i swear im actually a lesbian

im readin this book where the main character is a closeted lesbian and theres a love interest and i swear to god. i swear shes isak and her love interest is even. i started reading it and the dynamics are so similar im actually crying wtf???? i mean obvs its a very different story but their personalities are so on point with isak and even and im dying

@staff are you seriously censoring lgbt+ stuff??? I cant check because (once again) the app is messing up, but (im sure you know by now) everyone is complaining about it and you would honestly be the last people i would expect this from…. just because youre under 18 apparently that means you shouldnt have exposure to the lgbt community? So what, gay people are only allowed to be gay past the age of 18?

ugh there was this Straight Boy hitting on me at the bus stop … . look i’m not gay or anything but i … . I said “I’m actually a lesbian” to get him to stop and ????? now i’m really confused like i swear i’m not gay or anything I just??? why do I feel relief??? I feel so Calm and Content now becuase i’m happy he stopped hitting on me. that’s it. look please listen i’m not gay im just???????