i swear they are really trying to kill us

Fool Me Once


Steve Rogers X Reader

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Words: approx. 1.3K

Prompt: When Hydra hires an agent of SHIELD to bring down an none other than the Captain himself, chaos ensues. 

Warnings: weapons, Heil Hydra, talks of murder, fighting, swearing


“Two hundred is my final offer.” You said, resting your feet on the table in front of you. Across from you, sat none other than Jasper Sitwell. The man who had been trying to hire you for your skills. Specifically, those pertaining to killing. The ones you used to stop someone’s heartbeat without leaving a single mark on their body.


“The very man who happens to be none other than Captain America.” You replied smoothly. That seemed to get through to him.

“You’re nothing but a fool! A murderer–”

“Who’s skills that are of a great need to you.” You piped in before he could finish his sentence. He snarled at you at you stared unflinchingly at him.

“One fifty. I go no higher.” He said at last. You stood up.

“Then my skills are of no use to you.” You smirked, knowing exactly how to get what you wanted. You began to walk out of the room.

“Wait! You want two hundred. Okay, you get two hundred.” He said quickly.

“You see, five minutes ago, I would’ve taken that offer but then I was insulted. I’m asking, no sorry, demanding two fifty now.” You smiled sardonically, “I start tomorrow. Your job will be done in a week, at most.”

Sitwell opened his mouth to protest but decided against increasing the price once again.

“If you don’t kill him, Hydra will be at your front steps.”

“‘If’ never comes into the variables. Never has, never will. Take my word for it. I will kill him.” You said calmly. “Oh, I don’t have steps in front of my house.” You smirked, walking out of the room.

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Could You Ever Truly Forgive Him?

Request: (92 with Clint?) Could you ever truly forgive him?                 Requested by: @arfrona

Pairings: Clint x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

“Could I borrow your phone for a second?”

I instinctively pulled my phone away from his outstretched hand, “Why?”

Clint sighed, “I need to call Natasha. You know to like tell her how the mission went and to come get us in the morning?”  

I rolled my eyes at him, “You really don’t own a phone?”

He shrugged, “I still need to replace my old one?”

I sighed and handed him my phone, “Call her and give it right back. This thing is my baby. If you even try going anywhere other then my contacts I will kill you.”

Clint nodded, gulping, “I hate how I know how serious you actually are right now.”

I smirked as he walked out of the room onto the porch. I threw myself down on one of the beds sighing. This had been a long mission, and it had been only you and Clint. You weren’t denying you had some feelings for Clint, but you weren’t accepting it. I mean imagine how bad I would be teased if the team found out. I looked over at where Clint was pacing the balcony talking to Natasha. I turned on my side so my back was to Clint and I was facing the wall. I hummed contently as I closed my eyes. I was starting to drift off until I heard a clank. My eyes shot open and I flung myself up off the bed. When I looked over at the balcony Clint was kneeling on the floor, repeatedly saying, “Fuck.”

I approached him slowly, narrowing my eyes when he turned slightly, “Clint… what was that noise?”

He looked over at me, smiling nervously, “Nothing.”

I huffed, “Move. If it was nothing you wouldn’t be hiding something behind your back and looking all nervous.”

Clint sighed and moved to the side, “I’m sorry…”

I gasped as I saw my phone on the floor, with the screen cracked, “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!”

Clint frowned as I kneeled next to my phone scooping the pieces into my hand, “I-”

I huffed and walked back over to my bed, “Stay on your side of the room.”

Clint sighed following me, “I’m sorry but it’s just a phone, I’ll get you a new one-”

“A NEW ONE?! You do know that my whole life was on there right?”

He huffed, “No it wasn’t. You’re an avenger that’s your life.”

I rolled my eyes at him, “I can’t believe I ever liked you. YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE!”

Clint’s eyes widened in surprise, “Wait you like me?”

I gasped, “I said that?”

Clint smirked, “Yep.”

I crossed my arms over my chest, “Well I don’t anymore. You dropped my phone. Cracked its screen. And ruined it.”

Clint frowned and gave me puppy eyes, “Not even if I told you I like you back? Please forgive me…”

Could you ever truly forgive him? I mean he had just broken your phone. But… Clint was Clint. I guess I could forgive him enough to like him again though right?

I bit my lip, “I guess I could forgive you… but you have to get me a new phone.”

Clint smirked stepping closer, “I’m glad you do. Now that we both know we have mutual feelings I can do this.”

Clint pushed me against the wall, pinning me to it and pressed his lips to mine. We only pulled away a couple minutes later because of our inconvenient need for air.

I smirked,“Maybe forgiveness isn’t a bad thing after all.”

pandawithtacos  asked:

Just curious since you're the only one I follow that actively talks about skin care, if you had an recommendation on a skin toner. I know that straight witch hazel can really kill your skin so I'm trying to find another one.

I don’t use toner, I used to use orange flower water but found that it would develop a weird smell on my skin as it oxidized and mixed with my sweat. A lot of people swear by rosewater or water mixed with a teeny tiny bit of vinegar but I haven’t tried those, I also read somewhere that sparkling mineral water like pellegrino has anti-inflammatory properties? @whittneydoll @xap4kop and anyone else have recs?

So, I wanted to use this Mika model! Yeaaaahhh… ^D^ 

@blood-not-wine I swear I will teach you how to make stuff like this even if it kills me! Right now, Aisia is kind of my padwan for MMD. I am no master but like… I try! ^^; 

Mika: @randomanimeartist (I should just start crediting: Asshole. Lmao ily Sonia~) 
Background: amiamy111
Pose: Snorlaxin

Excellent Shadow


“I’m glad you don’t wear that shit.” Ashton snorted beside me, making his intentions clear that he didn’t want her sister which was me to not dress like the girl in front of us.

He motioned to Arzaylea in front, chatting with Luke while trying to keep her shirt pushed down to show a bit more of her cleavage.

“You really should be.”

“Because if you did-…”

“You would’ve killed me. Yes, thanks a lot dude.” I interrupted, laughinng in the process.

“And I swear, if I ever see you in one of those skimpy outfits, I would literally persuade you to be a nun.” He nodded vigorously with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Not a chance. I’m gonna have a husband and establish a family and you just need to accept that fact, Ash.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“No sex.”

“Then how the hell can I have kids?”

“Uhm, place your cum in a Petri dish?”

“Ashton, why the hell would I choose in-vitro fertilization when I can be pregnant?”

“Because, no sex.” He clearly put emphasis on the words.

“Hey!” Luke shyly smirked towards us, waving at me and walking from Arzaylea.

After all, she is a PR stunt.

“Hi.” I smiled.

“Okay! Too much interaction with boys! Let’s go!” Ashton clapped his hands together, slinging his arms around my shoulders.

“No. Now go hang out with Michael or something.” I sighed.

He groaned in defeat before saying, “I’ll be watching.” Motioning over me and Luke and the little shrub over at the corner.

“So, any plans for tonight?” Luke quirked his eyebrows up, raising his figure up and down by his feet.

“No, actually. You?” I smiled.

“Me too! Uhm well, so I recently learned on how to cook pancakes. And they’re topped with ice cream! So, well if you don’t mind, do you want to like-…”

“That sounds great! I’ll be joining then. When and where?” Ashton enthusiastically pops in our conversation, slinging his arms around me and Luke, smiling which makes his dimples pop out.

“Me and Luke, Ash. Me and Luke.”

Luke stood there, watching us siblings bicker a little.

“Fine! But not later than 9 PM!” Ashton groaned in defeat once again.

“Yes! Thank you Ash!” Luke cheerfully said before pulling my wrist and leading me to the golf cart, but only to be stopped by Ashton.

“It’s Ashton now for you.” He crossed his arms.

“Stop it.” I raised my middle finger up at him.

“Do that again and I swear I’ll subtract another hour from your little hangout session.”

Pick a number and a boy! http://five-sauce-preferences.tumblr.com/post/145536857660/number-stuff

Why do I feel like Phan is finally ready to open up to us

(Note: Remember Phan isn’t real, obviously they are just brochachos being cool together cause fuck yeah, best bros 4 life….obviously)

I’ve noticed that they are more comfortable with each other than usual. Like usually Dan would hesitate to compliment Phil but now he is like “HELL YEAH Phil is adorable af PHIL TRASH #1 RIGHT HERE!!” And Phil use to hardly mention Dan but now he is taking tons of pictures of him and tweeting all about their convos and experiences.

Also when they record they seem so chill now. Back then they seemed really nervous and Dan would constantly make a face when Phil said something that sounded even the slightest bit dirty or weird. Now they seem more relaxed and playful about it, Dan laughs at all of Phil’s jokes and he makes dirty comments about things himself (I swear he is trying to kill us with that sexy wink he does) although they do still get a little annoyed with each other here and there, they seem much more happier to be around each other and have more casual chats while recording.

I feel like each day we learn a little more about them through their tweets or live shows or new uploaded videos. They’ve also been overcoming a lot of their insecurities too. Phil is more social now and has been doing a fuck load of collabs and Dan is being himself more now, he doesn’t really mind fangirling in front of us and he is finally accepting the fact that he may have a baby crush on Haru. They have also been so nice and playful towards each other that it puts other bestfriends to shame.

Maybe it’s cause of how well the Phandom has been acting lately. After I made the whole “the fact that I have to make this post says a lot about the Phandom” thing, we have been getting a lot better. I don’t really see that much Phan spam in their videos and people have actually stopping looking for “Phan proof”. Although I still do see a few bad eggs here and there, a lot of the Phangirls do come up to them and point out that what their doing is wrong instead of just attacking them and you do not know how much it makes me proud.

However, this isn’t just an invitation to starting going wild and make fuck loads of Phan spam on them, if anything this should make more people want to join in and help clean up the community more. At this rate, the Phandom will be a(n almost) pure and welcoming community for everyone. I’m sure this makes Dan and Phil proud ^__^