i swear this drama was the best of the season

listen, angst aside, jupeter is… it takes literally  h o u r s  for peter nureyev to decide that yes, this broody misanthrope is the one for him, chuck the 20-year vow of anonymity out the window and tell him your name and ask him to run off into the stars with you, and the MOMENT juno lets him all he wants to do is fuss adorably over him in the hospital and kiss and dramatically confess his love. meanwhile juno pines about nureyev in every other line the whole time he’s gone, swears he’ll never love again like a jilted 13-year-old girl, broods over how He’s A Criminal And Left And He Can’t Be Trusted, and then two days and one train robbery later has decided that NO I TRUST HIM COMPLETELY and is willing to suffer torture for him and literally calls him “the best thing that ever happened to me” like some kind of straight person nicholas sparks movie bullshit ????? they are so in love what the fuck

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//Part1// What if Laura and Carmilla where extras in a tv Show or sth and they had to film in a coffee shop and Carmilla would be a barista and they and all the other extras where told to act natural, Carmilla would flirt a bit with Laura when she orders and Betty (who's part of the Crew, but also on the set bc they needed more extras) encourages Laura to ask for her number, and in the end once the episode is on TV People notice Carmilla and Laura flirting in the Background and

//Part2// People would start speculating if they are important to the plot (let’s say it’s a slice-of-life type of Show where new characters are constantly introduced) and they’d end up having a small fanbase and People would ship them, and in the end they’d have such a fanbase that the Show writers wrote them into the next season and gave them a few scences to see how People would react and if there’d be more People watching so Carmilla and Laura meet again on set to film and

//Part3// they’d slowly develope a chrush on eachother, their characters would be in a Scene every few episodes doing coupleish stuff and you’d see them first start Dating,become a couple, move in together, have a fight and break up, awkwardly avoid eachother even tho they work in the same café´, make up and be gross and happy again, but it would all hapen in the Background, and the fans would all theorize when they’d finally be oficially introduced to the Story and have a big role, but

//Part4// it’d be the last episode and the important main character would be running arund searching for his big love or sth and he’d run into Laura and Carmilla and maybe ask them for directions bc he’s lost or sth and that would be it, that would be their big speaking role and all the fans would be pissed off and the shows twitter would be teasing and stuff, but then, a few days later, out of nowhere, BAM, a spinoff that only focuses on Carmilla and Laura! and like Laura and Carmilla would be

//Part5// a real couple by then; and like at the beginning when they’d just start filming the background scenes when they weren’t together yet but had chrushes Betty would have done a behind the scenes video and would have done a quick QaA with them and I don’t know what that would do to further the plot but I think it would be cute and like Betty would have definitely teased Laura and tried to encourage her to ask Carmilla out, and LaF,Perry and the others would also be 

 //Part6// part of the film crew and Laura and Carmilla would be befriend them of course, and LaF would be the one doing all the social media stuff and teasing the fans with behind the scenes pics of Carmilla and Laura doing whatever and banter with the two on twitter as well, and they’d have their own spinoff bc most of the fans where more invested in Hollstein than the actual main character and their love interest and story; Laura and Carmilla would also be newbie actors and they’d live in

//Part7// different citys so they’d only be able to meet during the filming, they’d have a long distance relationship and people would question if they really are a couple or if it’s only for publicity, they’d move in together in the future but in the beginning they aren’t able to, I think the actual show could be like 5-6 seasons long maybe and they’d only meet during filming so it would probably be a slowburn and like there’d be drama and it would take them long to realize that they actually

 //Part8 aka the last part i swear// love eachother and aren’t just best friend. (sorry if I’m annoying you,I’ve written a lot,but I’ve had this idea stuck in my head for a while now and wanted to share it with somebody and I don’t know anybody else I could share my idea with,I also wanted to try and write it maybe but I don’t know how bc I’ve never done that and I don’t have time to write anyways, which is stupid bc I have like 100+ other ideas but i digress, but yeah I just wanted to share it)



We got very lucky with our renewal last season. So let’s show SyFy they didn’t make a mistake. They just cancelled Helix for bad numbers and we don’t want Dominion to meet a similar fate, and they have a bunch of new shows lined up, so they’re probably a little trigger happy at this point. 

If you can’t watch live, still go to Twitter and try to watch from official/legal sites like the SyFy official website. If you have cable they have the episodes available for free. They should also be available OnDemand. I know ads are annoying, but we have already lost so many amazing shows this season (RIP Constantine) and this is pretty much the best show on angels right now (sorry Supernatural, but your angel mythology is down the drain).