i swear this looked better in photoshop


8 March » International Women’s Day

If you think someone is missing, it’s just your imagination∼ or maybe there’s no space anymore.
For this gifset I excluded animals, monsters and aliens, that’s why Fiona is not in Ogre version and some are missing.

I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom. 🌺 


“Dans leurs bonjours, il y a des cactus
 Dans leurs cactus, il y a des cactus!”

Okay, this is a terrible facsimile because I don’t have photoshop on this computer (I swear it’ll look much better! I’m a real-life graphic designer, I promise) but I still need messages for the Wayward Daughters banner I’ll be presenting to Kim and Briana at Jaxcon! Send in anything at all. Seriously, anything.

You can write directly to Kim and/or Briana about how much you love them, how much they inspire you, etc. You can write about why the idea of Wayward Daughters means so much to you. You can write general inspirational messages to your fellow fans. Anything you want. Include your name or keep it completely anonymous. I’ll include every last one.

I’ve bought a photo op, so not only will we be posing for the photo with the banner, I’ll be giving it to them after we’re done. And I know with absolute certainty that they will read every last message.

So don’t be shy! Submit your messages to the @waywarddaughtersacademy inbox.

…. “These aren’t pockets?” The Knight wriggled his fingers in the open space between the fabric of the greatcoat and Hux’s uniform. Then he recovered from the momentary shock and points of pressure returned and spread along the seam of Hux’s outer shirt until they found the edge of Hux’s uniform pants. ….

Illustration of the famous pocket handjob scene from the amazing fic Acceptable Losses by the very best @ladyshivs. Go read it everyone and give love because this fic has everything. 

I swear the pic looked better on the tablet screen - I never get the saturation right. If I had Photoshop I could clean it up before posting… well, maybe one day.