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for the chiaki / nagito personality swap thing, would that mean the events of the second game would change? like chiaki's the one who spears herself and nagito gets executed? also that would make nagito's free time events extra gay lmao

mmm yes

once again

Originally posted by nctaetrash

words: 5k+
rated: angst/fluff
a/n: i just had this overwhelming urge to write a daniel fic, okay? don’t kill me. i still love jihoon, lol. also, i’m sorry for making sungwoon the bad guy in here, lmaoo also i didn’t proofread this since its midnight and im tired and i have class tomorrow so oops

warnings: inappropriate language, bullying(??)
summary: The most cliche stories of all stories - falling in love with your best friend

You had grown up with Kang Daniel since you both were babies. Your mother and his mother were also best friends and just so happened to be pregnant at the same time with you both, so they thought it would be a wonderful idea if the both of you became best of friends as well. There were cons and pros of growing up with the boy, though. He always teased you over the littlest of things and fought with you, but at the end of the day, you knew you could always count on him.

You started to notice a difference in Daniel when you both entered high school. He was no longer the playful boy you used to know. He hung out with the older kids, did more “grown up” things, and started dating a lot. No doubt, he still hung out with you from time to time, but things felt different and it hurt.

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I’m a serious artist I swear

[edit: changed hunk and shiro’s puns bc Shiro’s one was actually funny only in french lmao I imagined the new ones in like 0.05 second pls send help]

Model/Photographer! Lee Daehwi

Masterlist can be found (here)

Summary: (Requested)
When Model! Daehwi meets with Photographer! Reader 
Warning: mentions of alcohol??
A/N: Dedicating this to @hwinkinghwi and also @porkjeojang pls appreciate my use of David here lmao & also this is my second more mature-ish writing?? after Soulmate! Jeong Sewoon

“And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

  • You are a rising photographer in the fashion world
  • With an Instagram following of over 200,000 people and several fashion campaigns under your belt, you are easily one of the most sought after photographers
  • You had always been in love with the shutter sound and the poses the subject did make
  • Whether big or small, each movement could always be captured by the lenses of the camera
  • Your parents were both also high profile photographers in the industry you worked in
  • You used to follow them around as you did peek at how each picture used to came out on the computer screen
  • Your dad and mum had then given you one of their older camera for you to play around with when you turned 8
  • Since then, you fell in love with photography and just the mere thought of portraying people in the way you want them to looked
  • You started being an assistant photographer for a few magazine pictorial until you turned 17 when the fashion industry decided that you were more than ready to shoot your first solo pictorial
  • In a short amount of time, you had build up a thoroughly impressive portfolio
  • Every month, you did travel to a new country to shoot a new campaign or a pictorial with Vogue
  • While you were constantly kept on your toes, you never felt tired nor having the urge to stop
  • You knew how hard it was received any jobs in such a cut-throat environment and that each job could always be your last one
  • While people liked to call you on the new generation photographers, many from the older generations didn’t like your style or how you didn’t like to use photoshop to make the models look taller, skinnier etc
  • You preferred shooting younger, inexperienced rookie models even if the pay wasn’t as well off
  • It was because the newbies were a lot more natural unlike older models who usually have a fixed pose or a particular posture to stand which made the photoshoot a lot less exciting
  • But this wasn’t the case for one of your favourite models of all time, Lee Daehwi
  • He had been the model of a children clothing brand your parents had previously worked for
  • It was one of the first few photo shoots you had attended growing up
  • You could never get over it as Daehwi had blown you away with how professional he had been at the age of 10
  • He was the same age as you yet while you shyly tugged at your mum’s shirt to get away from the flash of the camera
  • Daehwi was under the bright lights while flashing a radiant smile to your dad who was the camera man
  • Despite how mature he had seen on camera, he immediately came to you after the shoot and offered you a candy
  • 10 years old you had been absolutely smitten with him at that time and you develop a mini-crush on him 
  • The shoot which went on for the next 7 hours made you and Daehwi best friends
  • Both of you realized how you two shared a lot of interest like playing the piano and dancing
  • Your parents had a took a photo of you two playing together and printed out two copies as a memory
  • He laughed and told you that he did kept it forever with him
  • It was as if his smile was painted by a ray of sunshine as you giggled at his grin and told him that you did do the same
  • By the end of the day, when you guys had departed, you realized you had no means of contacting him
  • At the age of 10, you didn’t have a cellphone nor email and the only way of contacting another person was through letters
  • But you didn’t have his address so you were absolutely bumped out
  • Your parents encouraged you to still write letters so they could pass it to him if they ever encountered him
  • Unfortunately, after a decade, you never had the opportunity to speak to him
  • While Daehwi did blew up as an extremely popular model, you assumed he had forgotten about you
  • You two never interacted for the last 10 years so why would he remember a child?
  • After all, if he was at the top of the food chain, you were only in the middle
  • He was surrounded by so many charming models that you felt embarrassed whenever you reminiscent and remembered how he was your first love
  • Two months later, you received a job offer from Chanel Korea to be the photographer for the upcoming campaign featuring none other than Lee Daehwi
  • You immediately said yes as firstly, it was Chanel which was a huge deal to you
  • Secondly, you knew being able to shoot such a high profile model like Daehwi was an incredible honour and could potentially bring you more jobs
  • In your heart, there was a lingering hope that maybe Daehwi could recognize you
  • You flew to Jeju Island the very next week and met Daehwi the very second stepped into the outdoor studio
  • You introduced yourself and as tempted as you were to said you knew him, you decided to not embarrass yourself and put on your professional facade
  • You greeted him and his manager with a smile and he did the same
  • “My name is Daehwi but I usually go by David. I look forward to working with you.” (@summer are you dead yet))))
  • You couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed as he seemed to not remembered you but you proceeded to have the stylist to usher him to change and have his makeup done
  • He stood tall against the ocean, his distinctive brows and glimmering pair of eyes framed his equally refined features
  • He was like a prized artwork and each angle he turned only accentuated the photo
  • You didn’t need to give him any cues as he was so incredibly natural and the little changes he made brought so much depth to the photos
  • That arrogant yet elegance aura that was somehow emitting ‘i am the best’ couldn’t be pulled off by anyone else
  • You instantly wanted to take back your word on preferring to shoot rookie models as Daehwi seemed to prove you wrong, photo after photo
  • As you watched how he had grown up from that young boy you had fallen for, you couldn’t help yourself falling for him once again as you gazed through the lens
  • After the shoot, it was if you two were both just 20-year-olds having a good conversation and that neither of you was being pressured to be what society confines you to
  • Rather than speaking to you as his photographer, he spoke to you like a friend
  • He was telling you about his day and insisted that you should really checkout the store that fashion designer! Park Jihoon (I died adding this OKAY) opened in Jeju Island
  • The last day of the photoshoot was like a nightmare dressed like a daydream (lol that T-swift reference lmao)
  • With a tailored white suit that hugged his silhouette perfectly and black oxfords along with a pair of thick-rimmed framed glasses, he was the true definition of stunning
  • Your job had never been easier as the clothes looked as if they were designed for on him and the environment was absolutely enchanting
  • As you wrapped up the shoot, you gave him a bittersweet smile as you thanked him for working with you
  • When you were leaving to the airport, his manager passed you an envelope and told you to open it up when you were at the aeroplane
  • In it was a Polaroid photo of the two of you where Daehwi was gazing at you with a subtle smile on his lips as you checked his photos on the camera

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Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Look, AkaKuro’s standing next to each other! ❤❤❤❤

The order of everything I’d written here might be in random, because I was mentally screaming all the way through the entire movie. Mentally, because I couldn’t just shout “FUCK THAT’S MY OTP!!! AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER??” with anime heart eyes every time AkaKuro appeared on screen. I’m in the cinemas with equally brooding fanboys and fangirls so nope.

This is full of spoilers and shitposting. Proceed at your own risk. XD

  • Kagami’s backstory. Who would’ve thought that such a bright ray of sunshine was once a tol angsty child. Well, everyone probably went through that phase so-
  • One thing I realized while I was watching the entire Strky vs Jabberwock match was how much I love Kasamatsu, Miyaji, Imayoshi, Okamura, and Higuchi (I don’t even know this guy but I love him unconditionally okay?). So, yeah, basically, everyone in Team Strky.
  • I was waiting for Kasamatsu to slap Nash in the face after the guy spit on his hand, but– *3*
  • The GoM greeting each other in the gym is the most precious thing ever
  • AKASHI ❤ I’m biased so–
  • Kuroko following Kagetora in Roppongi to confront the Jabberwock. 
  • Everyone taken aback by Kuroko’s disappearance lol
  • Kuroko’s boyfriends protecting him after Nash kicked him. DAMN I GOT SHIVERS AT AKASHI’S EXPRESSION HERE.
  • Akashi: Stop
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: I understand. Knowing you, you probably want to settle this in a basketball match.
  • I literally just mentally scream my head off every time AkaKuro is next to each other
  • EIGO
  • The match’s setting was different from the one in the manga. And the other characters watched them live which was also different.
  • (Btw, there were two guys sitting few seats to my right in the cinema who were doing a live commentary of every fucking scene the entire time. I was torn between getting annoyed and fanboying with them because what they were whispering to each other was what I was thinking at that exact moment.)
  • Everyone being OP AS FUCK
  • Midorima’s remote control
  • Fucking Silver
  • Murasakibara and Silver’s match up
  • Silver is an ass
  • Pouting Murasakibara *sound of angels’ choir in the background*
  • Everyone giving way to each other so the team could win. #PRECIOUS
  • Kuroko: *joins the game*
  • Jabberwock: LMAO So weak-looking
  • Jabberwock [5 seconds after Kuroko played]: WHAT THE FUCK??????
  • DID I MENTION THE TEAM PLAYS??? The AoKaga?? Midorima and Kagami highfiving each other? Murasakibara and Kagami double-teaming Silver? And ofc who could forget AoKi double-teaming Silver
  • Kise’s Perfect Copy + Aomine’s Zone = beautiful AoKi babies
  • I swear even Momoi could feel the AOKI in the air. She was too overwhelmed that it brought tears to her eyes. lol
  • Kise and Silver’s one-on-one
  • “Kise is the strongest player on the court.” Dude… I already knew that, like, 5 years ago.
  • Nash’s passes WTAF
  • Murasakibara getting hurt again. STOP HURTING MY TREE SON I SAY
  • Takao getting jealous of Akashi and Midorima’s teamplay. Don’t worry Shin-chan’s all yours already. :3
  • Kise failing to make the shot because he’s too damn exhausted already. Somebody take his place aaaaaahhhhhhh :’((((((((((
  • “Leave the rest to me, Ryouta.”
  • WHY DIDN’T THEY INCLUDE THIS: “Akashi-kun is Akashi-kun. There is no difference.” THIS IS, LIKE, THE ULTIMATE AKAKURO MOMENT. I’M SO SAD ;-;
  • “Right now, Akashi’s the most reliable person on the court.” He’s also the most reliable in be– //slapped
  • Mayuyu supporting his kouhai from the sidelines. HOW CUTE
  • Also, can we talk about Mibuchi’s new hairstyle?
  • Midorima’s three pointers. Also OP as fuck
  • “My shots will not miss.” His shots through Takao’s heart will also never miss. ;)
  • Midorima trying to make Kagami feel better. Holy shit the world’s ending soon
  • Nash’s ability was translated in the movie as “Barrier Eye.” But I actually heard “Belial Eye” every time it was mentioned. But it was called “Demon Eye” in the manga. So which is it? @-@
  • “Goodbye.”
  • NAked Akashi
  • Oreshi and Bokushi fanservice DAMNNNNNNN I NEED MORE. I love the way they parted in the movie, with all the hands holding and the changing of perspectives and just… everything.
  • Akashi was about to give up
  • Then Kuroko appears in his line of sight
  • Then everyone gets an instant power up
  • GoM + Seirin bonding moment™
  • Kagami’s leaving for America.
  • God just remembering it makes me tear up
  • When Kagami ran back to Kuroko, I thought he changed his mind and would say: “It’s more fun playing with you and the rest of the team.” But they just said goodbye to each other and Kagami was thanking Kuroko for everything and all these onion ninjas just started popping out of nowhere and I was dying inside. :’((((((((((
  • Holy fucks I think I didn’t watch the complete final scene? Now I’m sadder. I mean, I saw some spoiler about the GoM talking about the future or smth?? I DIDN’T SEE THAT. ;-;

Apparently, my lil bro backed out from watching this with me, and I ended up watching it with my dad. Though, in all actuality, he just slept and woke up about quarterway through the movie. And I think he enjoyed the rest of the movie, because he didn’t sleep after that, and that was SOMETHING because he always just sleeps whenever he comes with me and my siblings to the cinemas. 😂😂😂😂 Anyway, I’ll add the others once I remember them.


Moonlight Confessions

pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 865

warnings: like, swearing. do those need warnings? yeah swearing shield ur eyes children.

a/n: ok when was the last time i posted fanfic?? years ago lmao hello and welcome to my second one in forever !! someone hand me the tony for “Slowest Writer To Ever Exist On The DEH x Reader Community But Not The Entire Internet Because That’s Aiming Too High” it exists somewhere out there i can feel it,,,

dedicated to: @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou, who is absolutely amazing in every way!! she is !!!! wow gr8 !!!!! in all honesty maia, thank u so much for reading this and going “CUTE CUTE CUTE” ilu

“I think I might be in love with you.”

Connor turned towards you, wide-eyed and startled, maybe just a little unsure if he was hearing right. There were no angry accusations of “you’re lying” or “it’s not funny, Y/N, knock that shit off.” Hanging out on the edge of his roof, legs splayed haphazardly in front of you and head tilted upwards to the sky, everything felt softer under the glow of the 3 AM moonlight. Connor remained silent, a sheen of hope glistening in his eyes.

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Jealous Blood

hetaliansurveycorp said:Heyyy I hope I am not annoying you but your work is just so good it actually makes me addicted lmao. Can I request a jealous yoongi scenario? ;v; please?? I’m sorry to annoy you I swear i’ll leave you alone after this XD

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: angst, vampire au

Warnings: Mentions of blood

Word Count: 1.1k

A/n: Sorry for taking so long!! I hope you don’t really mind the vampire thingy! Oh and, please, annoy me all you want!! (It’s not annoying tho, I honestly love it)

“I will be back in a second baby” Yoongi let go of your back and gave you a kiss on your forehead.

One thing was clear, in your relationship going to parties was a big no, as none of you enjoyed them. But after hours of begging from his friends, you both came.

The party was okay, nothing you haven’t seen before in movies. There was alcohol, girls, boys and a full ton of hormones covered up by loud music. You were standing close to the kitchen, your shoulder on the wall, leaving the door behind you, but having the dance floor in front of you. The amount of drunk people making a fool of themselves was outstanding, and that made you laugh. But soon enough the fun was interrupted.

“Y/n?” A raspy voice called from behind you, making you jump and after some seconds turned around.

“Tyler?” You said giving a long hug to your old friend.

You both were friends in school, but you both took different paths at the start of high school. You didn’t remember a lot about him, as you haven’t talked ever since.

“How have you been?” That question led to a small conversation, it was nice to have some company while your boyfriend was in the bathroom. But the comment he made made you rethink that statement. “Hey, I know we don’t know each other a lot but can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead” and with that he leaned in and whispered something in your ear. You couldn’t believe what he had just said. “Really? Oh well, no, but I’ll keep you updated if we break up” You laughed, earning a shocked expression from him.

“Baby” another raspy voice came from behind you again, but this time the owner of the voice hugged your waist. “Hello” Yoongi said, this time looking at the guy in front of me. “And you are?” He sounded quite pissed.

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(Translation) Koibito vs. Nijigen vol. 1

恋人 vs. 二次元 第1巻「オタク彼女の場合」(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Murata Taishi

T/N: commissioned! one of my favorite CDs EVER, i love this cd ASDASDHDAF!! i swear every 5 seconds i end up laughing like a damn seal!! lmao like. every damn line is a grim nostalgic reminder of hisayuki and i. can’t. fucking. take it.

actually, you can see how much i enjoy translating this cd because. y’know. you can just see it. sorry. i’m guilty.

honestly when i heard of this cd i was 101% HYPE but ngl also hiding 0.2% of uncertainty because face it, it could be either comedy or, yan. i mean yeah, the cover doesn’t seem yan but i’m sure those who have been a loyal customer of the otome cd industry like ri and chi yes this is a callout post for both of u :♥ would advise, don’t judge a cd by its cover or synopsis… unless it’s kuroi yume

ok for reals before i make things worse, let’s jump ahead to the cd and enjoy this totally embarrassing piece of adorable cupcake made of 100% organic cutes and pures. srsly he’s so good @ milky chain pls make a sequel for this series…pls… i will sacrifice my firstborn and my left asscheek pls pls pls

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starry--knight  asked:

Hey Cath, i've been having a rough week.. any chance you have any cute fluffy Shieth headcannons or Lance headcannons? <3 If it include their pets i would cry TAT

Oh noes, Kelsey! I’m so sorry!! Have some fluffy Sheith and Lance headcanons!


  • They love quiet Saturday mornings in bed. Keith wakes up first and just stares fondly at Shiro. He’s back. Keith lost him twice but now he’s back and Shiro is still as beautiful as ever as the first time Keith saw him back at the Garrison when he stomped on his foot because he was calling him out of his rudeness. It was love at first stomp. 
  • Keith loves playing with Shiro’s fingers, his Galra tech hand included—especially his Galra tech hand. 
  • Every time Keith mentions a number of points, he loves demonstrating using Shiro’s fingers and Shiro loves it. (this is THAT kind of gesture
  • They get matching pyjamas because they are silly and in love that way.
  • Bathing together is one of their favourite things to do because Shiro gets to play with Keith’s hair and likes to pretend “Oh Keith look, I have such thick mustache like Coran!” and “Do you think I’d look beautiful with long hair?” as Shiro playfully stands beside Keith and have his hair on his—to which Keith always responds with “I’d die for you even if you were bald”
  • Keith loves to playfully bite Shiro on his arm. “Why do you keep doing that, Keith?” “I’m a dinosaur.” “More like a grumpy turtle.” “GASP!”
  • Whenever they go on separate missions, they hug for what feels like an hour for the others as they groan. “Be safe, Keith!” “You too, Shiro. Don’t disappear again or I swear to Zarkon—” “I miss you already.” “WILL YOU GUYS KNOCK IT OFF??!!” 


  • Lance loves taking siesta to the point he drags all the paladins one by one (so they won’t scold him lmao). 
  • First it was Keith. “Dude, you gotta just… close your eyes and take a nap. Ever heard of a nap?” 
  • Second was Hunk “Buddy. Do this with me. Relax and just—*snores*” Lance likes cuddling Hunk during his siesta because he cuddles back. 
  • Third was Pidge, Pidge was the one who clung to him and Lance didn’t get his desired nap lmao. 
  • Shiro was the last. “You are more stubborn than Keith. You deserve this more than any of us, Shiro.” “I’m not sure we’re allowed to take a nap.” “JUST DO IT.” 
  • They all love him for introducing to them siesta that they all take time to nap all together.
  • One time he sees Pidge being down and he invites her to play video games with him without asking her what’s wrong. They stay up all night after thousands of curses, foot stomping, hands dragging down their faces out of frustration and laughter at Lance’s poor attempt at saving a princess, Pidge says softly “Thank you, Lance.” Lance just leans in and kisses Pidge’s forehead to which Pidge smiles in return.


  • Out of all the Paladins, it’s Shiro who’s the pet person. What exactly does he love? He loves all but he has a kitty at home. He misses her an awful lot, she’s prolly big now after a year and so of Shiro’s absence. 
  • One time during one of their usual planet saving thing, one alien kid has a pet. Shiro isn’t sure what exactly it is, but it’s adorable and fluffy and it just made him miss his kitty. 
  • The rest of the Paladins noticed Shiro’s change of mood. He’s so enthusiastic and very interested with the kid’s pet that he pets it. When they leave the planet, Shiro’s all gloomy.
  • The next day, the Voltron crew surprises Shiro with an alien pet and Shiro felt like dying.
  • “We know it’s not exactly like that kid’s pet but this was the best we could find from the neighbouring planets. Coran said this one’s safe to be a pet and—” Pidge didn’t finish when Shiro hugged all of them. “You guys, you shouldn’t have.” “Well, we gotta or we can’t form Voltron.” “Keith!” “What? I’m just being realistic.” “You have no filter, man!”

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okay w/o time stamp its right after Alec's hand pushes Magnus' shirt up. And then the shot angle changes to Alec's hand between their chests and Magnus grabs Alec's face seconds before Magnus pulls away and I swear to god hip thrust subtle but there is a hip thrust

magnus & alec were on a mad one, matt & harry were on a mad one I JUST TRULY CANNOT BELIEVE THIS SCENE LMAO

inehj  asked:

I would love to hear the other two stories about you punching men in the face you're an Icon

I’m honored tbh

So the first one is from eighth grade. There’s this boy that I’ve been “dating” since sixth grade, and by “dating” I mean we were friends and occasionally held hands, and literally nothing has happened beyond that. On my end it’s platonic as fuck but I don’t realize that because I don’t realize that I’m a raging lesbian, so… I was a bit confused.

Anyway, we’ve been at this stage for literally two years at this point, so I’m like used to it and comfortable with it and he’s a decent guy, so it was all going pretty well.* And then we’re hanging out at this park and he decides to switch things up and leans in and kisses me and I am literally so surprised that my reaction is to punch him. In the face. To his credit he’s basically just like “what… the fuck” and not like angry or anything and we laughed about it later but like. Signs I was a lesbian? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

* One time we were with another “couple” and the girl said she was cold and the boy was like “awh, oh no” and gave her his jacket - so like, normal if cliché couple behavior - and I’m like “huh” so I turn to my boyfriend and I’m like “hey, I’m cold” and he looks at me and, I swear to god, says “you probably should have brought a jacket.” Lmao.


And the second story is from sophomore year of high school. The background to this story is that there was a “popular” group at my school but there was also the “semi-popular” group, and I was friends with a decent number of those kids even if I wasn’t really in the group itself. One of these girls, let’s call her H, is this really sweet kid who is super non-confrontational and hates fighting with people and is just generally a kinda quiet, nice person. And one of those people was a boy, we’ll call him B, and he’s a dick. Just. A jerk, but in an insidious way, so no one ever called him out on it. 

The important information about B is that he’s gay and he thinks that this like excuses all of his shitty attitudes and behavior toward women because it’s not harassment because he’s gay. Or some equally stupid bullshit. I hate him with every fiber in my being. (I’m also out at this point so it’s aggravated by my basically being like “please don’t associate yourself with me.”) 

So, all three of us are in this Spanish class together. B sits directly behind me and H sits next to him. For weeks, B has been repeatedly touching H (usually just like poking her in the arm and shit like that), and she’s asked him to stop and very clearly doesn’t like it and he’s a piece of shit and just. Doesn’t stop. (Our teacher has tried to intervene but it hasn’t really worked, and she was just going to physically separate the two of them but H asked her not to because she didn’t want to create drama in their friend group, the poor girl.)

It escalates to the point where he’s touching her borderline inappropriately and she is so clearly uncomfortable that I’m physically uncomfortable for her, not just ticked off. So I turn around in my seat (we’re doing worksheets right now in our table groups, so the classroom has a decent buzz going on, and our teacher is just chilling at the front of the room) and say “B, if you touch her one more time, I’m going to punch you in the face.” And he laughs at me because  I’m pretty quiet at least in social settings and a teacher’s pet and straight-laced as hell, so he just assumes that I would never actually punch him. Which, clearly, was the wrong assumption to make.

I turn my seat so I can keep an eye on the situation while I’m doing this group work stuff, which means the only thing between B and I is a pretty small desk (i.e., I’m not restricted by the back of my chair because I’m practically sitting sideways). And he, being a dumbass and also a repulsive human being, basically grabs her boob. And I am so fucking sick of his shit, and I literally warned him, so I lean out of my seat, say “Hey, B,” and punch him in the face. 

He shrieks and the class comes to a fucking standstill. H is looking at me like I’m fucking Wonder Woman, which was great for my gay-ass ego, the class is just silent because only a couple people saw what happened (since everyone was gathered in groups doing these worksheets, and none of them are the type to side with B), and B is clutching his jaw and yelling to the teacher. “Señora! She fucking punched me! That bitch punched me!” all of this shit. And I’ve just turned back around in my chair and am calmly and quietly doing my worksheet.

So my Spanish teacher, who very clearly saw the entire thing happen because we were right in front of her desk, quietly gets up, walks over to my desk, and says, “Did you hit him?” and I look up at her and say “No, Señora” (because… well, I didn’t hit him, I punched him…) and she looks at him, shrugs, and says, “I believe you, but I can’t do anything about it since I didn’t see it happen.”and walks away. He’s gaping after her like she just told him she could sprout wings and fly, and then he starts looking around the room for sympathy, but all he’s getting are people trying not to crack up because, honestly, the image of me punching someone must have been pretty amusing.

One of the better moments of my life, ngl. Didn’t get in trouble at all, even though he went to the principal about it, because I did a ton of volunteer shit for the school so I knew the principal personally and she knew that I never ever would have hit someone without a good reason. (Also, the entire administration knew about him harassing people, they could just never get evidence of it from someone he was actually harassing (rather than just eyewitnesses) because of the whole friend group situation.) I also became about 20 times more popular after this incident, while a good amount of the school stopped even pretending to like B. It was a deeply satisfying experience. 10/10, would punch him again.

The Fox and The Hound (Part 1/5) (Sirius Black Series)

************************************** Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Not requested! I actually thought of this on my own! “The Fox and The Hound” is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies! Also just to be clear I don’t own the title!
Warnings: Swearing maybe?
A/N: I’m bored and thought of this. Also! This part is kinda just the beginning so let me know if you’d like a second part! Summary: Y/n is the fifth marauder and is best friends with Sirius Black and James Potter. What happens when friendship turns to more? (I suck at summaries lmao)
************************************** ~First Year~ Y/n Y/l/n dragged her oversized bag onto the Hogwarts Express. She quickly sat in the empty compartment closest to where her parents were standing on Platform 9 ¾. She sighed, suddenly realising that she wouldn’t be seeing her parents until late December. She glumly waved at them. Her parents, both purebloods, waved back. Her parents had always been extremely strict over who she could and could not hang out with. Which, of course, meant that she couldn’t hang out with any Muggles or Muggleborns. Y/n, however, was always interested in Muggles. She was broken from her thoughts when someone cleared their throats behind her. She quickly turned her head to see a raven haired boy with round glasses and a quite attractive boy with long brown hair and grey eyes. She smiled. “Hello! I’m James and this is my best mate, Sirius. We were wondering if we could sit with you? This is the only partially empty cabin.” The raven haired boy, James, smiled brightly at her. Sirius gave her a small smirk and waved. “Oh! Of course!” She agreed happily, hoping to make some friends on her first day. “I’m Y/n, by the way!” She smiled at the boys. “Is this your first year?” Sirius spoke up for the first time. “Yeah. Is it yours?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Yup!” Both the boys nodded happily. Suddenly, the compartment door opened, and a boy with sandy blonde hair and scars on his face stood sheepishly smiling in the doorway. “Hi! Um. M-my n-name is Remus Lupin! Can I s-sit w-with you?” He asked shyly. Y/n smiled, patting the seat next to her. “Of course! I’m Y/n, and this is James and Sirius.” She pointed towards the two boys, who greeted him politely. And so began a long and amazing friendship between the three boys and Y/n. ~Fifth Year~ Y/n groaned, awoken by yells. “Y/n! Wakey wakey!” Her roommate, Marlene, yelled. “Fuck off, Marlene!” Y/n groaned, burying her head into her pillow. “Come on, Y/n. It’s almost time for breakfast.” Lily, her other roommate, spoke softly. “Thank you, Lils.” She smiled sleepily. “Yeah Y/n! Gotta get up and go see your man.” Marlene smirked. “Who is that, again?” Y/n’s eyebrows rose. “Sirius, dummy!” She said, exasperated. Y/n rolled her eyes. “We’re just friends, Mar!” Y/n said, making her way to the washroom. After showing and cleaning up a bit, Y/n walked back out to the room she shared with the girls. She quickly dug through her wardrobe to find something to wear. She was going to hang out with the boys today, since she didn’t have classes. She settled for a grey jumper, some black muggle jeans, and a pair of boots. She quickly said her goodbyes to her roommates and ran off to the boys room. She smiled at the portrait on the wall and quickly gave the password. She stepped into the messy Marauders dorm room to find James, Sirius, and Peter still asleep and Remus sitting on his bed reading a book. “Hello Mooney!” She greeted. He smiled at her. “Hello Red!” He greeted, using her nickname. The Marauders all had given each other nicknames after they became animigas. Sirius was a dog, his nickname was Padfoot. James was a Stag, so his was Prongs. Peter was a rat, so his was Wormtail. Remus was a werewolf, so they all agreed to call him Mooney. And finally, Y/n was a fox, so her nickname was Red. Y/n looked over to the boys still asleep in their beds. Sirius was cuddled up to his pillow whilst James was drooling all over his. She smiled and walked over to James. She pulled all of the blankets off of him and grinned when his eyes shot open. “Red.” He whined. “Come on, Jamsie! We have things to do! We’re going to Hogsmeade today! Get up!” She smiled and walked over to Sirius. She gently pulled the pillow from his arms and started roughly hitting him with it. She developed a crush on the infamous Sirius Black in third year when he hexed Lucius Malfoy for bulling her. If it wasn’t his looks that made her fall in love with him, it was his personality and how strong he held himself, even with all his family issues he was able to smile and laugh along with everyone else. Which was something Y/n admired. Y/n laughed as Sirius sleepily grabbed the pillow from her and through it to the ground. He grabbed Y/n’s arm and pulled her down onto the bed with him. She giggled. “Sirius. It’s morning! We need to wake up!” She gently pushed the hair out of his eyes and smiled. “No.” He whined, snuggling his face into the crook of he neck. Her fingers found his soft hair and began running through it. Her eyes became droopy until she finally fell into a deep sleep. “Aw! Look! They’re adorable!” “Remind me again why they aren’t dating?” “Because they are both so oblivious.” Y/n was awoken yet again by voices. “Go away.” Her voice was muffled by Sirius’ chest. Their sleeping position had changed completely. Now, Y/n’s face was smushed into Sirius’ chest as his arms were wrapped tightly around her waist. “Good morning, love.” Sirius’ eyes opened slightly and looked down to his best friend. She smiled. Her feelings for Sirius Black were growing stronger an despite what she thought, he loved her too. The end! Let me know if you guys want a part two! Maybe their trip to Hogsmeade? This was only the first part and I have a lot of ideas for further parts if you guys would like! Update: Part 2 is up now!
Daddy A-Z: Doyoung

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
I think Doyoung is a fun relationship kind of guy, lots of teasing and jokes. Telling him would probably be something fun but very blatant, like cupcakes with baby things decorating them. Don’t ask why, but I just thought of cupcakes and I think that’d be fun. As for telling the world, I don’t think Doyoung has a care for it, if he even announces it before the actual birth, he’ll just throw it out there, ‘we’re expecting. thx’

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
I don’t see Doyoung reading too many baby books, I think he’s more of a dad that will have google on standby when he’s confused about something. “why would i buy books to spend hours looking for an answer when my phone takes 1.3 seconds? cmon now babe”

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
Doyoung’s going to be a very clingy dad, let me tell you that. He’s going to always have his bub in his arms, so 9/10, if someone’s cuddling the babe, it’s Doyoung. Or more or less he’s the one that likes rocking the baby in the chair and he falls asleep with the baby on his chest. Take a picture, I bet it’s the cutest thing in the world.

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 

I can imagine his butt in the doctor’s office, at the ultrasound and the nurse says, “and this must be daddy ^_^” and he’s instantly gone. It’d be the first time someone other than his s/o and the members has called him that, and it finally hits him like a truck. It’s not a joke. He’s actually going to be a dad. Fck. Doyoung’s going to be so blushy and shy while he’s practically dancing and screaming in joy inside. He’s such a bub ugh 

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
Doyoung is dressed and ready in a flash when his s/o calls out that they’re out of formula, or diapers, or wipes. He’s basically a butler masked as a dad for his s/o, he’s at their beck and call, and ready to run and get anything needed. It’s typically Doyoung that makes the store visits. 

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?

Honestly, you can’t leave Doyoung alone with food, I feel like he’s that dad that uses the ‘see! it’s good! mmm daddy likes it! you try!’ bs, but ends up actually eating the baby food and liking it. Either he needs watched or his s/o is going to be the one that usually does the feeding. The bunny can’t be trusted. 

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 
While I think Doyoung would be pretty good at dealing with a grumpy baby, I think he’d get frustrated pretty quick? Dealing with baby cries a lot, is usually a partnership, feeding off each other’s energy or goofiness to make the baby all smiles and laughter again. 

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
Tries to not make a bunny having kids joke rn I don’t see Doyoung having a boat load of kids, two is probably going to be his maximum, but I can see him striving for two, rather than just sticking to one. 

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 
“If prisoners could take their own mugshots, they’d be called cellfies”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby.
Doyoung’s totally a bby cheek kisses kind of dad. Honestly, who can resist chubby baby cheeks? You always wanna pinch and poke the lil cheeks and he has full reign over this tiny human? Bet your butt he’s gonna kiss his baby’s cheeks non stop.

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.

Doyoung’s another one that’s just going to be so overcome with joy and happiness at the arrival of his child and it’s finally here, in his arms, that he’s just going to be a sobbing mess in the delivery room. He’s a mess of tears and sputtering about how he’s never been happier, and thanking his s/o for giving him this moment, and how he’s going to protect and love the both of them with his entire being. 

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 

I feel like Doyoung is a classic parent title kind of dad, mommy and daddy are his thing, and you bet your foot that him and his s/o will be that annoying parent couple that only refers to each other as their parent title lmao. It’s cute tho. Someone should do that with me, I have my kitten, we can have a son together. Pls. 

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 

Lmao Doyoung mysteriously vanishes the second bad nappies are in question. He’s just gone. Poof. I feel like he’ll be that asshat dad that’ll argue who’s fault it is, so they have to clean it. “You’re the one that gave it that nasty food, I told you it’d end bad! It’s on you!”

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
I swear Doyoung is that dad that gets all those weird clothes from walmart. You know those baby clothes, if you’ve been to Walmart. He’s getting all those weird pun baby clothes, and ugly frilly clothes because reasons. I don’t think the outfits are that crazy but they…ain’t cute. 

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 

Doyoung’s a soft bun, and I can imagine he has the softest names for his child. Stuff like ‘daddy’s sunshine’ or ‘the light of my life’ and cute stuff like that, I think he has a freaking list of different nicknames he calls his bub. 

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 

#IGotGoogle lmao I don’t think Doyoung would be a very question-y person, especially when he’s a blubbering mess in the delivery room. He’s too distracted by the moment to care about questions he can figure out later on. He’s in his dad moment, and doesn’t have time to care about anything else.

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 

With Doyoung, I think it’ll be affection. Especially it being their first child, there’s very little time for yourself, let alone time alone with the s/o, and sometimes you forget how you even got here. So a big thing Doyoung and his s/o rely on each other for keeping intimacy, Doyoung makes it a point in the day that him and his s/o have to have a mental break, and just sit on the couch or smth, take a mental break, and cuddle.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 
Doyoung is kind of dead most nights, it’s kind of hard to wake Dad!Doyoung up unless you like…punch him in the face. So either his s/o gets up or lays there pinching Doyoung until he wakes up. It’s worth it though, train him. Pinch him. Do it. 

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
I think it’ll hit him as soon as something goes wrong, how little prepared the cocky idiot was. He didn’t read anything, or ask anything, figuring he’ll just figure it out along the way. Well that was a dumb move. The first time the baby has a rash or won’t eat and he’s completely lost in how to fix the situation, he loses his mind. He’s crying more than the baby while trying to call someone or google what to do, and he just feels like he’s failed as a parent. His fear is just, fucking up really? Thinking he would be fine when he wasn’t. But he’s got resources and his s/o, he’ll be fine. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
Like the delivery, the ultra sound is one of the milestones in having kids that really hits hard that, yes, you are in fact going to be a parent. Look at your little alien wiggling on screen. That’s your kid. Congrats. Between sputtering and crying his eyes out, Doyoung is just immensely proud. Proud he’s going to be a dad, and that the baby he helped make is healthy and on the right track, and in just a few short months he’s going to have that blurry image in his arms for real. 

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.
I think Doyoung would do pretty standard values, like making sure his kid is happy and content with themself, and things that build self esteem and things of that nature. The last thing he wants is to see his child not be confident in themself and being unhappy. 

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Bath time is specifically daddy/babe bonding time, Doyoung loves messing around in the bathroom, making shapes in the bubbles and putting on a show with the bath toys he’d gotten for the babe. Although something that should have taken a whole 10 minutes or less ends up taking an hour, but he’s having fun with his kid, so let him live.

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 

Holidays are kind of hectic, with Doyoung, I think holidays will be spent at other peoples’ homes(family, friends, etc) rather than at Doyoung’s home. Running around with a baby to see Santa, visit his parents, his s/o’s parents, to see the members, it’s a mess and he’s dead by the end of the day, but hey, it’s the holidays. They’re always hell.

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 

Generally Doyoung is just a grumbler. When him and his s/o get in a disagreement, he’s like an old man pouting in his chair and mumbling how he’s right and you’re wrong. The most that will happen is the disagreements end up with non-inside voice arguments, but full blown fights/yelling are very rare. 

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
Is it a house or a zoo, scientists can’t tell. Honestly most of the mess can be blamed on Doyoung not cleaning up the things he’s dragged out for no reason rather than like, regular post-kid messes. There’s stuff strung everywhere, and he’s the only one that knows where anything is. More reason to blame Doyoung for the mess, since he knows where he left everything. “Looking for the pacifier? Oh I think it’s in the couch. Remote? Yeah, it’s in the tub. Don’t ask.” God help his s/o.

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『2Ps invited for dinner with S/O's family, when S/O asks, "Daddy can you pass the salt?" Both and 2p stand up』

(Wrote this from a confusion for my first ask)

2pAmerica/ Al: “Fuck.”

Al would give a sheepish chuckle, point finger guns at S/O’s dad, and proceed to walk out while still pointing finger guns. Managed to knock over a vase too. The moment he’s at the door, boi would ruN.

Poor Al tries to avoid any contact of S/O’s family from now on.

2pCanada/ Matt: “Is thAT A BEAR I SEE”

There’s no window at the dining room. But that doesn’t stop Matt from claiming he has to protect them. Matt tries to distract S/O’s dad, and says he is an expert at wrestling bears.This is how the man escapes.

The whole family is now more concerned about the s/o’s boyfriend.

2pFrance/ François: “I swear the sex is safe”

Does not make things better at all. He can no longer keep the act of VirginBoy™. The s/o had to shush François and excuse themselves, both leaving a very furious dad.

It took months for François to gain back the family’s trust

2pEngland/ Oliver: “o-oh dear, I- um- ” *passes salt to the father* “H-here you go!”

Oliver tries to act like a gentleman and “help” the dad on passing the salt. S/O’s father grabbed it, and broke the salt holder for intimidation.

Oliver almost passed out of fear at that point.

2pChina/ Xiao: out of fear and panic, this man daBS

“She said dabbing right?” Poor Xiao, trying to play it off. Doesn’t have enough charm skills to trick S/O’s father, resulting to Xiao receiving a glare.

Dinner continues but with very high tension.

2pRussia/ Viktor: “Ah”

Viktor, Viktor, Viktor,,, This gentle giant would freeze, completely towering over S/O’s father. Tries to think of a MatureExplanation™, but can only think of, “I didn’t heard her correctly.” Manages to sit down and dinner continues, but the judging eyes of S/O’s father never left Viktor

Viktor immediately left the house when dinner was finished. Now searching up ways on how to fix this. He is still shook.

2pGermany/ Lutz: “haha oh whoops I thought she meant me- oh”

Takes Lutz a couple of seconds to realize how fucked he was. Knowing he can’t back out, Lutz grabs S/O’s hand and boOKS IT. He shouts “Thanks for the food!” And jumps through a window. S/O doesn’t follow, just sighs.

Lutz had to fix the window, and banned from entering S/O’s house for weeks.

2pPrussia/ Gilen: “I- um- this- I- SirIAmSoSorry”

Starts apologizing profusely that even S/O’s father is concerned. This precious boy manages to pull it off with his apologies, also the fact he almost started crying.

Gilen is still accepted into the family, they appreciate his honesty. Smh other 2Ps should take notes.

2pAustria/ Roland: “I’m sure your daughter asked for me-” “roLAND”

Pray for the S/O, not Roland. He already dug his grave at that point. A smirk still not leaving his face even when kicked out of the house.

Suffice to say, he was never invited again.

2pItaly/ Luciano: “Oh I though she said Luci?”

Have you ever seems a man act so smooth that you can sense desperation? That’s Luciano. Tries to play it off, but every suspicious father never let their guard down. Luciano proceeds to suck the family’s ass whenever he can. Complimenting the food and even the walls. Someone help him.

They let Luciano stay for the sake of shutting him up.

2pRomano/ Flavio: “I must misheard! I thought S/O meant- um- Have I ever told you how your outfit is amazing?”

Similar to his brother, he tries to be smooth. And change the topic. His knees gave out under the stare of S/O’s father

Flavio still hasn’t resurfaced from under the table. S/O’s father is not impressed.

2pJapan/ Kuro: “Ah, I forgot daddy meant father”

Pretends that he hasn’t fully learned English. Lmao why you always lyin’ . S/O also tried to convince her father that Kuro hasn’t fully know English.

Kuro’s politeness throughout dinner saved him, but S/O’s father is curious on how Kuro mistook daddy for the word “Friend". Lmao who am I kidding, no one believed that lie.

2pSpain/ Andrés: proceeds to grab the salt, pass it, and sit down

Andrés gives no fuck at that point. Continues to eat his meal while trying his best not to swear under the glare of S/O’s father. S/O is covering her face and wants to disappear right there.

After the silent meal, Andrés and S/O’s father exchanged handshakes. Andrés’s hand broke as bones cracking can be heard.

Europe’s Biggest Party

Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

2,351 words

AO3 link

Victor loves Eurovision and no one can convince me otherwise. Dedicated to @clairles who I’ve spent most of the past week screaming about Eurovision with.

(I rewatched practically all of the final for this, send help)

13 May, 21:45

Victor renamed the chat Europe’s Biggest Party

Victor added Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisestsky, Emil Nekola, Christophe Giacometti, Michele Crispino and Sara Crispino


Yuuri: …what is it?


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The Fox and The Hound (2/5 (Sirius Black Series)

************************************** Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Not requested! I actually thought of this on my own! “The Fox and The Hound” is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies! Also just to be clear I don’t own the title!
Warnings: Swearing maybe?
A/N: I decided to make a second part since the first got so many notes! Also! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged! Tagged: @thebookgeeek Summary: Y/n is the fifth marauder and is best friends with Sirius Black and James Potter. What happens when friendship turns to more? (I suck at summaries lmao)
************************************** Y/n struggled to turn over while in Sirius’ grip, but finally managed to do so. She glanced over to a small alarm clock sitting on the nightstand beside Sirius’ bed. 12:34. Y/n groaned. “Come on Sirius! We’re not gonna have time to go to Hogsmeade if we keep laying around all day!” She pulled his arms off of her waist and stood up. James and Remus sat on the floor playing Wizard Chess, and Peter was no where to be seen. Not that Y/n minded, Peter always seemed like a creep to Y/n. Y/n quickly straightened out her outfit and hair. “Come on, boys!” She fussed. James and Remus stood up and put the chess board away. Sirius groaned and stood up, pulling on a pair of jeans, a white t shirt, and his legendary leather jacket. He ran his finger through his hair to style it a bit. “Pushy, much?” He linked arms with her and skipped out of the room. “Padfoot. You look like an idiot.” Y/n giggled, watching his skip. Chuckles were heard from behind them. Remus and James shook their heads in amusement. “Look! There’s Lily!” James exclaimed, pointing at the redhead who was walking a little way ahead of them. “Lily!” Y/n called out, Lily stopped and turned around. “Hey Y/n!” She greeted, smiling at Sirius, who was still skipping. “How are you?” Y/n asked, smiling at the girl. “I’m fine. Where are you off to?” She asked, pointing down at Y/n’s outfit. “We’re going to Hogsmeade. You could come if you’d like?” Y/n offered with a bright smile. “I’d love to, but I’m already going with Severus and Marlene.” She declined. Y/n nodded. “Well, we’ll see you around!” She said goodbye and continued walking out of the castle. Soon enough, they arrived at Hogsmeade. Y/n pulled the three boys into her favourite shop, Honeydukes. After buying a tom of sweets. They decided it was time to leave. “Where to next?” Remus asked, popping a chocolate frog into his mouth. Snow was beginning to fall on the ground around them. “I know. Let’s go to Three Broomsticks and get some Butterbeer. That should warm us up.” Sirius suggested, taking Y/n’s ice cold hands into his, attempting to warm them. “Bloody hell, Y/n! You’re freezing!” He quickly pulled her into the Three Broomsticks. “Hello! We’d like 4 Butterbeers, please!” James smiled brightly at the waitress. Sirius, noticing how cold Y/n still was, took off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders. “No Sirius! You’re going to get cold!” She protested, shrugging the jacket off. “Y/n, please, I insist.” He fussed over her. “Fine.” Y/n settled. Soon, their Butterbeers arrived. Y/n automatically took a drink from hers, only now realising how truly cold she was. Sirius laughed lightly beside Y/n. She looked up at him with curiosity. His thumb gently swept across her top lip. She laughed, hanging her head down in embarrassment. “You’re so adorable.” Sirius muttered. She felt her face heating up even more. There was no way she would ever have a chance with Sirius. But, a girl could dream right? Remus and James had been watching their interactions with a mischievous look in their eyes. “Excuse us. We’ll be right back.” James said, pulling Remus away from the table. “We have to get them together!” He whispered excitedly. “Sirius is madly in love with her!” He continued. “Well, she’s madly in love with him.” Remus declared, smiling. “So, you agree. We have to get them together!” James exclaimed. “I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?” Remus said, laughing a bit. “Okay! We can get Lily, Marlene, and Alice to help too! I have the perfect plan.” James spoke mischievously. And so, the two boys perfected their plan to get their best friends together. Part 2! Let me know if you’d like a part three! Update: Part 3 is now up!

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Yeah, it would be great if you could call out people. I want to see who your friends are, and maybe why I like to make friends with them!

wellllll okay, get ready for a list cause i like a lot of people on here :D i’m also going to include people who i just think are cool and deserve a shout out

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