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Fic Rec - The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life... Or Death)

The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life… Or Death) by LovingCup (@iamjaggerme​ on Tumblr)

AU- After dying in a vehicle accident, Louis Tomlinson arrives in the Afterlife. Not Heaven and certainly not Hell, Louis finds himself in Judgment City UK: a pristine city  where the food and entertainment are divine and the newly departed must undergo a Review of their life on Earth to determine if they have lived a life worthy of advancement in the universe, or if they must be returned to Earth to be born again in a new body.

On his first full day in the Afterlife, Louis meets Harry Styles, and the two have an instant connection. Over the course of their Reviews, Louis and Harry fall in love and they begin to find that even though they didn’t know each other on Earth, they are nonetheless linked to one another in the most perfect ways. Both are hoping to move ahead in the universe together, but they are challenged with the threat of separation if one or both of them is sent back to Earth to be born again.

Loosely based on the Albert Brooks’ film “Defending Your Life” starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. One scene in particular is taken heavily from the movie, but other than that scene and the general concept, this story veers far far away from the film. There were no blowies in the 1991 movie, I swear!

PLEASE do not let the length of this fic scare you off, it is sooo worth the lengthy read!! (and don’t let the length of this fic rec scare you off either, I just can’t help rambling about this fic!)

So this fic, y’all. THIS FIC!! 

From the get-go with this fic, I was hooked. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sobbed, I cheered, I sighed, I cooed, I giggled, I had light-bulb moments, I was on the edge of my seat,, I was invested in the characters, I was rooting for them, and I just could not stop reading. The writing is amazing!

There’s love, there’s angst, there’s drama, there’s fighting, there’s laughter, there’s communication, there’s miscommunication, there’s romance, there’s dread, there’s happiness, there’s sappiness, there’s dread, there’s relief, there’s hope.

(Those aren’t in order, teehee!)

I’m a fast reader, ok? Especially when I read fic. I blow through it, skim some sections, and generally don’t retain much. Reading a WIP doesn’t bother me because I’ll just read it again later and not really remember details about what I read before.


There are so many little details and clues that the author has put into the writing. As I was reading, I had theories about what might happen, how a detail I just noticed might come into play later, or I’d go back and re-read something because I picked up a detail later on that had me re-evaluating something. But it’s not overloaded that you feel like you have to study the fic in order to follow it. I want to talk to other people and compare notes about this fic. Did someone else pick up on details I didn’t? It’s entirely possible and I wanna know!

I started reading this fic a few months ago, and ever since, it has stuck with me. I’ve still been going on to anybody who would listen how great this fic is and that they should read it!

There are several quotes that I absolutely love, but I’ll just give you this non-spoilery one:

“Oh come on now. Don’t play coy. I use forty-eight percent of my brain, remember? I know that you know that your ass is one of your best features. Hell, you probably walk into rooms backwards just so that ass of yours can enter first.”

If anybody wants to chat about this fic, I am MORE than willing! My messages are open!!

Sounds Good Feels Good sentence starters
  • "I wanna be in the game."
  • "I wanna know, know your middle name."
  • "Right now you're killing the game."
  • "Everybody's gonna go big tonight."
  • "Drive this car through the drive-thru please."
  • "My girlfriend’s bitchin’ 'cause I always sleep in."
  • "She’s kinda hot though."
  • "My shrink is telling me I got crazy dreams."
  • "You’ve got a shot though."
  • "They say we’re losers and we’re alright with that."
  • "We are the leaders of the not-coming-back’s."
  • "We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene."
  • "Sometimes I’m feeling like I’m going insane."
  • "It's not the end of the world, yeah, we've all been there before."
  • "We don't have to live this way."
  • "We can all get some."
  • "We can't afford to give up."
  • "Situation - no motivation."
  • "I know I'm out of line."
  • "Destination - permanent vacation."
  • "I know I'm an under-achiever."
  • "We're all so proud."
  • "We're the voice of the new generation."
  • "Everybody’s got their demons."
  • "I’m the one who ends up leaving."
  • "Now that I’m broken, now that you know it..."
  • "I’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it, trying to keep us apart."
  • "I’m holding on for dear life."
  • "There’s no way that we could rewind."
  • "Maybe there’s nothing after midnight that could make you stay."
  • "The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes."
  • "Let’s forget who we are."
  • "I’ve got a jet black heart."
  • "This is not who I'm supposed to be."
  • "I tried to deceive, tried to win you desperately, now I'm lost in this swirling sea of your sorry eyes."
  • "I will fight to fix up and get things right."
  • "I can't change the world but maybe I'll change your mind."
  • "The ghost of survivor's guilt can be so unkind."
  • "Broken boy meets broken girl."
  • "Maybe this time two wrongs make it right."
  • "We'll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together."
  • "Raise ourselves and a middle finger 'cause they all think we're twisted."
  • "I don't wanna say goodbye to another night and watch you walk away."
  • "I don't wanna waste it, don't wanna waste tonight."
  • "I just need another hit; you're the thing that I can't quit."
  • "I want to be the one you remember."
  • "I want to feel your love like the weather; all over me."
  • "You make it sound so sweet when you lie to me."
  • "Young love, close the chapter, there's no ever after."
  • "Fell fast, ended faster."
  • "How'd we drift so far away from where we left off yesterday?"
  • "All I see is good times disappearing and I'm trying to hold on."
  • "I'm not leaving."
  • "You say you wanna, but do you wanna run away?"
  • "Where you going? Always running."
  • "Look at me in the eye; is anyone there at all?"
  • "Does it have to be this tragedy?"
  • "Why don't you just reach out and make it clear to me?"
  • "They would yell, they would scream, they were fighting it out."
  • "Holding onto a dream while she watches these walls fall down."
  • "Hey mom, hey dad; when did this end? When did you lose your happiness?"
  • "I'm here alone inside of this broken home."
  • "I'm stuck in between a nightmare and lost dreams."
  • "I'm over all the small talk."
  • "I won't waste another day wishing this would fade away."
  • "No one sees me."
  • "I was already missing before the night I left, just me and my shadow and all of my regrets."
  • "Who am I when I don't know myself?"
  • "Wasted days, dreaming of the times I know I can't get back."
  • "Most of my life, I sat on my hands, I don't make a sound."
  • "I've something to prove, nothing to lose."
  • "All of this time, I questioned myself."
  • "Make believe worlds make us all feel alive."
  • "I can still taste you like it was yesterday."
  • "You were more than I deserved."
  • "I wanna get back to where we started."
  • "You know, we had it right."
  • "I swear that it's still haunting me."
  • "I guess I was running from something."
  • "I was running back to you."
  • "If you can love me again, I could let go of everything."
  • "The darkest night never felt so bright with you by my side."
  • "Love me like you did; I'll give you anything."
  • "Carry on, let the good times roll."
  • "You know it's gonna get better."
  • "I got one foot in the golden life, one foot in the gutter."
  • "So close to the other side, so far from the wonder."
  • "Carry on, outlast the ignorance."
  • "I'm chasing your sick little heart."
  • "Would a last kiss leave me wanting more?"
  • "I'm trapped under your spell."
  • "I'm twisted back up in the madness, repeating history."
  • "Promise me, you'll never let me leave."
  • "Damned if I do, damned if I don’t."
  • "I've always wondered where you've been."
  • "Tell me if you wanted it at all."
  • "I got a long term plan with short term fixes."

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (in progress)

Part 3 is out! It only took me a month. 8′D Just in time for a nice cliffhanger too. You’re welcome. >:3

- Yes, Wasabi swears in Klingon in my headcanon. XD It’s one of his… quirks. Alexander Carson is also my personal name for him. It just… seemed to fit him. *shrugs*

- As for how Tadashi knows this about him when he’s an amnesiac, well. He’s not completely a blank slate. He started to remember a few sparse things about his closest loved ones after Callaghan showed him some pictures and told him about them, and hey, can’t hurt to bring them out in a pinch to stop the huge guy with laser knives from slicing you up, right?

- Speaking of said guy with laser knives, Wasabi is essentially on autopilot here thanks to his headband, hence the blank expression and lack of dialogue on his end. He already knows this is Tadashi though. Only the real Tadashi would know these things about him and act like this. So this is Wasabi in a nutshell currently:

- Also, those tubes on Wasabi’s arms supply more juice to his blades, so cutting them will short them out. Luckily they don’t start spewing plasma everywhere when that happens. That… would make for a very short comic.


some random doodles from an impromptu stream i had, aka the calm before the storm of what else happened in that stream. the first one would be the trash squad at the stream, and the second one a little scene from @pedoseidon‘s fic “rippling water and rippling abs

Lana Del Rey sentence starters
  • "Look at you, looking at me."
  • "Loving you is hard, being here is harder."
  • "I don't wanna do this anymore."
  • "I can't survive if this is all that's real."
  • "All I wanna do is get high by the beach."
  • "I never bought into your bullshit."
  • "You could be a bad motherfucker, but that don't make you a man."
  • "Now you're just another one of my problems."
  • "I'll do it on my own."
  • "Don't need your money to get me what I want."
  • "Everyone can start again."
  • "Should have let me know that I never had a chance at all."
  • "I could never be what you wanted."
  • "I know that you're scared to death."
  • "You're afraid to love me."
  • "Our kind of love, it was once in a lifetime."
  • "It was doomed from the first time."
  • "I always fall for the wrong guy."
  • "Things that are bad always taste nice."
  • "That's what girls like me do... lose you."
  • "You're sickeningly beautiful."
  • "This kind of life wasn't meant for the good girl."
  • "That's what girls like me like - the limelight."
  • "If you should go before me then know that I always loved you."
  • "There's nobody for you but me."
  • "We make the rules."
  • "Say you want me, too."
  • "Will my forever love never come back to me?"
  • "How quickly you forget how I made you smile."
  • "I remember everything."
  • "Does she know I'm tattooed onto your heart?"
  • "She's not me."
  • "Promise I won't hurt you, kid."
  • "Baby, we were born to live fast and die young."
  • "It's a game, I don't wanna play."
  • "Never let me go."
  • "We're gonna go far, I can already taste it."
  • "I remember when I saw you for the first time, you were laughing, sparking like a new dime."
  • "Baby, it's a sweet life."
  • "It’s just another lonely day on the playground."
  • "I just wanna party, boy, I don’t wanna fight."
  • "They all know my name now."
  • "I'm not looking for true love tonight."
  • "If you want me, you know where to find me."
  • "I don't wanna get you running scared when there's no pressure there at all."
  • "I'm the sweetest girl in town so why are you so mean?"
  • "You were talking so brave and so sweet."
  • "You got away, didn't you, baby? You just turned your back on the crowd."
  • "You were famous, your heart was a legend."
  • "You told me again you preferred handsome men, but for me you would make an exception."
  • "We are ugly but we have the music."
  • "I don't mean to suggest that I loved you the best."
  • "I remember you well, that's all, I don't even think of you that often."
  • "Let me be your dangerous girl."
  • "Its been so long since someone made me different."
  • "Even my best days without you were nothing in comparison to my worst days once I had found you."
  • "It's all happening."
  • "Pillow talk to me."
  • "I never knew I'd find somebody like you."
  • "You say it's not true, but I know how you do."
  • "I'm like a child who belongs to nobody."
  • "I wear you like my clothes, hold you close to my body."
  • "You hurt so good, you feel so bad, honey."
  • "I just want you to want me."
  • "I'm not what you want."
  • "Let's get out of this place 'cause you're starting to waste within this teenage wasteland."
  • "I'm leaving, are you coming with me?"
  • "I know that they think I've come undone."
  • "It's late, walk me home and put your hand in mine."
  • "Be my valentine."
  • "You are, by far, the brightest star I've ever seen."
  • "I never dreamed I'd be so happy that I could die."
  • "I can get you hooked on love and desire."
  • "I know what you’ve done, I can be your alibi."
  • "Would you kill for me? Would you die for me?"
  • "It's either live or die."
  • "I burnt your toast but baby, I'm still the bestest."
  • "This is not a school girl crush."
  • "This is not puppy love."
  • "I'm your leading lady."
  • "You're everybody's hero and you're hitting it home."
  • "I don't wanna go."
  • "He's a sweet baby, but he looks mean."
  • "I’m America’s sweetheart tryin’ to get away."
  • "You make it hard to leave, but it’s easier for me to stay."
  • "We're not fooling anyone these days."
  • "I don't wanna stay, but I'm so afraid."
  • "It's not love what keeps me here and it's not what you want to hear."
  • "Never coming back, no matter what you do or say."
  • "I've had it up to here with the panic and the fear."
  • "There's nothing in your heart, I thought that I could make you change."
  • "We were just teenagers when we fell in love."
  • "You should never come between a woman and her dream."
  • "I was addicted to you, but I didn't know it."
  • "Put yourself on back to bed."
  • "I was addicted to you, didn't wanna blow it."
  • "You were a dick with your crew."
  • "Why can't you give it a rest?"
  • "You're not that bright for a star, burned yourself out nothing left."
  • "Death doesn't come with a warning."
  • "You should hear me sing."
  • "I know what they say about me, I know that they think I'm danger."
  • "I'll be taking drugs, doing shots, making out in parking lots."
  • "You can't stop me."
  • "Money is my saviour."
  • "Ours was the greatest love story ever told."
  • "You've got it and I want it."
  • "Doomed from the start, we met with a goodbye kiss."
  • "I won't cry myself to sleep like a sucker."
  • "Now you fall asleep with another... Damn you."
  • "Remember how we used to escape for the summer?"
  • "Nothing to lose and we got messed up for fun."
  • "We went too fast, too young."
  • "Flowers in my hair and your breath smelled like whiskey, promised anywhere that I go, take you with me."
  • "If you get lonely, think of me."
  • "Living without you is like TV in black and white."
  • "When I’m around you suddenly I realize that I was blind before I saw the world through your eyes."
  • "I'm a really good girl, you a very bad guy. We're a little match made in heaven."
  • "I don't wanna know I'm wrong."
  • "If we got together, I know it would be hot."
  • "Put the radio on."
  • "My man is crazy... but I like him, in fact, I love him."
  • "I've been waiting on your love, baby, for too long now."
  • "I thought that I could change you like the others but I don't know how."
  • "It's gonna backfire."
  • "Everybody’s saying you’re no good for me."
  • "I wanna fly."
  • "I can't be with the man I love."
  • "With the rate I was going, I'd be lucky to die."
  • "You wanna watch me while I watch TV, while your touching me."
  • "We're gonna party like were running outta time."
  • "We dance like nobody's watching us and we live like we want to."
  • "I was a young girl, selfish and wild."
  • "Look at me now, I have everything."
  • "Had a face like an angel, but inside, my heart was as black as a broke movie screen."
  • "I hope you remember me like this."
  • "I don't know a thing, but of this I'm sure - there's nowhere on this Earth I'd rather be."
  • "You're beautiful, but hopeless."
  • "I think you're so cool, babe."
  • "I love you more with each and everyday."
  • "Do you think you'll love me, too?"
  • "You know I love the thrill of the rush."
  • "Play you like a game, boy."
  • "What's the thrill of the same toy?"
  • "I love you, but I don't know why."
  • "You can be the boss, daddy."
  • "You taste like the Fourth of July."
  • "You’re wrong, but you’re so much fun."
  • "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"
  • "I'm a party girl, and I'm just warnin' you."
  • "Do you think it's really mean that I'm only on the scene cause I want a little danger, boy?"
  • "I told you so."
  • "You know sometimes I think God's playing a little game with me, looking down from heaven, laughing, trying to see how much I can take."
  • "Nobody's had more shots at the moon and missed than me."
  • "My boyfriend says I'm like an old movie star with loneliness as my occupation."
  • "You haven't seen the best of me."
  • "You can look, but please don't touch."
  • "Everyone knows I'm a good girl."
  • "I am the baddest, you liking what you see?"
  • "You should stay away from me."
  • "We're children of the bad revolution."
  • "We're acting really tough like the world belongs to us, 'cause it does, yeah, it must."
  • "You've been pretty stupid ever since you got famous."
  • "Your friends all swear that you've changed but, I still keep it O.G."
  • "Let's go back to the basics."
  • "We were best friends, crazy and shameless in love."
  • "I'm just making up for what I never had."
  • "I was born to live fast, die young."
  • "I think we're losing what we used to have, you know?"
  • "You loved me better one year ago."
  • "I won't be all that mad if you go."
  • "You're always spending all that stupid with your band on the road."
  • "You can still come home when you want and I won't be ashamed to take you back in."
  • "It's been five nights since I heard the tone of your voice."
  • "You act like everything's alright, but we both know that it's not."
  • "You're so special."
  • "No one lives forever, but that’s no reason to give up."
  • "Don’t you wanna fall in love?"
  • "Sometimes I get lonely, but millions all know me now."
  • "You're the bad boy/girl that I always dreamed of."
  • "You know I was more than just a party girl."
  • "We're the broken ones."

meganekko-sama  asked:

You are like half-asleep/pretending to sleep when Luhan confesses to you thinking you can't hear him. You also love him! Much fluffy, long as you can make it as well! Thank you very much! ❤️❤️

woooo~ I tried to make it as long as I could but this seemed the natural cut off. I hope it’s alright, its not as fluffy as would have liked. :3 ~ Erin


Now that i’m awake - Luhan

People always tell you to have sweet dreams, but what theydon’t tell you is that dreams can leave you more tired when you wake up than when you went to sleep.

Last night’s dream had left you drained; some fantasy epic adventure involving your favourite boys, in a Lord of the Rings meets a romantic comedy kind of setting. …but that’s beside the point.

You lent your head on your crossed arms that rested on the table. Luhan had said he would be right back after making a phone call, but ten minutes had passed and your eyes were not having any more of this. So you closed them, begging yourself to fall asleep but not to fall asleep at the same time, because if you fell asleep Luhan would probably just see you lying there and go home thinking you needed to rest.

“Sorry ______ I-” Luhan’s voice accompanied the footsteps and the fiddling with shoes trying to get them off to come back inside. You prepared to give up on your sleeping venture and open your eyes again – but at this point your eyes were gluing themselves together ‘no thank you _____ we don’t want to wake up.’

“_____?” Luhan tested. You hid the little smile on your lips behind your arm and kept your eyes closed.

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#Haven5 has begun. Let us Pray. Spoilers for 5x01 See No Evil reaction post,

Spoilers..whining…crying..weird stuff in here *spoiler warning 5x01"

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I went to the SHIELDTV finale viewing party in LA for the Agents of SHIELD finale, and it was so much fun. It was great to watch it with a group of fans who love the series, who cheered and clapped and laughed in the same places I did, but THE BEST PART HAPPENED AT THE END.

Just between the end of the episode and the tag, a few people walked in at the back of the room, while most of us were still facing the television at the front, and one of the guys said, “Hey, guys, what are we watching?”



It was amazing. They were there the whole time, apparently, but in the bar proper, watching us through the window. They didn’t want to come in, because they didn’t want to distract us from the episode, and this way they got to see our unfiltered reactions.

We were asked not to mob them or ask them for personal photos or autographs, so all my pictures are far away and kind of fuzzy, due to no flash. But they circulated and talked to people, which was fantastic. And we took a group photo, which I will post when it’s shared.

My impressions are all jumbled up, so I’m just going to get down what I remember. There are a few minor spoilers, so beware if you haven’t seen the finale.

Mo said, “Oh, look, they’ve got SHIELD badges!” and we all held up our badges like the big dorks we all are. :)

They thanked us for our support, and we thanked them for making such an awesome show. Elizabeth said that all the fan support on twitter is amazing, that sometimes they had bad days or just long days, but they could always go on twitter and immediately find something to make them feel better about everything.

Brett said it was amazing working with Bill Paxton, especially when he let the crazy out. Someone asked if they got Paxton specifically for the full-on-madness at the end, and Jed and Mo said they knew he’d be able to pull it off, but that once he knew where his character was going, he just went all out with it.

Elizabeth apparently never messes up her lines, EVER. Like, literally, they said, she messed up maybe once. Though she interjected that she hardly knows what she’s saying when it comes to the science lines. Brett says the rest of them mess up all the time and swear like sailors

I asked Brett how much fun it was filming the big fight scene with Ming-Na, and he said not much, because he got his ass kicked.

There’s apparently a 7 minute take of the holotable scene from earlier this season. They let Brett go, and he just went with it.

Mo mentioned that there IS a gag reel, so YAY FOR THAT.

Jed said they’re hoping the 9 o'clock timeslot will let them make a few more kinds of jokes that got cut out this season, and they’re happy about it.

Season 2 starts filming in July.

They only found out about the renewal an hour before it hit the net, though there were hints, like being told not to strike their stages. I told Mo that when the news hit, I sent a mass text squeeing to all my friends, and she said, “I did the same thing!”

Elizabeth was wearing a SHIELD shirt, and Jed was wearing a Hydra shirt.

There were trivia questions, and the prizes were the limited editions schematics of the Bus. I won one for knowing where AoS was first announced, and another for knowing Ward’s full name (which I gave to a friend). When I mentioned that I knew the latter mostly because I’d been yelling ‘GODDAMMIT GRANT DOUGLAS’ around the internet for a few weeks, Brett cracked up.

I’m still a little in shock, but I think that is all I can remember, so if anyone else who was there wants to chime in, add what you remember! :)

The Empty Hearse: or, how you can't trust anyone.

(this will probably be out of order, cause I’ve only seen the episode once)

The biggest thing I saw in The Empty Hearse was deception.  Deception everywhere.  Deception from the characters, in the characters, and from the cinematographer. 

It starts out with a bang.  The action movie “How Sherlock did it”, complete with the movie star kiss and the hypnotist.  It’s bright, it’s flashy, and it immediately whips you up into the feelings…

And then is showed to be Not True.  

And we laugh, because it’s fun to see Anderson’s view of Sherlock, and we wince in sympathy for Greg and how he has to listen to these too-real, to painful theories. 

But this opening scene is important.  It is already telling us, the audience, that we can’t trust what we see.  And we should remember that.  

We think that Sherlock is being tortured by two people, then it turns out that one of them is his brother, who had been standing there the entire time.  I didn’t know it was Mycroft until he spoke in English, everything else was a stranger.  It’s yet another level of “you don’t really know what’s going on in this scene, and you can’t trust your eyes.”

When Sherlock comes back to John, he immediately ties up a level of deception.  He puts on a funny accent, a little french mustache, and glasses, all with trying to “surprise” John.  And then when they’re face to face, we see the only RELIABLY true words spoken from him “Short Answer: Not Dead.”

And then there’s the (rather great) montage of them going from cafe to cafe.  Sherlock mocks his mustache, bringing up that Mary doesn’t actually like it.  Which means that Mary has been (intentionally or unintentionally) lying in some manner.  Yes, this is small, but still important.  Another part of John’s life is shown to be a deception.  

Outside, when John is getting the cab and Sherlock turns the deductive power on Mary, the word in the cloud that stuck out to me was “Liar.”  This is gonna be important.  I don’t know how, and I hope it’s not detrimental to John cause I really love her character so far, but it will be important.  

Same goes for the scene in their shared bedroom, where John’s shaving. We get the amazing line of “I don’t shave for Sherlock Homes”.  Mary knows what’s going on there, John probably knows, the audience knows, but the line still stands.  

We get the hilarious Scottish Goth Girl’s imagination of what happened, with Moriarty and Sherlock on the roof.  This time we get it, we know it’s not true, and we chuckle at it. “See?” we think to ourselves. “We get it.  We understand what’s going on here, we are in on the joke.”

We get the little scene with Mycroft and Sherlock, playing Chess.  Except, wait, it turns out they’re not playing chess.  It’s a nice little visual moment there, to remind us that we don’t know everything.  We get the nice little tidbit that Sherlock and Mycroft thought that Sherlock was slow as a child, until they met other children.  For me, this shows that Sherlock definitely has some self deception going on, even a bit deeper than we think.  

And then there’s the deduction scene, back and forth, where we think for a moment that it might, just might be Sherlock’s hat from his travels. It’s a brilliant moment, showing just how much Sherlock misses John and just how lonely Mycroft’s existence is.  And then, of course, Sherlock passes the hat without a second thought back to it’s owner, the train guy.  So was that Mycroft being deceived by Sherlock, or merely Sherlock just trying?  It’s important to note.  For me, it gave us a thought that Sherlock might be much darker in this series, and that this series is us learning just how dark he can become.  

When Mary gets the text, she immediately goes running to Sherlock, and she knows its a code.  How?  Why does she immediately go to Sherlock? The bonfire scene is the mystery that’s still unsolved in this, and it seems to me that she is the thing that moves it forward.  So either she knows more than she is letting on, or Sherlock does.  For me, this was the most intriguing scene, as she unquestioning goes to a guy she has only met once, up until this point.  

There’s ten million and one smaller, tinier lies in this episode.  There’s Sherlock telling Anderson, where we don’t know if that’s true.  We’re supposed to think it is, it seems the most reasonable, but we can’t know.  Mary tells Mrs. Hudson she’s John’s fiancé, when it gets revealed on that he hasn’t actually asked her officially.  We get Molly’s “I’ve moved on” when its clear we haven’t.  We get the dead body of Jack the Ripper, when it’s a set up. We get the glorious “we shouldn’t tell her” about her fiancé.  We get the brilliant editing where we sort of know the swear words John told Sherlock, but we don’t really.  And then there’s the porn seller, in a hilarious nod to acd canon, who John is certain is Sherlock, but isn’t.  

And then there’s the train scene.  People have written so much more about the train scene than I can, but remember this: Almost all of what Sherlock says has its place in deceiving John.  He says to not call the police, he says he can’t fix it, to get the confession from John.  Whether or not this is him just trying anything to hear John say it, or him being significantly darker than before, it is showing us the audience (and John) that things aren’t as they appear.  

And we need to remember that, I think, going into the next episode. 

The Metal Clan - "Deleted" Korrasami Scene

So, uh, in the hopes of maybe finding motivation to finish this someday, I’ve decided to release a snippet of my Korrasami drabble series. This is my first time in a LONG time writing fanfic, first Korrasami stuff ever so don’t expect too much from me.

Series: The series I am working on is meant to be a bunch of “deleted” scenes of little moments between Korra and Asami throughout Book 3 as they hang out, talk, and build their relationship (both in a friendly and romantic way). Essentially fluff I am trying to pass as canon :P

Synopsis: This particular snippet takes place in Zaofu during Episode 5: The Metal Clan, after Korra tried to get through to Lin with Opal’s help. Korra comes back to the guest house where Asami and her are staying and needs to vent and cute awkwardness ensues.

Rated: K+

I appreciate any feedback… Enjoy?!

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Do you love me?

Author: Not moose

Character: Dean

Reader gender: not specified.

Warnings: some cussing, fluff.

A sharp sound broke through the nice silence that was the early morning. You groaned remembering you set your alarm the night before to make sure you didn’t sleep your day away. You sat up and pushed the button, sighing when you were surrounded by silence again. You were about to get up again but the voice of your boyfriend made you stop in your tracks.

“Babe come one. We never get a day to relax, stay in bed."Dean whined from the opposite side of the bed you two shared. You laughed because the sheets were all tangled around his legs and torso.

"No can do buckaroo. It has been a month since we had an actual day off. The bunker has gone to shit. Last night for dinner I had a pop tart and some watermelon. I would like to ingest actual food for a change.” You got off the bed and walked to the closet while taking what you call hair, but probably looks like mess on top of your head to everyone else, into a messy bun.

“Fine but I’m doing nothing today. Have fun sweetheart.” Dean said while fixing the sheets and then plopping back down onto the bed.

“Nice try Mr. but no. You promised you would go grocery shopping with me today. So get you lazy ass out of bed and put on some clothes.” He groaned as you pulled the sheets from his iron grip.

“Fine but I will take my sweet time doing it.” He mumbled, slowly getting into a seated position.

“That’s cool with me. I will just get started on other projects that need to get done. I think I will start with giving baby a tune up.” You laugh, sauntering off towards the door.

“You wouldn’t” Dean says looking very worried.

“Try me Winchester.” You give him a playful smirk “Sam! Where are the tool-” You shout but are cut off by a pillow coming in contact with the back of your head.

“I’ll be ready soon. Don’t touch baby” Dean says before walking past you and into the bathroom across the hall.

Half an hour later both you and Dean are ready to go and are just making sure you wrote down everything you need.

“Ok well don’t forget apples, and coffee. I can’t live without coffee. Could you also pick up food that has all natural ingredients. I’m tired of your processed crap.” Sam says not even looking up from the bright screen on his lap top.

“Not crap Sam. It’s heaven, nicely wrapped for convenience. Your stuff is the crap. It’s tastes bland.” You say giving Sam your best bitch face, which has greatly improved since hunting with the Winchesters and seeing Sam give it to Dean on almost a daily basis.

“Amen sister.” Dean gives you a high five and sticks his tongue out at his brother. Sam just rolls his eyes and goes back to his research.

“Will be back in like…” You look at the list and let out a very annoyed sigh. “I don’t know. Probably two hours. I swear you guys eat enough for an army.”

“All that contributes to the stud you see before you.” Dean says showing off his very nice muscles.

“Good then you can carry all the bags.” You chuckle and walk out the door hopping in the passenger side of baby.

“Ok next on the list is..” Dean squints his eyes trying to read your chicken scratch you call handwriting.
“Ok what the hell is this word? I can’t read a damn thing on here y/n”

You take the list from him and try to read the word yourself, but you can’t even understand it.

“Well looks like we don’t need this item anymore. Let’s hope it was something Sam wanted.” You snort and start towards the isle that contains the next item on the list, chocolate.

“Yeah him and his rabbit foo-” Dean stopped talking abruptly and froze in place, a look of complete discomfort, shock, and something else you couldn’t quite place spread across his features. You followed his gaze and landed upon a women, about your height with dark straight hair, standing at the other end of the canned foods isle. She had a boy with her, probably 14.

“Who is that Dean?” You ask, getting his green-hazel eyes to direct back to your e/c eyes. He stands in place for a few more seconds before answering you.

“No one y/n. Let’s just go get the next item. I think it’s-” he was cut off this time by the teenage boy yelling his name.

“Dean? Dean! Oh my god. It is you!” The boy came running up and enveloped Dean in a hug. Dean didn’t move for a millisecond, but soon relaxed and hugged the boy back.

“Hey Ben. How you been? You have gotten way tall since I’ve last seen you.” He ruffled the young boys short dark hair, smiling the whole time.

“Good good. I’ve missed you Dean. You were like a father to me. And you know what, mom misses you too.” He gestures back to the very attractive woman who is making her way over now.

‘Wow. Father. Ok what is happening. And I don’t think it’s legal for someone to look that attractive.’ Your mind is racing and all you can do is watch the scene unravel in front of you. The women finally makes it up to where you and Dean and the boy are standing. She flashes this huge smile at him and you can’t help but stare.
'Seriously. Even her smile is gorgeous.’ You think, slowly inching backwards, trying to distance yourself from the awkward scene.

“Dean. Hey. You look good.” She says giving him another model worthy smile.

“Thanks Lisa. You too.” He says back before giving her a hug that before a couple of seconds ago, you thought he reserved for you.

“I’ve missed you Dean. I get why you left but it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped loving you. The we have stopped loving you.” She pulls the boy named Ben closer to her. And then it suddenly hits you.
'Ben. Lisa. THE Ben and Lisa. The girl Dean spent a whole normal year with. The boy he treated just like his own son. Holy shit.’ This thought allows you to snap back to life and get a coherent sentence out.

“I’ll just um… go to a different isle.” You get the sentence out but realize the delivery was shaky. You mentally punch yourself before turning around. You don’t even get a full step before Dean’s arms pull you back towards the scene you so desperately wanted to get away from.

“Don’t go any where.” He speaks so gently you are a little stunned. He gives his attention back to Lisa after giving you a reassuring smile. “Lisa, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss you and Ben, but the life you two live, it’s not for me. Truth is it never has been. I have a different life now, with y/n. I still care about you but not in the same way.” Dean finishes and waits for Lisa to respond.

“I understand. I just miss you is all. I’m happy for you though. Come one Ben, we only need one more thing. Bye Dean.” She waves and Ben gives Dean one last hug before following his mom.

You finished shopping in complete silence, and most of the car ride is the same way before Dean piped up about half way back to the bunker.

“Y/n you alright? You have never been this quiet before. I usually can’t get you to shut up.” Normally at a comment like that you would’ve punched him in the arm, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about earlier.

“Do you love me?” You asked, completely surprising Dean. He even had to pull over and look into your eyes to see if you were being serious.

“Hey, babe, of course I love you. I haven’t ever loved anyone like I love you. Why are you asking that?” He questions while rubbing soft circles on you cheek.

“I just I don’t know. Lisa is so stunning and she can give you the life you have always wanted, the life you deserve and I’m just me.” You didn’t realize it, but a tear escaped while talking to Dean.

“Nothing is better than you y/n. And yeah she gave me the apple pie life but it didn’t work. She isn’t the one. If I were to ever have that life I would want it to be with you. I love you so much. You are my everything. Please don’t ever doubt that. You are too amazing for me and I will never leave you for anyone else. I promise.” Deans proclamation sent your heart fluttering it was the nicest, sweetest most sincere thing any one has ever said to you.

“I love you so much Dean Winchester.”

“I love you too y/n y/l/n”