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you say fuck you to the man who is very important person in Gillian life. So, no one can insult David, bc he is your idol and bc Gillian loves him but YOU can say those things about another person. THIS is hypocrisy. Something that wants me to leave this fucking fandom never look back. Gillian says about kindness in her book but X-Files fans on tumblr cannot stop hate everything and everyone from x files but Mulder and Scully. And that is very sad and pathetic.

Look Anon,

I’ll be forever grateful to Chris Carter for creating this show, its characters and fighting for Gillian at the beginning. 


I don’t know about you, I’ve been an X-Phile since 1994 and Chris Carter dragged us through hell and back many times. He keeps pushing his own agenda, not listening to anyone and enjoys torturing the fandom. He is ignorant and awkward.

  •  He doesn’t believe in Show Bible –> The show is full of discrepancies
  • He doesn’t believe in love –> Our OTP is the most fucked up OTP in the history of fandoms
  • He doesn’t understand emotions, human interactions–> *insert Babylon dialogue here*
  • The whole plot for Babylon is one of the worst things that has ever happened on The X-files
  • He thinks that showing important nuances in MSR is gonna ruin his show
  • He killed CSM four times, but can’t get rid of him
  • He easily got rid of the Lone Gunmen
  • The whole Diana Fowley plot - her being used for the only and sole purpose of rivalry and jealousy. As this is the only thing women do…
  • Season 10 Monica Reyes character assassination
  • He finished Season 10 on a cliffhanger without having any idea of how it will continue 
  • Scully’s been kidnapped, medically raped, abducted, nearly killed. She lost her father, her sister, her mother. She buried Emily and Mulder. She survived cancer and an alien virus.
  • Mulder is afraid of fire, colour blind and got some weird brain disease. None of these is consistent or can be explained in long term. 
  • Mulder lost his father, his Mum committed suicide, his sister was kidnapped, abused. He got injected with black oil, tortured many times and abducted by aliens. He’s been buried, brought back to life, had PTSD. 
  • Scully gave birth at the end of the world without Mulder being there.
  • Mulder and Scully had three!! - so let me say this again, THREE - days together as a family, and Mulder had to leave. The love of her life had to leave and go into hiding to save his family.
  • Scully had to live through again the fact that Mulder is getting killed by lethal injection before they came up with a plan to run away.
  • They had to leave everything behind and with all this baggage try to find the meaning of life and the love for each other. AGAIN.
  • But then in IWTB Chris Carter has to break them up again, ‘cause Scully asked Mulder to take the case. He took it, and that was the last straw. She does not need this darkness in her life so she leaves.
  • And in Season 10 they are estranged cause clearly a couple who lived all of this through and suffered so much and lost everything, they just break up.

Also, the reviews of Season 10  were very bad to all episode being written and directed by Chris Carter. Do you know what he said? 

First, people who support MSR is a small part of the fandom, that we are ignorant and it’s not his fault that the reviews are bad. It’s the fault of the critics cause they don’t understand the essence of The X-files. *obv paraphrasing but you got the idea*

So excuse me if from time to time my head explodes and I dare to say FUCK YOU CHRIS CARTER. If he would listen or improve or stick with the executive producer role, I would be fine. But being a fan doesn’t mean that I can’t criticise from time to time. I can criticise and I will ‘cause honestly, who writes dialogues like this?

O'MALLEY: Tell them about your DNA, Sveta.

SVETA: I have alien DNA. For sure.

SCULLY: Have you had a doctor confirm that?


Also who has Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny and not use their chemistry nor writes them proper dialogues, let their talents shine when given the chance?! (Season 10)


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(I'M BACK HAHAHAHA DID YOU MISS ME? MORE INFP STUFF, YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME.) Alright so INFP is feeling down because she's having trouble with school and INTJ wants to cheer her up but doesn't know how so ENFP is like my friend you must take her to an aquarium she loves marine life. So he does and they have the best time ever. Mention sharks, jellyfish, and squids. Maybe (if you have time) they also resolve her mixed feelings about the rigid educational system and the joy of learning.

Oh god. No. Also, what is it with you and making sad!INFPs? So far, 100% of your requests have been “cheer up the INFP, Isaac. Do it.”. Sigh. I criticize this reality, and I resist it, but alas… I have no control.

I must write a sad!INFP and I will cheer her the fuck up.

INTJ is stopped at his locker, putting books inside, getting ready to leave for the day. ENFP appears from off to the side and jolts him with a shock.


INTJ: *Jumps from surprise*

INTJ: -_-

INTJ: What.

ENFP: Did I scare you.

INTJ: Don’t do that, please.

ENFP: *Sigh* 

ENFP: Yeah, okay.

ENFP: Sorry.

INTJ: Your apologies are accepted.


ENFP: Sooooo?

INTJ: *Raises eyebrow*

INTJ: Yes.

ENFP: What’s going on? What are you doing?

INTJ: What does it look like.

INTJ: I’m going home.

ENFP: Yes, I can see that!

ENFP: But like, what are you going to do when you get home?

INTJ: Do you plan on following me?

ENFP: Well, no, not necessarily.

ENFP: I’m just curious, INTJ!

INTJ: Well, if you must know, I’m going to go home, work on a mineral project for science, then dabble in some recreational reading.

ENFP: Cool, cool.

INTJ: And you?

ENFP: Oh! Well, I’m probably going to–


INFP passes by the two as they stand at INTJ’s locker. She looks over at them, with glazed eyes and a heavy looking stride. She fails to reply to either of them – only makes eye contact, and continues on, in apathy.


INTJ: So, what were you saying?

ENFP: I think something’s wrong with INFP.


ENFP: You should go ask her about it?

INTJ: Why?


INTJ: No, I mean why me, in particular? Why don’t you do it?

ENFP: You guys have some kind of chemistry that she and I don’t, I don’t know. There’s just something about you two that works really well.

INTJ: There is?

ENFP: Yes!

ENFP: No, go! *Shoos INTJ in her direction*

INTJ: Wait, wait!

ENFP: What?

INTJ: What am I supposed to say? What do I do?

ENFP: Take her to that new aquarium!

ENFP: Cheer her up, man. She’s a sucker for marine life, it’ll be great.

INTJ: Cheer her up, how?

ENFP: Just talk to her. If she wants to talk about what’s bothering her, then do that, if not, just talk about other things. Get her mind off of it, you know?

INTJ: Okay.

INTJ: And what are you going to do?

ENFP: I am going to watch from the distance and provide you moral support.

INTJ: *Rolls eyes*

INTJ slowly approaches INFP who is lifelessly shuffling things within her locker, trying to pack up for the day.

INTJ: Hello, INFP.

INFP: Huh? Oh.

INFP: Heeeeey, INTJ.



INTJ: Are you–

INTJ: You seem different.

INFP: Oh. Yeah, I dunno…

INFP: I’m just really tired and… yeah.

INTJ: Mmm. So you are.

INFP: …Okay, well, I’m going to leave. See you tomorrow.

ENFP: (Come on, INTJ, just get the idea out there!)

INTJ: Hold on.

INFP: Yes?

INTJ: I was planning on going to the new aquarium that was just built a few months ago. I know you’re interested in those kinds of things and thought maybe you would enjoy accompanying me. To the aquarium.

INFP: *Shifts weight in surprise*

INFP: Well… I don’t know. I haven’t been feeling that good, lately. And I’ve been having trouble in class, and… ahhh, I don’t know.

INFP: I feel like I’m ditching my responsibilities.

INTJ: You know, often times when people stress themselves out for too long about something, they end up being counter productive by spending all their time on the stressor. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to take a break and come back to the problem with a fresh mind.

INTJ: It’s something I have to do every now and again, at least.



ENFP: (comeoncomeoncomeon!)

INFP: The aquarium, you said?

INTJ: *Nod*

INFP: :’)

INFP: Hey, hey, INTJ, come look at this!

INTJ: One moment.

INFP: *Impatiently waiting*

INTJ: I can feel your impatience.

INFP: It’s just… really cool.


INFP: What are you reading, there?

INTJ: *Silently finishes and studies the squid inside the large tank in front of him*

INFP: *Moves back and stands next to him*

INFP: …Do you like squids?

INTJ: It says here that squids can suffer brain damage if they eat too much and too quickly.

INFP: Aww. That sounds awful. Poor squids.

INTJ: It’s something to do with the way their general physical structure.

INTJ: How impractical.

INFP: And sad.

INTJ: That too.

INTJ: Now, what was it you were going to show me?

INFP: Oh. Heh, it was just a shark in one of the other tanks, but–

INFP: I think I overhyped it. I shouldn’t have interrupted you while you were reading that!

INTJ: It’s okay. You didn’t interrupt me.

INFP: I just really like marine life, is all.

INTJ: Yes. Why do you like it so much?

INTJ: Feel free to refuse, I’m just curious.

INFP: Oh, no, no, no! I don’t mind!

INFP: Well, you know, you hear a lot about things in the space program like new possible planets, or signs of life in places we wouldn’t expect. And that’s all really amazing, don’t get me wrong! But… there’s still so much about our own planet that we don’t even know… you know?

INTJ: I do.

INFP: I think people are just used to seeing some of the animals here, and don’t really consider how they truly are in terms of their means of survival and habitat and appearance. They just brush all of our life forms off because they’re not “aliens”.

INFP: But look over there. All those jellyfish. Jellyfish are so weird, and cool! They are just as strange as anything else we can find, we just don’t see them that way. Here, follow me!

INFP grabs INTJ by the hand and leads him into a corridor shaped like a tube where fish can swim over and passed them, as if they were truly underwater. They gaze upward at the natural continuity of life.

INFP: Isn’t that amazing?

INTJ: Surreal.

INFP: Heh, I’m sorry. Sometimes I go on these long speeches about how wonderful the ocean is and I just get lost in it all. I don’t mean to monopolize the conversation. It’s just really interesting is all.

INTJ: You don’t need to apologize. It only makes sense that you express your passion in your own element. Not to mention that I really enjoy listening. It’s not everyday you get to hear to another person come alive over one of their larger interests. I don’t think it happens enough, frankly.

INFP and INTJ walk through the corridor and find a place to sit in the next room. They each quietly examine a shark swimming back and forth until INFP breaks the silence.


INTJ: Yes.

INFP: I wanted to thank you for taking me here today.

INTJ: Sure.

INFP: I’m being serious.

INTJ: Yes, I know.

INFP: I mean… it means a lot that you wanted help me out and get my mind off of all the stressors. As you would put it.

INTJ: I’m glad it’s helping.

INTJ: But one thing.

INFP: Yes?

INTJ: Even if you’re having trouble with something in class, just remember that it’s not all important.

INTJ: I wish it wasn’t that way because that essentially means that we’re wasting our time in some aspects, but it’s true. Some things you won’t even need.

INTJ: And I’d also like to remind you that the things that you’ve said, these views on the wonders of ocean life and the comparisons to alien life, are, in my opinion, much more valuable than getting 100% on a math test.

INTJ: School won’t teach you everything. And you should know that the knowledge and thoughts you have that were not taught to you by the staff won’t go unnoticed; they’re brilliant convictions.


INFP: INTJ, that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

INTJ: What? No.

INTJ: That’s not sweet, I meant that objectively.

INTJ: Your thoughts were original and interesting and they will be rewarded with attention and consideration one day. Outside of the attention and consideration that I have given it just now, of course.

INFP: You are being even sweeter right now, oh my god.

INFP: You know, I always thought you were cool, INTJ; but I didn’t think you could be this endearing.

INFP: And, er, it’s okay if you don’t see your words the exact same way that I do, or if you don’t want to get really deep into it.

INFP: But thank you for everything.


INFP: Can I give you a hug?

INTJ: *Silently cradles INFP*

Hours later, INTJ sits alone in silence, working on his mineral project. His phone buzzes with a message from ENFP.

ENFP: Hey, how’d it go? ;)

INTJ: What?

ENFP: The aquarium!



ENFP: What does “eh” mean??

INTJ: It was okay.

ENFP: Is she doing okay now, do you think?

INTJ: She seemed fine.

ENFP: Oh my god, INTJ!

ENFP: She is literally so happy right now, are you kidding!

ENFP: “It was okay” my ass.

ENFP: She just sent me a message.

ENFP: What happened? What did you guys do? What did you say to her? Was it magical? Did she cry? Did you cry?

INTJ: Well, there’s your answer. She’s fine.

ENFP: She’s more than fine!

ENFP: You gave her a hug?!

ENFP: I can’t even tap your shoulder without you glaring at me!

ENFP: INTJ, how is this even fair!

INTJ: Mind you, this was your idea.

ENFP: It sounds like you guys had so much fun. D:

INTJ: Is that a bad thing?

ENFP: Well, no.


INTJ: Well, next time someone is upset, maybe you should go talk to them instead of forcing me to do it.


ENFP: That was cold.

INTJ: Sorry.

ENFP: Soooooooo…

ENFP: Would you like to go to the aquarium tomorrow?

INTJ: Goodbye.

ENFP: Come on! We never do cool friend things!

ENFP: INTJ, don’t be like that.

She continues to pester him until he agrees, which he does.

Honestly, I spend way too much time trying to perfect the INTJ-INFP interactions, it’s kind of disgusting. But it’s also impossible for me to not do that because it’s literally the cutest thing ever.

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I really want to learn Korean, but my school doesn't offer it as a course. I was wondering if you had any tips or anything that would be helpful.

Okay, step 1 learn how to read it. You can use this which gives you the basic rules, but it’s goes beyond that, . For example before a vowel the g sound (ㄱ) is pronounced as k when it is followed by another consonant or when it appears at the end of a word. I only learned about this stuff when I bought a book called An Illustrated Guide to Korean which was about 20 bucks at a book store, but believe me, there is so much good information in that book, it talks about cultural things and like what to do if you end up staying in Korea for an extended period of time, and how to bargain for things and get your drivers license and other important stuff.

Step 2… step 2 really depends on how you learn. I really think by learning how to read it, you’ll start to find patterns in the language that really help you understand the gist of what’s going on. What’s helped me is watching shows and kdramas. Kdramas work especially well because they tend to speak more clearly, so it helps. Also for listening, KBS has a constant on-air page for youtube which you can find here sadly this is mostly news, but the news is very repetitive so you’ll start to understand what’s going on.

Okay, if you’re not an audible learner, there’s this website! What I’ve liked about this website is that it really goes in depth on sentence structure and grammar. Two of the most important things you need when you’re learning a language

I think that’s all I have to share ^^ if you’re looking to buy any program, I suggest Pimsleur because linguists swear by it more than rosetta stone because it constantly makes you think back to other things you’ve learned, and that’s helpful because it teaches you in little audio segments!

These are all the things that I have done extensive research on, and while I say all these things are good, I’m just beginning step 2.. so yeah I don’t know much Korean yet ^^;; but I’m trying! The problem is, I have to take two semesters of Spanish before I can graduate, so I haven’t wanted to start learning another language until that’s finished.. But this summer I might be tempted to just try it at least! Anyway, sorry for the long post.. 

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I recently failed a test I studied really hard for... Could you possibly do a headcannon where the guys from KBTBB comfort MC after she doesn't do so well on an exam or in a class in college? (You can pretend she's going to grad school while working as a maid, too, or something)



I mean, of course, the score is going to matter—but I’m sure it won’t matter so much that it’s the end of the world. So don’t worry, okay? <3

(And I’m really sorry this is so late, my love)


Eisuke Ichinomiya: Eisuke’s eyes flash dangerously when he sees you curled in a ball on the bed, sighing miserably. He sits down next to you, wrapping his strong arms around you tightly before pulling away to look you in the eye. “Who’s life do I need to ruin?” Eisuke asks you, angry that someone would dare make his woman this miserable. With another heaving sigh, you give Eisuke a weak smile. “Eisuke, no. You can’t ruin my professor’s life because he’s just doing his job.” Eisuke looks worriedly at you and sweeps you into another hug, huffing lightly in your ear. “He’s lucky he gets off easy this time, then.” He mumbles, heart still at unrest while he kisses and nuzzles your hair.

Soryu Oh: A frown creases quickly at Soryu’s mouth when he sees how sad you are. You’ve been moping around the apartment the whole day, occasionally reaching to take out the test paper and stare at it for a few minutes before sighing and moping around again. Soryu watches you with concerned eyes, his heart constricting painfully upon seeing you in sadness. He draws you close to him and kisses the side of your head gently. “I’ll help you study, _____.” He kisses you sweetly before whispering, “We can make sure you pass next time for sure, okay?”

Ota Kisaki: Ota hugs you tightly when you come home in tears about your failed test. “Ota, what have I done? I’ve ruined my whole grade… and all my hard work…” You sniff miserably in Ota’s arms. He rubs your back comfortingly and kisses your forehead. “Don’t cry, ______. I can’t stand the sight of such a sad look on your face.” Tilting your head upwards, Ota leans down to kiss your lips softly. “It’s not the end of the world, ______, okay?” Burying your face back into Ota’s chest, you hear his heartbeat calm you down as he clutches you tighter in his arms.

Mitsunari Baba: Baba did anything and practically everything just to make you, his beloved princess, much happier again. After you came home crying that day about your test grade, Baba felt his heart break upon seeing how unhappy you were. He knows how hard you worked for that, and so he heads out to buy all your favorite things. When he comes home to you, he acts even more lovey-dovey than usual, transforming himself into the perfect Prince Charming straight from the fairy-tale books. “Come now, my princess—won’t you please grace this mere thief with your angelic smile once more?” Giggling quietly, you can’t help but feel a little lighter at Baba’s antics. “Thanks, Baba.”

Mamoru Kishi: Mamoru sighs quietly when he finishes listening to you relay the story of your failed exam back to him. He looks affectionately at your sprawled-out form on the bed. Flopping down next to you, he spoons you carefully and tightly, nuzzling your neck tenderly. “Don’t be such a little kid, my sweetheart.” When you look like you’re about to actually cry real tears now, Mamoru turns you over to face him and pulls you close to his chest. “It’s not a big deal, baby. As long as you keep trying and keep working hard just like my determined _______ that I know, you’ll ace everything.” You look up at him, sniffling, just as Mamoru gives you a little smile of encouragement. “The score is just a number. Don’t let it get you down, baby girl. Smile for me, won’t ya, kid?” Mamoru leans down to give you a sweet little kiss and you smile lightly through your welling tears despite your previous misery.




<3 and no matter what happens, I’m always here for you <3

Everyone gets bad grades, (especially me in Geometry ugh >.>)

Keep your head up ;)

-Tiffy ^_^