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I swear tiny Water was staring right into my soul that moment…He is so cheeky and flirty…! Pointed at me and threw me his pick twice and made “inappropriate” gestures to me… I don’t know how I’d feel if he wasn’t a ghoul and the mask wasn’t such a turn on ! hahaha!  Gotta love him

title: i’ve got 5 wizard problems (but you ain’t one) (6.8k)
relationship: ot7 (family), Kim Namjoon / Kim Seokjin
rated: Teen and Up (just for swearing)
genres: humor, fluff, kidfic, hp au
read: ao3 (my writing tag )

“Namjoon and Seokjin, tired parents of five, are trying to send their children off to the Syonggwan School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Well. Trying is the key word.”


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Swear on my soul I'm not mad or hating on you or anything like that, but I don't get where your beef with Yoda comes from. Can you explain?

*cracks knuckles* a couple of shitty things yoda has done, in no particular order, include:

  • telling a nine-year-old boy recently separated from his mother and whisked away by complete strangers to a strange planet “i sense much fear in you” before going on to explain how “fear is the path to the dark side. fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”, ensuring that if the kid wasn’t already terrified he sure as hell is now, and humiliating him in front of the entire jedi council, the people he is supposed to live with for the rest of his life should he undertake the jedi path
  • telling the same boy, now a man, when he comes to yoda asking for advice on dealing with his negative emotions, to simply “let go” of all his attachments, admonishing him for his “greed”, which is all fine and well if you’re a nine hundred year old cave troll or whatever the fuck that green dick’s species is but for a young human with known emotional difficulties is basically the jedi equivalent of telling him to drink a kale shake and try some breathing exercises, you’ll feel better in no time, trust me
  • generally belittling and humiliating other members of the jedi order, including his own peers, even when the situation was not entirely their fault
  • making no real effort to apologise to ahsoka after wrongfully expelling her from the jedi order on the charge of bombing the temple
  • making little or no attempt to act on his suspicions about the activity of the sith, despite seeing the warning signs, until it was far too late
  • just generally being a bit of a bully to luke while training him imagine an asshole gym teacher crossed with a health guru but green and wrinkly and 2 feet tall

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Omg I stumbled over the fanfic you were talking about before "Retrograde" and omg I swear my heart was effing breaking throughout the entire second half 😭😭 Honestly this should be illegal, it was effing beautiful but heart shattering, aish I'll never look at them the same way ever again ;-; 💔 How did you survive reading this? -Chiminie

did i survive tho…. im p sure my soul left me at the end ;8; 

i swear my soul has aged for like an entire century since i finished high school i literally feel like theres an old granny living inside of me who just wants warm beverages and understanding from family while spending her days tucked away in bed


i love the third years

All my life I’ve heard about that spark, that electricity, that something you feel when you finally touch the person you are meant to be with. I’d never really believed in it, till I felt it on my skin. I wouldn’t described it as electricity, I would rather tell that is more like this magnetic force that pulls you -all of you, your skin, your flesh, your bones, even your soul- towards that someone. It is kind of incredible, how a person -just like you- can make you feel all this things. But the moment he touched my hand, I swear to God, it felt so good. And then the first time we hugged I think I heard fireworks. And it feels so so good, it is like a drug. You just want to keep feeling it. You want to be tied to that person forever because something as simple as their skin on your skin can make you feel like the world its a better place and that everything will be okay. So yeah, now I believe in the spark between lovers hands.
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BSD Official Anthology -Rei-: 僕とケーキと時々パグ

Hey y’all! I picked up the BSD anthology over the weekend and didn’t see translations for this chapter yet (or maybe I just missed them). It’s filled with Akutagawa’s life being suffering also a Pug!  My Japanese is rusty and far from fluent, but I wanted to give it a shot so other Akutagawa fans could enjoy too, haha. If I mixed anything up just let me know and I’ll edit! (Also, I don’t have a scanner, so please forgive the blurry cell pictures!)

Title: 僕とケーキと時々パグ (The Cake and I and Sometimes a Pug)
Mangaka: 東郷一貴 Togo Kazuki

Transcript and Translation under the cut~

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And if it is solved by walking forward or away
from problems that might kill
emotions will lead you to an ocean
from there you will jump
into a soul that’s unrecognizable
from that shattered mirror
your broken bits cling
onto that light and fleeting
heartbeat that they used to listen to
and it is solved by walking forward or away
from the person that was your only one
and they will swear up and down
that it won’t hurt, no, no
it won’t hurt, it’s only ever a sharp sting
the blood doesn’t boil inside of
these veins, i’m cold
a poem without a beginning
a love without an ending
will you be my valentine
fuck the cards, I’ll ask you
head on, using my voice
as a kiss and my decisions
as a chance to hold you
and if it is solved by walking forward or away
you’ll die a thousand nights
but you can’t fix that one mistake
you’ll love a thousand times
but you’ll never meet that feeling again
you’ll cry a thousand nights
but it’ll still hurt some nights
when your bed is whispering
for their body and your arms
reach for theirs and it’s a hopeless dance
that keeps us believing in shit like faith
and if it is solved by walking forward or away
love promised pain, but love also
promised forever, love promised
to hurt with only lips, love promised
so many things– I’m always lost
but when I’m without you
existence has lost some meaning
when you hold someone that high,
the stars suddenly make sense
the love poems have meaning
the stress is gone, the hours grow short
and the years fly by–
you will be anew, but this life
this love, this flower that we grew together–
everything wilts in the end,
even us, I love you is a garden
and I’ve been burning us alive
I love you is painful,
but it’s the only way
that I know that we happened
it’s the only way
that I know that we existed
at some point
—  it is solved by walking

No, Jane. Listen to me. You must not give up. You must finish what you’ve started. Why? Because you’re right.

They’re saps

carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Hey, Vitya, have you seen my laptop?” Yuuri asked, looking around. “I swear I–”


“What?” He blinked, turning around and immediately backing up from the star-eyed, grinning Victor. “What?

“What did you just say?” Victor came closer, his steps like a predator’s who has just sniffed out its pray.

Yuuri swallowed. “Have you seen my laptop?”

“Before that,” Victor’s grin was so sharp, Yuuri had trouble focusing on anything else.

When his brain finally caught up to what Victor wanted to hear, heat rushed to Yuuri’s cheeks. It was a little embarrassing, because the name just slipped out of his mouth without any warning since he’d been thinking so much about surprising Victor and calling him that one day. It was even more embarrassing when Victor clearly wanted him to repeat it while staring closely at his lips.

Yuuri’s whole face reddened.


There was a moment of silence before… Victor squealed. Like a little girl that sees a doll she wants. He squealed and jumped on Yuuri, hugging him so tight it was hard to breathe. But Yuuri didn’t necessarily mind it.

“Once more,” Victor demanded.

Yuuri’s ears stung a little, red, but he repeated obediently, “Vitya.”

And Vitya giggled.

It was so unexpectedly cute that Yuuri couldn’t react at first. His heart was beating wildly in his chest for some reason and his breathing seemed to have stopped altogether. And then he chuckled too, and hugged Victor back, because his happiness was infectious and Yuuri didn’t feel like fighting it.

“You really like when I call you that?” he asked, smiling into Victor’s shoulder.

“You have no idea,” Victor replied, and Yuuri just knew he was grinning from his voice alone. “But there’s one more I want you to try.”

He pulled back a little, looking at Yuuri with sparkling eyes. How could Yuuri say no to that?

“What is it?”

“Try to say Vitenka.” Victor’s voice trembled a little and Yuuri thought he knew why since his own heart trembled as well.

Yuuri licked his suddenly dry lips and cleared his throat, gathering courage, very aware that Victor’s whole attention was tuned in on him.

“V-Vitenka,” he said, looking up at Victor.

The reaction was equally as intense as before, but so much more subtle. Victor’s cheeks flushed, his ears turned red, and his eyes widened so much Yuuri thought he would pass out. And the worst was: Victor was quiet. He wasn’t saying anything, wasn’t making any sounds at all, almost as if Yuuri’s words were a magical spell that froze him into a living statue.

“Victor?” Yuuri asked. “Are you okay?”

It snapped him out of the weird state. Victor blinked.

“Ah, yes, I’m okay.” He covered his mouth with a hand, looking away and mumbling, “It was just cuter than I imagined…”

Yuuri smiled, relieved. “Can we go back to the matter at hand then?”

“Yes, right.” Victor nodded and Yuuri looked about the room once more, turning his back on him. “What were you saying before, Yuu-chan?”

Yuuri was never struck with lightning, but in that moment he imagined it must have felt a little like that. His whole body froze, temperature suddenly rising until his face turned red up to the roots of his hair. Robotically, totally numb, he turned to Victor.


“Yuu-chan,” Victor repeated. “Did I pronounce it right?”

He did. Perfectly.

“Yuu-chan, are you okay?” Victor asked, concerned, but he was smiling as if he knew Yuuri’s internal dilemma.

And Yuuri was in deep, deep trouble.

Strings of Fate - Part 1

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)



Soulmate AU

“Funny how I finally got what I always wanted, but it was given to you instead.”

Warnings: ANGST! THIS IS GONNA BE ANGSTY AF (I’m an evil person), also, my characters tend to swear a lot

Word count: 2113

A/N: IT’S HERE! The soulmate AU I’ve been dying to write is finally here and I’m about to explode because of the excitement because it turned to so much better than what I originally expected. 

I hope you guys like it!

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“There is no such thing as a soulmate…and who would want there to be? I don’t want half of a shared soul. I want my own damn soul.”

-Rachel Cohn

Almost one hundred percent of the world’s population has a soulmate; a person they share a deep connection with, and whom they’re linked to from birth. Those people will live their lives as they usually would, completely unaware of the red string of fate pulling them together. They will lead normal lives, filled with normal habits, until one day they’ll find the one. The red thread will turn into a golden one, and a small tattoo of their soulmate’s initials will appear scribbled on their wrists.

Almost one hundred percent of the world’s population has a soulmate, but only a handful of people in the world can alter the course of fate.

And you are one of them.

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Hetalia characters as things my friends and I have said
  • Aph Denmark (falling out of an IKEA loft bed at 5am): fuck IKEA furniture!
  • Aph Sweden: danish is a useless language for useless people
  • Aph Norway: fuck off, I'm rich
  • Aph Finland: leave me alone or I'll shove a Christmas tree up your ass
  • Aph Iceland: Norway is Nor-gay for Denmark... And Sweden but we won't get into that
  • Aph Germany: do dogs have souls?
  • Aph North Italy: I swear I'm not drunk, but have you ever thought of putting spaghetti on pizza?
  • Aph Russia: welcome to Russia! We have candy!...and communism!
  • Aph France: are French fries even French?
  • Aph America: the only thing straight about me is my hair
  • Aph Canada: I'm sorry that I'm sorry for being sorry