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I’ve Got Something To Say To You People!!!!

Last night I was reading comments, reblogs, and messages from you wonderful people and I was almost put to tears by the amazing things you guys have said to me. I just can’t believe how nice and loving people are on Tumblr! I have literally been overwhelmed with the support and kind words you guys have given me. I just can’t even- augh!!! *blushes* 

Being an Xbox player, in particular a girl, has been rough sometimes because I’ll have tried to find players to play with and I usually get very unpleasant responses from other users. The experiences I’ve had have kind of discouraged me from reaching out to other people for help, even if it was just to play a short game of Destiny or something. I gotten very unpleasant responses when I asked them to stop swearing or clean up the conversation a little… I didn’t think people could be so mean about such a small request… (not all of them were bad experiences, but the majority were)

But you guys here are the complete opposite!!! You are such accepting, kind hearted people and you have all given me the determination to continue to make art not just for me, but for you! I am constantly thinking of what I can create that will make someone smile or brighten their day, I want to show you guys the same love and kindness you have shown me! 

I appreciate each and every single one of you and I really do love you all! Words can’t even begin to describe how blessed I am to have such wonderful followers and fellow artist friends across the world. 

And a special thanks to @anrez-op-skele, @perfectshadow06, @thunderappledrawing, @cherryful-life, and @blutheboo for all your patience with me and the messages, stories, and fanart I make of your characters. I hope you dont mind me using them occasionally, I just love them so much and I apologize if I have annoyed you in any way, just ignore me! You can totally tell me to stop if you don’t like it! 

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN SO MUCH! I wish I could give every single one of you the biggest hug ever! Never hesitate to ask me any questions or message me about anything, you don’t have to be shy with me!!! I guarantee I’m a lot crazier than you!!!!!! 


A/N: Saw these two on Phanfic and thought “eh, why not”. Also, I literally just wrote this (1:30 AM) so I apologize for errors and whatnot.

Warnings: wedgie, cuteness

Genre: Fluffity fluff cute

Word Count: 1,085


Phil was bent over the counter, elbows rested on either side of the paperwork. He and Dan usually took turns doing the bills because they used to fight over it. Now, it was his turn and it was such a pain in the ass.

He should’ve been working on his upcoming video or planning the next one. There was the severe amount of editing he had to do, the part he had to re-film because the audio screwed up at one part, the-

Phil snapped his head up when he heard something in the hallway. He was sure Dan had gone out to get the food for tonight, but he may have already gotten back.

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