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elena s5 appreciation week | bonus saturday: season 5 + what you want from season 6

After the pain she’s been through, all I want for Elena in season 6 is to be able to deal with it.

I want her to cry and to be able to grieve, to break down and feel hopeless at times but to smile through her tears every once in a while because Alaric and Jeremy will try to help her through it.

I want her to feel lost, now that she’s lost her best friend and her love along with the home she’s always known. I want her to do everything in her power to come back to Mystic Falls, to give Damon and Bonnie a proper funeral if anything else.

I want her to be angry and to take it out on others, because she can’t hold it all in. I want her to kill people without mercy, feel bad about it, and do it all over again because she can’t help it. I want her to realize that it’s never going to be black and white for her and that she has to accept the darkest parts of herself, because it’s the first step to feeling better. 

On her journey back home, I want her to find herself too. Not what she is expected to be, not what she is influenced to be, but what she really is. Because I have a feeling we have yet to see it.