i swear this is not turning into a blog about moths


This is for nsfw-hijack​ because she’s 18 and because she inspired this.


“N-no. I don’t—I—“

“I give you tour, sim?”

“No! No tour! I just need to—get to my b-boyfriend,okay?! Just leave me alone,” Hiccup helplessly said as he tried to pry his handaway from a local who had been bothering him for the past ten minutes. All he did was ask him how to get to the address scribbled on his palm, and this guy immediately jumped to the wrong idea and now held him prisoner by the wrist.

“You need tour! I give tour for free!” the man said with a toothy grin as he started to tug Hiccup along to who knows where, and Hiccup being the talking fishbone that he was, couldn’t hold his ground even with his heels digging into the dirt.

“No tour! And it’s definitely not for free you liar! Jack told me this would happen if I wasn’t careful,” Hiccup wailed, hoping that somebody, anybody would help him, but no one batted an eyelash in their direction. This happened on a daily basis that the people often just chose to ignore it, and the hustlers had to make a living somehow, even if it’s sometimes by sheer persistence.

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