i swear this moment gets me every time

Two Sides to Every Yugioh fan
  • Side One: Can you truly watch all of Yugioh and not come out changed? It has so many powerful messages and inspirational characters that transform the viewer into a better person of their past selves. Such an impacting, heart breaking, beautiful show.
  • Side two: I fucking swear if I hear them explain Pot of Greed one more fucking time I'm going to throw myself off a building. And why the fuck is there a duel every single fucking episode? This show doesn't even fucking make sense until season two like how does anyone actually get through it? Such trash, honestly.

Just had the cutest encounter while at work where a man who looked like Robbie came to the checkout with his little son. The little boy kept trying to run out the automatic doors and the dad looked so done but every time he brought him back to the register he would just murmur “he gets that from my husband, I swear”.

I have never needed an AU where Rob and Sport adopt a kid more than I do at this moment, honestly.

I’ll Find My Way Back To You// Part Four

Hi, I’m back with a new chapter. I also want to thank you guys for helping me reach one thousand followers. You have no idea how much this means to me. I love you guys with my whole heart. If you enjoy this chapter, let me know whether or not you guys want me to continue this, I would absolutely LOVE to here your thoughts on this one. 

Let me know HERE. Checkout my Masterlist HERE.

This is not proof read but I wanted to update it, you guys deserve it after all this delay. ENJOY! 

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

Word Count: 2.5K

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I went to the Newark a concert last night and got to see Jungkook's heart eyes first hand and wow they made me blush like how does Jimin survive? Like every time Jimin talked Jungkook stared at him like he hug the moon I swear to god.

Oh my god? You are so lucky you were able to witness it first hand! Jungkook’s heart eyes for Jimin are absolutely no joke. He looks at him like he’s the sun, moon, and stars–hell, galaxy! I hope your heart is steady after last night because mine would have stopped! I seriously hope I get to see some great jikook moments at my concert and I hope you had an amazing time last night!

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can’t wait ♡

Maybe, Possibly

Summary: Phil’s mother is adamant that he should be settling down, so invites one of his turbulent exes to an annual family get-together the following day. In a moment of panic, he tells her he’s already dating someone. With no other options, he turns to Dan.

Genre: Reality

Word Count: 9k

Warnings: Some swearing, references to alcohol

Read on ao3

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A Thin Line [ Part 2 ] - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: A Thin Line - Part 2
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: There’s a thin line between love and hate.
Word Count: 624
Warning: Non-detailed smut, swearing.
A/N: Part two was requested quite a few times and I really wanted to get it out. Sorry it’s not detailed smut (which I know a couple of people wanted), it just didn’t feel right to me knowing that I have 13 year old followers! But I hope this is along the lines of what y’all wanted. Credit to gif owner p.s the way he looks in the gif is how I pictured him in this.

Read part one here.

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Little Moments

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,823 (with lyrics)

Warnings: none, just fluff.

Prompt: Sam’s always enjoyed the little moments he spends with Y/N. Every day with her is a new adventure and Sam wants to be in it for the long haul.

A/N: This is my entry for @impalaimagining ‘s 1K Challenge. It’s a little late, but better late than never right? My song was “Little Moments” by Brad Paisley. My gif is below. Shoutout to @megansescape for betaing this for me! Thanks a bunch!

Well I’ll never forget the first time that I heard
That pretty mouth say that dirty word
And I can’t even remember now what she backed my truck into
But she covered her mouth and her face got red
And she just looked so darn cute
That I couldn’t even act like I was mad
Yeah I live for little moments like that

“It’s a stick, Y/N. You have to.. here, just… let me…shift -”

“I’ve got it Sam!” She argued, swatting my hand away. I gave a long sigh, holding my hands up in sacrifice. “See? I got it.” She pushed the clutch in, it growled a little, but soon enough, Y/N was driving a straight line down the road. When it needed to be shifted again, she slowed, put the clutch in and got right back up to normal speed. We drove around the block a couple times. It was 25 miles per hour, nothing too fast as she was just learning, but she seemed to be getting a hang of it quite quickly.

“Okay, let’s back up into the driveway,” I suggested, seeing as she was doing well going forward. Backing up was actually easier, in my opinion, but we’ll see how it worked for Y/N. “Clutch in. Gas off. Now shift to reverse. Okay… hover over the gas. You have to turn so you can see where you’re going Y/N.”

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Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

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Request: when chanyeol finds out your pregnant from the pregnancy test he finds in the bathroom a lot of angst and fluff at the end

Word Count: 2974

Genre: Angst…too much angst.

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Had the day off, played both Berseria and Zestiria today.  Why?  Because I can, and Berseria was all, “Hint hint Zestiria exists” in the side quests (Rest behind cut because spoilers).

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Why Am I Like This | Part 3 | JUGHEAD JONES X READER

Description: Archie continues to bagger Jughead about his feelings for the reader hoping he’ll realize it will be better in the long run if she knows. Later in the day, Jughead comes home to see Archie and the reader asleep next to each other after they fell asleep practicing for their upcoming performance at the homecoming dance which leads to an interesting event between him and the reader.

Word Count: 1758

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5

Jughead was starting to see the effects of Homecoming week all around Riverdale high. Banners were being hung up in hallways, girls were dressing up nicer trying to get last minute dates, and new relationships were getting formed every day.

It made Jughead sick to his stomach with longing. The whole feeling was new to him, he had never longed to be able to hold a girl’s hand in the hallway or be the reason a girl smiles filled with love. But things were different this year, for the first time he wanted to be able hold a girl’s hand in the hallway or make her smile filled with love.

Things were getting easier though, now that Archie knew of his un-denying affection for (Y/N) Jughead finally had someone to vent too. It was better than keeping it all bottled up or writing about it on his computer, he had learned his lesson.

Jughead stared out of the window as Archie drove them to school, taking the scenic route. Trees blurred by along with the occasional runner, not another car in sight. Out of nowhere, Archie started slowing down causing Jughead to lurch forward.

Archie pressed a button and the window next to Jughead’s face rolled down. The car continued to slow until they ended up traveling next to a familiar (Y/H/C) girl.

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Happy Birthday - SMUT

Pairing: Joe Sugg x Reader

Request:  “Can I have a Joe sugg smut please?”

You were half asleep in bed, feeling something running up and down your thighs. You groaned and pulled the duvet closer to your chin, trying to fall back to sleep. You heard a deep chuckle near your ear. “Happy Birthday baby.”

You groggily opened your eyes and turned over and you found yourself in the warm arms of your boyfriend, Joe. You smiled when you realised he was right; it was your birthday. “Morning” you whispered. Joe smiled back at you and his hand moved to your waist. He slipped it under your tank top. He leaned in to give you a kiss and you naturally reciprocated. His hand snuck up your body and rested on your breast. While still kissing you he started to gently tweak your nipple and you moaned into the kiss and felt him smile against your lips. He loved to tease you.

He moved down to kissing your neck, he knew it drove you crazy. “I’m going to spoil you today babe” He abandoned your neck and shifted down the bed. He spread your legs and lay in between them. “Starting now.” You had just slept in underwear and a tank top so you were already quite exposed. He began leaving kisses up your thighs and just as he’d get close to where you wanted him most he’d switch to the other thigh and chuckle to himself, enjoying your desperation.

“Please Joe” you pleaded. You needed some friction, you were about to reach your hand down there yourself when he looped a finger in each side of your underwear and pulled them down, leaning to one side so he could pull them all the way off and discard them on the bed. You moaned impatiently at him.  He rested his hands on the tops of your thighs, making sure they stayed spread. You felt his mouth on your clit ad you instantly felt yourself melt.  He used his tongue to flick your clit and he reached one hand up to again play with your nipple. The combination was driving you wild.  He lightly pinched your nipple and you moaned. Joe loved hearing you moan for him.

He moved his tongue to focus on your entrance and his thumb took over on your clit, slowly rubbing it. Joe brought his head up for a moment but increased the intensity of his thumb on your clit. Your breathing was getting more laboured and he just watched you enjoying it for a few moments. “Tell me what you want baby.”

You looked down at him “I need your fingers Joe, fuck.” You felt Joe slide a finger into you, burying his head again to use his tongue on our clit. You were in ecstasy, feeling Joe’s finger move in and out and his tongue making your writhe on the bed when you felt another finger being added. You hummed contently at the fullness.  Joe was going so deep every time and you couldn’t help but mumble swear words every now and them. As your breathing sped up and he knew you were close he stopped using his mouth so he could focus on hitting your g-spot, curling his fingers to do so. You knew he got your g-spot when you literally convulsed and a quiet but high-pitched sound came out of your mouth and he kept pumping his fingers in and out. He lightly kissed on a sweet spot at the top of your inner thigh, leaving hickeys.

 “Are you close baby?”


“Come on Y/N, come for me. I want you to come on my fingers while I fuck you with them.” His words were enough to spur you on and he quickened his pace. You grabbed the back of his head and brought his mouth to your clit again and he obliged.

You felt your orgasm wash over you and Joe kept moving his fingers and you squeezed your eyes shut as you came.

When you opened them again Joe was back at your side and wrapping you into his arms, you cuddled into him.  Joe kissed you on the temple “Happy birthday again Y/N”

A/N: Hope it’s what you wanted and that you guys enjoyed it :) Feel free to request anything else!

Alec Martinez - Pregnant

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A/N:Another request of course, I want to get this one up and at least one more, but I’ll probably get to more than that. Hopefully, at least. I also am not sure how this one turned out, it didn’t seem to flow as well. Hopefully you enjoy!

“ Ooooh! Can you write something cute with alec martinez like you’re pregnant or something and he’s being all overprotective and cute? “

Here you go, anon!

Warning: None

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Hiii! Here's a prompt for you: “Don’t you dare let go of my hand. You hear me?”

Hey Libby,

Thank you.  I was all set to do angst and I still want to do that really and yet somehow I ended up with this -  wasn’t going to post this, but it’s taken over a week of staring at it so here you are - some is under the cut. xx


The rain stopped falling as they entered the forest, now above the trees there’s only sunlight.   

There’s that smell in the air that always comes after rain, fresh air that’s enriched by the scent of the trees and the flowers around them.

Around them, the only sound is of birds, of water in the rivers and maybe the sound of Liam’s own heartbeat.

He fights not to lose his footing on the ground that’s still not dry, and covered in leaves but manage it he does. 

Zayn isn’t so lucky, and actually the sound of birds, etc., definitely hadn’t been the only sound in the forest.

An “I hate you Leeyum,” here and a  “Me trainers are ruined you knob,” there and Liam daren’t imagine what Zayn’s reaction will be when they reach their destination.

If he can persuade Zayn to  go any further that is, he turns round and Zayn’s picking himself up from the floor, he’s covered in leaves and mud and yet somehow he’s still the best sight Liam’s seen.  

Even when he’s glaring at Liam like he is now, though, as soon as he meets Liam’s eyes, his expression softens and he says in a warning tone that manages to be without heat or anger somehow.

“Don’t say a bloody word you.”

And then he’s gone ahead and Liam has to run a little bit to keep up with him.  

By the time they reach their destination, the sun’s disappeared behind the clouds, and Zayn’s better mood as they’d walked along, talking about superheroes, talking about having a massive burger when they get back home, has disappeared with it.

He’s silent for a moment to be fair as his mouth falls wide open, and there’s an almost imperceptible shake of the head and its on a knife edge how he’ll react.

That said the, “Fuck you, you fucking prick,” doesn’t come as that much of a surprise.

“Just hear me out Zayn,” and then before Zayn can say another word, Liam walks the two or three steps to the log, the log  that  stretches between the tree on the side where Zayn still is and then on the other side of the valley. 

For Liam, its as second nature as walking on a pavement, but he gets Zayn’s reluctance, he does.

Except, if he’s a mess here, then how will he ever cope when he’s on his own in a situation far more shitty than this?

Liam kicks off his shoes and then without looking back tells Zayn, “You won’t need your shoes.”

“Err, I will Leeyum cos there’s no fucking way I’m getting on that log even if you pay me.”

Liam doesn’t reply, instead he takes off his jacket next, tossing it on top of his trainers, leaving just his vest top and the pair of jogging bottoms on.

Without hesitation he takes one step, then two and then practically skips to the other end of the log.

Then he turns, and Zayn’s there, clutching onto his trainers, but shaking his head as he peers over the edge.

“No way Liam.”

Liam takes two or three steps along the log so he’s halfway across, lowers himself and then cause he can’t help it, he beckons Zayn onto the log with his finger. 

Zayn shakes his head again so Liam sighs and then straightens up, hands on his hips. 

“Okay then Zayn, but what then, I know you hate heights and yet you want to be a fireman, i’m pretty sure that you having a moment when you’re halfway up the ladder about to rescue someone from the fire that’ll kill ‘em if you don’t hurry up, won’t go down too well with anyone.”

Zayn’s shoulders slump and that’s when Liam knows he’s won, when Zayn locks his eyes onto Liam’s and takes his own jacket off, and drops it and his shoes on top of Liam’s and says in a loud but shaky voice.

“Ok, but don’t you dare let go of my hand, you hear me?”

Liam really does skip the last few steps to meet Zayn at the end of the log and he reaches out his hands to Zayn’s.

“Not going to let anything happen to you Zayn, I promise.”

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Cursed Child Recap - 5th July 2017

Yesterday’s performance was the ninth time I have seen the play, the first time I have seen it since the current cast’s first performance and allowed me the use of tickets I booked back in August. 

Quite honestly, my brain and my heart are still reeling from the epicness, brilliance and emotions of the performance yesterday. The funny thing is a month ago, I stood my ground and made it clear we had an amazing new cast who, with time, would grow in their roles to same level of utter brilliance as the original cast and they went and did it in a month! 

Despite knowing we had this amazing new cast and being forewarned of how brilliant they had become, nothing could have prepared me for just how amazing yesterday’s performance would be. For the first time, I was tearing up at parts I have never done so for and for characters I have never done so because of either. 

The simple fact of the matter is this cast are simply brilliant. They understand the characters they are playing and can play their parts to absolute perfection. The best part for me, though, is the fact they are all now beginning stamp their own mark on their individual parts.

Warning, this has the potential to get long…

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ok I love spaceparents but you gotta accept that they are still despots and my all time favorite example that intersects with their relationship comes from taking a break from all your worries

while their willingness, and dare I say eagerness, for torturing baltar together is romantic, it is the intimate moment they share in adama’s rack at the end that gets me every time

when adama says that it is not too late for baltar to still disappear, roslin pauses, gasps “oh bill,” grabs his arm, and is TOUCHED!! FRAKKING TOUCHED. he would murder the most infamous public figure, behind closed doors, just to make her happy and she loves it so much that her eyes sparkle and yall i just

but then without their despotic prisons laura and bill are the kind of people that get drunk and high at a public ceremony and wander off to secretly canoodle in the sand which WE ALL KNOW is what they prefer

And just like that, I watched her sitting in the corner of her room, with her head hung low on her hands. I went closer and tucked some strands of her hair behind.


Nothing. Nothing at all.

“Do you want to share what is it?”

She looked up and I swear I felt my heart break. Even with the rays of sun casting on her beautiful face, her eyes were devoid of any specks of emotion.
She just stared at a far distance. In that moment I knew she wasn’t grasping any of my words.
I knew I had to bring her back from whatever was eating her from inside. But I couldn’t push her more, not when she was so broken.

“I can’t help if you shut me out like that. Every time I look at you, my heart breaks a little more. Please let me get lost in darkness that’s pulling you back. I promise I’ll be your firefly and guide you through the paths to reach the door of lights. I know healing will take time-days, months or even years. But please let me do this.”

My eyes searched for any sign of approval in the depths of her brown orbs.

Nothing. Nothing, again.

“I will wait for you. Doesn’t matter however long it takes, I will wait for you.”

With a painful sigh, I kissed her forehead.
I knew it was a dangerous game I was playing; but in the end, we both were going to get damaged.

—  Thedaydreamingwriter/ @toothless98 on Instagram

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How about Gerome to save Robin from bathtent prince - I mean Chrom. xD

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

“…You have exactly two seconds to run.” 

Gerome’s voice was barely above a threatening growl. His hands gripped the lance so tight his knuckles turned white. Beneath the mask that rendered him expressionless, you could practically feel the burning hatred in his eyes.

The hatred that was targeted solely at Chrom, who stood across from you, whose naked body was currently blocked by Gerome’s far more dangerous one. He shielded you from Chrom’s lecherous eyes, even though the poor prince was doing everything in his power to convince your husband otherwise.

Unfortunately, the lance was thrown before he could utter a single word. It barely missed his head, the final warning he needed. And just like that, Chrom was out of the tent practically shouting his apologies. All you could do was stare at Gerome, who seemed incredibly, unfathomably angry.

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                              Lionel Messi - A Part Of Me

Her eyes glistened under the dim light of our bedroom as she carefully traced her fingers over the old photograph hanging on the wall, completely oblivious to my presence. 

“(Y/N)?” I eyed her carefully, watching as she slowly craned her neck to get a glimpse of my figure leaning against the door frame. “Hey,” A warm smile stretched across her full pink lips, captivating me for a split second. “Hey you,” My smile mirrored hers as I stood straight and began making my way towards her. (Y/N) turned back to the photograph as soon as my strong arms found their way around her waist from behind, pulling her into my chest and resting my chin against her shoulder. “You were so little…”

Humming a response, I planted a kiss on her bare shoulder, earning a low giggle on her part. 

“Smaller than you can imagine.”

“I wish I knew you back then,” Her statement caught me off guard. “Why?” “Because,” She started, “I’m curios. I want to see you throughout all your life stages. I want to see how you transitioned–what made you the person you are today. I wish I knew you earlier on in life so that I would know how you became the man you are. The man I love.”

I couldn’t help but a shy smile mask my features as I side-eyed her. “It wasn’t the easiest, I have to admit.” A frown controlled her face. “How come?”

“Well…” I trailed off, pulling away from her. “Why don’t I just show you?” (Y/N) didn’t hesitate at all in accepting my extended hand and interlocking our fingers, curiosity evident in her eyes. Leading the way downstairs, I dragged her all the way to my car and opened the passenger door for her, “Get in, princesa.” “Where are we going?” She climbed into her seat, immediately reaching for the belt. “To the past.” I grinned sheepishly, shutting her door and jogging over to the driver’s side.

“The past?” (Y/N) chuckled as the engine roared to life.

“You’ll see.”

It only took seven minutes for us to reach the neighborhood in which I was brought up for most of my childhood. I pulled over to the side, killing the engine and making my way out with (Y/N) hot on my trail. 

“This is where I grew up,” I informed, my eyes roaming around the familiar area, a place I hadn’t been in so very long. Dim lightening lit the streets, enough to reflect off the graffiti painted on the old creme walls of the humbly small homes surrounding the area. It was rare to find a fancy car in a neighborhood like this, the streets mainly scattered in bikes and skateboards. Everything was exactly as I remembered it. The emotions began stirring inside of me as I took it all in–the place were everything started. “It’s beautiful,” My girlfriend murmured, slipping her cold, little hand into the warmness of my own. “It really is…”

Hand in hand, we began strolling down the small sidewalk, our sight anywhere but at each other. From the corner of my eye, I spotted the small field where the team I first started at used to play, bringing me to an abrupt stop. “Whats wrong?” (Y/N) stood beside me. “Nothing,” I chuckled lightly, pulling her in the direction of the deserted field. “You see this little place?” The smirk never left my lips as I spoke, “This is where I played my first match ever. I was only six back then,” A low snicker emitted me. “I remember it like the back of my hand. One of the players on the team didn’t show up to the game and coach started freaking out while my grandma and I watched from these benches over here, and then I asked her if I could play, so she spoke to the coach and managed to convince him that I was good enough.

"Everyone on the team was older than me and I was a bit nervous but I ended up scoring three goals with a permanent spot on the team.” I grinned childishly, reminiscing over the good ol’ days. “This is where everything started.”

“Whoa,” (Y/N) whispered, resting her head against my shoulder, her petite body caving into mine as she slid closer to me on the wooden bench we sat atop of. “Yeah…” I trailed off, snaking an arm around her torso. “It wasn’t long after I found out about my growth problems. It wasn’t a big deal to me, though, as long as I was able to play I was happy with my life, y'know?” She nodded a response, urging me to continue. “But when my dad lost his job and we could no longer afford treatment… Things got a bit more complicated.”

“What did you do?” Curiosity rolled off her tongue as she spoke.

“Me? Not much. I was only thirteen,” I chuckled. “My father, though? He did everything. Going from club to club, asking if they could pay for my treatment when I signed with them. No one accepted. I was a charity case to them.” Her head immediately snapped up in my direction, eyeing me warily. “Then Barcelona came along…

"That was the start of something great for me. A dream come true. I struggled with leaving my family behind, I struggled with adapting and waiting for official papers to sign with the club. It was all one big struggle and I was only fourteen but I knew that it would all be worth it in the end,” I smiled to myself, my heart warming at the journey I had to take.

“At one point I was scared I wouldn’t be good enough, but the team took me in as family, you know? Ronaldinho was like a mentor to me and the fans were all so welcoming. I’d never felt more happy than to play at the club of my dreams. Then the national team accepted me as well. It all happened in a blink of an eye and next thing I know I’m 27, a leading player at the club of my dreams and a captain to my national team,” My chest vibrated with laughter. “I’m still scared that one day I’ll wake up and all of this would be a dream.”

“Leo…” (Y/N) heaved a sigh, slipping her hand into mine. When I looked down at her, her eyes were glossed over in fresh tears, making me frown. “Baby?” I quickly rotated my body towards her cupping her face in the palms of my warm hands. “I’m sorry, I just–” She chuckled, a tear rolling down her cheek before I wiped it off. “I’m just so proud of you.” Her voice came out a mere whisper as she stared deeply into my eyes, her brown orbs piercing through my soul, making me weak in the knees.

“You’ve been through so much and you’ve come so far… From a street player in Rosario to the best football player in the world. Look at yourself. Despite all the doubters and nonbelievers, despite your medical issues, despite all the criticism and hate you stand tall. Through everything. You’ve gotten through everything to accomplish what you’ve accomplished and I’m just so happy I get watch you do the thing you love and be the best at it. God, I love you so much,” By now teardrops were racing down her face, damping her rosy cheeks while an unfamiliar sensation built up in the pit o my stomach.

“You love me?” I mumbled, searching her eyes for an answer, complete astonishment taking over me as the words rolled off her lips for the first time ever. “I love you,” She repeated, her bottom lip trembling.

Wholeheartedly, I lowered my face to hers, pressing my lips against hers. My eyes immediately screwed shut, my heart beating at a rapid pace while our mouths moved against each other perfectly and I swear I could not fathom the amount of bliss I felt at that moment. “I love you,” I mumbled against her pink lips, kissing her so forcefully, so graciously and with every ounce of emotion within me just to get he to feel how deeply I felt for her. “I love you so much.”

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Block b reaction to you teasing them in front of the other members.

Omfg this is so bad, I’m so sorry 😂


Zico: “You’re so gonna get it later, just wait for it. I’ll show you why you shouldn’t tease me like this, y/n”

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Taeil: *tries to shrug it off and act cool, but is avoiding you by sitting somewhere far away from you or by excusing himself to the bathroom every single time you would try to approach him*

Originally posted by jihco

P.O: *takes a deep breath* “H-Hum, y/n… I-I don’t think right now is the best moment to do this kind of thing… All the members are here so, hum, could you please..?”

Originally posted by kmess

B-Bomb: “I swear, y/n, you better be a good girl and stop… Otherwise I’ll have to punish you later” /daddy af/

Originally posted by blo-hyung

Jaehyo: *doesn’t really say anything about it and lets you do whatever you want because he’s an attention whore and he actually enjoys it quite a lot*

Originally posted by jaehyohoe

Kyung: *doesn’t take you seriously and jokes about it* “I’m just so irresistible that you can’t keep this kind of thing for when we’re alone, right? I know that’s it”

Originally posted by blockyung

U-Kwon: “You’re lucky the members are here… ‘Cause, if they weren’t, you would be screaming my name right now, begging for me to touch you more as I tease you just like you’re doing now” *dirty talks until you give up on teasing him*

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