i swear that i'm not usually this emotional

stereotypes I (a Pisces sun) have about sun signs
  • Aries: funny, great at conversation, but very often insensitive to other's feelings when you're in a bad mood or hear something you don't want to hear. Y'all have a good ability to make others feel really shitty if you try hard but y'all can also be the life of any party.
  • Taurus: talkative sweethearts. You can try a little too hard to make people like you but it's from a good place, and I've noticed you care a little too much about what people think about you. Good natured. It's hard to piss y'all off.
  • Gemini: okay, I love y'all, and I'd never say a Gemini is two faced, but I would say people either absolutely Adore you or can't stand you. And that ain't your fault. Y'all are sooo friendly and can (no offence) talk my ear off tbh. But y'all are really good hearted, caring sweethearts and are really fun to be around.
  • Cancer: okay, Cancers, whether you admit it or not, are all suuuper emotional and crave being in a serious relationship (whether sexual or platonic). It's okay! I've noticed y'all just really crave someone who can always be there for you, to hear you vent, to maybe just get drunk and watch Netflix, or have someone you can play with the hair of. Mood swings are common I've noticed. But when you feel good, y'all are goofy, adventure-loving sweethearts who'd give me the shirt off their back even if I already had a jacket. And I've noticed a lot of y'all get too serious in relationships too quick and unfortunately that can really set y'all up for trust issues.
  • Leo: oh. My. God. I don't know what I'd do without y'all. I think Leos are a lot more introverted than people claim, but when you're close with someone a lot of the stereotypes are true. Majestic. Classy. Elegant. Y'all always have excellent taste in every aspect of your life. Y'all are Hilarious and love to laugh. And you're soooooo caring. If I'm feeling really down you're the first person I'd call.
  • Virgo: you are everyone's mom and you won't ever admit it. Your backpack/purse has a complete first aid kit, tissues, cough drops, snacks, anything someone needs. Slightly paranoid and very proud of your work. Perfectionists. And you're all so cute.
  • Libra: whatever you're passionate about or whatever you like, y'all are in to the most extreme version of it. Self-serving, but not in a malicious way. Like if you're doing someone a favor y'all will just make sure you can benefit too. So much fun. Any party you're at is legendary. And if you're close friends with someone, you two are brothers. And somehow y'all are always in a relationship with someone, it's crazy.
  • Scorpio: y'all are so interesting and mysterious! I never really know what y'all are thinking, but when you get drunk it all comes out. Sweethearts. A lot more emotional that you let on. Pretty introverted, but when you're comfortable with a group you're sooo funny.
  • Sagittarius: humble. Easily contented. Y'all are liable to be happy with the simpler pleasures in life and spend a night in with friends instead of going out. When drinking, y'all are the first to start and the last to call it a night. Friendly. Anxious around groups of people you don't know but you'll never let it show.
  • Capricorn: manipulative, cold, selfish, trash. I'm sorry. But literally every Capricorn I've ever met or interacted with has been the most self-centred selfish trash I've known. In my experience y'all aren't "hard workers" like everyone claims, just manipulative and self-pitying. I'm sure y'all aren't all bad and I'd love for one of you to prove me wrong though.
  • Aquarius: so supportive! Y'all have a gift of making people feel better. Talking to you is therapeutic I swear. Any conversation with you is sure to be deep, relaxing, leaving me feeling better afterward. Level headed usually, but what y'all are passionate about can whip you in to a frenzy. I hate to say it but at times y'all can be a little too unambitious. Sometimes you gotta realise you really do deserve better.
  • Pisces: complete and total sweethearts. So much more emotional than you'll ever let on, totally loyal friends, super trusting (unless you have a reason not to be), and will always avoid a major confrontation. Basically puppy dogs. Unfortunately y'alls loyalty, dislike of confrontation, and tendency to hide your emotions can really set you up to be taken advantage of. Y'all gotta know who's really there for you and who's just stringing you along for their personal gain, which is a lot easier said than done.