i swear of god i did my best d:

OK, I know this is, once again, pretty random for me to bring up, but, sorry, I really need to gush right now.

For my followers who likely aren’t aware of this, take a look at this character.

This is Damien Bloodmarch from the dating Simulator “Dream Daddy”.

And he is literally the best thing EVER!

I swear to God, I am not exagerating! This man is the greatest thing to ever grace the work of fiction! He easily ranks up with some of my favorite characters in fiction now! Why?

Well, I can’t go into full detail, because if I did, we’d be here all day, but I’ll just draw attention to the thing that made me fall for him hard.


It is ridiculous just how unbelievable adorable he is! It shouldn’t be possible! It shouldn’t be legally possible for a grown a** man to be so cute, but it happened! And I never expected it!

I think that’s the best part of it all. No one was expecting this guy to be as amazing as he is. In a way, we almost don’t deserve to have him in our lives. Humanity has not earned the right to have this man exist in our reality. Yet we do.

God really loves us.

I want every human being that owns a computer to play Dream Daddy just so they could experience and see for themselves why Damien is the greatest thing to ever grace this planet.

I want this man to exist in real life so I can marry him ASAP!