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okay so imagine that after ransom, holster, and lardo graduate they’re like “okay so where do we live now” and like holster and ransom already agreed that they were going to move in together after college while ransom gets his medical degree and they realize that wow apartments are fucking expensive so they’re like “lardo wanna move in with us too so we can actually afford a place with a roof” and she’s like “sure”

imagine the shenanigans they’d get up to

  • so it’s a two bedroom apartment and for some reason holster and ransom get the smaller room??? but they shove a bunk bed in there and can kind of fit a desk there too and there’s only one closet but they’ve been sharing clothes for years so it’s not really an issue
  • lardo gets the bigger room with these fucking beautiful windows in it like there’s a window seat she likes to curl up in when it’s sunny outside and she sets an easel up next to them so she can paint in the natural light and she swears that her art looks better when it dries in the sun
  • she also gets a huge ass bed that dwarfs her completely but she loves it so much cause it’s got fucking soft sheets and a thousand fucking pillows because shitty has a weird fixation on throw pillows and picks her up cute ones that have like a cat face on them or a saying like “i love my bed more than i like you”
    • when shitty sleeps over there isn’t enough room for all the throw pillows and both him and lardo.
    • also shitty loves little spooning it like with lardo wrapped around his back like a backpack he feels super safe
    • lardo also likes being the little spoon. they flip a coin to decide who gets to be it that night
  • none of them can cook for shit so they have a drawer of take out menus and they pull one blindly out of the drawer for dinner. they are on a first name basis with all of the best places.
    • when bitty visits he is horrified and makes them stuff and puts it in the freezer. they have enough frozen dinners to last them a month. sometimes they just eat them cold cause they can’t be fucked to wait for them to heat up. they will never tell bitty this information.
    • lardo actually can make a few dishes she had as a kid and when she’s feeling nostalgic or giving she makes them all dinner and it is so much better than take out
  • holster is surprisingly the best at laundry and he’s not really doing much cause ransom has med school and lardo has art shit to do and holster has a pretty lax job doing the books for a start-up business down the street and he only has to go in like twice a week so he somehow becomes the house husband of the group doing dishes and laundry and cleaning the house up after parties and just on regular days
  • the apartment they bought is in providence or near providence or something to that effect so they go to jack’s games all the damn time. jack lets them sit with the WAGS cause bitty is busy with school so he can’t use the seats and he likes looking up at the box and seeing holster and ransom freak out and lardo curse violently. they’re great additions to the WAGs.
    • a couple of the older guys’ wives kind of adopt the three of them because dear lord you have take out every night? what cleaning product are you using on your kitchen you are going to kill yourself? you don’t use coupons do you know how helpful that shit is? so a bunch of the WAGs teach them how to cook basic meals and what to clean with and how to coupon like a boss
  • bitty moves up to providence after he graduates too and opens his own bakery with a little bit of jack’s help (look i know bitty wanted to work for it but when you have a nhl boyfriend who has more money than he knows what to do with you might as well take advantage) and lardo works there when she isn’t busy cause she likes spending time with bitty and she’s good at it and holster of course does the books for bitty who hates numbers with a passion and ransom crashes there when he’s test stressed
  • okay well back to lardo holster and ransom dream team; they have family nights once a week. they play board games and watch movies and go roller blading in the park (lardo is surprisingly better at rollerblading than ice skating and she whips their asses thoroughly)
  • they get drunk sometimes like as a group and they get tipsy and honest and one time lardo gets too honest and starts talking about how much she loves shitty and she notices the looks holster and ransom send each other as she says shit like “he’s just so good at making me happy, you know?” but the two idiots don’t notice it at all which is infuriating
  • the frogs graduate too and it seems like everyone else is living in providence so they move there too and soon the entire smh group is living in providence and it’s probably not healthy that they’re trying desperately to cling to their college years but fuck it they’re happy and it all started because of holster ransom and lardo moving in together
  • years later when they finally move in with their SOs lardo tells holster and ransom’s kids about how dense their fathers were and how it is totally her doing that they got together in the first place because she is the one that locked them in the bathroom together when ransom was taking a shower and she leaves out the part where she had to leave the apartment because damn were they loud

we are each half of something greater,
as the legends say.

we are both carved in lockstep pieces.
and when the bones of our fingers tangle like jigsaw puzzles
i swear upon the sun and the moon and everything bright in the sky
that all my jagged lines could find home between yours,
     and all your frayed edges could find comfort next to mine.

it’s a pity, my beloved half, 
     that greater does not always mean better,
     or even good.

it’s a pity, my beloved half,
    that two halves don’t always make a whole
    and two puzzles pieces don’t always fit in one picture
    and two hearts that beat together don’t always cease together. 

it’s such a pity, my beloved half, 
     sometimes two halves can make a whole heart 
                                                                 a whole story
but sometimes, my beloved, 
sometimes, two halves do not come together so much as collide
and all the spaces between them go up in flames like a volcano
     like a burning star exploding into supernova:
merciless. brilliant. blinding. deadly. 

and what, the legends ask, is left in the aftermath?
why, my beloved half, 
we picked up the shattered pieces of it all–
     of you, of me, of the world we burned in the spaces between us–
we cradled their serrated edges in the nest of our joined hands
we anointed them in the bloody rivers in the creases of our palms.

oh, and we kissed those broken-glass pieces, 
     and we called it love.
oh, and we swallowed those broken-glass pieces
     and we called it remembrance. 
oh, and we whispered with broken-glass voices,
     and we called it holy.

and one day, my beloved half,
they will bury the broken-glass pieces–
     of you, of me, of the world we held in the spaces between us–
and they will call it history.

—  two halves of another apocalypse ( j.p. )
a niall horan oneshot

Summer Camp

pairing: Niall/OFC

word count: 22,554 

warnings: sexually explicit content

Niall Horan was what one would call a cocky asshole. A loud, brash, outspoken and unapologetic cocky asshole who could either make your life a living hell or, in my case, give you the best summer of your life.

The first time I saw him was at Camp Counselor arrival day, about three days before the four week camp actually began. Being as this was my first time ever being a camp counselor, I really had no idea what to expect, but I eagerly unloaded my bags and puffed the fallen hair out of my face. I could see a crowd of people gathered over by a huge flagpole and I struggled a bit as I lugged my belongings over to join the big group of counselors. Everyone else had already arrived it seemed, the camp director shouting out a few instructions from his stance at the front, and I stopped at the very back of the group, dropping my bags at my feet with a sigh. My head twisted as two other people that had walked up caught my attention and I watched as they went around to the opposite side of the huddle, immediately engaging in conversation with some of the other counselors standing there.

Knitting my brows, I took a timid glance around and quickly realized that I knew not a single soul but everyone else seemed to already be friends, the thought making me gulp back a deep breath. This was going to be a long four weeks for sure.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 4] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: I honestly don’t know for this chapter. Fluff maybe a little angsty

Warning: Swearing, mentions of violence, mentions of nasty, unholy things

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11}

A/N: AGAIN ANOTHER FILLER CHAPTER. I’m sorry, things get better in the next one I promise. And by that I mean things kinda get more dramatic and more angsty so YAY FEELING SAD! Honestly, angst is one of my favorite things to read and write that might say something about my personality.

P.S.: Dedicated to @rickyhorrorsbabygirl Message me if you want a shout out. Requests are ALWAYS open. 

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Ji Yong stared at you from his side of the car, questioning why the hell Youngbae chose to sit in the middle. He understood why you would choose to sit farther away from him. That didn’t mean he liked or agreed with your stupid ass decision. For now, all he could do is sit in the silence and watch from afar as tears formed in your eyes. He couldn’t stop staring at you. You had definitely changed from college. You seemed to radiate maturity and confidence. He noticed it as soon as you stepped into the kitchen. He both loved and hated how he was the first thing you saw. It brought Ji Yong some joy that he was the person that caught your eye first. Although he knew that he’d have to explain himself. Why he was there. Why he didn’t tell her before. Also why he had to shoot your family. He knew that you weren’t ready for that, the tears fresh on your face proved it.

Ji Yong’s thoughts were stolen when his phone rang in his pocket. It’s quick little text tone piercing the silence drawing everyone’s attention. You continued to stare out the window, your own private thoughts consuming you. He looked at his lit up phone, the texting shining directly in his face. His eyes stung a little, adjusting from the dark lighting to the blinding light of the phone.

What should we bring over boss?” Ji Yong looked at you for a minute, thinking things over quickly. He quickly replied, his slender fingers typing quickly on his phone. “There should be a blue fuzzy blanket underneath her bed sheets and a stuffed dog with a blue ribbon on the left side of her bed. All her clothes should be in the closet. NEATLY PUT THEM IN HER SUITCASE, also in the closet. Bring her speaker and her phone, both are probably by her bed. If not they’re on the bed. Understand? Also bring Miss. Cupcake.”

What the fuck is Miss. Cupcake?” Ji Yong slightly tensed up. Youngbae looked over his shoulder, quickly scanning over his texts. He snorted, holding in his laughter. Ji Yong looked up at him, giving him a stern look. Youngbae’s smile was wide, the only thing stopping him from laughing. “It’s a pink stuffed unicorn. Handle it with care.

Youngbae lets a laugh slip his mouth. You turned to see what was so funny. You looked at how wide his smile was. Your eyes slowly left Youngbae, meeting Ji Yong’s eyes. They were emotionless, but they were softer than what they were a few minutes ago.  You looked away, returning to your position by the window.

After a while of driving the car finally stopped. The car door swung open, almost causing you to fall, if it wasn’t for Youngbae. He held you up, only for someone to grab you and pull you out of the car. He held your arm tightly, restricting your movement. Mr. Kwon smiled at you. His gesture looked kind, but you felt anything but kindness. You looked away from him and stared at the ground. Youngbae stepped out of the car, followed by Ji Yong walking around the trunk. He eyed the man with the tight grip on your arm. The man stepped back, letting go of your arm. Seunghyun was the last person to leave the car. He tossed the keys to a boy, eyeing the teenager before letting him take the car away.

“You’ve been here before Princess.” Mr. Kwon said. His smiled dropped as he stared at you dead in the eyes. “So drop the long face.”

“Let’s get going. Taeyang shows her to her room please.” Mr. Kwon said. He nodded his head and place his hand on the small of your back. He leads you inside the familiar building. The big wide wooden doors opened up for you by a bystander. Barking could be heard, along with the pitter patter of feet running. You were pushed down by a big dog, his weight holding you down.

“Gaho!” You screamed. He licked your face and you chuckled lightly. You lightly pushed him off of you, only for him to sit back down on you. You laughed lightly, your sour mood being put on hold.

“Gaho, off now.” Ji Yong’s strong voice rang out. Your laughter stopped as Gaho left your lap. You sat up and wiped your face from any dog spit. You pet his Gaho’s head, letting your hand fall and scratch gently behind his ear. “(Y/N) go follow Youngbae. Now.”

You turned to look at Ji Yong. You sent him a small glare for his harsh tone, before getting up and following Youngbae. Gaho got up and happily followed your heels. Youngbae leads you through the halls. You had been here before. You’ve already seen some of the expensive things the Kwon’s own. You’ve already met Gaho and Ji Yong’s favorite cat. There were some spots of the house Ji Yong never let you see. You started to understand why. Women without tops and barely any bottoms, straddled men on couches as they ground their hips into each other.

You looked away embarrassed. Youngbae seemed to notice. He drew his attention to them. He whistled and they all looked up at him. Youngbae gave them a stern look, but only some of them moved. He raised his eyebrow before pulling his gun from his holster. They scrambled up and left the house in a rush. Some of the girls tried to cover their boobs with their arms. Youngbae pushed you a little more, trying to get you to avoid the scene. You followed him until you heard gunshots from outside. Gaho growled and stood closer to you. He looked around, watching carefully at people who passed by unfazed of what just happened. Your eyes were wide as you stared at the door. Faint yelling could be heard from outside followed by the sound of more gunshots.

“Come on.” Youngbae said. You looked at him, still nervous and on edge. He sighed and put his hand on your back, lightly pushing you in the right direction. “How can you just act like that didn’t happen?”

“We grew up with it Sunshine.” His words shut you up. Another wave of thoughts washed over your mind. He continued to lead you towards your room, the vaguely familiar halls all seeming too expensive. Gaho stayed by your side, growling at people who eyed you. You’d lightly pat or rub his head every time, calming him down.

The rest of the way to your new room was quiet other than the occasional growl from Gaho. Youngbae led you up a flight of stairs and down another hallway before taking a right. You were beginning to think that he was lost. The closer you got to your room the quieter the house got. It was a little odd, but nice. It also kinda scared the living shit out of you. Your nerves were still on edge from what happened earlier, the scene not being able to leave your eyes. You abruptly came to a stop. Youngbae was standing in front a cream colored door. Matching the trim of the deep colored walls. You looked at him nervously, but he just shrugged.

“Ji Yong is bringing your stuff in a moment. There’s stuff in there if you wanna take a shower.” You stepped in, looking behind you to see Gaho stopping at the door. Not moving. “Don’t worry Sunshine. Everything will be fine. He’ll be here in a moment.”

Silver Storm (10/?)

Summary: Hydra took you & turned you into their next asset, your abolities matching the Winter Soldiers. The soldier was assigned as your trainer, infront of others he was hard& cold to you ; but alone he let his walls down, you were eachothers only comfort. After the events Of DC, he disappeared.You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

Pairing: Bucky x reader  , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst,tiny fluff

 * Its a short one guys! I swear the next one will be better

                                                        Chapter 10

   “ Let her go or I swear to God Ross, -”

“ Threats aren’t going to help your girlfriend, Sergeant Barnes. The fact that you all think keeping this criminal here is okay, proves my point. You think you are above the law. Just because Barnes was cleared of his history , doesn’t automatically mean every person that claims to be brainwashed is going to be too. We will make an example of Silver Storm, this government isn’t going to be run by a group of enhanced ‘heroes’ . Escort her out , boys.”

  The guards currently holding you begin pushing you towards the doors, your body is completely frozen with fear. What is happening? They cant take me away from him . You want to fight back, resist against the mens grip on you. But your instincts stop you , the fear of the punishment, of disobeying, overtake any other emotion and thought. This is what Hydra has done to you , made you deathly afraid of disobeying and being tortured for it . Comply & live or Resist & die or be tortured to the point of praying for death .

 You look over your shoulder, catching Buckys livid snarl on his face.

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“ Buck don’t make this worse, we’ll get her back.” you hear Steve say .

Wandas voice floats into your mind, startling you . “ Why aren’t you fighting back y/n? Don’t let them take you !” her voice dripping with confusion and fear for you .

“ It’ll only make this worse. Tell him I love him, we both knew this day would come. ”

That was it, the last contact you had with any of your friends before you were being forced into a black van with Ross & his goons.

“ You’re surprisingly quiet, you’re much more cooperative than your friends were .” Ross says, a hint of humor in his voice. Fuck you .

“ You know the childs game, Simon Says?” You ask Ross, your voice completely calm.

“ Yes?”

“ Imagine playing that , but instead of just losing when you don’t follow Simons order, You either receive a bullet between your eyes or you’re beaten to the point you wish you would of taken the bullet. That is what I was put through , either obey or rebel & and be punished to the point I wish for death . I was beaten, robbed of my memories, of my life . There isnt a day I dont regret the things ive done, that i dont think about the lives i was forced to take. So tell me Secretary, what would you have done if you were me?” The car goes quiet, your question never being answered. You stay silent during the car ride, during the helicopter ride and even when bring you to a floating prison & strap the equivalent to a straight jacket on you before they throw you in a cell. I always knew id end up somewhere like this.

             Buckys POV

“ What the fuck just happened!?” Bucky shouts, pointing his finger at Tony.“ Who the hell let him in here!”

  “ Buck-”

“ Shut up Steve. Don’t you dare tell me to calm down .” I growl at him before he can continue.

“ Barnes I didn’t know-” Tony starts to defend himself

“ You didn’t know what Tony? You really didn’t think Ross would take her ! He’s still acting like a bitch because I was released ! You really didn’t consider that he’d jump at the chance to get his hands on someone else!? ” I can’t contain the anger bubbling over. How could this happen? How could I just let her be ripped away from me? The team was silent, knowing nothing they could say right now would solve this.

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  “ We will get her back, she has the same qualifications you had that got you off the hook. Ross said he just wanted to observe her , I didn’t think there was a reason for her to be taken !” Tony shouts back . He rubs his hand down his face, regret radiating off him.

  “ Bucky I went into her mind as they took her.” Wanda hesitantly says, I whip my focus to her and wait for her to continue. “ She said to tell you that she loves you , but you both knew this day would come. She was afraid to fight back, afraid it would make things worse. ” Her voice shakey. She’s probably just as upset as I am, they were just as close. I pull Wanda to me , hugging her tightly.

“ Thank you . ” I whisper into her hair.

  “ She’s at the same place some of you were taken . Legally , they have to evaluate her & asses the just how much damage was done to her , and they have to have enough evidence that she was being coerced to do the things she did .” Tony says , placing a hand on my shoulder.

“ She was evaluated here, why do they have to do it again? ” I ask

“ They wont take our word on it , I’m flying out there in 10 minutes, bringing them copies of the videos from her handlers flash drive. I’m not leaving there without her ,Barnes.” Tony reassures me.

“ I’m going with . ”

“ Bucky I don’t think-”

“ She’s scared Tony . I’m the one that promised her she was safe here, this wasn’t suppose to happen. I’m going.” He doesn’t argue with me anymore. 10 minutes later we are on his helicopter, on our way to Y/n.

         Y/n’s POV

  Your head flies back from the punch one of guards just threw at you . You feel the blood trickling out of your nose. You cant even fight back , the jacket they had you locked in not allowing your arms any freedom. All you can do is take the beating, you know you deserve to be here, but not to be beaten like this.

“ A piece of shit like you doesn’t even deserve to be here, you should of been dropped in the middle of the damn ocean to drown.” The guard snarls, landing another blow to your eye . Your body gives out, collapsing fully onto the ground. 

Ross’s voice comes over the intercom, “ Alright that’s enough . We have visitors on the way.”

A sickening smirk falls onto the guards face, he pulls what you think is a muzzle off of his belt. “ Cant have you chatting up a storm.” he says , harshly putting it on you . its painfully tight around your head. I wonder who is coming.

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When the guard leaves your cell, you lay down gently on the crappy bed that was supplied. Your body aches from the guards hits, making you groan as your body hits the bed, You close your eyes, letting the tears fall freely now.

A few hours later.

  “ y/n?” Bucky?

 You spring up as fast as your body lets you , and stand infront of the giant barred window . You watch as Bucky looks you over, anger taking over his face when he sees all the bruises on your face.

“ They did this to you?” He growls, all you can do is nod .

  “ I’m getting you out of here , doll.” he promises , he walks away and you cry as he does.  

       Bucky POV

   Seeing Y/n strapped in that jacket and muzzle I was angry, then I saw the bruises scattering over her face & I was livid . I storm into the control room where Tony and Ross are watching the flash drive videos.

“ Get her out of the jacker and muzzle , NOW.” I growl at Ross.

He looks unimpressed, but still slightly afraid .

“ You put her in a jacket and muzzle? Seriously Ross? She went willingly, she didn’t even try to fight you.” Tony says

“ I’m not releasing her from the jacket, its to ensure the safety of our guards.”

“ Oh ,the guards that clearly beat her!? Her face is covered in bruises! It wasn’t a fucking request, take.them.off.NOW.” I Shout. Ross looks over to the guard in the room ,nodding at him.

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 I follow after him ,not wanting to risk him putting his hands on y/n. I watch from the window as he removes the muzzle, then the jacket. Y/n goes to stretch , but winces halfway through. They must have really gotten her. She walks to the window, a sad smile on her lips.

“ Hi Buck.” her voice was raspy, my heart breaking at the sound.

“ I’m not leaving you here. They have no reason-”

“ But they do . I should be punished for what Ive done. We both knew there was a chance this would happen. I -”

“ No y/n, you don’t deserve to be here. I’m not letting them do this to you , if they want to blame someone they can blame Hydra, not you.” I say . I feel a hand on my shoulder, then hear Tony .

“ Y/n, I didn’t know they were going to take you . Ross said -”

“ Its alright Tony, I know you wouldn’t of done this on purpose. ” she says . Of course shes not blaming him , shes not going to blame anyone but herself with is bullshit.


Y/n’s POV

  “ I managed to compromise with Ross, you can leave with us. But you have to wear an anklet until your evaluation is looked over again by a third party, its kind of like ones people on house arrest are given. You cant leave the tower at all, you cant even set foot on the jet, or one step outside of the door."Tony informs you.

  Tears roll down your cheeks as Tony keeps listing off the restrictions of the anklet. But all you can focus on is being able to be home again. A few minutes pass , a guard finally comes to unlock your door.  The first thing you want to do is throw yourself into Buckys embrace, but you know this isn’t the place for that. You’re guided to the room where Ross is , entering you see the displeased look on his face. You sit in an empty chair, the room silent while Ross locks the monitor on your ankle.

” If you take one step out of that tower, you will receive a shock to stop you .“ He tells you . You don’t reply, just stand and move next to Bucky.

” Lets get out of here . Ross, always a pleasure.“ Tony says sarcastically while he leads you and Bucky out .

  As you pass a few guards on the way , one stands out to you . You haven’t seen him while you were here , but he looks familiar to you . You try to place your finger on where you’ve seen him , but you cant seem to figure it out. You lock eyes with him, and he sends you a wink, a creepy smile forming on his lips. What a creep. You avert your gaze , looking anywhere but at the guard.

You’re finally on the helicopter, about to lift off to take you home .Bucky pulls your hand in his lap, lacing his fingers with yours and kissing your hand.You sigh in relief at the feeling of his lips against your hand  Your eyes wonder out the window, & your gaze locks with the familiar looking guard, your stare flickers down to his lips. You watch as his lips twitch into a sickening smirk, & he mouths ,” Hail Hydra" .

Your eyes widen as you Finally recall where you know him . He was your handlers second in command , he was on a mission the day you Freed yourself From hydra . You can’t seem to find your voice as fear and anger flood through you.

I’m not going to let them ruin this,  Not without a fight.

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“I love you- oh crap, I didn’t mean that.” ... with Calum

“Just one more episode! I swear it gets better!” you plead with Calum, doing your best to get him into your favorite show.  

“It’s too predictable!” he complains. “I knew exactly what was going to happen!”

You roll your eyes and start the next episode. “I think you’re just to picky. Give it a chance! The second season is really good!“ 

He groans but makes no move to leave, tugging on the fluffy blanket you’ve slowly been taking away from him.  You grin over at him as theme song plays for the fifth time that night, giggling at his grimace.  Though you’ve only known Calum for a few months, you feel like you’ve been friends for life.  Nights like these were an almost weekly tradition.  Tonight you got to pick what you watched, which means the next time you had movie night, he could subject you to whatever scary film or terrible show he wanted.  Those were the rules.  No matter how much the two of you complained about what the other found entertaining, just getting to be around each other for a few hours was more important.  

Once the episode comes to a close, you assure Calum he won’t have to watch another one, earning a dramatic sigh of relief as he helps you clean up the snacks strewn across your coffee table.  You figure out the next time you can hang out while you clean, telling each other the plans you have for the week.  You settle on the upcoming Thursday, making Calum swear to bring the really good brownies he makes.  He heads to the door, a bag of leftover snacks in his hand.  

“I’ll see you next week!” he calls over his shoulder as he opens the door. “I’ll text you when I make it home.  I love you- oh crap, I didn’t mean that.”

You raise both eyebrows at him and fight back a grin as he turns around. “Really Calum? You love me?”

He makes a pained expression at your teasing. “It’s a force of habit, okay!”

“Just admit that you’re madly in love with me, already.” You cross your arms and giggle at his embarrassment.

“Stop making fun of me!” he can’t help but to laugh now, both of you letting out sputtering bursts.

“So you’re saying you lied? You don’t actually love me?” you feign hurt, dabbing at imaginary tears.

“I mean.” He shrugs. “Would it be so bad if I did?” he asks quietly, his voice more serious than before.

You smile falters as the tone of the conversation changes. “I- Well-” Words fail you and you stand there stunned, too afraid to ask what that question meant.

Calum gives you a knowing smile, stepping backwards into the hall again.

“I’ll see you Thursday.”

The Axeman of New Orleans

It’s March 13th, which means it’s been 98 years since the night of the Axeman.

The Axeman of New Orleans was a serial killer that killed with, you guessed it… an Ax.  His victims numbered at 7 over the span of a year. The Axeman was not caught or identified, and his crime spree stopped as mysteriously as it had started. The murderer’s identity remains unknown to this day, although various possible identifications of varying plausibility have been proposed. On March 13, 1919, a letter purporting to be from the Axeman was published in newspapers saying that he would kill again at 15 minutes past midnight on the night of March 19, but would spare the occupants of any place where a jazz band was playing. That night all of New Orleans’ dance halls were filled to capacity, and professional and amateur bands played jazz at parties at hundreds of houses around town. There were no murders that night.

The Axeman’s Letter as it was posted in the Times Picayune:

Hell, March 13, 1919

Esteemed Mortal:

They have never caught me and they never will. They have never seen me, for I am invisible, even as the ether that surrounds your earth. I am not a human being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. I am what you Orleanians and your foolish police call the Axeman.

When I see fit, I shall come and claim other victims. I alone know whom they shall be. I shall leave no clue except my bloody axe, besmeared with blood and brains of he whom I have sent below to keep me company.

If you wish you may tell the police to be careful not to rile me. Of course, I am a reasonable spirit. I take no offense at the way they have conducted their investigations in the past. In fact, they have been so utterly stupid as to not only amuse me, but His Satanic Majesty, Francis Josef, etc. But tell them to beware. Let them not try to discover what I am, for it were better that they were never born than to incur the wrath of the Axeman. I don’t think there is any need of such a warning, for I feel sure the police will always dodge me, as they have in the past. They are wise and know how to keep away from all harm.

Undoubtedly, you Orleanians think of me as a most horrible murderer, which I am, but I could be much worse if I wanted to. If I wished, I could pay a visit to your city every night. At will I could slay thousands of your best citizens, for I am in close relationship with the Angel of Death.

Now, to be exact, at 12:15 (earthly time) on next Tuesday night, I am going to pass over New Orleans. In my infinite mercy, I am going to make a little proposition to you people. Here it is:

I am very fond of jazz music, and I swear by all the devils in the nether regions that every person shall be spared in whose home a jazz band is in full swing at the time I have just mentioned. If everyone has a jazz band going, well, then, so much the better for you people. One thing is certain and that is that some of your people who do not jazz it on Tuesday night (if there be any) will get the axe.

Well, as I am cold and crave the warmth of my native Tartarus, and it is about time I leave your earthly home, I will cease my discourse. Hoping that thou wilt publish this, that it may go well with thee, I have been, am and will be the worst spirit that ever existed either in fact or realm of fancy.

The Axeman

What’s a Guy to Do?

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Sequel to Until Next Time - from Mulder’s perspective

My partner isn’t as difficult to read as she thinks she is.  Granted, most of the time she’s locked tighter than Fort Knox, but I’ve been with her nearly 24/7 for the last three years and I know a thing or two about her moods and cycles.  There’s also nuance to every ‘I’m fine’ she throws out at me.  Said quietly, she’s merely tired.  Said with a bite in it means she’s annoyed, but it wasn’t something I did.  And then there’s the ‘I’m fine, Mulder’ which is the worst one of all, because it usually means I’ve pissed her off in some way.

Now, I know that I can be a bit of a horse’s ass.  I try not to be, but I have quite a knack for putting my foot in my mouth, or being oblivious to to my surroundings when I’m focusing on working a case.  But, what am I supposed to do when I see her pinching the bridge of her nose or rub her temples to ease the tension in her head and she says ‘I’m fine’ if I ask if she needs anything?  No, really, tell me.

And let me just say this: I don’t think of Scully as being any less of an agent or a partner for being a woman, but things happen to women on a monthly basis that affect them.  Not their work, but their personality.  They just do.

Example:  This afternoon we stopped at a gas station to fill up on our way to Flagstaff.  I asked Scully if she wanted anything from the convenience shop inside.  She said no, but neither of us had eaten since the rubbery egg and bagel combo the airplane called breakfast.  I also knew full well that if she kept popping those Midol on an empty stomach, she was just going to get nauseous and even more irritable, so I got her some graham crackers because I was pretty sure they were the only thing she’d deem edible.  My chili dog was excellent, for the record, but that’s not the point.

Anyway, she threw the crackers back at me and snapped, “I told you I didn’t want anything,” before she pounded a fist onto the dashboard and cursed the air conditioning that wasn’t blowing cold enough.

So, I ask again, what should I do?  Because I did the only thing I could do and kept my mouth shut.  I put the crackers in the glove box, hoping at some point she’d stop being so stubborn and just eat.  

And another thing.  How can I both help her and not treat her any differently than any other agent?  I know she didn’t want to be out there interviewing friends and family of our missing person, but she would kill me if I suggested she just check herself into the motel and sit this one out.  When she suggested that we stakeout the bar where the man worked for a bit, it felt like entrapment.  Because if I said no, she would ask why.  And quite honestly, I’m really bad at lying to her.  Especially when she asks a direct question.  So I would have to tell her, because you’ve been rubbing your head all night and your eyes are bloodshot and I can see you wince and grab your side every so often.  You’ve gone through what was left of a bottle of Midol in 14 hours, your neck hurts, you’re cranky as hell, and if I didn’t already have it marked on my calendar, because yes, I’ve been keeping track, you’re hours away from starting your period and as I’ve been told by many a girlfriend in the past, it’s no fucking picnic, so just relax.

That probably would’ve earned me the ass chewing of the century.  And all for what?  Because my stoic little partner just can’t admit to ever being less than fine.

I feel badly, though.  I do.  All the female agents I’ve ever worked with think they need to be twice as smart, twice as tough, twice as serious to be taken seriously in the good ol’ boys club.  It can be true, but she should know me better by now to know that I’m not one of those guys.  Not once have I ever thought for even a second that she was less capable of doing her job just because she was a woman.  See, but even suggesting that she take a few hours off to feel better implies something else.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.  Because I know she blames me for being here, but am I really going to let an investigation into a guy that went missing one week ago who happens to also have been allegedly dead for the last fifteen years pass us by?  I tell you, if I tossed the file aside because she was bound to be crampy and bloated for the duration, that would be treating her differently.  If I left her behind because I know she’d much rather be on her couch, wrapped in flannel, watching romantic comedies and eating ice cream from the carton, that would be treating her differently.  P.S. Yes, Scully, I also know about the romantic comedies and the ice cream.

I don’t care what she thinks, I still get to feel bad about her condition.  It really sucks to feel bad and being out of town doesn’t help.  If I know Scully, and I think I know her pretty well, she’s probably dying for something greasy and fattening right now because she hasn’t eaten all day (though, for the record, that is not my fault) and she’ll never get to sleep if she’s running on empty.

There’s a strip mall behind the hotel with a questionable looking burger joint.  I can smell the fat cooking from between our parking lots.  It’s perfect.  I go and place an order and hit up the Rite Aid a few doors down.  Can’t have her out of Midol this whole trip or it’ll be a nightmare for both of us.  I assumed I’d find it in the regular pain reliever section, but no such luck.  So, I go into the pink and blue and purple aisle of lady things and jesus christ there’s so many choices.  I’m not here to get something that personal, just the drugs, thank you.  But, god it must suck to be a woman.  I also pick up a heating pad that’s on sale in the same aisle because I have the distinct recollection of a girlfriend in college who once told me she would rather sleep with her heating pad than me for three days out of the month.  So, clearly it’s good for something.

The meals are ready by the time I leave the pharmacy and I walk back to the motel to knock on her door.  I brace myself for a bit of snapping, but she’s more subdued than when I left her.  I swear I see drool at the corner of her mouth when she opens up one of the greasy bags and takes a whiff.

I need to take my leave.  I’d love to stay and eat with her.  I’d even love to offer to rub her head or watch a romantic comedy with her, but when she sees what else I’ve brought, she’s bound to be embarrassed.  And that’s not what I want.  I just want her to feel better.  I just want her to know that I care.

So, we’ll get through this and she’ll be back to herself in the next few days.  We’ll pretend like none of this ever happened and we’ll do what we came here to do.  Things will return to normal.  Until the next time.

The End

[Long] OneRepublic Themed Starters!

❝ Take that money, watch it burn. ❞   

❝ I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun.  ❞   

❝ If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be by your side.  ❞ 

❝ But with you, I feel again.  ❞   

❝ How did you find me? ❞

❝ It’s all my fault now. ❞

❝ It’s time to make our move. ❞

❝ I’ve got my heart set on anywhere but here. ❞

❝ I think I’m moving but I go nowhere. ❞

❝ It’s too late to apologize. ❞

❝ I loved you with the fire red, now it’s turning blue. ❞

❝ Whenever your world starts crashing down, that’s where you’ll find me. ❞

❝ Know that we all fall down. ❞

❝ Come home, ‘cause I’ve been waiting for you for so long. ❞

❝ Let’s paint the picture of a perfect place. ❞

❝ Everybody knows where we’re going. ❞ 

❝ My life gets kinda boring. ❞

❝ Tell me what you want to hear. ❞

❝ I’m gonna give all my secrets away. ❞   

❝ Feels just like I don’t try. ❞ 

❝ Looks so good, I might die. ❞ 

❝ All I know is everybody loves me. ❞ 

❝ Oh, this has gotta be the good life. ❞ 

❝ I feel something so right by doing the wrong thing. ❞

❝ I feel something so wrong by doing the right thing. ❞

❝ Everything that kills me makes me feel alive. ❞

❝ With all of the faces, you were the one next to me. ❞

❝ I’m feeling better ever since you’ve known me. ❞

❝ If that’s what you wanted. ❞

❝ With every broken bone, I swear I lived. ❞

❝ I did it all. ❞

❝ If we only die once, I wanna die with you. ❞

❝ They say love is pain, well darling, let’s hurt tonight. ❞

❝ The future looks good. ❞

❝ You’re just what I wanted. ❞

❝ It’s a crazy world, the moment we call life. ❞

❝ There’s a bar, and they call for me and you. ❞

❝ I refuse to look back thinking days were better just because they’re younger days. ❞

❝ Swear that we’ll never die. ❞

❝ You told me I should get my shit together. ❞

❝ In my dark, there’s a light. ❞

❝ Might just be my imagination. ❞

❝ I keep a picture of you on the wall and choke on the memories. ❞

❝ I’ll keep a message of you if you call. ❞    

❝ Well, I’ve been looking for some new words to say how you got to me. ❞

❝ Remember when we met? ❞

❝ I just want your love, I’m an addict. ❞

❝ My hope and my fear is human interaction. ❞

❝ I’m wanting to be there, dreaming of your soft skin. ❞

❝ Yes, I’m neurotic, I’m obsessed, and I know it. ❞

❝ Think I lost my mind, but don’t worry about me. ❞

❝ I swear I’m not insane. Yes, most likely not insane. ❞

❝ We were running from the waves on the shallows. ❞

❝ I remember it – it was a night just like this. ❞

❝ How does it feel to be human? ❞

❝ Dance ‘til the sun comes up to my music. ❞

❝ If I told you I was down, would you help me? ❞

❝ I need your strength. ❞

❝ I know I could lie, but I’m telling the truth. ❞

❝ Wherever I go, there’s a shadow of you. ❞  

❝ Wherever I go, I’ll be looking for you. ❞

❝ Everyday, I know that this might hurt, but I don’t care. ❞

❝ This is heaven. ❞

❝ We’ll work it out. ❞

❝ I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun. ❞

❝ I’ll be doin’ this, if you had a doubt, ‘til the love runs out. ❞

❝ I’ve got my mind made up and I can’t let go. ❞

❝ We all want the same thing. ❞

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 5 – Fun Moving Time, Fun Drama Time

In which we meet Matt, Neil’s torso makes me break out in Deadpool quotes, super-secret safes are bought to contain super-secret journals, and Kevin has a choking kink.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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Stranded (Barry Allen X Reader) Part Three

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader + Team Flash (platonic)

Word Count: 726

Summary: Reader is best friends with Fred and George Weasley and has been for as long as they can remember. They were just going about their normal day at work when something rather peculiar occurred after a certain team Flash member decided to experiment with his powers. (I suck at summaries k sorry.)

Warnings: None as far as I am aware of

A/N: Thank you so much for all the positive response you’ve given to this story, it really does make my day when I see your lovely comments :) { i’m already working on the next chapter and it shall be vv fluffy ;) }

Tag List: @the-fastest-mutant-sith @originah @booknerd424 @tildehassing @yohoyohoafandomlifeforme @inlovewithasa { send me a message if you would like to be added to the list }


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Oh man. So! For Gosho Aoyama’s 30 year career anniversary Shounen Sunday had all the artists draw a little tribute to the mystery mangaka and his IP’s and well it’s not secret that my dear love Birdmen by Tanabe Yellow is ALSO published in Sunday…

I cropped this from the collection page and am beyond desperate for a better quality look but I swear –this is gorgeous. I love Kaito in her style! and she’s also doing the creepy heavy ink shadows like with Takayama! And the background! She just had to slip in the flock at moonlight. One flies with wings of black, the other with wings of white.

ylime94  asked:

Drarry "is that..... oh my god! Is that a tatoo?!" For 5 lines :)

(Jeez, Emily, how many did you send me?)

“Is that…oh my god! Is that a tattoo?”

Draco stopped grumbling and rubbing his face in the pillow, and turned to looked over his shoulder to where Harry had pulled away the sheet covering his arse.


The snake opened one eye at the sound of his voice, flicked out its tongue, and then slithered from Draco’s left arse cheek to the base of his spine, and then all the way up, stopping and coiling between his shoulder blades.

Draco made a startled sound and shivered through this. Harry reached out to touch the tattoo, eyes wide. It wriggled and shifted away, disappearing over Draco’s shoulder.

“How much did we have to drink last night?” Draco gasped, shifting and sitting up, trying to find the snake on his front. “You better have one too! I swear to Merlin, Harry! Get up, let me look at you!”

(Send me one line, I’ll write the next five. Read the rest here on AO3)

Potty Mouth

Prompts 27 “Oh fuck off.” 
68 “He’s four years old!” 
Note ~ I think we can all agree I’m the worst at ending things :D 

“Shawn, did you teach Andy another swear word?” I asked as I walked into his home office, following the sounds of guitar strumming. Shawn slowly looked up at me, a guilty expression already plastered all over his face. He was so busted.

“No, why?” He asked.  

“The preschool just called. Apparently, he told another child to ‘fuck off’ because they wanted to play with him.” I watched his face fall even more as I explained.

“Okay, maybe that was me. But I swear I didn’t mean it.” He tried to defend himself. Placing his guitar on the floor against the desk, he walked over to me, looping his arms around my waist.

“Shawn, we’ve talked about this. He’s four years old! He can’t go around telling kids to fuck off.” I didn’t want to sound like I was whining, however this has happened too many times to even count. Shawn will go around the house swearing like a sailor and Andy will start copying him. Not that I was any better with my language, but at least I keep it away from our impressionable son.

“I know, I’m sorry. I’ll try harder.” Shawn mumbled against my neck, pushing my hair out the way so he could leave a trail of small kisses along the sensitive skin. I knew what he was trying to do, distract me so I would forget the subject. It wasn’t going to work…this time.

“You better, or you can be the one dealing with angry teachers next time they call.” I threated while pushing him away, walking out the room before he could get another word in.  


We were in the middle of eating dinner when Andy accidentally dropped his fork.

“Oh, fuck off!” Andy blurted out as the fork hit the ground, wearing a big smile as he turned to look at Shawn, almost like he was waiting for praise for saying the words right.

I turned to Shawn. We both started at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter. Although we both knew it was wrong, hearing a four-year-old say those words was still the funniest thing ever.

813 Month Day 4 - Road Trip (word from rosiedenn)

“Jesus Christ, What the hell is going on up there?”

“I don’t know, but we just had to go and visit that market, didn’t we? Now we won’t be able to get to the resort until tonight, or I guess in this traffic, next year.”

“Rox, you’re the one who missed the exit and several turns because you insist on using that goddamn GPS that gives its directions at the shittiest times. We were already getting antsy stuck in the car, I was trying to make the best of a bad situation, alright?”

“Ax, stop swearing in front of my nephew–Sora, I told you twice already, sit down properly or you’ll fly out the window if we get in an accident–”

“Oh right, yeah, because scaring the kid with promises of death is notably better than him hearing my potty mouth, right?“

“Axel, I’m in no mood for this right now, can you just shut up and find the way to the Park?”

“What the hell do you think I’ve been doing all this time? Singing ‘Hakuna Matata’?!”

“Uncle Roxas, I, um…I need the bathroom.”


  • Fear cuts deeper than swords.”
  • Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.
  • “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”
  • “A man who won’t listen can’t hear.”
  • “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”
  • “The man who fears losing has already lost.”

  • “Power resides only where men believe it resides. […] A shadow on the wall, yet shadows can kill. And ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”
  • The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.
  • “Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”
  • “My old grandmother always used to say, Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever.”
  • He who hurries through life hurries to his grave.
  • “A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.” 

  • I swear to you, sitting a throne is a thousand times harder than winning one.”
  • “A bruise is a lesson… and each lesson makes us better.”
  • The greatest fools are often times more clever than the men who laugh at them.”
  • Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next.”
  • “A woman’s life is nine parts mess to one part magic, you’ll learn that soon enough…and the parts that look like magic turn out to be the messiest of all.”
  • “A bruise is a lesson… and each lesson makes us better.”

Preference: You’re Their Best Friend.


You help him out a lot. If he’s going to be working late you’ll make sure the boys are all set and you’ll wait for Darry to get home. When he does you sit with him while he has dinner and talk to him. You would do anything to protect each other and you always come over to make sure everything is clean and taken care of but if it’s not you don’t do it yourself. You make all the boys help out.

When Darry got home that night Sodapop had gone off on a date and Ponyboy was doing homework in his room. He sat at the kitchen table and you made him a plate of food before sitting with him. He ate in silence and once he had finished you put something on the table in front of him.

“What the hell is this?” He asked picking up the cash.

“It’s for you. You work hard enough you don’t need to be spending these late nights working too all the time.”

“Take this, Y/N. I don’t want your money.”

“Well I don’t have anything I need it for right now okay? Don’t be so stubborn, Darry, and please just.. Just take it.”

He side and held it tightly in his fist. “You’re a good friend, you know?”

“I know.” You smiled and he kissed your head on the way to put his plate in the sink.

You two as best friends cuddle all the times and even hold hands as long as you both are single. You really are just friends and have absolutely no interest in each other but you are both someone who loves a good hug and you don’t mind giving it to each other if you need it. It drives you nuts when the boys tease you.

The gang all came over to watch some movie special on TV that night and you sat on the couch with your best friend Sodapop. Your legs were over his lap and your head was on his shoulder while his arms wrapped around his waist. During a commercial break Two-Bit looked over and whistled with a grin

“You two get hitched yet or what?” The others laughed and Sodapop raised an eyebrow at him.

“Hey this is more action than you’ve had in months, buddy, so I’d watch it.” He joked. The movie came back on and you two looked at each other, rolling your eyes fondly before your head went back onto his shoulder. You both sighed happily despite the guys relentless teasing throughout the night.

You really don’t like hanging around Ponyboy when he’s with the gang. You don’t hate them or anything but you think Ponyboy’s different when he’s with them so you’d rather hang out by yourself. But you make it a point to go to every one of his track meets and you always shock the others with how loud your usually pretty quiet self cheers.

You sat among Ponyboy’s brothers and friends while you waiting for his turn to run. You were mostly silent- only sharing a few words with Johnny when he asked you something and thanking Sodapop when he bought you a Coke. You were eagerly waiting for the match to start and when it did and you saw Ponyboy immediately speeding ahead you jumped up with a few of the guys. You cheer is name loudly and scream in excitement when he has the shortest time. All the others stare at you but you don’t care. After the match is over you wait around with them for Ponyboy and when he comes out you run into his arms.

“You did so great!” you squealed.

“Thank you,” he said and hugged you tightly. “I could hear you from the stands.” he laughed.

You pulled away and grinned proudly at him. “I probably won’t have a voice tomorrow because of it but it was worth it. Now let’s go celebrate.”

Ponyboy nodded and went to say hi to the other guys, Darry lifted him up in the air and the all shouted his name. You simply rolled your eyes fondly and followed your best friend.

You two balance each other out perfectly. You’re usually pretty serious but Two-Bit gets you to lighten up and have fun and you get him to rein himself in (usually). You’re dynamic works out really well. One night when you two were drunk you made a deal that if you’re not married by the time your thirty then you’ll marry each other but you don’t really have any interest in dating him currently and neither does he.

“Shorty, you’re wild.” Two-Bit laughed. The two of you were sitting in the bed of his truck sharing beers at the drive-in but you weren’t watching the movie. You had been drinking from pretty early on so the two of you were just laughing loudly at each other and having a great time. When you drank your filter tended to disappear and you said whatever came to mind. He was laughing at your latest idea.

“I’m serious,” You whined jokingly “Let’s get married.”

Two-Bit shook his head and took a long sip. “You are insane, Y/N. You know I love you but it ain’t that much.”

“I don’t mean now, stupid.” You laughed and scooted over to him so you could lean against him and support your weight as your head was starting to feel a bit dizzy. “I mean like in the future. If we’re both.. I dunno thirty and still single. I think we could make it work if we had to.”

“Fine,” he laughed. “If we’re both thirty and still single I will marry you. Now you better quit drinking, shorty, because if I’m driving you home later and you puke in my car there’ll be hell to pay.” 

The next day you don’t expect Two-Bit to have remembered your conversation until he hands you a safety pin the a beer bottle cap attached to it.

“What’s this?” You asked him.

“It’s like an engagement ring, fiancé.” He grinned. “We gotta wear something to show our possible marriage don’t we?”

“Yea I guess.” You laughed and pinned it on your jacket. You smiled at him. “Thanks, fiancé.”

Dally: (slight swearing in this one)
You are able to tell when something is bothering Dally extremely well and you’re always the one to sit him down and not let him leave until he’s at least said what the issue is before he does something stupid. Dally always liked having you around because you tell it like it is and you don’t run from a fight.

“You know I hate that broad,” Dally said as he sipped his beer. You were both sitting on the steps at Buck’s. You had brought out some drinks for you two to share so you could get Dally to talk. “That two timing girl. Man, I can’t believe she-“ he swore a few times at his ex-girlfriend Sylvia before taking a long sip so you spoke.

“I tell you every time, Dall, don’t go back to her. And you always do. You can’t complain if you keep falling for it.”

“Shut up,” he said “I just can’t believe it, you know? I feel like a real dumb ass. A real piece of shit-“

You cut him off immediately. “I don’t think you’re a piece of shit.”

He looked over to you. “Yea?”

“Yea. But you are a dumb ass.” You smiled and he smiled too.

One day in middle school during recess when Sodapop was absent Steve taught you how to fight in return for you helping him pick up girls and a friendship was made. It was a pretty good combination though sometimes you two would but heads pretty bad and go for days without talking. You would inevitably bump into each other by accident- or by set up from the gang sick of Steve moping around without you- and you would just start talking as if nothing had happened. It wasn’t that you two would stay mad at each other for that long, you’d get over it in a day but you were both to proud to apologize. Even with disagreements you loved each other and you know you’d protect each other at all costs.

“Hey..” You murmured awkwardly as Steve pulled up beside you walking on the side of the road. He was always your ride home from school but you two had an argument a few days prior and so you’d been walking home instead.

“You need a ride, girly?” he asked and you smiled slightly at the use of your nickname but you hesitated. “Come on it ain’t safe out here, you know I don’t like you walking all by your lonesome.”

“Fine.” You reply as you get into the passenger seat.

“Coke?” He asks holding up a bottle and you take it. He looks at you with a smile and you smile back and you know everything is okay again.

You two have been friends since you were little kids, you were a year younger than him but you were still close. You knew about Johnny’s home life and he knew about yours and somehow when you two hung out a weight was lifted off both of your shoulders before you even speak. You knew each other just as well as you knew yourself and you would often do something for each other before the other even has to ask. You finish each others sentences sometimes (literally) and then you’ll laugh about it for hours.

You met up with Johnny during lunch. You two liked to sit on the back steps so that he could smoke. You had been absent for a couple days and you were really missing your best friend so you hoped he didn’t bring Steve, or Two-Bit or Ponyboy along. You liked them a lot but you wanted to talk to Johnny alone. When you saw him you ran up to him and hugged him tightly, you could tell he missed you. The two of you sat on the steps facing each other- backs against the railings. You were silent for a bit while he smoked and ate half of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you brought him. You took a little longer with yours because you liked to pick the crust off. You always share chips and a soda with him too.

“You ever wanted to runaway?” You say after a little while. “To some place you’ve never been before.”

“I haven’t been anywhere before. This town is it.” he replied.

“I know. But it’s an exciting thought.” Johnny nodded in response and you continued. “I think I know where I’d go. I have a pretty good plan in mind but I’d never run away without you.”

Johnny looked up at you. He knew you wouldn’t ever actually go period but the two of you always said stuff like this. ‘What if’s’. What if you two ran away? What if you two had good parents. “No sense thinking about what you can’t change. It’s better to think about what you have.” he said.

“I have you.” you smiled.

“You have me. Now come on, I’ll buy you a candy bar.” He said and stood up. You grinned loving how Johnny knew just what to say to make you feel slightly better, even just for a minute with something as simple as a candy bar.