i swear i'm gonna go see it every day when it's out

I know a lot of people are starting school tomorrow, have already or will be soon so I just wanted to address all of you. (Plus seeing dokiitsu‘s post made me want to help too)

It’s rough. I totally understand the feeling of not wanting to deal with people who judge you or make you feel upset. It hurts! Or just the idea of going and forcing yourself to fit to certain rules which upset you. Even the fact that school can just be boring or you don’t want to.

I believe in all of you. Every single one of you can make it through each day! I swear! Just try to focus on one thing. Be it the amazing piece of chocolate cake sitting at home, or the chance to come sleep or go on tumblr. Whatever it is, try focussing on that! Then push yourself to get through all that classwork, socializing, and appropriate required behaviour. Get your homework done and out of the way! Eat, sleep, talk, whatever!

I will always be there for you all to chat or rant too! If you want, I will give my skype so we can chat! I’m almost always in an area with wifi :) if you’re a Canadian mutual…then let’s chat and I can give you my cell number if it’s easier.