i swear this is not meant to be offensive

So I am playing a human fighter who is lawful good and my friend is playing a lawful good cleric. Recently we saw the queen of the elf’s about to be killed by an assassin.

Me: *Realizing I could not get there in time* I throw my +5 bane undead greatsword at the attacker.

*Rolls a natural 20*

DM: you impale the attacker to the wall next to the queen. The queen shouts “the gods have granted us a boon!!” And proceeded to grab my greatsword and put it on a pedestal in their temple.

Me: My Queen, I am honored that you give my sword such praise as to place it in the temple, but may I have it back?

Queen: you dare claim that our gift from the gods is truly yours!

Me(ooc): I swear to god I will fucking kill her and her entire race if they don’t give me my sword!

Cleric(ooc): dude your lawful good


Me: I meant no offense my lady of course it was a gift from the gods, I was merely testing your faith.

At this point the DM is laughing uncontrollable and I am in the process of slowly banging my head against the table.

“I begged the gods for a sign,” Rhaegar raved, pacing across the room. “I begged the ghosts of Summerhall for an answer, and now they have placed her in my path.”

Elia pressed her mouth in a thin line to keep from snapping at her husband. If she had been a wilder woman, a heartier woman, she may have fought with her whole body and not just her eyes.

“It’s her. Can’t you see?”

“My eyes saw you place a crown of flowers in the lap of a maid of fourteen,” Elia replied cooly. “Most men would apologize for inflicting such an insult upon his wife, the mother of his child.”

“She is the one. The one I must return to, if…” He paused, looked at her as if just recognizing her presence in the room. “Never mind. It is too soon to say.”

“To say what?” Elia asked, her cold voice foreign even to her. Elia was usually warm like the sun, but today her husband had brought out the cool steel of a spearpoint in her.

Rhaegar kneeled at her feet. “I apologize, Elia. I meant no harm; it simply had to be done.” He reached for her hands, which she briskly pulled out of reach.

“Yes, I’m sure the ghosts forced your hand,” Elia returned. “Or was it the gods? Remind me again, husband, your wife understands so little.”

“You mock me,” Rhaegar said not with an edge of offense, but in that sad, somber way that he had perfected. “I understand. I have insulted you. But I swear it, Elia, one day you will comprehend what I have done and what I plan to do.”

“I pray that day comes soon, for if Oberyn does not gut you, then I’m certain either Lord Stark or Lord Baratheon will do the honors before this trip is through.” Elia surprised herself at her own frostiness; this unhappy woman was not a woman she recognized, for she was a woman Elia often refused to welcome. She rose from her seat, back straight, and perched herself on the bed instead, where her daughter lay peacefully asleep. She pushed away her dark hair away from her face, and watched how her daughter’s eyes darted beneath her closed eyelids. “Please leave, husband. You’ll wake Rhaenys.”

To his credit, her husband left the room soundlessly.

The insult, Elia decided, she could forgive. It was Rhaegar who looked like a fool, not her, and it was his reputation that would pay the price. What she could not forgive, however, was how Rhaenys gasped and clung to her dress when Rhaegar rode past her and towards the Stark girl. No, she could not forgive Rhaegar for how he made their daughter’s eyes widen in shock, how her jaw dropped, for even their child had understood the unkindness Rhaegar had performed.

She did not even ask why her father had done such a thing. She always asked why.

I do not mind if it is only you and I in the world. Elia pressed a hand to her stomach. You, and I, and this.

Gum (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: hello I’m writing fanfic after literally god knows how many years and I hate myself but I hope someone finds joy in this!! It’s just something that I hope hasn’t been done before but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ here you go
Warnings: some swearing, dumb fluff, bad writing and no editing
Requested: no
Summary: Peter is a little shit but it’s fine (with a mildly amusing plot twist)
Word Count: 735

“Let’s remember to never try and experiment with pizza again, that was gross,” you complained, the unpleasant aftertaste of onions lasting on your tongue.

“Agreed. Stick to the classics, like pepperoni.”

“Or cheese,” you added. Peter chuckled at you and then let out a quiet burp, his nose immediately scrunching up afterwards.

“Cute,” you teased, poking his side. He slung his arm around your shoulders as you both walked down the street together in the most impractical way possible.

“It got the taste back in my mouth,” Peter bitterly mumbled. He wrapped his other arm around you as you continued to walk, tripping over each other’s feet and narrowly avoiding a face full of concrete. You giggled and pushed him slightly off of you. He playfully frowned but resorted to holding your hand instead, allowing for a more convenient method of weaving through the crowded New York streets.

You reached in your purse and popped a piece of gum in your mouth as a hope for relief from the pungent tastes that still dominated your tastebuds. Peter squeezed your hand slightly and you looked up at him smiling at you. You quirked your brow up slightly and tilted your head.

“Got another piece for me?” He referred to the mint gum you now chewed.

You shook your head. “Sorry honey bun, that was my last piece.”

He pouted ever so slightly and raised his wonky eyebrows and tilted his head. His damn puppy dog face. You looked at his big brown eyes and his ever tempting lips and groaned. His eyes started to fill with triumph before immediately being replaced by intense confusion.

You poked his bottom lip back in and smacked him in the back of his head.

“What the hell, Y/N?” Peter complained while rubbing the back of his head.

“You can look as damn cute as you want Parker but I seriously don’t have anymore gum so it’s pointless.” Peter mumbled something incoherently in response, resembling a toddler complaining about not getting ice cream.

“What was that?” You inquired.

“Nothing,” you looked up at him with a knowing look, “except that I think you love food more than you love me.” He grumbled. You let out a loud snort at that.

“You what?” You couldn’t help but laugh at his ridiculousness.

“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t hide gum from me ‘cause you don’t wanna share. Or that you’d probably leave me for a good burrito,” he joked.

“If it came with free guacamole? Definitely.” You teased, relishing in the feigned offense that took over his features. “I swear you are so dramatic.”

“I thought I meant more to you than free guac,” Peter placed his hand over his heart, dramatically pretending to be heartbroken.

“Can anyone compete with free guac?”

“Good point.” A sly smile took over his features after a few more seconds of nonsense bickering.

You reached the entrance to your building and placed a quick peck on Peter’s lips before bidding goodbye to your stupidly amazing and charming boyfriend. But before you could pull away he quickly grabbed your cheeks with both hands and deepened the kiss. Blood rushed to your cheeks and you were frozen in shock before kissing back for barely a second before he pulled away again. His face holding a shit eating grin and your jaw dropped in shock as you stared at him in realization.

You pointed at him threateningly as he backed away slowly from you still grinning from ear to ear.

“You stole my fucking gum!!” You were so flabbergasted by your dumbass boyfriend, of course he would take your gum right out of your goddamn mouth.

“You stole my fucking heart!!” He mimicked you and grinned. Your face and neck heated up very quickly and he quickly and cautiously gave you another quick peck before saying bye again and running away. He made sure to turn around after a few steps to make sure that you saw the bubble he blew from the gum he stole and waved before turning around the corner out of sight.

Your heart swelled and your love for your idiot boyfriend filled your thoughts as the surprise from before wore off. You smiled and shook your head and let out a breath you had unknowingly been holding in. There was no doubt in your mind, Peter Parker was a million times better than free guac.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.1

A/N: AHHHHHHHH, I told y'all I’d be back for a sequel. I’m hoping this sequel gets just as much attention as the first series did, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If you’ve read the first series, then you already know that I’m all about drama and that’s exactly what this series is gonna be. Anyway, this is the first chapter and you all should look forward for many to come. If you’ve read the first series you know that I need 100 notes and feedback for the next chapter. Enjoy my lil nuggets💕

Oh and most of this chapter is in italics because they’re flashbacks.

**WARNING**: Nothing besides profanity, but I’m sure you knew that

**Previous Series: SugarDaddy!Cal **(Read this first)

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

The moment you found out you were pregnant you knew that shit was about to hit the fan.You weren’t just the average twenty year old, barely financially stable college student. No. You were also the girlfriend of a famous rockstar who is in a world famous band. Plus, you also happened to sleep with his best friend and bandmate before finding out you were pregnant, therefore have no clue who’s baby it is. On top of that you were being watched, loved, and even hated by millions of people daily. Oh, and how could you forget that you were helping your best friends plan their wedding as well? Life couldn’t be any better right?

So, here you are in your living room trying to ignore your overwhelming emotions by catching up on Supernatural and eating for two while your boyfriend is out somewhere angrily driving around on the streets. Oh, and what led him to doing that was catastrophic.

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? Only three weeks after you first found out about the new life growing inside of you.

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Reason #11: Tyrion is “special” to Sansa — Why is it that Jon “didn’t ask!” 

Now, though we compared it (jokingly) to the other instances when men mention Sansa and Jon flips, Jon’s reaction to Tyrion isn’t *exactly* rage — what is more, his disposition towards Tyrion is quite positive *before* Tyrion unwittingly takes it one step too far in his talk about Sansa. 

When they first meet at the beach, Jon actually breaks out in a smile and shakes Tyrion’s hand, genuinely happy to see him. We can be sure that Jon knows all about Tyrion at that moment, at least everything that Sansa had shared about him and we know that she characterized Tyrion as “not like the others” and praised how kind he was. Even if she never said it out loud, she also implied to Jon that his being “kind” means he *never* touched her.

That alone makes Tyrion a good guy in Jon’s eyes. 

The scene with Theon next episode confirmed that Sansa’s safety and well-being takes such center stage in Jon’s ‘good books’ that he immediately forgave Theon’s betrayal of his brother, his entire family and the North. Due to that, we can assume that Jon *would* feel gratitude towards Tyrion for treating his sister well when he would have had every opportunity (and the legal right) to do the opposite.

So…when Tyrion does broach the “subject” - hoping to resolve whatever doubt Jon might have about his honourable treatment of Sansa - he is rebuffed with something that can only be described as ‘gruff rudeness’ by Jon. 

“I didn’t ask.” 

And this only broke out of Jon the moment Tyrion showed a little *too* much interest in Sansa. 

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Btw this shouldn’t be controversial but apparently it is? Don’t repost other people’s fanart to mock or critizice it.

Unless OP gives you the right of it or is something 100% meant to be offensive, crude and hurtful is a pretty shitty thing to do.

If something’s wrong with the fanart the best options are to pm them or, on the other side, say it directly on the post, again this aplies for fanart that is misleaded or straight up not offensive.

anonymous asked:

"neither of us have kissed anyone before and what the hell may as well just get it out of the way except hahah ha ha h a now i can't stop thinking of your lips why did i think this was a good idea ha ha ahah" and ur soft boy lance pls momma cass!!!

Warnings: Ultimate fluff for my soft bf lance!! 

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I’m Like You (Part 2)

Alex Summers x Reader 

Read part 1: https://vamp-lover-663.tumblr.com/post/158611851251/im-like-you

A/N: So here is the promised part 2! If you haven’t read the first part I recommend it, but you would probably be okay honestly, just a little lost. Anyways, this is the continuation to I’m Like You, in which the reader has powers similar to the Summers boys, and Alex takes her in and teaches her how to control her powers. After knowing each other for a while the reader and Alex find themselves in a relationship, and when things heat up with Scott and Alex the reader finds herself stuck in the middle.

Written with female pronouns, but I mean no offense! This is just the way I naturally write, and I am open to writing with any pronouns you prefer, so just lemme know! Enjoy~

Warnings: Swearing

(This freaking gif, excuse me while my organs explode)

Originally posted by fyeahlucastill

You walked down the crowded hallways of Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters leisurely. Your week had been full of studious training and student teaching, you were trying to become a new teacher at the school which meant you had to spend a lot of time observing Charles and how he dealt with the children. Over the past two years you had been training to not only fully control your powers, but to teach others how to do the same. Surprisingly enough it was your boyfriend, Alex, who suggested you become a teacher at the school. You were offered to join the X-men several times, but after discussing it with Alex, you decided it would be best for you to stay at the school so the two of you wouldn’t only be worrying about each other. 

You glided through the halls with ease, you knew your way around by now, and the students had become acquainted with you as well, particularly the older students who knew you through Alex. Children smiled at you as you walked by, you were almost too tired to notice, but you smiled at them in return anyways. In fact, you were so tired that you didn’t even hear the return of the school’s jet. You made your way to your room at the far end of the school, the thought of putting on pajamas and watching a movie urging you forward. 

The flow of students had thinned out substantially, and you quickly reached your room, grabbing your key out of your bag and unlocking the door. As you entered the smell of home quickly filled your nose and you let out a sigh of relief as you closed your door behind you. You scurried over to your bed, plopping down on it and laying flat on your back. Your room was a comfortable size, along with the other teachers and the X-men you had a conjoined bedroom and living room, a small bathroom attached. You had a mini-fridge connected to your wall next to your small box TV, and a small couch across from it, a couple feet away was your bed and your dresser, all the essentials.

You sat up with a sigh, kicking off your shoes when you heard the click of your door. You raised your eyebrow in that direction, the X-men weren’t supposed to be back until later tonight, unless a random student was coming into your room for some reason. Your door slowly opened and you watched as none other than your lovable boyfriend stuck his head through the growing crease, smiling at you before shooting you a wink and biting his lip. You smiled at him widely, standing up and almost sprinting to your door.

“Hey goofball,” you exclaimed, ripping your door open, grabbing Alex’s arm and pulling him inside. 

Alex laughed, “Miss me?” 

He closed the door behind him with his heel and pulled you into his chest, he still wore his black uniform from his last mission, the cold metal on the outside sending a shiver down your spine. 

“Do you even have to ask?” you questioned, breaking apart from him, and walking over to your dresser quickly. 

You ripped open the bottom drawer, revealing some of Alex’s things, he had his own room of course, but what was the fun in that? You balled up one of his t-shirts in your hand, chucking it at him along with a pair of pajama pants. 

“Thanks,” he mused, “How was your day Sweetheart?”

“Tiring, but better now,” You said, turning away from him and pulling out one of his t-shirts for yourself. 

As you began to change into his shirt you couldn’t help but looking through the corner of your eye at him, his now revealed muscles making your heart race in your chest. 

“That’s something I can agree on,” Alex mumbled, walking towards your bathroom, his change of clothes in his hand, his upper body exposed. “Pick a movie?”

“Okay, hurry,” you said to him, pulling his shirt on and discarding your own. 

The two of you had a type of system, you didn’t even question it at this point. As you heard the bathroom door close and the shower turn on you pulled open another drawer in your dresser, revealing short shorts and movies, because who kept movies in with your clothing? Why you did of course. As you changed into your shorts, discarding your dirty clothes into your laundry hamper, you browsed your movies. The two of you had seen all of them at least twice, so it was difficult for you too choose. Being indecisive, you grabbed an arm full of movies and plopped them on the floor by your couch, sitting yourself on it afterwards just to hear the shower water turn off. 

Good timing. You looked over your shoulder back at your bathroom as Alex emerged. His white t-shirt clung to his body, accompanied with his checkered pajama bottoms. His wet hair glistened in the little light your apartment provided, and your heart clenched. Alex was holding his brick of a phone in his hand, glancing down at it before noticing you and tossing it onto your bed.

“Missed calls?” you questioned, scooting over on your couch so Alex had a place to sit. 

Alex nodded, “But you’re more important.”

Alex sank down onto the couch next to you, twirling a strand of your hair around his finger. You smiled at him, letting him pull you close and melting into his arms. 

“Did you pick a movie?” he questioned you, tracing circles on your back.

“I couldn’t decide,” You shrugged.

Alex looked at you with mock annoyance before moving his hands to your shoulders and pushing you back onto the couch not-so-gently. You gasped and Alex laughed at you, pinning you beneath his weight, but not enough to hurt you. The surprised look on your face made his heart rate intensify.

“This is more fun anyways,” he said, lowering his face to yours and moving his hands to above your shoulders. 

You ran your fingers through his wet hair as Alex’s lips met yours. Despite coming from a mission, his lips were soft against yours and sent exhilarating shock waves down your spine. As soon as he tasted your lips, Alex’s hunger intensified and he was pushing closer to you, breaking away from your lips and trailing kisses down your jawline and along your neck.

“I miss you so much,” you sighed against his touch. 

“I missed you too Baby girl,” Alex said, bringing his gaze up to meet yours, his baby blue eyes full of affection, a small smirk on his lips.

Oh how you wanted to wipe that smirk off of his face. You grabbed his face in your hands, pulling him down to you, but as you did so, a loud pounding noise sounded on your door. You gasped against him, Alex’s eyes quickly darting to your door, only moving slightly, as if to block you from whatever was coming in a protective gesture. Your door quickly burst open and you couldn’t see who came through, but you recognized the voice.

“Can I count on you for anything?” a voice your recognized as Scott’s shouted, slamming the door behind him.

Alex’s jaw tightened above you, “What the hell Scott?” 

“Don’t you give me that,” Scott exclaimed walking towards the two of you angrily, well more like Alex angrily. 

Scott had barged into your room, but it was like you didn’t exist. Alex sat up from on top of you, standing to face his brother, and you quickly following suit. 

“You can’t just barge into my girlfriend’s room and tell me not to “give you that”. What. The. Hell,” Alex repeated. 

Scott let out a humorless laugh, “This is shit.I am tired of you acting like I don’t exist! How many times have you blown your brother off for her,” Scott pointed a suspecting finger at you.

“What do you-” you began, but Alex cut you off.

“Get out Scott,” he barked.

“No Alex! You’re my brother for God’s sake, I’m tired of feeling like I don’t matter to you, ever since (Y/N) entered your life she’s all you care about! What happened to me? Huh? How many times have you blown me off or not answered my calls because you were with her, how many?” Scott pushed closer to Alex, invading his personal space. 

“Scott stop,” you managed, the tension in the room making you shiver.

“Stay out of this,” Scott snapped at you, glaring in your direction. 

You could feel the heat radiating off of Alex in front of you, you could feel him losing his temper.

“Don’t you dare snap at her,” Alex snarled. “I finally have another reason to be happy Scott, and you’re pissed off at me for that? Go throw your tantrum somewhere else.”

“I deserve to be happy too!” Scott cried, “Did you forget that you were supposed to help me apply for colleges today Alex? Did you forget that sometimes, I need help too? Look around you Alex! (Y/N) is taking you from me, and you couldn’t care less, did you ever even care?” Scott barked, reaching forward and shoving Alex’s chest. 

“Don’t try and pin this on me, or (Y/N),” Alex’s hands surged forward, ready to shove Scott back, but you grabbed his arm closest to you, holding him back with all your might.

Alex’s skin was boiling, you could feel the energy bubbling up underneath his skin, Alex was about to explode, and when that happened it wouldn’t be good.

“You canceled because of the mission, but we got back early Alex! We got back early and instead of helping me, you ran to (Y/N) your whore,” Scott shouted, stepping closer to Alex yet again. 

You were pissed off at Scott for directing his mental breakdown at you, but you were worried about the outcome more, “Enough!” you yelled, your cry not budging the situation.

“You crossed the line,” Alex growled, ripping himself from your grip and shoving Scott, shoving him hard enough to knock him backwards.

You watched in utter terror as Scott’s glasses flew off of his face, pushing yourself in front of Alex, who as a reaction to Scott had exploded. You felt the energy inside Alex build up to a point that he couldn’t contain it, and as red beams shot towards Scott, Scott’s eyes did the same. With only milliseconds to react, you stepped in between the two throwing one hand towards each of them. The bright red light erupted all around you. The energy waves hitting you like a ton of bricks, your hands felt the hot energy coming from both of them absorb into your body. 

You let out a scream as overwhelming power filled your body, you were used to containing your own energy, but not others of this magnitude. Your scream was a snap back into reality for the two boys, Alex finally gaining control of his movements, quickly shutting down the flow of energy as Scott snapped his eyes shut, dropping to the ground and feeling around for his glasses. Heat danced around inside your body and you sank to the ground, your head spinning, you squeezed your eyes shut, trying to get the feeling to go away.  

“(Y/N),” you heard Alex cry from beside you.

The smell of charred clothing filled your nose and you gagged, placing your hands on the cold wood floor in hopes of cooling them down. You felt Alex’s hands grip your shoulders tightly, he dropped to his knees beside you and pulled you to him.

“(Y/N)…I-I’m sorry,” you heard Scott stutter from your other side, followed by hurried footsteps outside of your door, and then the noise of it slamming closed.

“(Y/N) are you okay?” Alex asked frantically beside you, “Please be okay.”

“I… I’m fine,” you managed, opening your eyes to see Alex’s. 

His sigh of relief was audible and he burred his face in the crook of your neck.

“I never meant to hurt you,” Alex said, grabbing your waist and pulling you tight against him. 

“You didn’t hurt me Alex,” your words were gravelly.

You wrapped your arms around Alex’s chest, letting his head remain where it laid. Your heart rate had slowed significantly, and Alex had started to cool down. 

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, I don’t know if I could live with myself if anything happened to you,” Alex stammered. 

“I’m okay,” you said, holding Alex tighter. 

You and Alex sat like that for some time until you heard your door creak open slowly. Alex didn’t even budge from his position, his forehead still resting on your shoulder. You glanced toward your door to see Charles and Hank, both with concerned expressions. The entire school probably felt the energy that had erupted from your spot. Instead of actually saying anything, you simply shook your head and mouthed ‘Scott’. The two left without saying anything at all. 

Alex pulled away from you slowly after they left, looking into your eyes, his had become glassy.

“I love you (Y/N),” he said.

“I love you too Alex,” you murmured to him, grabbing his hands and beginning to stand up, using the little strength you still had.

Alex quickly caught on and helped you up, picking you up bridal style and carrying you to your bed, which you sat on. He sat next to you, letting you rest your head on his shoulder.

“You’ve got to talk to him you know,” you said to Alex, referring to Scott. 

“I will,” Alex said, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to him. 

Alex held you in his arms, placing a kiss on your forehead, “But I won’t let him say anything bad about you again, that I can tell you.”

A small smile found it’s way to your lips, and with Alex holding you, you allowed yourself to feel at ease.  

Ok I just wanna say real quick that I’m sorry for kind of making Scott the bad guy, and I have nothing against him! He just happened to be the angsty teen of this story, but I hope this was an okay continuation anyways!

Your Savior - 7

Hey all! It’s been a crazy week, so thank you for your patience as I tried to handle my crazy and get this part out!
I honestly never thought that this fic would make it past Chapter 1. I am humbled by all of the readers that have taken the time to stop by! I’ve now shifted into the “long game” (yes, that means this story will go on for some time!) So I’m trying to set up the reader and her situation for a longer adventure!

Link to Chapter 6

Chapter 7


Swearing, mentions of past sexual assault

“So what happens now?” You asked Negan, pulling down your shirt and sitting up in the bed after Dr. Carson had finished repairing your side.

“Well, I thought we could get you some clean clothes and a shower, no offense doll, you fucking need it.“ He replied with a wink. “And then head to the chow hall to get you some damn food.”

You sighed and gave him a small smile. “I meant more like, long term. Can I stay here? Where would I stay? How can I….hold up.” You paused and put up a hand, finally registering his words. “Did you say shower? Like an actual shower? Hot water from a spigot? Soap and steam?” It sounded too good to be true.

He leaned back in his chair and laughed at your reaction. “Yes ma'am. An actual shower. Hot water, soap, the works.”

You stared at him incredulously for a moment before replying, “Yes please. Oh god.”

Negan chuckled, patting the bed near your crossed legs before getting up and walking toward the front door. “Ok doll, let me get you some clean clothes, I’ll be right back.”

The day had started to feel very surreal, almost like you were watching someone else’s life. The thought of an actual hot shower made you want to cry. Oh shit my stitches. Damn it! You called out towards the back area of the building, “Dr. Carson? Do you have something I can cover my stitches with to keep them dry?”

“Of course. I will put it on the sink in the bathroom for you. I’ll be leaving the clinic for a bit after that, if you need anything just let one of the Saviors know.” He replied from the back room.

He’s giving you privacy to shower. He’s terrified to be around you now. Why did you have to overreact like that when he touched you? Negan almost scared the poor guy to death! Fuck. You’re going to have to make it up to him.

“Ready darlin’?….Y/N?” Negan asked, waiting for a reply. You hadn’t noticed him come back in, too lost in your own thoughts. You nodded, smiling and slipping down from the bed in reply.

Negan led you through the clinic to an average sized bathroom with a standing shower unit, sink, and toilet. You walked over to the sink and hesitantly turned the handle, erupting in a huge smile when water flowed freely from the faucet.

“A smile looks damn good on you, you should try it more often.” Negan said, a smile etched on his own face. “Here’s some fresh clothes, just toss those bloody fuckers, no point in trying to wash those stains out. I’ll be right outside the door if you need anything, or if you decide you want some company in there.” His face made it clear that he was teasing you, and he chuckled quietly as you gently closed the door in his face, shaking your head and smiling. /p>

You turned the handles in the shower, giving the water some time to heat up. While you waited you removed your now ruined clothes and threw them in the trash bin, setting your fresh ones on a small shelf.

You passed your reflection in a full-length mirror and gasped. Who the hell is that??? Your time on the road had obviously resulted in some weight loss, you looked thinner than you ever had been, bordering on sickly. You had a nasty purple bruise with sickening yellow/green edges accompanied by a short gash on your left cheekbone. Tommy’s face, twisted in fury, flashed into your mind followed quickly by a solid right hook and blinding pain. You shook away the image and continued to study the stranger in the mirror.

Both of your upper arms had deep purple bruising from Bill. You could suddenly feel his hot, needy breath in your ear. Bruises and scratches in various states of healing dotted the rest of your torso and hips, accessories to your stitched up side. You turned around to see the scratches that peppered your back from the forest floor. Jesus. Hot tears began to pour from your eyes. You clung on to the sink for support and tried to again shake the images out of your head.

“Everything ok in there babydoll? That water’s been running for an awful long time to not have anybody under it.” Negan asked through the door.

Fuck. “Yeah.” You fibbed, wiping the tears from your eyes and covering your stitches with the material from Dr. Carson. “Everything’s fine, I was just covering my stitches.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re a bad liar doll?” He chastised, still from the other side of the door.

You sighed and smiled a little. Goddamn him. “Actually yes. It’s never been a strong suit of mine. I’m getting in now. You just stay put.“

Oh god. The water was amazing. As you stepped under the stream you let out an involuntary moan. It was actually hot! Not just warm-ish, but actually hot enough that you needed to turn up the cold water a little bit. For a few minutes, you just stood under the water, letting the heat soothe your sore muscles, watching the grime run off of you and down the drain.

You could hardly believe your eyes, but yes, there was shampoo, soap, AND conditioner. You washed your hair, twice, lavishing in the feel of the suds cleansing your scalp. The knot at the back of your head where Bill had clubbed you with his knife was very tender, but only dried blood came away.

You took your time washing your body, being very gentle with all of your various rough patches. Between your legs was excruciating to wash, even though you were very gentle. Even with your raw, puffy skin you could feel the sutures that Dr. Carson had mentioned. You rinsed all of the suds off, admiring your clean skin, you’d almost forgotten what it looked like under all of the dirt, sweat, and grime you’d accumulate over months on the road. You then spotted an actual razor and shaving cream. Where in the hell do they get all of this stuff?!? It had been far too long since you had the luxury of shaving, and you took every advantage, shaving your armpits, legs up the the hips, and even touching up your bikini area. It just felt nice to do something…normal.

You begrudgingly turned off the water and climbed out of the stall, wrapping yourself in the provided towel. You spotted a brush by the sink and gingerly worked it through all of the tangles in your hair, by the time you were done it had almost dried into soft waves. You’re reflection still didn’t really look like you, or at least the you you remembered, but it at least looked human again.

The clothes that Negan gave you were just a tad loose; the jeans hung low on your hips and had a few baggy areas and the shirt was only just too big. You knew though that after a few weeks of three solid meals a day it would be a flattering, yet modest and functional outfit.

You exited the bathroom to a low whistle. "Goddamn doll. You clean up fucking nice.” Negan was eyeing you from across the room, his eyes twinkling with humor. You shook your head exasperatedly and ducked your head, hoping to hide the blush that had crept to your cheeks. When you chanced a glance at Negan you saw that his smile had grown, obviously you hadn’t looked away quite fast enough.

"Ok Negan,” you started, again sitting on the bed across from his chair. “For real this time. What happens now? I would like to be able to stay here, at least until I am healed, if that’s ok with you. I can work to repay you for the medical care, and the clothes, and any food. I worked at a veterinary hospital before so I could maybe help Dr. Carson with stitches or IVs or other patient care? Or I can clean, or scavenge for supplies, or……”

"Whoa, whoa, slow down there darlin’. Take a breath.”

You hadn’t realized that you had started rambling and fell silent, embarrassed.

"Now, I fucking love that you offered to work to earn your way, most people don’t lead with that anymore. Here at the Sanctuary, there are three ways people can earn their keep: you can work around camp, doing the necessary grunt-work that keeps a place like this going. In exchange you earn points which are needed to get food, clothes, and earn your room and board here. It’s not a glamorous life, but we need people to work, and if you work hard you will have enough points to get by, but not many left over for anything extra.” Reasonable, but definitely not a flattering option.

“Or, if you have what it takes, you can join the Saviors. You’d be with the elite. You’d protect the camp, keep the peace, and scavenge for supplies. You’d earn more points than the others because the work is more dangerous. You get your own room and live a very comfortable life. You can be invited if we recognize your skills, or audition if you want to prove yourself. I need good fucking people, you are no good to me if you’re dead.”

Well that sounds intimidating! What kind of skills are they looking for?

"Now the third option, I want you to hear me out, and not say no to right away.” He waited for you to nod before continuing. “You can marry me. You’d live with me, you wouldn’t have to work for points, anything you want would be yours. I would provide for you, and keep you safe.” His hazel eyes bore earnestly into yours.

Your head was reeling from the overload of information. “Marry you?” You finally managed to choke out. It seems too easy….What’s the catch?

“Yes. You’d live like a queen instead of bending and scraping just to get by. You wouldn’t have to kneel to me, you just need to be available to me whenever I need.”

It was like he had punched you in the gut. All of the air rushed from your lungs and buzzing started in your ears while the room spun.

"Jesus doll,” he breathed, immediately realizing his mistake. “Not like that. NEVER like that. I would NEVER force myself on a woman, wife or not. That came out all fucking wrong.” You looked up to see how genuinely sorry he was, and sent a small forgiving smile his way.

There was one option that he hadn’t mentioned. “What if…” you started, pausing to take a calming breath before continuing “what if I want to leave? After I’m healed and have paid my debt of course.” You had no current desire to leave, but you wanted to know that you weren’t a prisoner.

His eyes flicked for just the briefest moment before assuring you, “Then you would be able to walk out of those gates whenever you were ready.”

Your head was reeling, so much had happened in the last few hours, you just wanted to lie down and sleep. “Can I….can I think about it? Or do I need to decide right now? It a big decison.”

“Well darlin’, you do need to decide pretty soon, but it doesn’t have to be right this minute. Mull it over for the day, you can decide tonight. Now, how about we get you some fucking food? You need to put some meat on those bones!” He stood, walking to the door, pausing to turn and wait for you.

You slipped off of the bed and followed him, head still buzzing with the decision you had in front of you.

Ok, so I am starting to realize that I am evil and love cliffhangers! I hope you all don’t start to hate me too much!

Thank you again for taking the time to read the nonsense that I have created! Every time I get a notification for a reblog, like, comment, or message I light up a little inside. I love you all so much!!!

Link to Chapter 8


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Hello there ! May I request RFA+V+Saeran (except Jaehee, coz... well), HC time has come ! it's finally TEH big night and they really want to sex for the first time with MC (yes I feel naughty I want NSFW...) Only, contrary to 100% of fics I read... they have... normal-size-dick-for-a-korean-male-somewhat-smol (no offense meant tho, ok). WHAT BECOMES OF ZEN THE KNIGHT *runs away* (can add fluff if you want, me like fluff too :3)

ohmygod i’m sosorry thistook so long!!!!! I had a quiz to study for on Friday and Damn (i’m 99% sure i failed that) and then i just forgot i had this ask IMSOSORRY! i’ll try to do stuff more often i SWEAR i’m so sorry TT-TT


·         If it’s the first time you know this guy’s extra

·         like rose petals and candles everywhere

·         he’d probably play it cool at first

·         But when the clothes are coming off

·         he’d probably panic a bit tbh

·         Shit what if she’s seen a bigger dick? 

·         Shit what if the beast isn’t impressive enough

·         Tbh Mc was probably expecting this

·         Zenny babe you’re Korean it’s ok..

·         if you noticed he got worried about his size…

·         well… 

·         let’s just say you’d definitely go extra on the moans

·         after that you’d  just praise him

·         if he has a smol dick then the beast will be bigger

·         that made no sense, but let’s roll w/ it

·         you two would just lie together afterwards

·         probably hugging or something idk

·         he’d just stare into your eyes tho

·         don’t tease his smol dick pls


·         Well, i mean…

·         shit

·         i’ve never read a fic that says this guy has a big dong

·         he probably wouldn’t even care if he’s dick is smol tbh

·         tease him and it’ll get all BDSM here hoo-boy

·         “Kittens prefer smaller toys after all”

·         asdfghjIMSORRY

·         But he wouldn’t care tho

·         just the fact that he can be inside you is great so

·         i can’t believe i just wrote that whatthefuck

·         after that he’d just spoon you tho

·         he’s pure sin but also a sweetheart


·         Wait what

·         you mean to tell me there are actual fics where yoosung has a big dick?

·         WOT send this to me

·         Ok but for real

·         This little puppy would be nervous af, the size of his richard wouldn’t change that 

·         he’d probably just roll with it tho

·         after that you just cuddle

·         a puppy needs to cuddle ok


·         BOI

·         this fucker

·         who gives a shit about his size tho???

·         y’all love him

·         there ain’t no difference

·         but his sadistic side probs comes out

·         unless you don’t want that

·         he’d just snuggle with you after that 

·         (ok but what if this happened when you both were in Rika’s appartment)

·         ok nvm that, that’s weird


·         PLS

·         Let this blue boy be happy

·         his dick size doesn’t matter yoooo

·         he’d def plan everything

·         like a little diner at a fancy restaurant and then home for the magic

·         :)

·         he’s passionate and sweet when you do it

·         Don’t make fun of his tiny dick pls

·         He can’t do nothing about this

AAAHG i’m so sorry that test got me good and with my fucking luck when i was ready to write i had no inspirationT_T (I failed the test by 1 fucking point i am pure salt) I’m sorry the writings shitty on this one too, i’m sorry…

Omg… i hadn’t noticed Saeran was there too! I’ll try to add him tomorrow! (Or later cuz y'know… it’s 1am…)
FAITH: A Short S7 Jonerys Series

Oh man, this is so much fun! I appreciate the kind responses! The drabbles continue with Chapter 3! <3

[credit: @mytargaryenchildren]

Rated: Mature. Word Count: 2,016. Find chapter three here on ao3 or look below! This one’s a bit long for a drabble so continue reading below the cut.

Wolf and Bear Alike (The Queen’s Justice): Dany II

It was as if he didn’t know how to handle himself.

He had come to her, refusing to bend the knee to the rightful queen, calling her a child, using figurative language in a formal setting that most certainly did not allow it, and most importantly, he spoke of myths—of Night’s Kings and an army of the dead. How could Lord Tyrion have invited you to my home? She was nearly disgusted…but for the fact that, even among her ire, she could sense greatness in this handsome man.

In their brief introduction, thus far she had learned three solid truths about the King in the North: he was young as she was, had never gone south of the Neck until now, and was entirely moved by the force of his emotion. Every word she said filtered into his ears and forced a reaction from him. The pursing of lips and clenching of hands; the flickering of coal black eyes to the floor, to the windows; and when they found hers, a weary heave of breath with his entire body. He was not uncontrolled; only passionate, though somber.

Daenerys stood still as a pillar with her hands clasped before her, watching it all play out.

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We are so much better than this

Listen, I don’t think Danny meant any offense at all to anyone with his comments. He just seemed tried of answering the same questions, annoyed at this whole situation and drunk tbh so not the best frame of mind to give an interview. 


Even if that was not his intention, and I SWEAR it wasn’t, what he said DID offend people because it does speak about the narrative this show has been telling which IS that same sex couples apparently can’t have everything a heterosexual couple can. That is offensive to many. You don’t need to agree of course not. It may not have offended you at all. 

BUT – it’s not right to tell people that they shouldn’t be having the feelings they have. (We have seriously gotten enough of that crappiness as fans from those in charge about this story already.) We need to allow those people their space to have their feelings. AGAIN we need not agree but we should respect it.

In that same vein, if someone wasn’t offended by it and is tying to explain from their POV why they didn’t see it that way, we can’t attack them for that either. That’s not fair. They get to also speak from their end. As long as it comes from a space of trying to understand because they honestly don’t see it that’s fine. 

Neither one these scenarios makes anyone less of a fan. 

Lastly, Danny has always been a great supporter of fans and I don’t like seeing anyone attack him OR attack Ryan and his fans over this entire thing. That’s not fair and it’s not right. Yeah, maybe a little more sensitivity could be called into how they answer questions as a WHOLE when it comes to this time on the show but it’s not anything we do about it so it just needs to be handled as best it can be by us. 

Since March this fandom has allowed this show to divide it and it’s honestly a sad progress to watch because this is the time to join together and be stronger rather than let it tear it apart. 

This is my call to arms post in a way. We need to be better than those in charge. Better to each other, to the fandom, to the characters, to our couples, to the show, to the actors. We need to step up and rally together against this. We need to educate them on what is wrong. Write a letter (and doing that – letter writing is HUGE), call in the ITV and form a complaint about what you are seeing, be active in POSITIVE way in order to educate. That’s how we as a fandom can deal with this. It is time to storm the castle, lads and lassies. 

I’m definitely trying to take advantage of this weather before we all have to experience the cold, which made me decide to walk around midtown on my day off. While I was in the midst of walking, I witnessed two middle aged men fighting over a purse of some sort. Naturally, I stopped because there was no way to go around them, and one proceeded to ask me, and I quote, “What are you looking at pretty boy?” I know I’m pretty, yes, but I can’t help but feel as if they meant that in an offensive way. In fact I know that was meant in an offenseive way. 

Maybe if you weren’t taking up the whole sidewalk, I wouldn’t have had to stop and stare while the two of you were fighting it out. People in this city lack common sense sometimes, I swear. 

Dear Some* Swifties, Love the rest of us

I realized that speaking up can change so much people’s minds after Taylor changed Apple’s mind just with an open letter on Tumblr. So, I’m doing the same here. I will get hate, but I guess I have to shake it off.
The first thing I have to point out is that today is Blackout. For those who don’t know what blackout is–trust me, I knew but I didn’t know that well– it is when black people post and share pictures of them on any social media(primarily Tumblr). This is ONLY for black people.
You all might say isn’t that racist and other stuff like that, but it truly isn’t. The media is centered on white people and only. The ideal image of “beauty” is blonde hair and blue eyes and fair skin. So Blackout days are for black people to say, look we’re beautiful, we should be acknowledged, and we’re great. I know that you all are probably wondering why it can’t be a day where everyone posts pictures of themselves no matter what race?
That’s because we do that every single day. Besides, as bring-it-love points out–the media has so much chances to showcase beautiful and culturally diverse woman but they don’t.
So you all can say that white privilege isn’t real or it only applies to SOME white people–well, it applies to every single white person no matter what. You are all automatically privileged. I’m sorry to say it but it’s true. Fight me on this but it is true. I’m sorry if you don’t agree but this is true.
White people get more pay than any other race(white woman get paid more than black men–so the wage gap isn’t entirely true). White people get better opportunities and the police won’t shoot at them based on their race.
Do you read the news? Do you see all the headlines? What happened in Ferguson, what happened in McKinney, what happened to Eric Garner, what happened in Charleston, and what happened in Chapel Hill? Do you understand that these were not acts of just hate this was actual racism. Whites don’t have to fear this treatment. What I’m trying to say is no selfie night on blackout days. Moving on–
So, let’s be real here. Most swifties don’t know what feminism is. You all support white feminism. What is white feminism? You don’t see any race factor in feminism. You don’t see how race factors into the struggle for equality. You sometimes sound and come off as privileged. I apologize again for being so honest but it’s true. I hope all of you can see this and realize that race is a HUGE factor in feminism. A white woman is paid more than a black man. Let that sink in. The wage gap is not entirely true. You need to understand that race factors into feminism. I need you all to understand that.

RACE IS A FACTOR IN EQUALITY. Understand this please. This is what I need to tell you all. Acknowledge that whites have privilege and that’s okay. As long as you acknowledge it, it’s fine. Please, I’m begging you. I hate scrolling down my feed and I see some offensive posts or post that scream WHITE FEMINIST. Please, everyone. RACE IS A FACTOR IN EQUALITY. Say I’m overreacting just because of selfie night–well this isn’t just about selfie night. This is about how everyone fails to acknowledge white privilege, actual social justice issues, and their support of white feminism. I’m sorry if I offended any of you, I swear. *I put some, but I meant to put white. But, I decided that’d be “stereotyping” in a way and some white swifties acknowledge the white privilege and don’t support white feminism, they support feminism.

Title: The Space Insect and The Hobbit
Author: whenthestarsburntout
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour, Romance
Word Count: 559
Pairings or Characters: The Doctor (12th), Clara Oswald
Spoilers: NONE!
Notes: Right so where did all 171 of you come from? It’s such an overwhelming feeling that 171 humans have decided to follow my god awful blog. I hope you enjoy my fics or whatever and I hope you continue to enjoy them and my blog :) this is for all of you guys! Bless you all!
Warnings: Some swearing!
Summary: “Oh ha-ha. That’s actually quite offensive!” “Oh and being called a glorified Space Insect isn’t?”
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who. All belongs to the BBC!


“I can’t believe you did that?!” she cried, waving her arms, gesturing to her wild hair that was currently a rather extravagant blue. The Doctor simply rolled his eyes as he stepped around the TARDIS console, setting himself up for the next adventure.

He hadn’t meant for it to happen. Of course he hadn’t. He may have wished it would but no… he never thought it would happen. He bit his lip, casting a quick glance at his rather angry blue haired companion.

“Look I didn’t think they’d go ahead with it-” he closed his mouth promptly, his chest growing tight as he tried to suppress the laughter bubbling up with in him. He pulled his eyes away from her, reaching over to grab the small screen, pulling it round before him.

“Oh shut up you glorified Space Insect!” she hissed, her arms crossed over her chest as she tapped her foot. She smirked however when the Doctor let out a rather disgruntled huff, his eyes wide as they met hers.

“Hold on… glorified Space Insect?! I’m sorry but I don’t remember stopping off at the Shire recently…”

“Oh ha-ha! That’s actually quite offensive!”

The Doctor’s eyebrows raised quickly as he stood up straight. He waved his hands gesturing to himself.

“Oh and being called a glorified Space Insect isn’t?”

She bit her lip trying not to smile. This had started off as an argument… now it seemed to be that of a childish game of name calling, which should have ended in tears, however it then became a game of who’d crack first.

“Being called a Hobbit isn’t exactly nice though is it?!”

The Doctor huffed, tapping some buttons and glancing at nothing in particular on the screen, trying to distract himself from her so he wouldn’t laugh and it was oh so hard indeed.

“Well it’s better than being called a midget isn’t it?!”

Clara groaned loudly, stamping her feet in the fashion the Doctor could only describe as a child throwing a tantrum. He just wanted to grab her and hold her still for a moment, so he could contain himself. However he opted against it for… many reasons.

“Oh yes of course it’s better than being called a midget.” she said in reply in her best Scottish accent. The Doctor’s hearts sped up and his stomach had an uncomfortable tingling feeling as she tried her best to imitate him. However… he was going to win this game!

“Now that is offensive!” he snapped, pointing his finger at her in mock anger. Clara’s lips pursed together tightly, the corners turning upwards slightly, showing the dimples in her cheeks which made it all the more harder for him to breathe.

He strode towards her, watching as her cheeks grew ever the more red. He stopped before her and waggled his eyebrows quickly. That’s all it took in the end. He soon had Clara Oswald in fits of laughter.

“Oh look it seems I win.” he said with a rather charming grin as she laughed, with a rather large grin of her own. He’d always win when it came to keeping her happy. It’s what he lived for after all in the end.

Still giggling, Clara reached up, placing a quick kiss on the Time Lord’s cheek, before whispering,

“I don’t think so you skinny bastard.”


Request: A fellow British fan! Yippie! I've got a idea for you. Can I have one where Y/N is British (you can choose which country she's from) and her and Crowley get into an arguement in front of the boys? Lighthearted and lots of British slang/swearing if you don't mind? Thanks!

Haha, so I think that i had too much fun writing this one… So much so that i had to edit.bits out because i didnt want too much swearing (sorry!)
I made the reader Welsh, just ‘cause I am haha. Hope you dont mind! And im sorry if its a bit short, i just didnt want to get carried away with the swearing. Hope you understand! Thanks for the request and hope you like it!

*no offense meant to anyone by any of the insults included.*

*a bit of swearing*

Just been informed that twat is also said in America. I have literally never heard an American say it, so sorry for that. I shall change it now. Thanks for pointing it out x

Your name: submit What is this?

The phone rang early Saturday morning and you sprang up from the sofa and ran across the room into the kitchen, grabbing the phone just before Dean closed his hand around it. He gave you a funny look but you ignored him and answered the phone, putting it to your ear excitedly.

“ Hello? ”

“ Y/N! Oh I’ve missed the sound of your voice! How are you? ”

You smiled at the sound of your mothers voice.

“Hi mum. I’ve missed you too, and I’m good mum. Real good. How about you? How is everyone? ” You asked, ignoring the look of shock on Deans face.

He hadn’t even known that you still spoke to your mum, let alone that she had the house number. All he knew was that you had left your home in the UK and travelled to America, where you’d met the Winchesters when you were 18. For the next six years you had stayed with them, not mentioning your parents once.

Your mum answered, saying that all was okay and that your oldest sister was pregnant.

You screamed with excitement at that last bit and Dean laughed loudly, seeing you do your happy dance while stood on the kitchen side.

Your mum heard his laugh and immediately started questioning you.

“Its just Dean, he’s a housemate. He’s making breakfast.”

This revelation made your mother launch more questions at you.

You rolled your eyes and answered her questions, watching Dean blushing at your praise.

She asked you if she could talk to him and you started freaking out.

“No mum, you can’t talk to him, he’s…”

He nodded and gestured for you to hand over the phone.

“He wants to talk to you… Please be normal mum!” You begged, hoping that she wouldn’t start telling stories about you as a child.

Dean accepted the phone and put it to his ear.

“ Hello Mrs y/l/n. ”

You sat on the side and watched Dean joking with your mother as he fried eggs. He laughed a few times, but then he suddenly got serious.

Your concentration was broke as Sam walked into the room, stretching and yawning.

“ Morning, whats for breakfast? ” He asked, but then noticed Dean on the phone.

Whos that? He mimed to you and tilted his head.

You sighed and rolled your eyes.

My mother, you mimed back and saw Sam look shocked before he straightened and started smoothing his hair down and dusting off his clothes as if your mum could see him.

You laughed and he pulled a face but sat down.

Your mum must have heard Sam as Dean was explaining who he was.

“Oh that’s just my younger brother, Sam. He lives here too,” he explained, beginning to fry some bacon.

Your mum must have said something because Dean laughed and then began talking again.

“No, not just us. Our other friend, Cas, lives here too sometimes… No, Cas isn’t short for Cassy. Castiel is a man.” He explained to your mum, and you dreaded to think what she was saying to Dean, but then he agrees to something.

“Yeah, she’s still here. I’ll put her on. Okay, bye!”

He gave you the phone back and you shook your head before putting it to your ear.


There was a pause but then your mum launched into a conversation about how great Dean was, and you smiled and agreed.

“I know mum. He’s the best…”

He blushed again, knowing that you were talking about him. He was adorable.

Your eyes wondered over him as you half listened to your mother,  but then she yelled down the phone and you almost dropped it in surprise.

“BLOODY HELL WOMAN! YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!” you yelled, seeing the alarmed looks on Sam and Deans faces.

You ignored them and heard your mum cackle at the other end of the line.

You chuckled a little too, and then listened as your mum described the goings on in the UK.

When she started talking about your sisters fiance, you sighed.

“I hate him, Mum. He’s a right wanker,” you told her, not really caring if he was in the room with her.

You heard him say something to you so you just yelled back at him.

“Fuck off you complete bell end!”

You didn’t really care that your mum was there but apparently she did as she gave you the instructions to be careful and not to go looking for trouble.

You reminded her that that was your job but she just sighed and told you she loved you.

“I love you too mum,” you said to a dead line.

Feeling a little choked up with how bad you missed your family, you put the phone down and tried to regain your cool.

The guys didn’t look at you, knowing that you wanted to get it together before they saw. You were grateful to them, and when you jumped down off the side, Dean turned to you and handed you a plate with your breakfast on, planting a kiss on your cheek  before whispering in your ear.

“You okay?”

You nodded and kissed his jawline as you stepped past, going to sit next to Sam.

When you sat down you saw that he was laughing silently at something, but you ignored him and focused on your bacon.

However after a moment, you couldn’t because Dean was also chuckling into his coffee cup, so you put down your fork and glared at the Winchesters.

“ What?!” You demanded.

They both lost it and started howling laughing, so you elbowed Sam and threw your fork at Dean.


This only made them laugh harder until they were clutching their sides.

In between gasps, Dean started speaking in a high voice.


Sam joined in.


You realised what they were doing and glared.

“Are you mocking me?!”

You wanted to throw something at them, but short of the plate, you didn’t have anything.

Suddenly you saw Dean straighten and you knew someone was behind you.

You swung a fist round, but your arm was caught by none other than the king of hell.

“Hello Darling, ” he smiled, his accent nearly the same as yours.

“Crowley! What are you doing here?” You demanded as you wrenched your arm out of his grasp and took a step back.

He looked offended.

“I came to offer my assistance in defending our mother country against Moose and squirrel.”

You laughed at him.

“Oh please. You’re a posh bastard. You don’t even speak the same as me!”

His grin widened.

“Oh it is true that I am of the upper class and you’re… well… welsh,” he said the last part as if it was an insult and your patriotism didn’t allow you to keep your mouth shut.

“You cheeky bastard! I’d take Welsh over pompous arsehole anyday!”

He grinned a little at you and you crossed your arms and gave him a look.

GAME ON, you thought, totally ready for a bit of banter,  but suddenly Crowley looked behind you and laughed.

Wondering what he was on with, you turned around and saw that Sam and Dean looked really confused.

Laughing with Crowley you realised that you and Crowley were practically swearing in a different language.

Crowley nudged you and nodded at them.

“Gormless looking pair of plonkers you’ve got there, my dear sheep shagger,” he laughed, disappearing before you could whack him for calling you your least favourite name for Welsh people.

You started muttering to yourself as you walked out of the kitchen, leaving the two stunned Winchesters behind you.

Deans voice followed you out of the kitchen though.

“What did he call me, and what did he say you do to sheep?” He shouted and you laughed and shook your head.

Crowley was so dead for that one. You just had to bide your time…

Earned It: part two // S.W.
Requested by popular demand:
Part two of Earned It, an imagine where Y/N bumps into a drunk Sammy at Coachella

Viewer discretion is advised: contains smut (and it’s also really long omg so I put a read more)

I don’t remember all of last night, but the parts I did recall were forever engraved in my memory. Even after having my energy drained from drinking and dancing and smoking, I found it hard to fall asleep as I reminisced on my time with Sammy. His touch, his laugh, his kisses, even his voice – it all consumed my thoughts, and I hated myself for feeling so strongly after just a few hours, but I couldn’t deny that there was something special about this kid. I wasn’t going to say he was the one – I’ll let fate do its thing – although I will admit to the infatuation I feel for him.

It was a miracle that I managed to get a minimal amount of sleep and was surprisingly wide awake the next morning. Needless to say, I was excited for the next few hours. This small hangover was a bitch to deal with, but I reminded myself that now I could hang out with Sammy and experience it whilst both of us were sober. After spending quite a while trying to get Y/F/N to get out of our tent, we finally got ready for the third day of Coachella. I sported a cute floral sundress and pinned my hair up because it was a little hot out. I tried not to seem too excited about seeing the boys again. I mean, they were just friends, after all. However, I couldn’t stop shaking my leg or checking my phone for any texts as Y/F/N and I had a little breakfast.

“Either you really have to pee, or you’re really excited about seeing those boys again. Sorry– seeing that boy again.” She observed, grinning and raising her eyebrows like she already knew the answer.

“I can’t help it!” I burst, not even bothering to try and hide my wide smile. “Last night was so amazing, Y/F/N, you don’t understand.”

“Oh, I think we all understood when you two were going at it like the rest of us weren’t even there. Oh, Sammy.” She laughed, and I gave her a playful shove as I felt my cheeks warm up. I couldn’t say I was proud of all of my moments last night, but I sure as hell wouldn’t take any of it back.

“Can we go see them now?” I urged, averting the conversation back to the more important subject of the matter. She stuffed the rest of her breakfast sandwich into her mouth then dusted her hands off.

“Fine, fine, let’s go see Mr. Big Guns.” We laughed, linking arms whilst skipping across the lawn. Seeing as neither one of us was fully there in the head last night, it took a little bit to navigate through the campgrounds. However, when we finally spotted the boys, they were just finishing packing up the tent.

“Yo, is that Y/N and Y/F/N?” I heard as we were just crossing onto the grass. We put our arms up to signal that it was us, and I’ve never seen a boy move as fast as Sam did to get to us. In a blink of an eye, he had dropped all the sleeping bags from his arms and was now right in front of us.

“Hey, baby.” He greeted, swinging an arm around my waist as he pecked my lips. I was a little caught off guard. I mean, I know we were rather comfortable last night, but I didn’t know we were close enough that he thought to greet me with a kiss. I looked at Y/F/N, and she waved her hand before leaving my side to talk to the other guys. “I told you I’d remember you,” Sammy spoke up again, locking his hands behind my back. I flashed a smile and put my arms around his neck, quirking an eyebrow. “And you look even better when I’m sober.”

“Wow, I’m pretty impressed by your memory, Wilk.” I laughed as a tactic to avoid blushing. He was more charming than I remembered.

“You’re the only thing I remember.” He admitted with a chuckle, leaning down to press his forehead to mine. Despite me thinking about him this whole time, a wave of anxiousness washed over me as I looked up at him. It didn’t feel real, as cliche as that sounds.

“And what exactly do you remember about me?” I challenged, sinking my teeth into my lesser lip as I went over last night’s events. It was a hazy image, but the feelings were oh so clear.

“I remember a lil’ bit of this…” He murmured before pushing his lips to mine. Even though it happened only last night, I felt a certain dreamy reminiscence for his kisses. Now that I was fully sober, it was like having a first kiss all over again. I felt his smile as he pulled away, only worsening the case of butterflies in my stomach. He was adorable.

“I want some kisses too!” Nate suddenly cut in, laughing as he stepped right between us. I laughed, whereas Sammy gave a playful roll of his eyes and landed a light punch to Nate’s shoulder.

“Good morning, guys.” I greeted, giving him and the other boys small hugs.

“We’re ‘bout to head to the first set at the main stage. Y’all coming?” Nate asked, looking at me and Y/F/N in particular. I was so infatuated with Sammy that I hadn’t even looked at the lineup for today, but I nodded anyway because I wanted to spend as much time with the boys as I could before they left for San Diego.

“Sure, who’s playing?” I asked. However, before anyone could even open their mouth, Sammy joined me at my side and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“Actually, I wanted to spend some time with Y/N, if that’s okay.” He said whilst looking down at me. Glancing at Y/F/N for approval, I rose my eyebrows and gave a little shrug.

“As long as you take care of her. I’m watching you, big guns.” She glared in attempt to overshadow her small figure. We all laughed, but I knew she was serious. It didn’t matter who it was; she’d castrate anyone if it came down to it.

“We have to head out at 1:30 to make it to the meet and greet, Sammy boy. Don’t be late.” Nate reminded him, pointing a stern finger. That left us with almost four hours. I can deal with that.

“Yeah, yeah, I got it, bro.” He waved him off. I was a little disheartened that he had to leave so soon, but I didn’t want to dwell on the fact too much because I still had him right now. After giving goodbye hugs to everyone, I slid my arm around Sammy’s torso and started walking with him.

“Where are we going?”

“Nowhere in particular.” He grinned. I’ve always loved the adventurous types.

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