i swear she almost had a heart attack

What Happened?

Word Count: 3385

A/N: I wrote this in French Thursday, and then my French teacher got onto my laptop from hers and closed out of it, and I almost had a heart attack because she didn’t save it lol, but I remembered that I had sent it to my email before hand and all I had to do was finish the fic because she deleted the ending, so phew. Hope you enjoy it! Much love!

Warnings: Violence, swearing (duh, I mean its my writing sooo), debating on whether they want to live.

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   The past few days had been weird ones for Y/N, no one ever noticed she was around. For the first couple of days, she figured it was because of her accident, maybe they just wanted to give her space. She didn’t remember much of it, it hurt her physically to try to remember, all she knew was that one second, she was following a lead with Jughead on Jason Blossoms murder and the next she was on the ground and her head was pounding. But after the first few days of trying to talk to her friends and them just walking away, or the waiters at Pops and even pops himself ignoring her presence in the diner, she figured she had done something wrong. She pissed all of Riverdale off, and she didn’t know how she could fix it.

     Since she had moved here, these people had been her family, the ones who picked her up after she had fallen. Moving alone to a new town was hard, especially because she was only 16, but they made it easier. She quickly became friends with the core four, which had now become the core five, with the occasional tag along of Kevin or Cheryl, and Alice Cooper, FP Jones, and Fred Andrews all had offered to take her in or help her at one point in her stay, no matter the circumstances of their own home life. She had even started dating Jughead, the beanie-clad writer who also happened to be her best friend.

    It was never supposed to get this bad, and she didn’t know how her accident had made everyone hate her. Jughead and her had found a lead on Jason, deciding that going down to Sweetwater River to look for clues on their lead was a good idea.


    “Ready to go?” Jughead asked, taking a flashlight in his hand and looking over to Y/N.

    “I am. Let’s do this Jones.” She said, taking a flashlight in her own hand and fallowing Jughead out of the car. Archie stayed behind, he was going to wait for the two of them to return after they were done looking around. They made their way down to the water, looking around for any indication that Jason could have been down there, going to the place where he was found. They searched for a half hour to no avail, with nothing coming up.


    Y/N sat in her room, her head starting to pound again as she tried her best to recall that night. She must have done something, there had to be an explanation. She heard familiar voices outside her apartment and she got off her bed, looking out the window to see Veronica and Betty walking by. They looked up to her window, and she smiled and waved down, hoping that they would wave back but they quickly turned their heads down. Y/N felt her heart sink, there they went again, ignoring her.

    “I just can’t believe what happened.” Betty said, and Y/N listened in, hoping to catch a bit of their conversation before they walked away.

    “I can’t either, this doesn’t feel real. It was so unfair what happened to her, I mean hell, it was unfair to the town.” Veronica replied, a tinge of sadness in her voice.

    ‘what did I do that was so unfair to Riverdale?’ she thought to herself.

    “Why were her and Jughead even investigating down there, anyways? Didn’t they know it was dangerous? The killer could still be lurking around. I mean obviously he was.” Veronica questioned, and Betty nodded her head.

    “I’m just glad Jughead didn’t get hurt too, but its still heartbreaking about what happened to Y/N. She was one of our best friends, and she had just moved here too-“ Betty choked up on her words, and Veronica pulled her into her side, trying to comfort the blonde-haired girl.

    “I know.” Veronica said, and with that the two of them walked out of earshot from Y/N, who stood near her window just as confused as ever.

    ‘What the hell happened to me? Why can’t I remember? And why did they seem so sad?’ Y/Ns thoughts raced as more questions than answers were coming at her. She wanted more than anything to know what was going on, she wanted to be with her friends again. Slowly, she backed up until the backs of her legs hit the bed and she fell back onto it.


    “Jughead, we should go.” Y/N said, kicking around a few leaves that had fallen to the ground. Jughead stood up and ran his hand through his hair, sighing in frustration.

    “We haven’t searched everything, there could still be evidence, we’re just missing it.” He tried to argue, but Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “There’s nothing out here, Juggie. We need to go back, Archie is probably getting mad. We told him we’d only be out here a few minutes, not a half hour.” She said, putting her hand on her hip.

    “A half hour is a few minutes, anyways, I’m sure he’s finding plenty of ways to entertain himself.” He teased, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

    “Well I’m going back, and I don’t want you out here alone. Are you coming or are you not?” she asked, and Jughead looked at her for a second before answering, thinking over his options.

    “You can go if you’re bored, I’ll only be a few more minutes.” He said, shining his flashlight down again and looking through the brush.

    “I don’t want you to be out here alone, please come with me, we can return later.” She begged, but to no avail.

    “Any evidence that might be here now could be gone later, its better if I look around now.” He said, slightly annoyed.

   “Jughead, please-“

   “Go!” Jughead yelled, taking Y/N by surprise. His eyes immediately went back to the ground, continuing his searching, and Y/N rolled her eyes.

   “Fine, but when I get kidnapped in these woods because you didn’t take me back to Archies car, don’t get mad at me, get mad at yourself for being an ass.” She spat, walking away.


    Y/N cringed at her last memory, her harsh words cutting deep into her, she couldn’t even imagine what they did to him.

    ‘That’s why he hasn’t talked to me, he’s mad.’ She thought to herself, getting up from her bed, but her head was spinning. Trying to remember what happened was taking a toll on her, and she didn’t understand why. She got up from her bed and walked out of her apartment, making her way to Archies house. She was going to apologize to Jughead, and she was going to try to get Archie to talk to her while she was at  it. She wanted her friends back, she wanted them back more than anything.

    As she walked down the streets of Riverdale, she noticed how empty and barren they looked. Barely any cars went by, people were scarce and none of them smiled or waved back at her when she did it to them. She hung her head low, keeping her attention on the road in front of her, she didn’t want to show her face around town at the moment, but she needed to get to her friends and make up with her boyfriend.


    Y/N walked slowly through the woods, trying to make her way back to Archies truck, although she didn’t completely remember where he had parked it. As she kicked around the rocks and leaves at her feet, she spotted a shiny something in the debris on the ground, and she bent over to pick it up. It was a credit card with the name of Clifford Blossom on it. What the hell was his credit card doing out here? She turned it around and almost dropped it out of shock, the back had blood splattered on it, she turned the card back around and noticed there was some on the front as well.

    “Jughead! Jughead, I think I found something!” she yelled, turning back around to run towards the direction of Jughead. She heard footsteps and the cracking of leaves and twigs coming from the distance, and she felt relief fall over her slightly, he was coming. “It’s a credit card with some blood on it, I think it could be Jasons blood, and you’ll never guess what name is on it.” She called, trying to find her way through the trees.

    “Whose name?” a voice said from behind her, it definitely didn’t sound like Jughead. She turned but before she could see the face, she was knocked over, a blow to her head had thrown her to the ground and she grabbed her head that was now in excruciating pain.

    “What the fuck!” she cried, the world starting to go black. Another hit to her head knocked her out, the last thing she remembered was a scream, but she couldn’t even remember if it was from her or not.


    Y/N fell to the ground, the world spinning and she cried out in agonizing pain. Her head hurt like a bitch, and she didn’t know where she was for a good few seconds. After the pain resided, fear set in. She remembered what happened, but she was still confused. How did her getting hit in the head offend anyone in the town? Maybe whoever hit her found out she was accusing Jasons own father of killing him, and they were all mad about that. I mean who accuses the father? He was already cleared, wasn’t he? That had to be it. It was the only explanation. She slowly looked up and found that she had collapsed on Archies front lawn, the sun shining behind the house in front of her. She got up as slowly as possible to not trigger another dizzy spell, and made her way to the front door.

   She walked up the front steps and hesitated knocking on the door. She was scared, what if they didn’t want to talk to her, or see her ever again. What if they opened the door and slammed it in her face after seeing who it was. She didn’t think she could handle their rejection, especially not right now. She was weak and needed her friends, but they obviously wanted space from her, why else would they ignore her these past few days. Just then, she heard talking coming from inside the house, and it was making its way towards the front door, and out of panic she hid. The door swung open and Archie came out first, and he looked sad. Jughead came next, looking the same way, and Y/Ns heart dropped.

    “It sucks that we have to do this.” Archie said, opening his side of the car.

    “I-it hurts that we have to do this.” Jughead replied, getting into the car and Archie followed.

    “I know Jughead, it hurts us all that we have to do this.” Archie said. “Maybe today will be the day. First stop though, gas station, and the hospital.” And with that, Archie closed the door to his car, started it, and they drove off.

    ‘Why the hospital?’ Y/N thought to herself. Closing her eyes, she did her best to remember what might have happened next, sure she got attacked but maybe she was missing something.


    “Y/N! Y/N can you hear me?” Jugheads voice rang through her head, hurting it more than it already did. She barely opened her eyes, looking up to see the beanie clad boys face stained with tears, worry written all over him. “Come on, please say something! Let me know you’re alright!” She went to go speak, opening her mouth slightly and tried to tell him she was hurt but not to worry, but no words came out. Her head started to throb again, the pain becoming even more unbearable than before, and she started to slip into the blackness again.

    “Archie?” Jugheads voice yelled through his phone. “Get out here and help me with Y/N, someone attacked her!” Y/N could barely hear Jugheads voice now, slowly, she was fading although she tried so hard not to. “What do you mean ‘what do you mean she was attacked’? She was hit over the head with something, the person who did it ran off and now she’s bleeding all over the place!” Y/N could hear the panic in Jugheads voice, and she could also tell he was fighting back tears and anger. He didn’t mean to be angry at Archie, he just wasn’t listening nor being all that smart in this situation.

    “She isn’t responding, please, Arch just get out here and help me take her to your car, we don’t have time to argue! And call Kevin and his dad, they need to get police down here as well, see if they can find the man who did this!” Jughead pleaded, breaking down into more tears. Archie must have agreed because Jughead threw his phone down on the ground and went right back for Y/N, running his hand over her hair, and grabbing her hand. “You’re going to be fine, okay? I’ll make sure you make it, but you have to help me out. I don’t know if you can hear me, but you’re not allowed to die, you’re not allowed to leave me. I need you, Y/N, and I know I’ve never told you this but I love you.” Y/N could feel the pull of death, or sleep, she couldn’t tell which one, all she knew was that she was fading, and Jugheads words rang in her head. Everything went silent, everything went dark.


   “Is she in there?’ Y/N heard Jughead ask, and she opened her eyes and found herself in the middle of a waiting room. A nurse dressed in teal scrubs nodded and Jughead and Archie started to make their way to the room, but the nurse stopped them.

    “You can’t go in right now, the doctor is in there. If you take a seat and wait a few moments, I can call you over when its time.” The nurse suggested, and the two boys nodded and walked to some chairs, taking a seat. Y/N though was curious to see who had also gotten hurt, maybe Kevin or one of the police officers had gotten hurt trying to find the man who attacked her, maybe it was even one of their friends. Either way, she had to see, she had to find out who was in that room, they could answer a few questions for her. Slowly, she snuck over into the hallway where the door was and slipped in through the door, quietly closing it behind her. She took one glance at the hospital bed and froze.

    ‘This can’t be. This is impossible.’ She thought to herself, willing herself to move towards the bed. There she was, laying in a hospital bed, wires patches stuck in and on her, she looked…dead. But she was alive, she had to be, she had been walking and watching everyone for days. Y/N couldn’t be the one in the bed because she was standing beside it. ‘I’m dreaming. I have to be dreaming.’

    “She’s still sleeping, but you’re welcome to stick around if you’d like.” The nurse from earlier said, swinging the door open and letting Jughead and Archie in. Jughead walked sorrowfully to the bed, standing right beside Y/N, the ‘awake’ one.

    “Do you think she’ll wake up?” Archie asked, and the nurse gave an apologetic look towards the two boys and the girl.

    “The doctor doesn’t think so, she has major head trauma. He thinks she’ll be in a coma for awhile.” She said, and Archie nodded his head, not really wanting to hear any more. “I’m sorry boys.” And with that, the nurse left. Jughead and Archie sat by the girls side in silence for a long time, the rain from outside spilling against the window, and the thunder and beeping machines were the only noises that filled the room. Y/N stood beside them, staring down at her sleeping body. No wonder everyone was ignoring her, she wasn’t even awake.

    ‘This is some supernatural shit.’ She thought to herself, waving her hand in front of the two boys faces. ‘I didn’t even know this was possible, this is the weirdest thing ever.’ Y/N slowly started reaching for her hand, and softly went to touch it. Right as real skin hit her… ghost skin? What even was she? Either way, right as she touched her real hand, she started to feel dizzy, the world around her spun, and she noticed as her real self started to wake. Her head moved side from side, and her breathing started to become ore audible. She quickly pulled her hand back, and everything returned to normal, well not normal per say, but she wasn’t dizzy.

    “I need you to wake up.” Jughead whispered, breaking the silence of the room. “Please, I need you to wake up. I need you with me, don’t leave me.” Archie placed his hand on Jugheads back, trying to comfort his hurting friend. “I love you, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that the last things you heard me say to you were to leave.” He was crying now, and Y/N felt her heart drop.

    Did she even want to wake up though, honestly. Life was hard for her, being 16 and living alone. Depression was a bitch, and anxiety made it even worse for her, and as much as she would deny it, she felt as if she needed her blood family to get through all of this shit that was going on, but she didn’t have them. She made the choice to leave, she decided she was going to be better off without them and she was wrong. Sure her friends were practically her new family, but were they going to be enough, would they leave her? She sat on the edge of the hospital bed, looking down at her sleeping self and she was worried about what would happen if she decided to wake up.  

  She glanced from her sleeping figure to the two boys who were standing by her side, looking sorrowfully down at her, she couldn’t leave them, could she? They obviously cared for her, and they wanted her to come back, who was she to willfully leave them? She wouldn’t be able to do that to them, they also had shit going on in their lives, and it seemed like they needed her, she helped them and they helped her. She noticed now that Archie was crying as well, but Jughead hadn’t realized it because he was crying so heavily himself. She couldn’t stand to see them like this, she had to come back. Time was only time, it passes and so do situations, all of these things that were bothering her now could be but a memory in a few years, and she could have a chance to be happy. Jugheads head fell onto the sleeping girls stomach, and she reached for the hand by his head. Grabbing it, her world started to spin again, and the girl in the beds head started to move, and again she started to wake up. Her head started to pound, but she pushed through the pain, she’d be alright soon.

    Y/Ns eyes slowly fluttered open and she felt a weight on her stomach, which she remembered was Jugheads head. She took her hand and placed it on Jugheads head, to which he shot up and looked at her, and she took her other hand and reached it out to Archie. The redheaded boy quickly took it, and Jughead took her other one, the two of them now crying of happiness.

   “Jughead?” her voice came out coarse and rough. “Archie?”

    “I’m here! Thank god you’re awake!” Archie said, a sigh of relief leaving his being.

    “Thank you for waking up, thank you so much. I love you Y/N, and I’m so sorry.” Jughead said, kissing her hand.

    “Betty! Get Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl and come down to the hospital, she woke up!” Archie yelled excitedly through his phone, and Y/N smiled. She had made the right decision to come back.

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Being Regina Mills Daughter and dating Ruby Lucas would include:

anon ask:  Hey could please do headcannons for Regina Mills’ 19 year old daughter dating Ruby Lucas? Thank you so much
warning: none
Ruby Lucas is my bae <3
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  • Regina is very overprotective of you
  • so when she discovered that you were dating Ruby Lucas
  • let just say that she didn’t take it very well
  • “What are you doing with that dog?”
  • “She’s not a dog mom!, she’s a cute little puppy who I love very much deal with it”
  • Ruby melt when you said that
  • She’s actually like a cute little puppy with you
  • she loves when you play with her hair
  • Regina eventually approves your relationship with Ruby
  • Snow convinced her , after she gave her a long talk about how evil she was for not letting you be with the love of your life

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Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) Series - Part One

Okay, so a few of you said you’d be interested in reading my series that I wrote a few months back. So here it is :) I hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think <3

Luke’s POV

I walk down the familiar hallway to my flat, my feet bouncing with excitement as I make my way through the run-down building. The boys and I have just finished a press tour to promote our next album, but thankfully, I wasn’t gone very long. It was a few weeks in LA, a week in London, and a week in Australia, which comparatively speaking isn’t too bad. I see our door down at the end of the never-ending hallway and my heart skips a beat.

I’m not so much excited about being back in my apartment as I am to see my best friend and roommate, (Y/N). We’ve been best friends since secondary school, and when she turned eighteen we decided to get an apartment together. In all honesty, it’s mostly her apartment since I’m gone most of the time, but I still pay half of the rent. When the band first started to get big, I had planned on just saving my money and getting an apartment somewhere in America like New York or LA. But after she finished high school, (Y/N) asked me to be her roommate, and I just can’t say no to her.

A smile forms on my lips as I finally reach the door. I notice that it’s cracked open very slightly and I freeze for a moment. I check my watch and see that it’s only 11 AM, so (Y/N) should still be at work. I begin to brace myself to attack the intruder until I smell burnt food wafting from the kitchen. At that point I know it must be (Y/N) because despite her many talents, she is a terrible cook.

I very carefully push the door open and walk through the living room. Just seeing our old couch and tv makes me smile even wider. I really have missed being here. I drop my bag near the edge of the living room and head toward the kitchen. I have to stifle a laugh when I see (Y/N) dancing around the kitchen with her headphones in while she stirs something on the stove. I casually lean against the doorframe and wait for her to notice my presence. After a few more minutes of jumping around and quietly singing along to the music in her ears, she finally turns around. Her eyes go wide and she immediately drops the spoon that she’s holding and it hits the floor with a loud clang. She glares at me as she pulls the headphones out of her ears and places one of her hands on her heaving chest.

“You can’t scare me like that, Hemmings!” She breathes as a smile stretches across her lips.

Before I even have time to respond, she lunges toward me. I’m able to catch her just before we both go toppling to the ground. She wraps her arms around my beck and buries her face in my shoulder.

“I missed you,” I say once I’ve steadied myself.

I feel her nod against my shoulder. “You can’t leave me for that long ever again,” she whines.

She says this every time I come home, and sometimes I wish I could just stay here with her all the time, but I know I can’t. She loosens her grip on me and I gently set her back down on the floor.

“Have you been working out?” She asks as she reaches out and squeezes my bicep. “You used to struggle to hold me like that,” she teases.

“Please,” I snort. “You weigh like two pounds. Even weakling Luke could pick you up with no trouble.”

She smiles, and I swear the whole room gets brighter. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, and it never ceases to knock me off my feet.

“It gets so lonely here at night,” she says as her smile suddenly fades. “The other night, oh my gosh, I almost had a heart attack. There was this creaking noise…” her voice seems to fade out as my eyes focus in on the hint of a bruise that’s fading underneath her right eye. “…I pick up my hair dryer and start walking around the apartment looking for intruders and-“

She stops talking when she sees me staring at her.

“What?” She asks, laughing nervously.

“What happened to your eye? It looks bruised,” I say as I reach out and brush my fingers over the fading yellow spot.

A shiver runs through her as soon as my hand touches her and her eyes immediately fall to the floor.

“Oh,” she says, her eyes suddenly unable to meet mine. “I did that at work the other day.”

She’s never been a good liar, and I’ve known her long enough to know when she’s trying to cover something up.

“Oh yeah, that riveting library job,” I say sarcastically. “Must get pretty crazy in there.”

She lets out an insincere laugh as she turns back to face the stove. “Speaking of work,” she not-so-subtly changes the subject. “I took the day off so that I could be here when you get home. I wanted to make you a special dinner for your grand return,” She says, gesturing toward the burnt food on the stove. “However, after three attempts, I’ve begun to realize that I simply can’t cook.”

I laugh as she turns the stove off and officially admits defeat.

“So, pizza?” She asks.

I nod. “Pizza sounds good.”

She picks up her cell phone to order the pizza and I grab my bags and carry them to my room. I open the door and am met with a perfectly clean bedroom, which I know for a fact is not how I left it. (Y/N) must’ve cleaned it while I was away. She steps into my doorway a few minutes later as I’m beginning to put some of my clothes away.

“You could at least fold your clothes before you put them in the dresser,” she sighs, a small smile still on her lips.

I roll my eyes playfully and attempt to fold the shirt in my hands before giving up and shoving it in the drawer with everything else. She laughs.

“Oh, I don’t know if you have plans tonight, but Jonah is coming over for dinner,” she says, sitting down on my bed and folding the rest of the clothes that are in my suitcase. I guess she got tired of watching me messily shove them away.

I try to keep the disgust off of my face as she mentions her boyfriend, Jonah. I know I should be supportive of her relationship since she’s my best friend, but I just can’t. She deserves better than him. He’s not a terrible guy, but he’s just not nearly good enough for her.

“I was actually just planning to sleep,” I admit. “Jet lag is starting to hit me.”

I could be imagining it, but I swear her smile falters ever so slightly when I say that, but she nods.

“So you and Jonah just try not to make the bed creak too much, huh?” 

The words taste like vinegar coming out of my mouth. I can’t believe I just make a joke about her having sex with that idiot.

She tenses up at my attempted joke, and she suddenly stands up and walks toward the door.

“I’m gonna go wait for the pizza,” she says. 

Something is definitely off about her voice. Did I offend her somehow?

“(Y/N)?” I ask, but she’s already out the door.

Something has changed since I left; something big.

potatoes-tomatoes  asked:

Could you please do prompt #14 with botw zelink? I loved their chemistry in the game and I know you can do them justice ❤👍

This nails them to a ‘T’ in my opinion. Whether it’s botw or another game, I feel this hits they’re characters well enough for me to not have to strain so much to stay in character.

Thank you, I’m going to enjoy this :3


Zelda walked pristinely with her head down in long, slow strides down her castle halls.

Link, being ever faithful, remained close behind her.

This wasn’t new to them. After her father had ordered her to fixate the rest of her time on her prayers, she was soon found moping around the castle, having come back from previous praying.

She remained silent, almost as silent as the dusk, as the sun began to set.

Link kept up her pace, but looked down.

Something inside him told him something was wrong,… and he should say something.

Often remaining silent about his feelings upon everything, he wondered how long she would remain under silence…

The silence wasn’t new to him, but he knew it was silently paining her inside.

She was usually cheerful about the things she liked.


He stopped walking a moment, and Zelda broke her stride, turning behind her.


He remained looking to the side, outside the window, spotting something that completely took over his interests.

She paused a moment, before turning around, her dress carrying the motion. “What’s wrong, Link..? What do you see?” she turned to the window, and then back to Link, walking towards him.

“Has something caught your eye?”

He continued to stare…

Suddenly, he rushed forward, startling Zelda. “Ah! Link!” she faltered back, before stumbling to rebalance herself and ran towards the window.

He placed a foot up on the ledge, and jumped, looking determined as he flew downward with his arms out wide.

“Liiink!” she rammed herself against the edge of the windowsill, and looked around, worried.

When she saw him rushing to the garden, her eyes widened in shock, not sure what he was doing, and quickly darted to the stairs, lifting her dress up and hurrying to find out-

“What on earth had possessed you to-!?” she looked pretty angry, but mostly surprised and panicked with worry, before stopping in mid-sentence and stride, lifting a hand up.


Link had picked a flower for her.

He held it with a neutral expression on his face, then nodded his head and walked towards her.

Bending to one knee, he ducked his head and held it out for her to accept.

Her eyes delicately stared down in wonder at the flower, before smiling kindly and tilting her head, understanding his true intent.

“Link…” she drew forth her hand, and lightly took the flower from his hand, barely skimming her fingers against his own.

He lightly blushed from the sensation of it, but with his head down, no one could tell.

He rose it up, as if half expecting her to acknowledge it, but knew he was probably just thinking oddly and shook his head, quickly getting up from kneeling.

He readjusted himself as she smiled even more warmly towards the flower, and held it up to her nose.

“…Link, have you been paying attention to my herbal lessons?” She tilted her head, a slightly cheeky look coming on her face.

He honestly didn’t know what she was talking about, and put a hand up behind his head, scratching it.

“Hmm… I guess not.” she turned around, facing her back to him.

“..This flower… is called Love Eternal.”

“Wa-ah!” he seemed to trip on her words, before regaining himself.

Had he just accidentally confessed!?

She giggled lightly, a breathy one, before lightly touching the petals of the flower.

“It’s said that when women are too shy to say it, since the tradition has always stood that men do those honors first… that they plant these in their gardens and flowerbeds… a silent invitation for him to propose.”

She lightly turned her head back to Link, nodding some comfort to him, but still teasing him.

“I assumed you didn’t know. It’s alright. I thought it was very cute, and awfully funny of you. Thank you… Link. It did make me feel better.”

Her kindness… her gentle reassurance not to worry…

His shoulders fell as he lowered his arm from being raised, and looked down, nodding in his embarrassment.

“Please, don’t act so modest. I honestly felt flattered.” Zelda closed her eyes and smiled, nodding another reassurance for him not to worry.

“Now then.” she lowered her hands, keeping the flower tightly in one of them.

She regained her natural dignity, and looked seriously back to the castle. “Father has forbidden me to leave the castle walls if not for the sole purpose of my prayers… we should return before he suspects us of any treason against his words…”

Link looked up.

He realized how much she held back.. the true pain at saying those words.

Even his adventurous spirit felt trapped and coped up here… but it was more than just tolerable, because he was protecting the princess.

So long as he had the princess….

On her way to her quarters, Link stopped once again.

“…” Zelda turned her head once more, “Link,…”

He looked out the window.

“..You’re not planning to jump out of the window again are you?” Zelda smiled, turning around, “I swear, Link.” she giggled, “You almost gave me a heart attack last time.”

He looked back at her, and smiled kindly, before looking apologetic.

He then lowered his head.


He closed his eyes, deeply looking troubled and saddened.

“…What ever is the matter?”

Zelda walked back towards him, and waited in front of him.

When his eyes slowly opened, but didn’t look to her, she lightly raised a hand, but never fully touched him.

He looked up, following the gesture.

“…I know you’re worried about me.” Zelda looked understanding, and with every ounce of a gentle loving friend, she spoke again, “And I must ask you to keep enduring for me.”

“A-ah…” he voiced out, stepping to balance himself more.

She knew?

She looked down, turning her head away, and placing her hand holding the flower up against her chest.

“I understand you feel at a loss… wanting to help me, but not being able to disobey orders.”

He held his stare, but closed his mouth tightly.

“I’m sorry, Link… I truly do hope you know…” she looked back up at him, her pleasant face always sending a feeling through him… but he just wasn’t sure what to call it.

His eyes quickly darted to the flower, before blinking back up at her fast as instantly as he had glanced.

“I enjoyed the confession today.” She mischievously beamed.


She laughed, seeing his over-exaggerated expression.

She held another hand over her mouth, bending down and then slowly coming back up, enjoying his hilarious expression and reaction.

“Oh, Link! Haha, forgive me, haha! I couldn’t help but repeat myself again. Haha!”

She was smiling… she was genuinely laughing… at least that was enough.

Link continued to turn, embarrassed.

Later that night, as she slept silently in her bed, Link stood by her window.

He held his sword out in front, down to the floor, as his hands rested on it’s hilt.

In the shadows, he turned from his position of guarding to stare at her a moment… and the Love Eternal flower, glistening in the moonlight.

He slowly walked over to it.

Then bent down by Zelda’s side, looking over at her calm, peacefully sleeping face.

He leaned down, a quiet voice in her dreams…

“What if… I did..?”

She lightly stirred as wind passed by her ear.

the curtains of the open balcony window lightly draped over the moonlight, revealing the beautiful landscape of Hyrule outside.


The flower lightly dropped a petal from it’s watery glass.

“…Love you.”

Zelda felt something warm and slightly moist upon her cheek, but never spoke of the dreamed voice sense.

(Got a little AU at the end there. I should have just ended with, instead of ‘what if I did?’ to “Always” huh? May have kept it fully in character canon, lol)

funny story

once when i was three or so, my mom took me to target around christmas time. she turned to me and said, “honey, what do you want for Christmas?” and I responded, as loudly as possible, “I want a BIG. FAT. PENIS.” i swear the old women near us in the aisle almost had a heart attack.

“Just to be clear, if you ever get me a pee stick for a present, we will have to have a serious conversation about your mental state.”

Maya didn’t look away from the TV as she responded. “This movie had murder and infidelity and new levels of revenge, and the thing you’re most worried about is a pregnancy test for a gift? Seriously, Josh?”

They were having movie night at the Matthews, a Friday night tradition of theirs. It used to be a tradition that Riley, Maya, Lucas, Zay, Farkle, and Smackle had, with Josh stopping over occasionally, but then relationships and college and work took over so now it’s just Maya and Josh. Not that she’s complaining. “I’m just saying. It’s a weird way to tell your significant other that you’re pregnant. ‘Hey! Lookie here, I just peed on a stick and now I want you to have it and react positively to it.’ It seems pretty crazy to me.”

“That’s kind of the point here. Amy’s supposed to seem a little psychotic.” Maya reached her hand into the popcorn bowl in Josh’s lap to dig out a handful and pop it into her mouth. She suddenly froze. “Wait. Why would you feel the need to tell me to never do this?”

Josh remained nonchalant. “You know-uhh. Just in case. Because we are-uhm…playing the long game.” Thankfully, the room was dark so she couldn’t see the blush on his face.

Maya struggled to keep the smile off her face. “So, you see us having kids someday?”

Josh cleared his throat, just in case his voice decided to crack when he replied to her. “Someday, yeah.”

Maya tore her attention away from the screen and rummaged through her purse. “That’s actually funny cuz I have something to give you. A present.” She pulled out a small black box.

Josh looked absolutely horrified. “Maya, if that’s a pee stick, I swear to god I’ll die of shock. If you’re pregnant, just tell me, use words, I’ll be happy. If you show me the stick, you’ll ruin my childhood forever. Don’t ruin a Matthews’ childhood.”

Maya snickered. “Okay, firstly, ew. I’d never do that. I’d just tell you. Or maybe I’d paint you a picture. Secondly, we’ve never even…you know.” A light blush tinted her cheeks. She emptied her mind of those thoughts and continued, “Third, you’re 24. You have no childhood left to ruin.”

Josh’s heart rate slowed down significantly. She had almost given him a heart attack. But then again, that was to be expected in any kind of relationship with Maya Hart. “So what is it?” He asked, taking the box from Maya. When he opened it, he found a key. He looked at her questioningly.

Maya tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, a nervous tick of hers. “It’s a key to my apartment. So… we can have movie nights there instead of always crashing at the Matthews.”

Josh gave her a crooked smile. “You do know we could’ve just done movie nights at my apartment this whole time? I’ve already got Netflix set up on the TV.”

Maya rolled her eyes. “Josh. Just shut up and take the key.”

Josh took the key and put it on his key ring, silently thanking god that Maya hadn’t given him a pregnancy test. But a part of him couldn’t wait until he hopefully started a family with her. Someday. Without pee sticks.

Love is Love

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Requested by anonymous:

“Can you do an Erica Reyes imagine where they are dating and you both find out that gay marriage is legal and you two girls get married?”

Note: This takes place where the pack is in University it is the original pack (Derek, Stiles, Scott, Allison, Lydia, Jackson, Isaac, Boyd and Erica)

Warnings: None/Fluff

You sigh as you flick through the pages of your Economics textbook as you try to memorize as many of the notes as possible. You write down as many things from that page as you can remember before checking the textbook again. You groan in annoyance as you realize you only remembered about a quarter of what you needed to know on that page alone. You were so screwed for this exam.

“Can you keep the groaning down in there? I’m trying to have a Gossip Girl marathon out here!” Erica calls from the lounge room as you roll your eyes. “It’s not my fault you have stupid werewolf hearing.” You retort back as you stressfully run your hand through your hair as you try to refocus on your studies.

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Klance Week Day 4: Free Day

(For the free day, I decided to challenge myself and do something a little different; namely write a Klance fic where Keith and Lance aren’t actually there. Dunno if it worked, but I had fun writing it! Pidge has a bit of a potty mouth in this one, but other than that this one’s pretty tame. Enjoy!)

“Do they really think we don’t know?”

Hunk looked up from the panel he had been tinkering with. It took him a second to find what Pidge was looking at, but once he spotted her target it seemed pretty obvious; Lance and Keith were standing in the middle of the room arguing again, so close together that their foreheads were brushing.

“Know what?” Hunk asked, because really, there were a lot of ways he could interpret that question.

“That they’re sleeping together,” Pidge clarified, sitting cross-legged beside him with her head propped up on one hand. “I mean, it’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?”

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I legitimately no joke almost had a heart attack I just got home from the gym and my girlfriends car was in the driveway and purse were on the couch but our front door was wide open and she was nowhere to be found and I called her and she didn’t answer I swear I thought she was kidnapped like luckily she called me back and said she was on a walk and just mistakenly left the door open but I was legit ready to start crawling under beds looking for clues and hair follicles like Liam Neeson in Taken

Oreo Strikes Again

OH MY GODDDDD I brought Oreo home this weekend because none of the kids signed up to hamster-sit her, and last night my husband peeked into the office to check on her and he found her sitting in the middle of the floor staring at him like she just got caught doing something bad and then she ran behind the sofa, forcing him to chase after her. I didn’t find out about it until the next morning and even though I knew she was safe I still almost had a heart attack. SHE BUSTED OUT OF HER CAGE. AGAIN. HERE, IN MY HOUSE. THE NERVE. I swear to everything holy Oreo is going to kill me one day.

It Will Always Be You

A/N: just read it and tell me what you think! :)

It Will Always Be You

If you were to ask me; Lauren Jauregui what love is, I would tell you that love is the feeling when you look at a certain brunette with brown captivating eyes and a cute bow perched on the top of her head and feel at home. Love is when you can get lost in your significant others eyes so easily, when you can gaze at them and just lose yourself. I was once told that if I was ever going to lose myself I needed to lose myself in another person, with Camila it was a lot easier than intended. I tried my best not to gaze at her constantly but every time she smiled I just couldn’t resist and I swear in those moments I fell more in love with her.

Camila quickly became my source of happiness from the moment I met her, her sparkling personality, her deep chocolate eyes and her insane love for books drew me towards her, it was like two magnets being pulled together and no matter how hard you tried to resist the attraction was just too much. That analogy basically sums up my love for Camila, every time I would try to resist the urge to gaze Camila’s way while she sung was quickly thwarted by my heart and every time I tried to tell myself ‘no you can’t love her’ was also thwarted because I do love her I think I always will.

I never thought my love for Camila could possibly be this deep in a matter of 2 years, everything about her in my eyes seemed to be perfect of course she wasn’t perfect but when I found out she wasn’t I just fell in love with her more. Camila’s flaws are what made me fall harder for her then I thought possible, she was absolutely stunning to me now and I didn’t know how to stop loving her because I know there is no chance of her ever loving me back.

I never thought I would be pondering these thoughts in the back of our fifth harmony tour bus alone just withering the time away. I had a guitar on my lap and I was subconsciously strumming the chords until her voice broke my trance.

“Hey Lo, what’re you doing back here?” She asked and I smiled patting the empty space next to me.

“Hey Camz I’m just thinking trying to decide what to play” I smiled at her and she gave me a megawatt smile in return.

“Oh! Play something Ed Sheeran! Please?” I smiled at her little girl ways, begging me to play something by her favorite artist. I nodded my head I had the perfect song in mind but I wasn’t sure if I should sing it thinking it might be too obvious, I decided to just do it something in my heart was telling me to and I just had to follow my heart for once instead of my head.

“Okay Camz I got somethin for ya” she squealed and her smile warmed my entire body to a temperature I was sure was unsafe. Before starting the chords I gave her a small smile which in return made her giggle, her giggle is going to give me a heart attack one day I swear. I played the opening chords and lost myself in lyrics almost forgetting the person this song was for was sitting not even an arm’s length away from me. I shut my eyes and lost myself in the lyrics, losing myself in the meaning behind these words that clearly defined my love for Camila.

We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been
We just try to keep those secrets in our lives
And if they find out, will it all go wrong?
I never know, no one wants it to.

I heard my husky voice fill the back of the bus and I could also hear Camila’s breath hitch, my voice always had this effect on her she told me she could never take her eyes off of me while I sang I told her I couldn’t take my eyes off of her either.

So I could take the back road
But your eyes’ll lead me straight back home
And if you know me like I know you
You should love me, you should know

Friends just sleep in another bed
And friends don’t treat me like you do
Well I know that there’s a limit to everything
But my friends won’t love me like you
No, my friends won’t love me like you

Those lyrics spoke my feelings better than any words I could ever conjure up, I felt tears in the back of my eyes as I tried to fight them. I could feel my voice cracking but I had to continue.

We’re not friends, we could be anything
If we tried to keep those secrets safe
No one will find out if it all went wrong
They’ll never know what we’ve been through

So I could take the back road
But your eyes’ll lead me straight back home
And if you know me like I know you
You should love me, you should know

Friends just sleep in another bed
And friends don’t treat me like you do
Well I know that there’s a limit to everything
But my friends won’t love me like you
No, my friends won’t love me like you

I felt the warm liquid seep out of my eyes before it was too late and my voice cracking at the end of the sentence. I refused to open my eyes knowing that Camila would be looking directly at me so I continued to sing losing myself over again.

But then again, if we’re not friends
Someone else might love you too
And then again, if we’re not friends
There’d be nothing I could do, and that’s why

Friends should sleep in other beds
And friends should kiss me like you do
And I know that there’s a limit to everything
But my friends won’t love me like you
No, my friends won’t love me like you
Oh, my friends will never love me like you.

The song ended and I still couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t look at Camila those lyrics were sung directly to her all of my feelings and pent up emotions were all exposed now I prayed she didn’t realize it was about her. I didn’t open my eyes until I felt a pair of hands on either side of my face.

“Lo open your eyes babe please, your scaring me” she cried and in that exact second my eyes flew open not wanting to bring fear to the girl who brings me joy every time she breathes.

“I’m sorry Camz I’m alright don’t worry just… A lot of emotion in that song you know?” I tried to sound nonchalant but I could tell she wasn’t buying it. Her eyes were screaming at me to tell her what’s wrong and that’s when I noticed there had been tears in her eyes too. I put the guitar down and stood up quickly I didn’t want to have this conversation, not now not ever not when it would just end up with me being heartbroken.

“Lo where are you going?” She spoke as I tried to walk away, I could feel her walking behind me and her hand grabbing my wrist to halt my movement. I tried pulling my hand away but it was no use, for someone with tiny hands she was strong.

“I don’t want to talk Camila there’s no point, I was crying because the song is emotional nothing more nothing less okay?” I told her and I could swear I saw disappointment in those shimmering brown eyes but I shook myself out of that nonsense she has nothing to be disappointed about. When I saw wetness fill her eyes I could feel my heart breaking I didn’t want to see her like this but I didn’t know exactly why she was crying either?

“Hey, hey why are you crying?” I asked trying to get her to stop but it was no use the sobs were wracking her body and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her. She cried into my chest as I tried to sooth her, we had moments like this quite frequently when something became too emotional when it struck a chord with one of us we would just break. I knew my reason for breaking but what was hers? I had wanted to ask her for a while, she never told me why and something in my chest burned for me to know.

I had a small inkling of hope that maybe she loved me too or at the very least had some feelings for me. I lifted her head from my chest and looked her in the eyes, she looked so small and fragile I didn’t know what to say I gave her a small kiss on the forehead. I could feel her smile as my lips pressed into the top of her head, I smiled too earning a little laugh from the smaller girl.

“You know exactly what to do to make me smile Lauren, thank you” she said and released herself from my hold but not before I grabbed her hand.

“Camz what’s wrong? Why do you keep breaking down like this? I’m worried” she looked at me with a blank expression and emotionless eyes.

“I-I can’t say” she stuttered and sighed in annoyance.

“Camila I’m your best friend tell me please? I’m worried about you, you mean so much to me more than you know please tell me what’s wrong” I explained and I could see the tears return to her eyes as she swallowed the lump in her throat.

“It’s… It’s…” She tried but I could see the sudden change in her eyes as they went from sadness to pure nothingness.

“It’s Austin” she said with no hesitation and I could feel my heart break in my chest.

“The song just reminds me of him that’s why I was crying I didn’t mean to worry you Lo, t-that’s the last thing I ever wanna do” she explained to me and that’s when I felt all the hope I had dissipate from my body.

“Oh, okay, yeah that’s understandable I knew you liked him so yeah well if you need to, um talk I’m right here” I said before pushing past her and straight to my bunk not even listening to her reply as my heart just gave way in my chest.

I ignored Camila for the next 3 weeks, she tried to talk to me but I couldn’t even look at her. Camila had managed to break my heart without me even having to tell her how I feel. Ever since Camila told me the song reminded her of Austin I decided it was best to distance myself I just didn’t know it would be for 3 weeks, it’s just every time I wanted to talk to her I was reminded of the fact that she likes Austin not me. I know I told Camila I’m here for her whenever she needed to talk so ignoring her for 3 weeks would be going against my word but I just couldn’t bare it not now, not ever.

It wasn’t until our recording of who are you for the album that really sent me over the edge. During the entire recording Camila wouldn’t stop looking at me, every time I glanced her way she would be staring directly at me causing my breath to hitch. I stood up and walked out of the room not being able to handle it, ignoring the stares from Normani, Ally and Dinah as I slammed the door shut.

I ran back to the bus with tears stinging my eyes and my breathing ragged from running back. I ran to my bunk and closed the curtain shut, I let the tears run freely and let the emotional exhaustion consume me as I slept for another 6 hours hoping that my troubles were a dream.

I woke up to the sound of someone pulling my curtain back; I jolted forward as I felt the bed dip and a body curled up against mine. I felt a head lay against my chest and I knew it was Camila; I didn’t have the energy to push her off so I let her stay. I hugged her closer missing the feeling of being around her in general; it was 20 minutes of enjoying her warmth until I grew annoyed as to why she was doing this.

“Camila why are you here?” I asked and she turned her head to look at me.

“Because I missed you” she said and I pulled away from her, the smile that was previously on her face fell completely.

“Camila please leave” I looked her dead in the eye and I could see the tears growing. We were looking at each other with such intensity before she sighed and gave up her internal battle to utter words I never expected.

“Lauren I lied…”

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A/N: This futzes with Fringe’s timeline a bit, but I’m just going to assume they defeated the observers. Also, befitandchase and guysinvnecks, you win! Also misscouchpotato, too. Fringe/Arrow crossover where Felicity makes a discovery and has a proper freakout about it.

Felicity notices the woman out of the corner of her eye because they have the same glasses and Felicity’s always amused by finding people wearing the same shoes or glasses. It’s fun. Like solidarity. But then she looks at the woman a second time, really looks, and realizes that they have more than the same glasses: their faces are similar, too. In fact, the woman wearing the convention badge kind of looks like Felicity imagines she will in ten years, but probably prettier because stressing over Oliver’s antics is going to give her unflattering wrinkle lines, probably.

And then Felicity spots the name on the convention badge and she gasps.

She looks away, but not quickly enough and Oliver, damn his selective observation skills when it comes to interpersonal relationships, notices. He touches her above the elbow with his fingertips. “Something the matter?”

Felicity takes a deep breath, hoping to calm her heart, but it does absolutely nothing. Dunham. That’s the name her mother mentioned one morning when she was slurred out on too many Xanax or barbiturates or whatever she used to take before Felicity learned how to unlock the medicine cabinet and to lace the bottles with placebos. The name’s been ingrained into Felicity’s memory ever since.

And the woman looks just like her. It could all be a coincidence, but Felicity has never looked anything like her mother, and she is clinically aware on some level that she is about two seconds from hyperventilating, and worse, she’s about two seconds from hyperventilating in front of Oliver, the last thing she wants right now. They have enough going on in their lives, she doesn’t need to add a panic attack to it.

“I’m fine,” she lies.

Oliver frowns and though his touch is feather-light against her skin, she can feel his body tensing as he searches for the danger. The convention attendees mill about them, and the woman Felicity noticed stands off to the side, out of the way, holding a cup of coffee. She’s got an FBI badge clipped to the left lapel of her jacket.

Felicity looks away before the woman can notice her.

“What is it?” Oliver asks.


“Felicity?” asks a new voice and Felicity and Oliver turn. A slim man with a bit of curl to his hair and some scruff on his chin is approaching them, squinting at Felicity a little. He has a convention bag hanging around his neck. “It is Felicity, right? MIT?”

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