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You Get What You Give (Constant Variables)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 1,869

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff?

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Cake (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 2,850

Warnings: Swears, SMMMUUUUUT

Authors Note: ok im back, with smut, enjoy.


Summary: What happens when you try to bake a cake for Jasmine’s party?


“C’mon we need to bake the cake before the party.” you say getting up from the couch. You grab Anthony’s hand and try to pull him up from his corner of the couch.

“Can’t we just buy her a cake?” he groans, reluctantly getting up.

“No! Of course we can’t. Jasmine deserves better.” you say, dragging his limp body into your cramped kitchen.

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Soulmates Part 1 - Peter Parker

Summary: Soulmate AU! You get a tattoo that represents your soulmate or it’s something they’e passionate about; Reader’s tattoo appears early on and it’s a weird looking spider, only to find out it’s Spider-Man. 

Warnings: 1 Swear word

Word Count: 1624

A/N: I’M TRASH FOR SOULMATE AU! ANYWAY I plan for this to be a little series if it doesn’t flop (like 4 parts) and this one might be a little boring but it’ll get better. And here’s my secret love of flowers :) Like always, excuse any mistakes I didn’t proofread. Sorry its messy posting from moblile!

Soulmates were a weird thing. Everyone had one, and maybe they’d never find each other, and if they did, it didn’t always mean the pair would be together forever… Sometimes soulmates weren’t always YOUR soulmate. A tattoo would appear somewhere on your body when you were around 17 or 18, and it’d be something your partner was deeply passionate about. For example, if they were very into photography, your tattoo might be a camera or a photograph.

Your tattoo appeared on the small of your back a few days after your 15th birthday, and you’d panicked at first because you’d gotten it so early. For crying out loud, your 19-year-old sister hadn’t even gotten hers yet… After a few days of its appearance, you were at least somewhat thankful it was on a part of your body you could conceal.

You also began to wonder how it appeared so early. How could a 15 year old be passionate about something… And the thing he (at least, you thought it was he. Maybe it was a she, you could never tell) it was the weirdest thing to be passionate about, too. It was a spider. And it was a weird looking spider, too, made up hexagons with odd legs.

You had no idea what it meant up until tonight when you were closing up the store you worked at. It had been a year since you got your tattoo, and you now began to work at the cute little flower shop two blocks from your apartment, Bloomerang’s Flowers.

It was there you discovered you actually really liked flowers and gardening. The small, cozy store always had a different aroma that ranged from minty to lemony to lilac. Customers would always leave with a beautiful bouquet in one hand, and a smile on their face. One of the best things was when a confused guy would come in asking for help with flowers. If the girl was more traditional, you’d always recommend a classic pink or red rose. If the girl was more adventurous, you’d recommend a mix of bright flowers. However, you were always really attached to Zinnias, for their bright colors, and how they symbolized the steadiness of a beating heart.

Earlier in the night, you had just discussed this with a customer. A boy had walked in, wearing a blue sweater and music in his ears. He looked familiar and you realized he must’ve gone to Midtown High with you. You glanced at him and gave him a friendly and welcoming smile as he approached the counter. “Hi, I’m Y/N! Is there anything I could help you with today?”

“Uh yeah, it’s just someone’s birthday and I don’t really know what flowers to get her…” The boy said shyly, and scratched the back of his head. “Oh and I’m Peter.”

“I think I go to school with you, why haven’t we talked before?”

“I had a class with you freshmen year…” He pursed his lips and then shot you an awfully awkward smile. “But maybe it’s because I’m kinda advanced… AP chem, you know?”

“Oh I hate chem. Sorry, I’m more of a writer or whatever…” You exhaled, and it dawned on you that you were making this conversation too long and awkward, and on top of that, the guy just wanted flowers. “Anyway, flowers! Are they for that special someone?” You said, in a teasingly way.

He shook his head with a small laugh escaping his lips. “Unfortunately, no, these are just for my aunt. It’s her anniversary, and since my uncle is, well, gone…” He cleared his throat. “I just wanted to do something for her.”

You suddenly felt bad, and smiled sympathetically. “Okay, so did you want to give her something your uncle would give her like roses or tulips, or did you want to give her something you’d give to a motherly figure?”

“Probably the second one.”

“I’d recommend a carnation. They’re really common on mother’s day, but that’s not why I think they’re special. It’s the symbolism behind them.”

“Wait, flowers have symbolize things? Why does everything have to stand for something…”

You let out a melodic laugh. “Yep, it’s from the victorian era. My favorite flowers, Zinnias, symbolize the steadiness of a beating heart. Anyway, carnations generally express love, fascination and distinction. That sounds weird, I know, but the colors mean different things.” You disappeared into the back and returned to the counter with four bright carnations. “Pink means gratitude, red means flashy,-” Peter laughed to himself at the word flashy, and you must’ve had a questioning look on your face.

“Sorry, it’s just… You know Flash from our school…” His voiced trailed off.

“Oh yeah, I get it! You’ll to give him one and write a note that says, ‘Red carnations mean flashy, and you’re REALLY Flashy’ or something dumb like that…”

“Anyway, back to flowers,” You really couldn’t stay on topic with this guy, there was something about him… “Yellow means cheerful, and white means remembrance. Pink is used a lot for mother’s day.”

“Can I get pink, yellow, and white? Because I’m grateful for her (that’s pink), then she’s always really cheerful (that’s yellow), and then this is in remembrance of my uncle (that’s white).”

“Nice. You’re really into flower symbols, too, now huh?”

He nodded. You went into the back and pulled out the the carnations from the refrigerator. You delicately arranged the flowers in a nice disorganized pattern, and topped the bouquet off with some baby breath flowers. You added a vase in with a bow, just because you were pretty fond of Peter.

You returned to the counter with the arrangement in hand, and smiled. It’ll be $14.99. Oh and I included the vase for free. My manager will probably be a bit angry but that’s not for you to worry about.”

“You didn’t have to-”

“No, I wanted to. If it’s for your aunt on her anniversary, I think that deserves a vase. It’s really sweet what you’re doing for her.”

He handed you the cash. “She’s done so much for me, I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

The cash register clicked, and Peter took the vase from you. “Don’t put it in sunlight, they’ll die faster. Give it fresh water once a day and pick off any wilting leaves. Oh and-” you pulled the red carnation you had left under the counter. “You gotta give this to Flash.”

He swiped the red flower up with a smirk. “Will do. Thanks for everything, Y/N. I’ll see you around.”

When he walked out the little bell attached to the door dinged. You looked at the clock that hung above your head, and it was already 9 o’clock; closing time.

After the floor had been mopped and the flowers watered, you began to lock the door when it was pushed open violently and abruptly, causing you to be flung across the room. Glass went everywhere, and you could feel it slice into your cheek. A masked man stood in the doorway with a gun. You were scared first of all, and then confused because who would want to rob a flower shop?

“The cash register! Open it.” He spat at you. He grabbed the collar of the pink polo you had to wear, and threw you towards the counter. “I said open it!” He yelled in your ear.

Tears were streaming down your cheeks now, and with shaky hands, you slowly took the key out of your pocket and began unlocking the register. You felt like you couldn’t breathe.

“Give me your phone, too. And anything else you have.” The masked-man roared.

“P-Please I don’t-”

“Bitch, I don’t care. Give me your phone!” You took it out of your pocket and unsteadily placed it in his hand. Before you knew, he you felt his hand make contact with your cheek, causing you to fall to the ground. There was a stinging pain after and a loud clap noise. You whimpered in pain.

The man turned around, and was almost out the door when he was kicked right in the chest. You looked over the counter to see the red and blue blur on top of what you believed to be your attacker. Your vision was too blurry, but you could see him webbing him to the ground. A few seconds later he ran over to you, and as your vision came into focus, you immediately recognized him.

“Sp-sp” You began to breathe out. You’re breathing was already quickened, so it became hard for you to form the words.

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you okay?”

You nodded quickly. He lifted you off the ground and walked you out of the store.

“I’m sorry this happened… The police are almost here, so I should probably…” His voice faltered, and you realized he didn’t seem much older than you.” Your eyes looked at the spider on his chest and you recognized it as your tattoo. Everything clicked; that’s why the spider was so funky looking, and that’s what he was so passionate about.

You two stood in the cold night of Queens, and you knew the man next to was your soulmate. You tried to tell him but the words seemed to be stuck in your throat.

“O-Okay… I’m, um, Y/N Y/L/N.” He nodded towards you and then shot his arm out, and swung away. Your eyes widened; you needed to tell him he was your soulmate.

“Wait! Come back! I’m your-” You yelled as loud as you could in your shaken state, but it was too late. The vigilante had already disappeared into the cold autumn night of Queens. “…Soulmate.” You breathed out in a whisper.

  • Me to Me: You need to get that chapter done. Your readers deserve an update.
  • Other Me: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
  • Me: *Spends three hours writing 14 words*
  • Me: Writing is hard.
protective || tony padilla

prompt: I like to request a 13rw tony imagine where y/n and tony are best friends since forever then in school in career day . Tony and y/n bicker about college but as best friends then tony agreed to go to college . Then when they were done with that y/n see’s Hannah getting bullied by Bryce ,Justin ect . Then y/n defends Hannah by making sarcastic /offensive comments about the guys and tony stans close by her just in case if they try something on y/n and so then they did and tony protects them both x

warnings: swearing

a/n: im so sorry i take so long to write these

“This is gonna suck.” Tony spoke as the the two of you walked into the gymnasium. It was full of tables with representatives from several colleges. “C'mon it can’t be that bad. College is much better than high school. I think.” You spoke, nearly dragging Tony inside. “I don’t need to go to college!” He says, and you pout. “You’re my best friend, if anything you’ll be stuck with me. If you don’t go, I won’t.” Tony sighs, “no Y/N, you deserve to go to college.” You shrug in response, “Exactly. You deserve to go as well. Don’t waste your opportunity, it’s now or never.” You speak.

You hear Tony sigh in defeat. “Fine, I’ll go to college. You and me against the world.” Tony laughs and you laugh with him. You spent your time, walking around and talking about different colleges that have good classes in both of your majors. The two of you haven’t chose a college yet but you had time. The both of you left the gymnasium and you spotted your friend Hannah.

You started to approach her then you saw a group of guys walking towards her, the group being Justin, Bryce, Zach and others from the basketball team. You huff in annoyance and walk over the Hannah, Tony not aware that you walked off. You start to hear them speak but you’re too full of anger and annoyance that you don’t know what they’re saying. “Are they bothering you Hannah?” You ask Hannah, interrupting Justin speaking. Before Hannah could reply Justin speaks up, “this doesn’t involve you Y/L/N.”

You bring your hand to your heart, mocking a hurt expression. “Damn that hurts and I thought that one day we could be friends.” You say in a sarcastic tone. You hear Hannah trying to stop her laughter. “But seriously, why shouldn’t this include me? Hannah is my friend. Unlike you jackasses, I’m a decent person.” You speak loudly but not too loud that would cause a scene.

At this point, Tony stood a reasonable distance away from the encounter, he knew that you would probably get yourself into some trouble. So he wanted to be close by to try and prevent anything from happening. This would annoy you sometimes but you knew he was doing it for your own good and you were appreciated it.

The group of teenagers seem taken aback from your insult, a small smirk appearing on your face. “C'mon Y/N, Hannah isn’t your friend, you’re just pitying her because of after all that happened this year.” Bryce spoke up. Now you were taken aback. “I can’t believe you have the fucking nerve to say that Walker. I know that you’re the cause of all the horrible things happening to her.” You said sternly. You see Bryce walk towards you fast, his hand coming up but you see Tony jump between you.

“That’s enough!” Tony yells. You look up to see Justin and Zach hold Bryce back and let out a small breath of relief. They drag Bryce away and Tony then turns to face you. “Why would you do that Y/N? He was so close to hurting you.” Tony spoke. You shrug, “I don’t know, I was trying to defend myself and Hannah but I knew something was gonna happen the second I walked over there. I don’t care if something happened to me, but at least I defended my friend in the process.” You explained and Tony sighs, bringing you into a hug.

“Sorry Tony. For causing trouble.” You spoke, and Tony laughs. “I accept your apology. Now let’s stop moping around, we got colleges to apply for.”

this was fun to write tbh, hope you enjoy!! requests are closed since im trying to catch up and finish them. feedback is appreciated!!

anonymous asked:

I am so so so sorry if this comes off as rude!! I swear to god I'm not trying to be but how do you write smut so amazingly when you've said you're asexual I believe? Or is being asexual not always being uncomfortable with sex? I've been told it's always you aren't comfortable with it but I feel like Im very wrong. Again I'm so sorry if I sound rude!! I'm just trying get a better understanding of asexuality and all I guess you could say?

dude no this is a great question!!! Asexuality is this whole SPECTRUM, and it’s so amazing because there’s so many people who can fit into the label! The one thing to remember is that not all asexuals are uncomfortable with sex or sex repulsed! In fact, many of the asexuals I know are very sex positive and actually have sex themselves, like me! I’m something known as gray asexual, which is where I very rarely feel sexual attraction, but when I do, it’s very faint and hardly there. I personally don’t really feel sexually attracted to anybody, but I still am sexually active because I appreciate the closeness it makes me feel to my partner, and because sex makes my partner happy! You can read up more on this here. Asexuality has everything to do with sexual attraction and the lack of it. So just because someone does have sex DOES NOT mean they experience sexual attraction! (: hope this explains it a bit more!

I also wrote a fic about this here!


t: *minding his own business, generously cooking up a fat bowl of carbs (or mac and cheese) for both himself and his ex girlfriend who hates his guts because he’s trying so hard to be a better person even though the world is testing him, humming phil collins’ ‘i don’t care anymore’, not hating his life*

c: *in the distance, voice getting louder and angrier with every word* oh my god would you just hurry up and fucking DIE ALREADY ?! I SWEAR TO GOD

t: ?????????!!!

Erin’s change is even better oml
Since my handwriting sucks:
“Im innocent I swear but I wear revealing clothes all the time and don’t get me mad because I actually have an attitude but I act all innocent ooh!~”
Yeah so “Elizabeth” was nice but also kind of a try-hard and she was actually a bit meaner than Erin like
She had a serious side and was more realistic and grounded, while Erin is always kind and shy and more of a dreamer and stuff.
It’s hard to explain idk :-000

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HEY can you post like how you bake pizzas or what sorta recipes you googled bcos im interested in what youre doing plus im an idiot when it comes to anything involving the kitchen

HEY yeah i can! its been a while since i baked a pizza but this is the very easy recipe that you can adjust and change:

1. acquire your pizza base. you can do this from scratch but i prefer to buy premade because its easier. 

2. remember to preheat your oven. you don’t want cold-in-the-middle-pizza. make sure it has been preheated for about 10 minutes minimum. (also, remember to use a baking sheet on your baking tray and flour it!)

3. stretch out your pizza base! you can make it a standard circle or even a rectangle, its up to you. don’t be afraid to shape it to your baking tray. rectangle pizza is just as delicious as circular. 

4. apply your sauce to the base! can be anything, tomato sauce, tomato puree, bbq sauce. depending if you like a lot or a little, make an even layer on the base.

5. get your cheese & toppings! you can either put the toppings on first and the cheese, or the cheese first then the toppings. both work and its down to personal taste. this is the best place to experiment; try different cheeses and toppings and combinations. multiple cheeses can be delicious, and contrasting flavours (spicy and sweet) on the toppings can be nice too! spread all this out evenly. 

6. if you want to add seasoning go ahead! im a filthy brit who doesn’t season his food (but i swear i’ll learn how one day) but be better than me. season that pizza.

7. pop it in the oven! (on your baking tray!) i cook my pizzas on gas mark 6 (200c/400f) for 15 minutes. keep checking, as the thinner the pizza, the quicker it cooks. once it is crisp and golden its all done.

8. serve! let it cool after you take it out (cutting immediately can cause the cheese and the toppings to drag everywhere) and then serve after a few minutes. 

here are some more resources on making pizza!

basic pizza making: 1, 2, 3

making your own pizza base: 1, 2, 3,

hope i helped!! i am in no way a perfect cook so if ive made any errors please do let me know!!

EXO Chatroom : Case Of Chen’s Missing Plushie [ part 1 ]

=> part 2

DinoChen Joined


Loey Joined

Yehet Joined

Layicorn Joined

Dadofexo Joined

Jongout Joined

MinMin Joined

Satansoo Joined

Dadofexo : What is it now

Yehet : Fuck u chen. I swear this better be good. I stopped my spa session for this.

Satansoo : Did u try cooking again ffs


MinMin : Well. Kbye.

MinMin left the room

Layicorn : are u srsly kidding me -


Yehet left the room

Loey : ffs Chen it’s just a plushie.

Dadofexo : ya know I can always buy you a new one

Jongout : ew wtf man. I asked u to buy me new dumbells and u said no

She’s A Jackpot - P2

Block B circus/psycho!AU - Based off Jackpot M/V
Genre: Horror / Humor
Warnings: N/A
Rating: M
Word Count: 1128

PT1 | PT2 | 

Chapter 2: Don’t Ruin That Pretty Face

Originally posted by yunrai

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hp headcannon —

hogwarts starts doing a student exchange between houses. once a year four students would be selected to be placed in another house for two weeks in order to “experience new things and better your understanding of other students.”

imagine though:

“why is it always so dark in your guys’ dorms all the time? and p-please get that snake away from me!”

“do gryffindors have to be so loud ALL THE TIME? im trying to STUDY!”

“i mean I sneeze and get bombarded with two dozen ‘bless you’s! and I swear if one more person tries to give me another passionate hug or ask me if there’s anything I want to talk about IM GOING TO HEX SOMEONE!”


i swear it’s impossible for me to do a task and complete it fully i can’t remember the last time i did something without it taking me multiple days. i lose focus alot too and i get distracted so fucking easily. i try to watch a movie and i end up missing half of it bc i zone out or im on my phone zkwkx it’s rly annoying


i freakin love your name veggie-veggie-boom-boom , thank you so much for the compliments and the follow! x3 

Sorry i couldnt make this any better though, im suffereing from severe art-block at the moment x-x

~Art requests are closed.

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11, 16, 27!!

  • 11: Honestly, are things going the way you planned?

omg JUSTINE THIS IS GOING TO MAKE ME SOUND SO SAD. No. I feel like as a blog with such a high number of followers, I should be doing better in a lot of aspects but I don’t think anything I make or do is actually appreciated so I get kind of sad and feel worthless? Also school is… yeah school is bad heh.

  • 16: Are you tired?

I swear you’re asking me questions that are making me emo. I’m really tired. My brother left me a few bottles of 5 hr energy and I have like a few caffeine pills but I’m trying to save it for school and I just finished my research abstract and I feel like a mess but staying up and doing work doesn’t make me feel better 

  • 27: What is your favorite color?

IM DYING THIS ONE IS SO LIGHT COMPARED TO THE OTHER TWO. I would say baby blue and white!!! 

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