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Misunderstanding pt. 1

You really dislike Kim Yongguk, your seatmate in Civics, because he cheated on one of your best friends a while ago. However, you soon learn that he wasn’t the only Yongguk to attend your high school.

  • thank you to @ohkaypopthis for the help again!! <3
  • pt. two will be out soon w/the dance + explanations!
  • for anon who requested: yongguk enemies to lovers;;; like i said in the wips page, i really can’t imagine anyone being ‘enemies’ with yongguk, so i’m sorry if this wasn’t exactly what you wanted, i just couldn’t see any way to right an asshole yongguk

You sighed, propping your head up with your fist as you did your best to not fall asleep in Civics. What can you say? High school was boring.

Next to you, your seatmate and lowkey asshole Kim Yongguk scribbled something in his notebook, taking notes furiously, making you roll your eyes. One of your best friends, who happened to go to a different school, had been dating Yongguk for a while, only to find out that he’d been cheating on her. You’d been shocked that your quiet seatmate would do something so heartless, but your friend had begged you not to say anything, preferring to leave the whole thing behind you.


Back to Mr. Asshole Kim Yongguk.  You glanced over as he scribbled away, tongue peeking out slightly as he concentrated, and you looked quickly back to the front of the classroom. You’d never admit it to your friend, out of loyalty to her, but when you’d first met Kim Yongguk back at the beginning of the year, you’d developed a tiny crush on him.

Once you found out what a jerk he was, you pushed it to the side, not wanting to cause drama or issues, but you couldn’t deny that he was cute.

As the teacher wrapped up class and the bell rang, you watched Yongguk shut his notebook and stuff his things into his bag, his best friend Shihyun joining him cheerfully.

“Oh, (y/n),” Shihyun paused, leaning over to you, “do you know if we have a test in math tomorrow?” You shared a few classes with Shihyun, and while Yongguk may have been an asshole, his best friend was one of the nicest guys you’d ever met.

“I don’t think so,” you replied, taking out your planner to check, “yeah, we don’t.”

“There’s an essay due tomorrow in English, though,” Shihyun smiled sheepishly, “ah, I haven’t even started.”

“It was assigned a month ago, though,” Yongguk commented, not even sparing Shihyun a glance as he slung his backpack over his shoulder. You frowned slightly at Yongguk’s flippant attitude, giving Shihyun a smile.

“It’s cool, you’ll probably do fine,” you reassured him with a smile.

The three of you exited the classroom, going your separate ways.

A few days later, you were sitting in math class with Shihyun, the two of you talking quietly, as the teacher passed out some worksheets for the class to work on.

“Hey, I actually have a question that I’ve been worrying about for a while,” Shihyun mentioned casually, setting his pencil down to face you, “do you , like, not like Yongguk or something? What’s up with that?”

You shrugged, “to be honest, yeah, I don’t really like him.”

Shihyun made a noise in the back of his throat, “I’ve never actually met a person that didn’t at least get along with him,” he commented, “I mean, I’m sure you have a valid reason, but the dude is just so… polite.”

You scoffed, “he cheated on my best friend, I wouldn’t talk about polite.”

Shihyun frowned at that, “(y/n), are you sure you’re talking about Yongguk?” He asked, “Yongguk hasn’t ever dated before, and I’ve known him my whole life.”

“Well, her ex’s name was Yongguk, and he definitely went to our school,” you replied, “there’s no other guy.”

Shihyun shook his head, “I’m positive that you’ve got the wrong guy. That’s not something Yongguk would do—he’s too innocent for that.”

You shrugged, “well, if it’s truly not him, then I have nothing against him, but until them, I don’t like the guy.”

The next day in math, Shihyun took his seat next to you with a triumphant look on his face. “I knew it wasn’t Yongguk,” he said proudly, showing you his phone, “your friend dated Bang Yongguk. He went to school here for a while, but he graduated, which is why there’s now only one Yongguk attending this school.”

You squinted at the picture, making a face. It was of this Bang Yongguk’s yearbook picture, definitely from your school, and definitely not Kim Yongguk.

“Fine, I concede,” you nodded, handing Shihyun back his phone, “I guess he’s not a total asshole.”

“You know, (y/n), you should try actually talking to him,” Shihyun replied casually, tucking his phone into his back pocket, “I think you’ll find him a lot more interesting than you think.”

“So, I guess you’re really into Civics, huh?” you asked Yongguk casually as the two of you worked through a worksheet.

Yongguk glanced up at you, surprised that you were talking to him. “H-huh?”

“Because you’re always taking notes,” you explained, gesturing towards his thick notebook. “I figured you’d be into this class, then.”

Yongguk shrugged, responding quietly, “not particularly, but I can’t afford to do poorly in this class, so I tend to do way more than what’s necessary.”

You smiled at that, “the other day, Shihyun was bragging to me about you, it was cute.”

Yongguk blushed, covering his face in embarrassment, “he’s so strange, I’m so sorry. He’s like a mother, I swear.”

You laughed at that, patting Yongguk on the back, “it’s fine. Shihyun just… has a different way of expressing his love for people.”

“He practically choked Tolbi one time because he was so enthusiastic about hugging him,” Yongguk shook his head with a fond smile.


“Oh!” Yongguk’s face rearranged into a brilliant smile, and you felt your insides squirm a bit at the sight, “Tobli is my cat! He’s  the sweetest thing in the world, gets a little grumpy at times, but you know, that’s how cats are.” Yongguk whipped out his phone to show you his lockscreen—a picture of a black and white cuddled in some pillows.

You smiled, a weird feeling in your stomach as Yongguk peered fondly down at his lockscreen.

Now that Kim Yongguk wasn’t an asshole, you welcomed back the butterflies in your stomach with open arms—you were totally crushing on Kim Yongguk and the dude would barely look twice at anyone who wasn’t his cat.

You griped about this to Shihyun on practically a daily basis, especially now that there was a big dance coming up. You’d briefly entertained the idea of asking Yongguk—Shihyun had encouraged you to—but you ultimately decided against it, figuring that the inevitable rejection wasn’t worth it.

The day before the dance, you were getting ready to go home, putting your things into your locker when you noticed something taped to the front of it. It was an envelope, and you carefully opened it, eyes widening when you saw two tickets to the dance inside, the envelope marked with a little drawing of a cat. A huge smile crossed your face as you looked down at the tickets, realizing that maybe the rejection hadn’t been so inevitable.

part two coming soon!

capt-syvennia  asked:

Soo i know you are are more animal behavior and that sort of knowledge. (Pretty much my idol) but any idea on cat litters? Some not very ideal for cats/kittens. Any good brands you or your followers swear by? Aldi (a cheap grocery store as far as im aware only in midwest) sells a cat litter, and I want to know if its okay for my 2 year old cat and 5 month of old kitten :) thank you!

My general feeling is ‘use what works’. Cats have different preferences for texture and depth. 

However, I do suggest you stay away from scented litter. If it’s pleasant to us, it’s really strong to them - and I noticed that my mom’s cats had irritation on their paws that ended when we switched to unscented. 

  • Me: gotta do a bunch of stuff tonight, rly important that I get at least THESE things done - rly important
  • Brain: make a list abt it
  • Me: k, did it, awesome, good list
  • Brain: make another list abt it
  • Me: ...k, if it'll make u happy, I'll make ONE more list abt it
  • Brain: make another list abt it. make a list of other lists to make
  • Me: no, the stuff on this list for tonight is rly actually important, i have plenty of time to finish it all if i can just get started
  • Brain: make a detailed schedule of the times and order in which to do all the things on this list
  • Me: no i just gotta get started and it rly won't be that hard to get thru
  • Brain: but make an agenda. make a list. make different agendas for each possible way u could organize ur time tonight or order the tasks
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: make a list of things to do tomorrow. make several possible agendas
  • Brain: make a list of things to do this weekend
  • Brain: make a list of everything that needs to be done by the end of the month
  • Brain: make a schedule of important dates and events for the rest of the year
  • Brain: make a budget. make a budget and detailed plan for saving up for a vacation
  • Brain: plan a vacation. include literally every detail of every possible thing that will happen during the vacation.
  • Brain: organize gas receipts in a spreadsheet. make a spreadsheet. make several spreadsheets
  • Brain: look at different phone plans. compare plans and factor into a budget. make several budgets for different plans. look at new phones. make spreadsheets for the phones and plans
  • Brain: price compare for ur meds. organize ur meds. make a schedule for taking ur meds and a spreadsheet to track them. make different spreadsheets to put in different locations
  • Brain: make tracking charts for brushing ur teeth. taking a shower. doing ur laundry. doing cat litter
  • Brain: compare different brands of cat food. make new budgets for each option
  • Brain: make a list of all these things to do. think of other things to do to put on the list. like vacuuming the couch. vacuum the couch
  • Brain: 😊 I'm so helpful wow 😊 what a good brain 😊 don't ignore me 😊 I'm not gna stop until u do all these things 😊 wow good brain yea 😊 yw ❤❤
Their reaction to you being Cat Called

Anon Asked: Can I get a reaction to bts being in the car with the s/o and the s/o being cat called from the car next to them.

I hope you do like it! - Admin Chimin

Namjoon: It was obvious the boys in the car next to you thought Namjoon was your brother or your friend, the thought of him being your husband did not cross their minds at all.

“You useless fucks!” Namjoon shouted reaching for the car door handle, you gripped onto his left arm and pulled him back.

“Forget abou-”

“Did your parents not teach you how to treat a girl!?”

Originally posted by sugaswagdaddy

Jin: He was the more of a lecture type, obviously the boys didn’t take in what he was saying because they were too intimidated from Jin’s facial expressions. You how ever were laughing your ass off from seeing your boyfriend giving lectures about cat calling to two teenage boys at a traffic light.

“Imagine if some slimy guy said that to your sister or even your mum! Think about that next time before you make a disgusting comment on my beautiful girlfriend”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi: He would be really cocky, a completely different reaction from the boys’ expectations.

“Aha, I know my girl has great legs, a beautiful face, luscious lips that suck me d-”


Originally posted by charrytommoto

Hoseok: He would loosen his seatbelt and turn towards them swearing at them and pointing, obviously angry at the treatment to his wife.

“I swear to god if I see your butt ugly faces I will rip all of your fucking throats out one by one”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

(Him after the argument ^^^^^^^, “Jagiya? Did you see that?” “Yes baby I did, now lets keep driving before we get a ticket”)

Taehyung: He would continue to threaten the two teenage boys in the car to your left, only to stop when you practically beg him too.

“You’re lucky I won’t get out of this car you little mutt”

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

Jimin: Jimin is the most scariest when he’s angry out of all of the boys, so I would imagine he would be the one to get out of the car.

“Jimin, Baby what are you doing?”

“Teaching this guy a lesson” He growled stepping out of the car and running to the other, slamming his hands down on the hood of the car making the other guy drive off.

Originally posted by vminv

(okay but what is this gif and why is it so perfect?)

Jungkook: I imagine him being like Yoongi, learning from his hyung. Being the cocky one that he is, he likes showing you off.

“Yeah she has a pretty face but did you see her ass though?”

“Jeon Jungkook!”

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cari28ch3-me  asked:

I am laughing so hard at all of these that I forgot the name of the show but Viktor and Yuuri basically swap families with a different marriage and they get to raise a bunch of normal kids for like a week while the other poor couple has to deal with Yurio, a sad Makkachin and Yurio's cat who steals food

“These children don’t swear at me!” Viktor says to the camera, perplexed. “How will I know if they love me if they don’t tell me to fuck off? I don’t understand? Also, their dog doesn’t eat the scraps I drop on the floor for him? I’m very confused?”

“SAVE ME,” screams the other dad as Yurio sharpens his skates in the living room. “I HONESTLY THINK HE IS TRYING TO MURDER ME.”

“So, uh…do you kids like…Katsudon?” Yuuri mumbles on their first night there, trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

There is a twelve-year-old here. One of Yuuri’s greatest fears is twelve-year-olds.

“We’re vegans,” huffs the twelve-year-old with exquisite disdain

“We have to leave immediately,” Yuuri tells Viktor.

softjimon  asked:

okay but magnus + the first time he told catarina about alec !!!!!!

jess!!! i hope u like this cutie :**

p.s. this takes place somewhere after magnus and alec have drinks post luke’s healing thing idk i’m bad w timelines love me

500 follower celebration (closed)

When Magnus opens the door to Catarina’s apartment, he’s hit with the familiar scent of incense burning. It’s the scent of cedarwood, which means Catarina has just finished up with a client. Magnus carefully toes his shoes off and rolls his shoulders back, trying to relieve the tension when he calls out for Catarina.

“Living room!” Catarina calls back. 

Magnus makes his way there, spotting his best friend sitting cross legged on the floor surrounded by books. 

“I brought the werewolf hairs,” Magnus says, taking out a small bag from his pants pocket and tossing it to Catarina, who catches it easily. 

“You’re a lifesaver, my dear,” Catarina says as she gets up and puts the bag in a drawer. “Some client requested a healing potion that’s probably a thousand years old. He’s really making me work for it this time.” 

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Prompt list:

1) “Why the hell is your chair in my yard?”
2) “That’s my book.”
3) “I love you too. Now please help me with this bullet wound.”
4) “That’s my coffee.”
5) “Yes. I speak Latin.”
6) “We had a small explosion.”
7) “I just want to hear your voice.”
8) “Yes. I know we’re stuck in an elevator.”
9) “Why did the train stop?”
10) “What type of candle should I get?”
11) “Shut up. Help me out of the damn well.”
12) “That was my favorite shirt!”
13) “Yes. I brought puppies home.”
14) “I know this is weird. But can I take a photo of you?”
15) “Don’t ask. Just take the damn rooster.”
16) “Please explain why there’s a clown on our couch.”
17) “Stop getting crumbs all over my bed.”
18) “It’s 2AM, you want me to do WHAT?”
19) “I swear I had no idea it was your cat.”
20) “The shop is closed. Oh wait your hot. Come on in.”
21) “Yes. I’m aware the curtains are on fire.”
22) “I swear I didn’t pick the furniture.”
23) “I can’t loose you. I can’t.”
24) “I miss you way too much.”
25) “Okay so maybe I should have picked a different movie.”
26) “I hate Valentine’s Day.”
27) “Okay so maybe we’re both lost. But at least we can look at the lights?”
28) “I need to not be stuck in a romantic movie.”
29) “It’s three AM for god’s sake.”
30) “how did we get here?”
31) “What’s with the fancy outfit?”
32) “Cuddle. Now.”

Thought you guys might want a short prompt list. Just request/message me one or more of the numbers and fandom and character :)

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Excuse me hi hello i find this jaebum person medium to mildly attractive what is his information whats the portfolio here

Hey what’s up hello, welcome to the dark side 😈 I was going to just write out a bio but because I’m trash for him I want to put pics too! lol hope you enjoy this

This is Im Jaebum, leader of GOT7

Sometimes he’s known as Chic and Sexy

Sometimes he’s known as memebum

Rudebum: no one asked for this

Softbum: He looks like a total different person with his hair down (i swear he has a twin)

He goes by the name Def. sometimes! Pls go check out his Soundcloud!


He has three cats, Nora, Kunta, and Odd

He’s a bboy! 

Originally posted by softbeom

He LOVES to eat

Originally posted by igotdefsoul

If you look up the word extra in the dictionary, there should be a pic of JB

Originally posted by defsouljb

He says he can’t do aegyo but he’s so cute when he does it like???

Have you seen this man’s shoulders?

Have you seen his back?

His jawline?

His eyes? His eye moles give me life

Originally posted by jypnior

This is his favorite hand sign, Rock n Roll foreva

He writes a lot of GOT7′s songs! Prove It was the bop of the year y’all can fight me on that

Originally posted by jehbum

He is also really obsessed with bucket hats recently

This is getting kind of long so I’m just gonna stop here! Message me if you want to talk about JB, we can talk for hours haha 😝

ravioli-bonaparte  asked:

What would everyone do if a cat scratched them? My cat has literally scratched every member of my family and he is a literal demon

Mikasa: wouldn’t mind
Reiner: laugh at the cat for you cannot destroy the reiner by such humble means
Bertholdt: cry because the cat hates him
Annie: react according to the situation in which she was scratched
Eren: ‘Hey!’
Jean: Pull away real fast and take it personal
Marco: apologize and leave the cat be and try again later
Sasha: Apologize and try to appease the cat
Connie: ‘I just wanted to pet you! I wanted to be nice to you!’
Historia: Actual princesses don’t get scratched by cats
Armin: try to calm the cat down and/or leave it alone
Ymir: swear two years
Levi: look at the scratch, look at the cat, go away
Hanji: Go on playing with the cat
Erwin: try a different approach to playing with the cat
Nanaba: try to be more calm with the cat
Mike: shrugs, because hey, he tried
Moblit: Pull away and leave the cat alone

I always find that, inevitably, I go to the store thinking I’ll walk out with a bundle of cute clothes and extra almond milk, and I walk out with four notebooks with different cats on the covers, a binder in some weird color, and countless packs of pencils and pens- and none of the things on my list (I swear, I was only going in to buy some bananas and toothpaste!!). Seriously, I loVE office supplies. I call it, “the Illusion of Productivity”. This goes without saying, but I have TONS of empty journals lying around. To that end, I have used one journal to come up with a list of things to do with empty journals and have decided to impart to you all my list:

1) Write out a list of things to do with empty journals
2) Start a recipe book for your favorite desserts.
3) Glue different things (i.e., flowers, coins, pictures of pineapples) on every page.
4) Create a style lookbook (cut out things you like from magazines and stuff)
5) Write silly haikus
6) Draw faces and practice applying makeup on them
7) Draw a picture based off of song lyrics
8) Practice your signature
9) Make up a cartoon
10) Start a personal collection of pick-up lines
11) Write a song about writing songs
12) Make a list of prompts for a rainy day (or writer’s block)
13) Write a letter to someone you hate, but don’t send it. Burn it.
14) Start your own “Burn Book” (see Mean Girls) but write nice things about people.
15) Write a “she’s manic depressive he’s got an inferiority complex” AU for your OTP (or make up your own characters)
16) Write about a day in your life from the POV of a fly on the wall
17) Draw something without lifting your pen from the paper
18) Do an anatomy study
19) Draw optical illusions
20) Fill up a whole page with spirals (shhh shh don’t ask why it’s just for procrastination)
21) Make a scrapbook about your favorite year
22) Write an essay on art history
23) Start a bucket list
24) Walk outside and draw or describe the first three things you notice
25) Write a journal entry for your favorite character
26) Draw a water drop
27) Write an extra chapter for your favorite book
28) Draw something punk!Disney
29) Write a short version of a Shakespearean play, set in modern times
30) Design a dress
31) Draw a fish (focus on how the light would reflect off of the scales)
32) Write a horror story and make it as cheesy as you can
33) Pick a line from a classic piece of literature (i.e., anything like Charles Dickens, a religious book, a philosophy piece, Edgar Allen Poe, Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, etc.) and draw a picture that interprets the sentence literally
34) Analyze a character (it’s fun to research things like Meyers-Briggs personality types and stuff for this one)
35) Write a story about a schizophrenic who falls in love with one or more of his/her other personalities
36) Draw one of the Seven Deadly Sins
37) Write something based on Greek mythology
38) Write a (scientifically accurate) essay on time travel
39) Design a robot
40) Paint a whole page your favorite color
41) Draw clouds
42) Write about an accurately awkward, un-romanticized first kiss
43) Explore a certain emotion (i.e., anger), focusing on telling the reader what it feels like, looks like, etc.- without explicitly naming it.
44) Describe a person using a metaphor or simile
45) Draw an anatomically correct brain or heart
46) Draw something (flowers, people, trains, anything really) made up of other, smaller things (more flowers, words, cats, anything really)
47) Doodle a computer with your eyes closed
48) Write something inspired by the concept of a “selfie”
49) Design a house
50) Write your inaugural speech for when you become president of something
51) Draw a self portrait with a pink pencil
52) Draw a sandwich
53) Write about an art theft from the artists’ perspective
54) Write a story from the POV of a senior-citizen, unexpected villain
55) Use the whole journal to write kind notes to people and leave them anonymously
56) Draw one line for every day of the year, and at the end of the year see what sort of picture you’ve made
57) Describe your journal, in your journal
58) Write about a poltergeist who is very philosophic
59) Write a “artist/writer” AU for your OTP
60) Draw ice
61) Describe a character’s eyes without comparing them to a certain body of water
62) Finish this sentence: “I am not a god, I do not…”
63) Write the script for a mini movie
64) Create a flip-through moving picture
65) Make a list of your favorite sounds
66) Write a thesis-like paper on your philosophy on life
67) Draw a smell
68) Cut out pop-up silhouettes
69) Write a typical trope for a “perfect” love story (but imply an underlying dark theme, such as abuse or addiction)
70) Write about a character who went from rich to poor. Why did they? Who was responsible?
71) “Interview” a character (really get inside their heads)
72) Make a fleet of paper airplanes and color them ALL
73) Draw a cute monster
74) Write about a character with a bunch of phobias
75) Draw a puppy Tim Burton style
76) Make up “stupid workouts”- then video yourself demonstrating said workouts
77) Practice forging someone’s signature
78) Draw a macho character wearing a tutu. Write about the story behind it.
79) Write one thing per day that you love about yourself
80) Write out a shopping spree of stuff you would buy if you had exactly $2,789.25 to spend (no more, no less)
81) Write a 50 Shades of Grey parody called “50 Shades of Cats”, about a woman who must come to terms with the idea of “forever alone”
82) Interview your parents
83) Make a list of 20 things you want to improve about yourself- then do it.
84) Draw a series entitled, “The Art of Irony”
85) Make your will (it’s always best to be prepared)

Enjoy your writing!! Hope this helped. xx roopira

anonymous asked:

What about an AU where the RFA work at a hospital? I've been thinking about this one a lot because I wanna see my babies in scrubs <3 btw, congratulations on 1K followers!

Thank you so much, anon! I’ve always loved medical dramas and this request had me squealing, you have no idea (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Don’t expect accuracy here, though, I mean I did my research but I’ve never worked in a hospital lol plus this is all for fun. I hope you like it!

- Admin Cat Mom.

  • they’re all aged up in this because there’s no use if they’re still stuck in med school mkay alright so let’s proceed.
  • yoosung, luciel and zen are doing their internship, and jaehee is the chief resident training them.
  • jumin’s father owns the damn hospital but don’t get him wrong, he’s earned his position through his own hard work.
  • oh, and v is a nurse.
  • you cannot tell me otherwise, this man would be an excellent, caring and devoted nurse in charge of blessing each and every one of his patients with his softness.
  • plus he’s a little gossipy and has the most fun talking shit in the nurses station while drinking some pretentious drink from starbucks.
  • jaehee is momma bear.
  • she has yoosung, who is quite smart and although anxious 100% of the time, he’s a quick study.
  • but he’s always covered in something nasty no matter how many times he changes, and poor thing gets picked on the most by co-workers.
  • his puffy cheeks, lovely eyes and attentive ways have earned him some fans among patients and nurses, though.
  • the first time he saw a patient die in the OR, he cried hard, ugly sobbing, snot and all, but he refuses to acknowledge it to this day.
  • then we have zen, he may not be the best intellectually-wise but he pours his heart out into his job.
  • the kind of intern that will do everything in his power to save someone’s life, even if that meant defying his superiors.
  • since his hair always gets in the way, he usually braids it or wears it in a bun or a ponytail.
  • there was this one time he was too tired to bother so, while they were resting in the on-call room, he let luciel braid his hair.
  • let me tell you boy has some skills.
  • and then there’s luciel, the genius of the group.
  • he’s always making jokes, pulling pranks, and annoying jaehee, but when it comes to doing his thing, he’s stone cold unrecognizable.
  • it’s pretty scary seeing him so serious and focused.
  • especially because everyone expected him to fuck up on his first day.
  • at some point, I’m sure he tried suggesting making cat ears a part of their uniform with the excuse of cheering up patients.
  • jumin approved.
  • and there’s not a single day he doesn’t think of his brother, especially when he’s treating children and teens. 
  • he makes it a point to be kind to them in his honor.
  • jaehee is particularly proud of them all, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get on her nerves.
  • still, her capabilities have helped her deal with them through and through.
  • oh, and coffee, coffee has helped too.
  • interns call her a robot because she gets incredible amounts of work done in a single day, treats her patients a bit coldly yet effectively, and handles her interns’ shenanigans flawlessly.
  • some of them have the audacity to add sexy to that nickname.
  • finally, we have jumin, who is pursuing a neuro fellowship.
  • he has his reputation and most rumors about him have at least something to do with his family name.
  • but he is certainly talented, plus his bedside manner is 10/10.
  • I swear to god he’s one person with his co-workers and friends, and someone entirely different when he’s with a patient.
  • he’s jealous of pediatric scrubs because they have cats on them and his scrub is just plain boring.

anonymous asked:

married life with shawn??


ok so married life with shawn would include:

  • a sweet, romantic, tropical beach honeymoon. the two newlyweds would spend days going on adventures with one another, i.e. snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, ziplining, etc. You’d spend nights at fancy restaurants, cookouts and dance parties in floral clothing, sunset walks on the beach where you talk about embarrassing moments before the two of you officially dated, things your friends would say about the two of you, and your future. The nights would end with romantic, passionate sex in your hotel room, cute showers together, him playing guitar to you at the edge of the bed, or even some card games before the exhaustion hits
  • moving into your first house together and he’d pick you up bridal style through the doorway because he’s a cheesy romantic and you’d get all excited for a moment before realizing that all your furniture from your apartment the two of you shared doesn’t quite fill up the spacious house you two bought
  • suspecting that you’re pregnant about 1-3 years into the marriage, him holding onto you tightly as the longest 30 minutes of your life passes. You become nervous as you go into the bathroom to check the pregnancy test– Two lines. You come out with tears in your eyes, smiling up at Shawn. “We’re going to be parents.” 
  • Having Saturday morning dance parties while making a large breakfast because he’s finally home and the two of you can celebrate with pancakes and bacon and eggs and sausage and whatever your brains can come up with 
  • getting into small arguments over which shade to paint the living room, even though the shade differences are literally barely noticeable in certain lighting
  • telling him he can’t adopt a dog over and over again
  • “But babe why not?”
  • “You’re literally allergic, Shawn. No!” 
  • probably getting a cat instead
  • calling each other Mr. Mendes & Mrs. Mendes all the time when you’re newlyweds
  • calling each other Mr. & Mrs. Mendes after large fights or sad days as a term of endearment, reminding each other of the honeymoon phase. 
  • “I swear, I’m falling more in love with you everyday”
  • Sitting up late at night as silence finally fills the house, your kids asleep, the cat resting on the side of the bed, holding each other close.
  • “We’re doing a good job, huh, Mr. Mendes?”
  • “I think so, Mrs. Mendes.” 

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Getting new ideas for stories when you’re in the middle of a project

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Writing prompts

1. “At least you weren’t stabbed, because hello, I am bleeding.”

2. “Why on earth are you wearing that?”

3. “Put me down!”

4. “Leave me the fuck alone”

5. “You’re drunk, but I am not.”

6. “I swear to god, look at me”

7. “What did you just do?!”

8. “Stop filming me, moron!”

9. “It was all me, by the way.”

10. “I may have mildly panicked…”

11. “You are actually really badass”

12. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

13. “Do you still love me…?”

14. “It’s do or die, most likely die.”

15. “How could you ever hurt me like that?”

16. “Can someone shoot him?”

17. “Who’s is the cute guy/girl over there?”

18. “I am sorry okay! What else you want me to say?”

19. “She’s/He’s injured?”

20. “In what fucking hospital is he/she?!”

21. “I don’t know about you guys, but I feel fabulous.”

22. “Can I help you?”

23. “Be gentle.”

24. “I love you”

25. “What happened to your arm?”

26. “I have a headache.”

27. “Seven fucking years, and that’s all you have to say!”

28. “Was loving me a joke?”

29. “5 more minutes.”

30. “Don’t be mad, but I bought a cat.”

31. “Like, what if I did love you?”

32. “You didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you.”

33. “I’m not drunk, I s-swear.”

34. “Help me pack or get out. You’re in the way.”

35. “How can you watch a scary movie without being scared?!”

36. “If you get arrested, I don’t know you.”

37. “So, I’ve been thinking.”

38. “I was supposed to die you dumb ass!” 

39. “You looked at me differently.”

40. “I’m not pregnant”

41.  “The stars are pretty tonight, aren’t they?”

42. “Oh c'mon you would have murdered that guy too.”

43. “I thought you were dead!” 

44. “You? You know how to shoot a gun?” 

45. “Hold up- just stop- just- what are you actually doing? It’s 2 AM!”

46. “You just kissed me.” 

47. “I’ve been in love with you since, like, forever. I thought you knew.”

48. “I literally told you.”

49. “Was the glitter really necessary?”

50. “You left me there. Alone.”

hummingbird heartbeat pt26

( missed the beginning? catch up on AO3! )

Bitty drove Kent to the airport in the afternoon. Kent alternated between lacing their fingers together and letting his hand rest on Bitty’s thigh. After a week together, sending Kent away felt heavy and cold. Bitty chewed his lower lip as he drove, eyes on the road.

“Eric,” Kent said, once they’d been driving for a half hour. “Are you okay?”

“What?” Bitty glanced over. “Oh! Yeah! No, I’m fine. I’m just – I was just thinking.”

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20 Questions with Dr Ferox #12

I am beyond tired folks, struggling to set by body clock back after a night shift again. It’s a peculiar mix of grunge and headache without having done anything super fun to deserve it, so my apologies if I’m a little slow on the uptake.

But here I have 20 more questions and comments you’ve sent me, so lets get into them. I have tried to tag the question askers, but if you asked on Anon then you’ll have to look through yourself to see if you’ve been answered yet.

Anonymous said: How is Lucifer doing? Are you still seeing him? I checked the archives, but I didn’t see any updates past a point and I was curious about the bunbun.

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Survivor (Jason Todd x Reader) | Part Three

Not a Request.
Warnings: Swearing. Slight angst?
A/N: I’ve been contemplating whether to post this or not, I keep rereading it and I’m not sure if it’s as good as it could be or if I should’ve gone about things differently, but it’s been hours and I just want to get this posted for you guys. I’m sorry for the wait, and I hope it’s worth the read <3

You’re not sure when, but you fell asleep, and when you wake up, you’re not sure how much time had passed. You sit up and rub at your eyes sleepily when you hear arguing from outside the bay, and of course you decide to snoop. You quietly peek out and see Red Hood having what seems to be a verbal war with Nightwing; your brain is still trying to process what it means to be awake again, so you’re not entirely able to focus on what the conversation is about.

“It’s no better than-” is something you catch from Nightwing.

“Finish that statement and you aren’t going to be a very happy, Dickface,” Red Hood is quick to interrupt.

“Maybe you two should save this argument for later,” Red Robin interjects. “Preferably out of the presence of our guest.”

The two men freeze at the statement and turn to you, which causes your entire face to go red from being caught. You laugh nervously and give a little wave.

“How long have you been there?” Nightwing asks.

“Not very long,” You say. “I’m not sure what you’re angry about.”

The blue vigilante smiles kindly- though you’re certain there was a hint of relief in it. “I’m not angry, we just disagreed about something. No worries, though, because we’ve essentially got it solved.” At the end of his words he turns what looks to be an accusatory look at Red Hood, who opts to ignore the man.

“You hungry?” He asks, acting as though you were the only one in the room.

Before you can answer verbally, your stomach growls loudly. You nod.

“Wait here, I’ll bring something down for you.” With a smile, Red Hood leaves, and you turn your attention back to the two heroes that changed their own attention to whatever was on the computer.

They were staring at it very intently, and before you can ask what they’re doing, Nightwing places a hand on Red Robin’s shoulder suddenly and says: “Wait go back. There! What is that?”

“Maybe you should change that question to: who is that?” The younger male replies after some typing.

“Why don’t we go and find out?”

The two leave, making sure to lock the computer when they see your intrigued expression. You huff, though you couldn’t really expect anything less, they may have been letting you stay here, but that didn’t mean they were going to stop working incognito just because you were curious. It wasn’t too hard to change your attention though, especially when a cat comes out of nowhere and places a paw on your ankle with a small ‘meow’.

You crouch down in order to pet it, “Hi there. Where did you come from?” You notice the cat has a collar, and you go to reach for the tag, only to jump back as a shuriken nearly slices your hand. You land on your butt with a squeak and look at where it came from and see Robin standing there with arms folded.

“My cat’s name is of no importance to you,” He growls.

You blink a few times, trying to process what just happened. A little uncertainly you speak up, “I– Why? Did you name him something you think is embarrassing? Admiral Snuggles? Wigglebutt? Sir Purriwinkle the Third? Batcat?”

The boy doesn’t offer any kind of response other than picking up the feline and carrying him away. You find yourself getting more and more confused the longer you’re here, you realize. With a sigh you begin to stand up when the glint of the shuriken gains your attention. You bite your lip in thought, look around the place to make sure no one’s around, and decide to pick it up and inspect it.

You’re so lost in thought that when you hear something clink behind you, you turn around violently and, through reflexes alone, the gadget flies out of your hand towards Red Hood, who returned. Without dropping the tray of food he held, he catches it in between his fingers.

“Attacking the one who bears the gift of nutrients?” He questions, a small smirk on his face.

“I am so sorry!” You manage after you get over your initial shock. “I-I didn’t mean to– I was just looking–”

“Yeah, this was definitely you just looking.”

“Are you teasing me or are you pissed?”

“What do you think?”

“I’m not sure, your mask makes it kind of difficult to see your full expression. Wait… ‘gift of nutrients?’”


“Okay, but why not call it food?”

“Oh, so first you try to incapacitate me, and now you make fun of the way I talk?”

“No! I was just–” You stop yourself when you see his questionably sarcastic smirk turn into a very obviously amused grin. “You’re a sarcastic ass.”

“And now you’re throwing insults. Maybe I should just eat this food by myself, seeing how I’m obviously not appreciated here.” He begins to turn around and walk the way he came from.

“Well, now you’re just an ass.”

He laughs wholeheartedly at that. It’s a beautiful sound, warm and melodic. He places the tray onto a nearby table, still chuckling deep in his throat as he does so. When he sees you unmoving, he motions to the food.

“It isn’t going to bite back, I promise,” he says, a sincere smile on his face.

You snort and begin to eat, and your heart flutters when his smile doesn’t leave. You can’t see them, but you imagine his eyes are just as gentle. The two of you eat together, and you’re pleasantly surprised that your banter is able to continue as though it was completely natural and you both didn’t just meet no more than a day ago under pretty awful conditions.

When you’re done eating, you fall silent in thought for a moment before you ask: “How much longer do I have to stay here?”

His smile disappears and he clears his throat, he suddenly seems extremely tense and uncomfortable. “However long it takes to find the guy responsible.”

“Then not too much longer.” You say. He stares at you then, his expression is entirely unreadable, and you’re not sure how to feel about it. “I-I heard Nightwing and Red Robin talking, I kind of just assumed they found him through cameras or something with how they worded everything.”

“Good,” He says. “That’s great, even. Fantastic.”

“Red Hood?”

“It’s wonderful news,” He stands up, and starts piling up the dirty dishes onto the tray, making sure to be facing anywhere but you. “You’ll be out of here in no time. Free as a bird.”

“Did I say something that upset you?” You ask, puzzled at his change in behavior.


“Are you sure?”

He looks at you then, just completely stares, unmoving and still with no visible emotion. “I should take care of these dishes.”

You watch him turn and leave without another word. To say you were bewildered with what just happened was an understatement, and your confusion increases when you feel your heart grow heavy. He doesn’t come back down to the cave for awhile.