after Ross. Soon.” You’ve hit your tipping point.

 "Did any of you consider the fucking outcome of going after him this early, with so little information?  Unless Furry gave you golden fucking information, you are putting yourselves in unnecessary danger. Ross will try something again when he realizes I’m not fucking dead, so why rush?!“ You’re yelling at this point, with your finger pointed at Steve. No one dares to comment. You expect Bucky to, but he won’t even look at you right now.

   Steve tries again. "Y/n, you don’t understand. They-”

  “They what, Steve? What could they possibly have that’s going to make this okay?”
  “They know you’re still alive. Hydra put a hit out on you. You have a fucking target on your back. Your safety is jeopardized because of being friends with us.”  

Oh…Shit… I didn’t see that coming.

@agentraven007 , @cookaloo


Anonymous said:

Can you make an imagine where you catch Peter cheating on you so you go to your secret hideout to calm down but pan finds you and tries to take you back but you don’t take him back. Sorry if this is long and hard to understand


Warning/s: cheating, swearing, sadness lol


summary: he cheats on you (another version)

You were currently preparing dinner for the lost boys when you felt an arm wrap around your waist. You turned around to see Peter, your boyfriend. You smiled at him.

“Is something wrong?” You asked. He was never this clingy so you figured that something must be up.

“No, love. All is fine” he grinned. You raised an eyebrow at him, “Really? Because you’re being really clingy right now and that is so not you.”

“Is it wrong to show my affections to someone I love?” he scoffed.

“Or are you seeing someone else? Maybe that’s why you don’t want me touching you anymore. You found someone new? Is that it?” he yelled.

“What the hell, Peter? How could you say all that?” you looked at him in disbelief.

“Because you’re different now. You’ve changed. Why would you even ask if something is up? You’re clearly accusing me of something!” he glared at you.

“The only one who changed here is you! I was just asking why you were acting different and you overreacted. And to accuse me of cheating? That’s insane. Maybe you’re the one who’s doing something extravagant here.” You squinted your eyes at him. He didn’t say anything. He just glared at you and poofed away. You shook your head and sighed.

When the two of you fight, he would always come to you after a while and will apologize because he couldn’t stand you being mad at him. This time, it’s different. You thought about what happened and decided that you’re the one who needed to apologize. Maybe you were wrong to ask him why he was being clingy. He just simply wanted to show his affections and you went all Sherlock on him.

You decided to search for him and apologize. It was already dark and the lost boys were all sleeping so it was going to be hard. Peter wasn’t in his tree house so that means he hasn’t come back from your fight with him earlier. You continued to walk around the woods in search for Peter but you weren’t doing a pretty good job. You decided to go back and just talk to him in the morning. You were about to walk away when you heard leaves being shifted. You quickly pulled out your dagger and followed the noise.

You hid behind bushes and peeked through them. You saw Peter pinning someone to a tree but you can’t see who. You shifted to see the person Peter was pinning and was shocked to see that it was a girl. You shook your head as the voices in your head says that this is an act of infidelity. You looked back at Peter’s face to see him smirking at the girl and you sighed in relief. Maybe she was one of his prisoners and he’s planning on using her for something. You knew you were wrong when he leaned in and started kissing the girl passionately. You moved away from the bushes quickly, making a noise. Peter stopped kissing the girl and looked towards the bushes. He was too busy with the girl to even sense your presence.

Before Peter can even walk over to you and see you, you stood up and ran as fast as you can, dropping your dagger along the way. You ran towards the one place no one knew of. The one place that Baelfire told you about when he was still on Neverland. You never told Peter about this place because you promised Baelfire that you won’t and even now that he’s gone, you still won’t because it serves as your secret hideout. It is where you go to whenever you have to be alone or whenever you have breakdowns. And right now, you’re having one.

You went in and closed the door. As soon as you did, you went to the corner and fell on the ground, hugging your knees. Now you know why he overreacted earlier. He was being defensive. He blamed you for something that he’s doing. Now you just feel stupid for wanting to apologize. The first time you let someone in after putting down your walls and this happens.

Someone opened the door making you jump and reach for your dagger but it wasn’t there. You looked around for a weapon when the intruder stopped you.

“Calm down, Y/N. It’s just me.” Peter said with his hands in the air.

“Which is worse” you scoffed. “Give me that.” You snatched your dagger from his hand and placed it in your pocket.

“I found it in the middle of the woods. What were you doing out there?” he said with a worried tone.

“Oh cut the crap!” you scoffed.

“What are you saying?” he frowned.

“I already know” you growled. His eyes widened but continued to play innocent. “Know what?” he asked.

“I went to find you, Peter. I wanted to apologize but guess what.” You gave a sarcastic smile.

“You saw..” he whispered.

“Yes. And you blamed me for cheating.” you said through gritted teeth.

“Listen, Y/N. I-” he tried to reason out but you cut him off.

“Now why would I listen to you? In fact, I don’t want anything from you anymore. I don’t want anything to do with you. All I want is to be far away from you.” you said.

“You don’t mean that” he said, almost crying.

“You accused me of cheating because you couldn’t trust me! You thought that if you’re cheating on me, I would be doing the same thing! You’re insane! Don’t even compare me to yourself. Whatever we have or had, it’s over.” you looked at him with so much hatred.

“What are you saying?” he said slowly.

“I’m saying that you need to take me back.” you breathed out.

“Of course. Let’s get you back to camp.” he went to take your hand but you pulled it away.

“No, Peter. Take me back home.” you spat. His eyes widened in shock as he stepped back. “You don’t mean that” he stuttered. “You’re just upset.”

“What do you expect? Should I jump around in happiness knowing what you just did? Why are you even bothering with me if you can just go back to that girl!” you screamed. He grabbed you and hugged you tightly. “Y/N please calm down. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to happen. I’m sorry.” he cried out. You pushed him off of you.

“So you’re not taking me back home?” you asked.

“No, I won’t” he cried.

“You see, I knew you won’t so I trapped your shadow in this” you held up a coconut. Inside it was a shadow. It can take you home. “I just wanted to know if you really loved me. And now I know that you didn’t.” you whispered.

“What are you saying? I loved you. I love you!” he yelled.

“No! Because if you did, you would let me go! You would know that it’s the best for me!” you screamed. 

“I always wanted to do this.” you took the pixie dust that the fairies gave you and blew it to Peter, making him drop and fall asleep.

“Goodbye, Peter.” and with that, you took off to your home. Leaving Peter behind with a broken heart.

note:i had a writer’s block so I’m not posting much. for the meanwhile, enjoy this :)

I saw it pointed out that Oliver swears noticeably less than the majority of other characters on the show and I’d never realized it before but it’s true and I’m completely intrigued. Why was that choice made? It’s not an Amell thing leaking through. Is it to emphasize the action oriented physicality of his anger? he tends to express it with the tone and volume of his voice and with aggressive physical disposition. Is it something else?

I don’t know but I love it. 

Falling (Avengers)

this is a fic that is about the avengers as a group and it was going to be a three part but at this second i’m only confident on one part so expect nothing. thanks.

You grimaced, staring at the white of your thigh. It’s likely very bad that you can’t feel this, can’t feel the searing heat that should be there or the little leaks of blood that’re escaping. Only a couple leaks, luckily. That’s the point of burning the flesh, so the blood doesn’t leak out. Not that you’d been bleeding before you’d been hit with a flamethrower to the thigh at point blank range.

Not the point. What’s also not the point is that you definitely shouldn’t have tried to take on a flamethrower guy on your lonesome, as Steve has so succinctly pointed out over comms at least a dozen times already, but it’s always best to set the scene.

Maybe that’s a bad thing, thinking you’re setting a scene. It’s just your head, and there’s no one else around, nor are you even speaking aloud. And this isn’t a show or movie or book or anything like that. Do burns effect the way a person thinks? Is it like when you go mad with pain? Strange considering you can’t feel any pain. Or not much. There are little shallower burns around the edges but that’s not the point.

And I swear, every time we let you try and fight without a buddy something goes wrong! How- Dammit- How are we supposed to trust you on a mission if you can’t keep yourself from getting wounded to the point of needing time off?” Steve roars in your ear, the twang and screams elicited by his shield as it flies from point to point wherever he is the background to your undressing.

The twang and screams elicited by his shield as it flies from point to point wherever he is the background to your undressing? Now all you can think of is doing a sexy strip tease to a backing track of Steve in battle. A hip bump with every grunt, arms flying high and sliding down your body to the sound of a dying mans scream.

Lay off the kid, you know she’s still learning.” Tony pipes up, his voice sympathetic but you’re barely focused on the conversation right now. An ant is crawling up your hand.

Bullets tear up the earth a few feet from you and you frown at the sight. Why does man have to destroy the earth? What has the earth ever done but feed and clothe us?

Tsunamis, tornados, earth quakes and volcanoes.

“Ha! That’s right.” You giggle, cringing at the high pitched noise of your laugh. Like a keen or a squeak. Hysterical sounding, almost.

What the hell kid? I’m trying to stick up for you.” Tony snaps and you shake your head, trying to refocus on the conversation through the comms.

“Sorry? What?” You mumble, raising a dirty finger and lowering it slow motion toward your burn. Maybe if you prod it, you’ll feel something. A crumb of dirt drops from your palm, landing on the cloth left covering your thigh and someone shouts across the field.

She knows she’s being an idiot, she admitted it.” Steve growls and you blink at the empty field.

Steve, shut up.” Tony snaps, worry in his voice. “Kid, what’re you thinking about right now?”

Steve’s voice starts up again, only to be shushed by Tony once more and radio silence fills your ear.

You rack your brain, what do they want you to say? Are you supposed to provide humour for the group? Is this a sombre moment? You were barely listening.

“It’s strange how geese have teeth. I’m not sure if ducks have teeth but it’s worth looking into, don’t you guys agree? Oh, and there’s an ant and he was on my shin before but he’s on my knee and I think he wants to eat my delicious crispy flesh.”

Please tell me you haven’t eaten any of your burned skin?” Clint begs, the sound of someone gagging coming through the comms.

“No, I haven’t. Should I? Is that… Is that how I’ll be able to feel again cause right now it’s like my leg is… It’s like my leg is dizzy.” You wonder, hearing a soft curse run through the line in your ear.

I’ll see you in one minute, Y/N, and we’re gonna get you on the jet. Where are you?” Tony asks softly, his voice soothing and you yawn at the cadence. Nice.

“Same spot. Never left, I sort of felt vomity so I sat down and then everyone sort of ran off. Probably didn’t want me to be sick on them.” You laugh, only for the sound to die and your eyes to go wide. “Help, guys. Help.”

What? What?”

“The ant is nearly at the wound; it won’t heal good if there’s an ant bite on it. Hurry!”

Oh my god.” Natasha groans and you can’t help softly and bitterly mimicking the sound. A thud sounds as a red and gold robot appears before you.

“Hello, are you real?” You frown, beaming as the bot nods its head. “You’re an AI, you’re so cool!”

“Please be still, Miss.” The automated voice rumbles, kneeling and scooping you into its hard arms. “My scans show you have received third degree burns to two thirds of your left thigh. I have been instructed to take you to the jet, do you object?”

“Nope.” You smile, patting the robots glowing heart happily and trying not to squeak as you’re jostled into the sky.

“You do realize that this could be grounds for you to be taken off the team.” Pietro sighs, and you pout at him. What’s the point of having a beautiful boy on your bed if he’s gonna talk?

“Of all the things I could live without, fighting for my life on a weekly basis- if I’m having a good run, is high on the list.” You shrug, running your fingers through his hair and gazing at him. How is he so pretty? It has to be the hair with his dark eyebrows. Art.

“You’d leave the team?”

“No!” You laugh, the offense and outright amazement in his voice comical. “I’d never leave the team while they’d have me. But I hate running all the time, I hate being so bad at this, I just hate being constantly sick.”

“You love bed rest!” Pietro counters and you laugh, flopping back against the pillow and trying not to visibly wince.

“I love bed rest because I am loved. What I don’t love about bed rest is being in pain. Even lying here with you, mostly still and doing nothing but talking, is utterly exhausting and it feels like someones running lines along my thigh with a dull razor.” You mumble, your eyes drifting around your bed before you push against the mattress, sliding yourself further down the bed and setting your head on your pillow. Pietros eyes meet yours levelly on the other pillow and you avoid his gaze.

“Y/N.” He mumbles softly and you shrug, holding out your hand and interlacing your fingers.


Elves in the Witcher world

I gathered some info about the elves from the Witcher book series. I tried to collect as much as possible - can be used for writing refferences.

Contains spoilers for the Witcher series!

  • Both Aen Seidhe and Aen Elle seem to have same appearance - big cat-shaped eyes, attractive features, narrow lips,tall figure, small teeth lacking canine teeth
  • Elves never built castles but they built châteaux
  • Aelirenn lead the young elves into the war with humans. The old elves were againts the war because they knew they don’t stand a chance and they could never bring the glory of their people back. They wanted to survive so they decided to destroy their cities and hide in the mountains and wait till the humans die out. They hoped humans would die out. Aelirenn got the support of young elves and lead them into the war. They all got massacred.
  • Only young elves are fertile and can have children but most of the young elves died in the war with humans or join Scoia’tael.
  • They’re known for their attractive appearance but still are heavily discriminated by humans.
  • Humans with elven blood and half-elves aren’t uncommon but they face discrimination and hate same as true elves.
  • It’s possible to recognize elves just by the way they walk.
  • Elves look down on humans and feel superior towards them.
  • Scoia’tael are mostly young elves, it’s typical for them to wear squirrel tails - thats where they got their name from. They enjoy killing humans but sometimes spare innocent ones.
  • Elves weren’t first who arrived to the Continent. Gnomes were the first to live there.
  • They’re long lived same as Tolkien’s elves
  • During the war with Nilfgaard Scoia’tael sided with Nilfgaard because they were promised to have their own land. Francesca Findabair - the ruler of Dol Blathanna “an elven state” let Scoia’tael be massacred even though they could have stopped fighting and return to Dol Blathanna to protect it. Francesca said she is forbidden to help Scoia'tael in order to have peace with Temeria and Kaedwen. It was Emhyr’s order. Filavandrel protested because elven children - Scoia'tael - the last hope for the future for Aen Seidhe died in vain and were massively massacred every day by humans even though it could be all avoided. After the war Scoia’tael were forbidden to enter Dol Blathanna and were labeled as war criminals. Remaining leaders of Scoia’tael units were killed. Only Isengrim Faoiltiarna managed to run. The rest of Scoia’tael became exiles and were hunted.
  •  If Scoia’tael captured humans they used pretty cruel torturing tactics on them
  • Their architecture is so beautiful no human could ever build anything as breath-taking as elven buildings
  • Avallac’h mentioned sex being boring for elves after they become over 100 years old. Humans on the other hand were never tired of it so bored elf females and males decided to have sex with humans. Elven females ovulate once in 10-20 years but they ovulate every time when they reach orgasm with male humans. There isn’t any explanation for that.
  • Half-elves usually share lot of elf features
  • It seems Aen Elle find humans more disgusting than Aen Seidhe do. Aen Elle can hardly imagine having sex with humans. They took over different world inhabitated by humans and killed them, they only keep female humans as slaves.
  •  Its impossible to tell their age. 30 years old elf looks the same as 130 years old one.
  • True Aen Seidhe rarely find humans attractive.
  •  Make up was invented by them and humans started using it too.
  • In some lands marriages between humans and non-humans are forbidden Humans are disgusted by these marriages but they still happen and its practically impossible to find humans without Seidhe Ichaer - elder blood in them.
  • Elves dont make differences between girls and boys when raising them (for example they both learn to ride on horses, shoot from a bow etc.)
  • Elves arrived to Continent 1000 years before humans did
  • Elven cities were rebuilt by humans to human cities for example Novigrad, Oxenfurt, Vizima, Tretogor, Maribor, Cidaris, Cintra
  • Geoffrey Monck went to Loc Muinne to convince elves to accept human kids who were to be taught by elven mages. After few years marshal Raupenneck from Tretogor went to Loc Muinne and killed all the elves living there. That’s how the war between elves and humans started and it ended at Shaerrawedd where all the elves were massacred
  • Elves move faster than humans
  • Their clothes usually have their favourite leaf pattern
  • Scoia'tael dont wear armor
  • They believe if you visit place where something important happened it may happen again
  • Elves are bound by their land - territory while dwarves live in clans - thats why its easier for dwarves to live among humans than for elves
  • Elven callendar is divided into Solar holidays - Solstices (Midwinter, Midsummer) Equionoxes (Birke, Velen) and Lunar holidays - Imbaelk, Belleteyn, Lammas, Saovine.   
  • Elves are usually in good body shape/condition
  • Very low percentage of elven blood in humans wont influence human features and no one can tell if the human had some elf ancestor
  • Aen Saevherne are small group of elves who are known for their big knowledge on various subjects, they have prophetic powers and knowledge of magic though not every elven mage is Aen Saevherne. Known Aen Saevherne are Auberon Muircetach, Lara Dorren, Avallac'h and Ida Emean aep Sivney.
  •  Lara Dorren was destined to have an unordinary child. She felt in love with a human - Cregennan of Lod and got pregnant with him. Their relationship wasnt accepted well by some humans and elves and humans were the reason why both lovers died. Before Lara died she gave a birth to her child who got saved and could pass Lara’s gen on.
  •  Aen Seidhe and Aen Elle dont share the same language - Aen Seidhe talk in Hen Llinge while Aen Elle talk in Ellylon.
  • Torc is a symbol of a ruler. Auberon wears one.
  • Elves hardly show any emotions in front of humans and dont talk much to them
  • Aen Seidhe eventually left the world of humans through the Gate - according to Nimue they took all their art and statues or destroyed them
Soccer w/ Yuta
  • bROOOO okay so rlly short storytime, i was writing tis and suddenly my fucking computer started to act weird and the mouse and keyword didn’t work well and i started panickinG but because of my hacker skills i fix it, jfc but i almost died like this computer is precious to me
  • but anyways, i’m so happy bc this is my 1st yuta request ever and i <3 him u know
  • also, shout out to the anon who requested this, i loved the idea of a date like this with yuta tbh and writing this was so fun!!
  • also, i want to apologize in advance bc i know nothing about football or soccer or idk okay?
  • just don’t kill me because my lazy ass doesn’t like any sports lmao
  • hehe let’s start b4 my computer gets weird again
  • so, you were in a little holidays with your boyfie yuta in osaka
  • you can’t imagine how happy he was no finally being able to present you to his family and show you around his hometown
  • he even obligated offered to teach you a bit of japanese
  • also, you would only were allowed to watch anime and nothing elese i swear this idiot did thAT
  • “yuta, can we least watch something else¿ we have been watching sailor moon for the past four hours”
  • “ うるさい あま(shut up bitch)”
  • “yes, i love you too yuta but you better change this shit you くそがき (unpleasant brat, lmao)
  • “damn girl~~ i see you improved”
  • hopefully it’s well translated lmao
  • and once you were in there hE WAS SO HAPPY
  • he would want to do like a million of different things and you were so tired but he looked just so happy that you couldn’t say no to him
  • he showed you around the whole town
  • his primary and high school, his old house, his parents house, and every little corner of osaka tbh
  • and he would want to have dates e v e r y w h e r e
  • even in the old soccer court where he use to spend all his time in
  • he would tell you funny stories that happend to him and his friends while you walked around
  • he deadass even brought a ball with him to play lmao what a nerd am i right
  • and he was just there doing some tricks witht he ball and talking to you at the same time
  • but at the same time u were like my boyfriend is such a loser, playing on his own lmao so you suddenly went
  • “let’s do a short match”
  • and he looked at you with shiny eyes and with a little smile forming on his lips
  • “are you for real? do you really want to play?”
  • “sure, why not? i mean you only have to run beside a ball and then kick it, it’s not hard”
  • he was 100% ready to throw the ball right at your face after hearing that awful definition of soccer tbh
  • “what are you going to do if i won?”
  • “what are YOU going to do if I won?”
  • yall are so competitive is just so cute to me idk
  • “my mom has like two huge books fulled of all my predebut pictures, since i was a baby till when i moved to korea..”
  • just imagine how much you could use those pictures to tease him and torture him
  • you. needed. those.
  • so you started your match
  • it would be so funny, honestly you would flirt and tease with each other the whole time
  • “hey sexy, do you like messi? ;)))”
  • “honestly, i don’t know why do you even try y/n, we’re waisting time by doing this u know”
  • and everything was kind of normal the first like five minutes before yall started to cheat lmao
  • “yuta, you played football for more than ten years and you’re cheating like this? that’s a no no babe”
  • “excuse me? you started cheating!”
  • it was a disaster honestly
  • but, yeah, as it was expected yuta won the match
  • yall sat on the grass and talked for a bit while you recovered energy
  • “but seriously, it’s really funny because i gave you so many oportunities to let you won but you’re just so terrible at it that you didn’t even realized”
  • “shut up, yuta, you know that i never played this before, yOU TRAINED FOR TWELVE YEARS”
  • “whatever, the important part is that i won, so.. what should you do first for me first?”
  • you got frozen in your spot when you heared that
  • you forgot about THAT part of the deal, jesus christ
  • you decided that if he won you had to do whatever he wants until you came back to korea
  • “what about making out? i mean, i didn’t put my lip balm for nothing”
  • “it’s going to be a long fucking week”
  • you got closer and closer to him
  • and you kissed him sweetly, you could feel how his smile was slowly forming in the middle of your kiss
  • but you had to separate after a few seconds because you got shy lmao 
  • he started to laugh at your cuteness while looking how you were covering your face with your hands
  • “don’t get shy, babe, this is nothing yet”
  • “i really hate you right now”
  • he giggled and then hugged you so hard that you ended laying in the grass with him over you
  • both of you were smiling to each other, you had your finger running through his hair and he was simply looking at you with nothing but love in his eyes
  • he gets even closer to your face, and pecks your lips a few times, each kiss getting longer and more pasionate everytime
  • and it was making you feel a million of butterflies in your stomach
  • his lips felt so warm and soft and his smile, that never really dissapeared, was in between, making everything even more sweet that already was
  • “わたしは、あなたを愛しています (i love you)”
  • he said between pecks
  • “i love you too, yuta”

bartenderbendy  asked:

Hey there, buddies, I have a question for ya! What's yous guys favorite beverages? Follow up question, if you could rename your chosen refreshments, what would you call them?

Bendy: As for renamed it~ *He lets out a little humored laugh past his lips.* I would call it “Devilish Delight”!

Boris: *After picking up and erasing the board. Boris would write something else before showing it off to the bartender bendy with a sweet smile.* “I would call it the rocky mountain cap ”.

Bendy: But uh… to bad I can’t taste them anymore. It would probably make my body stiffen a bit too if I ingested it.

( These two guys are like kids at heart I swear. )

chanyeol + piercings

((pcy is a fine fine man))

“Can you please come here so I can see you in the light and confirm that you’re indeed not a serial killer?

The man chuckles, his voice deep, the grumble through his chest deeper.

He’s gorgeous, tall and lean, his legs bowed, hair flaming red and a pretty, pretty face.

“We good? No serial killer feels?” he asks, grinning.

“God, I’m so grateful to the lord almighty for getting me a good looking lay after years, you mock sniffle and he laughs.

“You’ve been picking up the wrong people then,” he smirks and you approach him coyly.

“Your name, Ma’am?” he asks and his eyes turn playful and innocent.

“(y/n), yours?”

“Chanyeol,” he grins, showing you his pearly teeth.

“Can I kiss you?” you ask for a show of politeness.

“Sure, unless you want to do something else?” he raises a brow and you take the chance to pounce on him. Both of you fall into a heated interlock of lips, your hands come to wrap around his neck and help you to reach closer and his wrap around your waist hastily.

His tongue rubs against yours teasingly at first and then traps yours, trying to get you to feel the object embedded onto the flesh of his tongue.

“Fuck!” you swear when your hips stutter against his, feeling the warm metal rub against your tongue.

“That hot, huh?” he pulls back and says, watching your wide blown out eyes and shaking legs. He teasingly drops his tongue and wags it at you like a thirsty dog and you moan unrestrainedly at spotting the piercing on his tongue.

“Fuck,” you rub your legs together to create useless friction at the thought of him eating you out with that.

“Come here,” he pulls you and pushes you into the bedroom and onto the bed.

“Jesus fuck,” you moan when he pulls your clothes off, positions himself between your legs and licks.

“Ahhhhh…ngh!” you hiss when you feel the metal against your clit and it’s hot hot hot hot too hot in the room and the veins in your neck strain to not snap as he kisses you down there, giving you firm licks and finally stopping and sucking hard,

“Fuck, Chanyeol…!” you scream, your legs unconsciously tightening around his head and locking it in a vice grip. He just chuckles and uses his rough hands to push your legs apart, holding them firmly by your inner thighs. The friction of his hands there only serves to heighten your pleasure.

“Oh my god…!” he pushes his tongue into you and you practically lose it when you feel the metal inside you.

“I won’t get an infection right?” you manage to ask him because yes, you’re the kind of person to ask dumb questions like that when you’re with a stranger with a piercing on his tongue and eating you out like it’s the last thing he’ll do on this planet spinning. You expect him to be turned off but you’re answered with a chuckle,

“No, it’ll be okay, I disinfect my piercings a lot,” he says.

“Uhhh…wait,” you realize the meaning of his statement.

“Mmh?” he asks, getting up and situating himself comfortably on the bed, still holding your legs apart.

“…piercings? Plural?” you ask him, your face morphing into an incredulous and taken aback expression.

“Um, you’ll see,” is all he says, smirking and reaching over to kiss you.

You grab onto his shirt, pulling it up and out of the way, making his hair stand up comically. You laugh, he laughs and you reach over to play with his red hair.

“I like this color,” you say, pushing him back, reaching down to palm the front of his pants and Chanyeol moans, his deep voice pleasing your ears.

“Ngh,” his hips buck up to create friction against your hands and you gift him by pulling his skinny jeans off, albeit a little difficultly because his stick legs seem to fit perfectly in them.

You continue palming him over his underwear and he takes the chance to take off the rest of your clothes leaving only your bra on. Not paying attention to the feeling of thick metal under his underwear.

“Fuck, your bra is cute,” he laughs and you try to control your laughter.

“Really? I bought this like six years back,” you shrug.

“Wow, your boobs haven’t grown like, at all?”

“Seriously, now that I think of it, that’s weird, maybe it hasn’t,” you stop rubbing and slyly sit on him instead, gyrating your hips to make up for your hand.

“Fricking hell,” his hands fly to your hips, holding them as you fuck onto his clothed dick. He growls and wrestles you backwards, and you squeak, thumping onto the bed as he pulls his underwear off.

“Holy mother!” you squeal when you spot it. The dude has a dick piercing. It’s an ampallang and it quite literally scares you as you wonder what that’ll do inside you. You must’ve made a weird face because Chanyeol says,

“Uh. We can stop if you want, I will understand if you’re uncomfortable with this,” he says pulling back and putting some distance between you both.

“It’s fine, it’s just that, I’ve never really slept with someone who has piercings on their fucking wee wee,” and Chanyeol laughs at your colorful wording.

“I’ll talk you through it, it’s a very pleasurable experience, besides, I’ll be wearing a condom anyway,” he says.

“Why not, YOLO,” you shrug and he reaches over to his jeans, pulling a condom out of his pocket and sliding it on carefully.

“Is that strawberry flavored?” you ask him, raising your eyebrows.

“Yup, I think you should take some pills in the morning though, who knows when God goes ‘oh yes, the hairline cracks shall emerge in the rubber, now’” he grins. He gives you a signal and slides into you slowly. You hiss when he finally bottoms out. It doesn’t hurt but it feels a little weird.

“Like your dick has tiny arms or something, they’re gonna wave their arms when you fuck me,” you explain when he asks and he bursts out laughing.

“Ah, fuck, that feels good,” you groan when he begins fucking into you, rapidly building speed.

He moans and grabs a hold of the bedpost behind your head and thrusts into you strongly, making the entire bed slap against the drywall.

 “Fuck, fuck…” he says, pushing into you further and you clench impossibly tight around him, sucking him in.

“Ah-! Chanyeol, I can’t-!” you moan when he hits your sweet spot and you see stars, coming.

It takes a few more thrusts and he’s done, pulling out of you and groaning, emptying himself into the condom and jacking himself off through his orgasm.

“Well. How was sex with a pierced dick?” he asks you, when you’re both tucked under the covers, spent.

“Eh, 8.75/10.”

“Pretty good for me, I’m easily pleased,” he shrugs.

“Maybe if you stay around longer, I’d give you something higher,” you smirk.

“Wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.”

“Good, I was planning on trying to give a pierced dick a blow.”

“Fuck,” Chanyeol groans.


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sehun + thighriding

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Housemates!NCT pt. 1

Minus the minis ofc

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 672 (but I literally have four more pages of content on google docs)]

Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six |  Part Seven | Part Eight | Part 9  | Part 10

Also check out my College! thing too to help you tide yourselves over as i’m a shit head :)

College!Jaehyun | Ten

I actually released like three parts in one go but I realized that there is some ingrained homophobia and that shit doesn’t fly with me so I’ve been doing some editing. 

Edit (11/7): I realize that I kind of glorify drinking in this series, but there can be some real consequences with that. I won’t go into details here, but here’s an explanation as to what happened to me. x.

You knew you were screwed when the university told you that they lacked the dorm space for you, but this, this was something else entirely.

The first you saw was the beer cans strewn across the lawn. It’s not like you took a stance against drinking, it’s just that the sight disgusted you considering it was a Wednesday. The inside of the house couldn’t be any better at that rate.

You shuddered as you dragged your bags to the ajar front door. “Hello?” you shouted.

When you didn’t receive a response, you decided to enter anyways. Only two steps in the house, and you were nearly knocked over by some blurb wearing nothing but a towel. “sHIIIIIIIIT!” he screeched as he turned a corner, nearly slipping.

That was followed with some annoyed grunts and complaints.

“At least put on underwear, man.”

“You’re still drunk, aren’t you?”


I sighed, wheeling my bags to the source of the noise, which happened to be an incredibly dirty kitchen. “Could someone tell me where my room is? I have to get to work soon, you idiots! ” you shouted above them.

Five sets of eyes snapped to you, narrowing as you resisted the urge to smack them.

The one in a towel let out a low laugh. Though you hadn’t noticed before, the boy had an incredibly fit body with defined arms and abs. His black hair stuck matted to his forehead, still wet from his shower. “Did someone here give you crabs or something? It definitely wasn’t me.”

“What the fuck even-”

You were cut off by another guy with bright orange hair stumbling down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Are you Y/N?” he inquired.

It took you a moment to collect your thoughts upon noticing that even his eyebrows were sunset orange. “Yeah, could you just show me my room before someone else accuses me of having crabs.”

“Ten, I swear to god,” the orange-haired boy threatened.

Ten mimicked the other boy, disorienting his eyes and speaking gibberish. “Oh, Doyoung. You’re just jealous that I don’t have crabs.”

Though he looked murderous, the one named Doyoung recollected himself. “Sorry about him,” he began, turning away from the kitchen. “Ten’s an asshole to everyone.”

“Yeah, I figured that out,” you responded starkly, struggling to carry all of your bags up the stairs.

Just before you almost dropped one of them, another boy appeared behind you and slipped the bag from your hand. “Here, let me take this,” he said, smiling sincerely.

Doyoung rolled his eyes. “Can you flirt with someone we’re not going to live with, Jaehyun?” He snatched the bag from him and continued on up the steps.

Jaehyun winked at you. “Well, if you’re ever afraid of sleeping alone-”


“Okay, I’m gonna go,” Jaehyun conceded. “Don’t hesitate to see me out,” he whispered before scattering off.

You glanced at Doyoung. “You said only five guys live here right now, why are there so many here?”

He shrugged. “Technically a lot of them live right next to us but crash here too often,” Doyoung explained bitterly.

“As long as they stay out of my room,” you warned.

Doyoung put his hands up in surrender. “You might want a lock then. I can’t guarantee their behavior.”

You let out a groan as you reached your bedroom. The place was incredibly small. A double-sized bed sat in the corner with a wooden bed stand alongside it. There was nothing else but a worn wooden dresser and a dinky closet. “You’re kidding, right?”

“At least you’re not sharing,” Doyoung gestured towards the boys running behind him.

Before he could leave, you stopped him by grabbing his arm. “Why is there a vacancy here, anyway?”

“We’re all broke and merged rooms,” Doyoung admitted. “Hope you don’t mind a shared bathroom.”

With a single glance into the bathroom, you realized that you did in fact mind that you had to share a bathroom with several, several boys.

witchravenfox  asked:

Hey there, could you do Sterek + 'After all this time, you gotta know that these threats don't work on me anymore. They barely worked on me in the first place. That was like fear and something else...' TYVM 😉

This is my freaking jam, hope you like it! (also on ao3!)

To say Derek was upset would be an understatement. Hell, to say Derek was anything would be an understatement.

Words alone would never be able to fully explain just how raging, red-hot, scream at the moon pissed off he was as he followed after Stiles into the loft, the teen just as infuriatingly nonchalant as always as he strode inside, setting his car keys down on the coffee table. Meanwhile, Derek was seconds away from literally ripping out fistfuls of his own hair, feeling his eyes flare up in frustration and blaze a steady, angry red, his fingertips itching with the urge to let his claws out.

The full moon hanging in the gloomy sky outside, visible through the wall of windows, sparked a burst of adrenaline and fresh anger to course through his veins, the mere sight reminding him of the reason why he was so viciously upset. Reminded him of what he almost lost barely an hour ago, reminded him of the scene that had unfolded in the preserve a couple miles away, reminded him of everything.

A week or so ago, Peter had graced the pack with his presence at a pack meeting, arriving half an hour late, to point out that he had caught the scent of a rugaru in the preserve while visiting the old Hale House. They were all immediately concerned, especially due to the large influx of tourists pouring into town now that spring had finally come, all of them worried about the very real possibility that hikers or campers might be targeted by the bloodthirsty creature.

Derek had decided to set up a trap for the rugaru using a dead pig he had gotten from a local butcher, generously dousing the dead swine in a shower of cow’s blood that Peter had somehow procured, hoping that the scent of blood and flesh would draw in the carnivorous monster. Everything had been in place, all the betas safely hidden away in the branches of surrounding trees to stay on lookout for the rugaru, ready to give the signal that it was moving closer to the target area where Derek would toss some gasoline onto the creature and light a match to send the creature up in flames.

Everything had been perfect. So, of course, Stiles had to go and ruin it.

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Saw Lea Michele live in London tonight and I was amazed.

Obviously it goes without saying her voice is something else, but she was so cute and sweet on stage and at points overwhelmed with all the love and appreciation in the room.

And because it’s relevant to my interests, there were a couple of Darren mentions. Just before she sang Battlefield, she said ‘I wish Darren was here. I’ll dedicate this one to him’ and then later in the show, I forget the context, but she said 'I love Darren’. So, basically, Lea Michele is me.

Also she swore on stage a few times and I was shocked! Don’t think I’ve ever heard her swear before, clearly been hanging out with Darren too much.

I usually wouldn’t post this but I JUST found it in my phone & it brought tears to my eyes. So I had to show you how amazing my girlfriend is! .. I’m so unbelievably lucky to have Shereen! She’s showed me what love is & how someone should treat me! She’s given me my light back! She spoils me with all the love in the world even when I don’t deserve it! She does everything in her power to make me happy & every single day she still manages to show her appreciation for me and I’ve never had that. I’ve never had anything close to what we have.. I’m just so thankful and grateful that I even get to be in her presence half the time I forget that we have this amazing life together! Like gaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I just can’t with her 😩 baby you are something else I swear! I love you so much, I really don’t think i could ever tell or show you enough!

Forever & Always 💜 -Drisa

This was harder to write than I anticipated but after I contemplated having a baking session to ‘cook up’ some ideas (I’m full of puns today - apparently including the title), I actually got the idea for where this story should go. Also, Steve x Wanda - I ship it. ;) This story is for awardlosinglosers, I hope it’s alright. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: y/n is new to the avengers (joined around the same time as the twins). y/n is very shy, only talking to clint and nat at first. y/n got to know everyone slowly, leaving bruce to last due to his scarly violent abilities. eventually, y/n and bruce became friends, but the fear was always still sitting at the back of y/n’s mind. the rest of the avengers began noticing his particular interest in y/n, not atraction, something else.

“Cookie Monster”

Bruce was used to it by now – the distance people kept, the fear they had of his every move, the way their eyes pored over him like a bomb ready to explode. He was used to it. Yet, for some reason, when she did it he felt horrific.

You had joined the Avengers not long after the twins, having been in the same Sokovian base. Whereas the twins had volunteered for experimentation, you’d been taken at the much younger age of 9 and tested on ever since. As a result, you’d become a hollow shell who was dependant on orders. It was only after the battle with Ultron that the twins recalled having seen you a few times and asked to search the base for you. Sure enough, you were found hiding in the shadows, waiting for instruction and help. Tony had described your powers blandly as invisibility but it was more accurately camouflage. You could take the appearance of whatever environment you were in or even just become a shadow, a wisp of dark fog.

However, after joining the Avengers, you rediscovered your humanity. Though you were still shy, you were slowly beginning to have your own thoughts and feelings again. You talked mainly to the twins, Clint and Nat, frightened of Tony’s boisterous personality, Steve and Thor’s huge figures and Bruce’s… Well, Bruce. You didn’t mean to be so terrified of him, particularly when you knew he couldn’t control it, but something about the idea of a man so volatile was not appealing after the way HYDRA had treated you. These thoughts raced through your mind as he sat across the table from you, sipping a glass of water peacefully. Wanda was sat next to you and sensed your discomfort. Relax. Her voice urged you. 

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Cheater part 4

A/N: IT’S OUT!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! So school has started and it is already hell so I will update ATLEAST once a week. Mostly likely on Fridays. SO I could have just kept going but I figured I could get it out tonight for you guys. As always I would love any feed back. As always Requests are open and I’m always available to talk

Tag list(Let me know if you want to be added): @princessmarvelcu @buckybarnesisalittleshit @blueswallow5 @iamwarrenspeace @maddfairy @pandellaz @dobby-is-a-fr33-elf @blackwidwoah @millie67 @celticthundersherlocked  @avengingangelsoulofmusic​ @avengersandchill @jaderbugz (Message me if you want to be added)

word count: 1606 words

Unhappy when he didn’t answer her Y/D/N looked at you “Who is that Mommy?” she asked you tilting her head to look at you when you looked away.

“He is my brother scumpo. Pietro” Wanda said stepping forward when no one answered. She knew you didn’t want Pietro with her so she knew what had to be said.

“So he is Uncle Pietro?” she said trying to imitate Wanda’s accent. Looking over at him she was about to speak when you interrupted

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More theories/reasons why Ali has always been -A

• She said something like her secrets stay hidden until she wants them found.
- uhmm?? Didn’t that how the first few seasons go? Them “finding” Ali’s hiding places. it seems to me like she planted them – but why would she want them to find those things? What’s the point? How could she foretell she was going to be missing?

You can easily argue that she may have planned to run away beforehand, but why leave clues? Isnt the point of running away, not wanting to be found? Or maybe she planned to run away from -A beforehand and was so scared something might happen to her so she left clues for the girls to find that mysterious stalker — but then again if she’s really on the Liars’ side and want them to find -A, why didn’t she tell them who the blackmailer was? She told hanna she knew who it was but never told them when she had so many opportunities


• Ali planned to run away (leaving diaries, keys, etc) = was that the only thing she planned?
• weird quotes like she wants to die young, leave a beautiful corpse, etc. and what happens??? She “dies young”
- speaking of Young, before Mona fake died she called aria to say ALI LURED BETHANY TO ROSEWOOD. to fake her death she obviously would’ve needed a body.

Yes i know allegedly mona wanted to fake her death and pin it on Ali but then got kidnapped. BUT LISTEN. This doesn’t make sense to me.
1) she was gonna have a good future, going to a good college, and she clearly loved her mom even speaking to her with no hints before the “fake death” so why would she risk all that?
You could say that because she’s not mentally stable and her hatred for Ali was so deep but this brings me to the next point
2) IF she really planned on pinning it on Ali, i love how -A (supposedly cece that time) kidnaps her at the right time — did she know her plan? Or just coincidentally kidnapped her first before she could actually do it

Whichever it was, i don’t buy it. If Cece knew her plan and wanted to stop Mona from pinning her “beloved sister/cousin”, she did the exact opposite – by how smart Cece was portrayed, she would’ve known there were cameras. So why didn’t she at least put on a wig to not look similar to Ali? To divert the cops completely?

Same thing if Cece really just wanted to kidnap her, why not have put on a wig or a disguise to not get Ali blamed? As she claimed to want to protect Alison

My far fetched theory is that Ali wanted to get pinned for her murder to be put in jail, so that when the girls get kidnapped she wouldn’t be suspected of being involved as she was in prison — completely ruling her out as -A/kidnapper. One purpose of the dollhouse was introducing them to Charles, making them believe they’re closer to learning the identity of -A — i’m pretty sure “A” never planned to kill them or lock them inside forever. It was all part of the plan for Ali to find their location. Again, making us/the Liars rule her out as A.

• also it’s kinda weird how all the Liars’ parents think Alison is capable of hurting people more than with just words – i mean all we know that they know, is that she was a 15-year old bully. They don’t even know about the Jenna thing.

I think one of them even said something along the lines of we know what Alison dilaurentis is capable of.

What do they know?

• Cece said she targeted the Liars because they were happy Ali was gone.

BUT it doesn’t make sense??? I think this would’ve fit better if it were Ali’s motive. Like for example :
After running away to get her wish of dying young, being popular in life and death, expecting people to mourn for her and all that and being remembered but then she sees her friends living a seemingly better life without her. She’d be furious

• Cece and Ali were shown to have always played games before, that they were partners-in-crime.

I could see Charlotte taking the fall for everything (knowing she would only be put into a facility), if it meant Ali could continue their sick game – which is why Ali stayed behind 5 years for her. They wanted to resume the game.

Note that if Cece = Ali’s cousin is true then more reasons why Charlotte would’ve done that as she was her only family left (besides estranged Mary)

• in the Dollhouse, why the fuck would Charles put blocks that would’ve given out his name??? Everyone knew Spencer was smart so -A knew she would’ve figured it out. Obviously -A wanted her to know — to hide Ali’s real identity and distract them by giving them another’s name? To put the seed of their plan to have Cece as Charles confess as -A?

• Also in the dollhouse, its probably just me pushing it but i saw Mona dressed up as Alison as a metaphor for MONA DISGUISING AS ORIGINAL A. She was said to be the first A but if it were really Alison, then she was really “dressing up” as Alison. (Did that make sense? I suck at explaining lmao)


That should’ve been a big red flag already !!!!! That scene screamed she hasn’t changed. Also why did she even make up the kidnapping story? So she wouldn’t talk about -A to the police !!! Because they would find holes in her story.

• During the pilot, something happened like the girls looking for Ali, scared and all, only to find her playing a prank on them. UHM FORESHADOWING??? thats the whole show, i swear.

• during the First Secret, something like that happened again. She hired someone to fake attack her (but apparently noel couldn’t make it but irrelevant to the theory), to see how far the girls would go look for her and to how much risk are they willing to jump for her. Seemed like a test trial for the -A game.

Maybe it’s called the First Secret because it’s the first (pre)- AGame Ali played on them.

• she told Hanna it was fun for her to play someone else or something.
Hence, Vivian darkbloom and switching personalities with Cece, etc.
Who says -A isn’t one of her alternate personas?

• jenna always repeating “you shouldn’t be afraid of me, i’m not Alison.”

Jenna was always the red herring especially after the last episode of 7a i think it’s confirmed she’s not uber A

Some of these are already shoved in our faces since season 1 (of course some are still just theories), they’re literally just adding things to confuse us to rule out Ali (like Rollins, Mary) but it really comes back to Alison. A FREAKING D are the initials, like they want us to think it’s not Ali because it’s too obvious – but that’s the whole show. It was already obvious in season 1 but we said nah too easy.

IT’S ALISON’S SHOW, but not because it’s all about her family, or her fake death or her secrets. BUT it’s because she calls the shots on what would happen next, she’s the one who wrote the entire thing.

Think about it. She loved mysteries. She was the one to lay out clues, she made them solve her fake death, she appears out of nowhere just to say mysterious ass quotes that don’t answer anything they need, she kept doing things to move the story forward. Even SOS-ing them that brought them to kill and bury someone.

-AGame seems to be like a huge power trip and we clearly see Alison playing people like puppets. Even during that fight with Spencer “that night”, she said they were nothing without her and honestly, they really were her dolls back in the flashbacks. She knew how to play them to get exactly what she wants. She feeds off having power over them, over everyone around her. Who knows maybe because she doesn’t have any control about her fucked up family – maybe it drives her crazy that her own mother was the one to teach and encourage her to lie, that her parents cheat on eachother, that jessica had an affair that resulted into another sibling and who knows how many more, that her mom had a secret twin in radley, that for god knows what reason ur mom spoils some girl in a mental facility, i can go on and on about how messed up her family is.

But yes, i could see how all that could have affected Ali resulting her bad behavior maybe even to the point where she has the need to control everyone – being -A.