i swear im actually a lesbian


I have graced you all with double selfies- AND UNEDITED SELFIES AT THAT. I have never, EVER posted unedited selfies*, so I’m actually super nervous lol Σ੧(❛□❛✿);;

The lipstick that I’m wearing today is actually that really cool colour changing flower lipstick, and I love it so much~ ♡♡ ✿

Left is yesterday, right is today

(*snapchat is an exception. But I don’t use it much)

This will b the last text post i swear pff but i just want to scream into the void rn bc i was complaining to a coworker about a different coworker telling people that me being a lesbian is “just a phase/confused” only for him to tell me that actually ANOTHER coworker was saying the same thing……. What is happening i hardly interact w these men and they say that about me????

ugh there was this Straight Boy hitting on me at the bus stop … . look i’m not gay or anything but i … . I said “I’m actually a lesbian” to get him to stop and ????? now i’m really confused like i swear i’m not gay or anything I just??? why do I feel relief??? I feel so Calm and Content now becuase i’m happy he stopped hitting on me. that’s it. look please listen i’m not gay im just???????