i swear it is ro

things that happened:

- they played sigur ros right before they started the show and i swear to god if i find out someone in vixx loves sigur ros i will die and go straight to fangirl heaven

- hyuk cried so hard during his thank you speech that he just put his head down so the camera couldnt see him for about 20 seconds and then choked out a “th…ank you…”

- hongbin’s solo blew everyone’s mind. seriously, this kid has grown so much and his voice is absolutely stunning. like i still cant get over it, it was AMAZING.

- i swear im a hakyeon bias guys, but hyuk stole the show omfg his solo was perf too ugh like dream boy material <3

- speaking of hakyeon, the fans had to let him know he had a little wardrobe malfunction lol (his fly was down) he was hilarious about it

- ken said “싫어" with aegyo and hakyeon literally stopped him midsentence and was like ‘KEN, HOW OLD ARE YOU? IS THIS OKAY FOR YOUR AGE TO BE TALKING LIKE THAT?’ and ken took a dramatic pause and then answered “yes” in the aegyo-est voice evar

- hakyeon said instead of having a happy ending with us he wants to have a (in english) “happy continue” :’)

- taekwoon refused to leave the stage aaaaas usual and kept making them play the chorus of the final song over n over (he did this last concert too) plus was super out of breath after dancing to the older songs idky hahaha

- ravi was brilliant as usual and looks more n more like ryan gosling with each day

-i sat next to about 5  boys who i assume were jellyfish male trainees and guys….we’re done for. one looks like a mini hakyeon but worse. they dangerous. get out of the fandom while u stiil can.

im forgetting so much but i need to shower n sleep so UPDATE LATERS

Deal (Chris Evans x Reader)

Prompt: Soulmate AU; When a timer appears on your wrist a birth counting down until you find your soulmate, but it’s not always a perfect match.

A/N: I figured I would give this a whirl, see how it turns out. Give me feedback and what not, I need better prompts to go off of haha, maybe I’ll be able to get better ideas from better prompts.

Word Count: 1271

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Soulmates. It was a term that was many spoke about but at the same time was something no one wanted to talk about. The excitement of one-day running into your soulmate at any moment was a feeling many craved but the fear of how long it would be or when the timer disappears because of a death was something no one wanted to feel. I went through my days as a child dreaming up the person I would be connected to, the timer seemingly daunting on my wrist as the years went by and the numbers ticked away. High school came and went and many of my friends from then had already met their soulmate, either during high school or right after. I watched as many people went to bars and hooked up with others knowing they might as well have some fun while they wait for their better half and I watched those who would never get the chance to meet their better half because they died somehow and they never got the chance to even know their name.

Sometimes I would look at the timer, watching the seconds and minutes tick away. There was a moment as I walked through the city as I usually did on my days off where my wrist began to burn, I was overly excited and nervous that day because the timer had quickly turned into hours rather than days and months before I would cross paths with my other half; the burning sensation led to me looking at my wrist and the numbers began to change to months instead of mere hours. A phenomenon I had never seen or heard of, did I make the wrong turn that day? What did I do differently that made me not run into my other half? What did they do that changed the course of us meeting?

“Hey, HEY!” A voice shouted from beside me.

I turned to see my friend Ro waving her hand in my face, “What is it?”

“Did you get lost in your head again? Come on Y/N! You’re missing the game! We’re already in the fifth inning and we’re down by one.”

I blinked a little and gazed at the screen that was above the bar, the Yankees were playing the Red Sox and the Yankees were down by one but we were up at bat. The energy in the sports bar was mixed, it was filled by both Yankee and Sox fans, a dangerous combination in my opinion considering the hatred we had towards each other. 

“I bet you a drink that they’re going to put Gardner up and he’s going to flop like he did the other night.” Ro stated after she chugged the last of her beer.

“Oh please, if anything, Gardner is going to redeem himself and make it to at least second base.” I stated.

“Ugh, I swear, you Yankees are so full of yourselves.” Did I mention Ro wasn’t a fan of the Yankees?

“Talk to the rings Ro, talk to the rings.”

The fifth inning was in full swing, Gardner managed to make it to first base making Ro scoff and roll her eyes. I cheered loudly and slammed my empty glass on the counter before excusing myself to the bathroom. Making my way through the crowd, I eventually found my way to the hallway where the bathroom was but had to wait as someone was already in there. 

Subconsciously, I gazed at my wrist and froze. Just this morning before I left my apartment it gave me until tomorrow when I would run into my soulmate but now it said seconds. My soulmate was seconds away from me and I was not prepared at all, not one bit. My stomach churned as I heard the flushing of the toilet and the sink running; could they be in there? I continued to stare at my wrist, mentally counting it down as the numbers got closer to zero and the bathroom door opened. 


“Shit.” A male voice sounded from in front of me.

I looked up to see a handsome guy, he had blue eyes and facial hair with a stupid Red Sox hat on his head. His eyes were wide and I’m sure mine were as well. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I blinked, breaking out stare; out of all the people in the planet, my soulmate was a bloody Red Sox fan.

“You have got to be shitting me.” I mumbled under my breath as I ran a hand through my hair.

“Uh, hi. I’m Chris, Chris Evans. You are?” He had a cute smile, but I couldn’t help but look at his stupid hat.

“You’re a sox fan?”

He grinned, “Boston born and raised. Why? Is that a problem? Don’t tell me – “

“Out of all the people in the fucking world I got matched to a sox fan?!” I groaned loudly and closed my eyes, leaning my head back into the wall behind me and ignored the chucking of my soulmate.

“Aw man this is hilarious, who would’ve thought my soulmate was a Yankee fan.”

“I don’t think I can even properly look at you with that stupid hat on. God, wait until Ro hears about this…”

“Who’s Ro?”

I opened my eyes and grumbled incoherent words before looking at Chris once more, “Ro is my friend. I’m uh… I’m Y/N by the way, Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Y/N, well it’s nice to put a name to the face of my soulmate. Say, why don’t we watch the game together? I’m with some friends but I’m sure they won’t mind you joining us.”

“God there’s more Sox fans with you? No thanks, I rather not be outnumbered if my team loses.”

Chris laughed, one of his hands moving to his chest, “My friend Anthony is a Mets fan if it makes you feel any better.”

“That’s just as worse.”

“Come on, I’ll introduce you.” 

Chris grabbed my hand and the burning feeling on my wrist returned once more to the point that it was painful. I yelped slightly and moved my hand away from him, Chris cursed under his breath and lifted his wrist to his face and I did the same to mine. The word ‘shit’ was in place of the timer, the first thing he said to me; Chris grinned and lowered his wrist to show me, the words ‘you have got to be shitting me’ taking the place of his timer. I couldn’t help but snort and laugh at the situation.

Life was funny and cruel for giving me a soulmate that was a Red Sox fan and I’m sure he felt the same way. Would I ever get over the fact that he was a sox fan? Probably not but I could have fun with it, right?

“Twenty bucks says the Yankees kick your ass tonight.” 

Chris grinned down at me, “Twenty bucks? How about if we kick your ass, you let me take you out to dinner tomorrow night.”

I smirked and stuck out my hand for him to shake, “Deal.”

Chris grasped my hand but yanked me forward, his other hand going under my chin and lifted my head up before he crashed his lips on mine – the feeling was a feeling I didn’t want to go away, I couldn’t describe it, from the way he tasted to the way it was like fireworks and fire all at once, it was something else – he pulled away and pecked me on the lips once more and held me closer to him, “Deal.”

Ross- you have an argument with your mom.

You ring him while she’s slamming mugs down on the surface. He doesn’t answer the first time. Your heart sinks.

The one time you need him, he’s not here. He’s on tour. Of course he’s on tour, where else would he be? In freaking London!!!

“(Y/N)!” Your mother yells. She’s now at the bottom of the stairs but you don’t reply, nor do you make any movement to open the door and talk to her. You hear her sigh and walk away. She never fights for you anymore. It’s like she stopped caring. You know why.

You ring him again and this time, he picks up. Only, it’s not him.
“Honey?” Stormie answers “is everything alright?” She asks kindly. You shake your head and swallow the lump in your throat.
“Uh- no” you admit “is Ross there?” You ask quietly, the tears swelling up in your eyes again.
“I’m sorry Sweetie, he’s on stage. What’s wrong?”
“It doesn’t matter” you reply immediately “it can wait. Can you get him to ring me back if he’s not too tired after?”
“What’s wrong, (Y/N)? You sound like you’ve been crying” she states. Your eyes flicker to the pictures on your bedside cabinet- one of you and Ross and the other of you and your mom. You bite the inside of your cheek before answering.
“I’m fine” you lie.
*9 minuets later*

After you hang up to Stormie, all you could do was cry.
Now, the phone rings. You look, checking it wasn’t your mother, and see its Ross.
“Babe?” He says as soon as you answer “what’s wrong?”
“Ross, nothing’s wrong. Why aren’t you on stage?”
“Mom was worried about you. What happened?”

You sigh “that can wait, Ro-” “Tell me” he demands “or I swear, I’ll cancel this whole tour and fly back out tonight” You sigh again, knowing that you’ll give in to him. You always do. “It’s… Stupid. I shouldn’t of rang you” you admit. “Well you did. Tell me” he says, almost begging. “I had a fight with my mom” you tell him quietly “I… I think she’s going to kick me out…” “Well you can come stay with us. No big deal, right?” He says. You hear the smile in his voice and you smile at the thought. Staying with them wouldn’t be so bad… “But you’re on tour” “How fast can you get to the airport?” He asks you. You giggle, thinking he’s joking. “I don’t know. Two hours?” You reply, your tone teasing. There’s a slight pause and voices in the background. “There’s a flight in three hours” he tells you. “Pack some stuff, get a cab. Riker’s e-mailing you the information”. Your eyes go wide when you process what he just said. “What? Ross I-” “Don’t you have packing to do?” He asks. You sigh, knowing it’s best not to argue with him. “I’ll see you in 15 hours” “I love you, Ross” you say simply. “I love you too, (Y/N)”.
“What you are is what you eat.”

— Michael Clifford as “Mike-Ro-Wave”