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What are your favorite kabby fanfics?

Hey, nonny! This took me forever to answer, and I’m really sorry about that. I have a lot of favorite fics, so I’ll limit this list to my top ten favorites. This only features fics on AO3, but I know there are plenty of amazing ones to be found on Tumblr that I can’t locate right now (or can’t locate on AO3). If you want, you can check out my fic rec tag to find some that are Tumblr-bound! 

In no particular order, here are the ones to which I return over and over again:

1. The Life You Make in the Ruins by @kane-and-griffin - this is the fic that got me started writing fanfiction. Honestly, this was a life-changing experience for me, and I have reread it at LEAST five or six times. It’s beautiful. Modern AU where Jake and Callie die in a car crash and Marcus and Abby are left to raise their kids; Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia. 

2. A Flower in Autumn by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - OH MY GOD, I can’t even describe the amount of feelings I have regarding this fic. I’mma start crying, no joke. Period/regency era AU isn’t usually my thing, but this is beautifully written, perfectly in-character (Alice’s Abby Griffin could literally have walked off the show and into this fic, and as Abby trash, this delights me) and the romance is dazzling. 

3. Through the Wire by noblydonedonnadoble - another of my earlier reads in the Kabby fandom that stuck with me for over a year. The writing strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama, and it rises above the simple “fake dating AU” trope. Of course, I’m trash for fake dating AU, so…I was destined to love this. Modern/fake dating AU where Abby needs a date for her brother’s wedding, and Marcus Kane is the solution to that problem.

4. Everyone Can See It by @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower - look, I’m just trash for everything Alice writes. But this I especially love because it shows other people’s perspectives on Marcus and Abby’s relationship, something I haven’t often seen in this fandom. Not to mention that, as before, every character is perfectly translated from screen to page. While it’s not completed, the status doesn’t affect the rest of the piece because they’re a series of interconnected one-shots. It’s amazing.

5. I Need You So Much Closer by @skaihefamarcus - if you want good smut, this is some Grade A smut. I recommend everything of Kate’s, even though there are a few things of hers that I think live only on Tumblr? If you search her blog, you can probably find them. Written for a Valentine’s exchange, this fic takes place after Marcus returns from Polis in S4. AU in which Marcus and Abby are actually reunited instead of remaining separated forever, and Abby is…well, really happy to see him. *wink*

6. Haiplana by @kane-and-griffin - the fic that makes everyone’s rec lists, and for good reason. I mean, it has everything. Abby wearing a gorgeous grounder dress? Check. Actual interaction between Marcus and Lexa, of which we were so horribly deprived on the show? Check. Epic, sizzling sexual tension? CHECK. Canon-compliant S3 oneshot where Abby and Marcus attend a grounder feast in Polis. 

7. Wonderwall by @fandammit - I LOVE. THIS FIC. Well really I love anything Lelanie writes, but this fic especially. It does a spectacular job of not only building an entire modern AU backstory between Marcus and Abby, but in explaining why they hated each other, slowly brings them back together. Not to mention that Lelanie is literally #writergoals and I constantly have to restrain myself from yelling at her to explain her witchcraft secrets for writing so beautifully. :P Modern AU where Marcus and Abby meet at their high school reunion. 

8. Femme Aux Phlox by @brittanias - another amazingly well-written fic that made me cry. An amazing storyline (better than what we got on the show, tbh) and utterly, amazingly beautiful. Canon-compliant S3 fic that addresses Abby losing the Chancellorship and what that does to their relationship. Hint: Abby needs somewhere to live, and Marcus Kane’s door is open. 

9. There Will Be Time by @shefollowedfires - another beautiful canon-compliant fic. Emily’s characterization is on-point, and the language she uses is just beautiful. I swear, I’m a little jealous of the precision of her words and the loveliness of her writing. (Also, she’s one of the coolest people on the planet and makes lovely gifsets. Besides the point). Canon-compliant, Marcus and Abby find a cute little cottage in the woods and have some much-needed alone time.

10. We Had It Good There For Awhile by @kane-and-griffin - I have never seen The West Wing, but that didn’t stop me from reading this at 4 a.m. the night it was posted and then crying my eyes out over it. You really don’t have to know the show to read and love it - I mean, it probably helps if you know the background - but it’s by no means necessary to appreciate the amazingness of this storyline. West Wing/Political AU where Abby is the White House Press Secretary and Marcus is the White House Communications Director.

…so, there you go! Emily’s long, rambly list of favorite fics. Hope I helped you out, nonny! Like I said, these are only the ones I’ve bookmarked/read a thousand times on AO3, and I know there are many awesome ones here that are in my tag or I forgot to mention. All the writers in this fandom are extremely talented, and I’m thankful and honored to be part of it. 

Imagine if you will:

Present day: Pepper Potts divorces her neurotic, workaholic husband Tony Stark and founds a private security company with a chunk of her court awarded money. She recruits strictly women, because no one expects a woman to be dangerous and Pepper is damn tired of being overlooked and discounted (12%, her ass!) . She starts with Maria Hill, who quickly becomes her second in command and head of recruitment; Melinda May only agrees under the condition that she is a combat arms instructor only and will not go into the field (a stipulation that she breaks before six months have passed); Bobbi Morse (do NOT call her Barbara); Natasha Romanov (yes she speaks Russian, yes she was one of the last women to go through the covert Black Widow program, no you may not ask questions); Daisy Johnson (who idolizes May and pretends she doesn’t); and Margaret Carter (Peggy to those she likes, Ms. Carter to everyone else). Pepper gathers up all of these powerful, elite women and quickly dominates the private security sector.

Not one to be outdone and not-so-secretly determined to win back his wife, Tony Stark pushes back by creating his own security company - with all men. He even goes one step farther, does Pepper one better, because they can’t be just any men. Tony knows his weaknesses, and he is not good at organization (or leadership at all, really), so he goes straight for Phil Coulson. Coulson’s a good man with a talent for all those things - he’s also Melinda May’s friend and counterpart from the Academy (and the only known person to have earned her loyalty for life). Tony puts Coulson in charge, but only after he recruits Lance Hunter, Bobbi Morse’s ex-husband (”anything to piss off that crazy ex of mine.”); Clint Barton, a crack shot with a bow and Natasha’s best friend (lover? frenemy? no one knows); Bruce Banner (who is just the scientist behind their tech and weapons and armor, thankyouverymuch); Sam Wilson, an unassuming but capable fighter; Antoine Triplett, a legacy who smiles as much as he fights; and Steve Rogers, the All-American dream boy. 

Fitz and Simmons are late additions. Everyone knows that’s a shared custody situation, because there’s simply no separating them, so Fitzsimmons just sort of travel back and forth as needed. They’re the youngest aside from Daisy, whom they befriend immediately, and that trio quickly garners the moniker “the Bus kids” after Hunter makes a crack about them having gotten off at the wrong bus stop after school and then just stuck around. 

What starts as an all out war between the sexes to dominate the private sector quickly devolves into a chaotic mess of friendly (and soon, decidedly more than friendly) competition to be the best, until suddenly one day Pepper turns around and …

“Bee-tee-dubs, Pep,” Daisy says brightly. “You should know …”

“Everyone’s sleeping with everyone else?” Pepper supplies dryly.

Daisy laughs. “Oh, that happened, like, forever ago. No, I was gonna say that you’ve successfully created the world’s only dating service for the Highly Weaponized and Dysfunctional. Congrats.”

And Pepper can’t be mad, not really, because these people risk life and limb every day to make the world a safer place. They’re a motley assortment of misfits, pretty faces over damaged souls held together with crooked stitches, and Pepper loves them all. They’re her friends - her family. 

So Pepper smiles when May pretends not to listen when Coulson starts talking about that damn car of his, and puts in earplugs when Hunter and Bobbi start yelling about God knows what, and blushes when Peggy and Steve look at each other as though they’ve only just found each other again after a lifetime apart. 

And she’s always loved Tony, even when she divorced him to wake him up and prove a point, so she only makes him wait a few days - okay, weeks - for her answer of yes when he proposes again. (”Tell me twelve percent again,” she threatens. 

“I would never,” Tony promises. “We’re up to thirty percent, at least.”

“Anthony Stark, I swear on Jarvis and every last piece …”

“Whoa, whoa, Pep. Point taken. Fifty-fifty from here on out.”)

And that’s how PS Security came to dominate the private security sector with the most dangerous, ridiculous group of lovers the world has ever seen. 

(”Why not SP Security? Stark-Potts sounds better than Potts-Stark …”


“Right. Never mind. PS is good.”)

My kingdom for a gifset of this. 


I was tagged by the suuuuper cool @james-mcallowance and thanks so much for tagging me I swear I was bored out of mind so this gave me sonething to do

Gif sets: I have like 16 ideas for gifsets that I come up with at like 3 in the morning there’s one I wanna make with a steven universe quote so that’s cool. even though I suuuuuuuck at gifs anyways yeah

fics: i really wanna kinda write some cherik fics of maybe a multi chapter one but I don’t have any ideas for an actual plot sooooooo yeah that’s pretty much all that’s going on in the fic department. I think will start something soon maybe possibly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Imaginesss: I’m SUPER excited about this bc I’m making an xmen imagines blog pretty soon. It’s pretty much already made I just haven’t written anything yet soo im going to get on that speedy fast,, I hope it succeeds much like this one. the imagines might be trash bc I can’t write but we’ll see.

 Video edits: I wanna get into video edits (again) I was into video edits a while back but it stopped when agents of shield went on hiatus and since it’s gonna be on hiatus for like year I want to maybe make some cherik ones. im really broke and can’t afford super fancy smancy editing thingys so we’ll see what free trials and movie maker can do :D


this is like a weird tag because everyone isn’t working on somethins soo if i tag u and like u dont like have an work in progressessesese i mean that’s pretty chill

but anyways i tag: @ikeracity, @w-ild ( i rly want to expose u), @wafflerine, and if like anyone else wants so do it like cool i tag u because i’d love to see what ur working on


1) I am Swen.
Hey there! My name’s Selina, I’m 22 and I’m from Germany. Right now I’m sitting on my bed and waiting for my laundry. I warn you I’m not a good housewife but hey I try. I managed to not turn my sheets pink so that’s a plus! Okay let’s move to some good qualities I can brag about: I finished my studies in science of communication and psychology last year. Yey me! Now I’m very much occupied with having time for my friends and family, traveling and planning traveling. I’m going to go to the Fairy Tale Convention in Paris and train for it like crazy to have JMo-arms to impress Lana :D  Also I’m really excited to meet some of you! Besides Ouat I’m obsessing over Game of thrones lately and I worship the ground Cersei Lannister walks on. There are basically a lot of tv shows I love so it would take a little while to talk about it but you can always come and ask me about it or anything else you wanna know :) Oh and don’t be blinded by my URL! I used to love Hook as a villain when they introduced him in Season 2 and even shipped HookedQueen (that was when I started to have Tumblr) but they destroyed his potential and character (surprise surpise it’s Ouat). So I mainly reblog SQ awesomeness and Lana and Jmo stuff. Lana is my goddess and Jmo is my angel…

2) I love Swan Queen

Okay I have to admit something. I binge watched Season 1 and 2 but first when I joined Tumblr and saw all those amazing art works, metas and detailed analyses I started shipping Swan Queen. From there on I only got sucked in deeper and deeper and I don’t see an escape. okay okay I also WANT to drown in Swan Queen feels so yea it’s kinda my fault too. Now I ship them with every fibre of my being - passionately, unapologetically and infinitely. They are just so perfect for each other!!!! I love that they are family already with Henry, I love their development, I love their mutual trust, I love their heart breaking background stories, I love their chemistry, I love that they want to be like fuck fate I’ll make my own destiny, I love that they love each other but not admitting it, I love the small things like the jealous glances or the longing looks, I love how they treat each other as equals and how they complete each other, I love that they are both not perfect but are perfect together, I love that they are strong women who still allow each other to show emotions, I love that they are special, I love all the parallels, I love their obvious attraction to each other, I love the Evil Queen and the Savior, I love Madam Mayor and Sheriff Swan, I love Regina and Emma, I love Swan Queen.

3) I love Swen.
I have never ever seen so many talented people in one fandom. Really! You are all so amazing! I’d wish I could draw like you dalliance-amongst-the-stars, do photogifs like you chris-lll vargesz manip like you after-world-chronicles malefistache, make those freaking videos like you that make me cry bnaz misslane1981 , write fanfiction like you curvypragmatist chrmdpoet , do those on-point metas like you ethan-8  write those sassy hashtags like you sarahpaulsonsfuckinglisp reginaevilqueenmills or just do those funny posts with gifsets ( I swear there are way too many to write down) or encourage Swen and always spread positivity and fun barbie-shoes dakota829snow october-lady or be the advocate and advisor in more than just SQ topics ;) angstbotfic ashermajestywishes
A lot of you are doing all of the things at the same time!! There are also so many more I couldn’t link because then the post would go endlessly but seriously, You all have my respect and I’m forever grateful for your work, commitment and spirit.  Also if you are just a regular reblogger like me we share the same love and that connects us!
But also I’m thankful for having met so amazing people! I have found friends in Swen. Funny, adorable, beautiful, clever, honest and just amazing friends! And even people I just talked to once were so kind and welcoming. We support each other and we fight together - be it in a poll or against haters. Swen is family, Swen is home.

So thank you ethan-8 and dakota829snow for making this cute little game :) It’s really beautiful to see so many faces and read more about every single one! Oh and Ethan I haven’t forgotten about that Cora-Regina Meta I just haven’t had the time yet to write it all down ;) But you’ll get it I promise hehe

#InsurgentHype! (Countdown Event)

Hi there, fellow Initiates!

Since the film is seven weeks away (OMGOMGOMG), I want to get in the Insurgent spirit, so I thought.. why not spread it to everyone as well?! I figured by doing this, we can share the excitement we have for the movie! Alright so, here’s the deal:

  • This event will start on February 9, 2015. (SIX weeks away from release date)
  • This event will end on March 16, 2015. (FOUR days away from release date)
  • Each week will have two options, where you can choose only one of them! (For the sake of diversity, but feel free to do both of them within that week!)
  • You can post anything you want: Graphics, texts, videos, audios, etc. 
  • (OPTIONAL) You can put the tag #InsurgentHype on your post(s), and I’ll make sure to check them out and reblog them as well! If a lot of people have decided to participate, I might be spamming my dashboard with tons of Insurgent posts, so if you don’t want any of that, please block the tag! (Tutorial) <— Hope this works. (And send me a msg if I have missed your post!)
  • Last but not least: NO REPOSTS OF OTHER PEOPLE’S EDITS. Just… don’t.

Here are the themes for each week (start-point every Monday):

Monday, 09.02.15 - Sunday, 15.02.15

  • ↳ One male character OR One female character

Monday, 16.02.15 - Sunday, 22.02.15

  • ↳ One OTP OR One brOTP

Monday, 23.02.15 - Sunday, 01.03.15

  • ↳ One faction OR One villain

Monday, 02.03.15 - Sunday, 08.03.15

  • ↳ One quote OR One scene

Monday, 09.03.15 - Sunday, 15.03.15

  • ↳ One book in the series OR One Divergent cast

Monday, 16.03.15 - Thursday, 19.03.15

  • ↳ One anticipated Insurgent character OR One anticipated Insurgent scene

In worst case - if no one is interested, I still will post my edits following this schedule! (ONEMANARMYWOOT) For any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I’ll give you my full attention and most proper reply! 

(For this event, I decided to follow the US release date of Insurgent, because I know that the movie will be released 1-2 days earlier in various countries)

PS: This will be first published on January 30, 2015; ten days before the event starts. And yes, FourTris aka. 4+6 was a big influence in the planning of this event. #noregrets

Hope to have as many initiates as possible to hop on this train! 

leahandclark  asked:

What are some of your favourite tags from your posts about Iain? (I'm in need of a good laugh.)



God, Fitz in his sweaters is so cute. But suit and tie? 😍😍😍


#god i want him so much#like i would do things to this white boy i’ve never done before#nice dick#too hot (hot damn)

#uuggghhhh#his legs look sooo long#why is he so attractive#why did he happen to me#it’s not even the sharpest suit#and i’m over here practically drooling onto my laptop#get him away from me

#[rolls around on the floor making whale noises]

#jemma stares loudly

Fitz in a suit with glasses is my aesthetic.

#dear showrunners#to whatever awful wicked dear individual is in charge of Fitz Deportment#the frickin NERVE#you come into MY HOUSE#with your#‘Oh let’s put him in a suit’#‘and have him be all pleased with himself’#‘the lil shit’#‘oh and he’s all hot n panty so he’ll need to unbutton that’#'whilst smirking’#'nah it’s still missing something’#'how about some gl– GREAT GODDESS OF NILFS THAT’S IT’#'ROLL IT’#'let’s put it in the preview’#'it’ll be so great’#EXCUSE YOU#I HAD WORK TO DO#like real stuff ok#do you have any idea how much scientific progress was held back by these clips#you think you’re so clever#you’re probably pretty pleased with yourself#you frick#WELL YOU SHOULD BE#WHO ARE YOU#PLS IDENTIFY YOURSELF SO THAT WE MAY CROWN YOU#PATRON SAINT OF COUGARS#GOD BLESS (via badscienceshenanigans)

#WHAT IS THIS IM NOT STABLE WTF#take everything off and leave the glasses on

#i’m not okay i will never be okay again#i have lost aLL CHILL#A L L C H I L L#there’s scruff and shiny blue eyes and fucking GLASSES AND A TIE#you are the rudest human being on earth#i hate you i can’t handle this#leo fitz#agents of shield#TOO HOT#HOT DAMN

#i keep watching this#hoping he’ll go further#HERE FITZ LEMME HELP YOU WITH THAT#*takes off every bit of clothing*#*leaves the glasses on*#whispers: hand porn

#how? what? why? when?! omfg#fuck me#i just …fuck#this is it#where i cross the line from i need to keep him safe to i want to do things to him#JFC#i can’t#leo fitz#agents of shield


#the lord is testing me#i’m a good person i don’t deserve this#THIS KEPT ME UP TIL 4AM LAST NIGHT DO YOU /UNDERSTAND/#current love of my life#i live in a trash can made of iain de caestecker’s grey shirts bye

#hahagshajahsja I’m deaded#leo fitz#excUSE ME FITZ YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BBY

#so fucking fine#i cant get over this#leo fitz#hot damn#this is what fantasies are made of#its like the aos writers were in my wet dreams#what

#christ on a bike this shit is still not ok

#i swear if jemma sees him like that he wont be wearing a suit for long#this outfit killed me im going on the floor now#or in the trashcan#im joining idc in the trashcan ok

#i will probably get over it at some point#right?#RIGHT??#WTF WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT#JUST LOOK AT HIM#HE HAS THE SCRUFF THE GLASSES THE SUIT AND THE TIE#HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSE TO RESIST#i swear i’ve staring at this gifset for far too long#i can’t stop#SOMEONE STOP ME#jfc iain the things i would do to you right now#TOO HOT? HOT DAMN#leo fitz#fav character: do your worst#brave badass scottish lion cub#HE’S GONNA MAKE THE FINEST HUSBAND AMARIGHT JEMMA??#I’M DEAD BYE


#sprays jemma with water


#also @aos fandom thirst: chill

you’re tired of drama? here some advice:

  1. dont answer to haters
  2. dont go check the anti stuff
  3. dont post your opinion over a post/gifset not made by you
  5. dont speak about it for five years pls
  6. and try to turn your anti posts you want to make into a positive post about something you like

I swear, it works for me since more than a year so it can work for you!!!!