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Blooming I

Tate Langdon x Reader

A/N: This is not a request, it’s just my head! It’s my second fic and I’d love some feedback to make it even better. It’s a long one so it’s going to be posted by chapters, this being the first, and I don’t know how many there will be yet. In the future there will be a hint of smut, but we’ll talk about that later haha

Excuse any mistakes as english is not my first language.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to reblog!

Warnings: swearing, mention of psychotherapy sessions 

          I went to the bathroom; without looking in the mirror I poured some water on my face, when I looked back up I saw someone in the mirror, I immediately jumped back and screamed “Who the fuck are you? What are you doing here?”, Ben came in running “What happened?” He asked, worried, as he looked to his right “Oh I see you met Tate, it’s one of my patients.” he said calmly, “Well, I’m in the bathroom” I told Tate, “I’ll wait outside” he said, smirking.

             I closed the door and I sat down on the floor, hands shaking, but even though the way we met was weird, I was so intrigued by that boy. I pulled myself together and got out of the bathroom, hoping to find Tate, but instead I ran into Ben who told me Tate had left.  

             A few days later, during my appointment, Ben received an important call so he excused himself, leaving me alone in his office. This house was gorgeous. I stood up and walked around, mesmerised by the different colours of the windows and the rustic furniture. “Busted” I heard, I looked back, startled. When I saw Tate sitting on Ben’s chair I sighed, rolled my eyes and said “For god’s sake, you’re really trying to make a habit out of this aren’t you?”, I sat down on the sofa, opposite him, he pulled his legs up, crossing them, leaned forward and smiled, “Mm… Well, I’m Y/N” I said with a confused look in my eyes, “I’m Tate, but I guess you know that by now” he said confidently, “Does Ben know you’re here? It seems like you live here.” I asked. “Yeah, it’s something like that, and you should come here more often, he’s out a lot.”. “I can’t just walk in into people’s houses Tate, are you crazy?” I said with an intrigued and confused look on my face. He stood up, walked to me and whispered in my hear “This is no ordinary house”, he smiled and left the room.

Ben came in, and even though Tate was all that was on my mind, we finished our session and I left.

Tate was so odd, but so intriguing, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. His face was mesmerising, the converse were his trademark.

To be continued…

9 years ago I tried to kill myself. I was in and out of hospitals and treatment centers from then on. I was self destructive, I lost people I loved, and I did whatever I had to do to cope with my misery. I dated a guy who forced himself on me and who abused me whenever I did something he didn’t like. I went away to college to try to start over and realized I couldn’t get out of bed to go to class. I tried to transfer back home but I stopped eating and wound up back in treatment. I dropped out of college and couldn’t work much more than a part time job. I struggled daily to get out of bed. I hated myself. I stopped sleeping, self harmed frequently, I was a mess. I thought I would never get better, and I never expected it to make it to my 21st birthday. But now I’m in a healthy, beautiful relationship with the girl of my dreams. I go to school full time, play college softball, work part time. I’m applying for nursing school while training to be a lifeguard. I have some money saved for when I’m ready to move out with my girlfriend. I never made any plans for a future, because I was positive I wouldn’t have one. Luckily, I am in an amazing place in my life. I should have never made it this far, but I am so thankful for all the reasons that I am. For anyone who thinks they can’t go on any longer, for anyone who swears there’s no way it’ll get better, it does. Please wait, you deserve to be alive to see it.

I’m thinking about you a lot right now.
I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t refrain.
I miss you so much.
I just wish you knew how badly.
I keep thinking of past happy memories with you.
It hurts knowing that they’re just past memories and I will never be able to make future ones with you.
I wish we were still talking.
I wish you cared about me.
I wish you still loved me.
I wish I could see your face again - in person.
I wish we were still friends.
Sadly, we just kept pushing each other away instead.
I hope you don’t regret anything we did together.
I will tell you right now that, I don’t.
I just can’t bare the fact that we can’t go back to what we once were.
I’m trying to feel better alone, I swear.
But thinking about a life without you just makes me feel so empty and hollow inside.
Please, just come back to me.
Fill this voided emptiness buried within me.
I don’t want to be hollow anymore.
I just want to hear your voice.
I just want to see your smile.
I just want to taste your lips.
I just want to feel your skin.
Is that too much to ask for?
Why don’t you love me back anymore?

Sol 6 part 12

Chris Beck x Reader

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Summary: You’re part of the Ares III crew, on sol 6 you’re left behind on Mars with Mark. How will the both of you survive and will Beck ever realise your feelings for him.

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There was a pain in your chest and you felt like you couldn’t breathe, the pain forced you away from the darkness and you peeled open your eyes slowly to see where you were. Above you you could see the stars then red then stars again. As you regained your senses you realised it was the MAV spinning around, the motion made you feel sick and dizzy.

“Oh great I’ll wave at you guys as I go by,” you heard a voice say, Mark’s you realised. It sounded like you were under water but very slowly you regained your hearing too.


“Y/N?” Mark tried to turn his head to look at you.

“Y/N do you copy?” this time it was Lewis.

“Yes, I copy,” you said, your voice hoarse. “What’s this about us waving?” you asked.

“The Hermes is too far from the MAV to catch you,” you heard Beck.

“Beck?” you breathed, your emotions began to overwhelm you. It had been over a year and a half since you had heard his voice and it still made your spine shiver, it reminded you of sol 6 when you had been collecting samples.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

You bit your lip to stop from crying and closed your eyes for a moment with a small smile. Your eyes snapped open, “Wait, how far off?”

“68 kilometers.”

“Holy shit,” you breathed, so maybe this wasn’t a happy ever after after all.

“Commander Lewis,” Mark piped up, “We could find something sharp in here to puncture a hole in our suits and use the escaping air as a propulsion up to the Hermes.”

While that thought terrified you, you knew it would be better than watching the Hermes fly by. “I’m up for that,” you agreed.

“No,” Lewis shot down the idea, “You would have virtually no control over where you go and you would be eye balling it while travelling at high speed. I’m not taking that risk.”

You huffed a little as you tried to think of a way to have a small intercept range and velocity, unfortunately you had never really been good at science except for studying rocks because that didn’t really involve as much maths as chemistry and other ‘real sciences’.

That was when Lewis came up with the plan to blow up the Hermes. Well, part of the Hermes, and use that as a way to decelerate. “Are you guys blowing stuff up without me?” Mark asked and a moment later you saw him floating above you.

“Mark, what are you doing. Put your belt back on,” you scolded him, gripping more tightly at your own belt to make sure it was secure.

Mark continued on as if he hadn’t heard you, “You guys I don’t know, we’re pretty selfish. We want all the memorials to be about us, just us.”

“Yeah, we’re cooler than you guys anyway,” you agreed with Mark, you didn’t want the entire crew to blow themselves up just to try and save the two of you. They were more important, Martinez and Vogel had kids and wives, Lewis was married, Beck and Johanssen had glowing futures ahead of them. You and Mark didn’t have anyone of particular importance back home and it was better just the two of you than the whole team.

Still, Lewis didn’t listen. You listened to the crew intently as they worked out how to build a bomb, and Beck would be jumping around in space outside the Hermes. This, of course, terrified you. If Beck wasn’t inside the Hermes then anything could happen, if he accidently let go he would just float away and no one would be able to help.

“Beck I swear to God, if you let go of the Hermes I’m going to kill you,” you said sternly through the comms.

You heard Beck chuckle, “Noted.”

“I mean it,” you said quietly, “Be careful.” It didn’t ease the worry in your gut that something would go wrong so you decided to focus on the voices of the rest of the crew whilst they made a bomb to set off in one of the airlocks.

Their plan worked and the intercept velocity was reduced, whilst they had been making the bomb Martinez had accelerated the Hermes to close the intercept range. Unfortunately, you and Mark would still be 32 meters too far.

It was time to go out and get you, Beck was strapped into the chair and connected to the tether. “Visual on the MAV,” he reported. It was the moment of truth, he pushed off from the Hermes and floated out to you.

He used to controls to steer in the direction of you when suddenly he was jolted as the tether reached it’s maximum length. He tried to go further but couldn’t, “They’re still too far,” his voice wavered.

You gulped when you heard that, you unbuckled your belt and floated up to the gap in the ship next to Mark, you gripped the MAV tightly so that you wouldn’t float off. You could see Beck not that far from you.

“I’m gonna cut the tether,” Beck said determined.

“No,” you countered quickly, “We’ll come to you.” You swallowed your fear down and faced Mark, “Let’s be Iron Man.”

Mark locked eyes with you for a second then nodded, he got a pair of pliers ready to puncture his suit. “We’ll use the force from each other to try and stay straight,” he said.

You nodded, “Let’s do this.” Mark pierced his suit first and flew back at the sudden release in atmosphere, he had let go of the pliers which were now floating next to you. With a deep breath you punctured your own suit, sending you flying back and crashing into Mark.

With a little bit of difficulty you managed to press your fingers down over your palm to seal the breach. You and Mark pushed up to the top of the MAV and gripped tightly to each other, you looked at each other once more then released your fingers.

Quicker than you had thought you and Mark flew through space, admittedly it was a lot harder to control than you thought but you soon got the hang of it. When Mark released his fingers so did you to counteract the pressure, in doing so you were able to go in the right direction but you were still all over the place.

You were close now, Beck was only a few meters away. You both reached out a hand, they just barely touched then you were flying past him. Luckily Mark was able to grab a hold of the red tether, not so luckily- you didn’t.

You kept going and you panicked, flailing around a little. For once your complete incoordination worked in your favour. You had accidently released your fingers from the seal which pushed you towards them and the tether tangled around your leg.

Letting out a small grunt as the tether tightened uncomfortably around your leg you curled up on yourself to grab a hold of it with your hands. With your hand securely around the tether you wrapped it around your arms and held on tighter than you ever had in your life.

At the end of the rope Mark and Chris had begun spinning and tangling in rope, they were headed straight towards you. As they spun closer and closer you braced yourself, with one more spin Chris in the chair crashed into and winded you.

Beck reached out an arm and gripped you tightly and pulled you close to him. A few moments later Mark was close enough for him to grab as well. “Hey handsome,” Mark laughed when he saw Beck and their helmets clunked together.

Seeing Chris again after a solid year and a half was indescribable, your heart soared and all those feeling you had came back and hit you full force. Vogel was reeling you back in and the rest of the team were on the other side of the airlock waiting for you.

You were back on the Hermes, this was real and you weren’t going to die on Mars. Your ribs killed and so did everything else in your body but you were too happy to care right now. The airlock door closed and everyone came rushing in to see you. You and Mark took off your helmets, sure you smelled bad but nobody could care at that moment.

In the commotion of hugs and tears you didn’t even really get to see Beck, he was there but he hung back. Thing was, during the rescue Beck had come to the realisation that he never wanted any harm to come to you, that he couldn’t live without you. When he had missed you it was the most scared he had ever been, it was out there that he realised that he loved you as more than just his best friend. Now he was terrified that you wouldn’t return his feelings.

Though he had to see you eventually, he was the flight surgeon and he needed to do medical checks on you and Mark fairly soon to see just how bad the damage was. Eventually the team backed off and he was able to intervene, he told you and Mark to go limp so he could pull you through to the med bay.

Beck was being distant which sparked an unpleasant feeling within you, had he realised over the past year and a half that he didn’t like you all that much? Did he somehow figure out that you had a crush on him and was now being distant because he didn’t know how to let you down easy?

You lay down on the med bay, the one that you usually sat on whilst you were waiting for Beck to go to dinner. Mark was on the other side of the room and he was being examined first, Chris bandaged his ribs and documented how malnourished he was. You didn’t really pay attention to it, you faced the side and looked out the window as you passed round Mars and watched it slowly disappear further out of sight.

Mark went out for a shower and Chris came over to you, “Hey Beckster,” you smiled up at him weakly.

Beck smiled down at you, “I told you not to call me that,” he laughed.

“Stop being so bossy,” you retorted, he helped you sit up and you winced as it jostled your broken ribs.

You had to take off your space suit, Chris helped you strip down to just your underwear. It wasn’t as if you were embarrassed at being half naked in front of him, he had done medical inspections on you before, what embarrassed you was the sight of your body so withered and dirty. Your ribs stuck out prominently and you could see bruising all over where your ribs and collarbone had cracked.

Chris carefully wrapped your chest up and checked out the old wound on your leg, he gave you a few pills to swallow which you did before he could even give you water. You flicked your eyes up to meet his blue ones staring intently at you.

Then something happened that you never expected to. Beck surged forward and planted a kiss on your lips, your eyes went wide and for a moment you didn’t even process what was going on, then you kissed him back.

Beck pulled back after a moment, “Sorry,” he mumbled, looking at the ground.

“What for?” you asked boldly, “For leaving me on Mars or kissing me?”

He stumbled over his words a little, “Both,” he settled on.

You shook your head a little, “Don’t be,” you whispered and pulled him back to you to kiss him. You felt him smile against your lips, he stepped forward and wound his arms delicately around your waist and you raised your arms to tangle your fingers in his hair.

After a minute you pulled back for air and you rested your foreheads against each other. “Took you long enough,” you breathed, “I’ve wanted you to do that for years.” Beck laughed softly and kissed you again.



A/N- Thanks to everyone who sent me get well messages I love you all loads. So here we are, the final part. Have you all enjoyed it? Let me know! Requests are open

anonymous asked:

Hello! Not sure if you're accepting requests or not but if you are and it's no bother I was wondering if you could do HC for the RFA + V & Saeran as to how they would react to MC being cheated on and how would they confess their feelings? Thank you!

okay anon!! <3 I hope this isn’t too cheesy/unrealistic lmao I’ve never confessed in my life so… ya I have no experience oopsie ><


  • Yoosung would be super duper supportive, like he would stay beside you and listen to you rant about how horrible your ex was
  • and he would buy you ice cream and tissues and say lots of kind words about how your ex doesn’t deserve you
  • he’d also give you many hugs of reassurance 
  • but one hug would go for a little too long
  • “Yoosung, can you let go-”
  • “No. I won’t ever leg you go. MC, I- I’ve liked you for a long time now. I know that this isn’t the right time, but I just wanted to let you know that there’s someone out there who loves you unconditionally and would never hurt you like he did. I can promise you that I’ll treat you better than anyone else. MC, please stop crying, it hurts me to see you like this.“ 


  • he’d be SO mad about it
  • while you cried in his arms, he’d be cussing the guy off 
  • he would be really intense all of a sudden too, swearing to go over and beat him up and stuff 
  • you weren’t even sure if he was comforting you or if you were the one comforting him
  • he was really worked up about it… almost a little too much
  • “Princess, that son of a bitch doesn’t have the right to make you sad like this. He should just go to hell; guys like won’t have a future, I know it. If I were lucky enough to have you to myself I would NEVER EVER do something like that. If I did, I’d rather die. I would a much better boyfriend because I would never make you sad or upset. You’d never cry except from happiness because I love you, MC.”  


  • she would be a really good listener
  • she’d also list all the goods about you and the bads about your ex
  • like how he never took you home
  • or how he didn’t care for any celebrations or anniversaries 
  • and how sometimes he made fun of you infront of your friends
  • she would also look you straight in the eye and say really encouraging words
  • but after saying those things, she’d still notice how your eyes glistened with tears
  • “MC listen.. I’ve noticed you for a long time now and I’ve always been watching from the sidelines but I don’t want to do that anymore. MC, listen carefully. I, Jaehee Kang, love you the worlds end. Even if you don’t accept me, I will continually love you with no regrets. I’m always here for you. Trust me." 


  • he was kinda awkward because he wasn’t used to situations like these
  • I mean he tried holding you but it was really awkward and stiff
  • he didn’t know how to comfort you.. he patted you head like you were a little pet and wrapped a blanket around you but he didn’t understand emotions very well so it was hard for him
  • but there was one thing he was sure about
  • and those were his feelings he had for you
  • "MC, stop crying. I have something important to tell you. I love you more than anyone else and I love you more than he ever did. So stop crying and come to me. I’ll wait until you feel better but just know that I’m going to wait for you until you love me back. And I’ll let you know right now that I’m having my security guards chase down that bastard. He’s going to get it real good tonight. Now, I will bring Elizabeth 3rd over here, you may hug her to feel better… or you can also hug me, if you don’t mind my stiff posture." 


  • he would go crazy with the snacks
  • but he really hated seeing you like that
  • he tried making jokes and you laughed a little - but it wasn’t enough, you were still very upset 
  • he said he’d hack into that guys computer and expose him but you didn’t want him to get in trouble for you
  • "MC, I’d anything for you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to see you smile again. I know that I don’t have the right to say this myself either but, I’ve liked you for a long time. You saved me from my miserable life - you saved my brother. I’ve fallen in love with you for a long time. I know I probably don’t deserve a person as good as you but please understand that no matter what it is, I’ll always solve the problem for you. After all, I am the Defender of Justice, right?" 


  • he wasn’t sure how to comfort you because tbh he kinda felt crappy like that all the time himself
  • but another thing he noticed was how happy and filled with love he felt whenever you were around
  • he wanted to fill you up with that type of happiness too
  • he wanted to see your cheerful self pep up again
  • it was slow, but he looked you in your swollen eyes and brushed your tears off your face
  • "MC, you’ve always been the one to make me feel better about myself. Now it’s my turn because you’ve given me hope and love and I want to give it all back to you. Please know that of all people of the world, I’ve chosen that the person I like is you. I was confused at first but now I know it. I like you a lot, MC and I want you to like me too. Please don’t cry anymore.”


  • he heard you crying alone in your room
  • he wanted to walk in there and talk to you, comfort you
  • but he, himself, was such a mess
  • he didn’t know how to face you, his mind was meddled with thoughts of Rika and you
  • his feelings were clear but he just couldn’t get it over his head
  • "MC,” he said through the door, “MC,  I love you.” It was like a brick lifted off his chest.  
  • He finally said it. 
  • “I know this is the wrong time, but I can’t stand it anymore. I love you so, so much. Don’t cry over that idiot anymore… both of us need to let go of those who poison our life. Mine was Rika, and now, yours is your ex. Please, MC, we can do this together. We can make it out of this pit of despair. Believe in me." 

ahah uh sorry for the delay, I hope you see this!!

~Cherry L.

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For those of you who follow me for my fan art- Here’s another work in progress of Infinite because I COULD…

Well I say work in progress… I actually wanted to talk about this one as it stands in this rough state… I put this one down about a month ago because of the Pre-Wolf Creek Habitat Gathering art rush (all the wolves I’ve been uploading? Yeah…) and coming back to it with fresh eyes? I see things I didn’t before… 

Things that need fixed. Things I’m NOT happy with. Things that need perspective tweaks and things that just don’t work. 

This piece is one of the few where I feel the sketch holds up okay, but whatever decisions I made in regard to coloring and shading were not good ones. And thats when I kick myself and get cranky. 

So! Here’s where the fan art I promised stands… Me grumbling at it and bashing my head into a wall because fresh eyes are killing me. Infinite deserves better. I will fix this… 

I’ll also give you all a process walk through thingamajig. I’d been taking images at certain steps to do this cause some kind sweet fan asked how I go about my fan art but wanted to remain anonymous. So that’s for you in the future! Your message made me smile. 

I swear one day I’m going to draw Shadow… I swear. 

Blooming II

Tate Langdon x Reader

A/N: This is not a request, it’s just my head! It’s my second fic and I’d love some feedback to make it even better. It’s a long one so it’s going to be posted by chapters, this being the first, and I don’t know how many there will be yet. In the future there will be a hint of smut, but we’ll talk about that later haha

Excuse any mistakes as english is not my first language.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to reblog!

Link to part I


Warnings: ghosts, swearing, slight violence 

           I went there the next day, I couldn’t help it. Before I rang the bell I noticed the door was open. I was thinking of excuses to justify myself to Ben incase he found me. I opened the door slowly so it wouldn’t make noise and all of a sudden Tate jumped in front of me “Hi!”, he said laughing and excited.

            I shouted “Holy sh-“, he interrupted me by putting his hand over my mouth, “Shh, it’s okay”, he said as he closed the door behind me, I was in shock so I stayed silent. “Come on.”, he said as he held my hand, taking me upstairs. I followed him into this room, such 90’s decor, I looked around as he put on some music. I sat in bed and asked “Do you live here?” feeling confused, he then climbed onto bed and sat next to me with his legs crossed, “Do you believe in ghosts?” He asked, I laughed, ironically “You’re crazy, what are you talking about?”, “I like you, I want you to know the truth, and I’ve been watching you, I know your troubles, your fears, and I know you’re strong enough. You can trust me.” He said. There was something that felt right about this boy, I trusted him even though I was confused. “I wanna take you to the basement okay?” he asked. I was scared and confused, but something compelled me to say yes, I liked the unknown, and danger was something I sought. We went downstairs, it smelled old and mouldy, I could feel the adrenaline going through my veins. We both stood still and quiet for a while, side by side, he then held my hand and said, looking forward “They’re coming, whenever you’re scared the only thing you have to do is to shout ‘Go away’ and everything will be fine. Trust me.” A few seconds later the faint lights started to flicker and something appeared, I saw things I had never seen before, scary things, and I heard voices and screams, I held Tate’s hand as hard as I could and I closed my eyes “Remember what I told you” he said calmly.

            I let go of his hand, covered my ears and with my eyes closed I screamed “Go away! Go away!” and all of a sudden everything was back to normal, the same old mouldy smell and faint lights. I looked around scared and confused, my eyes met with Tate’s, I had tears streaming down my face, I ran upstairs. He followed me “Y/N wait!” I turned around and yelled “What happened?! What are you trying to do to me?! I’m gonna go away from you, and from this house!”, he grabbed my arm and I started slapping and punching his chest, he pulled me closer and hugged me, “I’m here.”. I cried on his arms for a while. I was shaking, scared and exhausted, he took me back upstairs, I laid down on his bed, on my side and he laid next to me, facing me. He kissed my forehead and we fell asleep.

To be continued…

Don’t Look At Her. Ch1.

Originally posted by tonyloki

Word Count: 1369

This is the first part of DLAH. I know I said it was going to be a one shot, but I lied 

Unbetaed (sorry if there are errors)

Waning/triggers: swearing, Hydra.

Bucky x reader

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Previously working for Hydra, you were brainwashed into believing that they were dedicated to make the world a better place, a new world and future. A disposable soldier, but one of the world’s greatest assassins ever seen. Sure, you weren’t proud of your past, but everyone knew that you could kick ass.

It was Stark that found you. It all happened when they were send on a mission to one of the Hydra bases, just to make sure it was empty. You were in your cell at the time, which consisted of three reinforced concrete walls, a swing door with iron bars, and a scratchy blanket to either lay on or sleep under. You were curled up in a ball, lips blue and teeth chattering as you were pressed against the cold and dirty concrete, trying to make yourself disappear in the shadows. You took pride in being a strong and incredibly skilled assassin, but at the moment, you hadn’t been allowed food in almost a week, but even so, your strong built-up figure jumped at footsteps creeping towards your isolated cell in who-knows-where.

Slowly, you pushed yourself up, reaching behind you to try and find a plank of wood that you hid under your blanket weeks ago. Of course your handlers wouldn’t allow you to keep a gun in your cell - that would basically be a death penalty for them… if you weren’t brainwashed. A clank at the end of your long, narrow cell indicated that the door had been unlocked, and a creak indicated a potential attacker opening it. Your bare feet silent started padding towards the noise, making sure to stay within the shadows of the wall. You were dressed in the bare minimum, dressed in only a thin and ripped black tank top and a pair of equally torn black combat trousers.

A silhouette of a metal human shaped body appeared in the doorway, blocking all escape routes, trapping you in.

‘Nothing in here.’ A voice was heard coming from the bot-like shape. And with that, you lunged at the metal armour, swinging your plank of wood at the neck.


Tony turned around in shock, looking with surprise at the thing that just clubbed him around the neck. Before you could attack him again, he hastily spoke into earpiece again

‘I take it back, there’s someone here, but I should be able to deal with it…’ and before he had the opportunity to make a snide remark, you grabbed his helmet and twisted it off of him, simultaneously kicking his knee caps. Quickly regretting your hurried decision, you groaned at the impact of metal on your sensitive feet, stumbling back into the flickering white lights.

Tony chuckled to himself, as he finally saw you for the first time clearly. You looked up and glared daggers at him, but refraining from lashing out at him, realising that he would easily overpower you. Pick your battles, you thought to yourself.

‘So you’re the famous Y/N, I take it?’ he smirked, inching cautiously towards you, his brows raised.

‘Fuck. You. Metal guy’ you spat at him, yet standing your ground. Your stomach growled, a tune that you were used to hearing, a painful siren that your body was getting weaker by the second.

‘Hey! That’s not very nice, that hurts’ He pouted, pretending to sniff. ‘Anywho, all fun and games aside, you should come with us…we have food’

You growled at him and lunged, fist clenched and meeting neatly with his eye. You heard your heart thump in your chest, and you fell down at his feet, hunger finally beating you down.

You vaguely remember the man sighing gently, taking on a different demeanour from just seconds ago, and then bending down to pick you up. He tenderly carried your semi unconscious form back to a quinjet, just to place you on a seat before you were out completely.

The sounds of a heart rate monitor rudely awoke you from your deep sleep. A man with blond hair and a grey t-shirt which looked like it was going to pop off from his incredibly defined form sat on the hospital-like bed before you.

You raised your eyebrows at him, before looking over to the machine as it gave a particular loud beep.

‘Am I flatlining?’ you mused to no one in particular, crashing your head back down onto the feathery pillow,  a piercing headache throbbing in your skull. The blond man chuckled.

‘Nope, we were just making sure that you’re okay. That’s all.’ He handed you two pills, which you swallowed dry, and groaned again.

‘How long have I been here?’ you asked again, strangely not feeling threatened, nor the urge to run away. You were comfy, and as much as you didn’t trust the guy, you weren’t in the position to move, nor did you want to.

‘About four hours’

‘Oh’ you mumbled, slightly disappointed that you weren’t there for longer; you didn’t know why though. Your stomach moaned from deep inside you, making you grimace.

‘You must be famished… stay right here and I’ll bring you something to eat, Y/N’  The man stood up, as if to leave, and started to stride towards the door.

You rolled your eyes and chucked dryly, ‘well it doesn’t look like I’m moving anywhere fast, does it?’

The man let out a sympathetic laugh. ‘I guess not… My name is Steve Rogers by the way, nice to meet you.’ He gave you a wink and slipped out of the door.

Oh. Captain America.

By now, you weren’t in a destructive manner. You weren’t feeling aggressive towards the Avengers, just grateful that they didn’t kill you. After a substantial meal, members were walking freely into the hospital wing, introducing themselves. Within a few hours, you had become fairly well acquainted with the two women Natasha and Wanda. They talked to you for hours about their background and listening to you opening up about your equally bloody past. Clint introduced himself as he was also down at the wing getting stitches in his side after a particularly brutal run in with a murderous civilian. Sam dropped by to say hi on his way to the gym, and Steve was constantly walking in and out, checking on you every ten minutes or so. It seemed that the only person that you hadn’t met personally was James Barnes. You knew of him, of course. You’d worked with him once before on a mission back in his Winter Soldier days. Dispatch and no witnesses was what Hydra seemed to go by, and your eyes had only just opened to that in the few short hours with Nat. Steve spoke fondly of Bucky, and was convinced that you’d get along incredibly well, after countlessly telling you that they were best friends, which, of course you knew. But it didn’t seem that you’d be getting any visits from him any time soon. You weren’t going to lie to yourself, but it disappointed you a little, as you wanted someone else to be able to relate to, to talk to.

It was three days before Steve deemed you well enough to let you out of bed, but on the condition that your heart rate was monitored closely. This pissed you off a bit, as you were about to grab your boots and walk out to continue your life as a civilian. From a young age, all you ever wanted was to find a loving man and settle down with him. This was before hydra brainwashed you into destruction. There was still no sign of James Barnes.

It was three weeks before Steve deemed you healthy enough to have your own quarters at the compound. But this was on one condition - that you were chaperoned as often as possible. And as much as Nat asked to be around you 24/7, ‘life of the party’ Steve had made up his mind; James Buchanan Barnes was nominated to follow your every move for at least two weeks. ‘Just to make sure you were entirely better’

You did not like this idea at all.

James Buchanan Barnes did not like this idea at all.

incapableofgivingup  asked:

Random question of the day: What has been your favorite animal related experience?

Oh gosh, there’ve been so many - mostly cat-related, I admit…

There were the scary startling ones - the female tiger in London Zoo who made a effortless leap fifteen feet up to join her mate and made every watching human make a simultaneous leap three feet backwards as Instinct overrode Observation.

Or being in the lock-on zone as a full-grown male lion at Zoo-Basel targeted the small child behind us for lunch. We just had the overspill of his interest, but we still got all-over goosebumps, sweaty skin and stomach-flutters from the Ape Inside shouting “Run Away!”

Or walking after dark in the grounds of Blairquhan Castle and being scared out of a year’s growth by a red deer stag exploding out from where it had been snoozing in the undergrowth, then posing magnificently in the moonlight like Bambi’s Dad or Herne the Hunter while D & I tried to get our hearts started again.

Then there were the funny ones, usually involving our cats - Goodman, who discovered that his latest dumb bunny turned out to be a screeching, scratching leveret who was Mad As Hell and Not Going To Take It Any More. He finally gave up on game for lunch, so we caught the leveret in a lidded saucepan and returned it to the meadow, where it sat up swearing and threatening our lives, limbs and immediate future before making a getaway dash that cracked lightspeed.

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Maybe your kisses were false and the way you loved me was just an illusion because I swear I never thought you’d be the one to break my heart. All I ever gave you was my love and I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy the way I thought I was day after day. Nothing you have done has caused my love for you to fade and you are my princess no matter what happens. Not seeing you makes me feel down and I swear you got me going in circles just thinking about you. Yeah we fight but all I want is for us to learn from each other and better our futures. Maybe your barely opening your eyes up to realize all of this, but I want to be the guy who proudly holds your hand and surprises you on your bad days. I want to be the guy whose there when you feel as if your life is useless, forgive me for causing so much damage to your heart and hurting you without thinking. So many moments we could have shared are now all stuck in the past with no story to tell because we can’t continue writing our story. You are the queen who lives in my heart and I never meant to disrespect you out of anger. I promise you that I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else but you. I wish we could take back all the bad and refill it with good. But here I’ll wait for a love like ours day after day, because maybe your kisses were real and maybe you loving me was not an illusion…
—  baefiveoneoh (Nov. 26, 2014)