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Tumblr - Girl (Part 1)

Tumblr - Girl (Series)

Part 2

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader

Summary: You post on your tumblr after a panic attack, not knowing if you would get an answer

Word Count: 1.736

Warnings: panic attack, angst, swearing, mental illness, depression, maybe fluff (I’m really not good at this!)

Notes: it is my first fanfic and I am not a English native speaker so please don’t hate me

Your POV

“Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in.” you said to yourself. You felt the beginning panic attack, your pulse increased, tears welled up in your eyes and you your lungs couldn’t get enough air. “Breathe out. Breathe in.” you continued your mantra. Your whole body was shaking, but you knew it would eventually get better. After a few minutes of just breathing your body calmed down and you took your phone to distract yourself. There was not a lot going on on tumblr but you just scrolled through your dashboard, multiple times you saw postings about the unbelievable support from the SPNfamily and how they cared about their “family members”. You considered yourself as a family member since quite a long time and you often posted help-seeking texts, but not one time you got an answer to those. You just were not important, to anybody, nobody wants to talk to you. Tears started welling up again and you sobbed quietly. Before you knew what you were doing you typed a short text:

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Reylo shippers did not choose this trash can, the trash can kind of pulled us in
We also know we are complete trash
99% of Reylo shippers have also said that when/if they are confirmed related they will stop shipping it

I am happy with either outcome. If they are related I want some fics of moody Ben Solo baby sitting a starry eyed little cousin Rey.

But if they are not (which is still a possibility there are many ways the force can be passed down do u think that the sky walkers are the only force sensations in the galaxy rey could be some relative of emperor palpating for all we know… ) then I’m good with that.


ALSO NOTE!!! I do not agree with Kylo RENs actions I think he’s done horribly sick things that are inexcusable. However, I do believe in eventual redemption and if Ren doesn’t get a decent redemption arc I SWEAR ILL BE MAD.

I also just love watching Rey kick his whiny butt.

teen idol groups breakup in these typical ways

1) the beatles method- sue the shit out of each other and never get back together due to rare tragedy (v rare)

2) the duran duran method- the band never really breaks up at all, just continues with different lineups and still has a decent amount of success, not a lot of personal drama or fighting, generally good vibes (backstreet boys are another good example of this)

3) nsync method- ‘ha we’re just taking a break i swear, ill still work with the band and do solo stuff’ and then one member gets too famous to want to rejoin ever again (see also the jacksons/jackson 5, destiny’s child since mid 2000s)

4) spice girls method- one member thinks they’re hot shit and leaves suddenly and does not find solo success and eventually goes back with the band like 10 years later.

5) take that method- very rare instance when a member can go solo and have huge success and former band can also have success without them. then huge solo dude gets back with the band and has success. the ultimate goal for boy bands really

6) monkees method- keeps releasing albums to fulfill contractual obligations far beyond their moment of popularity/relevance, losing members and album sales along the way.