i swear the questions i answered i thought for sure sounded more like cap

“You’re a terrible father” - Tony Stark x Daughter!reader

Love the idea. And really, I kinda take any requests :D. Thank you for this one, it’s right here, hope you like it :

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It was the twentieth fucking time you tried to call your father, Anthony Stark, and you fell, once again, on his stupid voice saying that he was “too busy to answer” and that he’d “call back” but “probably not”. Damn that man. 

In your entire life on this Earth, you were pretty sure he never picked you up on time somewhere. Never, ever. He was just always late, so much that you came up with a trick of actually telling the wrong times for him to be on time. If something was at 6pm, you’d tell him it was at 4. But even with that trick, he still often managed to be fucking late. Which is why most of the time, your stepmother came to get you. But Pepper, wasn’t available today. 

You smiled, thinking about your “stepmother”. You were so glad she was in your life, being pretty sure that if your dad never had the help, he probably would have lost custody of you before you reach the age of 1…You considered Pepper your real mother. You never met your biological mom as she just dumped you in front of your dad’s house, with a note. One paternity test later, and it was confirmed you were his…You were the first step to his transformation, the first to help him become the man he was today. Better. 

So you grew up with Pepper around. She filled in brilliantly the mother role, even before she actually started dating your father (you remember the day you finally convinced him to just tell her his feelings, and smiled).

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Popular | Chapter 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: My first planned out series!  I hope you all like it because there are going to be a lot more parts. This will probably be the main plan for most of July and August. Feedback is always appreciated.

Warnings: None

Series Masterlist

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Tony’s Game

On simmering hot summer days, people tend to get creative. Much of the most brilliant inventions created were made out of boredom. At least, you assumed that to be true. Searches on Google to prove the validity of that statement drew a blank, but you still stand by it. Today was one of the many many boiling July days that forced you to stay indoors all day long. Going out in hundred degrees weather was hard enough. Going out in Manhattan in hundred degrees weather? You’d rather watch Steve try to take dance lessons again.

“Remind me why I even bothered to come here instead of staying in my room again?” Sam asked. He and a few other fellow Avengers were sprawled out on the couch of the communal rec room. Namely Steve, Wanda, and Bucky.

“Tony said he had a special surprise for us,” you shrugged. You were already sprawled out on another couch, taking up the entirety of it. You had been watching TV while snacking on chips since there was nothing better to do.

Nat walked in right as the commercial break came on. “I see I wasn’t the only one to get Tony’s message.” Clint followed right behind, still in uniform from his latest mission.

“What do you think he’s got planned?” Wanda wonders.

“Hopefully not another deadly world-dominating robot,” Sam snickered. Steve elbowed him, a stern fatherly look on his face. Bucky laughed as Sam recoiled from the hit. “What’s so funny?”

“Clearly not you,” Bucky replied. Sam feigned offense and punched the soldier on the arm, only to hear the sound of metal.


Bucky only laughed harder and smirked. “Wrong arm, birdbrain.”

“I thought that was Clint’s nickname,” Nat observed.

Clint’s voice could be heard as he rummaged through the fridge for food. “Hey, don’t drag me back into another one of their squabbles.”

Steve opened his mouth to interject, but another voice interrupted. “That’s enough!” He blinked twice before closing his mouth and leaning back on the seat. “Couldn’t have said it better myself, Tony.”

The coordinator of the meeting waltzed in like he always did when he had an invention to reveal. Vision trailed after, conveniently taking a seat next to Wanda. You thought it was funny how Wanda could seem to read everyone’s mind except her own.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Wanda said out loud. You must have been thinking aloud again. She looked at you, eyes narrowing. All you could do was shrug and look expectantly towards Tony.

“Are you children done yet?” Tony crossed his arms.

“Just get to the point, Stark.” Nat tapped her foot impatiently.

“And hurry! House Hunters just came back on,” you inform everyone.

Sam rolled his eyes. “I swear only you and Tony would enjoy watching home renovation and real estate television.”

“I have an announcement if you haven’t forgotten!” Tony interjected for the umpteenth time. “And don’t worry, Y/N. You know I have it all taped ahead of time. Anyway, I am here to reveal…this!” He held up a small metallic box about the size of an iPhone. The A single, shiny golden button was the only thing on it. As soon as it was pushed, a robotic voice sounded through the room.

“Calculating statistics of Avengers…Captain America…Iron Man…The Hulk…”

Everyone looked at each other, then at Tony. “What is this?” Steve sounded quite concerned.

“Hush, Cap. You’ll see soon enough,” Tony shushed. The voice continued to rattle off names as the TV was replaced with a white screen, a circular loading icon in the center spinning and spinning.

“Calculations, complete.”

The screen faded into one filled with a ranking list, a few photographs, and a lot of numbers. The room was silent as everyone scanned the list, not leaving out a single detail. It was bizarre, even a little extraordinary. There for all to see was an “Avengers By Popularity” ranking list of you and your fellow teammates.

  1. Captain America (Steve Rogers) 
  2. Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  3. Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
  4. Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
  5. Falcon (Sam Wilson)
  6. Thor (Thor Odinson)
  7. Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
  8. Vision (Vision)
  9. H/N (Y/N L/N)
  10. James Barnes (Bucky)

“I decided to take some liberties and exclude any of the Avengers who are otherwise too busy for this activity or not available,” Tony shrugged.

Steve looked around, surveying everyone’s faces. “Tony, explain the meaning of this. I don’t see why this invention was necessary and is doing more harm than good at this rate.”

“Aha, that’s part two. I’m announcing a competition!” Tony beamed. “You see, each one of you has come to me within the past month just asking for some. ‘Tony, I want a new computer’, ‘I want this I want that’ well I’m going to give it to you in a sense.”

“That makes no sense whatsoever,” Sam frowned.

“Let me rephrase, I’ll give you all an opportunity! This list is calculated based on all the stuff that makes people popular. I’m talking photo ops, advertising gigs, social media followers, you name it and it is counted. I’m proposing a competition to get rid of all this boredom nonsense and to finally get some of you off my back. Let the timer begin!”

He pushed the button again, and it revealed a countdown clock. Thirty days, twenty-three hours, fifty-nine minutes and counting.

“Whoever ends up being the most popular by the end of the month gets whatever they originally asked me for. If by some rare chance you didn’t ask for anything, I’ll give you anything you want within reason. And if I win, which I probably will, then it’s just less work for me. How does that sound?”

The room immediately burst into questions.

“Why did you do this?”

“Do I finally get a private jet?”

“I bet I could beat Tony.”

“Wait, so we can get anything?”

All the clamor died down as Steve approached Tony. His chest was puffed out like it usually was when he was going to confront someone. “Tony. Explain yourself. Now.”

“Listen, I think it’ll be a great learning experience for everyone and be a lot of fun. You always talk about improving ourselves and motivation. Think about it. We’ll be able to get out there and just be present! Help others and all that nice stuff that you always like. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Tony pointed out.

You could’ve heard a pin drop in that room. All eyes were on Steve. You knew if he was on board, then everyone else would be too. You could already see the excitement in their eyes. Nat and Clint probably already had their own competition going on with the way they were communicating with just facial expressions. You weren’t so sure about the whole thing yourself. You were pretty much tied last, only since Bucky was the actual last. But…the idea of getting what you wanted did sound awfully appealing.

“Only if every single person is one hundred percent okay with this.” Steve looked around the room, eyes stopping on Bucky. He looked conflicted, switching from staring at his score to Steve.

“I’m okay with it,” Bucky answered. Steve’s eyes widened. Clint almost choked on the water he was drinking. “If…”

“We’re adding in 'ifs’ now?” Sam muttered. Bucky narrowed his eyes at him.

“If I beat him, Sam will wear a 'loser’ shirt and not bother me for two weeks,” Bucky finished. Sam burst out into laughter, but Bucky didn’t seem deterred. “Do we have a deal or what?”

Sam wiped a tear from his eye. “Oh, you got a deal alright. Good luck catching up, Barnes.”

“Well if he’s agreed to it I think I am too,” Nat cuts in. Clint nods in agreement. Steve surveys the room, making sure everyone was comfortable with the contest. That only left you.

“Well, Y/N?” Steve looks to you. “You in?”

You look around. Everyone is just waiting for your answer. You glance at the screen again. Big letters shouting out at you. Number nine. Second to last. If you do this, you can’t go down. You need to improve. You need to get out more. You’re going to get that prize. “I’m in.”

Tony clapped his hands. “It’s settled then! You should all probably start booking your schedules instead of waiting for second-rate missions. We just wasted the last ten minutes or so squabbling.”

In an instant, the dead room was alive with scurries and chatter. Nat and Clint raced out as fast as possible, shouting to each other about all the popularity-inducing activities they were going to do. Tony exited like he entered, with grandeur and a knowing smirk. Wanda and Vision were still talking quietly, probably to do some planning and flirting like they always did.

Sam gave Bucky one last look and got up laughing. “Good luck.” He gave him a fake salute. “You’ll need it!”

You could hear Bucky growl. The TV screen flashed back to House Hunters. The couple finally decided on a nice beachfront condo. It looked amazing. You wished your room could look as nice as their master bedroom.

“So,” Bucky spoke first, a surprise to you both. “What do you have planned?”

“Trying to steal my ideas, Barnes?” You tease. Bucky sighed, rubbing neck.

“We’re not getting anywhere, are we?” Bucky frowned. You tilted your head in confusion.

“What do you mean?” Sure you weren’t the first person that comes to mind when people think of the Avengers, but you could improve…somehow.

“Listen, Y/N. We’re both pretty much dead last, and there’s no way we can beat anyone else working alone. I mean, you don’t have a plan. I know because you didn’t run out to hatch schemes like everyone else did. The only way we can win is if we work together,” Bucky proposes.

“Hey, I can be plenty charismatic and attention-grabbing on my own,” you argue. Bucky raised a brow.

“You spent the last week watching HGTV.”

“The houses just look so nice!” You slump into the couch. “Alright fine, we can work together to climb the ranks, but how? I mean, Steve is already America’s favorite golden boy. Tony has infinite riches. Nat and Clint will come up with something to try and beat each other out. Even Wanda and Vision have attracted a huge shipping following online!” You toss your hands up in the air. “How can we compete with shipping?”

Bucky rubbed his chin, thinking hard. He finally snapped his fingers. “That’s it!”

“What is?”

“Date me!” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Listen Bucky, I think you’re really hot but-”

“No, I mean like we should pretend to be a couple. You said shipping was the thing that gets the fans, right? Well, if we just become a better couple than everyone else, I’m sure people will flock to us!” Bucky explains. “Wait, you think I’m attractive?”

“That’s beside the point,” you wave his comment off. “You really think we can pull this off? Vision and Wanda are adorable!”

“But they’re not dating yet. We can beat them to it and become like a power-couple! Like the ones on TV,” Bucky pleads.

You laugh and shake your head. “You and Steve have been watching way too much reality television. Is this what Stark told you to research this time?”

Bucky looked a bit embarrassed. “Well, are you in or what? Come on, I know you’ve been asking Tony for room upgrades.”

You bite your lip and think hard. You do really like the idea of getting a sweet new suite. Plus, this was the first time Bucky has actually tried reaching out to you. You’ve tried making progress, but he’s always been so reserved up until recently. This could be the strange start of a beautiful friendship.

“I’m in, Barnes. Steve did always say you were a ladies man,” you chuckle.

“Great!” He beams. Just seeing him this excited made you a lot more motivated to win. “Because I already have a few ideas for our first date…”

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Steve x Young!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Young!Reader using strong language

“So, you are (Y/N) but you are not Mr Stark?” The headteacher asked as he looked from you to Steve.

“No, he had to go to a meeting.” He explained awkwardly, wishing you’d be a little politer as he pushed your feet off the man’s desk.

“May I ask… have you thought of perhaps… private education?” The man asked as you looked at him like a bored cat and rolled your eyes.

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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (9/?)

I’m so sorry about the long wait! It’s been such a long time you’ll probably need a little catch up…


Summary of the chapter: Y/N and Bucky are still trapped in each other’s bodies. Steve’s on a mission to impress Y/N with his physicality; meanwhile Y/N faces the harsh reality where she’s about to go on a mission but she doesn’t know a thing about sniping. Cue Bucky to the rescue!

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, sexual content

Word count: 4.1k

Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal

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Picking Favorites

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader // Bucky Barnes, Nat Romanov, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson.

Warning: Language – otherwise just silly, goofyness.

Meeting the Avengers in the bar, as a fan you already know your favorite, but when they ask you don’t get a chance to answer before they get lost in their own argument of who’s better.

Tony lets out a low whistle as he sets his drink down, his eyes on the girl moving across the bar.

“Well than,” Nat’s eyebrows shoot up.

“What?” Steve looks around.

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summary - logan has a lot of work to do and patton just really wants to go on a picnic

pairing - logicality 

word count - 865

warnings - this is literally the fluffiest fluff i’ve ever written 

a/n - yes. yes i did look the puns up on google. 

also, i might make a second part with them actually going on the picnic? idk leave some feedback if you’d wanna read it 

tagging - @ace-anxiety-sanders , @pointless-blog-name , @lampisimportant , @pippa-frost , @jinxed-unicorn , @starrykid

Patton finds his way into Logan’s room one morning, smiling and elated and wielding a woven, beige picnic basket in hand. It’s early — far earlier than Patton would usually start his day, but today is it. The weather is beautiful—it’s sunny and warm with a bit of a breeze and no chance for rain—and it’s a weekend, which means Logan won’t have any classes to teach. It’s the perfect conditions for a picnic for the two of them, and Patton’s not about to take no for an answer.

 “Good morning!” He chirps brightly, skipping over to the chair Logan’s currently occupying. His boyfriend is hunched over a stack of papers, focused and driven as he works, and though Patton loves his concentration face—lip between his teeth, eyes narrowed, brows furrowed in thought—he sets the basket down and puts both hands on the back of the chair, leaning down to nuzzle at Logan’s neck. “What’re you up to, my dear?”

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Unexpected coachsurfing

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader 
Word Count: 2.5k+
Warning: Language, fluff, smut 

Summary: You travel to New York but you screw your airbnb booking, so you have two choices. The first one is spending the whole night on the streets alone. The second one is accepting the kind, utterly handsome stranger’s offer and stay at his place…

A/N: Hey Guys! It is my very first story in English, I hope you will enjoy it! Any comments are highly appreciated! Thanks for reading it!
Huge thanks to @littlemissavenger and @painfullythickimagines for helping me with this story!

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

I was standing in front of the door with a shocked expression on my face, amazed at how I’d screwed this up. How I’d managed to mix up the dates? I looked down to my phone, to check my AirBnb account once again. My booking was there… Only the date was wrong; It started from tomorrow. I covered my face with my palms and walked out to the street. Alright, so I’m here, in New York at 6:30pm and I need to find a place to sleep very quick! I was lucky I found some wifi, so I could check couch surfing websites for something cheap.

It was an hour ago that I sat down on the bench in front of the McDonald’s but except for my growing hunger nothing has changed.

‘I just give up!’ I sighed and covered my face in my palms. ‘I’m gonna sleep under a bridge.’ I jumped up from the bench pulling my backpack with me to find a suitable bridge to sleep under. I was scared… I was really scared and angry at myself. I was all alone in city I have never been to before, with only a backpack and a dying battery. 34%… Awesome. I slip it into my pocket and thread my fingers into my hair.

‘Are you lost? Do you need help?’ A stranger is standing next to me, looking down at me curiously.

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Numbers (1/1)

Rating: M

Summary: Emma can’t help but wonder where she ranks. Killian reveals.

Warnings: Mentions of bigotry. 

It’s not like she’s kept track, per se.

Emma Swan has never cared about black books or numbers: for herself or her partners. After her first (and rather disastrous) relationship, men had been a one-and-done sort of deal. No sordid swapping of past tales. No coffee and eggs in the morning. And definitely no numbers (she had donated a fair amount to the Save Haiti Hotline when one guy was persistent about her digits.)

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Girl’s Night

Summary: Nat and Wanda conspire to get you and Bucky together by getting you a little drunk during a girl’s night in.

Prompt(s): @canumoveyourseatup-no: So I looked at the prompt list and thought 4, 12, and 22 would make a hilarious combination with killer B. Or you can just choose one or a combination of two or whatever your heart desires.
4. “I’m too sober for this.”
12. “She’s hiding behind the sofa.”
22. “Did you just hiss at me?”

Warnings: none! This is all fluff and fun. :D Swearing maybe?

Word Count: 2368

Author’s Note: Ok these prompts are adorable. I’m sorry love I could only manage the first two. Hopefully you like it anyway. This was fun. :D

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You sat on the couch with your feet curled up, tangled with Wanda’s, a bowl of popcorn between you both and an enormous pitcher of margaritas on the coffee table in front of you. It had been far too long since you’d had a girl’s night so the two of you took full advantage while most of the Avengers were off shaking hands at some elegant Stark event.

Sam heard your peals of laughter from his room down the hall and came to join the fun. “Margaritas!” he sang with a slight dance, before pouring himself a glass from the pitcher.

“Hey Sam,” Wanda greeted as you tried to stifle your giggling.

“You ladies sound like you’re having fun, mind if I join?”

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[Part II] Crimson Frost

Originally posted by hardyness

Word count: 1,600+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Summary: Series to ‘[IDEA] Crimson Frost’: Even though Peter won’t join the Avengers, he promised to keep in contact with you. A friendship blossoms, but somehow you are still a mystery to him.
Part I
A/N: I don’t think it is much, but here’s part two of ‘Crimson Frost’. Even though I have holidays at the moment, I didn’t found much time in the last weeks. The next school year will start for me after the next week, hopefully my last as I intend on graduating at first try, haha. Enjoy! 💕

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my neighbor, jung hoseok;

⇢ summary:  you’re just trying to get in a nap after a long day at school, but your very sweaty (and very hot) next door neighbor is keeping you up, practicing with his dance crew way too loudly. you hike your way over to give him a piece of your mind (but you’re getting more than you bargained for).

⇢ relationship: jung hoseok/reader.

⇢ genre: next door neighbor!au, humor, romance, fluff.

⇢ words: 2.8k

⇢ warnings: taehyung ordered way too much pizza, you’ve got bunny slippers and hoseok has never heard of a damn shirt.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“Oh, for fuck’s sake…”

You huff for the fifteenth time, throwing your covers off your face to face the icy, unpleasant chill of your bedroom. No matter how many times you turned up the thermostat, you still felt cold, and you had been hoping to take a nice, warm nap in your cozy bed after such a long day in school.

But your neighbors had other plans. Specifically, your neighbors’ teenage son, who just had to have very loud dance practice with his crew every day, right outside your window no less. You usually didn’t mind, because they had actually good music taste, and you always had a soundtrack to study to, but today was not like usual, and all you wanted to do was rest, so you could see how much grief this caused you.

“Why me? What did I do to deserve neighbors like this? Why can’t I live next to a sweet old couple, or a cemetery?” You mutter to yourself, just about to slip back into a wishful sleep once the sound outside dies out again. You think, just maybe, that they’ve given up for the night, and your breaths begin to even out, a content smile forming on your lips.

And then the bass drops again.

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The Civilian { ch.4}

Summary:What do you do after accidentally catching the government seemingly teaming up with a dangerous prisoner ? Will you take matters into your own hands to try saving those who will be put in danger,or will you fall back to keep your own life secure ?

Warnings: swearing , angst, drama , that’s it for now 😜

Pairings:(steve rogers x reader ) ( avengers x reader)( bucky Barnes x reader ) ( team cap x reader )

Masterlist    {The Civilian Series}

 Your heart is beating out of your chest as you watch the screen , waiting for Ross to enter the conference room . Tchalla contacted steve, telling him that the bugs were dropped as soon as Ross entered the lobby . But thankfully for the kings genius tech team, they managed to take them all out , despite the bugs cloaking device making them nearly invisible. You’re sat between Bucky and wanda , your hand entwining with Wanda’s in her lap .

You all freeze when the door opens and you see Ross and Tchalla enter . As far as you know, al tchalla can do is confront Ross about bringing zemo into gov business, and bugging the building . What else is there to do? And everyone knows Ross will deny anything he can .

& the show begins .

- In the Conference Room - ( open POV )

Tchalla enters, leading Secretary Ross and a few others in . they all take a seat, Tchalla sitting at the head of the table with an expressionless face .

“ thank you for holding this meet your highness .” Ross says with a fake smile . Tchalla locks his eyes on his , staring him down .

“ I am to set an example for others, welcoming others warmly into my country shows my people to be trusting of others despite their differences. With saying that, would you care to explain to me , why , after warmly welcoming you to my country, to my home, that you would plant these high tech , still experimental bugs in my home.” His tone is even , never rising .

Ross’s eyes almost big out of his head, but he swiftly changes his expression.

“ It’s dangerous to accuse someone without evidence King Tchalla .”

Tchalla nods, he presses the intercom button on the desk infront of him, asking his assistant to come in. She does, carrying a bag of now visible bug devices . She drops them in the middle of the table . There’s not a sound in the room , but Ross is visibly sweating now .

“ we have reason to believe you are housing captain Rogers and his band of criminals . Someone as intelligent as you would know that’s not something anyone would admit to . We had to get creative in finding out . Rogers aided in the escape of them from the raft, and Barnes escape . In case you’ve forgotten , they’ve all acted against their country. ” Ross snaps . Tchalla chuckles in reply, leaning his elbows on the table ,

“ secretary, I am very aware of the actions that occurred , in case you’ve forgotten I was very involved with the accords and the events surrounding them . I have recently been informed that you inquired help from Zeno in decrypting Barnes trigger book even further . Is that correct ?”

Silence . After moments Ross finally answers" yes, we had the resources to read the book so we took it . “

” and what were you planning on doing with all that information exactly ? “

” I don’t see where there’s a problem you highness . Or how this is your business . “ Ross states with a sharp tone

” you came into my home to invade my privacy, the privacy of my people , and your going to take that tone with me ? “ Tchalla finally breaks, his voice raising.


” all they are going to do is go back and forth , no ones going to admit anything.”Steve angrily mumbles .

Steves right , what’s going to come of this? Tchalla cuts the civil relationship with your country? Ross finding sketchier ways to snoop until he finds us ? There has to be a way- THE ACCORDS .

“get me on the phone with Tchalla assistant now.”You yell, leaping off the couch towards steve . He hesitates,

“ITS NOT A REQUEST STEVE , NOW!”You bark , surprisingly he obeys , dialing a few things on his phone and handing it to you

When the line picks up you immediately start
“this is y/n, I need you to find a copy of the accords , quickly look through any highlighted part or under any part concerning the American government, their actions and criminals in containment.”
There is silence, besides the clicking of what you assume to me a computer mouse .

It feels like forever before you hear her voice ,
“incredible .” The line goes dead and you run back to your spot between wanda and Bucky with a knowing smirk on your face, shits about to go down, let’s get ready to rumble ! You giggle at your own inner monologue, drawing questioning stares from the others . You simply point to the tv, watching as they all turn back to watch.youre not sure what was in the accords that’s going to help at halls, but you can just feel it’s a drastic game-changer. 

Conference room ( open POV)

The rooms been silent, Tchalla glaring at Ross while Ross stares out the open window . Everyone’s eyes go the the doors as they open to reveal his secretary holding a small stack of paper . She proceeds to hand them to Tchalla and quickly exits .

Tchalla looks over the the papers, a deep smirk playing at his lips and she shakes his head in disbelief as he reads the sticky note on top
~ Miss y/n called , thought you should take a look at the accords one more time . This will not end in a stalemate, not when we have a leader like you. Congratulations Sir .
He wonders how he didn’t realize this sooner . He also praises y/n, wondering how this young girl could be this clever . His eyes follow along the highlighted lines if tiny print of the selected pages

 sokovian accords - Act 7-
Any of the signing countries of the accords are not to go against another , or to approach another hastily or in any way considered hostile . He accords are to be a trust between the agreeing countries . If the trust is compromised , the accords can be nulled. A gathering of the signed countries will be required to decide whether or not the breach of trust is a liability to the rest of the accords and its participants

Tchalla repeats the lines in his head before speaking out ,

“ I would say this is a full breach of trust and confidence in my country secretary Ross . If you can try to accuse my country so easily , I’d assume you’d do it to others if presented any reason to.”

“yes, I would . When to it comes to matter like this, I do what I think is needed.”

“good to know. I will be requesting a full accords hearing as soon as possible to address this , this is proper grounds to null the accords fully . This much distrust can not go unheard by the other participants, don’t you think?”

Ross is silent , as he stands with the others to leave , as he does Tchalla calls out
“ and I’m sure they’ll be overjoyed to be informed of your teamwork with zemo, and how you trusted him enough to jeopardize the treaty just to follow his advice . I’m more then sure we will be able to come to a compromise over Barnes also . See you soon Secretary.”

Y/ns POV

Everyone’s eyes are wide, wanda covers her mouth in shock , Steves speechless, Clint and Scott are cheering , while everyone else is speechless . 

“if he calls this hearing , and the other counties agree to null the accords , you can all go home . Back where you belong . Your names will be cleared, all of you.” You say quietly, even you are in disbelief .You direct your eyes to Buckys glossy ones, locking with them as you watch relief & shock flood over him . 

 You know it’s still early , the hearings could be unsuccessful ,the other counties could still side with Ross ; but something inside you tells you it’s going to work .    You smile as you look around the room , tears freely flowing down your cheeks at the realize that clint & Scott are going to get he chance to see their families again , wanda will get to see vision , steve can live his life with his Bestfriends , , Sam will finally get the New York style pizza he hasn’t shut up & finally , bucky can start a new life as a newperson. Everyone is going to get to be free . What hits you the hardest is that Bucky gets to be free, after everything he’s been through , he’s might actually get to be free & that’s reason enough for you to be smiling like you are.

All you can do is pray that the hearing goes your way , that the others aren’t as twisted as Ross.

Everything’s worked out so far right? What else do I have to lose .


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[ @jonsa-countdown strap in for some comedy gold. our modern au today will be told from arya’s point of view as she investigates something suspicious. as you’ll discover, she has very interesting contact names for people in her phone. i hope i get at least one laugh out of this. enjoy! ❤, amelia ]


day four : modern universe

arya: hey, rickon, i need you to do me a favor.

rick ‘n roll: Okay!

arya: can you tell sansa to please water my cactus? i totally forgot about it and i don’t want you to go in my room. also, tell sansa to start answering my texts.

rick ‘n roll: Sansa went out. Do you want me to water your cactus?

arya: went out with who?

arya: and don’t go in my room!

rick ‘n roll: I don’t know. Someone came to pick her up and she’s not back yet.

arya: thank you for the info. do not go in my room.

“You’re gonna get caught,” says Lommy as he sees her flicking through her messages. She waves him away. Mrs. Tarth is too busy grading papers to notice them while they’re supposed to be working on a group assignment.

“I don’t care, Lom. There’s something weird going on. I feel it in my bones,” Arya says.

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I Thought You Were Different (Part 11/?) (Rogers/Barton/Stark x reader)

Part 10

“Captain Rogers!” the nurse called out as she burst through the doors, “we need your assistance immediately!”

“What the hell?” he groaned to himself, leaning down to kiss you before standing.  “I’ll be right back, doll.  Just a minute, okay?”

“Captain…” the nurse urged.

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anonymous asked:

SS bein' extremely drunk and fallin' over the companions in lust

 Cait - She has drank as much as SS, but let’s say that Sole’s tolerance of alcohol is quite lower than hers. When Sole tackles her, she first pushes them away, before she rolls over so that she’s on top and attacks their neck. Then black out. She wakes up, naked on… On the roof of Red Rocket truck shop, covered with the American flag, Sole curled around her. 

Curie - Is taken aback by the sudden affection, soon realises what is going on. She had seen Sole with a bottle of vodka earlier this evening and even warned them about intoxicating themselves, well, obviously, they didn’t listen much. She is about to push them off and send them to bed, but as they’re exploring her mouth with their tongue, she’s losing all her anger and gives in. 

Danse - “Soldier, it’s not appropriate to be intoxicated while in dut-” he doesn’t have a chance to finish, since he almost falls down on his metal plated butt, because Sole has climbed up on a table and jumped at him, attacking his face with kisses. He pulls them away softly, so he’s basically holding them in air like they were an overgrown baby. “Soldier, you’ve had too much and you need to rest.” Sole makes a sound like they now were a prebuscent sent to their bed and being grounded for bad behaviour. Danse carrried SS to the nearest bed and put them on their side, he’d then step out of his power armor to scoot over behind them and hug them gently from behind. He’d smile to himself upon hearing them snoring lightly.

Deacon - “Woah tiger” he chuckles immediately after their lips touch his. Sole starts to whisper dirty things into his ear, that might and might not make a complete sense, but they make his jaw drop as he pulls away, open mouthed, slowly sliding the shades off his eyes. He blinks twice before shrugging his shoulders and with a ‘wee’ he’s the one to take them down to the ground.

Hancock - Chems weren’t Sole’s style, they’d rather get drunk with him as he inhales the jet. An hour or so later, after starting their private party, Sole starts getting clingy and practically jumps on poor, high Hancock. He is startlet at first, but then he grins and pulls them even closer. Sole pulls out and softly touches the hole which was once Hancock’s nose. They lazily ask: “Ey, Hancock. Did everything that wasn’t a bone fall off?” His smirk is getting devilish by now as he whispers back “Why don’t you find out?”

MacCready - At first he thought they were an enemy, but when he felt the lips moving around his own with a very sloppy kiss, he’d look up to see Sole fighting with gravity as they were slowly, but surely sliding off MacCready’s lying body. “Did I miss a party, or something?” he chuckled as Sole finally ended up on the ground beside him, trying to get more of his heat. Before they could manage another attempt to capture RJ’s mouth, they… fell asleep. MacCready just relaxed then and laughed to himself about how sick will Sole be, when they wake up.

Nick Valentine - Frowns when he sees them drunk, but as soon as they attack him with their lips, tackling him to the ground, he grins wide: “Now aren’t we excited?” As much as he’d like to enjoy that they want him so much, he can’t take advantage over someone who isn’t thinking straight. And who is only few steps from throwing out their dinner on him. He carries them to bed, humming “Crazy He Calls Me” and they fall asleep in his arms. He puts them on their side, so they don’t choke themselves on their own vomit and sets himself right beside them, holding them close, softly pecking their cheek and neck, from time to time.

Piper - Doesn’t take an action, before Sole breaks the kiss. She stares at them in surprise. She can taste and smell alcohol from them. A lot of it. She actually considers finding a doc. “Piper, how about you make an interview with me?” came a lazy question from the vault dweller. “Heh, maby some other time, Blue, you know, when you’re sober and not likely to barf on everything.” Strangely, Sole answers with an ‘okay’ and a sweet smile and tries to get up, ends up almost falling again, luckily Piper is there to catch them. She swings their arm around her shoulders and walks them to the Dugout Inn. She tries to ignore Vadim’s banter as she pays caps for the room and Sole collapses on the bed. She consideres going back to her home, but decides to stay with Sole, just in case they’ll try to choke themselves on their own vomit. She took down her coat and hat and lied down to the bed next to them and they curled up against her. 

Preston Garvey - Well, that was unexpected. He felt their lips on his and instantly pulled away, leaving Sole whimper because of the loss of contact. “General, I am not sure you entirely know what you’re doing.” Sole answers with ‘Oh I know exactly what I am doing’ before trying to get more of his lips, but he insists: “You’re going to regret this tomorrow.” he says, while holding their face in his hands. Sole looks up at him, their eyes dizzy, but honest: “I would regret not doing this, Preston. I wouldn’t have the courage to do that while sober.” Preston swears before he pulls them to him, kissing them open on their lips.

anonymous asked:

heyyy can you do where harry comes with his new hair cut and your reaction to it. And one where you both discuss the "daddy" topic and how its so famous now and idk you guys are like discussing it and you kinda get shy and stuff and Harry can't atop smirking.

Rating:  PG-16 ?
Warnings: a little bit of eating if ya know what i mean!
Category: Smutty at the end
Word Count: 2,395
Request:  YES so thank you a million times over.

Note: I don’t know if you wanted me to do 2 separate requests so I guess I figured out a way to merge them together.

11. Still Enough.

There’s a beep from your phone signalling a text message. You pick it up, finding a text from Harry, putting down the bowl of cookie batter, and sliding your finger across the device, you check the message. He’s just letting you know he’s on his way over and has a surprise for you. Your eyebrows raise in confusion, what could that surprise be? It wasn’t any special day or occasion today, and if it was then you had definitively forgotten all about it.

The cookies in the oven are giving your kitchen and living room the best homey delicious smell, as you hand-mix another batch. You were in a baking mood, so you had decided to call your mom and surprise her saying you’d pinch in with some cookies for her brunch tomorrow, and she was glad that you took that chore from her shoulders.

You’re mixing to your hearts content, humming a little tune, when Harry arrives, his usual “Babe, M’here!” ringing through your ears as he jiggles the keys and sets them on the table by the door. He kicks off his shoes as he does every day, setting them by the stairs to take with him later, and undoes a couple of his buttons, feeling more free.
“ Smells amazing” he says coming in the kitchen. You set down the bowl and turn to him ready to greet him, and you’re glad you set it down because when you see him, all you can do is let out a little scream and drop the whisk that’s still in your hand. In front of you stands the same old Harry you know and love, minus the hair you know and love.
Oh my…!
“ Surprise!” He says making goofy jazz hands, a smile so big and dimple so deep, and he looks so young and different. You don’t know if you love it yet, but you know you will, because you love him. Your hands reach to his buzzed sides and the longer part at the top, getting a feel of the new cut, as he lets out giggles at your face. Your mouth is still shaped like an O and your eyes are wide. “d’yeh like it?” he asks a little bit more nervous now, because you have yet to say a proper word about it.
“ Takes some getting used to I suppose?” you say resting your hands on his shoulders after you’re done exploring and feeling the short hair. You look at him, for a long while. You notice his neck, as it seems thicker, and his ears, are so small yet visible. You notice how much more defined his jaw looks, as if that was even possible. It’s a lot to take in, for a lover of his long hair, but you know deep in your heart you’re going to love it. Specially if he lets it grow back.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request Jikook smut where they are both best friends and Jungkook wants to know how to have sex and he wants Jimin to teach him so they do it and fall in love with each other? If your okay with it :)

Title: It’s Just Practice
Pairing: Jikook (Jimin/Jungkook)
Word Count: 4506
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: Sexual Content, AU
Summary: Jungkook’s sick of being an inexperienced virgin, and there’s only one person he trusts enough to take care of him for his first time.

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Dating Advice - Liam Dunbar Imagine (Feat. Scott McCall)

Prompt requested by girlinfandoms - Hey, could you do a Scott and Liam imagine, where you Scott’s younger sister and you have a crush on Liam, and it comes out at a pack meeting and Liam ends up asking you out on a date

Prompt requested by jacksjawlineandmattsface - Hi is the request box open? If so do you mind doing a request where you and liam like each other and everyone knows that the feelings are mutual except you to and he’s too shy to ask you out and then Scott or stiles or someone gives him a pep talk about it p.s. You are an amazing writer and I’m so glad I found your blog :)

A/N: I decided to combine these two prompts together since the plots are very similar. Thank you for requesting and I hope you like what I came up with. Let me know what you think. Happy reading! :D

My Teen Wolf Master List

They say when you fall in love you remember every detail of that moment and they’re not talking about the clothes you wore, how you had your hair, or the things that were said. They’re talking about what you felt in that moment. The excitement of butterflies in your stomach, the nerves taking over your body, and the sudden anxiety of realizing you have no control over this feeling. That’s what Liam felt the moment he saw Y/N walking through Scott’s front door the evening of his first pack meeting nearly a month ago.

Once he learned Y/N was Scott’s little sister, everything changed. Liam had just joined Scott’s pack and he didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot with his alpha, but as the days went by his feelings towards Scott’s little sister became stronger. He couldn’t ignore it. The heart wants what the heart wants.

So here he was in front of Scott’s house, ready to do something about his feelings towards Y/N. Liam took a deep breath before knocking on the wooden door three times.

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anonymous asked:

i accidentally walked into your apartment thinking it was mine because i was too busy looking at my phone Jiper au?

Piper’s neighbor is hot. Ridiculously, unfairly, dream hauntingly hot. He’s over six feet of history loving hunk that she swears could be a model for Calvin Klein. Add to that his blond hair that’s roughly styled, an adorable scar on his lip, and his electric blue eyes and it’s the perfect recipe for giving her thoughts she shouldn’t have about the guy next door. There conversations have been few and far between but she’s milked each one for everything it’s worth. Most of them have been small moments in the hall or elevator when they run into one another, but there have been the two instances of wrongly delivered mail that let onto the fact he’s a nerd. Getting Preservation magazine had been a bit confusing until she’d seen the name Jason Grace at the bottom. That had also been the start of her love of his name. Jason Grace. If she had a notebook she’d have doodled ‘Piper Grace’ a thousand times on it.

For months she’s been trying to get him to make a move. She’s run through outfits to see what he likes, purposely found reasons to leave at the same time he is, even mentioned a couple restaurants she’s wanted to try. All without luck. It’s this effort to get Jason to show interest that has her distracted, she’s busy filling in her friend on the next stage of her plan - breaking things “accidentally” and asking him to fix them - and not paying attention to where she’s going. Piper turns at what she thinks is the fourth door, her door, and swings it open, her eyes still on her phone as she texts away.

Piper tosses her keys onto the counter and kicks off her shoes, unknowingly making herself at home in Jason’s apartment. As it turns out Jason has laid out his apartment identically to Piper, meaning she can cross the living room and plop onto the couch without taking her eyes off her screen. The first sign that something is wrong is the fact that she hasn’t sunken into the worn cushions. The second is the pair of electric blue eyes she meets when she looks up.

“Holy shit,” Piper screams, pushing herself backwards.

“Uh, hi.” Jason stares at her, unblinking.

“What are you-” Piper wants to ask why he’s in her apartment but the question dies on her lips as soon as she sees he’s shirtless. And pantsless. “Uhhhh.”

Piper’s mind goes completely blank, in that moment she forgets everything but the sight of her hot neighbor in his boxers cleaning the floor. She wouldn’t have guessed him for a boxer-briefs man, but she’s very glad that he is. Somehow the gray underwear sets off his eyes and Piper could die a very happy woman. If she was going to complain at all about finding him in her place, she sure as hell isn’t now.

“Can- can I help you with something?” he asks, glancing between her and his legs.

“No. I’m good,” she answers in a daze.

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