i swear i watch this show for the plot


Favorite Show Meme - [1/6] Scenes

↳ Health Inspection

Shinpachi: “What do you think? This body of mine was forged and forged again through the sword arts.”

Heisuke: “Yeah, Shinpachi’s body is strong and tough. If you ask me, it’s his head that needs looking at.”

Shinpachi: “Talk like that I’ll strangle ya Heisuke!”

Matsumoto: “Shinpachi Nagakura is.. Okay, no problem. Next!”

Shinpachi: “Hey Doc, what do you mean? You gotta give me a better look than that!”

Matsumoto: “No I don’t. You’re the picture of health.”

Harada: “Shinpachi! There are others behind you, so hurry and move your ass!”

Shinpachi: “That ain’t what I mean. There are other places you could check out right?”

Saito: “These checkups are for him to look at us, not for you to show off. Hurry up and just move.”

Reboot Recap
  • Star Trek 2009
  • Kirk: i punch people because im broken inside :) please love me
  • Uhura: i deserve better than this
  • Bones: deep groan sigh
  • Spock: thanks to yall everything is messed up
  • Pike: im ur daddy jim
  • Pavel: wictor wictor fuck this shit
  • Sulu: im p sure i can fly this thing also btw im gay
  • Scotty: yall are like a free drama show
  • Spock Prime: hey jim btw im old spock and im gay with alternate u here are some painful memories so i dont have to suffer alone
  • Into Darkness
  • Kirk: yall i swear it's fine i got this hahahaha spock wtf do i do
  • Carol: hey im a plot device for horny nerds
  • Spock: uhm who the fuck are you uhm kirk who the fuck is she
  • Bones: groan sigh i gave birth to 8 babies at once please appreciate me more in this fucking movie
  • Uhura: i literally deserve better
  • Sulu: kirk better watch out because im gonna snatch his chair also im gay btw
  • Pavel: red shirt??? Vhat the fuck keptin (who i see as a father wigure pls appreciate me jim)
  • Scotty: yall i really love this free drama but pls dont include me in it
  • Khan: im supposed to be south asian
  • Beyond
  • Kirk: im so fucking bored wait no spock is the love of my life keep going i wanna make love to him in every captain's chair i come across
  • Spock: grunt dramatic fall im the shittiest boyfriend pretending to be hetero also im dying btw
  • Bones: i just wanted some me time and yall hook me up with a dying guy thanx i deserve more credit
  • Uhura: i LITERALLY deserve better also i saved my captain without even a thanks and i deserve someone who can return All my feelings
  • Sulu: i can fucking fly this thing ok i wouldnt be here if i couldnt ok also im gay have a husband and a daughter yall srsly never noticed
  • Pavel: keptin ur literally like a father to me but sometimes u dont make sense to me pls learn me how to bike
  • Jaylah: thank god i wasnt naked in this movie suck that jar jar abrams im the fucking hero of this movie
  • Scotty: my uss gf just died and i really dont belong outside
  • Keenser: hmmmnnnsneeze fuck yall

I was watching Netflix, and I was dragged into watching Spartacus. I thought it would be a peaceful show to watch, because Rome history is so satisfying, but ten minutes there is already sex, and just action. Two episodes later, more sex. Five episodes later, more sex and more fighting. I don’t really know what the plot is, honestly, but I’m going to finish it through because why not? I can promise you guys that I’m not a sex addict– I just think it’s interesting. Not the sex– More of the action, and just the relationships are that developed in this crazy ass show. Some of the characters are so likable, and mostly all of them had sex once or twice an episode. They even had a sex club for a while– I hate myself for watching this, but it’s so fuckin’ good. Sex or not, I love the history behind it all.

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Finn Balor


SFW. Lots of fluff.

Other warnings:

This isnโ€™t smutty, itโ€™s a fluffy thing. After writing that one shot where youโ€™re telling him youโ€™re pregnant, I got the idea to write a little interconnected set of one shots. SMUT WILL HAPPEN SOON I SWEAR.. JUST NOT RIGHT NOW.

Word Count:


Prompt / Plot:

Your sister Carmella is holding a Halloween housewarming party at the house she and Cass just bought together. She knows about your crush on Finn Balor and his crush on you, ( youโ€™ve seen him at shows when you came to watch her and Cass while they were on NXT with Finn ) and your recent huge breakup and she decided to play matchmaker when Finn approaches her about getting you to her party so that he can finally tell you how he ย feels ..

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can we just talk about how much jeremy has grown since season one

and that his hair is short

and that he has huge biceps

and abs

and his shirts cling to his biceps 

and abs

and he has a five o'clock shadow in some scenes

can we just remember he’s like 16

can we become bitter forever that no 16 year olds went to our high schools that looked like that

leaving fandoms

hey, so after a long bit of thought, I’ve decided to leave the supernatural fandom. no, I dont mean never ever reblog anything supernatural again or swear of the show, but I don’t find myself as engaged with the new episodes anymore. THIS DOESNT MEAN I WONT POST SPN. I will still post pictures that I like of them, or refs to older episodes or ships or jokes, but I’m not gonna be as constantly blogging about the new episodes. I’ve stopped watching for 2 reasons. 1) I dont find the plot as original and interesting anymore. I really liked S5-8, but 9&10 have not been that great for me. I stopped watching after the episode about the parasite who made people eventually drink blood in S10. 2) I feel like I’ve been ship baited enough from the creators. Every season, and I do mean every season, I have gotten my hopes up and seen a billion posts about “this is the season destiel will canon! I know it!” but eventually the writers just let us down with “we were just joking” or some shit like that. I know this is their marketing strategy, but frankly, its kind of crap and makes their viewers feel like crap. 

I do still really enjoy old spn episodes, and I still ship the ships, I just dont want to watch the new eps, and I wont be posting as much. Actually, I haven’t been posting as much lately anyway. This doesn’t mean I hate spn, but I’m sorry people who follow me for it, I wont be posting as much.

I know so many people who’d rather watch a mindless show just because it has “adult” humor instead of a “children’s” show even if it has great characters/stories.

One of them even told me that Gravity Falls was childish, and that’s why they’d never watch it.

Are you telling me that people actually believe that sexual humor automatically makes a show more mature than a show that has a well-written plot, character development, and makes the audience use their brains?

I understand that everyone has different tastes, and I respect that. Some people really would prefer to watch a little mindless fun instead of delve deep in to a story plot.

But if you say you don’t watch a well-made cartoon because it isn’t “mature” enough for you simply because it doesn’t have sexual jokes or swear words, then I have a bit of a problem.

Sexual jokes/Swear words ≠ Maturity