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Do you know any estps and did you get along with them?

My uncle’s an ESTP and…. oh boy…


-Rides a motorbike everywhere he goes

-Is covered head to toe in tattoos

- Drinks, smokes and does drugs on a daily basis

- I’m pretty sure he grows weed

- Swears like a sailor

- keeps accidentally knocking up women

- Has gotten arrested like 50 times

- basically he’s the most stereotypical australian bogan I’ve ever seen. 

I also have a feeling a lot of the nosy, obnoxious boys who picked on me at school for being shy were ESTPs, or maybe ENTPs. You know the ones… 

“ hEY cAn yOU TaLk??”

“ wHY wERe yOu ABseNT fRoM SCHooL YeSTerDAy”



*insert 10,000 dirty jokes*


The only connection I had with those boys was a love for memes and Death Note.

All in all, I don’t really tend to get along with ESTPs very well. Of course this doesn’t apply to every ESTP, but just in general :).  Perhaps because they’re my opposite function-wise? 

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The problem isn't that you've offended people, it's that you refuse to stop. People have asked you to stop, and instead of stopping you say "It's just a joke, chill." Because you're famous now, you can't talk like you do at home or in public cause no one here knows you. So, even if you don't mean it, apologize and watch your words. People take things from famous people way too seriously for no reason, but it's a problem they need to deal with.

1- I aint famous fam. I’m just some kid with a cringe series going on on youtube.

2- I aint watching my words because I believe my dialect is fine. I only know a couple words you can use to call a person names and that sounded like my best choice

3- there are people like pewds, markiplier, jack that swear on a daily basis on their videos. And they swear like a sailor, which I find hilarious as freak. And no one is cruficying them for doing it so. And they ARE, indeed, famous.

4- with “u wont stop!!” What do you mean? I only used the word O N C E on tumblr and then refered to it as R word as I was answering people. If defending myself or try to sort out the issue is “not stoping” then… dude… you’re not understanding.

5- I got nothing to apologise for? I ised the word once under a justified circumstance that I don’t regret, for is being used in the right context under no harm. Also if you mean by the other answers people that follow me know I love sarcasm and answer some questions with bit of salt for the humor.


Time to reblog that clip again…

The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 1) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Park Attack” 

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, & Reader

Author’s Note: This series is my baby. It will be broken up by years, and currently I’m writing well into their Sophomore year. I hope you all enjoy it. 

Summary: AU where Stiles’ “vision” happened and everyone ended up going to school near each other. Stiles and Scott live together and go to school at University of California at Berkeley. They think that they have escaped the supernatural drama that engulfs Beacon Hills on a daily basis, at least during the school year, until one night in the middle of January, they happen upon a girl fighting two grown men in a park.

Chapter One - Chapter Two

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“I don’t know.” Scott said defeatedly, as he walked from campus to his apartment with his best friend since childhood. “I knew that it was a long shot, but I really thought that going back home for Christmas would, I don’t know, rekindle it or something. Now, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen, Stiles.”

“I know, buddy it’s rough, girls suck, Scott. I swear to god, I am done with them.” Scott chuckled at Stiles’ proclamation. “Don’t laugh at me, asshole. I’m serious, Lydia and I imploded, and while I do think that we are better off as friends, I don’t even want to look at another girl anytime soon.”

“I feel you… All this stuff with Kira, all of this back and forth, on and off.. Honestly?…It makes me really miss Allison…” Scott stared at the pavement under his feet, as he admitted the feeling that had been plaguing him for months.

“Scott, I think we should just go to parties and meet new girls and be regular college freshman, who aren’t moping over girls that we can never have.” Stiles replied, as he gripped Scott’s shoulder, grabbing his attention from his shoes.

“I thought you were swearing off all girls?” Scott smirked.

Stiles stopped in place and stared Scott straight in the eyes, deadpan, he said, “I meant for right now. I’m not trying to go back to being a virgin, Scott. Don’t be stupid.”

Scott laughed and they continued walking. “I don’t know what I was thinking…”

In the distance they heard a scream that stopped them in their tracks.

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Kim Seokjin : Occupation - Kindergarten Teacher

♥(ノ´∀`)Happy Birthday @caramoccii / @ask-seokjinnie !

sap & shit under the cut

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A New Neverland.

Request from anon:Do you do requests? Well if you do can you do a Peter Pan smut where both the reader and him now live in storybrooke and you both are trying to get used to the new technology? Thanks!!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1,744

Warnings: Smut…not LOADS but enough to certainly put it in the warning so if you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT READ! There is also some language too and some mild intimidation and threatening behaiour.. Anything I have missed just let me know.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

Originally posted by kevinskeller

“Damn it!”

For the second time that morning you found your foot connecting with the kitchen worktop and for the second time you instantly regretted the move as an agonising pain shot through your big toe. You needed to find another way to unleash your frustration, something that wasn’t so……painful.

“What’s going on?” A tired Peter stalked out of the bedroom, both hands rubbing the tiredness from his eyes, as he sent a rather perplexed expression your direction. “Still can’t figure out that toaster? I figured it out days ago!”

Your eyes immediately narrowed into dangerous slits as you grabbed hold of a nearby knife and pointed it in his direction in a threatening manner.

“Shut it Pan or I swear to god I will find a new place to store this knife…..” Your voice is low and it is more than evident that your words aren’t only a threat but a promise too should he continue his smugness. “…it’s this stupid thing they call a ‘radio’ here. It’s not, well, it’s not doing anything!”

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tododeku for the ship thing!

please send me a ship and I will tell you

who’s the cuddler:  SHOUTO OBVI, his touch starved ass is constantly snuggling up to izuku. His fav snuggle time is when they’re snuggled up on the couch in the common room surrounded by their friends and classmates for 1-a’s weekly movie night, warms his lil gay heart

who makes the bed: again, shouto. Living with Endeavor for years taught him to never leave his room without making the bed and leaving things clean and neat unless he wanted to get screamed at. Midoriya, on the other hand, stumbles out of bed with 15 minutes to spare and mumbles his way through breakfast barely remembering to dress himself before he’s out the door.

who wakes up first: Geez, I swear I’m not doing this on purpose, but again, Shouto. He learned to wake up early from Endeavor, who does not believe in “sleeping in” but damn does shouto take it to a new level. After his mom was sent away he started waking up even before his father upon realizing it was some of the only quiet time he could have to himself on a daily basis. Now he just wakes prior to the ass crack of dawn out of habit. 

who has the weird taste in music: *all might voice* MIDORIYA MY BOY. Izuku’s Spotify playlist is a weird mix of anime opening and closing songs, songs he thinks his fav pro heroes would enjoy, and cheery bops/bangers that he can sing to at the top of his lungs with Ochako, intermixed with a lil American top 40 because wow Izuku loves 5th Harmony on the low. 

who is more protective: Izuku, have u met that boy??? Not that Shouto wouldn’t take a fuckin bullet for Izuku, but Izuku really takes the cake when it comes to being protective over his s/o. U wanna talk shit about Shouto?? Oh, then clearly u wanna catch these mf hands at full fuckin cowl huh bitch??? Cinnamon roll Izuku is no more when it comes to loving and protecting Todoroki Shouto from villains, bullies, or anyone who so much as stares at the scar on his face for a millisecond too long. 

While Shouto is slightly more levelheaded and knows when to just let it go when people are being assholes. He did afterall spend his entire childhood learning how to hide his emotions from endeavor and trying not to let him get too far under his skin.

who sings in the shower: Surprisingly enough, Shouto. Shouto, being the morning person that he is, normally showers when everyone is still asleep. He likes singing, it’s something his mother used to do for him as a child to help calm him, and when she wasn’t around anymore he’d sing to himself at night in his room, just quiet enough for endeavor not to hear, but sometimes Fuyumi would pause at his door to catch him humming the remnants of a nursery rhyme. 

Plus, the showers make for a great place to be able to hear yourself sing as your voice bounces off the tiles and echoes back to you. He sings anything from the soft little lullabies his mom used to sing, to the catchy American songs Izuku and Ochako are always screaming around him. 

who cries during movies: Izuku!!! That boy is always crying. Shouto doesn’t really get it but he holds him extra close whenever he notices the silent tears falling down Izuku’s freckled cheeks during movie night. 

who spends the most while out shopping: Shouto, money has never really been a problem for him and he has really really boujee taste. Minimalist, simplistic, and functional, but also hella expensive. Oh, that black t-shirt over there that looks like u could buy it in a Hanes 5 pack at k-mart? Its actually $500 dollars and Shouto owns 3 because the material “is soft but durable and doesn’t fade in the wash” according to him. Meanwhile, Izuku is constantly budgeting and absolutely refuses to let Shouto spend any of his money on him whatsoever. Although they do usually alternate between who buys who lunch or dinner on dates. 

who kisses more roughly: Izuku, he’s a cinnamon roll and my son but like at least he’s seen movies. Both Izuku and Shouto are new to this whole “relationship” thing as they are the first boyfriend/girlfriend either of them has ever had so kissing took a while to figure out. At first, it was always awkward bc wtf people actually enjoy mushing their faces together??? But it became a lot more natural the less they tried to force intense make-out sessions, like in the movies, right off the bat. Just casual little kisses here and there, quick and nothing super special but enough to bring a blush to both of their cheeks. Izuku has slowly but surely been practicing his technique, taking mental notes of what does and doesn’t seem to be working for them, what Shouto seems to respond to most, and what he finds most comfortable. He’s got a couple tricks up his sleeve and is always trying something new each time they kiss for more than a few seconds. 

who is more dominate: Shouto, although I wouldn’t use the word dominate, more like blunt. He doesn’t know how to sugar coat things and doesn’t see the point of it anyway. He says what he wants and will give Izuku a logical explanation as to why if he asks. Izuku is always talking about how communication is key to a relationship, at least that’s what Ochako is always telling him, and Shouto learned a long time ago that Izuku doesn’t mind his bluntness, in fact, he appreciates it. So it never takes them long to resolve a problem because they simply don’t hide things that concern one another or their relationship from each other. Sometimes Izuku is a little insecure which can lead to minor misunderstandings but Shouto is always there to assure him that he isn’t going to judge him for anything, especially not after seeing the full extent of Izuku’s all might obsession/fanboy collection, and still being able to love him lol. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10, grade A ship, really love these sweet pure kiddos and Horikoshi needs to stop being a coward and make it canon

Thanks for the message anon! I really enjoy writing little things like this! 


Dating Dallas Winston - Head Canon

Dating Dally

* Getting jealous of him having girls hang over him.
* Him getting jealous when a guy is all over you.
* Having to deal with him getting thrown in jail all of the time.
* Only getting to see him for fifteen minutes a day through a window when he’s in jail. Talking through a phone with your hands against the glass.
* Broken promises.
* Trying to change him for the better, and always disappointing yourself.
* Dallas being there for you, no matter what.
* Rough sex.
* Public make out sessions .
* Dallas opening up to you about his emotions.
* Wearing his necklace.
* Cleaning Dallas up after he’s gotten into a fight.
* Fights. Not too often, but more often then other relationships.
* Dallas telling you about his past, all of it.
* Showing him what love really is, and teaching him how to love.
* Having to fight off a few of his ex-girlfriends.
* Finding Dallas knocked out after getting jumped, or passed out from drinking too much.
* Wearing Dally’s leather jacket.
* Giving him hair trims because he didn’t like when it got too long.
* Crying when he’s been locked away for a long time, and dealing with being away from him.
* Thoughtful gifts on special occasions.
* Dallas knowing when you’re upset, and him being supportive and comforting when no one else is around.
* Long and quiet drives together.
* Getting a dog together, a big protective one. And watching Dallas fall in love with it.
* Having to be the one to initiate hand holding and arm locking.
* Knowing that your sex life won’t end up being private.
* Over time, watching Dallas turn his life around.
* Being the one Dallas comes to with any new, good or bad.
* Being well known by greasers and criminals.
* Dallas coming to your rescue when you’re in trouble.
* Forcing him to slow dance with you just once at the prom.
* Finding out things you didn’t want to find out about.
* Dallas trying to be sweet by stealing you flowers and candy from stores.
* Dallas taking a long time to apologize.
* No matter how hard things get, and how often you fight, you never break up. Not once.
* Showing him who’s the boss.
* Running your hands through his hair, and looking into his eyes.
* Taking care of him when he’s hungover.
* Dallas complimenting you, all the time.
* Dallas making sure everyone knows that you’re his.
* Being the first person to see him once he gets out of jail.
* Being the first person there when he’s in the hospital.
* Convincing him not to make irrational decisions.
* Dallas crying to you, and only you. And he swears if you tell anybody about it, you’d regret it.
* Dallas never laying a hand on you. Unless it was in a loving way. He could never live with himself if he hurt you.
* Sarcastic comments.
* Having to always be the one to say I love you first.
* Worrying about him on a daily basis.
* Sleeping at Buck’s house.
* Being the only person in the whole world who can calm him down.
* Dallas giving you tight hugs, full of emotion.
* Knowing how much you mean to him, even if he doesn’t say it as much as you do.
* Dallas trying to be romantic, wanting to impress you.
* Dallas feeling happy and secure knowing you would never leave him like the others.
* Loyalty.

Peter growing up with the Ravagers hopefully included –

One day, when witnessing just how amazingly terrible the Ravagers are at math, Peter just turns around to Yondu with an absolutely horrified expression – because he just witnessed grown-ass men failing at understanding what a third of something really is – and Yondu is there, one hand over his eyes, looking to all the world as if he’s in physical pain while the others still bicker over how much a third really is.

When Yondu catches Peter’s gaze through his fingers, he huffs, dropping his hand and snarls, “We ain’t gonna ever mention that again.”

“You seriously work with those guys?” Peter points at the bickering men, torn between shock and amusement and disbelief.

“What did I just say?”

“You. Work. With. Those?”

Yondu throws his hands up and turns and stomps away. “Tha’s it, I need booze.”

“Yondu, wait!”

“Not if ya still gonna talk about it!”

“How can you seriously work with guys who can’t even count to-….!”

“Don’t’cha remind me, it was worse ‘nough hearin’ this shit once!”

“Yondu!” By now, Peter is in tears of laughter – amusement ruling out whatever pity he might have felt for the Captain who had to deal with this on a daily basis – but he still runs after the grumbling and swearing Yondu, unfazed by the snarls directed at him.

“Nope, nah, I ain’t listenin’ to that, I’ve had ‘nough.”



“I promise I will pay more attention in my lessons with Horuz from now on.”

“… Well ya better do, else ya gonna end up like them boys.”


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Hellooo, I'd love a fic where robron are somehow forced to kiss (friends to lovers or something) Idk how but I hope you can think of something ;)

This was getting out of hand, Robert decided as he sat, pint in hand, watching as Aaron tried to duck Finn’s advances. The youngest Barton seemed to be having a hard time getting the message that Aaron wasn’t interested, and it was almost funny - if it weren’t for the uncomfortable look on Aaron’s face, of course.

Robert cared about Aaron. He knew he didn’t exactly give off the impression he cared much about anyone at all, really, skulking back to the village after ruining his own relationship, a marriage and family all in one (not one of his finest moments, he’ll admit) but he did, he cared about Aaron.

Probably more than he should have, all things considered.

There was a fine line between best mates, and maybe-sort of-possibly in love that he crossed on a close to daily basis now, one he just couldn’t bring himself to check himself on anymore.

It was what it was, really.

“If he doesn’t leave me alone, I swear, I’ll clatter him one,” Aaron grumbled, sliding into the booth next to Robert, pushing one overly full pint toward him.

Robert snorted. “Ross’ll be real impressed with that, won’t he?”

“I’m not scared of him,” Aaron shook his head, taking a drag of his pint. “Anyway, it’s hardly my fault Finn can’t take the hint, is it?”

“You did sleep with him.”

“Hardly a marriage proposal,” Aaron rolled his eyes. “Seriously, what am I going to do Robert?”

Before Robert could reply, Finn was sliding into the booth opposite. “Look, Aaron, I just -“

“Finn, mate,” Robert interrupted, putting his fake nice voice on. “Aaron’s flattered and everything, but he’s seeing someone.”

Finn looked suitable confused. “Wait, what? Aaron, you could have just said!”

“They’ve been trying to keep it quiet,” Robert answered for a gobsmacked Aaron, his best friend clearly not catching on too quickly, doing his best goldfish impression, mouth opening and closing at a ridiculous rate.

“You’re having me on, aren’t you?” Finn raised an eyebrow, perceptive and clever as ever. Robert rather liked Finn, if he was honest - they’d had some good conversations, those few months the two of them were working up at Home Farm.

But he had to do this for Aaron, didn’t he?

Before he could talk himself out of it, Robert was twisting in his seat, pulling at the back of Aaron’s neck so they were facing each other, and he kissed him. Robert just, full on planted one of his best friend’s shocked face.

It took Aaron a second before he was kissing back, fingers clutching at the material of Robert’s shirt, mouth warm against his own.

Kissing Aaron was everything he’d always wanted it to be, safe, comforting, familiar, fireworks in the pit of his stomach, everything a cliche first kiss was in movies - but this wasn’t a movie, he was really, actually kissing his best friend, and it was sort of the best thing ever.

They broke apart after a minute or two, Finn’s delighted expression a surprise.

“I knew it!” Finn exclaimed, giving Robert a friendly punch in the arm, brow furrowing at his own action. “I said it to Tracy, that you two were seeing each other, and she said there was no way. Proved her wrong, didn’t I!”

Neither of them replied, Robert mostly just hoping Aaron was feeling the same he was there and then, like all he wanted to do was keep kissing Aaron, his mum behind the bar and busy Friday night rush be damned.

“What - what was that?” Aaron practically whispered, as Finn left.

“I helped you out,” Robert said simply. “I’m your best mate, aren’t I?”

“That’s all it is?” Aaron gave him a curious look, a sort of expectant expression that almost made Robert want to spill his guts to the younger man, admit all - admit just how much he wanted him.

Robert took a swig of his pint, lips still tingling after their kiss. “That’s all it was,” he confirmed, giving Aaron his best fake smile. “I got Finn off your back, sorted.”

“He thinks we’re dating now, though,” Aaron pointed out, twisting a beer mat between his fingers. “We can hardly break up ten seconds after he finds out, can we? Then he’ll know we were lying.”

Robert grinned. “Are you saying we should fake date for a while, then? Just to be sure Finn got the message?”

Aaron returned the grin. “I’m game if you are.”

Hey guys! I talked a lot about this whole fandom thing with @its-suriel and I decided that I won’t delete my account. I won’t be active as I used to be. I’ll remove anon option because I most certainly don’t deserve messages I got. I’m sorry guys I know that a lot of you doesn’t feel comfortable to express your opinions if you’re not anons but you can always message me and we can chat about it, I will NEVER judge your opinions.

Currently I’m following around 30 blogs that don’t post negative stuff and overanalyze everything. I’m sorry if you’re among the ones I unfollowed but IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL. I swear!! I unfollowed people that I LOVE and that I talk to on daily basis. Everyone has a right to post whatever they like and express their opinions but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it and be surrounded my it.

I have to deal with so many shit irl and I go here to relax and laugh, not to feel bad and anxious or jesus christ send disgusting anons to others and make them feel bad for the things/characters they like.

So please, if you don’t post, REBLOG (honestly it’s the same thing) and spread negativity please comment or message me or whatever so I can follow you (if I don’t follow you already)

Exhibit A: Danny with his weak ass pathetic lookin chicken noodle ass legs. look at those knees.. pitiful. 

buT then he Buffed tf UP look at those pecs! His legs aint noodles anymore even his aRMS are thicker??

getting your ass kicked on a daily basis really pays off huh 

Young [G.D mini series]


Summary: Y/N had always had bad luck finding love, but it was wrong of her to feel things for the troubled young student she was supposed to be counseling.

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: age gap, smut, angst, mentions of death/suicide, etc.

A/N: I had this idea because my mind is nasty, and I’ve been looking for something like this. No luck, so why not write it? Gray is 17 and Y/N is 27 !! So don’t shit on me pls I’m just a girl.

“Ms. Y/L/N?”

My ears perked up at the sound of my name, and I stared up from my writing to see Mr. Greeley at the doorway to my office with coffee in his hands. He was a nice man, a handsome teacher in his mid-forties that I felt was a tad bit flirty with me at times. It was pretty early, and class was about to begin, but first I was getting prepared to meet up for the first time with a student and honestly, it was always a little overwhelming.

“Yes?” I asked, pushing my black-rimmed glasses up the tip of my nose with a smile. Well, as much as I could give him on a Monday morning.

Mr. Greeley happily came in and sat down on one of the two chairs across from me, but not before leaving one of the coffee cups on top of my desk. I thanked him for it, actually glad to have some caffeine, especially after reading about who the student was.

Grayson Bailey Dolan.

“So, how is everything with counselling going?” he asked, bringing one leg up to rest on the other’s knee. Probably to make himself seem cooler. Too bad I wasn’t interested.

“Not easy,” I laughed, moving some of my papers around.

“Must be. Hell, I’d be praying before dealing with that Dolan kid.”

I raised my brows, setting my pen down to fold my hands together on top of the table. How did he know he was my next student? It must’ve been talked about, which annoyed me. This was a high school, yes, but did gossip still need to be spread around within the circle of adults?

I always liked being professional, and I didn’t want certain things - bad things - to be said about any student. Many were misunderstood, and I was so sure Grayson was one of them. I’d seen him around, and to me he looked like he mainly kept to himself. However, his grades, discipline, and detention marks said otherwise. I knew he’d be difficult to break, but I wanted to help as best as I could, and nothing was going to scare me away.

“Okay, don’t give me that look, I’m just warning you. He’s a tough little guy.”

“Then I’ll deal with him.” Really, I didn’t need him to tell me. I’d been doing this and dealing with various types of students for years now. I’d cracked the toughest ones, and it was always a challenge I was willing to do every single time.

Mr. Greeley chuckled, rubbing at his jaw. “Hope he’s nicer than he normally is. Smart-ass mouth he’s got.”

“What do you people have against a student?” I asked defensively, eyes narrowed.

He let out another little laugh that was starting to make my blood boil. I didn’t want to deal with this when Grayson would make his way in soon. I wanted to make him feel comfortable and at safe - it was completely shitty that the teachers had no remorse. Maybe he was a difficult person and all they could learn to do was dislike him, but talking behind his back instead of confronting him respectfully or trying to reach out wasn’t the way to go.

His mom was the one to come and talk to me about this, worrying about her son as a mother should - so every Monday and Wednesday, maybe Fridays if I had time, I’d speak to Grayson before classes started at 8.

“I think you should go, Mr. Greeley,” I said in a stern tone, looking back down at my paperwork with a straight face. “Thank you for the coffee, I won’t thank you for your input when I never asked. Grayson should be here any minute.”

The AP Biology teacher gave me a look in silence before standing to his feet without a word and leaving.

Taking a deep breath, I stood to my feet and made my way out of my office behind him. I walked out with my tall black heels clicking against the floors to where a few students were sitting outside in the chairs, waiting, and skimmed my eyes around to look for this specific boy.

He was sitting with his long legs outstretched and his backpack in between them on the ground. His brown hair, short at the sides and floppy at the front, was a mess - like he’d previously been running his fingers through. He wore everything black, his jacket, his shirt, his jeans, his boots - but those glowing brown-green eyes popped out more than anything to me.

“Grayson?” I called after clearing my throat, seeing him stare up at me. His bright eyes went over my legs, up to my hips tucked into a tight black skirt, and I didn’t even want to talk about his lingering gaze upon finding my exposed chest in my red blouse.

I gave him a sincere smile, heart suddenly leaping at a quick rate when he made eye contact before reaching for his backpack to stand.

Seeing him up close, only breaths away, for some reason reminded me of Mr. Greeley’s words. Little guy. Grayson certainly wasn’t little, in fact if I ever saw him in public, I’d think he was three years older than he actually was. He was tall and extremely muscular, even bigger than my tiny form. I was 27 years old and yet it seemed like I didn’t age after turning 20. I guess it was a good thing, although the way that I dressed definitely told everyone I was old enough.

“Come on in, have a seat.” I held the door open for him and he left a nice smell in his way. I gently closed the door and made my way to my own seat at my desk while he made himself as comfortable as he could. He basically sat the exact same way as he did outside, just looking a little more bored. “How are you today?”

His deep voice was a little muffled due to the fist resting on his cheek. “Tired.”

I nodded, the smile still on my face so that I could appear friendly to him instead of strict or scary. “I understand it’s early. It was the only way I could squeeze you in for the time being.” I took a pause to look over the countless amount of papers I had scattered around. For some reason, I was shaking a little, especially under his intense gaze. The sunlight coming through the windows behind me gave his beautiful eyes even more of a glow. They were greener there. “So, how’s school going?” Typical question, but I had to start with him somewhere. Baby steps. I wasn’t going to blurt out and immediately ask him what the hell was going on in his personal life.

When he didn’t answer, I looked up to see his attention elsewhere - eyes looking outside at the parking lot for the main entrance.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and ran my tongue over my inner bottom lip slightly. “Your grades are okay. However, they’re going down very quickly. Is there anything specific that you find difficult? We can start with that.”

He shrugged.

“Do you think you’d need a tutor?”


That’s when he smirked, making eye contact with me again. I don’t know what it was about it, but he made it so incredibly intense. He didn’t move his gaze away, it was like he was staring deep deep into me.

I guess this was the difficult part.

“Why, are you volunteering to help?”

The subject was about tutoring, yet the way he said it made it seem like much more. Maybe I was looking too far into it, knowing how some of these young boys acted or would often have hidden messages in their sentences when speaking to me. I wasn’t bad looking, but far younger than any of the other female workers and these boys were extremely hormonal.

“We can have a student do it. Or you can speak to your teachers–”

“They all hate me,” he cut me off, and since he had his head slightly down, his eyes were hooded and underneath it looked darker with the shadow given.

I frowned, feeling bad that he knew. Of course he had to know that the way he acted wasn’t the best way to go about things, but why did he do it? And did he ever hear these adults speak about him or was it that obvious? “I’m sure they don’t, Grayson. You’re just…” I tried to find the right word whilst also trying not to give into the gossip and terrible talk about him. No one knew anything. Grayson was the only one who knew who he was. “Different.”

It was the oldest one in the book, but it was true.

Grayson didn’t respond to that, going to lick his bottom lip before biting down on it. I tried my best to stay focused, instead noticing how his hand came down to rub at his clothed thigh before  he sank down a little to place both hands in front of him, practically cupping his crotch area. He kept his lips in a straight line, but the chiseled, straight jawline was clenching.

How was a teenage boy that attractive?

Focus. What the hell are you doing? What the hell is he doing?

“What do they call me around here, Miss…?” He trailed off, and with a sigh, I tapped my desk plate that had my name written on it. Grayson’s eyes shifted to it, and I thought he wouldn’t bother to read it. When he did say my name, it sent shivers down my spine and I nearly squirmed in my seat. Fuck.

“Troublemaker? Smartass? Fuckboy?”

Him choosing to swear didn’t affect me, I heard it on a daily basis - it was just the way that it was said yet again. It was mocking, almost.

“Grayson,” I warned him, not looking up at him and instead writing down what we needed to work with. He was getting a little angry, as well as a little red at the cheekbones and ears. I could tell that was one thing we were going to have to deal with. “I’m here with you, not them. And I believe you’re a good kid.”

“Deep down?” he asked, eyes slightly narrowing. “Deep, deep down,” he continued as he leaned forward, not hiding the fact that he was staring at my chest again when I moved my hair away. I knew my blouse tightly hugged my breasts that were in clear view for him, but I always thought it was a nice thing to wear. He was making me second guess myself, though.

I moved without a second thought to stretch my stiffening limbs, going to the front of my desk directly where he was mere inches away. “I’m here to help you, with anything and everything you need…”

“Not everything,” he mumbled, moving back to rest against the chair with his hand back on his crotch. I tried not to look directly there, knowing I had to keep it professional. Keep everything professional.

“Really, anything. Schoolwork, advice, or to talk about anything you’d like.” I nodded, resting my bottom up on my desk to sit down and cross one leg over the other to get comfortable and possibly help him stop looking so stiff as well.

“Can I talk about how fucking tight my pants are right now,” he muttered, keeping his eyes away. I frowned and stared down out of curiosity, still seeing his hands covering himself. “Can we talk about you,” he suddenly shifted around the topic before I could question him to see if I’d heard right, his eyes on a picture of me with my closest friend sat on my desk to the left of me.


“You must have something interesting to hide.”

I furrowed my brows, keeping my cool. “Grayson, this is about you.”

He looked frustrated. “I’m not talking shit.”

“You’re gonna have to, I want to help.” That perfect jaw of his clenched again. “We don’t have to get deep into anything if you don’t want it yet… I don’t think you’re ready to, we just met. I mainly want to focus on your grades right now, your career, et cetera. Do you do any sports?”

He shook his head. His large built told me otherwise, but I guess he simply worked out.

“Don’t like it?”

“Don’t like the people.”

“Understandable, not your type of scene. I’ll be honest, maybe that’ll help a bit with getting into a college if you’re not big on grades. However, I do want you to possibly see a tutor as well…” This whole time, he made no comments and I was working with nothing. It was hard getting him to speak out, so I appreciated even the tiniest remarks.

We sat in that familiar silence once again when the first bell of the day rang. This wasn’t meant to drag on, merely ten to fifteen minutes for a start and as the days went on, we’d get more time together.

“Okay, looks like our time is up. It’s short for today, but I’ll always try to give us more time if you’re okay with that,” I commented, turning to go back to my chair.

“Thanks, this helped.” Shocked, I looked at him to see no sign of humor on his face. We barely spoke and I helped? Wow.

“Really, Grayson?”

“Yeah,” he said, standing and placing his backpack on. “Because of that, I’m going home.”


“Wha–? Grayson–” I didn’t get to finish as he walked out. I couldn’t find the will to go after him and drag him to class where he needed to be.

Only one thing hit me when the door clicked shut: this was going to be far more difficult than I thought.

New Beginnings

Request from anon: Could you please write one where Pepper Potts’s younger sister moves into the tower cause she had no where else to go? Buckys got a soft spot for her and volunteers to show her around and gett her a room next to his

Bucky Barnes x Pepper Potts x Reader

Words: 1,717

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“Are you sure Tony doesn’t mind Pep?”

You were heading towards the famous Stark Tower with your older sister, Pepper Potts, and although she was married to Tony that didn’t make you feel any more comfortable having her ask for you to stay here.

“[y/n] you’re my family which also makes you Tony’s so even if he isn’t okay with it, which he will be, he has no choice in the matter.”

You didn’t know what you would have done if you didn’t have Pepper in your life; despite the fact that she had a lot on her plate as it was she always made sure that you were okay, had everything you needed, even now when you found yourself with nowhere to live because of an obnoxious boyfriend (or rather ex-boyfriend now) she was there by your side until she knew you were sorted.

Everyone you met was always surprised by the close relationship the two of you had; Pepper had been incredibly successful both career-wise and in her love life too so people always assumed that you would be jealous of the things she had achieved when you had barely even made it through College. But you were far from jealous, you were ecstatic for her, she was your sister after all.

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At what stage do you give up caring about whether people in your life believe in your illness? 

Honestly, it is so tiring having to put up with people - on a daily fucking basis - patronising you and invalidating you. Every day, without fail. 

I get it that they cannot “see” my illnesses like you can see some other illnesses. Only I can feel it and know how fucking shitty it is, but I am beyond done with being patronised and belittled when I am sincerely fucking trying, and struggling, and exhausted as all hell. 

It is like living on barely any charge, and why should I have to keep adjusting my life to accomodate for ableist people (many of whom are family)? Why? Why should I burn myself out and then suffer for days and weeks with aches and pains and then the depression that worsens with all that. I have to rest after the simplest tasks, and even typing, my arms throb and ache, but they just think it’s “in my head”? You know what, get fucked. 

I am bloody sick of it. I’ve accepted how things are and have been doing the best I can to try and heal as much as I can. We just shouldn’t have to be fighting this battle, too, of making others “believe” us (fuck them if they don’t. Honestly, fuck them. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from this and only a person of privilege would think being sick is “fun” or something you would fake. They have no idea, and no compassion, for the immense struggles and challenges that comes with having an invisible illness). 

Anyway, I need to remove these sorts of toxic people from my life. I have enough going on without that added hurdle of being told to “prove it” all the damn time.

Just take a fucking hike and do some research if you don’t “believe” in the reality of chronic illness. 

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{Reaction} When you’re a new translator in EXO’s company

Hey! I was wondering how would exo react to a new foreign girl working in sm as a translator? Thanks 💙

Note: When I saw this request I was very excited to write it! I hope that you enjoy how it turned out because I really did like this request. I hope you have a nice day/night wherever you are~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol would use every excuse to talk to you, because he thinks you’re incredibly beautiful and talented. He thinks you’re interesting, and he takes a of of time to ask you about your nationality and what your home country is like.

Chanyeol: “Will you take me to your country one day? I would love to see it~”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by yoonem

Kyungsoo was shy when he first saw you within the company. He was reserved, and would give you shy smiles from across the room when he caught your eye. It wasn’t until he you were asked to translate something for him that he had his first conversation with you, and he found himself tripping over his words as he was completely astounded at the beauty you presented before him.

Chanyeol: “Your cheeks are red” *Laughing*

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t hear him as he shyly talks to you about something in Korean*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by yixingofficial

Baekhyun is incredibly sweet and charming. So when you join the company for the first time, he’s going to be incredibly gentlemanly and will ask you a lot of questions about your nationality. He will be interested on what made you want to learn Korean and why you wanted to become a translator. It is the start of a very beautiful relationship.

Baekhyun: “I bet you wanted to become a translator so you could work with the amazing Byun Baekhyun, eh?”

{y/n}: “Sure, sure,” *laughing*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by sefuns

Sehun is going to be in awe as he watches you switch between two - or sometimes three languages. He finds it incredible that languages come so easily to you, and will be compelled by the way you speak. When he talks to you, it seems like he can’t talk at all in comparison to your wide vocabulary even though you aren’t natively Korean, your words are still perfect.

Sehun: “You’re perfect.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

Since Lay can speak both Chinese and Korean, he knows how hard it is to learn two languages. Even now, he struggles with Korean still even now, so watching you speaking two or three languages is fascinating to him. He loves to talk to you about your home country, and he’s always asking you when you’ll take him to visit.

{y/n}: “I promise my country is not as interesting as China or Korea, why do you think I moved away?” *laughing*

Lay: “But I want to travel. I’d like you to be my guide too.” *grinning*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Like some of the other members, Jongdae has been made to learn Chinese as well as the Korean that he already speaks. Since he has so much trouble with learning Chinese, he is in awe at how amazing and fluent you are at speaking the languages.

Jongdae: “It would be really cool if you could teach me sometime.”

{y/n}: “Yeah? I’d like that.” *smiling*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok thought you were beautiful the moment his eyes landed on you. He found himself talking to you, his natural charm doing all the work for him. He smiled at his cheeky and charming personality that was causing you to blush.

Minseok: “But of course we don’t need any words, because you can moan in any language.” *this man is nsfw*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by chansuo

For a while, Tao didn’t even realise that you were a translator. He thought that you were just someone that liked to correct his wrongly spoken Korean on a daily basis. For the longest time he was salty with you, that was until Kris told him to stop being such a hardass on you and that you were only doing your job. 

Tao: “A… translator?”

{y/n}: “Well yeah, why else do you think I come around with you guys?”

Tao: “Oh… makes sense.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Since Suho is the savage member of the group, he would probably take this opportunity to ask you about all the swear words you know in your other language so he could curse the other members without them knowing. He would also use it as an excuse to flirt with you.

Suho: “What’s Daddy in your language?”

{y/n}: “Why?”

Suho: “Future reference.” *Winks*


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Luhan would spend the majority of your first few weeks in awe at you ability to switch between so many different languages. His eyes would widen as he responds to his manager in Korean, then Yixing in Chinese, and then Japanese when you get a call on your phone.

Luhan: “woah, you’re like a magician.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Even though Kai loves your bilingual ability, he also loves the fact that you are so sweet and kind. His feelings hit him like a truck the first time his eyes landed on you on your first day within the company. Now, he will use any excuse to be around you, and to listen to the angelic sound of your voice whatever language you’re talking in.

Kai: “Care to dance? We don’t need language for that.”

{y/n}: “Well okay then.” *smiling*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Since Kris is the master of languages himself, he takes the opportunity to pry on your passion for languages and impress you with all that he knows. Sometimes, he’ll talk to you in a language that the other members around him don’t understand just because it makes him feel special when he can talk to you in a way that no one else can.

Kris: *In Cantonese* “Will you pass the book please, {y/n}.”

Baekhyun: “Stop showing off, Kris. Just talk to her in Korean like the rest of us.”

{y/n}: *Giggling as Kris protests.*  

Happy Fanfiction Writers’ Appreciation Day!!!

Even tho I’m probably late haha. And I think I got the name wrong. But meh. The thought’s there. This for all of you writers out there, be it if you’re popular or not.  You should be proud of what you do since you keep us, readers, entertained and satisfy or thirst for scenarios that might not happen in real life. You manage to make another beautiful and original piece each time you put your thoughts into words, and we are lucky enough that you post it so that we could read what you make. I hope you know that you are very much appreciated in this community and in the fandom you write about. 

I’ll be naming a few of the writers that I absolutely love and most of these people are people that i’m still working up the courage to befriend. I may or may not put messages depending whether or not I’m extremely shy to talk about you or if I want to spread my love for you haha. Also all of the writers I’m about to mention are bts writers sooo.

Here it goes:

@inktae aaAAA!! Mari, what do i tell you? Where do i start? you are like my idol here and I love you and all of your works. I have reread everything on your masterlist countless of times and I still manage to feel the same emotions I did when I first read your fics. I’ll be waiting until you would write again hehe. Idk if you’d ever read this but i really want to befriend you but I’m still too shy and try to actually talk to you.

@stuckinthekookiejar I may not have talked to you in a while but I want you to know i absolutely love you and I’m in love with all the angst fics you make. I do not regret talking to you and I’m really sorry for the lack of talking between us haha. As you know, I’m an awkward smol bean.

@underthekookiejar aaAA– QUINIE. I told you that you write really well!!! I’m so proud of you and tell me when we could start on that collab we planned haha. You are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see more from you.

@perpetually-jungshook Goldilocks was… I absolutely love your fics and How to change a fuqboi was a ride I will never forget. I’m always completely speechless whenever I read what you make haha.






@jjkfire  one of the very first writers that I found here haha. You are an absolutely talented writer and I’ll be waiting for your semi-hiatus to end and I’ll quietly supporting you through it. 




@xforeverweareyoungx I LOVE YOUR TEXTS AND YOUR WORKS. I cried, I squealed and I became addicted to all of the fics you made haha. I love you and please know that you are highly appreciated.

@jeonjagiya Where do I begin? Transference. That series makes me thirst for Hoseok more than I should and oh god, I’m still waiting for the Working Man Bangtan fics. Once they’re made, I’ll probably be screeching haha. You are a very talented writer and I’m glad that you get noticed for your works since your works are too good to not be noticed.








@noona-la-la-la I’m going to die an early age due to all the beautiful and exciting fics you make. Like I think you were the first blog i followed that focused mainly on smut and I do not regret it at all hehe

@btssmutgalore Dee, all the fics you post are a whole new level of smut and I swear i catch myself breathless after finishing each work of yours. My face heats up more than I do normally whenever I read your works and ajsgduygf I just love you and what you do and I’m hoping that I could finally grow the courage to actually talk to you since you sound like a fun person.






@texting-bangtanbts KIM. PLEASE KNOW THAT I STILL LOVE YOU AND I MEANT EVERYTHING THAT I SAID TO YOU. Also your fics and fake texts are just mmmm– I’m still going to stalk your blog on a daily basis and I’ll remember to keep in touch haha.


@avveh Room for dessert got me choking and I love and hate you for that fic. Like jfc why? have? I? not? found? this? before? You make your readers thirstier instead of satisfying their thirst haha. I’ll be waiting ‘til you post again hehe. 


@ellieljade Holy shit have I mentioned that your smuts are legit the first bts smut I have ever read here and i have been thirsty ever since. I love your blog and I have never regretted going to the not-so-pure side bcus of you haha. 




@jiminie-chim-chim95 MOCHI!!!!! Your fics are da bomb. Your fake texts are rlly good and aaAAA I’m so proud of you even if we’re not that close yettt. I love you btw. Hahaha idk if you’ll ever see this but I cant wait to see more promising works from you hehe


and finally,