i swear i'm going to annoy ppl but i want this to happen

i’m finally sitting down to write this. are u guys ready.

here is the story of how nearly everyone in the karasuno vball team started playing neko atsume and how everything goes wrong but then okay

(note: i kinda forgot to mention ennoshita, kinoshita, and narita so please know that they are there i just Suck™) also i know some of them have flip phones but to make this easier let’s just say they all have smartphones 👍

another note: the only ship that is explicitly stated here is tsukkiyama lmao (it’s not rly a big part of the story but i had to do it srry). u can see other ships mb if ya squint

this ended up being way longer than i thought so i’m putting most of it under the cut ok cool here we go

  • it starts with kenma. he gets the app first bc it looks cute n he likes cats so why not
  • anyways a few days later he decides to show it to hinata bc he likes it enough to recommend it and hinata is…… hooked. like he is all abt this game, he is ready
  • hinata shares the app with everyone in the club room, going on super excitedly about it like……. you know those anime sparkles?? that’s what’s happening rn to him. he is so excited abt these cats
  • so after showing it and explaining it, the team decides to download the app (some much more reluctant than others) (i’m looking @ tsukki and kags rn) (humor the small orange pls)
  • they all really don’t see the appeal but they keep it for hinata’s sake
  • hinata also tells yachi abt the game rly fast during practice before running off to go spike kageyama’s face or smth
  • and yachi downloads it too bc she is a sucker for cute things and cute cats
  • kiyoko walks over to her and asks what hinata was asking just to make sure there isn’t any problems or w/e and yachi (who is really a blushing mess when it comes to kiyoko) (me too yachi) tells her abt the game and she downloads it as well !!
  • so yea all the karasuno Kiddos now have the game and maybe you’re thinking rn, that’s it ??? that’s everything???
  • here’s the part where everything goes to hell

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