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Revenge Served Hot

Request: Damon smut where you he got in a fight with you so you buy lingerie, wear it around the house to mess with him and end up having make up sex? – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 1618

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon’s POV

I love (y/n) more than anything but she can be a total bitch most of the times, which makes her the perfect fit for me, the downside to it, we almost always argue about the little things. May it be when I don’t put the toilet seat down, or forgetting to turn off the light, or maybe forgetting to gas up her car when I use it. As of the moment, our current argument is that I finished the toothpaste and didn’t get a new one.

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I like to imagine what would happen if some of the overwatch moved into a like tower together.

D.va not stealing Lucio green shirt and wearing it on one of hers gaming streams. Only too have Lucio knock on her door asking if she seen his shirt. An she sinks into her seat trying to hide.

As she answers “no, I have no idea where your green shirt is.”

And on her stream chat its like OOOOh! Why you got his shirt d.va! Sell his shirt I’ll pay you! Busted!

An she eyes, her chat as she quickly types"None of you better snitch i swear to god-“

It is like 2 minutes flat before Lucio come back and he leans up against her door; phone in hand, shirtless. An hana all sweaty because theirs a shirtless Lucio in her room. She can it basically see him in her computer screen. An Lucio just scrolling through his phone as he talks.

“Ya know that funny cause, i’m getting a lot of tweets about people knowing where my shirt is. An how a famous streamer is wearing it. Would you know anything about that?”

An d.va pulls her keyboard into her lap, “nope! Not a clue haha.” Clearly not playing it cool at all. An she types out to her chat. Snitches all of you!

And Lucio raises and eyebrow, like really tho? An he walks up beside her chair and the chat is going crazy. D.va has missed like 20 donations at this point. An everyone can see Lucio clearly now arms folded. D.va is nearly dead in her chair. And he just smiles and says hello to the chat. Then turns to d.va-

“You know you could have just asked, it looks better on you anyway.” There a wink and Lucio leaves the room.

A D.va just disappears from her chair onto the floor her face redder than the sun. The game forgotten the chat and donations have gotten out of hand.

This is why it usually planed for when Lucio comes onto her streams.


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requested by anonymous

  • boi it was only a matter of time before i wrote this
  • i’m actually surprised it took this long
  • if you follow me on my main blog you know i’ve been jeongyeon trash since like ooh ahh era sO let’s begin
  • admiring her beauty
  • remember in my girlfriend!sowon list when i mentioned sowon was a jeongyeon type of gf?
  • well…. you know exactly where i’m going with this
  • 50% mom friend, 50% girlfriend
  • 100% authentic gf material
  • treats you well, listens to you, looks after you
  • she’s got it all basically
  • and she’s also very nonchalant about… the way she is the best girlfriend ever
  • she does everything like it’s what anyone would do
  • “something’s wrong? okay tell me everything”
  • “i just picked up your tea and soup and fuckin whatever cause you’re sick as hell”
  • it’s all like woohoo no big deal to her
  • but it actually means a lot
  • and similarly to girlfriend!yeeun i also headcanon casually swearing!jeongyeon
  • maybe that’s just me, but i really do
  • of course she wouldn’t in front of your parents or anything
  • but if it’s just the two of you or maybe a couple of friends too she might just blurt stuff out like
  • [reading nutrition facts] “what the fuck do you mean ‘0 trans fat’? i can read ‘partially hydrogenated oil’ under the ingredients, what are you lying to me for?”
  • admiring her beauty when she swears casually
  • lots of gf looks
  • all the gf looks
  • sometimes you wear her clothes and she doesn’t even notice
  • but she does notice other little details
  • if you’ve got something on your mind but you’re not saying anything she can tell
  • “y/n what’s wrong”
  • “i… it’s fine, i can deal with it. i don’t wanna bother you.”
  • [insert “oh please” eye roll]
  • she really understands you and cares about you
  • and i really believe, even if you two have your differences, she’d always be good about making ends meet in your relationship
  • if you ever got into an argument, it might not go well, but it wouldn’t end you two
  • she cares too much not to resolve it… and it ends in a hug
  • yes, lots of hugs

thanks for reading and requesting, everyone! i posted a masterlist the other day, it’s here if you’re interested. i have a couple of more twice requests next, but i’ll also be adding my new admin soon, and they’re interested in doing more than just twice so i’m sure you’ll be seeing more than that in the short term. requests are still open. have a good night, everyone.

BBRae Week: Day 2

Awkward Moments vs Primal 

RATED: [M] for suggestive content.

Beast Boy had had some crazy ideas before.

Heck, he was practically full of them.

Maybe that was why hardly any of his teammates took his suggestions seriously. To be fair, he did make most of them in jest.

Unfortunately, this hadn’t really changed once he’d started dating Raven.

What he hadn’t been expecting, however, was for her to agree to something he’d semi-seriously mentioned offhandedly.

Pacing in his room, feeling high-strung, nervous, and uncomfortable, Beast Boy was still struggling with the notion that his girlfriend had decided to humor him and his ridiculous proposition.

Not only was it extremely risky, it was also extremely…weird.

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Oml i love the badboy au parents pls do more interactions iM SCR E AMING

Okay but I’m Say Yes to the Dress is on right now and for some reason, i got really inspired. Like for the Bad Boy Taehyung Au, a few years into the future, Taehyung knows Yoongi is the love of his life and there will never be anyone else he wants so he decides to propose. The only major problem though is that he wants to make sure both of Yoongi’s parents support them. It’s honestly the biggest deal for him, almost to the point where he won’t propose if one of them says no.

Yoongi’s brother actually laughs when Taehyung tells him this.

“You know my brother loves you right? He’d still marry you no matter what our parents said.”

Taehyung DOES know that. The younger has no doubt Yoongi would quickly jump into his car and drive all the way down to Las Vegas for a shotgun wedding if Taehyung asked him, but that’s not the point. The point is Taehyung’s own parents aren’t really the best, they don’t hit him or abuse him but they do tend to ignore him and toss money to leave them alone, and he wants to make sure Yoongi has the support he doesn’t at such a huge time. Especially because they are still so young for something so huge.

“I know, but this is important.” Taehyung softly smiles.

Mrs. Min takes the news of him wanting to propose almost exactly like Taehyung thought she would; loudly and happy. The lady right from the start, back when he and Yoongi were only in that in-between place of fuck buddies and boyfriends, had welcomed him pretty openly. Of course, she hated the way he was covered in tattoos, she made it known well enough that Taehyung was like another son to her already but those fucking tattoos were just annoying. It’s kind of the reason why he picked telling her first.

“Hey Mrs. Min,” Taehyung smiles softly as the woman turns to look at him from her spot at the stove. “Can we talk about something?”

She nods and Taehyung can see the way she smiles at the turtleneck sweater he decided to wear to cover the ink on his skin.

“What is it, baby? Are you having troubles at work again? You know Min mama can go down there and kick some asses again.”

The words pull a loud laugh from Taehyung. He feels the familiar warmth in the pit of his stomach he only felt around the woman whenever she referred to him with a term of endearment as she did her own sons, it really made him appreciate the women in a way he never had his own mother. Especially when she stood up for him in ways his own parents didn’t.

“No No,” Taehyung shakes his head reassuringly. “It’s nothing like that. Actually, i wanted to… well, I wanted to talk to you about asking Yoongi to marry me.”

For a moment the entire kitchen is silent. Taehyung swears he can feel his entire life flash before his eyes as he looks at Yoongi’s mother with a look of hope and fear mixed together. It all melts away when the woman breaks into the biggest grins he’s ever seen her wear before she jumps up and down clapping. He doesn’t even get the chance to say anything, Mrs. Min roughly pulls him into her arms and squishes him as close as she can to herself as a few tears leave her eyes.

It’s a moment he’s never really had and his own eyes fill with unshed tears as well.

“My sweet Taehyunggie, of course, you can marry Yoonie!” The women sniffles. “I already think of you as my own son there’s no way I would ever not let you marry Yoongi.”

They sit together in the kitchen, holding each other and crying until Yoongi returns home from his college classes and raises an eyebrow at them. Taehyung laughs and gently pulls himself away from Yoongi’s mom.

“We were just uh crying…. because we were… chopping onions.”

Talking to Mr. Min about wanting to propose to Yoongi is a whole other story.  

Sure, their relationship as boyfriend and father of boyfriend’s boyfriend has improved over the years Taehyung’s been dating Yoongi but the younger is still scared to talk to the elder man about something like marriage. He doesn’t think Yoongi’s father will shut him out completely, he knows Yoongi’s father loves his son and would never do anything to disturb Yoongi’s happiness, more so, Taehyung is afraid that he isn’t enough to ask for Yoongi’s hand in marriage.

Mr. Min has never said it out loud but Taehyung knows the man thinks he isn’t good enough to take care of Yoongi.

Taehyung can’t really say he blames him for thinking that way when the elder has had to make several trips to the Daegu police station to bail him out of jail over the years they’ve known each other. Though it’s been a while since Taehyung’s gotten in trouble with the law, thanks to Yoongi’s constant ass kickings and lectures to get him to behave, Taehyung’s past is something that he can’t really forget. He was a little shit, he did break into homes and steal money, he did constantly spray paint walls for fun and get into bar fights. All those things were more than enough for Yoongi’s father to not want him to marry his son.

“Uh, Sir,” Taehyung gulps as he knocks on Mr. Min’s office door. “I would like to talk to you about something if you have time.”

Yoongi’s father raises an eyebrow at him from his desk.

“Shouldn’t you be in class right now, Taehyung?”

It’s true, Taehyung was skipping his own college classes to come down to his boyfriend’s father’s office but he figured the elder wouldn’t notice. Of course, he was wrong.

“Well but it’s kind of important.”

Mr. Min motions for Taehyung to sit down and the boy does so, though it’s slowly and his movements jerk with fear.

“I wanted to ask… well… if you would let me ask your son to marry me.” Taehyung takes in a shaky breath before locking eyes with the man that stares at him with an unreadable expression. “I know I’m not good enough for him, I know that I fucked up a lot in the past and you’ve had to deal with me at times when you shouldn’t have too and I know you wish Yoongi would have ended up with some accountant or doctor and not some tattoo artist but i-”

“Taehyung please.”

Mr. Min sighs and lets the papers he’d been holding fall to the desk in front of him. The man looks tired as if he’s been thinking too much about something important and for a moment Taehyung fears the man will just tell him to shut the fuck up and leave. For a moment Taehyung thinks he’s never going to get the man’s blessing.

“I think you misunderstand me.” The man smiles softly. “There was a time when I thought my son was too good for you. I thought you were just some thug covered in tattoos and piercings that would lead Yoongi into a bad reputation and ruin his future.”

Taehyung sags in his seat sadly.

“But- but then I saw how you took care of him. I saw how you fought for my son and protected him. I saw how you were the first one to hold him when he was unhappy and were the first to cheer for him when he talked about his dreams and I realized something.” Taehyung’s eyes widen as Mr. Min stands and pulls him into a hug. “You are indeed a little shit but you are a good man for Yoongi and I am happy you want to marry him, you have my blessing.”

Taehyung again spends almost an hour crying, this time in his car as he thinks back to the first time he met Yoongi’s father and the man pretended to not approve of him as a test.

Taehyung cries as he holds a box in his hands with a golden ring sitting snug in the middle of it and thinks about Yoongi, his soon to be fiance he was crazy in love with.

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Jane! 56 for the prompt thing please? :)))

TANZEE!! Here’s “It brings out your eyes.”  Prompt list here if you want to send me one!

Continuation of this Non-SHIELD AU, but can be read alone.

He doesn’t look up when the door creaks open, having learned that it only embarrasses the students. Instead, he grabs the ream of paper and allows the latecomer to believe they haven’t been disruptive at all.

“Now,” he says, “I know that spacetime is a difficult concept, but think about it this way.” He sets the ream of paper on the table, for all the class to see. “We’re 3D, yeah? Okay, but imagine we lived in a two-dimensional existence. Flat,” he continues, picking up the top sheet from the ream, “just like this piece of …”

He almost chokes on his own spit when he sees her. She’s sitting way in the back, but that smile shines like a lighthouse. He stands there, gaping at her until she mouths the words go on, and he realizes the whole class is very confused.

And of course, he must look like a fool, standing at the front of the class holding a piece of paper and stunned that the woman he loves just waltzed in. She’s supposed to be on the other side of the ocean. He’s supposed to meet her at the airport on Saturday. It takes him a minute to realize that he’s also supposed to be giving a lecture.

“This …” He squints down at the sheet in his hands. “Imagine that we’re flat, like this piece of paper. We wouldn’t be able to conceive of …” She leans in, and he swallows, “Of three dimensions. Of a cube, or … anything that’s not two-dimensional.”

He continues as best as he can, but she has to know how she’s affecting him, or she wouldn’t be enjoying it so much. In the end, he has to avoid looking in her corner of the room, or he’ll keep thinking of the way she looked the last time he saw her, of the way he kissed her without realizing it, of the fire in his blood when she kissed him back. So he watches the ream of paper, the whiteboard, the podium, and his notes. He glances at the front row, the second row, and his own hands. And somehow, magically, he makes it through the class.

He shuffles through his notes as the students leave, pretending to pack up even as he feels her draw closer. He’s never felt his heart beat like this before, because he didn’t realize he loves her until she kissed him like she loves him back. 

“Fascinating lecture,” she says, and he still doesn’t look up. “I never thought of teaching it that way. I may have to steal your methods.”

Her voice is so casual, so usual, that he can’t help but look at her face and hope there’s another meaning behind her words. He finds that her coy smile is enough to blind him.

“You’re early,” he says, then winces. “I mean, you’re back early. Is everything … is everything alright with your mum and dad?”. 

Her smile sobers, but doesn’t disappear. “He’s doing fine, actually. Recovering quite nicely. I would have been happy to stay longer, but I started to feel like I was in the way.” She shrugs, as if that’s just life, as if her presence isn’t something to be treasured. He narrows his eyes at her.

“I’m sure that’s not the case.”

“Well,” she says, “you know my parents. I’ve been out of the house so long that I tend to muck up their routine. And I think my mum just wanted time alone with him, since she came so close to losing him.” 

This smile is different, like she’s remembering something unspeakably pleasant, and he wonders if she’s ever looked at her parents the way he has, if she’s ever thought that love wasn’t worth having if it didn’t look something like theirs.

“I did have time to go through their cupboards, though,” she continues. Her smile grows mischievous. “I binned everything remotely unhealthy and replaced it with something much better. I had some angry texts waiting for me when I got off the plane!” She chuckles then, and he restrains himself from saying he should have been there, or that he almost booked himself a ticket. 

“I know how he feels,” he says instead, trying to control the smile of his own. “You did the same thing to me once, if you recall.”

“I recall that you had nothing in your kitchen but ice cream,” she says. “And I remember that you made yourself sick with it. I also remember thinking that girl who dumped you didn’t deserve you or your tears.”

He takes in a breath, because they’d been dancing around this subject on the brief phone calls they’ve had, and here it is. He tries to stammer out a response, but it takes a few fragments of nonsensical sounds before he finds the right word.


Her eyebrows shoot up to her hairline, and he’s pleased to have surprised her.


“Dinner,” he repeats. “You must be exhausted from your trip. Let me take you out to dinner.”

He’s pretty sure that he said an actual, complete sentence, but his mind is whirling. He’d made a reservation for the day she was scheduled to come back, but would they let him move it? Or would he have to start his research all over again? Honestly, there were so many variables, and he was sure Italian was appropriate for the occasion, but what if he couldn’t find—

“Dinner,” she says. He swallows.


She tilts her head at him, as if she’s not sure what he means, but he’s sure it must be plastered all over his face. He was sure that a kiss like that meant she wanted him to take her on a date, but the silence gives room for doubts. What if—

“That sounds lovely,” she says. “But I have one condition.”

He almost chokes for a second time. “Okay.”

“You have to wear your blue dress shirt. The one you wore when we went to the symphony, with the same tie.” She looks down at the floor, and he swears he sees the hint of a blush on her cheeks. “It’s just that it … it brings out your eyes. And it’ll go well with the dress I want to wear.”

“Oh,” he stammers. “Oh, I mean if you … okay.” He does some metal inventory and verifies that yes, that shirt is clean and pressed, and he’s pretty sure he has the tie. But—did she say she’d wear a dress?


She looks up into his eyes and he swears, in this moment, he’d give her anything.

“Yeah, I can … I can do that. I have, um, I have another class after this, but I can pick you up around … six?”

Six, he hopes, is early enough that they’ll get a table right way, maybe early enough that he might be able to ask for an outside table where they can share the view. It’s supposed to be warm tonight, so she should be comfortable even if she … 

She nods. “Six is perfect. I’ll see you then. And Fitz?”

He’s still trying to tell himself that it’s a Thursday, that it’s near the stadium but the big game isn’t until tomorrow, that it should be fine it should be fine it should be fine, so it takes him a second to realize she asked him a question.

“Uh, yes?”

Her expression is truly unreadable.

“Thank you.”

He furrows his brow. “Thank you? For what?”

She looks down, but one corner for her lips curls upward.

“For teaching me that some things are inevitable. For being something to come home to.”

And he’s so stunned by what she means that he doesn’t realize she’s standing on her toes to kiss him until it’s happening. It’s all too brief, but he knows what it means. He knows that they both have wonderful things to look forward to.

She doesn’t say anything before she leaves, just gives him a look so pointed that he’s still standing there long after she’s left, alone in this empty room and feeling more full than he ever has in his life.

There’s a difference, he thinks, between coming home and having your home come back to you. 

He’ll have to find a way to thank her for that.

Auston Matthews - Part 11

Because I love you all so so much, and I feel bad for not posting a few days in a row. Here’s a second post for today and it’s hella long so I apologize if you don’t like long posts. Thank you so much for all the love and support, I hope I’m making this story fun and maybe making you go a little insane? 

Word count: 2949

For the second day in a row, Mrs. Matthews wakes me gently, touching my forehead and whispering to me that it’s time to get up. I groan and push my face into my pillow, while I hear Mrs. Matthews and someone else laugh quietly. I peek up and see Auston standing in the kitchen, already dressed for the day in a suit, I ogle at him for a moment since he hasn’t noticed me staring yet. Instagram just doesn’t do him justice. The suit is tight in all the right places, its design sleek and cool. My eyes go from his head to his feet and back again, only I meet a pair of brown eyes instead.

               Auston gives me a smirk and before I can even blush, he turns his back to me and bends over to grab something from a drawer, and I’m blessed with the full view of his ass in perfectly tailored pants. My jaw drops in shock from A: the fact that he actually just did that and B: the fact that he actually just did that. He emerges from the drawer emptyhanded and meets my gaze again. I narrow my eyes at him and decide that because Alex and Breyana are still asleep and Mrs. Matthews has returned to her bedroom, that two can easily play that game.

               I shimmy out of bed and after making sure Auston is still facing me, although his attention is on something on the counter in front of him, stand slowly. I stretch my hands slowly above my head, my shirt coming up slightly and exposing my midriff, I tighten my leg muscles and bend my back. Once thoroughly “stretched out,” I drop my bands to my side and turn to face Auston. His head is still tilted down towards the counter but his eyes are on me, his expression unreadable.

               “Morning,” I say cheerfully at him as I pass by the counter to go towards the bathroom. I supposed there are worse ways to wake up.

               Twenty minutes later I’m standing at the door with Mrs. Matthews, waiting for Auston to put his coat on so we can go.

               “Call me after you get done,” Mrs. Matthews is saying, her hand running through my now straightened hair. “After you call your parents of course,” she adds.

               “Ema, I’ll call you right away,” I reassure her for the hundredth time.

               She gives me a tight smile, and I swear there’s tears in her eyes.

               “You know how proud we are of you sweetheart, always so proud,” she whispers and pulls me in for a hug. I feel tears well in my eyes and blink rapidly, I am not about to ruin my makeup for a few tears.

               “I know, and I love you for it,” I mumble back, a little embarrassed, but feeling more love than ever.

               She squeezes me once more and then hugs Auston, probably so he doesn’t feel left out.

               Auston opens the door and ushers me out. I wink at Mrs. Matthews and give her a reassuring smile.

               “I’ll see you in a bit,” I say before Auston follows me out the door.

               “I swear she loves you more than she does me,” Auston says as we make our way to the elevator.

               “Can you blame her?” I tease back, pressing the button to call the elevator.

               “I suppose I can’t, I should probably ask for my pucks back,” he replies and I can’t help but laugh.

               Once we make it outside, he opens the car door for me again.

               “You look nice by the way,” he says, gesturing to my outfit, but I think he’s referring to my skirt more than anything else, even if I am wearing tights.

               “Nice suit,” I say as I climb down into my seat. “You’ll have to give me the name of your tailor.”

               He eyes me for a moment before closing the door with a laugh.

               We ride in mostly silence to the university, the nerves setting in. We are pulling around the university towards the building that I need when Auston breaks the silence.

               “Y/N, relax. Your jaw has been clenched for the past five minutes,” he says, as he pulls up in front of the building and shifting into park.

               I tell myself to grab the door and climb out, but my body refuses to cooperate.

               Auston sits there a moment as I try and fail to compose myself, there’s a tightness in my chest that I just can’t seem to get rid of. He reaches over and takes my hand off my lap and into both of his.

               “Y/N, look at me,” he says softly and I slowly am able to do what he says. His eyes are serious as he rubs my hand between his own. “Calm down, breathe.” I still can’t seem to get my jaw to relax. “Breathe.” He repeats and again I try, but can’t. He leans towards me, his face inches from mine, and his breath on my face as he repeats himself once more. “Breathe.”

               Finally my body listens and I suck in a deep, shaky breath.

               “There you go,” he says, his face still close to mine.

               “Thank you,” I whisper, squeezing his hands with mine.

               “You’re welcome. Now, if you’re ready, get your butt inside and decide if these guys are even worth your time,” he nods toward the building behind me.

               I laugh and nod before leaning in and kissing his cheek lightly.

               Auston’s cheeks turn a faint pink and his eyes go to my mouth as I pull away. I part my lips slightly and just like that, the entire temperature changes in the car. I can feel every nerve in my body standing on end, like a lightning bolt went through me. We both breathe in deeply and I have to pull myself back, which is agonizing, another moment broken.

               “Text me when you’re done, I’ll come pick you up, the rink is literally nine minutes away,” he says relaxing back into his seat, although my hand is still between his.

               “Yeah, okay,” I mutter, still recovering my voice. I gently pull my hand away and grab the car door.

               “You don’t need it, but good luck,” he adds, his hand grazing my back as I step out into the cool Toronto air.

               I lean back down and smile at him, “Thank you, Auston. I’ll see you in a bit.”

               He winks at me and I close the car door and step onto the curb, pulling my purse up higher on my shoulder. I stare up at the great doors of the building in front of me. I take in a deep breath and square my shoulders, the heels of my shoes clicking on the stone steps as I make my way up, ready for whatever may be through those doors.


               Alex POV

               Mom checks her phone for the twentieth time in the last hour as we sit around the T.V. in the living room. Auston is still at morning skate and Y/N has yet to call or text. I’m not worried about Y/N at all, but I’m starting to get bored. Having Auston around is always a lot more fun and looking at the clock, he should have been home about thirty minutes ago. So, I pull out my phone and send him a text.

               When r u coming home?

               I wait a moment before his reply comes.

               Waiting for Y/N

               I slowly smile and look up at Breyana who notices, I show her the screen and the same smile forms on her face as another message appears in front of me.

               So I don’t have to come back for her

               Right, just trying to save gas I’m sure…

               What’s the supposed to mean?


               It meant something!!

               U know, we r more than capable of going and getting Y/N ourselves…

               Yeah, but it’s on my way home

               No its not?

               It’s not but im already out. Shut up

               Breyana and I break into a fit of giggles.

               “He likes her!” Breyana exclaims and mom looks over, dad indifferent as ever and ignores us.

               “Who likes who?” Mom asks, squinting at us.

               “Oh, no one who know, mom. Friends from school,” Breyana replies, always super smooth with the poker face and mom nods, her attention back to her own phone.

               Breyana and I exchange a glance and I text out one more message to Auston.

               Remember I found her first, u can’t steal her

               The little bubbles appear as he types something but then they disappear, apparently he thought better than to text me back. Breyana and I spend the next several minutes whispering about Y/N and Auston. Then mom’s phone rings and she about falls of the couch in her eagerness to answer.

               “Y/N! How did it go?”


Your POV

               “It went pretty good,” I say, walking through the hallway to the main doors I walked in, my voice echoing off the walls, but I don’t care there is literally no one remotely close to me. “I already called my parents and told them everything but, they offered to pay my tuition, housing and to even start paying me after my first semester here, as long as everything goes as planned.”

               “Oh, Y/N, that’s so great!” Mrs. Matthews exclaims through the phone. Luckily, she isn’t with me to see the fact that I’m not smiling whatsoever and that there are dried tear streaks down my face. “We should go out for lunch to celebrate!”

               “Oh, no that’s okay, Auston has a game later and we will go out for diner after that. Really, its okay,” I say quickly, my phone vibrates as Auston sends me a text back that he’s on his way.

               “No, we are going someplace, doesn’t have to be lunch, we can go get cheesecake for something,” Mrs. Matthews demands through the phone and I know there’s no point in arguing with her. “Auston can drop you off with us and go home and take his pre-game nap in peace.” She keeps talking but my throat closes up.

               “Yeah, okay, great,” I mutter and she goes silent on the other end of the phone.

               “Is everything okay?” She asks, this time much softer and her mother tone is back.

               “Yeah, just a lot of stairs,” I say, trying to keep the tears out of my voice. “Decide where you want to go and text me, I’ll meet you there.”

               “Okay,” again her tone very soft and I’m not sure I convinced her completely that I’m okay.

               “Alright, I gotta call one more person,” I say and after we say goodbye, I hang up the phone and shove it back in my purse, just a little bit of guilt that I promised Mrs. Poe I would call her right away. It was hard enough talking to my parents and Mrs. Matthews without breaking down.

               I hurry down the stone steps to the great doors that I had first walked in which seems suddenly like a lifetime ago, when it was only three hours. I wipe angrily at the tears streaming down my face, talking to Mrs. Matthews had pushed me over the edge and I could feel another panic attack settling in.

               Stop freaking out. Stop freaking the fuck out.

               I repeat those words over and over again in my head and burst through the great doors, a little more dramatically than I would have liked. Moments later Auston’s car turns the corner and I try to compose my face as I rush down the stairs.

               Do not let him see you cry. Do not cry in front of him.

               Auston pulls to a stop in front of me and I quickly climb in, trying my best not to directly look him in the face.

               “How did it go?” Auston asks, not putting the car into gear and pulling away like I needed him to.

               I freeze, halfway between clicking my seatbelt into place. I take a deep breath and I feel myself breaking, I turn my face to him and meet his excited brown eyes and watch the spark in them disappear the moment he gets a look at my face.

               “Y/N, what’s wrong? What happened?” He asks, his hand reaching out and his thumb gently wipes away a smear of makeup on my face, I unconsciously lean into his hand. When I don’t say anything for a moment he takes my face and makes me look at him. “Y/N, talk to me, please.”

               After a moment of me catching my breath, I answer.

               “I got everything I asked for. Everything I wanted.”

               Auston gives me a confused look, trying to understand.

               “But these don’t look like happy tears, they look like miserable tears.”

               Again, his thumb gently wipes away another stray tear.

               “I know, I’m being stupid. It’s just… I….” I break off, a quiet sob racking over my body.

               “It’s just what? Keep talking to me, Y/N.”

               I hesitate for another moment, but I know I have to tell someone or else I might shatter into a million pieces.

               “It’s everything I want but I’m terrified. I’m scared to leave home. I’ve never ever been someplace where I’m more than thirty minutes from someone I love. Even on vacations to Arizona, I was with your family, with Alex and now they are going to be even farther away. My parents are going to be all the way in Ann Arbor, my dad even farther away when he goes on scouting trips across the league. I have literally no one in Toronto. No one. I’ll be completely alone and as much as I love this program here and as much as I want it, I just can’t.” I pull in a shaky breath, as I prepare to say more.

“I’m letting everyone down. Your mom was right, no twenty-one year old should have this much pressure on them to do something that some people haven’t done in their entire lives. It’s too much and I can’t tell anyone because I’m even more terrified of letting people down, and I made things even worse because I told the professor inside that I would think about his offer, but he saw how happy I was when he first proposed his offer to me and he knows I want it.” I’m babbling but I can’t seem to stop. “I’m scared, Auston. I’m so so scared. Never in my life have I been afraid to fail because I knew I never would until now. Now there’s the possibility that I can fail and destroy everything I’ve built and all I want to do is high tail it back to my safety net.”

My breathing gets out of control and I start hyperventilating, my hands shake in my lap and I try to squeeze them together.

“Breathe, breathe,” Auston whispers next to me, pulling my face to his and leaning his forehead against mine. “Breathe with me, okay?” He asks and I nod, listening to his breath, even and strong, tickling my face.

Slowly, I match my breathing with his and slowly I get the feeling back into my hands, grabbing Auston’s from my cheeks and squeezing them tightly.

“How did you learn to do that?” I ask, after a few minutes of just breathing.

“I once had a teammate who had panic attacks and there were a few ways we could get him to calm down, this was one of them,” he replies, rubbing slow circles on my hand with his thumb.

I lean my forehead back and stare at him.

“I didn’t mean the having no one in Toronto part,” I say quietly. “I was just babbling, I know you’re here.”

“I know,” he says quietly. “You know if you do come here my mother will make me trail after you like a puppy.”

“She’s going to make you? Somehow I feel like you would follow me anywhere without her interference,” I say the words before I realize it and shift slightly in my seat. Way to make things awkward, dumbass.

However, Auston laughs. “I’m starting to think you may be right.”

I smile shyly at him and his phone buzzes in the cup holder distracting us both. I see “mom” flash across his screen and he picks up his phone.

“Well, I’m supposed to drop you off at a bakery downtown. Are you okay to go or do you want to come up with an excuse not to?” He asks, looking back up at me.

“Drop me off, otherwise your mom will be all over me about what’s wrong.” I say slowly, dreading fifteen minutes from now.

He stares at me a moment and then types out a reply that we will be there soon.

“Please don’t mention what I told you to anyone, I just… need a little time.”

“Of course, but we are going to talk about this later, promise?” The look in his eye is so intense and I see a flicker of something but it’s gone before I can put a finger on it.

“I promise, I told him I would have an answer by the day I go home to Ann Arbor,” I say.

He nods once and settles back into his seat, he takes one of his hands and I go to let go of the other but he only squeezes it tighter. Shifting the car into drive, he pulls away from the curb. I look out the sun roof and desperately wish it were night time, needing the North Star and running shoes now more than ever. 

Madeleine (fRyder x Reyes)


I swear, I don’t know what happened. One moment I was fine, and the next I was writing 4500 words based on your prompt. They are very NSFW words, too. Rated QQE for Quite, Quite Explicit.

If being the Pathfinder’s wearing you down, why not be someone else for an evening? I can be someone else, too.

I can be anyone you want.

Sara rocked forward onto her toes. It was doable, although the straps around her ankles weren’t doing anything to support her. The shoe leather was stiff, too, but at least the toes weren’t pointed. Small mercies, she supposed. Rocking back, though - that was a problem. There couldn’t be anything historically accurate about five-inch heels. She’d have to have a stern word with Reyes once they were through here.

And that was when it hit her. This was ridiculous.

She fell back onto the chair behind her, five-inch heels sliding across the floor as she sunk down as far as she could manage. Her slip dress had other ideas, of course. The gauzy, beaded upper layer was catching on the -

Jesus Christ. Keema had found some crushed velvet upholstery.

Sara took a deep, calming breath. “The dress is pretty,” she said to the empty room.

Catching the twin loops of pearls dangling from her neck, she held one up to the reddish light from the lamp beside her. The pearls were definitely fake, but they were lustrous enough, and they did look good with these gloves. There was something to be said for white silk, especially when it reached your elbows. It made Sara feel kind of classy - but not too classy. The pale slip dress was fairly shapeless, too, which was both strange and a little sexy. It left her upper arms bare, the topmost layer fringed from the middle of her thigh to her knee. Early twentieth American women had apparently wanted to show a little leg - but not too much leg. Sara stretched one of hers out, admiring the way the strips of weighted fabric parted over her thigh.

She definitely understood why Reyes had left her this particular dress. There was still the mystery of where he’d gotten it, along with the shoes, gloves and plastic pearls - and where Keema had gotten everything else.

Kadara’s stand-in ruler had turned the palace into a wonderland of red-shaded lamps and velvety dark wood furniture. Rich, gauzy fabrics hung from the walls, disguising the contemporary metal panels, and big band jazz could be heard in the distance. In Keema Dohrgun’s conception of 1920s America, liquor bottles were apparently decorative, and no light source passed muster unless it was crimson or gold. This particular room - Sara’s dressing room, as Keema had referred to it earlier - could have come straight from a Prohibition era speakeasy. The wood furniture could be credited to some clever painting technique, of course; if Sara tapped on the arm of her chair, it rang like aluminium. A good number of the bottles on the walls were probably fake, too, but Sara had to admire the effect.

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rampaging-sock-hobbit  asked:

Would you write a headcannon about Percy and Annabeth's children? Or just Percabeth married life in general?? OH AND CAN CHIRON BABYSIT THE KIDS??? PLEASE THANKS UR AMAZING

i don’t have a clever intro atm but i would like to make it known that im eating freeze-dried strawberries and god damn they are so delicious  - @vivilevone

this has been in Jeannie’s inbox for like twelve thousand years so I’m finally answering it, SOOOOO sorry for the CRAZY delayed response!!! (also, on jeannie’s behalf, thank you!!!! you are also amazing)

  • Annabeth always does the grocery shopping
  • It’s not because she’s the “woman of the house”
    • (if we’re all honest here, Percy is the “woman of the house”, but let’s not get into that) (scratch that we will probably get into that)
  • it’s also not because Percy doesn’t know what to buy
  • it’s just that Percy has no concept of budget
    • “Percy, I sent you out an hour ago to get bread, frozen peas, and some fruits. It’s been three hours and you come back with six bags of stuff and you’re telling me not to check our bank statement?!”
  • they have two children
    • one is younger and her name is Zoe
    • the other is four years older than Zoe and her name is Sally
      • (they were going to call Zoe Bianca, but then Nico made them swear they wouldn’t because he was going to name his daughter Bianca)
  • they’re both girls, which Percy was only disappointed about for 0.1 seconds and then he realized how ADORABLE they were
  • Annabeth teaches him to braid hair and suddenly the girls have been wearing braids for a month
  • the “blue food” tradition is obviously passed down: even from a young age Percy is feeding them blue soda, blue cookies, blue anything he can find
  • Annabeth works more than Percy so she isn’t home quite as much (yes Percy is the stay-at-home-mom I told you so)
    • still, she comes home armed with goodies at least twice a week
    • the people who work at her architecture firm are all very sweet and at least five years older than her
    • when she mentioned she had two little daughters they started offering up their old little-girl stuff
  • I was gonna go with no, Chiron can’t babysit the kids, but what the hell, he babysits their damn kids
    • and they love him SO MUCH. he lets them ride on his back and takes them into the forest (sadly they can’t exactly go into Times Square riding on a half-man, half-horse’s back)
    • Annabeth is adamant about never giving the girls more than a square of ambrosia every week because “they’re TINY and what if they just SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST?!”
    • but Chiron always sneaks them some
  • Zoe tells Percy, but Percy doesn’t tell Annabeth. Some things are better left a secret.
  • (Annabeth knows. She just doesn’t say anything.)

I miss my girl so much..

My head over heels mushy ass gets this joy out of wearing her bracelet everyday. I just can’t wait till I can just roll over & tell her to “ come here ” like I do whenever I’m w/ her & she says “ you come here ”

Johnna is the greatest blessing ever & I swear I’m going to make sure to give her the world & more & be there to support & help her reach her goals & beyond in life. In my eyes, That’s the most beautiful human to walk this earth, inside & out… And she deserves everything & more because she’s been honest + real + herself + held me down + loved me since day one. I couldn’t ask for anything else. That’s who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with for sure.

I know that for a fact. I’m blessed to have her for real because I swear I would not be here nor be the person that I am today if it weren’t for her. That’s my angel + the love of my life + my first true love + my everything

10 Things Jumin Love

Her laugh.

 She was ticklish; it was a very wonderful day for him once he learned about it.

 “Ahahahaha!” Left and right she wiggled in his embrace. To her dismay, his hug only tightened, one arm wrapped around her stomach while his right hand traced up and down the side of her chest. “Jumiiii-AHAHAHAHA!” Laughter turned into roaring cackles, she tried to turn until her right side lightly bumped his chest. “Oppa, you’re meaahahahaha!” Unfortunately for her, this only meant for his hand to easily caress higher until deft fingers tickled the left side of her neck.

 Jumin only chuckled warmly as he kissed the right side of her head. Chu, chu, his kisses were endless, smiling lips then traced down to the shell of her beet red ear.

 He bit back a laugh himself once he felt her tilting her head slightly towards him.


 Her laughter bloomed flowers in his heart.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about those candids of Bella running/jogging in NY today?

Paparazzi just happen to run into her jogging path while she’s in head to toe Nike, even though has said several times she hates running and seeing people exercise so she only likes her home gym? STAGED. As most candids are, especially her gym ones lbr. And I swear to good she has on contour her cheeks and jaw never look that defined without makeup. Wonder if she’s got something new with Nike coming up since she’s not wearing anything to promote her Cortez campaign. Also those weird shrug things she wears when she works out are so awkward looking and odd when it’s like 90 degrees in NYC. ALSO does anyone else see like a belly ring in some of the photos? I swear to God, I see something but I can’t tell if it’s an actual piercing or just something from inside her pants sticking up.

anonymous asked:

I saw ur post on your IG acc about Rena wearing those clothes and tbh I think it's kinda pathetic like you're just looking for stuff to call her out on she can wear what she wants it's her body and if you're a feminist then you shouldn't even be saying something on the matter, clothing doesn't contribute anything towards a person and if she wants to wear that she can, find something valid to hate them on not their clothing

my instagram account is @/therealheyviolet
i have no idea who owns that account, i definitely did not say they could use my name or my icon, but i swear it is not me!
and definitely, i agree with you, shitting on someone’s clothing is next level low
people can wear whatever the fuck they want
BUT, when you’re under age and you’re trying to dress sexy to be appealing, or your parents are putting that in place, i think things need to be reconsidered

anonymous asked:

AU Where James comes home after a long Quidditch practice and heads to the head boy/girl dorms immediately to shower and barges in on Lily showering accidentally.

I just want to start out by saying I hate the new tumblr update. It’s so annoying to do these indents. But anyway, this is for you, anon! Love, love, love this prompt! 

James sighed, kicking off his shoes as he walked into the Heads’ private Common Room. He was muddy and soaked in sweat and rain water. The cool October air didn’t stop him from sweating like a pig.  He’d just finished a rough Quidditch practice with his team, wanting to make sure they beat Slytherin during their upcoming match. Now James wanted nothing more than to get a hot shower, and maybe spend the rest of the night in front of the fire in the quiet Common Room. 

He noticed Lily’s bedroom door was shut, so he made his way up the stairs to their shared bathroom, removing his shirt and pants along the way. He left his boxers on in case she were to come out. He threw his dirty clothes into his bedroom before walking to the bathroom. He ran a hand through his hair out of habit, thinking over what plays they would use during Saturday’s game as he opened the door to the bathroom. 

There was a scream, and a wet washcloth thrown at James, who stood in shock. After getting a glance at the wet—and very naked—redhead, James quickly threw a hand over his eyes. “Fuck, Lily, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were in here! I didn’t see anything, I swear!” James swore, backing out of the bathroom. 

“Merlin, James! You scared the pants off of me!” Lily said. The shower was still running, but James could hear her getting out. She wrapped a towel around herself and continued. “You can look now, I’m decent." 

James peaked over his hand, wishing he hadn’t. Sirius’ mum naked.  James thought quickly, hoping to Merlin Lily didn’t see what was going on in his pants. “So you were wearing pants in the shower?” James asked, running a hand though his hair nervously. 

"Huh?” Lily asked, raising an eyebrow at him. She rung her hair out in the shower that was still running in the background. 

“You said, ‘Merlin, James! You scared the pants off of me!’” James smirked, doing his best to imitate Lily’s voice. 

“Oh shut up,” Lily laughed. “I don’t sound like that!" 

"You do,” James said matter-of-factly. 

“What are you doing in here? Trying to see me naked?” Lily asked, raising an eyebrow. “It’s not like you didn’t hear the shower running. And the awful singing." 

"You were singing?” James grinned. “Can’t believe I missed it. Will you sing again for me?" 

"No!” Lily laughed. “I know you heard it. I thought you’d be at Quidditch longer, so I was enjoying a nice shower until I was interrupted.” 

"I really didn’t hear you, I was thinking about Quidditch plays,” James said, blushing slightly. He was talking about Quidditch to Lily Evans, who was naked right in front of him. He tried his best to restrain the boner that was threatening to ruin his life. 

“Ah, that usually does it.” Lily laughed. “Looks like you’re in need of a shower more than I am. But I was using it first…" 

"You can finish. Just let me know when you’re done,” James said, turning to go out of the bathroom. 

“Or…” Lily started. James turned back around to see Lily now facing the shower. She dropped her towel and stepped in. “We could save water. Shower together, you know?" 

James gulped. Whatever restraint he had on his cock was completely gone now. “I— um… Are you sure, Lily?” 

"Would I be standing naked in the shower if I wasn’t sure?” Lily asked, turning to smirk at James. She stepped under the water and leaned her head back. “Come on, you’re filthy." 

James practically threw his glasses on the counter and stepped out of his boxers. He walked towards the shower, trying to remain calm. 

As he stepped in, Lily smirked at him. “Happy to see me?” she asked, looking down at his cock. 

"Well, Evans, it’s not everyday that the girl of your dreams asks you to shower with her,” James said, blushing quite a bit. He bit his lip, trying to just look into her eyes. 

“You can look,” Lily smirked. “I’ve already gotten a good look at you." 

James let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he let his eyes wander down Lily’s body. He took it all in: her hair matted down from the water, her twinkling green eyes, her round and firm breasts that looked like they were just the right size for his hands to hold, down her stomach and across a patch of red pubic hair that was shaped in a triangle pointing down, and down her smooth and creamy legs. “Beautiful,” he whispered, his eyes darting back to hers. 

Now it was her turn to blush. She cleared her throat and grabbed James’ shampoo bottle. “C’mere,” she said pulling him under the water with her. She reached up on her tiptoes and began to gently massage his shampoo in his hair. 

James could’ve sworn he was dreaming. Lily’s fingers massaged his scalp, and he thought he could die at that very moment and be completely content with the way his life turned out. “You’re something else, Lily,” James chuckled. 

"Is that a bad thing?” Lily smirked, rinsing the shampoo and mud out of his hair. 

“Not at all,” James said, gently pressing her against the shower wall. “You’re perfect…Er, I was wondering…” he blushed slightly and looked into her eyes. “Since you have me in the shower? Would you fancy being my girlfriend? Or at least a date with me?" 

Lily grinned, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Well, I was hoping you’d ask. I’d love to. To both.” she said, leaning up and pressing her lips to his. 

James grinned, kissing her back happily. “And you know, I wouldn’t mind all of my showers to end up like this…” 

"We’ll see, Potter,” Lily smirked, kissing his cheek. “You know there’s also the Prefect’s bath that could be a great place to get clean together…Or a little bit dirty…" 

So I was researching for the aformentioned DOD2 rewirite, and I found that the Drakengard wiki has new trivia stuff posted, possibly in light of the anniversary info coming out for the series, with one fact per character. Here’s a compiled list of most of them:

  • Eris is great at starting fires, be it at a campsite, barbecue, or at a stake. So pyromaniac Eris really is canon.
  • Caim can sleep with his eyes open. (He was also born in the same month and is the same sign as me. Um.)
  • Nowe does a comedy routine in the Dragon language that can make any Dragon burst out laughing.

    Forgive me–I’m not even a Supernatural fan, I swear.
  • Nowe is also apparently wearing Furiae’s bracelet around his neck. How the fuck did he get that?
  • Manah can tell a fortune using flower petals. She’s not very accurate, however.
  • Urick is good at playing dead. Also, fuck you.
  • Furiae has lucid dreams in which she takes out all of her stress.
  • Seere is very good at throwing his voice, especially delaying his voice so it looks like he’s talking out of time.
  • Hanch can pair up anyone and anything in her rich imagination. So I guess Hanch is Tumblr.
  • Legna is good at calming children down, although he panics when they climb on his head.
  • Angelus’ body is quite soft to the touch. Also, Caim needs to stop writing awkward trivia facts.
  • Inuart didn’t get one. Ha ha, Inuart.
  • Arioch is very good at cleaning ears. Can’t have any earwax getting in the dead baby soup.
  • Leonard can balance on one foot for 24 hours. That’s…nice.
  • Verdelet can whistle five whole octaves. But he can’t do anything else competently.
  • Zhangpo is good at imitating people’s singing voices. He and Verdelet need to form their own pop punk band.
  • Gismor’s dastardly older gentleman look actually makes him pretty popular with the ladies. I’d argue that his English voice helps.
  • Yaha can tell what a person is into sexually at a glance. Especially men. This is why he generally avoids furry conventions. And Hanch.
  • Oror can tame any wild animal, although he sometimes gets injured in the process.
Dance all Night

Request: Can I request a Jimin smut where you’re with your friends dancing at a night club and you catch his eye since you’re wearing high waisted shorts so he starts flirting with you and things get a little heated?

Originally posted by webbugiman

Dance all Night

All my bitches got real hair chilling with the top down
Screaming like ayo
I'mma take her ass down when she bring her friend around
Fuck ‘em both like ayo
I’m a bougie ass nigga left the roof at home
We popping like ayo, ayo, ayo
But don’t be acting like I need you

Your friend grabs your hand pulling you closer to her, you lean to your left moving your hips in time with hers.

Even though the dance floor was full there was a small circle around you. The men were watching you swing your hips from side to side as you hit the beats of the song.

Some of them even had the courage to try and dance with you. Well it wasn’t really dancing more of trying to. They got awfully touchy trying to feel you up way too fast. So most of them just looked and tried to catch your gazes.

Drop that Kitty down low

Pop that Kitty down Low

Shop that like a window

I’m gon’ make you explode

You dipped low to the floor with your friend enjoying the music and just having fun. You both had actually talked about how you were going to find some men to hook up with tonight, but no one had caught your attention yet. The DJ starts playing a song that you don’t like so you and your friend head to the bar for a drink.

“I can’t believe that you don’t find anyone out of these guys the least bit attractive”, your friend states. Pointing at one she says, “What about him? He isn’t bad looking and he’s been checking you out a lot.”

You look at who she’s pointing and give her a ‘Are you serious’ look. “No way Claire. Better luck next time. You go after your guy I’ll make do with what I got.”

“Are you sure?” she asks.

“Yes Claire I’m sure. Signal me though if you need help escaping. I’ll keep looking for a hot one. Maybe he’ll come in soon. I mean it’s only 1am.” You state and give her a little shove.

“Don’t worry I will! Don’t be too picky!” she laughs as she starts flirting with the guy she had her eye on.

You sit at the bar unsure on what to do now. You normally always have a girls night out, never tried to find someone for a fling. You didn’t know why you had suggested it in the first place, probably because it was something new.

Claire was all for the idea and had picked out what was in her mind the perfect outfit. It consisted of high waisted shorts that supposedly made your legs look irresistible and a loose crop top. All you know is that you’ve gotten a lot of stares and that it was actually nice to dance in.

The DJ finally starts playing a song that you liked so you slowly make your way to the dance floor.

Mama you remind me of something

But I don’t know what it is

You remind me of something

You gotta show me

You remind me of something

But I don’t know what it is right now

You remind me of something

Girl you gotta show me

You dance alone for a while moving your body to the music. You’re glad however when your friend comes to join you.

“He’s hot!” she exclaims. “He’s taking me home I swear. Did you find someone?”

You shake your head and look around again at the men.

“What about the handsome one that walked in 5min ago? He seems like your type, pretty face, black hair, definitely toned.” She asks.

“Which guy?” you ask puzzled.

She doesn’t say anything just smirks and turns so you can grind on her. You laugh as she smacks your butt letting out a whoop. You laugh as you move your hips on her.

You look up and you see the guy who Claire was talking about. You hadn’t seen him before, you definitely would remember him. He was wearing ripped black jeans with a printed tshirt. His hair was black and sort of sexy messy. He was standing with some other guys but honestly he stood out amongst them. His gaze turned to yours and you held onto his gaze before turning away after a while.

You turn to face your friend, “he’s hot.”

“Told you”, she smirks. “Oh gosh he’s coming over.”

You continue moving your hips as he and his friends start dancing next to you. One of them starts to shimmy creating a funny atmosphere making you laugh.

He starts shimmying towards you so you do the same, and then the hot black haired guy starts to also. You form a small circle with them, all dancing together. You notice him staring at you as you dance and you glance at him every once in a while.

You smile at him as you meet eyes and he comes towards you dancing with you. You’re chest to chest and his hand rests on your waist. Claire goes back to the guy she was flirting with beforehand and his friends head to the bar for a drink.

“Hey what’s your name?” he asks you.

“Y/N. What’s yours?” you respond.

“My names Jimin”, he smiles.

“Do you want to go get some air?” you ask him tilting your head to the side.

“Sure”, he says and takes your hand leading you through the crowd and finally outside into the warm summer night.

You lean against the wall and Jimin pins you there with his body. The weight of his body feels good on yours and you feel yourself growing hotter than you were before.

You place one hand on his shoulder and the other on his shirt as he leans in slowly. You smell the faint scent of alcohol on his breath as his mouth hovers over yours. You close the gap between them and his hands rest on your waist.

His mouth moves with determination, hot and demanding. The taste of his tongue on yours tasted like heaven. Your tongues were locked in a battle for dominance which he won as he proceeded to taste you. His hands begin to travel down to your butt giving it a squeeze and sending tingles coursing through your body.

Your hands travel down his chest running feeling the muscles flex and stop at the waist band of his jeans. He presses his body to yours making you gasp as you feel his boner through his jeans. His mouth moves off of yours and starts sucking on your neck making you bite down on your lips to keep from moaning.

“What do you say about continuing this at my place?” Jimin asks you in a husky voice.

“Yeah I’d like that”, you reply breathlessly.

It’s been so long.

~Admin Kirsten

Mind Your Own Business

==After a successful witch hunt with the boys, you soon realize that the witch left you with… something to remember her by.

+Dean x femReader

Warnings: Language | A bit of violence | Some smut-ish stuff :)

“Okay, is everyone in one piece?” Sam was hunched over, out of breath. You, him and Dean had just finished off a witch in the back alley of a strip club. It wasn’t your favorite case, you could say that much.

You weren’t too fond of going into a strip club to find this witch, only because you knew Dean would… get distracted. You weren’t really the jealous type, but this particular case brought the little green monster out of you.

It had been a close call - as usual with cases like this. You had to find the witch, and that was a job in it’s own right, since she blended in with the rest of the dancers. 

It took many awkward approaches on your - and to your disgust, Dean’s - part. Sam was as professional as ever, even with being around half-naked women.

Dean finally spotted her when he saw a guy getting a lap dance and the dancer had slipped what looked like a hex bag in his pocket. As soon as she saw Dean walk toward her, she bolted toward the back, leaving the man in a very angered state. 

You immediately chased after her, and Sam stayed behind with Dean to try to get the hex bag away from the guy without starting a fight.

The witch must have stopped to grab her things, because she was only halfway down the alley by the time you got outside. She was trying to get dressed as she briskly walked, so it didn’t take you long to catch up to her. 

You grabbed her hair, turned her, and slammed her against the wall, holding a knife to her throat.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She struggled to get out of your grasp without cutting herself on the knife.

“Don’t play stupid,” You spat. “You know why. Kids? Does that ring a bell? Of all the things on this planet, you had to target defenseless children? What level of sick are you?”

The witch laughed. “Why should I tell you anything?”

You pressed the knife harder against her throat. “Why shouldn’t I just kill you right now?”

“Okay, (Y/n), we aren’t here to spill blood…” Sam and Dean had finally caught up with you. You looked at them, hesitating, then sighed and put your knife away.

The witch laughed manically. 

“You shut your fucking mouth, or there will be blood spilled!” You sneered at her, gripping her tighter.

“Better say that spell Sam, or we will be having to bail (Y/n) out of jail. And with our track record, that won’t be easy.” Dean looked at you with a sense of amusement. 

Sam started the spell.

During this, the witch was staring at you, laughing again. You looked at the boys with a why-can’t-I-just-stab-her plea in your eyes. You didn’t know what the hell her problem was, but you were glad when it was over.

You saw purple emanate from her mouth, and you knew she was just a human now. You made sure she got a good punch in the face before sending her on her way. It was the jealousy and anger being released, and you knew it wasn’t right, but you did it anyway. The boys looked at you with surprise, but you ignored them.

“Well, I’m fine… I think.” You answered Sam’s question as you rubbed your forehead, feeling a little dizzy. Dean was at your side, getting a closer look at you.

“Are you sure, (Y/n)? You’re looking a little pale.” Dean squared you in front of him so he could check your eyes. Hm. Well she’s not possessed.

“Of course I’m not possessed, Dean! This was a witch, not a demon.” You shook him off - still riled up and angry from the encounter - and walked to the Impala.

“I d-didn’t say that to you.” Dean raised an eyebrow, but shrugged and got into the car.

The three of you were exhausted by the time you walked into the motel room. Sam headed straight to his claimed bed and plopped onto it. Too bad I’m not into strippers; that blonde was pretty cute.

You groaned. “Really, Sam? Well, at least you kept your cool in there. I just… there are many more dignified ways to make money than being a stripper.” Your brows furrowed as you remembered the way Dean was looking at the girls in there.

Sam sat up quickly, looking shocked. “What (Y/n)? I didn’t say anything…" Did I really say that out loud?

God, she’s on a rampage today. What’s gotten into her?

"Why are you talking about me as if I’m not here, Dean?” You glared at him.

“I’m standing right here! And I’m not on a rampage, I’m just…” You stopped, refusing to admit you were jealous from seeing Dean flirt with all of those women back there.

Sam and Dean looked at each other, concern on their faces.

That witch bitch did something to her. Dean said.

There’s no way I said that out loud… something’s going on here. Sam said.

“What? That was weird.” You had actually been looking at them this time. 

“Neither of you moved your mouth at all, but I could still hear what you said.” You got closer to the boys, squinting at them as if they were scientific research subjects.

“One of you think of something.” You watched them both, and then heard Dean’s voice. That blond chick at the club was pretty hot.

“Enough with the damn blond chick!” You yelled at them; both hands flew in the air angrily as you walked over to Dean’s bed and plopped down on your back, defeated. “Men, I swear.”

“Well, that worked.” Dean chuckled and went to sit by you. “That witch did something to you, sweetheart." You can read people’s thoughts. If you can hear me, look at me.

You looked up into his green eyes, tears of frustration forming in yours. "I didn’t even hear her say anything close to a spell. When did she do this to me?”

“We’ll get to the bottom of this, (Y/n).” Sam said. “I’m sure it’s reversible, or it might wear off, but either way we will figure out what she did to you.”

Just stop reading my thoughts… please.

“Don’t think so loudly, then.” You rolled on your side and closed your eyes. You heard Dean laugh. I wonder what sex with you would be like; you knowing exactly what I want.

“You would think that, Dean.” You mumbled.

Dean looked over at his brother, who was drifting off to sleep. You could no longer hear Sam’s thoughts when he became unconscious.

“One down, one to go. Maybe I can finally rest with less noise in my head.”

She’s… going to sleep in my bed, then? Dean thought. Guess I can sleep on the couch. Can’t wait until we get back to the bunker tomorrow.

“I can sleep on the couch if it’s such an issue for you.” You got up, still irritated with your predicament.

“No, (Y/n). I can sleep on the couch, no big deal. It’ll just be nice to sleep in my own bed.” Dean nestled into the couch and turned to face the cushioned back.

It would be better if you would sleep with me, Dean. There’s room for two on this bed. You thought, half wishing it was Dean with this curse so he could hear your thoughts instead. You sighed as you crawled under the blankets.

Gonna have to keep my thoughts in check until this thing is straightened out. You heard Dean. He was thinking to himself, but you knew that he knew you could hear him.

Baby. Baby. Just think of the car. You could see his imaging of the Impala as he tried hard to focus on it. It stayed that way until you both fell asleep.

You woke up hours later to the sound of Dean’s voice in your head. You heard Sam as well, and realized they were both awake. You got up and stretched.

“How’d you sleep, (Y/n)?” Dean looked uneasy.

“Fine, thanks. Didn’t hear a thing.” You yawned.

Oh, good. She can’t hear dreams…Dean thought.

That would’ve been awkward if she did. Sam thought.

“Are you two on the same wavelength or something?” You looked at the brothers quizzically and couldn’t help but laugh.

You were feeling a little better today, feeling triumphant that you got some semblance of revenge on that witch. You knew this spell wouldn’t last long. There was always a way out of situations like this, and the Winchesters are more qualified for stuff like this than anyone you knew. 

 "Now I’m kind of curious about what you had dreams of.“  

You started to see Dean’s dream as he was reminded of it, but he quickly stopped, and looked at you nervously. From what you saw, you were in it.

"Ready to go, cupcake?” Dean asked after getting his composure back.

You scrunched your nose. “Cupcake? Seriously?" 

What? You don’t like it? Dean smirked.

C'mon Dean, knock it off. I want to get this spell reversed. I feel violated.

"And I feel like a member of a freak show, Sam.” You glared at him. “I didn’t ask for this.”

“Sorry.” Sam looked at you apologetically as the three of you left the motel.

The drive to the bunker was hell for you. Every stoplight came with the thoughts of the driver and any passengers next to you. Some thought of their jobs, some were thinking about how nice the Impala looked, and still some were thinking about parts of their lives which were humdrum to you.

One girl thought about how attractive Dean was. That made you angry and you were relieved when the light turned green. You looked at the girl who had that thought and scoffed, knowing she wasn’t Dean’s type.

When you weren’t hearing the complaints and nonsense thoughts of other people, you were hearing Sam and Dean’s. Dean was trying very hard to think of random things - guns, monsters, happy memories, and you were hoping he would slip up so you could see what he was really thinking. Sam thought repeatedly of the different ways the spell could be broken.

“You guys are boring, is that what really goes on in your heads? No wonder you go hunting.” You laughed.

If you really knew what I usually think, I don’t think you could handle it. Dean looked at you in the rear-view mirror.

“Try me.” You crossed your arms and stared back at him.

Oh, I don’t think so, sweetheart. Dean winked at you.

Seriously Dean? Like you can hide from her with her condition. Just tell her already. The tension is getting ridiculous.

Sam shook his head, then looked out the window.

“Tell me what, Sam?” You asked innocently.

Dean glared at his brother. “She may be able to hear you, but I can’t. And I can only assume you’re thinking bitchy thoughts, Sam.” Dean looked back at the road, clenching his jaw.

So touchy when it comes to his feelings. Sam thought.

Don’t listen to him, (Y/n). Dean shot you a warning look again.

“Wow. The sooner we break this spell, the sooner I can get out of being the middle-man to your sissy fights.” You shook your head, then layed down in the seat and closed your eyes. Maybe sleep will shut them up.

You weren’t fully asleep when you heard Dean.  

She’s sleeping, good. I can think freely for a while.

You stayed very still, finally getting your chance to know Dean’s true thoughts and you didn’t want to ruin the opportunity. He was thinking about the first time he saw you, before you joined the boys as a hunter. His memory of you was very exaggerated, and not really what happened at all. According to him, you were in love with him at first sight and wanted to throw yourself at him, and apparently did.

You tried really hard not to laugh at the absurdity.

That would’ve been something. Dean smiled. He thought of your first hunt together, how well you did on it. He thought of the endless hours of training he spent with you so that you were better at defending yourself.  

She looks so sexy when she’s all dirty. Fucking hell, did she look incredibly sexy yesterday in that alley. I kind of like angry (Y/n). Maybe I should do that more often.

You fought back a smile.

Almost to the bunker, I’ll have to wake her up soon and go back to thinking about puppies or whatever. But before that happens, I want to think of that dream again…

He envisioned his dream, and you could see parts of it. Him, shirtless. You sweating. There was a bed. He was on top of you, and you were moaning his name really loudly.

God, what I would give for that to happen. Dean thought. She doesn’t seem interested in me, though. In fact, I think I annoy her. 

You wanted to jolt up and tell him he’s wrong, that you really like him, but you didn’t want to embarrass him or make him angry. You certainly wouldn’t want someone barging in on your deep thoughts. But you know how he feels about you now. And that dream was… intense.

Oh, finally! I’m going straight to the library to figure out how to reverse this thing. Sam hopped out of the car and went into the bunker.

Dean turned to look at you, still laying in the backseat. The thought of him having sex with you in the seat fluttered through his mind, but he got rid of it as soon as possible. “(Y/n)? We’re back. Let’s go get you fixed up.”

Your eyes opened and you pretended to stretch and yawn from your fake nap, and got out of the car. Dean accidentally brushed against you as he got out.

Dammit, not again… Crowley. Crowley, shirtless Crowley.

“Um… what the fuck?” You looked at Dean, very puzzled.

“Uh… had to think of something disturbing. Nevermind, let’s just go inside.” Dean looked down and guided you in front of him so you couldn’t see the embarrassment on his face. He went back to thinking of guns and monsters.

Mind manipulation….Sam was sitting in front of his laptop.

“No, I can’t control anything, just hear things.” You were sitting on the table, swinging your legs as you looked at the screen with Sam. Dean was trying to help you guys do research, but he was too distracted with trying not to think of you.

You looked up at him and smiled, and he sighed and looked back at the book he had in his hands.

This is harder than I thought. Dean said. I’m not really doing a good job at hiding things in my own mind. Especially when I shouldn’t have to. 

“I’m gonna get a beer. Want one, Sam?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Sam didn’t look up from the laptop. Mind reading… but how to reverse it? Dammit.

(Y/n)? Kitchen. Now. Dean thought loud and clear as he left the room.

“I’m gonna get something to drink too.” You hopped off the table and Sam barely acknowledged you. He was close to finding the reversal spell.

Now would be a good time as any, I guess. I’m tired of hiding. You heard Dean as you approached the kitchen.

As soon as you stepped through the doorway, Dean grabbed you and pulled you into a kiss. You shrieked at the surprise, but you kissed him back.

Guess I made myself clear, right? Dean looked down at you after the kiss. You nodded.

Do you feel the same way? You nodded.

Sam probably told you already, anyway. That I like you.

“No, actually-” You started, but Dean kissed you again, more roughly this time.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you like me too. But let’s get past the high-school talk. I kind of meant what I said yesterday.

Dean slid a hand down to grab your ass.

“About?” You whispered, trying to keep your cool from Dean’s touch.

About having sex with you like this. You’ll know what I want…Dean thought of bending you over the kitchen counter - before I even tell you. He winked.

“Oh…” Your face felt hot from Dean’s thoughts. He smiled and thought of pinning you against the wall, fucking you hard. You gasped and looked at him when you saw it.

Is that what you want? Dean asked.

“Yes,” You whispered, your core getting tense with need.

Dean thought of his dream again. You were in his bed and you could see all of the things he did to you in the dream. The teasing, the licking, biting, him slamming into you over and over… the different positions.

You let out a soft moan as you relished in the dream with him. You felt Dean press himself against you. See what we could do?

You nodded, then looked toward the hallway before quickly stepping out of Dean’s embrace. You cleared your throat.

Sam came waltzing in moments later, a big smile on his face.

“Hey guys, I found out how to reverse the spell!" 

Dean looked at you and smirked. It’s up to you. We can take the spell and cast it later… when we are done.

"That’s g-great Sam,” You smiled and swallowed hard when Dean’s thoughts were overpowering yours. The sight of you and him having sex in the Impala crossed your mind. You looked at him and he was looking away, as if nothing happened.

“Yeah, so I can cast it and you’ll be rid of this mind-reading thing. I traced it back to possible spells she used on you, and from what I understand it won’t go away without this reversal spell.” Sam lifted the piece of paper up and was about to recite the spell.

“Wait,” Dean said. Sam looked at him, confused.

“Um, I mean, do you even know if this thing is safe?" (Y/n), do you really want him to cast the spell right now?

You looked at him, biting your lip, hesitating a moment, then smiled. "Go ahead, Sam. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Sam started the incantation.

But what about what we were just discussing? How will tha-

Dean’s thoughts stopped echoing in your head as soon as Sam was finished.

“Did it - did it work?” Sam asked.

“Think of something.” You smiled.

Sam stood there for a few moments, then waited.


“Nope. It worked!” You smiled and hugged him. “Thank you, Sam.”

Dean looked at you with utter confusion, and pain, if you didn’t know any better. You were going to miss being able to get into his head like that, but you knew it wasn’t natural, nor fair to him.

He looked at the floor for a moment, then walked away to his room.

“What’s up with him?” Sam asked.

“Shit,” you muttered. “He told me everything, Sam. More like showed me…” You looked at the doorway. “I’m going to go talk to him.”

“I’m assuming by talk, I’m going to have to leave the bunker.” Sam laughed.

You got to the door of Dean’s room and knocked. He didn’t answer, so you just opened the door and walked in, locking the door behind you.  You stood a few feet into his room, watching him. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at his intertwined fingers.

“You wanna tell me what that was about back there, (Y/n)?” His voice broke.He didn’t look at you.

“Dean…” you started, not sure how to approach this.

“Save it. I told you how I felt, and seems like you lead me on.” Dean was still unable to look at you.

“What? No, Dean I do want you-”

He cut you off. “Oh, really? So you stood there and told me you wanted what I was showing you, and even after assuring you that we would do the spell later, you still had Sam do it! If you didn’t mean it, you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. I’m not going to play these mind games, (Y/n). I know how they work, and I’m not dealing with it." 

You were close to tears with this misunderstanding. 

"Dean! That’s not what it was about, at all. Just listen, please. I heard you. In the car. You thought I was asleep and I-”

Dean was looking at you now. He opened his mouth to interject, but closed it again, and stared at you, his face unreadable.

“I heard you thinking,” you stammered cautiously. “Thinking about your true feelings, and I wanted to respect your privacy, but I wasn’t quite asleep yet.”

“And you didn’t stop me? If you respected that so much, why didn’t you tell me to stop?” His eyes bore into yours.

“I w-wanted to, but I also wanted to know how you felt about me. I didn’t want to make you mad.” You looked at the floor, ashamed.

“I mean, you ended up telling me anyway, and that’s why I decided to get rid of this. I feel like I misused it, and I don’t want to be tempted with using it to pry into things I shouldn’t be prying in. Like Sam’s thoughts, for example.”

You looked back up at Dean, waiting for him to say something. When he didn’t, you went on.

“Dean, I like you, a lot, but after what happened in the car I didn’t want to be in your head anymore, because I don’t think it’s right.” You sighed and walked over to Dean’s bed, and sat down next to him.

“I know you wanted to keep the spell going a little longer - and trust me, that would’ve been a hell of a lot of fun - but I have a pretty good idea of what you like. Right?” You nudged him and smiled. To your relief he smiled back, but there was still pain evident in his eyes.

“And really, I think it would be pretty hot if you were to tell me. Vocally, not mentally.” You laughed, then rested your head against his shoulder.

“I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression back there, Dean. I do want you - very badly - I just want you to have privacy too. Your mind is the only place where you can truly retreat, especially in the kind of life we lead.”

“I know, (Y/n).” Dean finally spoke. He sighed and put his arm around you, nuzzling his chin into your hair.

“I’m sorry I doubted you. I know you’re not that type of girl. You did the right thing, and I should’ve realized that. This whole thing was just… weird, y'know? I mean, it’s over now, but I guess I wanted to put a bad thing to good use. Plus, you were really distressed so I wanted to lighten the mood a little.”

You looked up at him. “I know. But it did get put to good use. We know how we feel about each other now.”

“That we do,” Dean leaned down and kissed you lightly, then pulled you close. You took a deep breath, feeling the warmth of Dean’s body; how nice it was to be held by him.

“Wanna know what I’m thinking now?” You couldn’t see his face, but you knew Dean had a big grin going.

“What’s that?” You asked, having a feeling that you knew the answer.

Dean stood up and scooped you into his arms, then laid you onto the bed, closer to the headboard. He got on top of you, hovering inches from your face.

“I think it’s time we fulfill that dream of mine. What do you think?” He leaned down and started planting kisses on your neck.

“Oh, yes,” You panted, “I think that’s a great idea.”

+Everyone else who wanted this continuation. I didn’t want to screenshot every request for it basically. 

OK, so this monstrosity is 9000+ words long and I still haven’t written everything I wanted to include. Accordingly, there will be a part 3 for this!

Part 1 

The pale glow of the early morning dances around his face. The last strands of the red rays frame his soft features with a lazy haze. It takes her breath away, plunging her once more into the blue pools of his eyes. Today, they strangely match the sky. Their clarity and softness inspiring a tranquility unlike any she’s ever seen painted across his face before. There is a languid smile, almost too laid back to belong to him gracing the full curve of his lips. His defined cheekbones uplifted in a manner too content to be tangible. And those same blue orbs that would leave her to drown are smiling most effortlessly, too. His expression unchanged, he reaches into his pocket, takes out his cell phone and briefly types into it. Hers whines next to her, as if as disturbed by awakening from the moment as she is. It is a message from him.

Yes. It says.


He is confused. Then he is angry. Then frustrated. Then resigned.

Caroline, through the thrilling and dramatic saga of watching her muse who happens to be her boss’s brother no less, sits slack-jawed in the comfortable leather chair next to Elijah’s desk. Her mind has completely stopped working around the time her arti- Niklaus walked into the room and never quite managed to collect its wits yet. She is stuck between utter awe at seeing him out of the usual circumstance and complete shock at how close they have been without her even realizing it.

The silently heated argument between the two brothers is incomprehensible to Caroline. Sign language has never been something she thought of learning, although she suspects that even if they are talking a language she understands, the entire conversation would go completely unnoticed by her. Instead, she is captured by the movement of his hands and his elegant fingers. Even in this moment, as his gestures appear to be frustrated, there is something so utterly mesmerizing about them. Shaking herself out of her reverie, she attempts to focus on anything else, and this time she is caught in his frown wearing face. She has seen him somber, thoughtful, content, peaceful and even sad but she’s never seen him angry or frustrated before. It is not as unpleasant as she has thought it might be. There is something rather…. Intriguing about this uncontained state he is in.

Oh if only Kathrine can get into my head right now. I would never hear the end of it.

She doesn’t know how long it takes the brothers to resolve their conflict. Between her shock and the trance Niklaus has lured her into, she has completely lost sense of time. Whatever the case may be, the argument ended with clearly a lost battle for Niklaus. He looks upset still, but more so in a despondent way. Elijah’s voice is the one that finally alerts her to her surroundings once more.

Keep reading

Continued from here


 They has a strange arrangement. Unconventional and weird but it worked for the two of them. She had his key and he had hers. Mostly in case shit hit the fan, Natasha knew she could depend on Wade to clean it up. It was an unspoken contract. They never had to sign anything, just some foolish pink swear that Wade insisted on. It was almost like wearing invisible friendship bracelets. She wanted to just drop off the food for him, hope he wasn’t there so he wouldn’t catch how tired she looked after a day of over thinking but he was home and truth be told, Natasha was glad to see his face. A smirk pulled at the corner of her lips as she dangled the Tex-Mex bag in the air before handing it to her friend. “Can I be the best man to your upcoming marriage with nachos?” She removed her hoodie and plopped on the couch, waiting for Wade to make his way back to the living room. When he did, both brows arched as he knelt before her and she stared for a good minute before bursting into laughter. She needed that. God, she needed that.